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Characters / Malazan Book of the Fallen

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Due to size, the characters page has been split.

Human Characters

  • The Malazan Empire: The High Command note , The Seventh Army note , The Old Guard note , The Bridgeburners note , The Bonehunters note 
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  • Genabackis: Darujhistan note , Caladan Brood's Forces note , The Pannion Domin note , Capustan note 
  • Seven Cities: Skullcup note , The Whirlwind note , The Red Blades note , Othersnote 
  • Lether & Kolanse: Letheras note , Northern Lands note , Others note 

Non-Human Characters

  • The Tiste Peoples: Tiste Andii note , Tiste Liosan note , Tiste Edur note 
  • The Four Founding Races & Others: Imass/T'lan Imass note , Jaghut note 

Other Characters

  • Azathanai, Gods & Ascendants: Azathanai note , Gods note  High House Chains note , High House Shadow note 
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  • Various: Unaligned Characters note , Lady Envy's Companions note 

Alternative Title(s): The Malazan Book Of The Fallen


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