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Empress Cygnus

The current Empress of Maple World. While she is a child, she benevolently rules the Maple World, intervening only when necessary. However, the resurrection of the Black Mage has led her to take action, leading her to form the Cygnus Knights, and later the Maple Alliance between all the classes.

In the Door to the Future, she and the knights were brainwashed by the Black Mage after falling into a trap and then conquered Maple World for the Black Mage. She acts as the final boss of the area, along with Shinsoo and her Chief Knights, giving her the dubious honor of being one of the toughest bosses in MapleStory history.

As of the Cygnus Returns update, the death of Shinsoo caused her to awaken her powers as Empress, allowing her to revive Shinsoo and empower the Cygnus Knights.

Tropes associated with Cygnus

  • Assist Character: During the Water Wars event, members of the Cygnus Knights team can use the Water Volley skill, which causes her to appear and soak the "enemy" with a water balloon. The upgraded Double Volley skill is similar, with her, Oz, and Irena.
  • Big Good: The official leader of Maple World and thus the heroes.
  • Character Development: As of the BLACK update, she's aged from an uninitiated, unskilled child easily overwhelmed by enemy forces (and Shinsoo's own power) to a proper, powerful Empress and warrior leading the final charge by herself.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: At least in the beginning, as seen in the Grand Athenaeum theme dungeon. If you look at her current official art, she looks at least somewhat older. The BLACK update explains this as she advance ages to adulthood after her full powers awaken- her physical and chronological ages are not the same.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: In the animated intro for the Cygnus Returns update, as well as on the class selection screen, Cygnus' clothes transformed in accord to her awakening to her Empress powers. However, her in-game sprite on Ereve is still the same as it was before the update. This is averted in the Black Heaven scenario, where she is always shown with her new clothes and self-confidence in game and in cutscenes.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: In the Door to the Future.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Has flowing golden hair and is the Big Good of the story.
  • Ill Girl: A side effect of taking in Shinsoo's powers, she gets over it somewhat after her awakening and Shinsoo's subsequent departure.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Has this when corrupted by the Black Mage in the Door to the Future.
  • The High Queen: Despite her youth, she considers her actions very carefully, as seen in Phantom's introduction where she insists on hearing out someone claiming that she's an usurper.
  • Marathon Boss: Constantly summons her Chief Knights and Shinsoo as her boss fight drags on.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Look at that picture!
  • Rightful King Returns: It's at least implied that Aria was the last empress in the Maple World for a while; Neinheart had to hunt down her niece in order to restart a semblance of order in the present.
  • Pen-Pushing President: As the leader and supreme commander of Maple World, she has a lot of paperwork and reports to go through. Luckily for her, she has she can shove all of it on Mihile and Neinheart.
  • She Is All Grown Up: As of the BLACK update, she's noticeably grown since her debut and matured to show it, up to and including leading the final charge against the Black Mage on her own. It's at least implied she advanced in physical age suddenly upon her powers awakening to full.
  • Ship Tease: Often appears to have as much of a crush on Phantom as her great aunt Aria once did. This is best seen when the Explorer Thief needs to get in contact with Phantom, Cygnus immediately suggests hanging a banner from the highest point in Ereve so he might see it from his airship, and in fact already has such a banner partially made.
  • Single Line of Descent: Implied to be averted for the Ereve royal line, if the fact that Cygnus being called Aria's niece means anything.
  • Sleepy Head: This is probably due to Shinsoo's powers though.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Awakened to her Empress powers in reaction to Shinsoo's death. According to Shinsoo, she's now a Half-Transcendent. You can read a bit more about that here.


The Holy Beast of Ereve who serves the empress. She served Aria before Cygnus.

Neinheart Von Rubistein(Nineheart in MSEA)

Cygnus's chief tactician and right-hand man. A shrewd bureaucrat, he is essential to the running of the Cygnus Knights and by extension Maple World itself. He's infamous for two things: his brilliant mind and his unbelievably sharp tongue. As cold-hearted as he may seem at times, he ultimately has everyone's best interests at heart.

Tropes associated with Neinheart

  • Behind Every Great Man: Gender inverted. For the longest time Neinheart was the one managing the Maple World's issues until Cygnus awakened her powers and created the alliance.
  • Deadpan Snarker
    Belle: Ah~ I want to eat fried chicken.
    Brighton: Ah... I want to watch TV show reruns.
    Nineheart: Ah. I want to plug my ears.
  • Evil Chancellor: Inverted, in the bad future he is the only member of the Cygnus Knights not corrupted by the Black Mage.
  • High-Class Glass: Wears one and has a somewhat condescending and stuck-up attitude. It's revealed to have been a gift from a fellow scholar in Leafre, who stated that Neinheart would be needing this as he got older.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: While Cygnus is the one to make the final calls on everything, Neinheart is usually the one doing most of the bureaucratic work and generally bosses the Cygnus Knights (and by extension everyone else on important missions) around due to Cygnus's illness.
  • Ironic Fear: In Black Heaven he claims to be afraid of heights. Claudine points out the irony, pointing out that Ereve is perched on a cloud. (He changes the subject quickly.)
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's a jerk to everyone except the Empress. That said, he'll give credit where it's due and is not above giving glowing praise when he feels appropriate. The problem is, getting the latter outcome out of him is so difficult that anything remotely resembling the sort leaves everyone (except Cygnus) shocked.
  • Long-Lost Brother: To Lilin. This is rarely mentioned, and if it is, it's usually by either one of them as a passing comment. Beyond that, the only things they clearly have in common are blue hair and extreme stolidness. They had a falling out over Lilin's quest to find the hero Aran. Neinheart did not beleive in the heroes and saught to trace the Empress' bloodline to raise a successor as the path to Maple World's salvation. They reconcile after Heroes of Maple when the return of the Heroes does actually save the world the way Lilin hoped it would.
  • MacGyvering: He proves capable of this in Black Heaven, constructing a makeshift demolition bomb out of wires and batteries collected from destroyed robots.
  • Non-Action Guy: For all his smarts and brilliance he's absolutely worthless in a firefight outside of giving orders. This comes to a head in the Black Heaven campaign where the Master of Disguise is disguised as him and asks who the real one is. The player promptly responds that the Neinheart would never win in a fistfight and tries to take down the crook who beat him up. This even applies to characters with the barest amount of interaction with him, meaning that everyone knows this as an established fact.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Occasionally pulls out big words just to show off how smart he is, though he thankfully speaks in easily understandable language most of the time.
  • Ship Tease: With Claudine of the Resistance, a few times in Black Heaven and other Maple Alliance quests. Snark-to-Snark Combat happens often between them.
  • The Stoic: His expression rarely changes to the point where he himself lampshades it. At least until he actually smiles at the end of the Black Heaven campaign.
    Neinheart: [wearing his default expression] This is my happy face.
  • Stiff Upper Lip: His accent is British in cutscenes where he's voiced, such as Black Heaven.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After his weakness being a running joke in the first two Blockbusters, Black Mage opens with Neinheart joining the fight hitting enemies with a book.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair

     Victoria Instructors 

Athena Pierce

The Bowman job instructor. She lives in Henesys and is roughly 1,000 years old, being the only known survivor of Elluel's freezing prior to Mercedes' awakening. After helping to settle Victoria Island, Athena learned of her father's death and gathered an army to fight him, becoming a warlord in the process. Having gone too far, her evil side was eventually separated and the two were forced to fight so she could regain control. Afterwards she founded the Bowman instructional school and her dark side remains sealed in a cave where training archers fight it to prove their worth.

  • Art Evolution: Compare her original sprite to her current sprite. Among all the NPCs that existed ever since the game's first release, her Art Evolution is probably the most noticeable of the lot.
  • Dub Name Change: Known as Helena in the Korean version.
  • Fair Cop: Her Friend Story counterpart is one; unfortunately, her part there is rather small.
  • Last of Her Kind: Until Elluel thawed out, anyway.
  • Noodle Incident: She once ate an entire donkey. We're never told why she had to do that.
  • Really 700 Years Old: As with most Elves, she doesn't look like a day beyond thirty. During their tearful reunion, both she and Mercedes are stunned by the possibility that she is the oldest of all the Elves, older than even Mercedes herself, due to her living the centuries out while the rest spent the same amount of time as Elvish Popsicles.
  • Shout-Out: Her character design evokes Elwing from the Shining Wind series, and her backstory of raising an army only to turn evil in the process is similar to that of Xena.

Dark Lord

The Thief job instructor, based underneath a bar in Kerning City. He is the ninth to hold the title- the prior Dark Lord was killed in battle. The prior Dark Lord's daughter blames him for her father's death and founded the Dual Blades to oppose him- however, the resurgence of the Black Mage has forced both into a temporary truce.

Dances With Balrog

The Warrior job instructor, based in Perion. Little is known about him beyond the fact he was an infant during the founding of Victoria Island centuries ago.

  • Black Sheep: He's one of the few job instructors to have no part in the Alliance; he's not in the conference room and seems to have little interaction with them. The Twisted Perion quest line suggests he's not only the warrior instructor but also chief of Perion, having stayed behind to mind his duties, and is having difficulty dealing with the widespread fear caused by the Black Mage's nightmare visions.
  • Magical Native American: He seems to parody the Trope, wearing the traditional (well, stereotypical) clothing of a chieftain.

Grendel The Really Old
The Magician job instructor, based in Ellinia. He is the only human that the fairies are known to trust since the White Mage's corruption and is said to be over a thousand years old.

The Pirate job instructor and captain of the Nautilus. Kyrin was taken in by Athena Pierce as a child after the death of her parents, only to run away after learning that it was the Black Mage who was responsible for their deaths. Several decades later, she returned to Victoria Island with her pirate crew and warship, the Nautilus. Kyrin's primary goal was to warn everyone of the Black Mage's return, but she also wished to increase her ranks with new followers and to gain further wealth in the process.

Kyrin was the one who found Jett after her crash landing to Maple World, forcing Jett into joining her crew.

  • The Ageless: Her age is never specified but there's enough evidence to suggest she is much older than she appears to be. Proven in the Ellin Forest theme dungeon, where you see Kyrin's mother pregnant with Kyrin when Athena Pierce led the survivor's of the Black Mage's onslaught to Victoria Island... which means that Kyrin is over 400 years old.
  • Ambiguously Human: Her mother, Yuris, was an elf. Or a fairy. Or a regular human. Yuris also refuses to disclose the identity of the father. Regardless, the fact that Kyrin hides her ears in cutscenes and her sprite leaves it up in the air as to what she really is.
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: She thinks hardtack and sugar is the "nectar and ambrosia of the sea". (Justified, because in this game, both act as healing potions.)
  • Good Is Not Nice: Despite being a hero, she's still greedy and even contemplated selling Jett either into slavery or to scientists for study, thinking an alien would be worth something to someone. She's not welcome in Red Leaf High either (the other Explorer instructors are there as teachers) but goes there to try to shanghai students into her school.
  • Guns Akimbo: At least one piece of official art has her brandishing two pistols in combat.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She wears a short skirt, tube top and thigh-high boots.
  • Pirate Girl: Well, duh.
  • Submarine Pirate: The Nautilus is both a submarine and town, shaped like a huge whale.
    • Sky Pirate: During Black Heaven only, where she's in charge of the Alliance airship.
  • You Killed My Father: The Black Mage was responsible for the death of her parents and urged her to run away from home.

Lady Syl

The other Thief instructor, more specifically for the Dual Blades. The daughter of the previous Dark Lord and the current one's old flame, Syl seeks revenge over a misunderstanding regarding her father's death and leads the Dual Blades to sabotage the Dark Lord's training of the main Thief classes, however the Black Mage's resurgence has caused them to create a momentary truce.
  • All There in the Manual: The issue between her and the Dark Lord is rarely alluded to beyond the official backstory and Dual Blade storyline.
  • Enemy Mine: Recent story updates have had the Dual Blades and the proper Thieves in an alliance due to the Black Mage becoming more of an issue.
  • Poor Communication Kills: She didn't know Jin was tailing her father, so when he came back with his dead body, she thought he killed him.
  • You Killed My Father: Except that the Dark Lord actually didn't.
  • Woman Scorned: She and the Dark Lord had been an item prior to the misunderstanding that caused her to form the Dual Blades as revenge.


The leaders and Instructors for Resistance characters, based in a secret compound in Edelstein.

Tropes Associated With All of Them

  • Assist Character: They appear when during the Water Wars event when you use special event-only skills, much of them using Resistance technology to pelt the opposition with water balloons. (Claudine takes the game way too seriously.)
  • Badass in Distress: With the exception of the Demon, the Fourth Job Advancement quest involves the player having to rescue their mentor, who was caught trying to sabotage Gelimer's new weapon. (They then have to finish the job themselves.)
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Much like their students, they're pretty grim due to the Darker and Edgier nature of their storyline.
  • Good Is Not Nice: They're one of the biggest bastions in the Alliance, but are generally very antisocial and a lot more serious than the Explorers and Cygnus Knights.
  • Knight In Sour Armor: They're generally more hardened and cynical compared to the other Maple Alliance factions.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The "disguises" they use to conceal themselves from the Black Wings barely hide their identities at all. Fortunately, most of the villains are too dumb to put two and two together.
  • Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome: Claudine, Brighton, and Checky are villains in Maple Story 2. Despite the game taking place hundreds of years in the past. They're a group of anti-magic resistance fighters despite Brighton being a Battle Mage.


A doctor and native of Edelstine, she leads the Resistance, and is the NPC that Resistance players have the most contact with. She also acts as Demon's instructor.

Tropes associated with Claudine

  • Coat, Hat, Mask: Well, in her case it's Bustier, Hat, Mask, but same idea.
  • Big Sister Instinct: She wants to be this way towards her kid sister, but working with the Resistance is forcing them to spend a lot of time apart. One early quest involves her breaking a promise and the player having to find the now runaway sister.
  • Break the Cutie: Much like the Resistance players, her opposition to the Black Wings began in childhood when her friend - Xenon - was kidnapped. Her attempt to rescue him later failed, but she was rescued by Xenon himself. (This partnership let her escape Vita's fate and Xenon to start recovering from such.)
  • Became Their Own Antithesis: Happens only in the Bad Future scenario, where she betrays the Alliance, oppressing the citizens of Twilight Perion and forcing them to build a statue of the Black Mage, in effect becoming what she once hated. (Of course, that's the whole idea; the nightmare is supposed to smear the images of all the Alliance leaders.)
  • Dark and Troubled Past: After the disappearance of one of her dearest friends (Xenon), she had to grow up in the police state of Edelstein and eventually take up custody of her younger sister Ulrika, who is perpetually curious and is prone to running off into Black Wing territory. It's also mentioned that she's seen numerous Resistance missions end with many casualties and setbacks. It's no wonder she's so cynical.
  • Honor Before Reason: Due to a previous failure by the Cygnus Knights to keep a promise, she absolutely hates them and tells the player off for accepting a gift of plants that only grow on Ereve from Eckhart to treat an outbreak of poison, saying most Resistance members would rather suffer the poison than be saved by Cygnus and her ilk. Neinheart even warns Explorers doing business with the Resistance to make it very clear they're not affiliated with Ereve, lest they have the door shut in their face. It takes Vita's death at Gelimer's hands to shock Claudine into seeing the reality of the situation and bringing the Resistance into the Maple Alliance, but the grudge lingers on into the Black Heaven storyline.
  • Informed Ability: She's supposedly a thief instructor, but rarely ever makes use of such skills, only doing so once during Black Heaven, though like Elex, this bit of Foreshadowing may eventually lead to her eventually teaching a resistance thief class.
  • The Medic: Usually only as a civilian, but also uses her abilities as a doctor while treating Orchid.
  • Meganekko: Only in her civilian identity; she actually looks better without them.
  • Now What?: Oddly enough, she never makes plans on what to do should the Black Wings ever be overthrown, and has no idea what to do at the end of Black Heaven; she suggests possibly dating, but it's not known with who, if anyone.
  • Serious Business: The Water Wars event was intended to cool down the rivalry between the factions with a fun activity, but Claudine takes it way too seriously, building an arsenal of high-tech weaponry with water-balloon deployment in mind.
  • Sole Survivor: She participated in an early raid on the Black Wing's base which failed. She's the only one known to have survived.
  • Ungrateful Bitch: She seriously shows this in Black Heaven, especially if the player chooses to save Francis. The player rescues several of her soldiers, then saves the entire Alliance by stabilizing their ship, but due to Francis, Claudine uses the player as a scapegoat for the disaster that occurs later. (For the record, Neinhart is almost as bad when arguments between the two factions of the Alliance occurs; Cygnus is often the only one whose opinions seem lucid. Also for the record, by Act 4 of Black Heaven, she calms down and apologizes greatly for her behavior earlier.)
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Her Twilight Perion counterpart claims to be this, promising the citizens that the excessive toil they force upon them will pay off in the long run. She also claims the Black Mage brought order to the "chaotic" Maple World.
  • Whip It Good: Her Weapon of Choice, also used as a grapple.


A kindergarten teacher in Edelstein, he orchestrates the training program for Resistance members. More recently, he has taken on the role of the Blaster instructor.
  • Anatomy Arsenal: Recently started being depicted equipped with an Arm Cannon. Appropriate, given his job as the Blaster instructor.
  • Badass Teacher: The biggest reason he's a kindergarten teach is to protect the children.
  • Became Their Own Antithesis: He too orders around the oppressed citizens of Twilight Perion. More unsettling, he chuckles as he watches over their suffering.
  • Dating Catwoman: Sort of. He has a crush on Black Wing member Leonore, but she will have nothing to do with him; a lot of quests he gives out involve the player delivering things in an attempt to woo her. She seems to warm up to him a little after getting a diamond.
  • Informed Ability: Supposedly, he's a Warrior instructor, but no such skills are ever displayed. (For the longest time, the Resistance had no generic Warrior class. Until Blasters were introduced in 2016, that is.)
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: His most recognizable feature.
  • Lethal Chef: His attempt to woo Leonore by cooking Serpent Tails for her is an Epic Fail.
  • Power Fist: His weapon of choice.

A police officer native to Edelstein, by night she is the Wild Hunter instructor of the Resistance.

Tropes associated with Belle

  • The Beastmaster: Like her students, she has a jaguar as a companion, and teaches Wild Hunter players how to train one.
  • Fair Cop: The Edelstein Police Department has no real authority, but she still qualifies.
  • Hello, Nurse!: Suffice to say, Resistance soldiers often hit on her even when the Alliance airship is under attack.
  • The Straight and Arrow Path: Uses a crossbow as her weapon of choice, and has impeccable aim with it.

A street sweeper by day, the Battle Mage instructor by night.

Tropes associated with Brighton

  • Almighty Janitor: Almost literally.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: With Belle, which seemed to evolve into them being a Battle Couple as young members of the Resistance. In Black Heaven, it's the only thing he can think of when they both assume they're about to be killed.

A mascot by day who is never without his bear costume, and also the Mechanic instructor. Also has a part-time job at Fantasy Theme World.

Tropes associated with Checky

  • Ambiguously Human: One can only assume he's human under that mask. It's occasionally implied that he's not even wearing a costume, but that he really is a bear.
  • Bears Are Bad News: Only if you make him angry; if you do, stay back.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Seriously fits the bill; this guy is an instructor - and a pretty decent one - who is perpetually seen in a teddy bear costume.
  • The Faceless: He even sleeps in his costume. One curious kid want to see his face, and plants rattlesnakes in it to force him to remove it. Doesn't work, because he wears a second costume under it.
  • Friend to All Children: He spends his days handing out balloons to kids, who tend to flock around him.
  • Mr Fix It: As benefits the players he instructs. Comes in handy in Black Heaven when he cobbles together mini airships out of broken robot parts.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: While this applies to all of them, Checky's is even more paper-thin because he effectively has no disguise, One has to wonder why he can still be the town mascot despite being a Resistance job instructor who has ventured deep into Verne Mine on high-risk operations at least twice (and got caught once).
  • That Man Is Dead: Possibly how he feels about his identity before he became a rebel, as he insists the costume is more what he is than anything under it.

     Silent Crusade 


The second character the player interacts with and is the one that rewards the player with titles.

Tropes associated with Bastille

  • Fluffy the Terrible: Has a vicious attack dog named Coco that the player needs to defeat in order to join the organization.


The first character the player interacts with at Kerning Subway.

Tropes associated with Starling

  • Action Girl: Presumably, considering that she's part of the Silent Crusade.
  • Decoy Damsel: Upon the player's first meeting with her, she is supposedly helpless and injured though her Bad "Bad Acting" makes it clear that is just a rouse.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She has long blonde hair and is (off-screen) fighting for the good of Maple World.


Tropes associated with Crow

  • Jerkass: He insults the player character at every opportunity, bosses them around and seem to have quite the inflated ego considering just how much he likes to make it known that he's a high-ranking member of the Silent Crusade.
    • Though it could be argued that he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold as he did save the player character from an explosion (though rubs it in their face later on) and is still a part of the good guys at the end of the day.

     Mentors and Companions 


One of the original two Magician Legends and Evan's ancestor. He is the only Legend to have not been frozen in time due to Afrien's sacrifice and thus died to old age in time before the present day. Regardless, he holds a significant influence over the events of the game long after his death.

Tropes associated with Freud

  • The Ace
  • The Archmage: Was widely respected as the pinnacle of Magicians (with even Luminous admitting Freud was the only magician who he could never catch up with), having started relations with the Onyx Dragons, mastered a variety of elemental magics, and could even freeze time so that others would be unable to change the events of the past.
  • Blessed with Suck: The only hero to be spared from the Black Mage's curse, and thus the only one who didn't survive to the present day.
  • Crazy-Prepared: His plan to seal away the Black Mage by using the Time powers he stole against him also includes placing a time lock on the battle so that no time traveller can prevent the sealing from happening.
  • Dragon Rider: The first hero to do this, a feat that would be replicated by his descendant, Evan.
  • Generation Xerox: The other Legends say that Evan has inherited more than Freud's legacy, stating that Evan not only resembles him in appearance, but in personality. In addition, many of Freud's creations only respond to Evan due to the latter being his descendant, which is a recurring plot point in Act 2 and Act 3 of Heroes of Maple'.
  • Greater-Scope Paragon: To the Heroes. Being the one that brought them together, created the Abraxas, and saved Afrien's egg, they all fight for his memory and what he was trying to accomplish.
  • The Leader: According to Mercedes, Freud was the one who coordinated the Legends and was also the primary reason Mercedes chose to join them.
  • Magnetic Hero: Aran says Freud was this as the one who brought the Legends together in the first place, just as Evan is trying to do again in the Heroes of Maple blockbuster.
  • Only Sane Man: Given how well his disciples are able to cooperate without him (as in, rather badly) he was likely this, seeing as they managed to be a cohesive team when he was alive. Nowadays, not so much.
  • Posthumous Character: He's long dead by the start of the story, but his influence lives on. He also appears for a few events, such as the Sylph Ring event in which players received a special ring Freud entrusted to a bunch of farmers that can eventually be supercharged to have extremely high stats.
  • Shock and Awe: Seen using this during Mercedes anime trailer.
  • Smart People Play Chess: Part of Eunwol's quest story photos show him and Freud playing chess together, with Freud seemingly having an advantage.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Freud/Freed.


Mastema is the Demon's best friend and loyal ally. Her gender is the opposite of whichever gender the Demon is. She came under the Demon's service after he saved her life. Before the Demon's battle with the Black Mage, she was sent to deliver a message to the Heroes. Shortly after doing so, she was attacked by Arkarium and forced to take the form of a cat to save herself, and waited for years until the Demon awoke again. Mastema serves as the Job Instructor for the Demon, giving him storyline quests and helping him with Job Advancements.

  • Animorphism: Is forced to take the form as a cat to save her life after Arkanium attacked her hundreds of years ago for delivering the Demon's letter to the heroes.
  • BFS: Seems to be her weapon of choice in her human form, implying she's a Warrior.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Several times, it seems she has a crush on the Demon and is on the verge of confessing it, but backs off at the last minute.
  • Hair Decorations: Has two golden-colored hair clips in her female sprite.
  • Interrupted Declaration of Love: In the Demon's level 140 quest, after she changes back into her original form, Mastema begins to confess how she has had a crush on the Demon since they met. Unfortunately, she changes back into her cat form which causes her to swiftly change the subject.
  • I Owe You My Life: One of the more obscure Korean Maple guidebooks published by Nexon reveals that the Demon saved her life many centuries ago, which is why she follows him.
  • Really 700 Years Old: She was alive all the centuries ago since the battle between the heroes and the Black Mage.
  • Time Master: Somehow has the ability to send the Demon into alternate dimensions and his own past.
  • The Promise: In Demon's cutscene the night before he is supposed to attack Black Heaven with the Alliance, Mastema asks Demon to be careful and promise that he'll come back as she will wait for him. Given that in the Black Heaven arc there was a real chance of the player character dying, and actually would have so if not for Shinsoo's Tear, it's quite touching.
  • Undying Loyalty: To the Demon, to the extreme that she took The Slow Path waiting for him while he was sealed for hundreds of years.
  • Unusual Ears: The male Mastema (if you choose Demon's gender as female at the beginning) has normal human ears as well as the cat ears atop his head. The female Mastema's haircut covers her ears, so it's impossible to tell if she has them as well.
  • Winged Humanoid

The girl whom Luminous lives with. Lania is the reincarnation of Lucia, a member of the Aurora.

  • Impersonation Gambit: Unintentionally on her side, Lucia was brought into Aurora to be a decoy of the Child of Light spawned by the then White Mage.
  • Reincarnation
  • Uniqueness Value: Although Lucia was a very powerful light magician in her own right, the Aurora saw Luminous to be of higher value than other children and Lucia was chosen as his decoy.

     Town NPCs  


A portly man of unknown origin who runs the Monster Carnival and Monster Park. He's generally cheerful and runs these places to help train warriors but nothing is known about him. Photographs of him dating back to the era of the Black Mage have been found, however.

  • Cheshire Cat Grin: His default expression.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: And a shrewd one. He’s a very wealthy businessman in the business of making carnivals that turn into Deadly Training Areas, which he markets to the Warriors of Maple World as such. He does still have to trick quite a few of them into handling the bigger problems, like when the monsters at some of them get too out of hand and he misplaces important – and incriminating – photographs.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: He’s the foolish one; his sister Spiegelette has a far better business sense, offering promotions to certain players with her Monster Park Extreme to promote the place.
  • Forbidden Fruit: He explicitly tells you not to open the Old Envelopes that you can find through Monster Park.note If you do, though, he will try to explain the photograph inside it and give you a one-time reward for actually opening the envelope and showing the photograph to him.
  • Perpetual Smiler: He is always smiling, even within the Picture World when he is lacking his moustache.
  • Porn Stache: One of his most defining characteristics.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Actually, photos of him suggest he’s far older than that. his past remains pretty much a mystery.
  • Odd Friendship: Photographs suggest he's friends with both Von Leon and Horntail, or used to be.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: His usual solution when the player confronts him with incriminating evidence about something that might hurt his reputation is to bribe the player to convince him to “forget” about it.
  • Shout-Out: Visually, he quite resembles Penguin, one of Batman's enemies. He's just missing the pointy nose and monocle.
  • Shrine to Self: Monster Park is this to him. His face is everywhere, and it’s on the prizes too. One of them is a face guard that looks like his moustache, which isn’t very flattering on a female character. (But it raises your Charm.)


Cassandra is the Maple World's fortuneteller and organizes many of the events for Maplers. She's known to be a bit of an airhead and frequently attends parties, and has an unhealthy obsession with her crystal ball.

     Zero Temple 


The Goddess and Transcendence of Time of Maple World. The Black Mage stole her powers and imprisoned her with the help of the Demon. She first appeared in the revised Silent Crusade storyline where she helps the player stop Arkarium from freeing the Black Mage in the past. She also created Zero to help free her and become the next Transcendence of Time.

  • And Your Reward Is Infancy: Rhinne dies upon passing her powers on to Alpha and Beta. They immediately use their newly-gained powers to bring her back to life; she now has the body of a child and lacks her powers, although the Mirror World still relies on her to exist, and she's a bit excited to start a new life without being a Transcendent.
    • Meaningful Name: Rinne is japanese for Samsara, a Buddhist term referring to the cycle of death and rebirth.
  • Badass in Distress: Her actual body is still frozen by the powers of the Black Mage, and he has a significant portion of her power, but she is somehow able to get around these limitations and still create Zero and open time portals to the past in the present day. It is also worth noting that the Black Mage needed some assistance from the Demon in order to defeat her centuries ago, implying that she is actually powerful enough to hold her own in combat with another Transcendence.
  • Eyes Always Shut: In-game, she is almost always seen with her eyes closed. The Webtoon promoting the release of Zero averts this, though, and shows her opening her eyes and smiling at the Black Mage moments before his curse transforms her into a Human Popsicle completely. The game makes several references to Arkarium blinding her in the past. This could be why.
    • Near the end of the Zero storyline, her eyes open briefly as Will explains that she is obligated to destroy Zero for being corruptions of her power. Notably, her eyes here are red instead of the grey from the webtoon; it's quickly subverted when she attacks Will instead, and her eyes close once more.
  • Heavy Sleeper: The Temple Keeper at the Temple of Time mentions that Rhinne is always asleep.
  • Human Popsicle: She was frozen after being defeated by the Black Mage centuries ago. Her actual body is still frozen in the present and watched closely by the Black Mage's Commanders.
  • Mama Bear: Will's attempt to sic her on Alpha and Beta, one of whom is heavily corrupted, ends with her attacking him. As she puts it, even though she is compelled to eliminate all corruptions of her power, her instinct to protect her children outweighs her duty as a Transcendent.
  • Physical God: Is a Transcendence, one of three beings created by the gods who created Maple World to represent the aspects of Light, Time, and Life individually. Rhinne is the Transcendence of Time.
  • Rapunzel Hair
  • Time Master: Can create portals to the past. During the Black Mage's confrontation with the Legends, both Freud and Luminous were able to turn the powers he stole from her against him. This included a Time Stop.
  • White Magician Girl: Wears a robe, has long hair, is never the aggressor, provides "support" in the form of Zero and time portals...yeah, she's one.

One of the monks in Zero's Temple who serves the Transcendence of Time. She is the Record Keeper and in Zero's storyline behaves in a very motherly way towards Alpha and Beta.
  • Devoted to You: Is even willing to listen to Alpha and Beta sing for the whole day.
  • Fangirl: She knows everything about Alpha and Beta, from their shoe size to how many strands of eyebrow hair each have, to the number of moles they have on their bodies... Alpha is reasonably disturbed.
  • Taken for Granite: All the Zero Monks fell asleep and became encased in stone when the Goddess Rhinne was sealed, only waking up when there was a new Transcendence of Time.

One of the monks in Zero's Temple who serves the Transcendence of Time. He aids Alpha and Beta in helping to find the Goddess's Teardrops in Zero's storyline.He later betrays Alpha and Beta by trying to keep them trapped in the Mirror World, believing it for their own good. He then seemingly fades away and dies after spending too long away from the temple. In Zero's level 180 quest however, he is shown to be alive.
  • Back from the Dead: Was brought back to life via the Black Mage's Commanders Powers.
  • Big Little Brother: Alpha and Beta were shocked to find out that Cassius was two years younger than Benedict, as in general Cassius behaves far more mature and serious than Benedict does.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Betrays Alpha and Beta out of fear that when the two finally become the next Transcendence of Time and go to the Maple World, the two will be destroyed by the Black Mage.
  • Mark of the Supernatural: His eyes turn red and Cassius seems to have a spiderweb mark on the left side of his face after being brought back to life by the Black Mage's Commanders.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: After being brought back to life.
  • Taken for Granite: All the Zero Monks fell asleep and became encased in stone when the Goddess Rhinne was sealed, only waking up when there was a new Transcendence of Time.

One of the monks in Zero's Temple who serves the Transcendence of Time. He is Cassius's brother.After Cassius disappears, he takes on his brother's roles in finding the last two remaining Goddess's Teardrops.
  • Adorkable
  • Big Brother Mentor: Towards Alpha and Beta. This can be seen in where he rushes off after Alpha and Beta right after the end of Chapter 1 worrying whether they will be alright or not.
  • Taken for Granite: All the Zero Monks fell asleep and became encased in stone when the Goddess Rhinne was sealed, only waking up when there was a new Transcendence of Time.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Cassius's dowsing pendant.

    Other Instructors 

Previous Kaiser

Kyle's previous incarnation and predecessor. Originally the Nova's sworn protector, he lowered his defenses during Magnus's attack on Heliseum and had to kill himself in order to stop him. Alas, we know that it doesn't turn out that well.
  • The Ace: As with all Kaisers, he was the strongest and most skilled Nova, to the point where Magnus acknowledges that not even with two Transcendents backing him could he hope to beat him in a fair fight.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Has a nice big one called the Kaiserium. Magnus snatched it after his demise.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He gave up his life to clear Heliseum of Specters and kill Magnus. Sadly, it doesn't work.
  • Legacy Character: He had a line of Kaisers before him and is the one preceding Kyle.
  • Perfect Poison: The poison Magnus hits him with immediately takes effect and weakens him proficiently. The Heliseum questline reveals that possibly, Kaiser couldn't just shrug it off because it was a type of poison manufactured in the Maple World.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He is pissed when Magnus reveals what he did. He proceeds to mow through his army of Specters in pursuit.
  • Super Mode: Final Figuration. He activates it during the Taste of Power prologue.
  • The Last Dance: When he figures out he's been fatally poisoned by Magnus, he decides to spend his last minutes destroying what parts of his army stand between them before finally destroying himself to try and fix it once and for all.
  • 24-Hour Armor: He's never seen without his armor in-game. Official art from the Secret Story artbook reveals he looks a lot like Kyle.


The spirit sealed in the Angelic Buster's Soul Ring. An ancient dragon from days of yore that goads Tear into becoming a hero with the rising popularity of the Angelic Buster and at the cost of her dignity.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: He's a lustful, lazy, and annoying dragon. He's also Tear's teacher and the one who teaches her to use the power of the Soul Ring to its fullest capacity.
  • Dirty Old Man: In spades.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Very much attracted to Tear and attempts to dress her up like a doll at any opportunity.

The last remaining Heliseum guardian and leader of the Heliseum reclamation mission. She gives advice to Tear and Kyle over the course of their stories and assists all players helping in the effort to defeat Magnus.
  • Big Good: For the Nova, as the one pushing to reclaim their rightful home. She's the Nova representative for the Alliance, too.
  • Cool Old Lady: She's been around for just about decades.
  • Token Good Teammate: Out of Victor and Treglow, she was the only one not tricked by Magnus.
  • Women Are Wiser: She functions as the Only Sane Man between Piston and the Heliseum Reclamation brigade (especially when Angelic Buster is concerned). Out of her male co-guardians, Victor and Treglow, she was also the only one smart enough to evacuate with the rest of the Nova over aligning with Magnus.

     Unaffiliated Entities 


The human form of the World Tree, the Transcendence of Life of the Maple World. After a battle with the Black Mage, she retreated to the Root Abyss, where she rested for years in order to regain her power. However, Damien sealed her inside Root Abyss and set up four guardians to maintain the seal and keep her from escaping. After the player defeats the guardians and frees Alice, she agrees to be placed under the care of Cygnus and Shinsoo.

  • Alice Allusion: Blonde girl, wears a dress, is first encountered underneath a large tree trunk after the player fell down a hole and is the Transcendence of Life (in contrast to the massive amounts of Black Comedy in the source). Not to mention the Root Abyss is supposed to be a twisted and darker version of Alice In Wonderland.
  • Dumb Is Good: A firm believer of this in the Global release, but not so in the original KMS story.
  • Exposition Fairy: Alicia is this during the Tower of Oz, and unfortunately, she quickly becomes the type you want to tell to Stop Helping Me However, most of the instructions she gives are necessary, so the only choice is to listen.
  • God in Human Form: Sugar, a strange girl that Explorer characters meet, is her embodiment, although that is not discovered until her potential to heal Maple Island is awakened.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Zigzagged. Her body and Sugar are very nice, the former being emotionally vulnerable and polite. Her soul, on the other hand, is a rude and condescending Jerkass God.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: At the end of Heroes of Maple, Maple World is left in a desolate and barren state. As it would take at least 1,000 years for Maple World to recover on its own, Alicia sacrifices herself to generate a World-Healing Wave.
  • Idiot Hero: The point of the Tower of Oz dungeon she made. She thinks that learning and knowledge is the source of corruption and evil, resulting in the tower being unable to be accessed by anyone who isn't mentally retarded. Apparently she even makes stupid pills.
    • Note that this is only in the Global version. The original Korean version, the Tower of Oz was a dream world, and you took special sleeping pills in order to enter it.
  • Literal Split Personality: Her body and soul are separate, and both have different personalities. Her soul (who resides in the Tower of Oz) is rude, condescending, and egotistical (and doesn't like her body much at all) while her body (who resides in the Root Abyss) is more polite, with an almost childlike innocence (though rather naïve). Sugar is like the latter, but with more confidence.
  • Physical God: Is a Transcendence, one of three beings created by the gods who created Maple World to represent the aspects of Light, Time, and Life individually. Alice is the Transcendence of Life.
  • Rapunzel Hair
  • Really 700 Years Old: Looks like a girl, but has been around for centuries.


An enigmatic character mentioned across the Explorers and Ellin Forest questline. From what is said about them, they have an uncanny resemblance to the player. It's because they are the player character, having lost their memory in an offshoot timeline and spit out of the Arcane River. They're first encountered at the Temple of Time as the Amnesiac Temple Monk.

  • Arc Words: As mentioned, the name Kao comes up in multiple points throughout the game. An explorer will hear the name Kao before they even get to their first job advancement!
  • Connected All Along: Kao is the player.
  • De Powered: They're the player from an alternate timeline, meaning that at the peak of their power they are anything from a very strong human, a legendary hero or hero's reincarnation, a reformed demon commander, or even a Transcendant. However, their encounter with Arma drained their ability to use Arcane Symbols, and their defeat by the Black Mage and journey to the past seems to have weakened them even further, to the point where the Vanishing Journey NPCs comment on how weak they are.
  • Disappears into Light
  • Empty Piles of Clothing: All that's left of Kao at the end of the Vanishing Journey arc are their robes, with the simple description "Someone was here."
  • For Want of a Nail: As it turns out, all that it took for the player to reach the Black Mage was for a version of them to decide to take the short way around the Arcane River.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: They die after the player defeats Rino and Arma, asking the player to succeed where they failed and grants them their first Arcane Symbol.
  • Identical Stranger: Kao is apparently a dead ringer for the protagonist, despite your character never meeting them. It's because they're the same person.
  • Identity Amnesia: You first find Kao without their memories wandering the Temple of Time.
  • Killing Your Alternate Self: Seems to attempt this at first. It's actually a ploy by Rino.
  • Meaningful Name: "Kao" is Japanese for "face", and they're apparently identical to you.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Them touching the Tree of Memory caused the memories of the Nameless Town inhabitants to scatter around the Vanishing Journey.
  • Taking the Bullet: Takes the blunt of Arma's attack for the player.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Kao, originally, was the player character; they trusted Rino and made it to the end of the Arcane River, but failed to defeat the Black Mage. They were thrown into the river and came out in the past Temple of Time, and eventually made their way back in. Their intervention prevents their past self from going down the same path.
  • Walking Spoiler: You can say they look like the player, and then you can't continue without having to disclose their true identity.


A young girl met in the Arcane River. She has a mysterious tie to Kritias and its curse. It's because the experiments done on her by Kritias scientists was what caused her powers as Grandis' Transcendent of Light sent it into the future. She's eventually killed in the ritual that would allow the Black Mage to create a new world.

  • Cain and Abel: After her sister went mad with power, she had to put her down and take up the mantle as Transcendent.
  • Cool Down Hug: Before Tana could burst again due to the experiments, Jean hugged her and managed to defuse her without harm. It's this that lets Arkarium figure out Jean is the key in transferring Tana's powers to King Hekaton.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Whenever Tana's body was destroyed, it would regenerate, but without her mind and memories. It lead to the experiments on her becoming more and more inhumane until the High Priest resigned.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Let's see... Left as a "half" of a Transcendent while her sister inherited the title, eventually had to put down her sister to inherit her title as Transcendent, couldn't handle it and escaped Grandis to Kritias, died in a horrible explosion and came back as a memory lacking husk, was inhumanely and tortuously experimented on for two years, saw the one boy who cared about her die, was overloaded by her power to the point she sent Kritias into the future, had to relive all of the following in Morass, and then was killed in a ritual by Will. Girl has it bad.

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