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This is the page regarding Purifacators featured.

    As a whole 
  • Defector from Decadence: After being exiled from the hive mind, the Purifactors created Purity City by themselves via magically teleporting buildings from abandoned worlds. They also are able to bring in people via a location system which allows them to view worlds with huge magic potential.
  • Meaningful Rename: For reasons pertaining to the trope below. The ones that joined them didn't follow suit as they felt it might get confusing, but they do accept the nicknames Thunder gives them.
  • That Man Is Dead: The main Purifactors were the first six Incubators to start realizing how wrong the Law of Cycles is, and these they all changed their names to differentiate themselves from the Council of Nine. Their appearances and name changes allude to a British game show called Knightmare.

Main Council

    1066. Treybey 
The leader of the Purifactors. Overtime, Seinaru views him as Master.

  • Expy: He's one towards Treguard from Knightmare.
  • Mission Control: He explains targets to Seinaru before he goes after them.
  • Meaningful Name: His old number was 1066, the year of the Battle of Hastings.
  • That Man Is Dead: He was once known as Senrokujurokubey, but changed his name to shed his affiliation with the Incubators.

    108. Merbey 
Blue wizard outfit

    420. Pickbey and Elitbey 
Elven outfit (Pickbey), Female outfit (Elitbey). They serve as archivists about the stories of the Puella and Puer Magi.

    1001. Majibey 
Arabian outfit. Their task is to gather data for Treybey


    616. Hordbey 
Red wizard outfit. He leads the management of Purity City.


    13. Jusanbey 
Owner of the Seance Manor, where people can meet their departed loved ones should they pass.

    17. Junanabey/Yensid 
The Purifacator who runs Relief Land.

  • Expy: Of Mortimer (with a bit of Willy Wonka thrown in as well)
  • Meaningful Name: His number is 17, the day of Disneyland's opening, June 17, 1955, and also the amount, in millions, of dollars spent to build it. His nickname Yensid, is backwards for Walt Disney, as well as the sorcerer character Yen Sid.

    20. Nijubey/Dr. Ludwig 
The head doctor at Healin' Good Hospital.

  • Meaningful Name: Her number is 20, which corresponds to the year Florence Nightingale was born.
  • The Medic: She's a skilled doctor who has begun finding ways to cure any disease, no matter how incurable. She’s even come up with a way to cure the Eclipse Virus.

    26. Nijurokubey/Bubble 
The operator of the Isolation Field pilfered from the Incubators, which is for holding stray Grief Seeds acquired during Witch Hunts.

  • Meaningful Name: His number is 26, which corresponds to the release day of the Rebellion movie. His assigned nickname, however, is Bubble. No prizes on guessing how he got that nickname.
  • Sphere Factor: He rolls himself around in a hamster ball to help isolate himself from the world.

    27. Nijunanabey 

  • Meaningful Name: His number is 27, which corresponds to a translation site Aj Wargo found that said it could translate that many languages.

    29. Nijukyubey 
Comedic Purifactor

  • Meaningful Name: Her number is 29, after the lost comedies of Aristophanes.

    30. Sanjubey/Mayday 
The analyst on everything involving Walpurgisnacht and how she operates.

  • Awesome by Analysis: Via the Story Crew, he watches over every universe in which Walpurgis was battled, noting the results and analyzing how to use them on her. Sadly, not even he knows what happened in the timeline involving the TSAB, though he wishes he knew.
  • Happy Harlequin Hat: He wears Walpurgis' jester hat as his accessory.
  • Meaningful Name: His number is 30, which corresponds to the day the real life Walpurgis Night falls. His nickname, "Mayday" is also another, as well as a Double Entendre of a SFW variety.note 

    34. Sanjuyonbey/Courtney 
A Purifactor that can assume a human form at will, which she uses for pleasure.

    36. Sanjurokubey 

    37. Sanjunanabey 

    40. Yonjubey and Shijubey 
Yonjubey is the preacher at the Church of Madoka. Shijubey supports worship for other faiths.

  • Meaningful Name: Their number is 40, since that number is related to the 40 trials of God.

    41. Yonjuichibey/Kaminabey 
Purity City's mecha specialist and enthusiast. He operates the Dai-Gurren Robotics workshop, servicing the mechas of the magical girls who use them.

  • Badass Cape: Has a red cape that has a stylized Incubator head on the back.
  • Cool Shades: Of the Triangle Shades variety, and red to boot. Hell, even the stylized Incubator head on his cape has them, in white instead of red.
  • Expy: Guess.
  • Meaningful Name: His number is 41, corresponding to April 1st, the release date of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in 2007.
  • Robot Master: Servicing mechas and robots is his bread and butter. He has the Dynamo Z on standby and makes Cutey Honey a very satisfied customer with Mecha-Honey's test in the Dai-Gurren Robotics workshop's Pribnow Box.

    42. Shijunibey and Yonjunibey/Wiz and Boomstick 
The multiversal scouts. Their job is to check to see if universes are viable to have a recruited girl.

    44. Yonjuushibey/Hades 
Manager of the Pool of Souls, where characters can be brought Back from the Dead.

  • Meaningful Name: Their number is 44, since Four Is Death, so four twice is double death. His nickname is after the Greek God of the Underworld.

    50. Gojubey/Mr. Smith 

    52. Gojunibey 

  • Meaningful Name: Their number is 52, after Frasier Crane's birth year of 1952. His nickname is Yamanaka, after the Yamanaka clan from Naruto, a clan of mindwalkers.
  • Team Pet: For Emiri after she's Purified.
  • The Shrink: Serves this role.

    56. Gojurokubey/Jamie 

    58. Gojuhachibey 
Newscaster who hosts a television program that airs throughout Purity City- stuff like news reports and story telling about the various Magical Girls.

    60. Rokujubey/Lucidia 

Manager of the Dream Tower and protactor of dreams.

  • Meaningful Name: Their number is 60, after 1960, the year Celia Green successfully classified the phenomenon of lucid dreaming scientifically.

    66. Rokujurokubey/Hammond 

He’s in charge of a portal that can bring supporting characters to Purity City.

  • Meaningful Name: Their number is 66, after 6(1)6, the mainline universe in Marvel Comics. His nickname is after General Hammond, commander of the SGC before Colonel O'Neill took up the job.

    71. Nanajuichibey 

  • Meaningful Name: Their number is 71, after (19)71, the year karaoke was introduced in Japan.

    74. Nanajuyonbey/Independence 

Purity City's designated fireworks manufacturer, in charge of the Webb Memorial Fireworks Factory.

  • Meaningful Name: His number is 74, after July 4th, the date of Independence Day in the United States.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Is his specialty, at least for a given value of "stuff". He's a fireworks manufacturer who gets on with Thunder Storm like a house on fire.

    76. Nanajurokubey 
He's currently serving as negotiator to the Time-Space Administration Bureau.

  • Meaningful Name: His number is 76, after the year (17)76, the year the United States' Declaration of Independence was signed.

    79. Nanajukyubey 
Runs the Museum of Magi.

    84. Hachijushibey 
The Purifactor who runs the Dojo of Power.

    85. Hachijugobey 
The Purifactor who provides Ambrosia to make non-Magi immortal.

  • Meaningful Name: His number is 85, after the average age most humans die at.

    89. Hachijukyubey/Remy 
The chief chef at the Wyrm's Feast. He helps cook meals for the many hungry magi.

    180. Hyakuhachijubey 
The Principal Purifactor of Purity City University. She wears a traditional principal suit.

  • Meaningful Name: Her number is 180, after the number of days in a typical school year.