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Character subpage for Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Main character page is here.

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The various Mini-Bosses, Bosses, and Epic Bosses that the heroes encounter.


Characters: Baron Strucker, Baron Zemo, Boomerang, Beetle, Bullseye, Count Nefaria, Cul Borson, Doctor Octopus, Iron Patriot Armor, Kang the Conqueror, Kraven, The Lizard, Hela, M-Series Rho MK III, Madame Masque, Maximus the Mad, Mr. Sinister, Mysterio, Ronan the Accuser, Scream, Stegron, Tactical Force, Thunderball, Umar, Vulture, Yondu


Baron Strucker
A man of towering, heedless ambition, Strucker is second only to the Red Skull in the hierarchy of HYDRA. The insane scientists of HYDRA have armed him with the strength-enhancing Satan Claw and the fearsome Death Spore virus.

Baron Zemo
The son of Nazi scientist Heinrich Zemo, Baron Helmut Zemo carries a lifelong hatred for Captain America, whom he blames for his father's death. Formerly the leader of the Thunderbolts and the Masters of Evil, Baron Zemo will use any means to destroy Captain America, the Avengers, and the United States itself. He is currently contending with the Viper to control HYDRA.

Australian Fred Myers moved to the US and became a preeminent pitcher in the Major leagues before being suspended for taking bribes. The Secret Empire turned him into an assassin, giving him the tools and identity of Boomerang.

A true psychopath, no one knows the real history of the assassin behind the mask. As Daredevil's archenemy, he lives solely to defeat the Man Without Fear and cause as much mayhem as possible.

  • Chekhov M.I.A.: at the beginning of SpecOps 12.2, Tony makes an offhand remark about Bullseye apparently going "missing". Anyone who's read the comics will know where Bullseye is in regards to the mission: he's the Boss, as Dark Hawkeye.


A former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Frank Payne became the Constrictor after joining The Corporation, a now defunct criminal organization that provided him with his armor and equipment.

See his entry in the Heroes' Tacticians folder.

Count Nefaria

Rising to power within the Maggia, Luchino Nefaria underwent ionic treatment, gaining incredible powers and abilities. While fully charged with ionic energy, Count Nefaria stands as one of the most dangerous threats to the Avengers.
  • Flying Brick: His high-collared costume with flowing cape, neatly-trimmed goatee, streaks of grey in his hair and beard, and cultured speaking style make him seem like a magic user, but he's this instead. With Eye Beams to boot.
  • We Can Rule Together: Appears to have made a deal like this with The Mandarin.

Cul Borson

Cul Borson, the Firstborn of Bor, assumed the throne of Asgard and reigned with fear, forcing his brother, Odin, to usurp the throne and imprison him within Midgard. Now the Serpent seeks to destroy his former prison with fear and the might of his Worthy.

  • One-Winged Angel: His true form is the serpent. He transforms in the middle of your last battle.

Doctor Octopus
Otto Octavius designed thought-controlled mechanical arms to assist with his research in atomic physics. An accident led to them being fused to his body and damaged his psyche in turn, leading him to a life of crime.

Iron Patriot Armor
Having cracked Stark Tower's security codes, Savin took remote control of the Iron Patriot Armor and used it to attack the tower.

  • More Dakka: The "21-Gun Salute", with an additional hit and the Radiation Exposure debuff.
    • If Iron Patriot holds off using any ammo-dependent attack until the 2nd round of a fight, he can theoretically fire 126 hits at his opponents in 2 turns with just "Minigun Barrage" alone (with the use of "Full Overcharge" on the 2nd turn).
  • Laser Blade: The "Plasma Blade" attack which has the ability to ignore resurrection effects.

The Lizard
After a genetic experiment went horribly wrong, Dr. Curt Connors was transformed into the reptilian Lizard.

  • Tragic Monster / Tragic Villain: Curt wanted to fix his missing arm. Instead, he got a homicidal reptilian Mr. Hyde that frequently goes on rampages.

Kang the Conqueror

Ruler of millions in both the past and future, Kang the Conqueror may be the greatest adversary the Avengers have ever known. His mastery of time travel has allowed him to steal the technology of a dozen timelines and carve an era-spanning empire.

See his entry in the Heroes' Tacticians folder.


Sergei Kravinoff is a world famous big game hunter better known as Kraven the Hunter. With an intense obsession, he hunts for Spider-Man as his next trophy.


This misfit of Asgard, forever carrying a grudge over the death of his father and the Aesir's love for Thor and Balder, inadvertently inspired the creation of the Avengers during one of his plots to destroy his step-brother Thor. A trickster and would-be usurper, Loki schemes constantly, and has allied with Dr. Doom in his recent plots against the Avengers and his hated brother.

See his entry in the Heroes' Tacticians folder.

While Loki is responsible for her "birth," there is no love between the god of mischief and the goddess of death. In fact, Hela cares not for her fellow gods and only wishes to rule over all the nine realms.

  • Antagonistic Offspring: She's Loki's daughter, and Loki is the team-up against her boss fight in Spec Ops 24 mission 3.
  • Enemy Mine: Helps the Avengers forge the Mighty Weapons against The Worthy after Surtur's defeat due to her dislike of The Serpent.

M-Series Rho MK III/ MK IV/ MK V
The Brotherhood of Mutants has recently created Sentinels of their own, or perhaps repurposed the programming of captured Sentinels. As a result, these former mutant-hunters are currently serving as combat support for Brotherhood activities. This is part of the Brotherhood’s ongoing effort to disrupt the status quo of mutant rights and create an environment ripe for violence.

Madame Masque
Despite her gender, Madame Masque’s father groomed her to assume control of the powerful Maggia crime family the Nefarias from an early age. Infiltrating Stark Industries under the guise of Whitney Frost, she began to romance Tony Stark but her true identity was ultimately revealed and her schemes foiled by his alter ego, Iron Man. When the aircraft Ms. Nefaria used to flee the Armored Avenger crashed and horribly scarred her for life, she adopted the guise of Madame Masque and swore to devote as much of the resources of the Nefaria Family as possible to destroying her former lover.

  • Cool Mask: A gold mask with pointy tips that is made to look just like her face and covers the whole of her actual scarred face.
  • Daddy's Little Villain: Her father is Count Nefaria, a superpowered crime lord who raised her to follow in his footsteps.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Her face was accidentally disfigured by Iron Man, and so she wears a gold mask to cover the scars.

Maximus the Mad
Brother to Black Bolt, Maximus is the definition of a mad scientist. While having spent years subverting his brother's rule, he has also come to his aid many times. One never truly knows what Maximus the Mad truly wants.

  • Aristocrats Are Evil / The Evil Prince: As Black Bolt's brother, he's a member of the Inhumans Royal Family. So, this qualifies.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: In Spec Ops 23, he seems at first on the side of the Alliance along with the other Inhumans. But it turns out he worked for Thanos all along, and was hoping to save himself when he tried double-crossing Thanos. Not that anyone was really buying it.
  • Compelling Voice: His move "Persuasion", which makes one hero attack the other heroes for him.
  • From a Certain Point of View: He gets a lot of mileage out of this trope during the SpecOps, via telling things that are technically true but leaving out the bit where those [bad] things were mostly his own fault.
  • Loud of War: One of his moves is "Mad Dub Drop", which employs weaponized dubstep.
  • Obviously Evil: Seriously, with the nickname "Maximus the Mad", how could anyone let him in the Alliance especially after they made clear they don't really trust him?
  • Playing Both Sides: His whole goal was to get S.H.I.E.L.D. and Thanos at each other's throats for some reason known only to himself.
  • Technobabble: The name of one of his moves, in which he causes Broken Will and Incapacitation by lecturing science at people.


In his boyhood, Magneto survived the horrors of Auschwitz, but the deprivation and sickness he experienced there prevented his mutant powers from manifesting. Later he came to have control over all forms of electromagnetism. Believing that all humans would try to destroy mutants just as the Nazis destroyed his family, he founded the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

See his entry in the Heroes' Tacticians folder.

Mr. Sinister
Transformed by Apocalypse into a shape-shifting psionic, Nathaniel Essex is a master manipulator and geneticist, consumed by his search for the ultimate mutant bloodline.

  • The Starscream: while it doesn't come into play in SpecOp 16, it's mentioned that he's betrayed Apocalypse before.
  • The Unfought: he appears throughout SpecOp 16's storyline, but he isn't confronted physically until SpecOp 19.

Quentin Beck was the best special-effects wizard in the industry. Seeking recognition, Quentin tried to become an actor but failed. Thinking the best way to become famous was to become a supervillain, Beck became Mysterio.

Ronan the Accuser

Formerly the Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, Ronan is utterly ruthless in pursuing his twisted form of justice, and will stop at nothing to regain his title.

  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: changes sides between the Kree Empire, SHIELD, and Thanos over the course of the story, with his time working for SHIELD covered in the game Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics. Eventually joins the heroes in this game.

One of the five offspring extracted from the Venom symbiote, Scream mauled her siblings and then fled the lab where she was created.

Dr. Vincent Stegron experimented with dinosaur tissue on a S.H.I.E.L.D. project with Dr. Curt Connors. Stegron stole the samples, fled to the Savage Land, and created a formula that transformed him into the "Dinosaur Man."

Tactical Force
It took millions of dollars in weapons development and years of research to create Tactical Force, Iron Man's evil counterpart in HYDRA's twisted mirror version of the Avengers.

The Leader

''Green Leader: High school dropout, Samuel Sterns, worked in a chemical plant when an accident exposed him to gamma radiation, leaving him with a voracity for knowledge. Now as the Leader, he seeks to conquer the world; shaping it as he sees fit.
Red Leader: After being exposed to the Red Treatment, the Leader's already formidable psychic powers were enhanced even further. The Red Leader seeks to "evolve" the world using gamma radiation and take his rightful place as the world's supreme leader.''

Brilliant physicist Dr. Eliot Franklin was doing time when his cellmate Dirk "The Wrecker" Garthwaite brought him along on a jailbreak. He became Thunderball when lightning struck the Wrecker's crowbar.

  • Genius Bruiser: By far the most intelligent member of the Wrecking Crew, though he still goes along with them on their schemes.


Umar is the sister of the Dread Dormammu. While she appears human in nature, she is a Faltine just like her brother. Umar desires above all else to be the one true ruler of the Dark Dimension, whatever it takes.

Inventor Adrian Toomes had just put the finishing touches on an electromagnetic harness that let him fly when he discovered that his partner had defrauded him. In a fit of rage, he destroyed their company and embarked on a life of crime and sabotage, pitting his wits and inventiveness primarily against Spider-Man.




Characters: Arnim Zola, Baron Mordo, Blizzard, Crimson Dynamo, Crossfire,Dark Hawkeye, Dragoness, Electro, Exoskeletal Battletank, Fixer, Hammer, Jack O'Lantern, Magus, M-Series Tau MK III, M-Series Tau MK IV, M.O.D.O.K., Mephisto, Moonstone, Morgan Le Fay, Nitro, Proxima Midnight, Sin, Shocker, Tesla Nimrod, Vector, X-Ray


Arnim Zola
Arnim Zola is the foremost biochemist of HYDRA, hired by the Red Skull to create living weapons. His original body having died years ago, Zola now inhabits an android body equipped with an "ESP Box", which allows him to mentally control his creations.

  • Affably Evil: Commented on during Spec Ops 26:
    Arnim Zola: Captain Rogers! We renew our acquaintance yet again.
    Captain America: I always thought it was a little strange how all you ex-Nazis had such good manners. Especially considering you're all a bunch of amoral psychos who do things like mind-control people to kill their friends.
  • Stone Wall: he already has formidable defense stats for a Blaster, but he also takes less damage from counters and follow up attacks.

Baron Mordo
With all the training of Dr. Strange and none of the morality, Baron Mordo is a fearsome master of the arcane. He often works with Dormammu and other forces of darkness in his quest to overcome the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • Hoist by His Own Petard: He modified several Mindless Ones and used them to challenge Dormammu for control of the Dark Dimension. Dormammu took over the Mindless Ones and turned them on their former master.
  • Intangible Man: He can become Phased via Astral Projection.

When wearing the Blizzard battlesuit, Donald Gill can create blasts of intense cold, walls of ice, and other chilling effects. Inside, however, he's no more than a hired goon for Hammer Industries, devoted to nothing more than his own bottom line.

Crimson Dynamo
Named for the brilliant red suit of powered armor, this villain could be anyone underneath the shell. The first crimson dynamo was Anton Vanko, a would-be rival to Tony Stark. Since then, the powerful armored suit has housed a number of villains, each with his own nefarious goal.

  • Legacy Character: according to some of his conversations, especially with Iron Man, his identity is Boris Turgenov. But the armor is clearly based on CDV (arguably the most famous of the Dynamos), and the one which is worn by Dimitri Bukharin.


Dark Hawkeye
Bullseye doesn't particularly mind wearing purple, but would appreciate it if the media stopped giving Hawkeye credit for his kills.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Apparently, he impersonated Hawkeye so well that the press credited his work to the real Mccoy. Oops.

Doctor Doom

Born a gypsy in the Balkan kingdom of Latveria, the man who would become Dr. Doom was a college friend of Reed Richards' until the rivalry between the two brilliant students caused a disfiguring accident to Doom's face. Already a powerful sorcerer, Doom became a technological wizard as well, taking over Latveria (where his army of Doombots awaits deployment) and becoming one of the most powerful threats to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the civilized world.

Dr. Doom was a college friend of Reed Richards' until their rivalry led to a disfiguring accident. Using magic and technology to become ruler of his native Latveria, he is one of the world's greatest threats.

See his entry in the Heroes' Tacticians folder.

Tamara Kurtz is a citizen of the island nation of Madripoor. Her parents were exposed to the radioactive fallout of Hiroshima, causing her to be born a mutant. Her bio-electric flame projection powers and mechanical wings have made her a key member of the terrorist Mutant Liberation Front.

Maxwell Dillon felt like a loser most of his life, but that all changed the day he was struck by lightning. With a new mastery of electricity, Maxwell Dillon set out on a life of crime as Electro. Electro's incredible powers make him a considerable and dangerous threat.

Exoskeletal Battletank
The latest in stolen Stark Industries technology incorporated into A.I.M.'s armament program.


Norbert Ebersol is an intuitive genius turned supervillain. He specializes at creating deadly weapons, electronics, and mechanical devices, and often works in the employ of criminal cartels like HYDRA.

See his entry in the Heroes' Tacticians folder.

It took millions of dollars in weapons development and years of research to create Hammer, an evil analog to Thor in HYDRA's twisted version of the Avengers.

  • Evil Knockoff: Of Thor. His buffs' names are even evil counterparts of the heroic Thor's.

Jack O'Lantern
Jack O'Lantern is a remorseless assassin, utilizing his mask and hovercraft to instill fear, and an array of deadly weapons and gasses to defeat whoever gets in his way.

  • Legacy Character: Somewhat. He based his weapons, gear, and theme off the Green Goblin's schtick.
  • Shock and Awe: He can shoot electricity from his wrists, causing weakened and/or stun.


  • The Social Darwinist: Mentions how he was justified to take Warlock's body because he was strong and he was currently weak.

Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) agent George Tarleton was engineered by his superiors into an organic computer so they could understand and use the Cosmic Cube. Becoming M.O.D.O.K., Tarleton forgot his former identity and became a psionic powerhouse dedicated to taking over A.I.M. and ruling the world.

Few can claim to match the evil might of the arch-demon Mephisto. His power in our dimension is small as yet, but grows stronger as he acquires the souls of mortals. To do so, he must subjugate another's will through the victim signing a demonic pact.


Karla Sofen, AKA Moonstone gained her powers from an alien gem which she absorbed after extracting it via psychological manipulation of the original Moonstone, Lloyd Bloch. She can fly, become intangible, blast energy from her hands and emit blinding flash.

See her entry in the Heroes' Tacticians folder.

Morgan Le Fay

A retired electrical engineer who inadvertantly contacted a rogue group of Kree, known as the Lunatic Legion, though his ham radio hobby. They altered his genetic makeup, allowing him to explode his body's molecules and reassemble them at will.

Proxima Midnight
The greatest warrior of the armies of Thanos, Proxima Midnight can kill most beings with one throw of her spear. And she never, ever misses.


Herman Schultz was just a career criminal until he built his own battle suit that could generate shockwaves. He defeated a weakened Spider-Man in their first encounter, gaining increasing notoriety.

Tesla Nimrod

Simon Utrecht was a wealthy industrialist who sought to replicate the conditions that created the Fantastic Four. Successful, he became Vector, leader of the evil U-Foes, capable of telekinetically blocking and repelling energy and matter.

Jimmy Darnell (X-Ray) is the brother of Vapor and a systems propulsion expert who joined the future U-Foes on their trip to replicate the Gamma Ray exposure that created the Fantastic Four. He is a being of pure energy, capable of focusing radiation into powerful blasts



Characters: Abomination, Black Dwarf, Blob, Bulldozer, Dark Thor, Destroyer, Hydro-Man, Ironclad, Juggernaut, Man-Ape, Morlun, M-Series Sigma MK IV, Piledriver, Sandman, Sebastian Shaw, Titanium Man, Venom, Ymir


Emil Blonsky, spy for Eastern bloc interests, discovered gamma-ray equipment that Bruce Banner was going to use to kill himself. Instead Blonsky used the equipment to become the Abomination, a green-skinned monstrosity nearly as powerful at the Hulk himself.

Black Dwarf
Compared to the others of the Black Order, Black Dwarf seems almost jovial. This demeanor conceals an uncaring nihilism, an acceptance of Thanos' vision of universal death.

One-time carnival freak Fred Dukes rejected an invitation to join the X-Men and turned instead to crime. Eight feet tall and weighing in at half a ton, the Blob is literally an immovable object. His mass makes him nearly impervious to physical attacks and he is capable of generating his own gravity.

Ex-Army noncom Henry Camp turned to small-time crime and ended up in Ryker's Island, cellmate of the Wrecker Dirk Garthwaite. Coming along on Garthwaite's jailbreak, he received part of the Wrecker's power when lightning struck the Wrecker's crowbar. Now Camp is Bulldozer, gifted with great strength and durability, especially when he fights with the other three members of the Wrecking Crew.

Dark Thor
Ragnarok is a cybernetic clone of Thor, created using Thor's genetic data and advanced technology.


A metal construct created by Odin and other gods as a defense against the Celestials, the Destroyer was lost for ages until Loki discovered it and used it to attack his hated half-brother Thor. It can only animate by assuming the life force of a human, but once it does, it is nearly invincible against mortal opponents.

See its entry in the Heroes' Generalist folder

Hydro-Man, formerly Morris Bench, was inadvertently knocked overboard in a battle between Spider-Man and Namor the Sub-Mariner. An experimental underwater generator in conjunction with volcanic gases changed his form into living water.

Michael Steel, AKA Ironclad, was recruited by Simon Utrecht to pilot a space mission intended to replicate the conditions that created the Fantastic Four. He is now the metallic muscle of the U-Foes.


The stepbrother of Charles Xavier (later Professor X, leader of the X-Men), Cain Marko was a run-of-the-mill bully until he discovered a large gem after deserting the Army in Korea. The gem turned him into the Juggernaut, a physically superhuman colossus with a mortal grudge against Xavier and all mutants.

See his entry in the Heroes' Bruisers folder.

Man-Ape (M'Baku)
M'Baku is one of the greatest warriors in Wakanda. By killing a sacred white gorilla, and eating its flesh, he was magically given superhuman abilities. Now, as Man-Ape, he seeks to usurp the Wakandan throne.


Morlun is the favored child of Solus, the patriarch of the Inheritors. Like the rest of his family, he hunts for the essence of the universe's spider-totems but seems to avoid one world in particular for fear of his past failures.

Brian Calusky landed in Ryker's and became friends with the Wrecker, joining him on his infamous jailbreak to recover his crowbar. When lightning struck, Calusky absorbed part of the crowbar's power, and became Piledriver.


Criminal Flint Marko headed south after a jailbreak and was on a Georgia beach when a nearby nuclear reactor exploded, bestowing upon his body the characteristic and powers of sand. He can trickle away or form himself into an invulnerable brick, and fights Spider-Man every chance he gets.

See his entry in the Heroes' Bruisers folder.

Sebastian Shaw
The billionaire Black King of the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw is a mutant with the power to absorb kinetic force, making him both super-strong and nigh-invulnerable.

Titanium Man
The Titanium Man armor was created by Russian scientists to rival the abilities of Tony Stark's armored suits. The armor is currently worn by Boris Bullski, an ex-KGB agent with a grudge against Tony Stark.

Formerly known as the Scorpion, Mac Gargan later became the host of the Venom symbiote, an alien being that gives its host superhuman strength, regeneration, and an intense hatred of Spider-Man.

Ymir is the progenitor of the Jotuns of Niffleheim. He considers all life, save for his kin, to be abominations that must be destroyed.


Characters: Avalanche, Batroc, Carnage, Corvus Glaive, Dark Wolverine, Executioner, Green Goblin, Grey Gargoyle, Hammerhead, Karn, Militant, Sabretooth, Savin, Whiplash, Wrecker



Little is known of Dominic Petros' history before Mystique recruited him into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. As Avalanche, he can generate and control seismic vibrations powerful enough to cause earthquakes and destroy skyscrapers.

See his in entry in the Heroes' scrapper folder.


A master of the French martial art of savate, Georges Batroc is one of the greatest hand-to-hand combatants in the world. His physical prowess and ruthless guile make him a mercenary of considerable renown.

When the Venom symbiote produced an offspring, it bonded with the closest person it could find: Eddie Brock's cellmate, the serial killer Cletus Kasady. Amplifying Kasady's lust for murder, Carnage is stronger than Spider-Man and Venom combined.

Spider-Man: Wait. Before we tangle in mortal combat: What did ol' Gobbie promise you?
Carnage: Slaughter. Manhattan as a killing floor...and you don't even want to know about Brooklyn.
Spider-Man: So, 'Carnage'.
Carnage: What?
Spider-Man: No. He promised you carnage.

Corvus Glaive
Thanos' most favored lieutenant, Corvus Glaive is cruel, arrogant, and nigh-immortal.

Dark Wolverine

For years, Wolverine believed his wife and unborn son had been killed. However, the boy survived, and grew up believing that his father had abandoned him. Calling himself Daken, he lives only to see Logan suffer as much as himself.

Skurge was borne of a storm giant and goddess. Rejected by the giants, he turned his dimension splitting axe against them, earning his nickname. He is loyal to the Enchantress, who brought him to earth.

Green Goblin
Norman Osborn, CEO of Oscorp, suffered an accident with a secret formula while trying to become superhuman. Instead, it slowly drove him insane, his obsession with Spider-Man and power growing every day.

Grey Gargoyle
Paul Pierre Duval went from a young chemist to an entity of stone after an unknown organic compound transformed him. He also developed the ability to turn whatever he touched to stone, leading to a profitable life of crime.

Once a small-time hood, the Hammerhead rose to criminal greatness after Dr. Jonas Harrow reconstructed his skull to make it nearly impervious and a devastating weapon. Hammerhead has become one of New York's premier underworld bosses, rivaling the Kingpin and Don Fortunato.


As an exiled member of the Inheritors, Karn seeks to redeem himself for the death of his mother in the eyes of his family by hunting all Spider-Totems across the Multiverse. However, his fate may also lie in the great web of life and destiny.

It took millions of dollars in weapons development and years of research to create Militant, Captain America's evil counterpart in HYDRA's twisted mirror version of the Avengers.

Omega Sentinel


Victor Creed survived an abusive childhood to become a fearsome CIA assassin in the 1960s. A Weapon X veteran, he became known as Sabretooth, pitting his abilities against the X-Man he most resembles and despises: Wolverine.

See his entry in the Heroes' Scrappers folder.


An injection of the Extremis formula gave Savin super-strength, fiery breath, and the ability to project electrical blasts. In return, it took his sanity and his humanity, turning him into a homicidal monstrosity.

An extraordinarily gifted technician at one of Stark Industries' many regional laboratories, Mark Scarlotti felt unappreciated and underpaid. Working for the Maggia and Justin Hammer, Scarlotti created powerful superweapons and evolved his own villainous identity. He wishes he could be Tony Stark, but if that can't happen, he'll settle for destroying the original.

Mistaken for Loki during a magical ritual, Dirk Garthwaite was granted superhuman strength by the Norn Queen Karnilla. He was already calling himself The Wrecker and using his signature crowbar, but after Karnilla's intervention both The Wrecker and his crowbar were mighty enough to fight super heroes to a standstill.


Characters: Beetle, Bowman, Crimson Cowl, Dark Widow, Enchantress, Grim Reaper, The Hood, Malekith, Mystique, Nebula, Sauron, Selene, Sugar Man, Supergiant, Toad, Vapor, Viper, Winter Soldier



Janice Lincoln was given a suit of beetle armor by Baron Zemo and Fixer. She eventually found herself working with Boomerang until he had a change of heart and now sells her skills to the highest bidder.

It took millions of dollars in weapons development and years of research to create the Bowman, an evil analog to Hawkeye in HYDRA's twisted mirror version of the Avengers.

Crimson Cowl
Justine Hammer took up the mantle of the Cowl, a prehensile technological marvel with the ability to levitate and teleport. She led the revamped Masters of Evil in an effort to prove herself to her father, Justin Hammer.

Dark Widow
Trained by the same organization as the real Black Widow, Yelena Belova is nearly her equal in espionage and hand-to-hand combat.


Elektra Natchios, once Matt Murdock's lover, was driven to a life of crime by sorrow at the deaths of her parents. She has developed into a ninja assassin with few equals. In addition to her elite skill with martial-arts weaponry, particularly the sai, she has limited telepathy.

See her entry in the Heroes' Infiltrator folder.


Hopelessly smitten with Thor, this Asgardian sorceress has tried for millennia to seduce him and embroil him in her plots to take over Odin's throne. She will stop at nothing to win his heart.

See her entry in the Heroes' Infiltrator folder.

Grim Reaper

Both of the Williams brothers were tempted by evil. But while Simon went on to become Wonder Man, Eric became the Grim Reaper, a criminal mastermind with a supernaturally-powered scythe.

The Hood
Petty thief Parker Robbins, AKA The Hood, stumbled across a supernaturally powered cloak and boots during the course of a burglary in which he shot a demonic Nisanti. He has grown into a lethal villain.

Malekith the Accursed is the ruler of the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim. His goal is nothing less than to plunge all of the Nine Realms into utter darkness.

A mutant shapeshifter able to assume any humanoid appearance, Raven Darkholme achieved top-secret Defense Department clearance and used it to steal technology for the use of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She is also mother to the X-Men's Nightcrawler.

The granddaughter of Thanos, Nebula's superhuman strength, durability, and mastery of advanced weapons and technology make her a powerful adversary in her own right.


Satana is the half-succubus daughter of the demon Marduk Kurios. She uses her many supernatural powers to feed on the souls of mortals.

See her entry in the Heroes' Infiltrator folder.

Dr. Karl Lykos must absorb the life forces of others to survive. However, if he absorbs the life of a mutant, he becomes the pterodactyl-like Sauron, gaining the powers of flight and hypnosis.

Selene Gallio can psionically drain the life force of others, rejuvenating herself and controlling her victim's mind. She has used this power to live for thousands of years, all the while cultivating her mastery of dark sorcery.

Sugar Man
The monstrous Sugar Man comes from an alternate reality where the mutant tyrant Apocalypse conquered North America. A slaver and geneticist, he performed hideous experiments in a Seattle prison camp before escaping to our world.


Mysterious and unstable, Supergiant is a psychic parasite, feeding on intellect and controlling the minds of her victims.


Mutant Mortimer Toynbee grew up in an orphanage where his prehensile tongue and incredible leaping ability set him apart. An outcast, he joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.


Ann Darnell, AKA Vapor, was a life support specialist on the space flight designed to replicate the Gamma Ray exposure that created the Fantastic Four. She has the ability to transform herself into any gas imaginable and is a lethal member of the U-Foes.

Also known as the Viper, the woman who took control of HYDRA's New York operations comes from a mysterious background and has managed to keep her identity secret. All anyone knows about her is that she rules HYDRA with an iron fist, and has her eye on world domination.

Winter Soldier

Every profession has its dark legend. For spies, that legend is the Winter Soldier, a ruthless, remorseless assassin that inflicts tremendous havoc, then vanishes without a trace. Half myth, half monster, no one knows his true identity.


Characters: Apocalypse, Bob, Agent of HYDRA, Dormammu, Flag Smasher, Living Pharaoh/Living Monolith, Mindless Ones, Nimrod Series MK IV, Odin, Power Armor, Prime Sentinel, Sentinel Alpha MK IV, Taskmaster


Born thousands of years ago in Egypt, En Sabah Nur is one of the oldest and most powerful mutants to have ever lived. His genocidal crusade for mutant supremacy is guided by a simple law: survival of the fittest.

Bob, Agent of HYDRA

Bob is a completely average guy. He joined HYDRA because he thought they had a good dental plan... which they don't. He may be the only person alive who actually wants to be within fifty yards of Deadpool.


An exiled member of the Faltine alien race, Dormammu plots to absorb and destroy other worlds from his home in the Dark Dimension. Dr Strange and other powerful sorcerers have kept him at bay—barely.

Flag Smasher

Morgenthau, Thierrault, some guy named Carl: Many have taken up the mantle of Flag-Smasher, leader of the Underground Liberated Totally Integrated Mobile Army To Unite Mankind (U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M.), an enemy to nationalism and displays of jingoism.

Living Pharaoh/Living Monolith

Ahmet Abdol formed a cult around himself as the Living Pharaoh after discovering that he could absorb cosmic energy and form it into destructive blasts. When he absorbs enough energy, he can transform into the Living Monolith, a titan of nearly unstoppable power.

Mindless Ones

Nimrod Series MK IV

Power Armor

The latest in stolen Stark Industries technology mixed with the vile destruction of Hydra. The Hydra Power Armor makes a rock concert's laser light show look like a child's play.

Odin Borson

Prime Sentinel

Sentinel Alpha MK IV

The Sentinel Alpha Mk IV is part of a line of advanced androids developed by Dr. Bolivar Trask as a solution for the perceived "Mutant Problem".


Anthony Masters possesses "photographic reflexes", allowing him to duplicate any fighting style, acrobatic ability, or other physical motion he observes.

See his entry in the Heroes' Generalist folder.

Group Bosses

Characters: Arcade, Bastion, Blackheart, Dracula, High Evolutionary, Hybrid, The Kingpin, Kurse, Red Skull, SurturThanos, Ultron

Tropes involving all Group Bosses in General:

     Group Bosses 


Raised in a wealthy family, Arcade grew from a spoiled, selfish child into a sociopathic killer. His love of toys became an obsession that inspired the creation of "Murderworld"; a deadly funhouse where trapped heroes become toys for Arcade's amusement.


Bastion, the undisputed master of all Sentinels, was formed when Master Mold absorbed the advanced Sentinel Nimrod into his systems.

An omnipotent being of distilled evil created by Mephisto, Blackheart broke free of his demonic "father" and began his own campaign of soul-stealing, destruction, and maneuvering for the throne of Mephisto's Hell.

Vlad Dracula was a feared Transylvanian warlord better known as "Vlad the Impaler." When he was mortally wounded, Dracula was turned into a vampire and took the title of "the Lord of Vampires

High Evolutionary

Herbert Wyndham was a geneticist, cast out for his inhuman experiments. He evolved his own mind using a genetic accelerator. As the High Evolutionary, he seeks to evolve all life on Earth to perfection... with or without their consent.


After nearly being destroyed by Scream, the other four offspring of Venom merged together into a new entity. Calling itself Hybrid, it has become something far more than the sum of its parts.

See his entry in the Heroes' Blasters folder.


Wilson Fisk's rise from the streets of Hell's Kitchen was a result of his strong ambition and strategic mind than just his incredible skull-crushing strength. His ruthless efforts became infamous, earning him the title as the Kingpin of crime.


Algrim the Strong was Malekith's most loyal lieutenant. Abusing that loyalty, Malekith transformed Algrim into the monstrous Kurse, then convinced Kurse that all of his suffering was the fault of one Asgardian: Thor.

Red Skull

Johann Schmidt's notorious skills in torture, espionage, and assassination made him the most feared operative of the Nazi regime. He is utterly devoid of morality or mercy, an inhuman embodiment of fascist evil. Newly resurrected by the Syndicate, the Red Skull has rededicated himself to his vision of a world crushed beneath his reign.

The oldest being in all the realms, Surtur is the Lord of Muspelheim and Odin's eternal rival. Wielding the Twilight Sword, Surtur seeks to destroy all the realms in fire, leaving nothing but the ashes of creation behind.


Born a mutant amongst the already-powerful Eternals, Thanos is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is utterly devoted to the worship of Death, and will not be satisfied until all life in the universe is extinguished.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Omnipotence allows Thanos to gain bonuses from all the classes (example: the Tacticians' extra turn, Blasters' Critical Hit, etc.).
  • Chekhov's Gag: Omnipotence (both his attack and the buff it generates) sounds awfully similar to Omniclass, a "character class" Playdom created for an April Fools' Day joke, which involves another Marvel Mega-Cosmic Entity, Galactus. Keep in mind what the Omnipotence buff does to Thanos.
  • Flunky Boss: His Tactician and Scrapper versions can summon Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight (respectively) and call them back indefinitely if they are eliminated from battle.
  • Four Is Death: The current members of the Black Order: Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, and Supergiant.
  • Meaningful Name/Names to Run Away from Really Fast: His name is derived from the Greek avatar of Death Thanatos, which also reflects his fascination in courting Mistress Death.

After the Pulse, an intelligent anomaly was detected in worldwide telecommunications networks. Hoping to control it, Hank Pym gave the anomaly a body and a name: Ultron. It rebelled against Pym, using its new capabilities to attempt world domination.

  • Hoist by His Own Petard: As an embodied artificial intelligence who turned against his creator, he made a "son" in Vision — an embodied artificial intelligence who turned against his creator.

Classless Villains & Villains Due to Appear

Characters: Crossbones, 'Dell Rusk', Ebony Maw, The Mandarin, The Owl, Purple Man


The Mandarin

  • I Knew It!: in-universe, Tony apparently had suspected beforehand that he's the mastermind of the Extremis outbreak. He even actually said "I knew it".
    Iron Man: What took you so long?

Purple Man

The Owl

Dell Rusk

  • Corrupt Politician: Shown in Spec Ops 12 when he not only attempts to assemble his own twisted version of the Avengers, appropriately named the Dark Avengers, he also tries to disband Shield and when that fails, undermine all of their efforts. The entirety of Spec Ops 12 is to take down Dell Rusk.
  • Foreshadowing: If anyone has read the current comics, you should have a good idea in store...if not check out the internet. Believe me you'll be surprised. Read at your own risk.

Ebony Maw

Though frail and without powers, Ebony Maw can undo even the greatest of heroes using nothing but his voice. Lies and deceit flow freely from his tongue, making him a master of manipulation.