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Characters / Manifest Destiny

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List of Manifest Destiny Characters

United States Marine Corps - 7th Marine Expeditionary Unit

Colonel Adrian Pierce - Commanding Officer

Major Isaiah Sevson - Executive Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew "Blue Way" Noelle - 7th MEU Air Detachment Commander

Assassin 4-3 Fireteam

Sergeant Perla Lumaban Team Leader

Corporal Poindexter

Lt Cmder Andrew "Riptide" Blackburn - JSOC/Navy Liaison Officer to the STF


Agent Mitchell Beckett - CIA Grey Fox Actual - Survivor of Dubai

US Army - 75th Ranger Regiment - 4th Battalion - Special Detachment "Hitman" /w the Special Task Force

Team 1

Captain Kristian "Jay Kay" Ridgway Emerson – Hitman CO

Staff Sergeant Lisa Holmes Bannon – Hitman XO

Corporal Talia "Tal" Loke – Pointman/Tech Specialist – Walker Trainee

Corporal Donald "Don" Nutt – Grenadier

Private Jameson "Jamie" Black – Designated Marksman

Private Brian Harris – Auto Gunner

Specialist Barbara Annel

Corporal Damien Ortiz – Rifleman

Hitman 1-8 & Hitman 1-9 - Both unknown

Team 2

Staff Sergeant Cameron Bonifaz Masterson

Corporal Decker "Doc" Lamareux – Corpsman

Sergeant George Ramirez – Rifleman

Corporal Mia Sanders – Linguist - RTO

Corporal Aaron Peters – Dog Handler, Khan – Dog

Private Tony Rockwell – Rifleman


Specialist Clayton Wilkes – Rifleman/Mortar Man

Private Mohammed "Moe" Omar - Rifleman

Corporal Danielle Hauvsbaum – Sniper

Hitman 2-10 - Unknown

Warlord 1-3 "Kingdom Come" M 1 A 2 Abrams Tank

Sergeant Alton "English" Wilbur CO

"Dixie" Driver

"Chains" Gunner

John "Schmack" Rubio Loader






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