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Characters / Macross Frontier Trilogy

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This is for characters who are created specifically for the Macross Frontier Trilogy PSP games.

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Introduced in Macross: Ace Frontier

    Yuto Kagura 
Yuto Kagura/Male Pilot No.1
Voiced by: Jun Konno


Gary Murdock/Male Pilot No.2
Voiced by: Tetsu Inada

  • Badass Baritone: Has that voice courtesy of Tetsu Inada.
  • Badass Beard: Sports a yellow goatee-type beard.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Is this to the younger Valkyrie pilots.
  • Returning War Vet: Gary's a veteran of many conflicts and has chosen to not retire from being a pilot.
  • Rich Boredom: Despite coming from a wealthy and prominent family, Gary still decided to become a Valkyrie pilot.

    Hilda V. Bergen 
Hilda V. Bergen/Female Pilot No.2
Voiced by: Miho Hino

  • Action Girl: One of the few original generation pilots introduced in Ace Frontier alongside Miyuki.
  • Generation Xerox: Her father is an ex-mercenary. She follows in his footsteps, only to fight as a Valkyrie pilot.
  • Hot for Student: Some of her personal sub plots in Triangle Frontier as a coach.
  • Phenotype Stereotype: Has blonde hair and possibly blue or green eyes. Which does make sense, especially if her surname is a Scandinavian surname.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Is one entirely thanks to her upbringing. But...

    Miyuki Shirakawa 
Miyuki Shirakawa/Female Pilot No.1
Voiced by: Sasaki Hinako

  • Action Girl: One of the few original generation pilots introduced in Ace Frontier alongside Hilda.
  • Child Soldier: She's between 16-17 years old.
  • Generation Xerox: Miyuki joins the military since it was a family tradition to do so.
  • Military Brat: Is born to a military-oriented family. It was rare for the females in her family to actively join military service.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Miyuki has purple-colored hair.

Itsuki Yamashiro
Voiced by: Kiyotaka Furushima

  • Asian and Nerdy: The only one among the original generation operators.
  • Megane: Wear glasses in his character portrait.
  • Serious Business: How Itsuki treats his work that sometimes, misunderstanding occurs between him and the pilots.
  • The One Guy: Among the operators as the only active male operator.
  • The Stoic: Itsuki is known to be like this in his job.

Yu Akimizu
Voiced by: Kimiko Koyama

  • Naïve Newcomer: As part of her New Meat experience, Yu doesn't want to be seen as young and inexperienced.
  • New Meat: Yu's a newly recruited operator. It's due to this that she's worried that people won't take her seriously.
  • The Millstone: She fears that her new recruit status will result into this eventually.


Claire Stanford
Voiced by: Tomo Adachi

Introduced in Macross: Ultimate Frontier

    Luis Fernando 
Luis Fernando/Male Pilot No.3
Voiced by: Yuki Hayashi

  • Badass Mustache: Sports one.
  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: He wears one in his character portrait. It's unknown if he can wear it underneath his pilot helmet.
  • Dreadlock Rasta: His dark blonde hair is fashioned as dreadlocks in his character portrait. The personality is enforced by his sub plots in Triangle Frontier.
  • Private Military Contractors: Luis was briefly one before becoming a full-time Valkyrie pilot with NUNS.

    Yui Hoshimura 
Yui Hoshimura/Female Pilot No.3
Voiced by: Yoko Nishino

Pinon Collette
Voiced by: Ai Nonaka


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