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    Main Metapilots 

Played by: Vanessa Postil

Even before her work as a metapilot, Aquamarine led a double life. By day, she worked as a yogini to the stars or to anyone else who could afford her significant fees; she herself admitted that all or most of her clients are members of a cult. A sensual and charismatic woman, she is quick to use her charms to get what she wants. By night, she finds excitement as a cat burglar, stealing whatever trinkets may hold her fancy, often from her own clients. Her flexibility and grace as a yoga allow her to more fluidly evade security systems; her sticky fingers help pay the rent and keep her challenged.

Upon completing one of her burglaries, she was stopped by a team of agents for the facility running the Metapod Project. They threatened her with criminal proceedings and jail time if she didn't join the project team, and with little other option, she agreed.

Crash Jaxun
Played by: Christian Doyle

Crash Jaxun is a gaming celebrity, so thoroughly obsessed with video games that he rarely if ever leaves his home. He apparently learned about the Metapod Program and it's involvement in government black ops through exploring the dark web, regarded it as a sort of immersive gaming experience, and became so excited that he presented himself to the organization and demanded admittance to the program. Luckily for him and for his teammates, the organization recognized his gifts and accepted him.

As a pilot, Jaxus has proven highly perceptive and resourceful, if a bit socially awkward; the technicians have had to repeatedly request that he not enter the metapods—or walk the halls—naked. His keen insight has given him a keen understanding of others, however; no one has connected with Nick Krieger as strongly as he has, and he has been able to discern when an avatar is hiding something, even when the pilot remains unaware.

Jebediah Lexington
Played by: Kelly Fuson

Jebediah Lexington is an engineer who helped design the metapods. Wheelchair bound for an as yet unnamed reason, he was pulled from his technical duties to serve as a metapilot alongside the rest of the team; no reason was given for the change. He has noted that he the metapods "shouldn't work"; all of his and his colleagues' efforts had been unsuccessful, as far as he knew, and he's not sure how the metapods came to be operational now.

Jenika Clarkson
Played by: Sarah Sanders-Ode

Dr. Jenika Clarkson is a prison psychotherapist, known for treating her patients with particular care.While working at the Blackwell Maximum Security prison, she was approached by a team of agents for the mysterious organization running the Metapod Project. She initially resisted the invitation to join the Project, but acquiesced under threats against her patients at the prison, most particularly one named Allison.

Rosie Harvin
Played by: Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe

Rosie Harvin is a veteran rodeo star publicly known as Rosie the Wrangler. Initially well received on the rodeo circuit, her numbers began to decline over time, and her employers decided to exercise their rights to turn over her contract to the organization running the Metapod Project. Under contractual obligation, Rosie was labelled a volunteer and joined the project.

Played by: Chris Ode

A true company man (at least on the surface), Thomas Wells has worked for the Program for some time. Twice a year he is sent in advance of metapod teams to scout for worlds with desirable abilities for harvest. He seems to have little concern for the broader motives of the program; when presented with an extended mission in a world of space princesses, he cheerfully accepted it as a vacation from his day job as a teacher. Thomas is also somehow involved with the disappearing children whom Tessa is searching for.

Thomas also has ties to Nick Krieger. He was his college roommate and got him killed in the metaverse when he pulled too much aggro.

    Other Metapilots 

The Agent

Played by: The Strix

Next to nothing is known about this individual except that she was last seen piloting the avatar of Dona Maria Vasquez de Villa and she believed that the team "had potential".


Played by: James Dean

Previously known simply as The Operative, Marcus was brought in to assist the team during their time in Sentinel City. He was then seen again in the Kingdom of Yosemite before being attacked by a mysterious smoke monster which resulted in his metapod being damaged, as well as physical harm to his person. He was however able to make a fill recovery and join the team for their final attempt to extract the pilot, Nick Krieger.

While highly capable as a metapilot, Marcus has proven reluctant to share about his life or his past. When pressed, he said that it's no one's business why he's known as the Operative, that he's only there to do a job, and that he doesn't think of himself as having friends. By his own later admission, he was forced into the Program against his will.

Nick Krieger

Played by: Matt Vancil

One of the most mysterious figures that the group has encountered so far, Nick Krieger is a highly experienced metapilot who refused to leave his avatar. The program sent the team in after him, telling them that Nick was trapped and unable to return. This was clearly not the case and Nick was not happy to find that he was being sought out. Giving the group several dark warnings as to the project's true intentions, Nick also confirmed their suspicions that they were in fact carrying back imprints of their avatars back into the real world with them. He also intimated that the program was using them to "collect skills". According to Crash, Nick is also an assassin. Last seen in the custody of several employees of the program, Nick used his abilities to send his consciousness into Crash. They two then escaped to The Founders, only to return in order to steal the team of Metapilots, along with Nick's body.

Nick is a Gestalt entity, meaning that he is only about 60-65% his own memories with the rest coming from his various avatars. This occurred when he was killed in the metaverse thanks to his teammate at the time, Thomas Wells, and had no body to return to. H Is mind escaped into the system and became lost, losing pieces of itself in the process.


Played by: Lisa Coronado

It is unknown if Tessa Wallace is or ever was an employee of The Program. She currently is working for The Founders who are working in opposition to The Program. The Founders possess their own metapods and are able to send her into the same metaverse as the other pilots despite not being in the same physical location.

She was first seen attempting to help retrieve Nick Krieger from his avatar after discovering that rum was part of the solution, but disappeared abruptly.

She appeared again a few months later, when the team were sent to a world of space princesses. The Founders contacted her outside the program facility, and drew her to the back of a truck. There, she was told she would be inserted into the team in place of its designated leader, and her duty was to masquerade as the rightful team leader and gain the team's trust. A metapod had been installed in the back of a truck, which she used to follow these directions.

To date, Tessa has indicated that she has two goals, both unknown to the primary team. The first is a quest for her father and her husband, both of whom have disappeared into the metaverse. The second is to seek the whereabouts of an unidentified group of children that are very important to her and The Founders.

She is also the younger sister of Crash Jaxun. Her true name is unknown as Tessa Wallace is a fake name, aka her Founder's Name.


    Sentinel City 

Bombshell 3.0
Avatar of: Jenika Clarkson

The third version of what is clearly one of the best superheroes composed of nano wasps, Bombshell 3.0 is all the things she should be. Confident, brutally honest, and extremely effective, Bombshell and her wasps are an important part of the team.Created as an upgrade of Bombshell 2.0, Bombshell 3.0 is approximately 4-5 months old. Little is known of the first two Bombshell robots; Bombshell 3.0 has said she heard that 2.0 was "intense." As a living collective, Bombshell can control her nano wasps singly or in groups, breaking down into a swarm to travel and reconstitute elsewhere. She can also send an individual nano wasp to accomplish a simple task such as spying on others or harassing an enemy.Interestingly, she has noted that she has no sense of smell and that her perky, optimistic attitude was deliberately programmed in by the scientists who created her.

Hashtag Hashtag

Avatar of: Markus

A superstar superhero, Hashtag Hashtag is quite simply...stunning. A shameless social media hound, Hashtag Hashtag makes a point of always taking a selfie while attacking, so he has something to share with his followers. In combat, Hashtag wields a variety of grenades realeasing anything from standard shrapnel to glue, and can mentally erect a force field around himelf at will.

Hex Destiny
Avatar of: Rosie Harvin

Born in the faewyld, Hex is an arcane twelve year old who can remove your soul all while reciting poetry. Oh, and she also has an invisible 900lb anthropomorphized bunny companion named Harvey.Only Hex and Harvey know how or where they found each other, but their devotion to one another is absolute. Indeed, so few people seem to be aware of Harvey's presence that little is known about him in general. We do know that Harvey sharpens his claws on his teeth, and, interestingly, than he has a particular soft spot for fried chicken.In action, Hex Destiny makes up for her smaller stature with a number of abilities. Her enormous sword can be ridden like a floating skateboard, or wielded to steal soul pieces from anyone she hits. She can also cast virtually any spell she can think of, but only by composing and reciting a fresh haiku to direct it.

Kid Titan
Avatar of: Crash Jaxun

A former teenage sidekick, Butch Baker, known as Kid Titan, left the superhero life after losing his powers and wrote a tell all book based on his experiences as a young super. He has said that the book was based on his journals from that period, and that he hadn't intended for the book to cover quite the ground that it did. The negative backlash from this book was considerable, unsurprisingly; a few went so far as to issue death threats, and many in the superhero community consider him effectively blacklisted.

Kid Titan is known to have a particularly acrimonious relationship with Eric Masters, also known as Armor Guy. Masters was a preeminent member of the Sentinels but made a fortune selling powered down, unreliable versions of his armor; in his writings, Baker speculated this this move "privatized superheroing", causing the end of the classic superhero team rescue missions and the rise of superheroes as reality TV stars, and Masters took it personally. Baker has also noted that while Masters prefers to be addressed as The Rivet, he continues to use the old moniker, Armor Guy, partly because that's how he knew Masters, and partly because he knows Masters finds the old name irritating.

He also remains very sensitive about a childhood bungle so epic it has come to be known as "going rocketboots". A video of this incident can be found on youtube. Specifically, at age 12, Kid Titan was in the midst of a battle with the Radicals in Times Square against an evil super group when his opponent used mimicry to trigger his voice activated rocketboots. The boots flew him randomly around New York, injuring several bystanders and causing some property damage. Because of this trauma, Butch has barely looked at the offending boots since, and refuses to fly in airplanes.Following his sidekick career, Baker took up the classic hard-drinking, low income life of a private investigator, mostly dealing with marital infidelity, when a super powered stranger picked up a bus and bludgeoned him with it. He took his survival as an indication that after 20 years he had regained his powers. With them, he donned the heroic mantle again.

Drawing on his heroic heritage, Kid Titan draws upon a number of classically super abilities—super speed, and super strength, for instance. Damage, for him, usually undergoes a strange conversion process to make him stronger. He also gains extended sense awareness through his direct line to a computer named Hal.

Lady Veil
Avatar of: Aquamarine

Bitten by a radioactive mummy, Lady Veil is a master of the textile. She can wrap things up in the most fashionable of ways and then regenerate when the situation calls for it, which it does quite often.In action, Lady Veil can control fabric and fabric fibers around her and teleport within a limited range. Her undead nature also allows her to cheat death and regenerate, but the process takes some time.

Avatar of: Jebediah Lexington

The self proclaimed, "WAVE OF THE FUTURE", Riptide is a master of all things water related. He is a more seasoned superhero with a specific sore spot for one Johnny Legion.Rip Tide's powers are formidible. Through his hydrokinesis, he can sense any liquid nearby and affect its shape and temperature.

    The Kingdom of Yosemite 

Annie Oakley

The greatest marksman in the world as well as the greatest everything else, at least if you ask her. Annie Oakley has a keen eye and quick trigger finger, but often walking in a straight line alludes her. Married to one Frank Butler, Annie Oakley is constantly striving to be number one no matter the cost to her or the party.

Dona Maria Vasquez de Villa

A landowner in California, she is not a woman who suffers fools lightly. Skilled as a zombie wrangler, Dona Maria Vasquez de Villa harbors secrets of her own.

Emily Dickinson

Quiet and reserved, Miss Dickinson is not someone you want to underestimate. In her own words, she can "write pointedly and attack pointedly". Simply put, Miss Dickinson is a ninja assassin of great skill.

Johnny Appleseed

The man, the myth, the legend of the Northeast, Johnny Appleseed has had the pleasure of traveling across the great nation on his own two bare feet. Along the way, he has planted many seeds both in the earth and in the hearts of those who meet him. He is however, constantly losing his pants.

Professor Richard Gatling

A gentleman and a scholar, Professor Richard Gatling had the great misfortune to invent one of the deadliest weapons ever devised, completely by accident. Such is the price of genius! Continually striving to make amends for this terrible calamity, the professor spends his time inventing as well as carefully avoiding his arch enemy, Thomas Edison.

Slou Foot Sue

She is not a myth! She rides fish and hates horses, as well as attempts to keep King Teddy under control. Her bustle can also be used for outer space least as far as the moon.

King Teddy Roosevelt

The ruler of the Kingdom of Yosemite. Brash, bold, bombastic, and possessing the self control of a five year old, King Teddy is just as awesome as you assume him to be. He is particularly adept at buffalo wrangling, speech giving, and rap battling.

Wilbur Orville Wright

The first pilot and the inventor of the field of aviation, Wilbur Orville Wright is also the first man to discover that he is afraid of flying. This little fact does not deter him from undertaking scouting missions for King Teddy in his wonderful flying machine.

    Magical Space Princess Galaxy Force 5 

Chadwick Junior, Magical Space Prince Esteban
Avatar of: Thomas

To be honest, this has all been a misunderstanding. Thanks to some weird food poisoning and bad communication, Chad possesses the power of Friendship. His weapon of choice is the Chad-blaster aka Brad and his spirit animal is the Bear.

Elliana, Magical Space Princess Fabulon
Avatar of: Jenika Clarkson

The perkiest and girliest of the Magical Space Princesses, Elliana will still use the power of the Sun to burn the eyes out of her enemies. Her weapon of choice is the solar glaive and her spirit animal is the Phoenix. Sister to Zelenia.

Ricci, Magical Space Princess Dynamax
Avatar of: Aquamarine

At times more interested in taking notes and asking questions, Ricci has the power of Time on her side. Her weapon of choice is the Chrono-lash and her spirit animal is the Tortoise Unicorn.

Vega, Magical Space Princess Blackstar
Avatar of: Tessa

The very first Magical Space Princess to come out of the Blackstar region, Vega holds all the powers of Space. Her weapon of choice is the Void Razor and her spirit animal is the Dragon.

Zelenia, Magical Space Princess Burgertown, Inc.
Avatar of: Rosie Harvin

Some might call her negative, others might call her a goth, but regardless of her dour nature, Zelenia commands the power of the Moon. Her weapons of choice are the dual Crescent Blades and her spirit animal is the wolf. Sister to Elliana.


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