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Characters / Magical Girl No Civil War

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Characters of Magical Girl No Civil War

Simone Joseita Bolivar - daltar

Michelle Collins - Geek Code Red

Jenny Doolittle - Wysp

General Spirit: Jimmy Doolittle

Affiliation: Loyalists

The daughter of a USAF pilot, Jenny is a transfer student to MG West Point, and doesn't like it one bit. Her powers ensure that she will never be able to live the dream she's had since a young age: being a fighter pilot.


Andrea Jackson - Oni-Lord

Roberta E. Lee - Colonial1.1

Horatia Nelson - Katsuun

General Spirit: Horatio Nelson

Affiliation: Loyalists

Georgina Patton - Fusionman

Marlene "The Red Baroness" Richthofen - lockonlockon

Erin Rommel - SOCR


Voirrey Singetorriques - Fauxlosophe

General Spirit: Vercingetorix

Affiliation: Secessionists

A proud Breton and Celt, Voirrey feels remourse that the failure of her predecessor, inspite of his best efforts, cost the Celts a place in the history books. She is doing her best to reverse that and turn back time for her nation but at this point everything has gotten so muddle she understands the best she can hope for is small half-victories. That said, she thinks friends are worth way more than any of that silly politics stuff and will fight to the bitter end to help them.

She has a tendancy to stand up for the little guy.

Even if she's not really sure what the fight is over in the first place.

  • Book Dumb: Hates Reading but is still able to hold her end in philosophy debates.
    • Omniglot: Has a natural talent with picking up languages. Fluently speaks three and is able to understand many more. Specializes in the Celtic, German and Romance families.
  • Genki Girl: At very least, just very, very excited most of the time with a perpetual grin.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Not too much, but enjoys a good drink.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl: So far seems to be starting to play the part for Simone and to a lesser extent the rest of the class.
  • School Girl Lesbians: With Simone.
  • Warrior Heaven: How Voirrey sees Atlantis.

Jocelyn Stricker - hotelkilo

Davina Stirling - Deadbeatloser22

Petra Wessel Tordenskjold - Lemurian

Joan D Arc- deathpigeon

General Spirit: Joan d'Arc

Affiliation: Secessionists


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