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Characters / Mahou Shoujo Chaos Princesses

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The Play-by-Post game Mahou Shoujo Chaos Princesses follows an adventuring party of magical girls who are detailed here.

The entire cast:

Lilly Lancaster

Class: Barbarian

A timid girl from the suburbs who wants to become as brave as her older sister. In battle, she charges her enemies head-on wielding her magical blade Lovely Edge.

Uri Shirei

Class: Bard/Druid

A rebellious young heiress with an electric guitar and a taste for giving. In battle, she supports her allies with music and magic alike.

Olivia Faulkner

Class: Dread Necromancer

A daughter of a war widow who longs to see her father again. In battle, she wields a rifle and calls on the spirits of fallen soldiers to aid her.


Shirakawa Yuuki

Class: Crusader

An otherwise normal girl who saw visions of another world in her childhood. In battle, she steadfastly defends her allies on the front lines and wields a katana.

Itoshiki Mei

Class: Archivist

An occult lover from a wealthy family with a playfully sadistic streak. In battle, she takes on the appearance of a vampire and wields powerful curses.


Midge Janalie

Class: Unarmed Swordsage

A shy girl searching for her brother, who disappeared mysteriously in a storm. In battle, she's an agile combatant who wields formidable martial arts.


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