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Characters / Metal Fight Beyblade Major Allies

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The Major allies for Metal Fight Beyblade. They'll do whatever it takes to help Gingka and the others against all sort of threats on their journey.

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    Hikaru Hazama 

Hikaru Hazama

Voiced By: Marina Inoue (Japanese), Katie Griffin (English)

A female blader who retires at the end of Fusion and becomes Ryo's secretary.




Voiced By: Hozumi Gouda (Japanese)

A dog blader from Koma Village who can speak.



Voiced By: Tetsuya Kakihara (Japanese), Lyon Smith (English)

Ginga's friend from Koma Village.

  • An Ice Person: The DS games for some reason have his special move to be Blizzard Hold, a move that encases the opposing beyblade in ice before Aries rams into it, even though in the show itself, Aries never shows any Ice-based special moves. His name may have to do with it though.
  • Childhood Friend: to Gingka.
  • Demoted to Extra: In Masters.
  • Heroic BSoD: For a short while, after losing to Reiji.
  • Japanese Politeness
  • Meaningful Name: He points out himself that his name has kanji for "iceberg" and "demon". The former refers to his politeness and the latter to his Trickster tendencies.
  • The Worf Effect: Hyoma doesn't fare well during the later half of Metal Fusion. He was initially a genuinely strong and skilled blader, to the point of being one of Gingka's strongest rivals, but after his loss against Gingka, his win record is almost non-existent, outside of a practice battle against Hikaru. What's worse is that his signature move, his Eternal Defense spin track is overshadowed by bladers who can do the same and are far more skilled than him, such as Jigsaw, Chao Xin and Toby.

    Ryo Hagane 

Ryo Hagane

Voiced By: Show Hayami (Japanese), Ron Pardo (English)

Ginga's father and the president of WBBA.


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