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    Living Scarecrow 

Living Scarecrow
All Scarecrows can be intimidating, but this one takes this up to eleven.
Debut: "Attack of the Living Scarecrow"

The Living Scarecrow (who is actually just Alistair) is the main antagonist of the Attack of the Living Scarecrow episode, with the power to turn others into Zombies by simply devouring their brains, and he seeks to rule the world with an iron fist.

  • Accidental Truth: At the end of the episode, it was eventually revealed that he is Alistair, though Monas and her allies did accidentally capture him inside the net whilst he retreated.
  • Designated Villain: Like all presumed villains in the show, Alistair hadn't truly done anything villainous at all, he was just a school janitor.


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