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Characters / Mo Dao Zu Shi

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The (named) characters of Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's novel Mo Dao Zu Shi are listed in the following subpages.

Note on naming: All names are constructed in the Chinese fashion of: surname (姓) + birth name (名) - courtesy name (if any) (字) - title (if any) (号). The names of the Chinese and Korean voice actors, and the live-action actors that played the characters in The Untamed are also written in the Eastern order (surname before first name), whereas the names of the Japanese voice actors are written in the Western order (first name before surname).


WARNING: Beware of both marked and unmarked spoilers for the novel and all of its adaptations.

  • Main Characters:
  • The Five Great Sects:
    • Gusu Lan Sect: Click to expand. 
    • Yunmeng Jiang Sect: Click to expand. 
    • Lanling Jin Sect: Click to expand. 
    • Qinghe Nie Sect: Click to expand. 
    • Qishan Wen Sect: Click to expand. 
  • Other Characters:
    • Other Sects: Click to expand. 
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    • Yi City Group: Click to expand. 
    • Miscellaneous Characters: Click to expand. 

Alternative Title(s): The Untamed


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