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Characters / Lupin III: Bye-Bye Liberty Crisis!

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Japanese: Yui Komazuka
Isabel initially appears to be a woman in search of [[Macguffin the Super Egg]] but in reality she is Number 2 of the Three Masons Clan.

  • Code Name: She is really Number 2 of the the Three Masons Clans. After teaming up with Jimmy/Number 3 to kill Number 1, she takes on the mantle of Number 1.
  • Dude Magnet: And how. Lupin, Jimmy and even Jigen and Goemon express an attraction towards her. In the case of (the first) Big Bad Number 1, this was the direct cause of his downfall and death.
  • The Usurper: Becomes the new Number 1 by plotting with Number 3 to kill the old one. Teaming up with Jimmy end with her literally stabbed in the back and ironically a victim of this trope.

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