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    Heroic Characters 

Michael Rowland/Durandal

Durandal is one of the oldest heroes in Metrocity. He retired after the last of his old team died, but returned to the cape scene after a demonic invasion.

Tropes applying to Durandal:

  • Mecha-Mooks: Durandal can make these.
  • Old Soldier
  • Reluctant Hero: Michael originally came to Metrocity in an attempt to put his cape career behind him. He's still hesitant about getting involved in local affairs, but Durandal is very incessant.
  • Shout-Out: His last name, 'Rowland', is an English variant of the French name 'Roland'. In French legend, Roland was a paladin in service to Charlemange who wielded the sword 'Durandal'. May have been intentional in-setting.
  • Sole Survivor: Durandal used to run with a crew of other superheroes, but they were slowly whittled down until Michael was the only one left.
  • Split Personality: Both Michael and Durandal have personalities distinct from each other, but although they are self-aware enough to carry arguments over what course of action they should take, the narration implies they're both just aspects of the same intelligence. It's unknown if it was always this way, or if it's a recent development.
  • Transforming Mecha: ...Technically.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Noted and viewed as an issue in universe

Mari Coal/Unnamed

Mari is the new girl on the block to the Superheroes. Her powers are Celestial Space Manipulation, Flashover, and Empathic Summoning.

Tropes applying to Mari:


One of the capes who gained their powers on the first day of the Mass Super-Empowering Event, Bogey’s need to scare people to eat forced him to run to New York, where he proceeded to decimate and loot all organized crime there over the course of five years. After running out of easily trackable and acceptable targets, he decided to move to Metrocity in the hopes of finding more.

Tropes applying to Bogey:

  • Amplifier Artifact: Kind of. The more corruption and corrupted things are around him, the stronger he gets.
  • Asexuality: Is asexual and aromantic. Kind of ironic since he’s a shapeshifter.
  • Emotion Eater: He feeds off of fear, whether from people he’s personally scared or not.
  • Good Weapon, Evil Weapon: Possesses both. The evil weapon is a mace that burns with hellfire and scours the psyche of anyone struck by it with fear at the same time as it burns them with fire. The good weapon is a holy cross with a concealed sword-blade that is highly damaging to anything demonic, and was previously used to kill the Demon Lord Asmodeus. As you can imagine, he has to be careful to not let them touch.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: In addition to mentioning IC that you can sell furniture for quite a bit and looting a skeleton, he stole everything belonging to criminals he could get his hands on during the five year crime busting in New York, and resold most of it. This ranges from furniture to weapons to bank accounts to the deeds to any base he attacked. He actually has a company back in New York that rents out the various buildings he got the deeds to.
  • Reluctant Hero: Would much prefer to simply use his ability to enhance items to make massive amounts of money, but is forced to be a hero due to the fact that the only thing he can eat is fear, which he can’t exactly get in day-to-day life.
  • The Magic Touch: He can transfer energy into an item to grant it thematic abilities, such as heat making things explosive or light making things weigh less but still hit just as hard.
  • The Sociopath: Is one of these, although will point out that he’s not a sadist, so he doesn’t like hurting people even if he doesn’t have a problem with it.
  • Things That Go "Bump" in the Night: Due to having Bogeyman physiology, is a shapeshifting monster who feeds off of fear and can manifest someone’s worst fear.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Can turn into any biologically viable form between the size of a rat and three times the size of a man.

Maria Bennet

Maria grew up in a basement. Her parents were ashamed of her and locked her up in the cellar where she stayed until five years ago where she and her sister Rachael got their powers. After her sister and parents were involved in a car crash she was put in an orphanage for a short while. She eventually blew up a school and the surrounding area after an accident, and was taken in by the US Navy as a result. Her work with the Navy lasted for five years before Uncle Faceless adopted her.

Tropes applying to Maria Bennet:

David Drake

Character info

Tropes applying to David Drake:

Amelia Zachman/Faceless Man

Character info

Tropes applying to Faceless Man:

  • Body Snatcher: Not exactly malicious, given she tends to use it to avoid death.
  • Soul Power: Can create souls and transfer souls between different bodies.

Steve Johnson/Threadcount

Character info

Tropes applying to Threadcount:

Leon Warman/Captain Turtlepower

Character info

Tropes applying to Captain Turtlepower:


A character who empowered as a giant supercomputer, he is afraid of being destroyed, given what typically happens to AI’s in superhero settings.

Tropes applying to Crowley:

  • Genius Loci: His powers make him a massive fortified supercomputer and can build robots and teleport anything near or inside him to anywhere else near or inside him.
  • Mundane Utility: He uses his ability to make large amounts of robots and weaponry to sell lower-tech versions to the military for influence and cash.


Character info

Tropes applying to Cameron:

  • Stronger with Age: One of his powers causes all his abilities to double every year. He's had it for five years, leading to a thirty-two fold increase.

Natasha Thornton

Character info

Tropes applying to Natasha Thornton:

Magnus Aakre

Character info

Tropes applying to Magnus Aakre:

Steve Johnson/Threadcount

Character info

Tropes applying to Threadcount:

Andrew Riemann

Character info

Tropes applying to Andrew Riemann:

Megan Crowley/Rakshasi

Megan was one of the first humans to gain super powers. She is a 26 year old unemployed college graduate from Kansas who came to Metro City to figure out what to do with her life. Was born a man, but was transformed into a woman when she got her powers.

Tropes applying to Rakshasi:

  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Was fairly attractive as a man, but when she got her powers she became really, really hot. And I’m not talking about her pyrokinesis either.
  • Casting a Shadow: Can heal by immersing herself in shadows.
  • Gender Bender: Was born a man, but due to her powers was turned into a woman.
  • Glamour: Can use illusions to disguise herself and effect how others perceive her.
  • Most Common Super Power: It is often stated that Megan has an extremely large bust.
  • Nervous Wreck: Downplayed, She is actually fairly anxious and neurotic, but she can still function is society and can keep her head on during stressful situations.
  • Playingwith Fire: Megan is a very powerful pyrokinetic to the point that she can control Hell Fire to a degree.
  • Shout-Out: Megan’s last name is a reference to Ozzy Osbourne’s song Mr. Crowley.
  • Super Strength: Megan can lift 25 tons over her head.
  • Super Durability: Megan can shrug off sub-machine gun fire and survive slamming face first into solid concrete at 180 miles an hour.
  • Super Speed: Megan can run at speeds up to 200 miles an hour, and can fly at about the same pace.
  • Super Reflexes: Megan can easily catch bullets out of the air.
  • Winged Humanoid: Megan’s power came with a large set of bat wings.

    Villainous Characters 

Floyd Douglas/Tidal

An orphan from London, Tidal was one of the first people to get powers. In his case, the cataclysm for his empowerment was near-death experience, and as a result he went on to kill his attackers before leaving London and becoming internationally recognized supervillain mercenary. At 20 years old, Tidal is far from the most venerable of capes, but he is certainly one of the most ruthless.

Tropes applying to Tidal:

Amelia Wolf/The Necromancer

Character info

Tropes applying to The Necromancer:

  • Alchemy Is Magic: They can transmute matter and create elixirs, although larger-scale and more complicated things require a laboratory.
  • Necromancer: Duh.

Song Lan/Hayden Maric

Character info

Tropes applying to Hayden Maric:

Rachael Bennet

Older Sister to Maria Bennet, Rachael was with her parents when they got into a car accident which ended with Rachael dead via a ten foot metal pipe through the chest and her parent's either dead or dying...unlike them, she didn't stay dead! Her turn to Vamprisim began with a bout of insanity and her devouring her parents and a officer of the law. After coming to her senses and fleeing from the accident and away from civilization she began her five year journey into the monster seen in the game.

Tropes applying to Rachael Bennet:

  • Our Vampires Are Different: Specifically, she's a Nelapsi, granting her a number of vampiric abilities along with the need to eat human flesh and drink blood, along with having to sleep through the daylight hours even though the sun doesn't harm her.
    • Vampiric Draining: More in the 'food' variety, though it's implied that it may speed up her healing factor.
    • Super Strength: Strong Enough to lift cars and jump up 4+story buildings.
    • Super Speed: Capable of running a bit faster than 80 MPH with a reaction time to match.
    • Super Reflexes: She's certainly capable of reacting to automatic firearms...whether she can dodge them has yet to be seen.
    • Super Toughness: While far from invulnerable, Rachael is much, much more durable than she has any right to be.
    • Immune to Bullets: Several thugs in Metro found this out the hard way...
    • Healing Factor: One good enough to heal most damage in a few seconds and recover from anything that doesn't vaporize her.
    • Daywalking Vampire: Partially Subverted, she has to sleep during the daylight hours, but sunlight doesn't actually harm her.
  • To Serve Man: She's a vampire in the Eastern European folktales sense, it is therefore fitting that she usually kills off whole towns whenever she feels like getting a snack.
  • Eats Babies: Considering the fact that it's outright stated that she's wiped out whole towns and her own distaste for wasting food...

    Non-Player Characters 


A cape with divinatory powers and an expert in magic, he sells his services, helping people find out information for pay.

Tropes applying to Mancy:

  • Instant Expert: He can learn how to use any form of magic or magic item pretty much instantly.
  • Magitek: The inside of his shop appears to contain a melding of magic and technology, including things such as recording devices with tiny crystal balls instead of lenses.
  • Mundane Utility: He owns a private business where he uses his divination to find things out for money.
  • The Needless: Doesn’t need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep.
  • Seers: His main power is divination.
  • Whatevermancy: His cape name is a pun on this, referring to his skills at divination.

Cutthroat Qarin

An overly friendly arms dealer who's set up shop in Metrocity due to it's peculiarly high percentage of capes.

Tropes applying to Qarin:

  • Ace Custom: Makes a business of acquiring the custom weapons of dead capes, then selling them for a profit.

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