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The world is too much for Ciel to bear alone...Take good care of her, Zero...

The Resistance engineer. He gives Zero the Shield Boomerang and the Rod of the Week at the beginning of every game, except the fourth where he just gives him the Z-Knuckle. He also stores information disks for the player.

  • Distressed Dude: Becomes a hostage during the mission to protect the base in Zero 1, Cerveau has to be rescued because he can operate the lift that will take Zero to Hanumachine, the leader of the raid.
  • The Engineer: For the resistance as a whole.
  • Expy: His role is essentially succeeded by Fleuve of Mega Man ZX.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He's the one who creates Zero's Shield Boomerang and all the rod-based weapons.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Although in a subtle context, he performs one to Harpuia, of all people.
    Cerveau: Oh, you're awake. How do you feel?
    Harpuia: Horrible. Just the thought of being helped by you makes me nauseous. Stripped of my position, and driven out of Neo Arcadia. I'm used goods...
    Cerveau: That's not true. You just stood up for your beliefs, just like we do. You've made no mistakes.
    Harpuia: My beliefs...
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "brain" in French, fitting for a genius. It's also pronounced like "servo" (only with the accent placed differently), fitting his role as a mechanic and engineer, making it something of a bilingual pun.
  • The Medic: Can function as one; he has been shown tending to both Zero and Harpuia.
  • Older Sidekick: to Ciel and maybe Zero (sorta), he's almost like a father to them, and acts like one. A Gadgeteer Genius on his own, but he plays second fiddle to Ciel, assisting (but not spearheading) her research.
  • See-Thru Specs: Only in Zero 1. Afterwards, it's turned into Opaque Lenses.
  • Shipper on Deck: Just look at his quote.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: Looks like a bulkier version of Cyclops' own Cool Shades.

    Mega Man X
I'll leave this world to you...

The previous hero Mega Man X is still around, but in the form of a Cyber-Elf. He returns the Z-Saber to Zero at the beginning of the first game, then shows up to be the mentor at random times. In the second game, it's revealed that he used his body to lock up the Dark Elf.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: It's very heavily implied that he had this during his stint as Neo Arcadia's ruler from human and Reploid alike. Part of the issue with Copy X is that he's at least partially coasting on that built-up reputation.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Twice over. Some time between X and this series, he surrenders his body to act as the seal to the Dark Elf, and he's reduced to an incorporeal cyber-elf form. Then finally, having used up all his energy over the course of Zero 3, he decides to retire to cyberspace.
  • Asskicking Equals Authority: Not in-series, but his power is fairly well-known and he more or less fought the Elf Wars alone.
  • Ball of Light Transformation: By virtue of being a Cyber-Elf, he takes on this form. He can also instead project himself as a holographic image.
  • Barrier Maiden:
    • He is the living seal of the Dark Elf.
    • In a literal example that would still qualify, X erects a barrier around the Resistance Base in 3 to protect everyone within from Weil and Omega's Mind Control. He implies that if he had more available power he could push it even farther but his condition leaves that a losing battle.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In Zero 3, when Zero and Ciel are trapped between the Mind Controlled Resistance soldiers, all hope seems lost...until X comes from above and promptly disables the mind control of all the people in the whole building.
  • Big Good: He was the main force of good as the leader of Neo Arcadia. Afterwards, he's still this, but only to a smaller extent.
  • But Now I Must Go: At the end of Zero 3, his Cyber Elf fades out of reality, leaving the rest of the war in Zero's hands.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: See Zero's Locked Out of the Loop entry above. X almost tells Zero this vital piece of information, but holds himself back instead, only confirming the truth once it has already surfaced.
  • Cloning Blues: X is by no means fond in the slightest of Copy-X. Justified in that it has nothing to do with him being X's replacement, as that was the intention. Rather, said Copy deciding he would joss everything X had fought and suffered for, for over two centuries, just because he wanted to be the hero.
  • Converse with the Unconscious: He does this to Zero in the ending of the first game, after Zero exhausted himself fighting with Copy X, briefly explaining what he was doing during Zero's absence before he decides to "rest" and tells Zero to take care of the world for him. When Zero wakes up after, he does hear X. This also happens in the end of the third game where X, now about to rest permanently in Cyberspace, again tells Zero (who fainted after the final boss fight with Omega) to keep watch on the world for him.
  • Creepy Cool Crosses: His garb, see above.
  • Despair Event Horizon: It's implied that he got hit with this between his series and this series, specifically in the Elf Wars in which he fought most of it alone. The original concept was that he would lose all hope for human and Reploid coexistence and begin the oppression and genocide of his descendant species, since they were incapable of living peacefully with humanity (this concept became Copy-X later). Fortunately, he's still savvy enough to Take a Third Option, and he chose to seal what caused the war, the Dark Elf. While most of his dialogue as a Cyber-Elf is fairly normal, there are a couple times when he implies his more ruthless side that he's holding back, which is extremely jarring coming from a former Reluctant Warrior and poster android for Incorruptible Pure Pureness. The fact it could break an All-Loving Hero shows how bad things really are.
  • Deus Exit Machina: Okay, so his physical body is busy, so no playable X, no Dr. Light capsules, whatever. He should still be able to manifest before his underlings as the acknowledged lord of Neo Arcadia and tell them to cut the crap. Copy-X's presence might have been the problem.
  • Energy Being
  • Expy: Has taken over Proto Man's role this time around. By the time the third game rolls around, he, like big brother Blues, is living on borrowed time...and probably gets the most focus he's ever gotten in a storyline. This isn't saying much.
  • The Faceless: Zero 2 onwards; prior to that, he's literally, and figuratively, a ball of light.
    • His sprite still has a definite face: It's just his dialogue picture that is only a glowing silhouette.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Him sacrificing his body to seal the Dark Elf, and later sacrificing most of his energy to break the Resistance out of Mass Hypnosis.
  • He Who Fights Monsters: His speech at the end of the first game mentions that he no longer cares about the opponents he fought. Ironic and tragic, seeing as he was born and raised with that very quality...Thanks to Executive Meddlingnote , X actually realized that this was happening to him and took himself out of the fight by using his body to seal the Dark Elf before he could go over the edge.
  • Immune to Mind Control: He's among the only few that can ignore the Dark Elf's mind control abilities, and can even cure controlled Reploids from it. It's attributed to how the Dark Elf is practically the Maverick Virus and X still has his Suffering Circuit.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: His leftover body, anyway, by Elpizo. He does that to open the seal to the Dark Elf.
  • It Gets Easier: He implies that he has come through this stage after he lived his life with more and more battles, claiming that he stopped caring about the enemies he fought. But before he went over the edge, he decided to stop and take a rest, prompting him to seal the Dark Elf. Copy X was meant to be the real X who did go over the edge.
  • Killed Off for Real: At the end of the third game, his Cyber Elf form has run out of energy and he goes into Cyberspace.
  • Last Request: He has one in the end of the third game for Zero.
    X: Can you hear me, Zero? My energy is almost all spent. I can't...stay in this world...much longer. Zero...I want to leave this world in your care. The threat Weil represents has not left this world. I want protect humans and Reploids. can do it...You...can...
  • Legendary in the Sequel: Most people knew X as their "legendary savior".
  • Leitmotif: "Cyberelf".
  • Literal Genie: Thirty years of testing assured that he would never attack a human being. Confronted with the monster that is Weil, he takes this to the extreme, ensuring that no death will ever come to put an end to his suffering.
  • Living on Borrowed Time: After Elpizo destroys his physical body at the end of 2, X's Cyber Elf form only has what energy it has left to stay manifested in the physical world. By the time of 3 two months later, X is already struggling to hold on, and then he ends up using even more energy to free everyone in the Resistance base from Omega's control and keeping them safe.
  • Mr. Exposition
  • Our Angels Are Different: A technological, fairy-like ball of light that projects himself with an angelic robe and halo from time to time. He's meant to contrast against Copy X's Ultimate Armor and Seraph form, who takes on a far more grandiose interpretation of an angel with the white and gold color scheme and multiple wings on his body; original X's garb is far more humble by comparison.
  • Physical God: Well, virtual, but by the time Zero reawakens, even at 1/5 his former self, it's quite clear that X has effectively become the most powerful character in the series so far. Then again, he did fight a century-spanning war without Zero, with a body made to infinitely evolve.
  • Passing the Torch: Since Zero, as of the end of Z3, is the only hero left alive and Weil is still lurking around somewhere, X decided to make it official before "finally retiring to Cyberspace."
  • Plotline Death: Seeing as fixing dead robots/Reploids/whatever is entirely workable in-canon, it probably has to do with his desire to finally rest in peace. His body was also blown up in the second game.
  • A Protagonist Shall Lead Them: He became the ruler of Neo Arcadia some time between the X and Zero series. But he left his place to make himself the seal for the Dark Elf, and a copy is then made in his stead.
  • Reverse Mole: Arguably. He's technically a member of La Résistance, and, as the original leader of Neo Arcadia, the information he gives is invaluable to the former's cause. That's how much he really hates his clone.
    X: I've cracked the Security system of the Trans Server...Now go...Terminate that copy of me...terminate with extreme prejudice...
  • Rogue Protagonist: Thankfully subverted, because of the Executive Meddling in the X series; he was originally supposed to be the Big Bad, but then a copy took up the role.
  • Rule of Symbolism: He "died" to absolve the war between man and Reploid once and for all, continued watching over them as a spirit, reappeared before those who'd followed him in an angelic form complete with halo and cross on his garb, and only acted in protection rather than violence. Let's see you deny that with a straight face.
  • Sealed Inside a Person-Shaped Can: He used his body to seal the Dark Elf.
  • Spirit Advisor: As he's reduced to a "spirit", there isn't much he could do but advising Zero on doing the right thing. Fridge Brilliance in that he is basically emulating his creator/father figure Dr. Light, who was this to him in the previous series.
  • Take Up My Sword: X asks Zero to continue the battle for peace. Taken literally in the first game, where X gives Zero a sword in the first Boss fight, only it was actually Zero's own Z-Saber.
  • Virtual Ghost: By virtue of being reduced to a Cyber Elf.

    The Resistance
Not just a character, but a whole lot of characters. The characters within La Résistance are worth mentioning enough.
Jaune voiced by Megumi Ogata
Rouge voiced by Yuka Imai
Alouette voiced by Ryo Hirohashi (in one of the dramas)
Milan voiced by Wataru Takagi

  • The Alliance: Minor example, used to avert Remember the New Guy?: after the damage done by Neo Arcadia's forces in the first game, the remains of Zero's allies have merged with another Resistance group (or maybe more than one), increasing their numbers drastically. Not that it helps, however, several members from the second group become prominent supporting characters: Bridge Bunnies Rogue and Jaune and Knowledge Broker Hirondelle.
  • Base on Wheels: The Resistance trailer in Zero 4, a large box truck with two trailers.
  • Big Eater: Hibou consumes E-crystals, possibly the Reploids' equivalent to energy foods, to no end. He is actually a hard worker, though...or at least when he's trying to impress someone, or if the situation is serious.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: Subverted with Alouette and Perroquiet. Played straight with Menart.
  • Bridge Bunnies: Rouge and Jaune. The Lower-Deck Episode in the third game's soundtrack reveals they are sort of Red Oni, Blue Oni, with Rouge being serious and formal and Jaune being more relaxednote .
  • Catch Phrase: Hirondelle always starts his speeches with "Have you heard?"
  • Elaborate Underground Base: In Zero 1.
  • Empathy Doll Shot: In the first game, the Resistance base is stormed by Neo Arcadian Forces. While the bodies of a few resistance solders are found, if Zero enters the hallway where Alouette is usually found, only the stuffed animal she always clutches will be lying on the ground. Once the threat is taken care of, she reclaims her lost companion.
  • The Engineer: Doigt in particular assisted Cerveau in making the Recoil Rod.
  • Expy: Prairie and Fleuve, for Ciel and Cerveau respectively. It's all but stated Praire is a grown-up Alouette, while Fleuve is implied to be an older Perroquiet.
  • Eyes Always Shut: Autruche.
  • Family-Unfriendly Death: In the introduction of the first game, several of Ciel's companions were cut in half by several Golems' lasers. Even worse in the original versions, with tons of blood spilling out.
  • Give Me Your Inventory Item: in Zero 4, Hirondelle will ask for two S-crystals from Zero in exchange for Sub-Tanks.
  • Giver of Lame Names: Rouge turns out to be this in one audio drama. When pressed to give a name to the Baby Elves, she seriously proposes Crime and Punishment. This gets her into an argument with the other operator (Jaune) where they accuse each other of being this.
    • Subverted in the fourth game where, if you ask her for the name of the new Cyber-elf, she'll suggest "Variable". While she claimed it to be the first thing that comes to ber head, "variable" is quite an apt word to describe the elf's functions.
  • Gratuitous English: The Resistance are called "Resistance", even in Japan.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Alouette; she's as sweet and innocent as a Reploid child could be.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The name of Zero 4's cyber-elf, but subverted; the choices are pre-determined, and all you have to do is ask one of the members for it. Plus, due to the theme of the game, Croire (Believe in French) is the default one.
  • Hope Bringer: This Resistance was made to consort any runaway Reploids who were awaiting "retirement", as well as helping those in need, regardless of affiliation. However, the group itself is facing extermination from a tyrannical government, so the Rebel Leader decided to find their own Hope Bringer: the legendary Zero.
  • Hostage Spirit Link: In a variant, in the second game, some of the Resistance soldiers are brainwashed to attack you; don't kill them or you lose your mission score. The trick is that, if you really have to hurt them, you can use a weak attack to make them "deactivate" for a moment, allowing you to go past them. Note: attacking them after they reactivate will kill them. They really will die, by the way; if you kill one, they won't appear back in the Resistance Base later. You Monster!.
  • Iconic Item: The stuffed toy made especially for Alouette by Ciel. She even carries it two hundred years later, as Prairie.
  • Irony: In the fourth game, Alouette wonders if the Baby Elves are now playing with their mother. It's heavily implied that that she never knows what actually happened with them.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: Andrew; he's supposedly a living Shout-Out to Bicentennial Man.
  • Kid Sidekick: Alouette, and, to a lesser extent Perroquiet, serve this role to Ciel.
  • Knowledge Broker: Hirondelle.
  • La Résistance: They are the last group fighting agaisnt Neo Arcadia.
  • Last Bastion: The Resistance functions as this, especially for Reploids.
  • Late to the Tragedy: When the Caravan learns of Craft's coup, Ciel immediately sends word back to the main base to mobilize a rescue unit to Neo Arcadia before Craft can destroy it. Unfortunately, the rescuers only arrive once Ragnarok's laser has already struck.
  • Lower-Deck Episode: One portion of the drama tracks depict Alouette's interactions with others in the La Résistance Base, and apparently takes place during and after one of Zero's missions in the second game. (Link here.)
  • Mayfly–December Romance: Happens to Andrew, an old Reploid who married with a human woman in his backstory.
  • The Medic: Rocinolle; if things are beyond her expertise, it's left to Cerveau though.
  • Nerd Glasses: Perroquiet, full stop. If he really is Fleuve, then that's just carrying it too far, and too long.
  • Overly Long Gag: When the Resistance members got Brainwashed and Crazy in Zero 3, they deliver this cheesy line:
    Inscribe it upon the world...The name of our ruler...Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil! Weil!
  • Player Headquarters: The Resistance Base in all of its incarnations.
  • Put on a Bus: Reversed in the fourth game. It's the main characters (the ones in the Five-Man Band above) who are put on a bus (truck, actually), yet the rest that remained in the base are written off the script (with only Jaune getting some minor lines, and when Neo Arcadia gets shot by Ragnarok, several Resistance soldiers come to aid the civilians).
  • Rambling Old Man Monologue: Andrew can lapse into this. Poor Alouette had to listen to his monologues once when all she wanted was to ask him for names for the baby elves.
  • Redshirt Army: One wonders how they ever survived without Zero. One interpretation implied throughout 1 is that simply by being red shirts, they posed such little threat that Neo Arcadia has barely bothered dealing with them, only beginning to put effort into an offensive when Zero, a credible threat, shows up. It's unknown if Elpizo's rebel cells are active by this point, but they could have distracted Neo Arcadia, too. Copy X also gives a reason in 3; he's intentionally been holding back because Ciel, their leader, is a human, and he is programmed to put the safety of humans above all other concerns; when he finally decides Ciel is an extremist threat to Neo Arcadia using her pacifism to hide behind sending Zero out on missions against Neo Arcadia as her strong-arm, he already has armies poised to run roughshod over the base.
  • Retired Badass: Old Andrew is implied to be a former member of the Repliforce Navy.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Vilified: Most of them are only fighting Neo Arcadia for their own survival. Aside from this, Ciel sees the group as a means to help anyone in need, regardless of affiliation with their enemies or gratitude (Harpuia and the Caravan, respectively).
  • Robot Girl: Alouette, Rocinolle, the Bridge Bunnies, and the few female Resistance Soldiers.
  • Robotic Spouse: Andrew used to be one for a human woman. He apparently makes himself look older as his spouse ages so she wouldn't feel bad, and after she dies, he keeps his old look as a way to remember her.
  • Shipper on Deck: Alouette slightly hints at supporting Zero/Ciel.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Despite the katakana reading for the old man Reploid's name being Andoryuu (i.e. "Andrew"), it's officially "Andre".
  • The Team: The setup of Zero 4:
  • Theme Naming: Most of the Reploids are named after birds, in French. To drive the point home, Ciel ("sky") was the one who named them.
    • The Bridge Bunnies Rouge and Jaune are named based on their hair colors/hair accessories instead (Rouge is red, Jaune is yellow). Which makes sense, as they weren't originally under Ciel's command.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: Downplayed — The Reploids in the Resistance technically rebelled from the human society in Neo Arcadia, but it's because of the Reploid-cide order of Copy-X (because of the energy crisis, but still). They're rarely hostile, either.
  • What the Hell, Player?: Surrendering missions in the first game will lead to a passive-aggressive form of this — namely, epic guilt trips from Ciel and the Resistance members.

Thus the war of the machines began and humans can only watch...
Voiced by Yuko Goto

A main character in Zero 4. She is the leader of the La Résistance neutral-analogue Caravan, aspiring to bring all humans out of Neo Arcadia and into New Eden-esque Area Zero. She is in love with Dr. Weil's new second-in-command, Craft, a fact that none of her fellow evacuees know...

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Albeit briefly, she gets this treatment after her relationship with Craft was revealed, and the Caravan believed her to be a spy. Subverted, Neige luckily wasn't even there when this happened, as she had already been kidnapped by Craft at the same time as The Reveal. Another lucky break is that Zero's words finally take an impact to the Caravan, breaking them away from their neutrality, and they personally asked Zero to rescue her.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Wears a tanktop that only covers her chest.
  • Broken Pedestal: She is this to the Caravan, mostly when her association with Craft is brought into light. She herself experiences this in regards to Craft, wondering how such a honorable soldier would stoop to serving Weil.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: None of her fellow Caravan members know of her connection to Craft, and she wasn't ready to tell them yet. As thanks for rescuing them earlier, Neige also promises to keep Zero's identity (and his "involvement" with Copy-X's death) under wraps. All those secrets were revealed later, anyway.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: This simple reporter turns out to once have been in a relationship with Craft — and this relationship is part of his motivation.
  • Damsel in Distress: Halfway through the game, Craft kidnaps her, and Zero has to rescue her. In a subversion, Craft thinks that he's rescuing her as excuse for the kidnapping, which makes sense, because of Operation Ragnarok.
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead: Averted. The Complete Works state that the artists once experimented on giving her a tan, but that was dropped in the final game.
  • Demoted to Extra: Upon the conclusion of Craft's storyline, her role is diminished, and the spotlight returns to Zero and Ciel.
  • Face Death with Dignity/Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!: When Weil asks her to follow Craft and be under Weil's rule, or be destroyed with Area Zero, Neige defiantly answers that she'd rather laugh at the face of death and face it with dignity than live a living death under him.
  • Fingerless Gloves: Wears a pair, which may be fitting with her profession.
  • Interspecies Romance: With Craft, in the past.
  • Intrepid Reporter: Like most of the inhabitants of Caravan, she doesn't trust Zero, but she does wish to someday interview him regarding his "legendary exploits".
  • Irony: Despite being a reporter determined to know and get out the truth, she still believed at least some of the propaganda Neo Arcadia sprouted and assumed the worst of Zero based on it. She notes this after being rescued by Zero and apologizes for said behavior.
  • I Should Write a Book About This: Complete Works reveals that post-Zero 4, she published a biography of said exploits.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: When escaping from the prison, she tells Craft that she'd rather die with dignity than live in fear. These words led to Craft taking them to heart and blowing up Neo Arcadia with Ragnarok's cannon with Weil inside it, and indirectly Weil sending Ragnarok into a Colony Drop.
  • Previously On…: She is the narrator of the prologue of Zero 4, giving an insight of human opinion of the long-running Robot War.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: She is a tomboy to Ciel's girly girl.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: When she overhears Craft's talk about "doing things for the greater good" after his battle with Zero, she comes in and calls him (and Zero) out on them bringing out trouble to Area Zero and disrupting the peace and that their actions, no matter how noble their goals are, end up causing more harm than good. Though she later thinks of the words she said and apologizes to Zero.
    • Later, when she's in prison, she calls out to Craft on how much he has changed, from once a heroic and honorable warrior to one serving Weil out of desperation. This and her Face Death with Dignity above would later change him again.

    The Caravan

A group of humans who escaped Neo Arcadia with Neige. The prolonged Robot Wars have jaded their view of Reploids. Unfortunately for them, Zero's the only one who can stop Ragnarok...

  • Amazing Technicolor Hair: Rafale and Brise, who have green and purple hair respectively.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Played straight and averted. Considering that they resent Reploids for being warmongers, they spend a lot of time yelling at Zero. Rafale also makes a vow (in Zero's presence) to kill the Reploid who killed X. However, he does not attempt it after realizing who Zero is.
  • Children Are Innocent: Initially, Typhon and Brise are the only ones (apart from maybe Neige) who will give Zero the time of day. When Neige is taken by Craft, they're also the only ones who are not only worried about her, but beg Zero to go save her.
  • Fantastic Racism: They look down on the Reploids because (in their eyes) all they're doing is causing pointless wars and destruction. They're even willing to look down on humans who are sympathetic to Reploids, such as Ciel and Neige once her past with Craft comes out.
  • Freudian Excuse: Rafale tells Zero that he hasn't spoken to a Reploid (present company excluded) since his parents died in a Maverick attack. Neige notes that most of them have similar backstories.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Most of them don't seem to realize the Resistance has been a perfectly-justified war of survival against the Neo Arcadian regime and that their "hero X" was in fact a copy that foolishly decided to genocide Reploids to conserve resources for human comfort (and by Zero 3 was fully willing to kill humans too to achieve his goals and spurned a peaceful solution). This can likely be justified by Neo Arcadian propaganda.
  • Neutral No Longer: At first, they prefer to stand out of the war between the Resistance and Neo Arcadia. However, over the course of the game, upon seeing that the Resistance's goals were no different from their own (and with the help of Neige being kidnapped), the Caravan finally welcomes their help in fighting off and finally defeating the Neo Arcadian army.
  • Not So Different: In 4, most of the Caravan humans insist that the Resistance Reploids and Neo Arcadian Reploids are this, claiming that no matter what their individual goals are, in the end they're both essentially causing bloody war after bloody war, and the humans are sick of it. Conveniently ignoring or not knowing that the current war was sparked because the Neo Arcadian regime decided humans should be prioritized over Reploids to the point of genociding the latter for flimsy excuses and the Resistance understandably doesn't take kindly to that, plus the fact that of the two sides, only Neo Arcadia went so far as to launch successful strikes on human settlements.
  • Reused Character Design: The Caravaners' sprites are recolored versions of members of the Resistance. One notable case is Faucon (who is part of the Resistance group in the same game) and Rafale.
  • Theme Naming: Just as most of the Resistance are named after birds, these guys are named after winds.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: When their settlement gets razed by the Neo Arcadian troops and Zero comes to rescue them, some of them don't like the rescue that much. Also, despite Neige being one of their major leaders who risked everything to get them to the Settlement, most of them are quick to turn on her once her past with Craft comes to light. This latter point in particular is what causes Zero to give them a What the Hell, Hero? speech.
  • Untrusting Community: They get better later on.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Zero really chews them out after they decided to abandon Neige after she is kidnapped by Craft, telling them that they had no reason to leave Neo Arcadia if they were always like that.
  • You Are a Credit to Your Race: Rafale suggests that Craft "must've been a good one" for Neige to fall in love with him.

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