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Characters / Mike & Molly

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Mike & Molly

    Mike Biggs 
Played by: Billy Gardell

The male lead. A police officer that meets Molly in an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.


    Molly Flynn/Biggs 
Played by: Melissa McCarthy

The female lead.

The Flynn Family

    Joyce Flynn/Moranto 
Played by: Swoosie Kurtz

The matriarch of the Flynn family.

    Victoria Flynn 
Played by: Katie Mixon

Molly's sister.

    Vince Moranto 
Played by: Louis Mustillo

Joyce's boyfriend, and later husband.


The Biggs Family

    Margaret "Peggy" Biggs 
Played by: Rondi Reed

Mike's mother.

Played by: Susie Q

Peggy's beloved dog.


Recurring Characters

    Carlton "Carl" Mc Millan 
Played by: Reno Wilson

Mike's partner on the police force. Raised by his grandmother after his mother left, he's hesitant to find a place of his own, but does so after being kicked out of the house in Season 3.

Played by: Nyambi Nyambi

A Senegalese immigrant that works as a waiter at Abe's, the diner that Mike and Carl frequent. He and Carl eventually become roommates. His real name is Babatunde, revealed when he becomes the new owner of Abe's.

    Rosetta Mc Millan 
Played by: Cleo King

Carl's Nana.

Played by: David Anthony Higgins

An anxious man that befriends Mike and Molly at a baseball game. Motivated by their relationship, he starts attending Overeaters Anonymous.

Other Characters

    The Police Chief 
Mike and Carl's superior. Briefly has a relationship with Peggy Biggs.

A single mother that Carl dates during Season 2. She eventually breaks things off to work things out with her ex-husband.

    Rosemary Biggs 

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