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Malachai/IMP Characters

     Malachai "Kai" Parker 

Kai Parker

Played by: Chris Wood
"Brother, promise me this if you don't promise me anything else, Protect my baby."

When Kai grew up, his true nature as a siphon was revealed, and his parents isolated him from the rest of his siblings, and called him an "abomination." After the death of his youngest sister, Kai has been raising his only niece, Elizabeth for fourteen years. Finally he met a woman named Katherine, and soon married her.

When their biological daughter, Isabella grew up, she realized what was around her and was eventually possessed by Kai's angry mother as revenge. To save his daughter, Kai had the spirit of his mother placed in him. After this event happened, Kai's memory seemed to have been completely erased.

After the four-year time jump, Malachai is completely aware of what he is and doing. After having the spirit removed by his body by Kaiaphas Parker and Brandon North, Kai has been suffering from supernatural consequences, which are currently unknown.

  • Papa Wolf: Kai is very protective of his daughter and has no limits when it comes to Elizabeth and Isabella's safety and well being. He even killed his own mother in order to protect Isabella. Kai trusts nobody apart from himself when it comes to Elizabeth and Isabella and his love for them has no bounds.
  • First Love: Katherine is the first woman Kai has ever had a serious relationship with, and the only one he has ever truly loved.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Katherine believes there is a genuinely noble man under the sociopathic maniac. Due to her influence, she proves herself right.
  • Dark Messiah: Kai is extremely powerful, extremely deadly and extremely dangerous. If he breaks free, it is unknown what kind of trouble and havoc he will wreak. Kai is of an unusual kind considering that he has the special ability of consuming and absorbing other witches magic. Meaning that if he chooses to, Kai can absorb or take the powers of other witches whenever he pleases.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Not in a case of Domestic Abuse, but when they pose a threat, and considering he slums about with supernatural creatures most of the women he knows are certainly dangerous.
  • Evil Wears Black: Kai is seen wearing black clothing, which is fitting, considering that he is the Big Bad of the show. In fact, Kai wears all black clothing.
  • Too Many Babies: Kai has a total of 4 children. Three biological children, and one child that he adopted and who turns out to be his niece.


     Brandon North (Marshall) 

Brandon Christopher North

Played by: Chris Wood, Aiden Flowers
"Blood doesn't define a family."

He was first introduced in Malachai as a witch and later turned into a werewolf. Brandon is a highly powerful witch, and has knowledge of every spell, ritual , loophole and curse ever made.

  • What the Hell, Hero?: Calls Kai out big time for trying to cheat the laws of life and death. All he can really say is I Warned You when he doesn't listen.
  • Papa Wolf: Brandon will fight tooth and nail to protect his babies: Katherine, Elizabeth and Isabella.
  • When He Smiles: He does grin and smirk sardonically, mischievously or psychotically quite a lot, but his genuine smiles are quite the sight.
  • Squishy Wizard: Brandon is one of the most powerful characters in Malachai, since he is a werewolf-warlock hybrid.
  • Psychic Powers: Brandon possesses powerful mental faculties which he uses to manipulate the minds of others and corrupt them. He is also very adept at telekinesis, which he constantly uses on-screen.
  • Tame His Anger

     Katherine North (Marshall) 

Katherine Parker

Portrayed by: Nina Dobrev, Kayla Madison

Katherine is the daughter of Brandon North, and later becomes the wife of Malachai Parker. Together, they adopt Elizabeth Saltzman to be their daughter, and later she gives birth to her first child, Isabella who was kidnapped a day after she was born.

  • Emotion Suppression: After losing her child Katherine hides her grief.
  • Hot-Blooded: Katherine is passionate, spunky and opinionated. Comes with being a werewolf.
  • Mama Bear: Katherine loves her daughters more than anything, and she will fight tooth and nail to protect them.
  • Heroic BSoD: Katherine has one when she discovers that she's pregnant.
  • Fetus Terrible: She was worried about this possibility, but it's ultimately averted.
  • Alpha Bitch: She definitely shows shades of this without her humanity.
  • Berserk Button: Hurt any one of Katherine's loved ones and watch her wrath.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Katherine is generally nice and caring but it isn't a good idea to get on her bad side by hurting people she loves.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Katherine with her humanity off. She is cold, manipulative and cunning.
  • Nice Girl: Katherine is kind, compassionate, friendly and down to earth. She is the kind of person anyone would want to befriend.
  • Long Hair Is Feminine

     Isabella Parker 

Isabella Marie Kay Parker

Portrayed by: Lola Flanery and Kiernan Shipka
"What if the only real difference is just who's telling the story?"

Bella is the first-born daughter of Malachai Parker and Katherine North. She was kidnapped as a newborn and was rescued by her parents when she was only fourteen. She was then possessed by her grandmother's spirit as revenge to get back at Kai for the murder of her family. However, her father carried the spirit until her grandfather and uncle found away to destroy the spirit once and for all. After he possession, she was left with a Trauma Button and slight anxiety.

  • Daddy's Girl: Bella is Kai's first biologic child. She loves her father very much, and given her circumstances, Kai is extremely doting and overprotective of her. Likewise, Kai loves his daughter immensely, with nearly all of his actions being driven by his desire to see her happy and keep her safe.
  • Sins of Our Fathers: As Kai notes, Bella has "inherited" all his enemies by virtue of being his daughter.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Bella is liberal with her sarcasm and witty remarks in general.
  • Hot Witch: Bella is a physically attractive young woman and a powerful, skilled witch.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: 5’2” and badass.
  • Wonder Child: Bella is fathered by vampire-witch hybrid, Kai Parker, despite his undead nature.
  • When She Smiles: Bella rarely lets her guard down, but when she does her smile is genuinely a sight to see.

     Elizabeth Parker 

Elizabeth Rose Saltzman

Portrayed by: Summer Fontana & Danielle Rose Russell

Lizzie is the daughter of Jo Parker and Alaric Saltzman. However, her mother wanted her brother Kai to raise Lizzie for unknown reasons. Lizzie grew up believing that Kai was her biologic father, until he revealed to her grandfather that Jo wanted him to raise her. Later on, Alaric tells Lizzie that he is her biologic father. After learning this secret, she still referred to Kai as her father.

  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Alaric tells Lizzie that he is her biologic father. However, she wants nothing to do with him
    "I've made my mind up. I don't want to be a Parker. I don't want to be a Saltzman. I want to be a North-Parker."
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Her and Isabella have been through thick and thin, always having each others' backs. They consider each other sisters.
  • Like a Daughter to Me: Kai makes comments about Lizzie being his kid. Later on, he finally adopts her as one of his children along with his wife Katherine.

     Kaiaphas Parker 

Kaiaphas Parker

Portrayed by: Chris Wood
"Fear is a powerful emotion my little one."

Kaiaphas (pronounced Kai-A-Fis) is revealed to be Kai's twin brother in Isabella Marie Parker: Vengeance. He is the long-lost uncle of Elizabeth and Isabella. He is also a very powerful witch turned vampire. Unlike his brother, he was born a warlock with his own magic. In Isabella Marie Parker: Savior, he was made the godfather of Kai's daughters.

  • Cool Uncle: He is this to Elizabeth and Isabella.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: He agreed to become a vampire in the first place to protect his nieces.
  • Complete Immortality: Kaiaphas cannot be permanently destroyed by any means, and if he can, the method must be very specific and is usually related to whatever grants him immortality in the first place.
  • Creepy Good: Scares the hell out of his family, but he's on their side when shit hits the fan.
  • Overprotective Dad: Katherine comments that Kaiaphas is overprotective of both Lizzie and Bella.
    "Just remember: anything you do to her, I do to you."


You Are Dear to My Heart Characters

     Lillian Parker 

Lillian Freya Parker

Portrayed by: Lily Rose Smith

Lily is the daughter of Kai Parker in You Are Dear to My Heart. She was the result of an affair between Kai and Freya Mikaelson. Lily is Kai's second biologic child, and the half- sister of Bella.

  • Daddy's Girl: Lillian is Kai's only child with Freya, and shown to be her daddy's darling as a young girl. When he went missing, she kept his picture close, and never stopped thinking about him.
  • I Work Alone: Lillian constantly asserts that she doesn't need help or a partner. Not even with her homework.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy
  • Extraordinarily Empowered Girl: A young witch who is more powerful the most of people of her Coven. Can be considered as one of the most powerful characters of the show too.
  • Human Mom Non Human Dad: Her father is a powerful warlock hybrid. Her mother is a powerful witch.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: She Loves Horror Movies the the bloodier the better.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Lillian uses her magic a lot this way, often dealing with antagonists in rather nightmareish ways, but damn if they don't deserve it.
  • Nice Girl: Apart from having a few flaws with her emotions, she is a very kind person.

Forever Mine Characters

     Kandice Parker 

Kandice Noelle Parker

Portrayed by: Elle Fanning
"Happiness is not really an option for me."

Kandice Parker was born as the daughter of Malachai Parker on May 30, 2009 in Mystic Falls, Virginia. Her father was in a brief relationship with Winter Samedi (after he found out Katherine had an affair with another man), until her death.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: A very sweet and kind person but more than capable of putting you down if you provoke her.
  • Berserk Button: Hurt Kandice's father and watch her wrath.
  • Fiery Redhead: Has the red-hair and a fiery personality being headstrong and independent, fiercely protective and can become very Hot-Blooded when she's in a mood.


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