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Patsy Walker is a Marvel Comics character created by Otto Binder and Ruth Atkinson, first appearing in Miss America Magazine #2 (dated November 1944), later reimagined as Hellcat by Steve Englehart and George Pérez in The Avengers #144 (dated February 1976).

Initially introduced as the protagonist of romance comics in The '40s, Patsy Walker was integrated into the Marvel Universe decades later during the The '70s, serving as the lab assistant of Dr. Hank McCoy. (Patsy's eventual inability to stick to one career eventually becomes a running gag.)

When Patsy comes into the possession of a superpowered suit formerly owned by Greer Grant (better known Tigra), she officially adopts the persona of Hellcat. In the following years, she becomes a stalwart member of both The Avengers as well as The Defenders, becomes close friends with She-Hulk, and even marries Daimon Hellstrom — the son of Satan himself. (Yes, really.)


Patsy (sometimes as Hellcat) has appeared in other media. She's most notably appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Trish Walker, portrayed by Rachael Taylor. This version is the secondary protagonist of Jessica Jones and is Jessica's best friend and adoptive sister. Trish borrows elements from both her mainstream and Ultimate incarnations, characterized as a former child star-turned-media personality. Outside of Jessica Jones, she later shows up in The Defenders, and a voiceover cameo in the first season of Luke Cage. It isn't until the end of Jessica Jones season 2 that Trish finally goes on her way to becoming Hellcat, when dosages of experimental drug gives her heightened (catlike) senses and improved strength.

For tropes specific to Patsy's original incarnation, please refer to that page.


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