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These are tropes generally associated with Defiance characters in the Video Game Metaspace. Subjective tropes and Audience Reactions go on the work's YMMV subpage. For the main character index, click here.

    Terror Division 
Defiance Units whose sole purposes are to destroy stuff and spread terror by killing the innocent.


"Nobody gets away from me alive. Not even that girl."
The leader of the Terror Division. Before being drafted, he was already a notorious Serial Killer.

Sinner-8 and Hell E. Copter (Burn E. Copter)

A duo of insane pyromaniacs who love destroying cities by burning them to the ground.

Bill Czerno

A robot with a fission reactor inside him. Usually used as a source of energy for the resource-deficient Defiance, he is also able to fight by attacking with massive bursts of radiation enough to melt an average human. On the battlefield, Czerno is a cruel-hearted being who enjoys seeing his victims suffer from radiation sickness.
  • Action Bomb: If he is defeated without cooling down his reactor... KABOOM!!!
  • Angst Nuke: He uses a powerful nuclear blast when angry. Not only does it destroy most things in a huge radius around him, it also heals him!
  • Battle Aura: Of nuclear energy. It's so strong that it even affects the delicate energy structure of most Metas!
  • Good Wings, Evil Wings: Has a pair of robotic demon wings. Supposed to be based on Czernobog, an evil god, so it makes sense.
  • I Love Nuclear Power: Has a nuclear reactor inside him, which gives him his energy.
    • Elemental Weakness: What two elements would be best at stopping a nuclear reactor? Also, he can't stand carbon rods.
  • "Instant Death" Radius: Radiates so much nuclear radiation- enough to kill most organic beings within a few hundred metre radius.
  • Meaningful Name: His name is based off Czernobog and Chernobyl'.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Loves to destroy living things with his radiation, for the sheer lulz.
  • Power Glows: Like radiation.
  • Punny Name: Say "Czerno Bill" out loud and fast. Makes sense for him to have radiation-based powers...
  • Technicolor Science: Glows blue with radiation, not green. Similar to a real-life nuclear reactor.
  • Walking Wasteland: The lingering radiation he gives out kills most life around him in a large radius.

Syntax the Invader

A planetary invader, sent to finish off planets attacked and weakened by the Defiance. Syntax's ship is the harbinger of doom, for Syntax itself appears whenever it approaches...

X5, The Slayer Of Evil

"Enforcers? They're just a conspiracy. Everyone under them is a blind sheep ignorant of what is really going on!"
One of the weakest Defiance Members (4rx defeated him before, and that's saying something). Serves only to "warn" I.C. that the Enforcers are screwed up (He's right).


"Those who don't have powers get trashed by those who do!"
A human who was given a special device by the Defiance. This device allows him to become a superhuman but will also turn him into one of the Defiance Metas. Because he has powers, he looks down heavily on those who don't, considering them weak and pathetic.

Fortress, Bastion of the Defiance

"That's not going to work on me"
The leader of the Defiance's armored units. His entire body is covered in Omni-Proof, and unlike his units, he does not expose his weak spot. Furthermore, his amour also allows him to pull off very devastating, shield-breaking punches. Despite all this, he isn't very wise.
  • Flunky Boss: After some time, his army will aid him in battle. You can throw them at him to damage his armor.

The Impulse

"You think you can stop me? I'm THE unstoppable force!"
A being that loves freedom and chaos, he joined to Defiance out of fun and also because he feels that he would be useful to them.


"Of all the places to assign a valiant warrior, they had to choose a dump like this. I HATE THIS JOB!!!"
The Defiance's... recycling plant manager. After all, all the metal from defeated robots has to go somewhere, right? Formerly a very powerful warrior reputed to slay demons and dragons, he was hired by the Defiance who gave him a... less than perfect job.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy
  • Berserk Button: Lots. Talking about his job, the Enforcers, cooling down the molten metal in his plant, and especially insulting him.
  • BFS: Carries one with him at all times.
  • Collision Damage: Getting too close to Volcan will cause you to take fire damage.
  • Feed It with Fire: Gains health from fire-based attacks.
  • Gatling Good: His trademark Weapon, the Volcan Cannon. It fires out a red-hot magma-like substance at its opponents... rapidly.
  • Hero of Another Story: Has apparently killed dragons and demons before.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: Summons homing fiery dragons, and when his incineration plant is destroyed in the inevitable explosion, he morphs the flames from the explosion into a giant flaming dragon! (He does this to many other buildings after they are destroyed in a fiery mess too)
  • Meaningful Name: Volcan's name is based off Volcano and Vulcan.
  • Personality Powers: Volcan gets pissed off easily, especially when his pride is messed with.
  • Playing with Fire: His name's pretty much to be expected.
  • Pride: Being a valiant warrior who used to slays dragons doesn't help much. Worst part was that he's stuck in a low-class job.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: Although he's an arrogant jerk of a warrior outside his job.
  • Shout-Out: One of his attacks fires out a Spread Shot of three fireballs. Magma Bazooka, anyone? Only that they're aimed this time.
  • Ultimate Job Security: The Defiance are really reluctant on giving Volcan this job (in fact they don't want to, because of his anger tendencies). However, their only other strong fire-resistant units are the Ax-Crazy, Pyromaniac "Sinner-8" and "Hell E. Copter".
  • Unstoppable Rage: Befitting his fiery nature. He gets into one if you insult his warriorhood.
  • Wreathed in Flames: A very good reason why it's inadvisable to get near him (besides his BFS)


"Hey, landlubber! I can fly and you can't! HAH!"
The defiance's current Air force leader. His robot body is actually created from stolen data of Alpharios' robot body, and hence has wind-based powers but no electrical abilities.


"Crunchin' time!!!"
The Defiance Fleet Admiral. In charge of the Hydro combat units. Very ruthless, and likes to "eat" a lot.
  • Arm Cannon: In the form of a robotic Megalodon head, no less.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: His weak spot is the area where his torpedo-head used to be. Shoot it before he replaces it with another. In his shark form, shoot into the mouth, as the same weak point is there.
    • His shark-head Arm Cannon can be temporarily destroyed by attacking the nose area enough times. Remember where a shark's sensitive point is?
  • Berserk Button: Making fun of his head. Especially if you make any dirty references to it.
  • Big Eater: He likes to crunch on almost anything. A Shout-Out to the Tiger Shark.
  • Drop the Hammer: His "Hammer Head" attack changes his Arm Cannon into a hammerhead and then whacks the enemy with it.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: His "Death Roll" move used in his shark form, where he grabs a target with his jaws and spins around rapidly.
  • Everything's Even Worse with Sharks: Hell, his name is "Shark"!
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Yes, he has a laser beam on his head (in his shark form). So it's a shark with laser beams attached to his head!
  • Giant Mook / King Mook: To the Sharkoid enemies. In fact, he's pretty much a bigger, badder version of them.
  • Humongous Mecha: Partly- He's actually a water-manipulating Meta powering a mech.
  • Losing Your Head/Your Head A-Splode: A beneficial variant of sorts. Shark's doesn't really have a head. In his humanoid form, his head is essentially a giant torpedo which he can fire out for massive damage and replace. You can only damage him by damaging the spot where his head comes out from... or by hitting him with electricity.
    • In fact, his original name was supposed to be "Torpedo Head".
  • Macross Missile Massacre: His "Torpedose" attack.
  • Making a Splash
    • Elemental Weakness: Gets easily fried by electrical attacks. Also, fire works well if he's above the water.
  • More Dakka: He has a rapid-fire weapon known as the Sub Machine Gun. As in, a machine gun on a submarine...
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: An alien shark-submarine robot!
  • Rocket Punch: He can launch out his shark-head arm to grab a target in its jaws and crush them for a One-Hit Kill.
  • Transforming Mecha: Transforms into a shark-submarine thing.
  • Underwater Boss Battle

Mighty and Speedy

Two Humongous Mecha who fight alongside each other. Mighty can dish out and take a lot of damage but isn't very fast, while Speedy is really fast, can dish out quite a bit of damage, but can't take hits well.
  • Bash Brothers
  • Big "NO!": Said by Mighty if Speedy is downed first.
    "Avenge me, Mighty!" *explodes*
    "NOOOOOOOOO! Speedy!"
  • Bullet Hell: The practicality of which Lampshaded by Speedy:
    "Instead of spamming shots, I just PUNCH the sucker in the face!!!"
    • He's also shown destroying a bullet-hell type protagonist by using this.
  • Dual Boss
  • Dumb Muscle: Mighty


A very dangerous Defiance Soldier. Not much know about his back story, except that he joins the Defiance for fun because he loves blowing up stuff and explosions.


"You are not fit to rule this place."
Defiance officer who is in charge of assassinating royalty and governments by causing anarchy in the people. He commands the Foes of Authority.

Ownage Force (Ownage, Winner, Awesome, Hacksaw and Joe)

The five leaders of the Defiance space units. They can merge together to form the powerful Maximum Ownage.


A Defiance commander who commands a huge grinding machine. Rather sadistic, he loves to chuck people into it and see them turn into paste.
  • Advancing Boss of Doom: The first part of the fight has you face off his grinding machine that chases after you.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: His arms can turn into spinning devices that suck the player in and grind them...
  • For the Evulz: Loves to chuck people into a grinder because he finds it funny.
  • Karmic Death: I.C. copies his blending machine, has the Resistance create their own while he fights Grind, then calls the Resistance to send down the blending machine and throws Grind into it to finish him off.
  • Punny Name: His Mooks are tall, thin Metas with spinning blender arms called Blender Men.
  • Weapons That Suck: His blender weapons.


"You're going to have the greatest SHOCK of all time!!!"
In charge of the Defiance's power plant, which is actually much more operational than the Enforcers' power plant.

Blastov and Liftov

Two robots based off a Space Shuttle and a Rocket, respectively. They're part of the Defiance's space forces, although their rather primitive technology means that they can only stay in space for so long.
  • Hold the Line: The first battle against them is like this. You're supposed to survive Blastov's and Liftov's attacks until the turrets on the Enforcer Missile force them to retreat. You can, however, actually defeat them if you have the Aquasword.
  • Husky Russkie: Their names sound Russian, similar to "Molotov". Also a Shout-Out to the America vs Russia space race.
  • No-Sell: Immune to Fire and Ice attacks, due to special temperature-proof armor.
  • Playing with Fire: Both of them use their extremely hot exhaust to torch their enemies.
    • Weakness: Water. They can take the moisture of light cloud cover, however, they are not well-protected against large amounts of water, as they weren't meant to operate in wet conditions (There's no water in space, so they didn't need any waterproofing).
  • Russian Reversal: If you manage to beat Blastov during the second stage, Blastov will make a comment when you fight him again in Russia
    "In space, you kick Blastov's butt, in Russia, Blastov kicks your butt!"
  • Theme Naming: 5...4...3...2...1... Blast Off/Lift Off!
  • Weaponized Exhaust: Their favorite forms of attack. Truth in Television- the exhaust from a rocket is very hot.

Accel Velos

"Don't keep me waiting!"
One of the defiance commanders, and has Super Speed.
  • Berserk Button: DO NOT, under any circumstances, call him "slow" or any synonym of slow. Or tell him to slow down.
  • Cool Car: Can transform into one.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: His preferred method of attacking. Although his attacks come fast, he has very little mass, and since Force = mass x acceleration, they don't hurt too much.
  • Defector from Decadence: Defects from the Defiance leader after being unable to put up with the leader's Omnicidal Maniac tendencies.
  • Depower: Outside Metaspace, he is unable to travel at faster-than-light speed (and gets a speed cap). It's a good thing, because he would whoop your ass otherwise.
  • Egopolis: "Velos City", a place filled with the speediest enemies in the game. Also doubles as an Incredibly Lame Pun.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: His TORNAAAAAAADO attack, which has him spin like a tornado, then circle around your character extremely quickly. While his arm blades are out. Hope you can avoid getting shredded!
  • Feed It with Fire: Absorbs heat energy. Just as how particles with high amounts of heat tend to move faster, it gives him more energy and heals him.
  • Fragile Speedster: He cannot take a hit for the life of him (due to not wearing proper Metaroid armor), but getting that hit in isn't exactly easy when he's moving over the whole damn place.
  • Friction Burn: Both he and his troops cause this. Their do have the Required Secondary Powers of heat absorption to counter it.
  • Meaningful Name: Derived from Acceleration and Velocity, which are very fitting considering his main power.
  • Mercy Lead
    "Since I'm so fast, I'll do nothing for 30 seconds while you try to beat me"
  • Motor Mouth: A literal one at that. Has the fastest speech-on-screen time (his speech stays on-screen for a VERY short time).
  • Outside-the-Box Tactic: The easiest way to beat A.V. is to pause the game, therefore "freezing time" and causing him to take damage. Breaking the Fourth Wall indeed.
  • Required Secondary Powers: He's immune to fire-based attacks and in fact absorbs heat, to counteract heat produced by friction when he travels.
  • Shout-Out: Accel Velos takes damage if he is frozen in time, like Quick Man.
  • Speed Blitz: He's nice enough to give his opponent 30 seconds before he starts attacking, which can wipe out an entire army as he's that fast.
  • Super Speed: His main ability. In Metaspace, he's able to accelerate/decelerate by any amount in any direction, while ignoring the effects of inertia. This makes him able to hit an opponent an infinity times a second!
  • Transforming Mecha: Transforms into a racecar-like thing.
  • Trash Talk: Loves to taunt you around while dodging your attacks.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Ice attacks make him slow, due to the fact that it lowers his kinetic energy. The best thing however, would be to stop him in time...
  • Weapon of Choice: Punches, Kicks, and a nasty Blade Below the Shoulder.


Another of the Defiance commanders, Transon is able to manipulate illusion and music. He hypnotizes his opponents via illusions, trance music as well as alien mind-control waves, turning them into mindless zombies on his side.
  • Amazing Technicolor Battlefield: Fights you in one. Althouh I.C. cannot see his illusions, the background is caused by an actual lighting effect which he can see.
  • Brainwashing: Does this to weak-minded enemies via his illusions and trance music. If those fail, there's always his alien mind-control waves.
  • Doppelgänger Spin: Supposedly creates doppelganger clones of himself. I.C. is not fooled as he cannot see illusions, though.
  • Light 'em Up: Uses light and sound based attacks to fight.
  • Master of Illusion: His main ability, which puts the enemy into a space with colorful, warped, flashing background and Techno music.
  • Meaningful Name: Transon's main forte is putting his enemies into a trance state.
  • Power Floats: Always floating.
  • Shout-Out: Some of his attacks involve screamers, pictures of Cthulhu. Then there's also his "Polybius" move, which has to be censored out as it would "make the player go insane".

(Name not decided on yet)

"OK fine, I admit that I couldn't find a good graphics program!"
A strange being who looks like a polygonal dude drawn entirely in MS Paint. Has the ability to warp his surroundings in a way such that they become like characters drawn in MS Paint. This also makes normally-powerful attacks deal very little damage, as they become badly drawn.


The meta in charge of the Defiance's robot and WEAPON production factory. While he can't fight on his own, he pilots a face-like ship with two Giant Hands of Doom.

General Tarrasque:

A powerful Defiance leader whose very name inspires fear and terror in his adversaries. He does have the fighting skill to back that up.
  • Animal Motifs: To the same beast that he is named after. Except that he's a nice guy.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: Shoot his face.
  • Blade on a Stick: His weapon is a dual-sided halberd/spear.
    • Bifurcated Weapon: His weapon can be split into two parts, also known as the Tarrasque Horns.
  • The Brute
  • The Dragon: One of the Defiance leader's trusted generals. Also, literally as his motif is that of the Tarrasque.
  • A Father to His Men
  • Genius Bruiser: One of the few to know about the Defiance Leader's true motivations, and actually plans to do something about it.
  • Healing Factor: He can regenerate his armor fast.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After both he and his forces get NUKED by the Defiance Leader in a bid to destroy a continent, Tarrasque realizes that the Defiance leader is a sadistic person of destruction who doesn't care for his troops.
  • Mighty Glacier: He's strong, but not as fast as many other Metas. Blitz defeats him by taking advantage of his slow speed.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong: Believes in the Defiance's main goal- to destroy so as to prevent a worse fate form occurring. However, he doesn't like many of the Defiance officers, and especially despises the leader.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Even he lampshades it!
    "Most people would run the heck away when they hear my name. That saddens me a lot."
  • Nigh Invulnerable: His armor is made of Omni-proof.
  • Noble Top Enforcer: He's a lot nicer and virtuous than the Defiance Leader.
  • Only Sane Man: Amongst the many crazy Defiance wackos, Tarrasque is one of the most level-headed characters.
  • Spikes of Doom: Can summon giant Hard Light spikes from the ground. These things are timed, after which they explode with a massive explosion.
  • Spikes of Villainy: Averted.
  • Wave-Motion Tuning Fork: Can use his dual halberds like this. Each halberd blade can split vertically into two, allowing each to execute a Wave-Motion Gun as well.

Defiance Leader (Code Name: Destructo):

Tougher than diamond and more firepower than any battleship, he hates the Enforcers with a passion and loves causing wanton destruction. So much as to nuke multiple Enforcer-aligned planets to oblivion and killing trillions of innocent lives by himself. Initially, he seems to be wanting to liberate others from the Enforcers, even if it means blowing up planets, but is is soon revealed that he just wants to blow up everything into oblivion. His Mothership, the Azimuth, is as big as three Earths.


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