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The United HeroeZ

A team of American superheroes protecting New York City from evil.


Majestia (Olympia Hill)

Voiced by: Anairis Quiñones (EN)

One of the United HeroeZ's greatest superheroes, the powerful Majestia.

  • Adult Fear: During the New York special, she watches her daughter Uncanny Valley get killed in action and can only cradle her dead body and cry. Thankfully, Ladybug revives her, but it's still a parent's worst nightmare.
  • Awesome McCoolname: Olympia Hill? Or do you mean Mount Olympus?
  • Battle Couple: Implied with Knightowl, as the two are always seen together in both superhero and civilian life.
  • The Big Girl: The tallest and strongest among the heroes.
  • Boobs of Steel: Majestia's the World's Strongest Woman and has a very good-sized bust.
  • Breath Weapon: She can blow powerful hurricane-like winds.
  • Cain and Abel: Future Bunnyx mentions that she has an evil sister named Ignoblia.
  • The Face: She's the first American superhero we learn of in the show and she's also one of the first and main to physically debut onscreen, making her the face of the United HeroeZ.
  • Flying Brick: Her powerset. She approaches Miraclonizer when he appears to surrender due being self-assured that he won't be able to harm her anyway. After Miraclonizer frees her from her careful use of her powers, she flies off into space to try to steadily push the moon down toward Earth and later has little trouble hurling an intercontinental missile into the sun.
  • Genius Bruiser: A powerful Flying Brick and robotics expert.
  • Hot Scientist: A very attractive superhero who's also smart enough to create a highly advanced robot girl.
  • Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: The Light to Knightowl's Dark. As a hero she is The Cape dressed in bright primary colors. Her civilian identity involves her in a decorative green dress and tinted sunglasses, giving her a floral appearance. As a parent, she is much more openly affectionate towards Uncanny than Knightowl is to Sparrow.
  • Mama Bear: Hurting Uncanny Valley is her Berserk Button.
  • Motherly Scientist: She treats Aeon, the gynoid she built, like her own daughter.
  • One Head Taller: She towers over all of the other heroes.
  • Primary-Color Champion: Her costume is red, blue and gold all over.
  • Shout-Out: In addition to being a Wonder Woman Wannabe, Majestia's blonde Boyish Short Hair and primary color scheme evoke Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Majestia towers over all the other heroes.
  • Wonder Woman Wannabe: Word of God describes her as a fusion of Superman and Wonder Woman. As a massively powerful Flying Brick heroine, it's not hard to see why. Her design also evokes Wonder Woman's outfit with the golden lining around the chest and the star motif.
  • World's Strongest Woman: So far, the physically most powerful superhuman in the set. Once she's affected by the Eagle Miraculous and stops holding back, she moves the Moon with relative ease, and was about to destroy it with a single punch right before returning to normal.

    Uncanny Valley 

Uncanny Valley (Aeon Hill)
"Don't worry, sweethearts! We have the situation under control!"
"But I am programmed to help people, Jess!"

Voiced by: Kimberly Woods (EN), Sara Matsumoto (JPN)

A robot superhero created by Majestia.

  • Artificial Family Member: Although she is a robot created by Majestia as her sidekick, she treats Aeon like her own daughter and allows her to have a normal life like normal children. In turn, she refers to Majestia as "mother".
  • Back from the Dead: Cat Noir accidentally kills her with an errant Cataclysm, but Ladybug brings her back through her Miraculous Ladybug.
  • Expy: Her being a superhero artificial intelligence with Eye Beams created by another superhero brings to mind The Vision.
  • Extra Eyes: She has a third eye on her forehead when she's in her real form.
  • Eye Beams: She can fire lasers from her third eye.
  • Glamour: She has a holographic disguise she uses to look human, and removes it to fight crime.
  • Secret-Keeper: Her facial recognition programs allow her to locate Ladybug and Cat Noir's civilian identities when she and Sparrow desperately need them in the climax of the New York special. At the end, she promises to delete this information.
  • Technopath: She can manipulate technology through touch.
  • Those Two Guys: With Sparrow. They're the only sidekicks/kid heroes in the United HeroeZ and they're also classmates (and possibly siblings).


Knightowl (Barbara Keynes)

Voiced by: Imari Williams (Knightowl), Anairis Quiñones (Barbara) (EN)

  • Battle Couple: Implied with Majestia, as the two are always seen together in both superhero and civilian life.
  • Batman Parody: Variation.
    • Her name and design ("Knightowl", sporting a brown, owl-themed bodysuit) mainly evoke Nite-Owl of Watchmen (specifically, the incarnation in Watchmen (2009)). Nite-Owl is himself comparable to Batman; all three characters are nocturnal animal-themed Badass Normal heroes.
    • Barbara takes her aloofness, role as The Cowl, and bird-themed sidekick directly from Batman. For bonus points, it's noted that her moral code is the only thing keeping her from going over the edge and becoming the very monsters she fights.
  • Dramatic Unmask: At the end of the New York special, she unmasks herself to pass the torch to Sparrow and Uncanny Valley.
  • The Fettered: Implied, as is befitting a Batman Parody, from Miraclonizer's way of freeing her causing her let go of her strict moral code which then results in her becoming a very excessive Knight Templar that tries to imprison people for not recycling or returning their library books.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She is the most openly distrustful of the French superheroes, but ultimately comes around to respect them after they save New York.
  • Knight Templar: What she becomes after Miraclonizer releases her from her own code of ethics - she ends up trying to arrest two people in their apartment for failing to recycle or return library books.
  • Legacy Character: She and Sparrow are implied to be this, with the current incarnations pretending to be the same characters but masquerading as males. It's also implied that Barbara herself was previously Sparrow, with each incarnation of Sparrow growing up to be the new Knightowl.
  • Light Feminine and Dark Feminine: Dark to Majestia's Light. As a hero, she is The Cowl. Her civilian identity is very goth, with thick eyeshadow and all-black clothes. As a parent, she is very strict and spartan to Sparrow.
  • Samus Is a Girl: The fact that the current Knightowl is actually a woman is a secret.
  • Secret Identity Vocal Shift: Her mask has a built-in voice modulator to protect her identity, most noticeable when she removes it in one of the final scenes.
  • Shout-Out: She's a Batman Parody and her first name is Barbara.
  • Twitchy Eye: Has a notable twitch from her sheer outrage at Aeon and Jess for disobeying protocol and fighting a villain without calling the senior heroes.


Sparrow/Eagle (Jessica "Jess" Keynes)
"The little croissants are en route."
"Yeah, maybe we're just trying to be helpful, because we had nothing better to do! We're not babysitters! We're superheroines!"

Voiced by: Scott Whyte (Sparrow), Jaimi Gray (Jess/Eagle) (EN), Tomo Muranaka (JPN)

Knightowl's sidekick and daughter.

  • A Dog Named "Dog": Similar to Ladybug, her Miraculous superhero identity is the same name as its animal: Eagle.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Liiri calls her "hatchling".
  • Braids, Beads and Buckskins: She wears her hair in leather-bound braids and has a pair of traditional disc earrings to indicate her Native American heritage. When she transforms into Eagle, she gets a single braid, her earrings each get a feather added to them, and her costume looks like it's made out of leather.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Starts off as a teen who relies on skill and gadgets to fight crime, and becomes the bearer of the Eagle Miraculous.
  • Expy: Of Robin, as she's the Batman Parody's child and sidekick. Their names are also similar, both sparrows and robins are small birds. And then she 'graduates' to the more mature, independent superhero identity of Eagle, evoking Dick Grayson's transition to Nightwing.
    • Her use of a skateboard during crime fighting invoked Marvel's Night Thrasher.
  • Happily Adopted: Implied. She calls Barbara her mother, but the two share no physical resemblance. It would also be something they would share in common with their inspirations.
  • I Just Want to Be Badass: She laments that she and Aeon have been relegated to "babysitting" the French students to make sure they stay safe, and she wants to prove to the other heroes that she and Uncanny are just as capable as the adults. Sure enough, she gets her wish when she and Uncanny are the only ones who can help Ladybug and Cat Noir in the special's climax and she becomes the holder of the Eagle Miraculous.
  • Legacy Character: She and Knightowl are implied to be this, with the current incarnations pretending to be the same characters but masquerading as males.
  • Magical Native American: She started off as very much non-magical but after being empowered by the eagle miraculous she gets mystical powers and a stereotypical get up.
  • Samus Is a Girl: The fact that the current Sparrow is actually a girl is a secret. However, she is outed as one by the end of the New York special once she becomes Eagle.
  • Secret Identity Vocal Shift: Her mask has a built-in voice modulator to protect her identity.
  • Those Two Guys: With Uncanny. They're the only sidekicks/kid heroes in the United HeroeZ and they're also classmates (and possibly siblings).


Doorman (Dean Gate)

Voiced by: Alejandro Saab (EN)

A superhero with the power to open portals to anywhere using any doorway.


Victory (Camilla Hombee)

Voiced by: Laura Stahl (EN)

The current President of the United States of America... who is also a superhero.

    Hot Dog Dan 

Hot Dog Dan

Voiced by: Kellen Goff (EN)

A superhero... who is also a hot dog vendor. Except his hot dogs grant temporary superpowers.

  • Good Counterpart: Due to having weaker but similar Super Empowering Dan is this to Hawk Moth.
  • Hour of Power: The powers he grant don't last very long, no more than a few hours at most.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Hot dogs that can temporarily give the consumer a superpower? Ridiculous, but amazing.
  • Random Effect Spell: While he may or may not know what powers he's doling out, his customers don't know in advance what they're getting.
  • Super Empowering: His hot dogs can grant their eaters temporary superpowers. Rose gains Super Strength, while Marinette and Adrien split a dog and gain flight.

    The Agents 

Agent Red, Agent Blue, Agent Yellow

A trio of helmeted heroes.

  • Expy: Agent Red, Agent Blue and Agent Yellow bring to mind the Power Rangers.
  • Greed: When struck by Liberation, the Agents break into stores and a steal a bunch of things.
  • Primary-Color Champion: Agent Red, Agent Blue, and Agent Yellow are, well, colored red, blue, and yellow, respectively.
  • Shout-Out: At one point, the Agents do the Ass Kicking Pose of the Totally Spies!. Thomas Astruc previously worked on Totally Spies!.
  • Tokusatsu: Agent Red, Agent Blue, and Agent Yellow are this, courtesy of being Power Rangers expies.



A hero with super speed.

  • Humble Goal: When his inhibitions are removed along with all of the other superheroes, allowing him to freely act on his darkest desires without his morals getting in the way, it turns out that all he really wants to do is sit down and take a break from running around all the time. However, what makes this not so humble is that if Mercury doesn't use his powers, people could be hurt in the few seconds that Mercury could've taken to get them to safety…
  • Retool: Mercury was originally meant to be a member of the Quantic Kids, a teenage superhero team that Ladybug and Cat Noir would've been a part of.
  • Shout-Out: A recursive example. The element mercury is also known as quicksilver; Mercury is the Roman god of speed (amongst other things), and Marvel's Quicksilver was named after this.
  • Super Speed: Mercury's power.


The other members of the United HeroeZ.


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