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The various characters that make up the agency's inhabitants are all here!

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Player Characters

    The Cute Team 
Made up of five of the cutest students around.

Raketsu Hachimitsu

SHSL Violinist
"Insert quote here."

A rising star musician, Hachimitsu Raketsu is beautifully budding into a name known all over the country. He’s a huge star online! He may only play covers of well known compositions from popular video games, but his talent is easy to recognize!

A small flame that packs a big punch, Hachimitsu Raketsu will blow you away with his skills! Just be warned, his bark is worse than his bite. The cruel prince makes the scene! He comes from humble beginnings, most of his performances are online, but his debut was at a little known game con. Only a small lucky few were there to see him shine for the first time. He’s come a long way since then, and he started off as a smash hit! To say the least, he deserves a place in HP’s Most Excellent!

He's the killer in Chapter Three

Koharu Amashiro

SHSL Treasure Hunter
"I'm fine! I have cat-like reflexes, nya."

When referring to Myths and Legends, nothing better could come to mind than a museum, and being the daughter of a museum curator puts Koharu Amashiro in the perfect place to live in the center of those legends. Originally a simple aide for expeditions to ancient ruins and the like, Koharu quickly became credited with the discovery of various hidden treasure stashes. Quite intelligent, she puts her success to her ability to analyze the layout of structures, and use her spatial recognition to find discrepancies in maps and locate otherwise hidden rooms. “The trick is to recognize you're working with a 3D plane,” she claims. “When the layout is translated to a map, it becomes 2D, and it's incredibly easy to make errors when transitioning between the two. Especially when working in an indoor area. If the person who made the map was trying to keep something hidden, or the map is fairly old, it's also entirely possible no one would find anything at all! Maps are a good baseline, but sometimes you just have to trust your gut instinct on these things.” With that, she has been acknowledged not only by various historical societies for uncovering new artifacts that tell new stories but by the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy where she'll be attending her final years of High School.

  • Heroic BSoD: Occurs when her girlfriend, Atsuko Fujimoto, was revealed to be using her as the Mastermind.
  • The Cutie: Heck, she's in the team representing it.
  • Lesbian Jock: She kicks ass, finds treasure, and falls for the ladies.
  • Official Couple: with Atsuko Fujimoto... until the events of CH.6.

Kazunari 'Kaz' Aikawa

SHSL Emergency Medical Technician
"Life is only as precious as what you choose to do with it."

Most people remember the Shinsaibashi Fires not for the tragedy it had been, but instead for the viral video that surfaced in its aftermath. Although the recording is shaky and somewhat blurry owing to the fact that it was taken by a bystander’s camera phone, a young man can clearly be seen running headlong into the inferno to drag victims out and subsequently attend to them in the precious minutes before local ambulances were able to arrive on the scene. Because of his gargantuan efforts, a shockingly low number of fatalities were reported, and many have praised those selfless actions as a true miracle of its time.

But for the Super High School Level Emergency Medical Technician, it had been just another day spent doing what he does best. At eighteen, Kazunari Aikawa is one of Japan’s youngest certified first responders, and his youthful looks belie an impressively cerebral mind with a gift for thriving under pressure. A medical prodigy, Kaz (as he prefers to be called) has been in and out of hospitals all his life, learning and practising on patients who now recognize him for more than just a budding physician. His results speak for themselves: more than seventy people owe their lives or limbs to his determined efforts, and countless more have been touched by his sincere demeanour and modesty. Should you happen to pass by Osaka Prefecture, be sure to be on the lookout for this charming young man, though perhaps you’d better hope he doesn’t need to attend to you when he finds you!

  • All-Loving Hero: Will try his hardest to save you, no matter the difficulty, no matter the price.
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Badass Adorable: The adorable part is obvious, but considering his profession, he ups the badass ante quite high as he's responsible for saving many lives.
  • Bi the Way: Word of God confirms he's panromantic, though not entirely interested in romance. Considering he is a robot, it makes sense that he's uncomfortable with the concept of anything more than emotional investment.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He extends this fondness to some of his classmates, particularly Rika and Konoka so far.
  • Born Lucky: Exhibits somewhat extraordinary luck in the agency so far, considering his rolls. It's a running joke that some of his best rolls tend to involve the AI around the agency. Perhaps they sense a kindred soul?
  • Crazy-Prepared: Comes with the job, and he has the waist pouch full of medical implements to prove it.
  • The Cutie: Heck, he's in the team representing it.
  • Dumb Blonde: Inverted. Kaz might just be one of the smartest students here, though he has his dumb and quirky moments. Such as suggesting that mayonnaise be added to pancake batter.
  • Emergency Services
  • Guyliner
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold
  • The Idealist: Dedicated his life to saving the lives of others, because that's what he thinks is right.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Downplayed.
  • Meaningful Name: Both his name Kazunari and his preferred nickname Kaz translate to 'Peacemaker', albeit in different languages. Kaz itself comes from rearranging the letters of his model type: KZA mdl 005, while the first two letters of Aikawa are, of course, AI.
  • The Medic
  • Mellow Fellow
  • Nerves of Steel: Best demonstrated in the aftermath of Huang's murder. Taken one step further during the Chapter 2 Murder, when he deliberately shuts off his emotional quotient to focus on finding who killed Izumi.
  • Nice Guy: One of the nicest around.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His floppy hair falls over his right eye.
  • Perpetual Smiler
  • Punny Name: If one were to remove the letters 'A' and 'R' from his first name and rearrange them, they would get Kizuna AI. A and R form Augmented Reality, the category of android Kaz falls under.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots
    • Robotic Reveal: As a result of the Chapter 2 Motive, Kaz is outed as such. He doesn't really mind all that much.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Fizzy anything, including watermelon sweets, ramune soda and pop rocks. As he does not possess working taste buds, it makes sense that he relies a lot more on texture when it comes to food.
  • Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World: Or saving lives in this case.
  • Youthful Freckles

Izumi Fujimoto

SHSL Musical Actor
"Just for one night.... I would like everyone to dream through me."

The world of musical theater has a quickly rising star: Izumi Fujimoto! Dazzling audiences since he was only fifteen years old, Fujimoto is best known for his performances as Sandy in Kadan Theater’s Grease, Maria in West Side Story, and of course his big break as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz- we all remember that fateful summer two years ago, when you’d hear his new version of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ just about everywhere- If you didn’t know then who that sweet, soft voice belonged to, now you have your answer: Izumi Fujimoto, aged only sixteen then, and already a star in the making! Among musical fans, he is especially known for his impressive range as a tenor, being able to and having starred in female roles his entire career, and still hitting the high notes as clearly as ever! And with the back to back productions to star in, one can only wonder what comes next for Izumi Fujimoto on that stage- but then, we wouldn’t expect any less from someone from a family of stars! The son of the famous wrestler The Emperor, Izumi certainly has showbusiness in his blood, even if it took him in a different direction. But does he have what it takes to wow Most Excellent’s judges? We will have to wait and see!

He's murdered in Chapter 2.

Rika de Silva

SHSL Escape Artist
"Don't go easy on me just because I'm cute~."

Rika de Silva is a young escape artist prodigy. She is well known for her many death-defying tricks as well as her repeats of many of the stunts also enacted by Houdini. She only performs in front of large groups of people, and is most well known for her ‘buried alive’ stunt, where she will be handcuffed and buried six feet underground and given an hour to dig herself out. She’s only done the stunt a handful of times, but livestreams of it often receive staggering numbers and ticket sales for Cirque du Fantasia often spike shortly after.

She's the killer in Chapter 2.


    The Cool Team 
Made up of five of the coolest students around.

Hinata Fukumoto

SHSL Clay Sculptor
"Insert quote here."

Hinata, or maybe better known by her online alias, Himawari, has built her name and success from the ground up! Starting as a small online shop that popped out of nowhere to a name that’s well known amongst the wealthy, who pay top buck for her creations. Her sculptures are captivating by how detailed and high quality they are. The result of years of honing the skill prior to her debut. Though her realistic pieces are the most featured nowadays, her more stylized and cute ones still hold great appeal to younger buyers. Hinata’s skills are definitely worth checking out and buying!

  • Only Sane Woman: Bound to happen to some in an elite modeling agency who deliberately seek out the most eccentric and beautiful of the already eccentric HPA Talent Course Students.
  • Starving Artist: Not necessarily now, but she makes a lot of the income for her household.

Kagemori Kanta

SHSL Visual Kei Artist
"Insert quote here."

Formerly known by the idol alias MORI☆, Kagemori Kanta surprised fans by returning from his musical hiatus with a new look, new sound, new music label, but the same bad boy aesthetics that first rocketed him to fame. The pop idol turned Japan’s new brightest star in the visual kei music movement was always known for his looks and powerful voice, but his previously undiscovered vocal range and unique flair as the frontman for the band Deadman’s Party was made apparent by the band’s breakout EP, titled “NEVE Rchange.” Their songs combine the best parts of synth pop, alt rock, funk, and electronic music to make a sound uniquely “them.”

While the visual kei movement has always stressed individuality that clashes somewhat with Japan’s collectivist culture, Kagemori himself has made waves in the industry by using his platform to discuss issues related to the idol industry, gender, sexuality, and mental health. Such was the case when he so vocally supported his fellow “Deadman’s Party” member (and ex-girlfriend) when she was outed by a tabloid, giving an unfiltered defense so uncharacteristically littered with colorful insults that he was dropped by his current record label (only to be picked up by one of Japan’s most famous labels days later). The music industry has its eyes on the rising star, as he will likely turn it on its head in the years to come.

Kaise Imamiya

SHSL Fashion Designer
"Insert quote here."

Eldest son of legendary fashion designers Kaisuke Imamiya and Caesaria Huang, and heir to the House Imamiya brand, Kaise has spent his life studying fashion under his parents. He debuted his first designs at age 16 as part of his parents’ collections; since then he has designed full collections on his own, and a year ago launched the brand XV, a subsidiary of House Imamiya, of which he is the lead designer. XV’s first collections debuted recently at Tokyo Fashion Week, showcasing both haute-couture and prêt-à-porter designs; critics have praised his work as stylish, modern, and understated. Already making his mark at such a young age, Imamiya is a rising star in the fashion world.

He's murdered in Chapter 3.

  • Color Motif: Often described as having a noble air to him, which is a royal color in China as the Emperor was only allowed to wear it historically.
  • The Stoic
  • Fashion Designer: It's his talent. He's just as good at wearing the clothes as he is as making and designing them, to boot!

Kei Fukuyama

SHSL Otokoyaku
"Listen, foul beasts, and listen well– there is another escape, and we will find it, mark my words!! No one else shall perish in this place, or my name isn’t Kei Fukuyama!! Ohhhohohohohoho–!!"

Having made her debut just about a year ago, Kei Fukuyama shines the brightest among all the new stars among the Takarazuka Revue’s Moon Troupe. While still only an underclassman, her skills in acting, singing, and dancing rivals that of members several years her senior. You may only get to see her one night per show’s production time, as underclassmen only get one night (the shinjin kouen) to perform the lead roles, but anyone who has seen her can tell you a thousand times over that it’s more than worth it.

Preston Ng

SHSL Cellist
"Insert quote here."

Born and raised in the small city state of Singapore, Preston has come a long way both in distance and in talent. Having won numerous awards for his cello-playing skills, he is set to make his debut on the world stage following his graduation from Hope’s Peak Academy. Twin brother of the phenomenal violinist Charmayne Ng, who has been dubbed the “Angel Virtuoso,” Preston is set to follow in his sister’s footsteps and rank highly among the musical elite. Though intimidatingly cool and aloof in person, his passion and ambition makes for stunning performances once a bow is in his hand.

Revealed in Chapter 6 to be the Mole of the Captor Duo running HP's Most Excellent's Killing Game

    The Fancy Team 
Made up of five of the fanciest students around.

Atsuko Fujimoto

SHSL Scholastic Ambassador / Reserve Course Student
"Insert quote here."

Fujimoto Atsuko is the sole child of Japanese Minister of Defense Takehara Fumiko and Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Fujimoto Shihei, and is the heiress of both names and fortunes. Revered as a paragon of personality in the political world and the world of academia, her face and words are heard by many and heeded as the words that will one day lead the education system to a golden age. She has grown up in the spotlight, and she has earned her rightful place in its gleam through her conquests in the community of the politics of education. As the representative of the public schools of Japan to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology; Atsuko reports the needs and desires of the public schools to the ministry and works with them to provide conditions of improvement both sides are pleased with.

Along with her duties as a representative, she has also founded numerous student-run programs for the improvement of the schools around the country including the Educational Ambassador Association of which she is the head of. She proclaims that with a helping hand from the wisdom of the people around them, students can become the creators of their own education and the pioneers of the Golden Age of Education that the entire country desires and needs! Nothing can be accomplished without teamwork.

Before anything, though, she must make it through her high school years! Attending Hope’s Peak Academy, she acts as the representative of the Reserve Course to the Main Course and administrators. This bright young leader is the picture of charisma and dependability and she hopes to make those who support her proud!

Revealed in Chapter 6 to be the Mastermind of the Captor Duo running HP's Most Excellent's Killing Game

  • Ditzy Genius: Bright academically, but tends to be confused and stuck up socially.
  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: Not specifically in her design, but she's on the Fancy Team which is represented by the color Purple.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Shown to possess this throughout the game, especially in regards to her efforts to create helpful resources for students and the Reserve Course. But, it's inevitably subverted by her status as Mastermind, on top of her two-faced personality.
  • Jerkass Woobie: She had a difficult life and reasons for wanting revenge, but she still created a mutual killing game and taunted her classmates on top of it.
  • Official Couple: with Koharu Amashiro... until the events of CH.6.
  • Ojou

Eiji Mazawa

SHSL Horror Musician
"My nervous expression looks like I am about to murder someone, so I try not to be that expressive. ...Then again, that... is most of my genuine expressions."

If you’re into horror stories and music, you might have a few songs from EROS in your playlist - and if not, you should get to it. EROS, or Mazawa Eiji by his real name, is a rising star in the world of freelance musicians; His deep, baritone voice and inhuman range brings his creepy tales to life in blood-chilling songs he creates all by himself. The use of traditional instruments along with industrial and ambient tones produces a fairly disturbing result, only made more chilling with whatever horror scenario he sings about. But don’t worry, his songs aren’t too ghastly - he has many more subdued songs and even love songs to choose from, though his creepy vibe is ever-present. He’s an avid lover of twisted, gory and grotesque stories in any form, but he’s known to love a good love story as well. Despite his interests, rumour has it that he’s quite the gentleman in person, and coupled with his charming looks it’s no wonder he’s become so popular.

He's the killer in Chapter Four

  • Peeka Bangs: The easiest way to make someone mysterious. He also falls into the Raven Hair, Ivory Skin category, though whether he's alluring and attractive or just creepy is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Creepy Shadowed Undereyes: He doesn't do it on purpose.
  • Stepford Smiler: Eiji puts up a front 99% of the time. This is because in reality he has a Face of a Thug, and most people aren't fond of that kind of thing.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Eiji has been lonely his whole life, and not by choice. As result, he's ended up with No Social Skills.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: He tries.
  • Collector of the Strange: Eiji likes collecting authentic skulls and small taxidermy such as insects. His dream is to own a real human skull one day.
  • Distinguishing Mark: Eiji has vitiligo on various areas of his body - though it's a bit hard to tell with how pale he is already.
  • Freaky Fashion, Mild Mind: Eiji likes to dress in a scary interpretation of the Romantic Goth style, but he really isn't that scary if you have a casual conversation with him.
  • Sickly Green Glow: Eiji's eyes are so bright green that one could mistake them for glowing at all times. Of course this is only metaphorical. Right?
  • Team Dad: The cast is full of kids who need comfort and support, and for some reason, that support sometimes ends up being Eiji of all people.
  • Not Evil, Just Misunderstood: As it turns out, Eiji has been disturbingly into dead things ever since he was little. Thankfully, he doesn't seem like he actually wants to hurt anyone, and rather, is quite keen on protecting everyone instead.

Kyung Min Oh

SHSL It Girl
"Insert quote here."

As the visual of a six-member girl group known as Victory, Kyung Min “Mickey” Oh has become quite the international personality. You’ve probably seen her face plastered upon billboard ads as she applies a tube of lipstick, or possibly on your television screen while she enjoys a cool, refreshing drink for the summer. Even outside of endorsements, you can find her clad in something trendy while shining a welcoming smile beside her bandmates in posters across building sides and subway walls. Whether you realize it or not, she’s succeeded in being everywhere at once, and the media vigilantly waits to see where their It Girl will pop up next.

She's murdered in Chapter 4.

  • Graceful Ladies Like Purple: Not specifically in her design, but she's on the Fancy Team which is represented by the color Purple.
  • Idol Singer: It's her talent!
  • Married to the Job: Not intentionally or really willingly, but she's noted that it's difficult to maintain friendships due to her status in a popular K-Pop Idol Group.


SHSL Decorative Knitter
"Insert quote here."

[Promise]. Tacky name and all, this online business has attracted plenty with its decorative knots, or specifically, Chinese knots. Varying from traditional and modernized takes on the handicraft, these intricate knotworks have had a mass selling, especially amongst teens and young adults. With such heavy symbolism associated with the knotcraft, such as good luck and marriages, [Promise] plays on these beliefs by emphasizing longevity in connections and remembrance. As such, the wired Chinese knots of the business’ selections, with its more fashion-forward approach by resembling jewelry, have become a hit, easily taken by those swayed by [Promise's] romantic views and self-promotion as strings of fate. Even the elusive identity of the business’ owner, Red, has contributed to popularity of [Promise]. Rumor has it that he could be a deity of matchmatching.

  • Expressive Accessory: In the first fashion show, Red drew on a clipboard to convey clearer emotions to avoid removing his mask.
  • The Faceless: Red never removes his mask around other people, so nobody knows what he actually looks like. Not until the discovery of Biosynthetic Humanoid Clones in the Subterranean Laboratory, that is. There was one created for each student on the trip.
  • Mark of Shame: Specifically on his Achilles Heel.

Yuuna Kumagae

SHSL Tailor
"Insert quote here."

Standing at less than 150 centimeters tall, Yuuna Kumagae has made a huge name for herself as a tailor. With her nimble fingers and keen eye for detail, “the little tailor of Ginza” guarantees quality with an earnest smile that’s charmed a wide range of notable clientele—including the Prime Minister himself! Although she spends much of her time honing her craft with Hope’s Peak Academy’s generous facilities, she doesn’t feel at home if she’s not at Tailor Morita, where she got her start as famed tailor Kakuji Morita’s disciple at the tender age of twelve. No matter how elaborate your request, your order is in excellent hands with this adorable young lady!

The victim of Chapter 1 and the first official casualty of the Mutual Killing Game.

  • Not Evil, Just Misunderstood: Upon seeing Huang's death, she reacts with joy at seeing death in action. She doesn't wish death upon her classmates and means them no harm, but her view on reality causes her to have a great interest in the matters of death. She even allows Keiko to kill her in Chapter One due to this fascination.
  • The Pollyanna
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair It's natural!

    The Funny Team 
Made up of five of the funniest students around.

Adeyaka Sada

SHSL Inventor
"Insert quote here."

Marching boldly ahead, General Adeyaka Sada takes point for progress! Both the medical and military field alike owes recent development to the SADA company, making strides in the area of prosthetics and mechanical exo-skeletons.

The genius behind the company’s success, Adeyaka, is known for having a strange personality, cackling mysteriously and referring to herself as General. Despite the attempt of the company’s PR department to keep her out of the spotlight, her eclectic fashion and eccentric manner has actually won her a fan following, referring to themselves as enlisted in the SADA army.

Fell victim to the poisonous gas during Chapter 3's motive.

  • Artificial Limbs: On her right arm and left leg.
  • Chuunibyou: She plays the part of a powerful demon military general.
  • Eyepatch of Power: Given her impressive talent and persona she's taken on, it's not a far stretch to see her as capable.

Chitose Hamaguchi

Pop Idol
"Insert quote here."

Get ready, because Yumeiro's main ruler is heading your way! Chitose Hamaguchi proclaims himself to be the main reason why Yumeiro has had any success on the pop charts, and many are inclined to agree. After all, his fanbase has the largest amount of members out of the unit’s five members despite him not being the unit's leader nor being actually female in an all-girl group. He is adored as a pop sensation for his cute looks and strong will in addition to his unique voice with a large range. If someone was going to be able to name any of his group's members, it would definitely be him.

Yumeiro has notched 5 hit singles in just the past year, and all of them had been in Billboard's Top 10 at their peak. One had even been able to become a US Hit even if barely. Since their debut, Yumeiro has taken over the nation, and nobody can slip past anywhere without hearing of Chitose. Right before accepting Hope's Peak’s invitation, however, he had stirred up a lot of controversy due to leaving his unit to join another one. More shocking to the public, it is a male idol unit named C-HARM. What with this, one has to wonder if he's giving up his ticket to a long life of fame and why he's doing it in the first place. Nevertheless, Hope's Peak recognizes his charisma and talent with open arms, and Chitose is determined to keep an iron grip on Japan's population and their hearts.

  • Idol Singer: It's his talent!
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Chitose falls into this category due to his time in Yumeiro. He's cismale but happens to enjoy dressing in a more feminine clothing style - when possible.
  • Pretty Boy: Comes with the territory of an idol.

SHSL Speedrunner
"Insert quote here."

Testing, testing! Welcome to the E-den stream with none other than! Known for breaking many long set records, came out of nowhere taking the world by storm! His way to fame was set by beating a 100% speedrun time that had been in standing for over a year by over 1 minute, and with that quickly became known as the new up and coming speedrunner! Not much of’s true life is known, though it’s been determined he resides somewhere in Osaka due to his social media. Speculation on the exact area is unknown due to the sporadic locations he posts at and he refuses to tell anyone more of his life though he’ll do meetups if requested enough. With interesting personality, good communication to his fanbase, and ability to look into exploits no one else has found truly has marked himself down as one of the greats in gaming history.

Konoka Kyou

SHSL Dating Sim Writer
"'No problem! I wanna make friends while I'm here so check one off the list!"

NIKKORI, or rather Konoka Kyou, has been a rather big name in the world of dating sims for a few years now. From her recent game Springtime all the way back years ago, her games have captured the hearts of people all over Japan- and even some attention from overseas. Covering topics mainly having to do with slice of life with a couple fantastical ones, her writing has always been the mainstage of her popularity. That and her bubbly personality on social media. Working with her small studio Uttori labs; a three person group of her Risa, artist, and KIWI, musician, her games have been taking the dating sim world by storm.

If otome games are your cup of tea, it’s likely you’ve come across her games more than once!

Rowena Christine St. Bathory

SHSL Spirit Photographer
"My tea leaves this morning foretold that I should meet a powerful enemy, Thusly I have been preparing every possible countermeasure available to me..."

From the shadows emerges a new name in the field of paranormal studies - the self proclaimed “vassal of darkness”, Rowena Christine St. Bathory, has made a name for herself with her capture of spiritual entities… on camera, that is. While she got her start from posting anonymously on paranormal online forums, her photos soon went viral and spread all over the internet. Her infamous piece “Dark Moonchild” is a photograph featuring inexplicable shadows and a strange, faded silhouette of a young girl that made international headlines and caused the young photographer to gain prominent media attention. Many detractors have tried to dispute the validity of Rowena’s photographs, declaring them a mere trick of light and shadow intended to deceive the eye, only to be met with a string of melodramatic, wordy curses in response from Rowena herself. Her chuunibyou attitude has gained her just as many fans as her photos have… though it’s widely agreed upon that it is likely just a persona to promote her photography. Very little is known about her personal life, and she seems to like it that way.

Punished by way of death, courtesy of the Judges she rebelled against during the Chapter 3 motive.



    The Judge Trio 

The judges of the Fashion Shows, the three robots act as both hosts and mascots for an unknown purpose. Kidding, we know what they're here to do.


The Bear-y Best
"Make sure you're always looking your best!"

Upupu!~ Your number one host at HP's Most Excellent, Modelkuma themself! A spunky, charismatic young robo-cub who's perfect for showbusiness! (As some might say,). They'll be taking a step back from the spotlight to judge and host this magnificent killing game, but don't think they don't know how to work it on the runway! With them as your guide, who knows what sort of surprises await!

  • Affably Evil: Cute, energetic, and charismatic - they were never intended to be evil in the first place. They're still threats at the end of the day though.
  • Iconic Outfit: Each of the Judges wears a bow tie, loosely linking them together as a trio.
  • Mouth of Sauron: Serves as this throughout the game, citing the "The Boss" or "The New Administration" as their authority.
  • Stepford Smiler: Even when they're angry, they never stop smiling!


Top Of The Pecking Order
"Hiiiiii!! I see we’ve gotta lot’ve cute faces in the crowd. None as cute as mine though, Kya-hahaha~!"

Kyahaha!! Loud and proud, Momotori takes the stage~! A self-proclaimed fashion connoisseur, this pretty bird wants nothing more than to see you all put on a fabulous show! While they tend to be the more bratty and childish of the bunch, they still assure they have both the class and sass to qualify for the job as one of your lovely fur and feathered hosts!

  • Affably Evil: Cute, energetic, and charismatic - they were never intended to be evil in the first place. They're still threats at the end of the day though.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: They're both the smallest and most outwardly bratty of the mascots.
  • Iconic Outfit: Each of the Judges wears a bow tie, loosely linking them together as a trio.
  • Polly Wants a Microphone
  • Mouth of Sauron: Serves as this throughout the game, citing the "The Boss" or "The New Administration" as their authority.


Absolutely Purr-fect
"What, cat got your tongue? Or are you expecting more fur-rom me?"

Nyayayaya, it's your paw-sitively cool host Miryo-ke coming live! Claws out and fur flying on the fashion stage is nothing more than what this mauve feline wants to see, cannily watching everything from half-lidded hetereochromatic eyes. If their murderous nature wouldn't tip you off to the fact that they're planning something, their constant smile would - but we're putting our money on the former.

  • Affably Evil: Cute, energetic, and charismatic - they were never intended to be evil in the first place. They're still threats at the end of the day though.
  • Iconic Outfit: Each of the Judges wears a bow tie, loosely linking them together as a trio.
  • Mouth of Sauron: Serves as this throughout the game, citing the "The Boss" or "The New Administration" as their authority.
  • Smug Smiler: Their default expression.


The Chimera
What a bold stance... Well, you know the rules! If you challenge us... we'll return in kind~!

"With building, chaotic laughter, the three Judges jump into formation. With a flash and a bit of smoke magic of their own - the very same beast that had started this killing game stands before you all now..." Fierce, chaotic, and merciless - Momoke is the terrifying amalgamation of the three judges fusing into one entity. The origin of their ability to do this is unknown, but it matters little with the amount of destruction they're capable of...

  • Mouth of Sauron: While distorted, they speak the exact desires of their master.
  • And I Must Scream: Through narration and found documents, it's noted that being forced into this form for extended periods of time causes great psychological stress on the 3 Modelmascots, ontop of losing their autonomy.
  • Three Beings, One Body: Modelkuma, Momotori, and Miryo-ke fuse to create Momoke.


Three individuals who are tasked with supervising the students' stay at Hope's Peak's Most Excellent.

Riko da Silva

ex-SHSL Fashion Model
"Just like, between us, I totally made that up. Suits me better, right?"

In a field known for cutthroat competition and exacting standards, one might not be able to even get so much as a photoshoot even if they pay another. Careers are ended before they’re made, hopes and dreams are dashed upon cold backroom tiles. But for one Riko da Silva, she ascended the steps to prominence to claim her rightful place in the public eye before many can even claim to have gotten their starts. Born to parents firmly embedded in the modelling profession, she was able to get one stiletto-clad foot in the door from the outset, propping it open the rest of the way herself as she got her starts as a beauty guru and Instagrammer with a canny knowledge of social media that enabled her to network her way to her first fashion show at 16, in her native Brazil. Riko appeared with a splash at Rio Fashion Week, and for two years following her career has taken her all over the globe - bringing this young model into prominence with her unique charm and clandestine mystique. Yet, at the height of fame, she announced a sabbatical to Japan, claiming a desire to reconnect with that part of her heritage and work for fashion magazines there. This provided a chance for her to be scouted by Hope’s Peak, whereupon she accepted the offer to join their ranks.

After her tenure at the academy and subsequent graduation, she became part of the Hope's Peak's Most Excellent staff as Huang's right hand woman, and has been aiding prospective students in their dreams ever since... even if she remains as untouchable and mysterious as she's ever been.

She's murdered in Chapter 5.

  • Deep Cover Agent: Subverted partially because she actually is a model, but she's revealed to be an undercover Whistleblower searching for her missing sibling, Kunie, while also uncovering Mir's secrets. This eventually leads to her death.
  • Mixed Ancestry: Quarter Japanese, Three-Quarters Brazilian.
  • Sacraficial Lion: Ailani Fan kills her after she learns too much about Mir, which leads the students to seek out their Captor and give their final push for escape.
  • Valley Girl: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... Nevertheless, this is Translation Convention and she acts more like a Kogal than anything in reality.

Mina Choi

ex-SHSL Social Roboticist
"A-As said earlier: we utilize robots to help us get work done in this facility!"

Characterized by impressive feats of innovation and creativity - the field of robotics has gained considerable traction over the last few decades, with many new faces starting to sky rocket in recognition for their achievements. One such newcomer is Mina Choi, who seems ever determined to push a heavier focus on the humanistic side of the field. Born in Seoul, Korea as the eldest daughter of five; Choi made her debut on the scene shortly after her move to Tsuchiura, Japan. Being the youngest inventor to showcase at the World Robot Summit of 20XX, Choi blew judges away with her unveiling of the first prototype of her emotional support robot: Kinesthetic Intrapersonal Technology (K.I.T). Showing much promise at just the tender age of twelve, Choi was offered grants and scholarships to allow her to further hone her craft.

Shortly after her graduation, Choi undertook the offer to help develop HP's Most Excellent's Technology Department. Incredibly passionate about her work with robots and people alike, she's agreed to act as one of your chaperones this trip!

Is deemed the Blackened (by proxy) for Ailani Fan in Chapter 5, but is spared by Modelbot.

  • A Girl and her Robot Fox: Mina and KIT have been together for at least 9 years now!
  • Almost Dead Guy: Played straight in Chapter 3, but inevitably subverted by her survival.
  • Child Prodigy: Began tinkering with electronics before the age of 5, thanks to her dad being a roboticist himself. Her first showcase has become her most famous because she had just turned 12 at the time.
  • Clear My Name: After the AI takeover, Mina was accused of being involved.
    • "I-I... I can't t-think of a good reason to not s-suspect me... I know m-my morals [...] Though that i-isn't the proof I'm sure you w-want."
  • Cute Bookworm: Fit this trope more accurately when she was younger, but her shy demeanor and current profession still qualifies her.
  • Promotion to Parent: Implies this in a couple of conversations with students. She has 4 younger siblings at home.
  • Robot Master: Mina has spent the most time developing the robots and is generally considered their creator and master (until the events that kick off Chapter One).
  • Uncertain Doom: After Mamoru tosses her through the trapdoor following Chapter 2 Group Fashion Show, neither the Judges or Mamoru will confirm or deny her death. Luckily, she did manage to survive but only barely - and not without serious injuries.

Keiko Kimura

ex-SHSL Nail Technician
"I know more ‘bout nail art than anyone else in this room, I can guarantee it."

Keiko Kimura was the piece de resistance in Tokyo’s famous “三日月ネイル,” or “Crescent Nail,” for over 5 years, and has amassed quite the following. With her irresistible charms, she’s easily drawn even the most stubborn of customers to indulge in a luxurious “spa day,” delivered by the artist herself. Being trained for years under the guidance of her mother, Keiko (or rather, Ki Ki, as she’s known on-duty) has learned all there is to know about nail design, from simple manicures to the most illustrious deco nail artistry. Anyone with enough money to purchase the girl’s services will walk away with some of the most beautiful, intricate nails the shop has to offer. As of now, Keiko works for HP's Most Excellent's PR branch, working hard to present the agency's image as fabulously as she presents her own. For the length of your stay, she'll be working as your dutiful chaperone!

She is correctly identified as the Yuuna's murderer in Chapter 1, and subsequently executed.

    Other Staff 

The rest of the agency's staff, who appear every now and then for important events or necessary actions.

Huang Xiaozhu

ex-SHSL Reality TV Show Host & HP's Most Excellent CEO
"You kids are making history more valuable than you’ll ever know!"

Huang Zhu is known all over the world as one of the most charismatic reality show hosts to date. His charms have captivated the nation, as his unique style exceeds conventional expectations for your average celebrity. Kickstarting his fame as the member of a popular K-pop band, “Break 6 Go” (or “B6”), he soon rose into further popularity as his guest hosting on numerous shows stole the spotlight. He was formerly most well-known as the host of his reality show, 脚踏实地 ! [jiǎo tā shí dì] meaning to be “down to earth,” or firmly grounded. The show featured countless guests, most of which were incredibly famous. As of now, Huang Zhu is the acting CEO of HP's Most Excellent, having built the agency from the ground up shortly after graduating from HPA.

Murdered by the hosts at the end of the Prologue.

  • Initializing...
  • Initializing...
  • Initializing...

Kinesthetic Intrapersonal Technology/K.I.T

Modelkuma's Boutique Clerk
What does the fox say? Answer: I love you. And we love it too.

Quiet and cuddly is just how K.I.T likes it! Created as an artificial emotional support animal, K.I.T's reactions and personality were programmed to be highly realistic and complex. If it weren't for their form of a four-tailed Kitsune, they may almost seem real! They're largely the playful but quiet type. Rumor has it that they were given the capabilities to speak, though they seem content to communicate through their actions and expressions. Luckily, that shouldn't get in the way of you cashing in those sweet, sweet Kira coins! Now let's just hope they don't fall asleep on you...

Put temporarily out of commission due to the effects of the Chapter 4 motive, before returning in Chapter 5.

  • Intellectual Animal: Designed specifically to be an emotional support animal, K.I.T was also blessed with the ability to read, write, and act as an assistant to their creator as need be.
  • Sleepy Head: Following the AI takeover, K.I.T appears to have frequent sleep spells which limit their overall usefulness.
  • Team Pet: Fills this role with the class to an extent. Their primary goal is to comfort others, after all!

Hisoka Fukuda

Getup Gacha Clerk
"I can't believe there's this many gullible people here-"

The overseer of the Getup Gatcha, Hisoka can be described in many ways - surly, cantankerous, the embodiment of a cloudy, miserable day. Whatever it is, they certainly have a laconic and attitude unless they are in the presence of money - but otherwise, they are seemingly content to keep their relationship to their customer strictly businesslike. Then again, who knows what can come of engaging them in conversation?


"A-ahh, I think... there's many of you who I have not met yet! My name's Ryou, and... I'm HPME's chef!"

A shy but dedicated robot, Ryou serves as the head chef for Hope's Peak's Most Excellent, with multiple hands aiding in their ability to craft a wide array of fabulous dishes! Tender and kind, Ryou is happy to take any requests- they were built to cook, after all!

  • Initializing...


Janitorial Bot
"Don't worry! It's no problem! I like to fix it! See, it's all better now!"

Hope's Peak's Most Excellent's dutiful custodian! Eager to please, this speedy little axolotl-inspired robot can always be found roaming the building and cleaning up wherever needed! Be careful, as friendly as Axobotl is, they have a bit of trouble controlling their excitement. Rile them up too much and you might get sprayed!

  • Initializing...


Head of Security
"I know my name's gotten around a bit, but I'm sooooo glad to meet everyone~!"

Beep beep! While this odd little robot may not look much more than questionably cute, they're actually in charge of the agency's security system. Nothing unwanted gets in while they're on the clock, so rest assured that this building is secure! You're likely to encounter them hovering down the halls, deterring any mischief they catch wind of. Though, who's to say they won't partake in some of their own... within the confines of the rules, of course!

  • Cartoon Creature: While sometimes referred to as a ghost due to their ability to hover (as they even partook in the Talent Swap Talent Show as one!), the lumps in their hood could vaguely resemble cat ears.
  • Enigmatic Minion: What is their ultimate goal? Nobody really seems to know.
  • Expressive Mask: Mamoru's face resembles a mask, making it this.
  • Lawful Neutral: Despite having chaotic tendencies, Mamoru always maintains that they are simply following the current rules of HPME and the "new boss". They're wholly guided by their directives.
  • Mouth of Sauron: To a lesser extent than the Judge Trio, but in their absence acts as such.


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