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Characters / Monster Hunter Orage

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The characters of the manga Monster Hunter Orage:

Shiki Ryûhô

If you don't have trust, you dreams will never come true! A heart of trust and the strength of one's bond are what make a real hunter! I believe in you!

An optimistic and friendly hunter. He has the mark of the Forbidden Hunter, allowing him access to all hunting grounds. Shiki recieved this for his late master Greylee, who turns out to be the father of Ailee, a fellow hunter Shiki meets and is determined to befriend. Shiki's goal is to defeat Myo Galuna, the forbidden dragon of light. He strongly believes in his comrades.


Ailee Jeskar

Don't involve my partners into a crime. Are you really a hunter!!?

An experienced hunter who initially wants nothing to do with Shiki, Ailee decides to join Shiki on his quest to defeat Myo Galuna following her discovery that Shiki was her late father's student. However, she firmly refuses to become Shiki's comrade because of her painful past involving her "friends" who she considered her comrades - her "friends" decided to lie about completing a mission in order to get some quick cash, but Ailee tells on them because they are comrades; her "friends" are arrested, and because Ailee was associated with them, she was expelled from taking the Forbidden Hunter Exam and can never become a Forbidden Hunter as a result. The final nail in the coffin was her "friends" mocking the existence of Myo Galuna and calling her late father a liar. Her friendship with Shiki slowly but surely made her have faith in having comrades once more.


I've decided this is my last fight. I can't let myself run from this.

The daughter of a famous Equipment Technician, Sakya's goal is to defeat Deruoimasu to protect the home she lived with her mother, who was killed by a Deruoimasu. After defeat the Druoimasu alongside Shiki and Ailee, Sakya joins Shiki's and Ailee's quest to find Myo Galuna.

Curlon Belusas

Shiki Ryuho, I will destroy you! It's a deal!

The labeled "Prince" of Akamaaya Town's Guild and the leader of the Hell Hounds, Curlon is the Number One hunter in the guild and only has eyes for Ailee. He initially thinks nothing of Shiki, but later views him as a love rival for Ailee after Ailee leaves on a journey with Shiki. Curlon decides to do whatever it takes to become a Forbidden Hunter like Shiki in order to catch up to him and destroy him. Has a habit of getting phrases mixed up.

Greylee Jeskar

A true hunter possesses knowledge... and values their teammates more than anything else!!

Shiki's master and Ailee's father. He was a source of inspiration for Shiki and the one who gave him his Forbidden Hunter seal. The reason why Shiki strongly desires to defeat Miyo Galuna is because this was Greylee's unfinished goal. Greylee died in an accident when combining gunpowder.

Myo Galuna

The Forbidden Dragon of Light

An enormous Elder Dragon only mentioned as a legend. It is also known as the "forbidden dragon of light."

  • Canon Foreigner: It has never made an appearance in the games. In an interesting twist however, Garuba Daora from Frontier seems to be based off of it in terms of appearance, which doubles as a Mythology Gag since the hero of Orage wields Dual Blades made out of Kushala Daora parts.
  • Light Is Not Good

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