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Characters / Lupin III: Part II

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For general tropes associated with the regular cast, you can find their page here: Lupin III.

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     Mister X 
Japanese: Junpei Takiguchi (1971-1979), Chafurin (2018)
Mister X is one of the most prominent members of his rogue's gallery. He is the wealthy commissioner of The Scorpion Crime Syndicate, who has a massive grudge against Lupin III and Fujiko Mine.For his tropes, see his page at: Lupin III: Part 1.
     Phantoma Mark III 
English: Tom Wyner

Phantoma Mark III is another recurring member of Lupin III's rogues gallery, nursing a grudge against the thief ever since Lupin thwarted his plans to inundate the world by melting the polar ice caps and then enslave any survivors to build his new empire.

     Dr. Oz 
Japanese: Tetsuya Kaji
English: Simon Prescott

A Scottish Mad Scientist who abducted Fujiko in an attempt to capture Nessie.

  • Evil Old Folks: An old lunatic who plans to capture Nessie for profit.
     Olivera Neto 
Japanese: Kōsei Tomita

Neto is the police chief of Rio who is very friendly, he is also the prison warden.

  • Cool Old Guy: Neto is getting on the years, but is kind.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Neto is never seen in anything but a suit.
  • Wardens Are Evil: Subverted. Being both Rio's prison warden and police chief, Neto is a very friendly man.

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