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Main characters

     In General 
  • Beware the Nice Ones: they good people and are capable of empathy and love but they take no shots from enemies.
  • Determinator: they rarely give up on their Quests even it mean costing their lives.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: They Hardly wear shoes. Mabel wear bunny slippers as her only choice of footwear. Timothy, Carruthers, Pelf and Omynus come from barefoot half-dressed evolved animals.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: All the animal crew members are seen dressed very well from above the waist, but are otherwise lacking from below.
  • Heel–Face Turn: a variant. Omynus, Mabel, Pelf and Jarvis gave up piracy in order to save the world.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: two human Children and four adult animals form a great team.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Mabel and Jarvis are two human children while Pelf, Omynus, Timothy and Carruthers are fully grown up evolved animals.
  • Manly Tears: Omynus, Pelf and Carruthers shred a single tear when it come to death. It okay to cry if you are a ruthless pirate and Badass Bookworm.
  • Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits: the group include a ninja pirate thief with a doorknob for a hand and come from an endangered species, a Chain-smoking old pirate goat, a kid engineer, a Adventurer Archaeologist badger scientist and his otter assistant who happen to like writing Poetry and art although he sucks at it. Their leader is a tomboyish little girl who not afraid to pick her nose and fight with a cutlass.
  • Smurfette Principle: Mabel is the only female in the team.
     Mabel Jones 
The titular character of the series, Mabel is a young girl who was dragged in the Noo World after performing The Deed, and wound up on an adventure with a pirate crew. She made it back home but returned to the Noo world to rescue her sister in Book 2. Both instances happened at bedtime while she was wearing her pyjamas, and she subsequently spends the rest of her adventures in them.
  • Action Girl: Fearless? Check, Survival Knowledge? Check, Capable of swordsmanship? Check
  • Adventurer Outfit: Mabel is given a cutlass and a pirate belt to wear over her pyjamas in order to look more like a pirate.
  • Author Avatar: She represents Will Mabbitt if he is brave to face any adventure.
  • Badass Adorable: She maybe a cute little girl in pyjamas but she take no crap.
  • Badass Boast: sometimes cried out her favourite quote.
    Mabel Jones: My name is Mabel Jones and I’m not scared of anything!
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She very kind and goodhearted but can be Badass if she want to be.
  • Big Sister Instinct: in Mabel Jones and the forgotten city, She had to go to the Noo world to save her baby sister Maggie.
  • Break the Cutie: She cries when Omynus take the bullet for her.
  • Butt-Monkey: she went through lots of misfortunes and get in dangerous situations like being kidnapped by animal pirates, being forced to Walk the Plank, get whipped by a psycho wolf pirate captain, her enemy try to kill her, etc.
  • Clothing Damage: Mabel's pyjamas are shown to be quite torn up by the time she gets back home at the end of Book 1. Strangely enough, her pyjamas look fresh and new at the start of book 2. It is possible she just has several pairs of the same red and white striped pyjamas.
  • Cool Sword: She wields a cutlass.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She can be very dry witted.
  • Does Not Like Spam: She didn’t like peanuts apart from chocolate covered ones.
  • Dumb Blonde: Averted. Despite having blonde curly hair, She is very quick witted and excellent at spelling (by animal standards, anyway).
  • Everyone Has Standards: Mabel may not care much about her hygiene but found the idea of going to the Filthpipe sound way too disgusting for her. Although she reluctantly accepted the offer and managed to succeed it.
  • Embarrassing Pyjamas: Completely averted in her case. Mabel seems perfectly comfortable wearing her pyjamas everywhere she goes and never tries to hide them. In fact, she outright called them "her pyjamas" when asking Jarvis for help to get them back.
  • Guile Heroine: her intelligence and wits save her life if fighting wasn’t enough for her.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Her blonde hair matches her forgiving and kind heart.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Her weapon of choice is a cutlass.
  • Heroic BSoD: briefly fell into this after finding out the place she stuck in is actually the future where humanity extinct.
    • Happened again in Book 2 when she was so busy trying to get some diamonds she forgot about her sister and got trapped.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: give up her body to the Witch Queen in order to sent her sister and Jarvis home
  • Intergenerational Friendship: form one with the Noo World animals who allied with her but mostly Omynus Hussh.
  • Interspecies Friendship: apart from Jarvis who is human, her friends in Noo world were anthropomorphic animals.
  • Kid Hero: a young child and the titular protagonist.
  • The Lad-ette: a G-rated, kid-friendly example. Care less about her hygiene like picking her nose, a very capable fighter and won a drinking contest(with milk!). Think Jack Sparrow if he is a little girl in pyjamas.
  • The Leader: to a group of one human kid and four animals. Mix of type || and type |||.
  • Little Miss Badass: Despite her very young age, she’s a very capable fighter with wits and swordsmanship skills.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Throughout the series, Mabel is shown only wearing her red and white striped pyjamas and slippers. While she may wear other clothes over them (Oilskins, robes),she is still wearing her pyjamas and slippers underneath.
  • Meaningful Name: Mabel means “Beautiful”, “Loveable” and “Loving” in Latin.
  • Morality Pet: to the deadly and vindictive Omynus.
  • Noodle People: According to Pelf, She skinny as a bags of bones.
  • One Head Taller: She barely taller than Jarvis.
  • Pajama-Clad Hero: She never takes off her pyjamas while in the Noo World, despite wearing the pyjamas for weeks without changing them. This is taken to ridiculous levels during the only time she DID take them off - dressing a skeleton in her pyjamas as a distraction- only to immediately change back into her pyjamas when the danger was over despite them just being on a, well, skeleton. She must really like wearing her pyjamas.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Once disguised herself as a nun along with Jarvis and Omynus.
  • The Pig-Pen: She really doesn't seem to care much for her hygeine- she is seen picking her nose, scratching her armpit and wearing her pyjamas for weeks on end without wearing anything else. The strong smell of her pyjamas is what allows her to win a fight against a centipede.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: scrawny and bit short but is athletic and agile.
  • Pirate Girl: She join a pirate crew of Funny Animals called the Feroshus Maggot.
  • Plucky Girl: never hesitates or gives up.
  • Red Is Heroic: She has red stripes on her pyjamas and is the main hero of the story.
  • Red Oni,Blue Oni: The Red Oni to Jarvis's blue, Mabel is shown to be more hotheaded than him. Quite fittingly, her pyjamas have red stripes.
  • Smurfette Principle: the only only female member of the Feroshus Maggot.
  • Stock Shōnen Hero: Downplayed. She is a righteous and determined Kid Hero with a big heart who befriend and redeems an Anti-Villain Rival, fight bad guys with her cutlass, had slight Hot-Blooded moments and her colour scheme is red.
  • Sweet Tooth: she like gummy babies and chocolate covered peanuts.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Despite Omynus Initial hatred for her, she felt bad for biting his hand off.
  • Tagalong Kid: She the only kid in the Feroshus Maggot.
  • Token Human: She and Jarvis are the only humans in the Noo World.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Despite the crew expecting her to be a spoiled brat and girly princess-wannabe, Mabel turns out to be a adventurous tomboy and managed to join the Pirates not just she clever at spelling but not afraid to do gross stuff like pick her nose and eat it. However, she wear pink bunny slippers.
  • Underdressed for the Occasion: Whether she is meeting a super important government figure or a fortune teller,she is always wearing her pyjamas.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Nobody seems to find it strange that she is always wearing her pyjamas.
  • Womanchild: Despite her young age, she acts like a young adult in the Noo world.
  • Youthful Freckles: as shown in the illustrations.
     Omynus Hussh 
A silent Loris, he was a member of the crew of The Feroshus Maggot responsible for kidnapping children who did The Deed. His latest victim was Mabel Jones, who bit his hand resulting in it being amputated and nursed a grudge against her as a result of this. However, he warmed to her and eventually formed a firm friendship with her.
The only other human member of Mabel's friends, he is a young boy whose exact origin has yet to be revealed. He was able to escape back to his time after book 1, but wound up back in the Noo world after he did the Deed again.
  • Adorably Precocious Child: Despite being just a child, he goes on many adventures most adults have never had to go through. He is also his crew’s engineer.
  • Adult Child: He really didn’t have much choice but to act this way to survive in the Noo World
  • Badass in Distress: The most glaring example is in Book 2 when he got captured by a giant centipede and would have been eaten had Mabel not rescued him.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With the animals in the crew.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Was seen working with Pelf even before Mabel’s return to the Noo world. Besides Mabel, all his friends shown are animals.
  • Kid Hero: Along with Mabel.
  • Pajama-Clad Hero: He is shown wearing pyjamas in Book 1 just like Mabel. Strangely enough, in the later books, he seems to have changed into clothes more suited for an engineer.
  • Psychopomp: In book 1, he dresses as one to hide his identity and to stop Captain Split from completing his evil scheme.
  • Red Oni,Blue Oni: The Blue Mabel’s red, he is calmer and more passive compared to Mabel.
  • Token Human: Like Mabel, he is one of only 2 human Children in the Noo World.

     Professor Carruthers Badger-Badger 
     Timothy Speke 


     Captain Idryss Ebenezer Split 
     Count Anselmo Klack 
     The Witch Queen 
  • Become a Real Boy: Her entire plan is aimed at becoming a living girl, namely by taking over Mabel's body.
  • Big Bad:of the second book.
  • Grand Theft Me: Briefly takes over Mabel's body.
  • Sweet Tooth: Got distracted by a jelly baby just when her plan was succeeding. This end up killing her when the jelly baby turn out to be poisonous.
  • Wicked Witch: Has magic and is definitely not on the side of the angels.
     Grand Zhoul 
     Von Klarr