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This is the character sheet for Met My Sister On A Dating Site.

Daidou, Ayumu

Ayumu, 26, is the older sister of the Daidou family. She is five years older than Sayo and works at a large corporation.

  • Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder: Zigzagged - Even though she left so Sayo could be happy without her feelings interfering and even gets involved with other lovers, she loses them due to her obsession with Sayo. Luckily, the two end up right back together.
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  • Blatant Lies: After her lies to hide thoughts about Tsubomi are exposed, she keeps on doing it to the point Sayo lampshades this trope hardcore.
  • Character Overlap: She makes an appearance in Chapter 37 of Yuri Summer -Kagaya Inn-.
  • Dark Secret: Her love for Sayo, which developed when she was 18.
  • Devoted to You: Even if she strayed when they were younger, she's never lost her adoration of Sayo.
  • First Love: Sayo is Ayumu's first love.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Her reason for basically abandoning her burgeoning relationship with Sayo when they were younger (because she thought she had a boyfriend) and going studying hardcore in college so she could become a breadwinner and then confess to Sayo.
  • Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Apparently after she went to college, Ayumu had a string of unhappy lovers that dumped her because she talked about Sayo way too much.
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  • Seme: She tends to be dominant partner, which is not uncommon for the older partner in an age gap relationship.
  • You Didn't Ask: Ayumu's defense to Sayo when she accuses Ayumu of not revealing that she's had other lovers in the past, most recently Tsubomi.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The color volume covers reveal it to be pastel blue. It's unknown whether this is artificial or natural coloring.

Daidou, Sayo

Sayo, 21, is the younger sister of the Daidou family. She's five years younger than Ayumu and is currently in technical college studying to become a dental hygienist.

  • Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder: Having been apart from Ayumu for 8 years, she's on a dating site looking for other girls. However the twist is in what she finds.
  • Boyfriend In Canada: At 13, she invents a fake boyfriend she has as an excuse to "practice kissing" with Ayumu. This isn't revealed until she's 21.
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  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: Not an extreme example, however she gets drunk easily. Last time it happened, she tried to pull off Ayumu's clothes saying something about making babies with her.
  • First Love: Ayumu is Sayo's first love.
  • Hair Colors: While her hair a lighter color (revealed to be orange-red on the the cover colors), the flashbacks show her hair dark like Ayumu's. So it is most likely that her hair is artificially-colored.
  • Tsundere: Tends to be abrasive and violent to her older sister when she does something stupid.
  • Uke: She is much more timid and submissive. However, this reverses when she's drunk (see Can't Hold Her Liquor).

Reporter Sakamoto

Sakamoto is a reporter from Nico Nico TV. She hosts the corner "Sudden Attack Heart Throbbing Love Circumstances Nowadays."

Kagaya, Tsubomi

Tsubomi is Ayumu's ex-girlfriend and the 4th daughter of the Kagaya Family.

For tropes about her, see her entry in the Yuri Summer -Kagaya Inn- Character page.


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