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Derrick encounters many strange and wonderful characters in his journeys through the dream realm, some friends, some foes, some who hide their motives. Sometimes this extends to the people outside his dreams as well. Or does it?

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Derrick Willford

"As previously stated your name is Derrick Willford. You have a variety of interests that include the dark and mysterious aspects of life. Monsters and demons both excite and frighten you to death which you can enjoy sometimes since you're very bored lately. You are a calm and shy person who fears the wrath of others and will avoid danger whenever possible, you have taken measures to protect yourself from the "things" outside of your room, as a failsafe your closet on the otherside is a last resort to hide from the demons that lurk behind your door. You have no friends other than your beloved sister, however you havn't seen her in years ever since the "accident" that caused the both of you to become orphans. You still keep in touch using the chat client called Pesterchum."

He is the Prince of Fear and one of the two Guardians of the Land of Murder and Moonlight.

Lucia Morris

"Your name is Lucia Morris. How strange of you to nearly forget it!"

"You have many interests, which include the dark and mysterious aspects of life. You are very fond of gothic lolita and chained crosses and accessories. Before you ended up in this world you used to read tonnes of freaky stories with your best friend, Derrick. You miss him so much. Many years ago you used to hang out in this place, but it didn't look how it does now. You don't remember much from before you got in here, but it had something to do with a gunshot wound, and blinding lights."

She is the Maid of Dusk, and serves Derrick as the second Guardian of the Land of Murder and Moonlight.

Lexii Daines

"You are now Lexii Daines. You have a variety of interests and have a passion for literature. You love books and spend most of your time reading hard copies or online stories. You tend to be a closet fan-fiction author and have created countless pairing stories of your favourite protagonists, some favourable, others, a bit... different. You also are a hopeless romantic. You can't stop thinking about various romantic situations that could spring off at any given moment in a story, which is why you got into fan-fiction in the first place!"

She is the Messenger of Hope and one of the Guardians of the '''Land of Hope and Miracles.

Garreth Matthews

The Advisor of Doom. Believed to be a Guardian of the Land of Hope and Miracles.

Alice Willford

"If there is one thing you can say about yourself, it would be that you have many irons in the fire. From birth you've always been seen as a strange individual. You've been prone to get into unnecessary conflicts when people don't bend to your will. You've come to gain insight that solved that problem years ago, however. Some might even go as far as to say you are not who you claim to be, and that's just the way you like it."

Derrick's sister, the Princess of Illusions and Guardian of the Land of Cruelty and Deceit.

Lucas Bowers

"You have successfully become Lucas Bowers. As a young boy you've been interested in policing and FBI type entertainment. You like to watch the interrogations and you could even say you've learned a thing or two. You have a variety of interests besides these things however, like riddles and word problems. You have a WHITE KNIGHT complex and feel it necessary to help ANY woman in need. You've come accustomed to pushing people away due to your snarky facial expressions and bad influence... Though you managed to catch a few friends who have gotten a glimpse at the real you."

The Knight of Dawn. He serves Alice, and can thus be presumed to be a Guardian of the Land of Cruelty and Deceit.

     Conjurations and Familiars 


Derrick's conjuration. Usually described as 'a tall fluffy troll-deer'.

Reggie the Raven

Derrick's familiar, formed from a plushie he's had since he was a kid. He is also the Attendant of lomam.


Lucia's conjuration. A shadow-like shapeshifting creature formed from an icebat plushie.


Alice's conjuration. That big creepy cat. Supposedly Alice created him without being aware of it.

Darko Tenebris

Alice's familiar. That small creepy cat.


Garry's familiar, formed from his bag. It takes the appearance of a small fairy.


A cookie plush belonging to Lexii. The Attendant of the Land of Hope and Meadows.



A monster who visually resembled Lucia. Created from Derrick's memories of her.


A very powerful Monster Girl, in actuality a Wyvern. Rather than having to fight her, Derrick allowed her to join his party.


Emily Reed

Little is known about this girl, except that she has a crush on Derrick.

The Reaper Kids

12 kids who wear masks and cloaks, and carry scythes. They live in lomam.


The leader of the reaper kids.

Who is he really?

Well, isn't it obvious?


A mysterious girl who may or may not be Alice.


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