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    Dario Cueto 

Dario Cueto
El Jefe, boss and promoter of Lucha Underground and proprietor of the Temple, the arena where the fights take place. After going over to AAA to secure contracts for many of its wrestlers to come to the Temple, Cueto founded Lucha Underground with the purpose of providing the most violent and hard-hitting entertainment around. However, behind closed doors, Cueto is an expert manipulator and instigator, inciting rivalries and bloodshed in the ring for both his twisted amusement and for some kind of hidden, possibly supernaturally sinister agenda. He is fond of giving his wrestlers "unique opportunities", promises of rewards in exchange for great fights, which inevitably result in more bloodshed in the ring.

At the top of a staircase near Cueto's office is a locked room, the key to which he keeps around his neck, in which he keeps Matanza - his hulking, monstrously powerful younger brother - for whom Cueto has some currently unrevealed plan. Cueto also acquired seven golden Aztec medallions, each one representing one of the ancient Aztec tribes, and ordered a series of matches for the luchadores to compete for them. The significance of the medallions and any connections to the supernatural remain to be seen. Cueto's family seems to have a long-standing blood feud with Dragon Azteca and his predecessors, and Dragon and Black Lotus opposed Cueto's secret plans with Matanza. Unfortunately for them, Cueto seemed to be one step ahead of the game, and through Chavo Guerrero's manipulations, he captured and held Black Lotus hostage in the same room as Matanza's cage, directly across from the thing that killed her family.

Cueto masterminded the first major Lucha Underground event: Ultima Lucha, the season-end event. In it, not only were all current championships put on the line, but there was also a special match comprised of winners of the seven Aztec medallions for a new championship: the Gift of the Gods, which guarantees the winner an automatic title shot. While having Black Lotus in his power, Cueto told her that it wasn't Matanza who killed her family, but her mentor Dragon Azteca himself, placing the blame on Matanza to cover his crime. Whether this is truth or one of Cueto's manipulations remains to be seen, but when Dragon Azteca came into the Temple to get her, Black Lotus actually betrayed her master and killed him. According to Cueto, Dragon Azteca's death broke some kind of treaty between the Cuetos and the group that Dragon Azteca belonged to, inciting war, and he was forced to leave the Temple with Black Lotus and Matanza in tow, his destination unknown but stating that he would build a second Temple wherever he ended up.

Several hundred miles away from Boyle Heights, he accomplished this, in the form of a fight club, which the fourth issue of the comic further elaborated on. While he had to lay low, he promised the Believers that he would return... and introduce everyone to his brother. He made good on his promise on Aztec Warfare II, taking back control of the Temple from Catrina and inserting Matanza into the match, which was followed by Matanza obliterating everyone in the match to win the Lucha Underground Championship. El Jefe was back in charge, and woe unto those who opposed him. During the second Trios tournament, Cueto tried to recreate the success of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico by putting rivals together in teams, but his efforts failed almost completely. Dario's rivalry with Catrina reached critical mass during a title match between Matanza and Mil Muertes, which ended in a no-contest when both men plunged through the roof of his office. He ended the episode vowing war upon Catrina and her followers. The power struggle in the Temple continues to rage. Dario granted Catrina a rematch between Mil and Matanza, but with Lucha Underground's most brutal stipulation: Graver Consequences, this time with four caskets involved. Though Matanza defeated Muertes, Cueto was unable to silence his rival for good, as Catrina had disappeared from the casket she had been placed in. Cueto was seen making a payment to Councilman Delgado (the same Councilman who had threatened Captain Vasquez), who clued him in that there were possibly police moles within the Temple (a claim that was later proven true). He deftly shunted aside Black Lotus' suspicions regarding the true killer of her parents, placing her in a match against Dragon Azteca Jr. for Ultima Lucha Dos with the promise that taking his mask back to the Black Lotus Triad would put their spirits to rest. Soon informed DA Jr. of the match, not-so-subtly hinting towards Black Lotus being the murderer of DA Jr.'s mentor in the process. Spent the rest of the time leading up to Ultima Lucha Dos setting up other matches for the big event, including offering what, at that point, had been described as the most lucrative Unique Opportunity yet in a mini-tournament, which was won by Son of Havoc. As Havoc won, he offered him either $250,000 or a guaranteed shot at the Lucha Underground championship at Ultima Lucha Tres. Havoc took the latter, but as usual, Cueto had a catch: Havoc had to defeat a third opponent to keep it, which he failed to do so. Cueto received definitive proof that there was a police presence within the Temple when he discovered that Mr. Cisco, who had agreed to the deal offered to him, was wearing a wire, daring them to come get him before bludgeoning Cisco to death with his bull statue. After killing Cisco, he made a call to an unknown party (possibly Councilman Delgado or his father), saying two words: "It's time." He was present for Matanza's match against Pentagon, but after Ultima Lucha Dos finished, he was arrested...though the last shot of the season was him smiling inside the police van as it drove away from the Temple.

Cueto spent the time between seasons in prison, during which time he "met a lot of cool people" and received presents from Marty "The Moth" Martinez, before Councilman Delgado and the unknown benefactor succeeded in getting him freed from prison. The latter would threaten Cueto with death if he "wasted his time" again. Once back in the Temple, Cueto wasted no time in introducing a new concept: "Dario's Dial of Doom", a wheel that listed several challengers for Matanza. His first spin gave Son of Havoc the shot he had been denied during Ultima Lucha Dos. He would also grant Martinez a Weapons of Mass Destruction match against Killshot and Taya a Gift of the Gods match against Sexy Star. Also upon his return to the Temple, he would discover the identities of the police moles within the Temple, as Joey Ryan went to him and offered to be a double agent in his employ. El Jefe seemed to have developed a drug problem between seasons, as he was busted with his head down on his desk and sniffling as Mundo stormed into his office to once again demand a title shot, which he was of course denied. Dario offered a Trios title shot, which Mundo refused before storming off and Taya accepted before commenting that Dario had something on his nose. Another spin of the Dial of Doom gave the Mack a title shot. Dario would soon receive more presents, a hat from Famous B (with his equally famous phone number emblazoned on it) and two strange pictures, which somehow reappeared on his desk after being thrown away. He would hand these off to Ricky Mandel before Chavo came in to speak with him. He would soon reveal to Rey Mysterio that DA Jr. had tried to get him to give him a match with Pentagon, and that he had changed DA Jr.'s opponent to Chavo with a match with Pentagon on the line before making Mysterio the special referee. He confronted Castro, falsely offering his condolences for the death of Cisco, then subtly indicated that he knew who Castro was by giving him a match against Pentagon. Dario once again refused to give Mundo a title shot, instead rewarding Evans for getting the pin in the Atomicos match with a shot against Sexy Star, and was on hand for Matanza's successful defense against Prince Puma. With a pleased expression on his face, Dario watched Chavo and Mysterio scuffle in his office (Chavo had attacked DA Jr. backstage and Mysterio wanted revenge), before making the match with Pentagon that DA Jr. was supposed to have into a three-way involving Chavo and Mysterio as well.

Supremely confident in his brother's ability to retain the title through Aztec Warfare III, Dario put Matanza in at #1, then gave a Unique Opportunity to Drago, Aerostar, and Fenix to decide which would be #20. He later accepted what was left of the $100,000 that Mundo stole from him back in Season 1 in return for a shot at the Gift of the Gods. The next week, he was confronted by Sexy Star who announced she was cashing in the Gift of the Gods against Matanza, but Dario reminded her that first she had to defend the belt against Johnny Mundo, and warned her that if her allies from the Trios champions appeared at ringside, they'd be banned from the Temple (while pointedly neglecting to set the same stipulation for the Worldwide Underground). Later, he had another meeting with Councilman Delgado, who told him that "his ascension is complete" and gave him an ornate Aztec casket containing some mysterious treasure, telling him to find a new "host body"; Dario responded that he had two in mind, implying that he meant Cage and Texano. Shortly afterwards, Rey Mysterio approached him while he was examining the glowing contents of the casket, asking him to book a "Loser Leaves Lucha" match for the main event next week between himself and Chavo.

Upon the Dial of Doom hitting "Dario's Choice", Dario took all of about five seconds to decide that Castro, his arm still broken, would get a title match against Matanza. Though Castro fought back, Matanza handily defeated him, and afterward Dario not-so-subtly revealed that he knew Castro was a mole. He would later speak to Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada, granting Sagrada a match against Famous B. before adding that whoever won out of Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. could pick a stipulation. Much later, he would restart the Loser Leaves Lucha match after Chavo and his father tried to orchestrate a cheap win. The week before Aztec Warfare III, he motivated his brother to war. Switched Mundo's number with Sexy Star's after Mundo mouthed off to him about winning Aztec Warfare III. Dario was on hand to watch as his brother was pinned for the very first time, by Rey Mysterio Jr., and tried to quell Matanza's rage only to be shoved to the floor. Told Angelico to stay away from the Temple the week after Aztec Warfare III, as Mundo had gotten a restraining order against him, and later granted Black Lotus her demand for Pentagon Dark, scheduling Pentagon in a gauntlet match against her and the Black Lotus Triad. He spoke to Matanza in his brother's room, saying that it would be easy for the Monster to regain the title, only to be surprised by Matanza's demand for a match with Mysterio instead. The week after, he spoke to Matanza again, urging him to reconsider not competing in the Battle of the Bulls tournament, only for his brother to repeat his demand for Mysterio. Dario thought he had calmed the Monster upon mentioning that DA Jr. would also be competing, only to have his head slammed into the bars, knocking him unconscious. He would later emerge to corral Matanza, blood-stained towel pressed to his head. He was also threatened by Angelico and placed him into the Battle of the Bulls tournament, then granted Sexy Star an opportunity at a rematch with Mundo. He was intruded upon by Jeremiah Crane, who confused him by retrieving something from the ceiling of his office that Crane had left there as a kid, at the same time granting Crane a match against Mil Muertes. Dario granted Sexy Star's demand to face Mariposa in a match, then appeared after Texano won the fourth match of the Best of Five series between himself and Cage, stating that the fifth match would happen immediately, and that it would be anything goes. After the match, he awarded the contents of the mysterious box to Cage: a metal gauntlet, later named the Gauntlet of the Gods. He spoke to the Mack before his match with Mundo, stating that he'd changed the rules a bit, making the match that was supposed to be for the title to decide a stipulation for the title match instead. While speaking to Councilman Delgado regarding Cage and the Gauntlet, he granted DA Jr.'s request for a Death Match against Matanza, and was on hand when Matanza slammed DA Jr. through the bleachers AND when Rey Mysterio in turn avenged his protege by sending Matanza crashing through the roof of the backstage area. The latter made him rush to the door in a panic, and when he couldn't get it open, he ordered everyone out of the Temple.

After the hiatus, we next saw Dario during The Mack and Johnny Mundo's All Night Long match when Son of Havoc thumped on his door and demanded something to help him revive the dazed Mack. A bottle of water was rejected, and Dario eventually produced two cans of beer, which did the trick. When the match ended in a 3-all tie, meaning Mundo would retain the championship by default, Dario once again emerged to insist that a championship match had to have a single winner, booking both men into a deciding match for the next week. Citing that Mundo had had his chosen stipulation and that Mack would receive his, he made it Falls Count Anywhere. He would also introduce his newest concept, the Cueto Cup: a 32 luchador tournament, with the winner guaranteed a title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres. When confronted and threatened by the returning Pentagon Dark, Cueto gave him a spot in the Cueto Cup tournament, then he personally informed Cage that Delgado had asked to meet with him. With 3/4ths of the first round of his Cueto Cup finished, he arranged for the tournament debut of Son of Madness. Two weeks later, after Madness attacked Havoc before Havoc's second round match with Dante Fox, he gave Havoc the opportunity to withdraw from the match, informing him that it would not be rescheduled due to the attack. With the Worldwide Underground's agent Benjamin Cooke calling him to the point where he unplugged one phone then trashed the other, he gave PJ Black a match against Rey Mysterio. Having left Matanza in his cell after recovering him from the backstage area after he was sent crashing through the roof of it, he brought him a tray of raw meat before admonishing him to control his hunger before it destroyed them both. Later in the evening, he would request that the Worldwide Underground not interfere in Mundo's match with DA Jr., promising opportunities to earn Aztec Medallions if they listened, and no more opportunities if they did not.

Dario was informed of Councilman Delgado's demise by Delgado's replacement, FBI Agent Winter, and was told that the Unknown Benefactor had requested that Winter keep an eye on him as well. All three seem to belong to an organization called The Order, which has designs on the Aztec gods ruling again. Dario was informed by Joey Ryan that the masked wrestler Veneno was possibly Cortez Castro under a different identity, which he responded to by putting Veneno against Sexy Star in a lucha de apuesta (mask vs. mask) match. He then arranged a face-to-face between Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo, which broke down into an all-out brawl between much of the roster, which he watched with glee. After being threatened by Mundo and Cooke regarding his treatment of Mundo, Cueto banned all of the roster from Mysterio and Mundo's match, including the Worldwide Underground, only to interfere in the match himself. Though he would cost Mysterio the title, he would get hit with a 619 for his troubles. He would also present Prince Puma with the Cueto Cup. The week after being attacked by Rey, he went to Matanza, admitting that he had been wrong to keep his brother away from Mysterio, then gave him a match with him. He made a Boyle Heights Biker Brawl match between Son of Havoc and Son of Madness, then was later confronted by an angry Castro, who he gave a match with Ryan for an Aztec Medallion to. After announcing the lineup for Lucha Underground's one hundredth episode, he asked Mysterio to come out, then told him to leave the building so he wouldn't attack Matanza. When Mysterio refused, he threatened to fire DA Jr., which got Mysterio to leave, but not without a promise to come after him after finishing with Matanza. After Mundo challenged Puma to a mask vs. title match, he upped the stakes further, making it title vs. Puma's career instead.

While Cage was brawling with Jeremiah Crane and Mil Muertes, Dario stole the Gauntlet that had been dropped by Catrina. He later announced that Melissa Santos would be tagging with Fenix to face the Moth siblings, then accompanied his brother to the ring, ordering him to first destroy DA Jr. then to utterly destroy Mysterio both during and after their match. After the carnage had ceased, he ordered Matanza to pick up Mysterio and carry him away. Seeing how Famous B's interference had cost Texano a victory against Dante Fox and certainly hoping for more violence in the Temple, Dario made a match between B and Texano, despite B's broken arm. He later watched as Son of Havoc and Pentagon placed their Medallions into the Gift of the Gods, making sure to call for medics on standby as Pentagon had threatened to break the arms of all his opponents. When the Gift of the Gods match ended in a draw between Havoc and Pentagon, he placed them in a ladder match for the vacant title for Ultima Lucha Tres. He later met Agent Winter and the Unknown Benefactor in the limo, stating that he had made a match between Cage, Mil Muertes, and Jeremiah Crane for Ultima Lucha Tres, with the winner to receive the Gauntlet. Though he did not appear for the first week of Ultima Lucha, it was revealed that he had made Famous B's match with Texano a handicap match. He awarded a Trios title shot to the Mack for winning a battle royal for a unique opportunity, then selected Mack's partners: Killshot and Dante Fox. He later looked on as the match between Catrina and Ivelisse invaded his office and one of his liquor bottles was used as a weapon.

Dario intervened in his brother's match with DA Jr., saving him from a loss by invalidating the cage match's escape rule. After the match, he was confronted by Black Lotus, who had learned that he had lied to her regarding the murder of her parents. After having Matanza attack her, he gleefully stated that he was, indeed, a liar. He made the three-way for the Gauntlet of the Gods an elimination match and later announced that Pentagon had chosen to cash in the Gift of the Gods that night. After Ultima Lucha Tres, he met with Agent Winter, reassuring him that he would get the Gauntlet back. He was surprised to hear that he had been given a pass...and was then shot twice by Winter. With his last remaining strength, he dialed the red phone, calling his father before collapsing to the floor, presumably dead. Later revealed that his own father had ordered the hit on him, as he viewed his son as weak.

While Dario had indeed passed away from his wounds, Aerostar went back in time after Ultima Lucha Cuatro and revived him using the power of the Piedra Immortal.
  • First appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Alignment: ???
  • Allies: ???
  • Current Feuds: Presumably the Order
  • Former Feuds: Black Lotus, Dragon Azteca, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Big Ryck, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico

  • A Glass of Chianti: Not wine, but Dario loved him a nice whiskey while he ruminated his evil plans. He even calmly served himself a drink with a grin on his face after Alberto El Patron got thrown through his office window by Johnny Mundo.
    • Champagne was his drink of choice when Ultima Lucha began, as he downed a glass while speaking to Black Lotus.
    • Bourbon was another favorite of El Jefe, as he even had shot glasses labeled as such.
  • Abusive Parents: According to Dario, his and Matanza's mother was physically abusive, to the point of nearly killing Dario if Matanza hadn't intervened. His father proved not to be much better later on, as he put a hit out on him.
  • Acting for Two: Luis Fernandez-Gil plays both Dario and his father, Antonio.
  • Affably Evil: Cueto rarely lost his cool, and when he was making a wrestler an offer or offering him a pep talk, he was actually pretty charming and likable.
    • Faux Affably Evil: The question of how much both tropes applied to him was a subject of much debate amongst fans.
  • Arch-Enemy: During Season 1, his was Johnny Mundo, the wrestler that most pushed his buttons. Cueto took any opportunity presented to him to screw Mundo over. He also had it in for Big Ryck, but he was a little more careful around Ryck for obvious reasons.
    • Catrina became this to him during Season 2, to the point where he outright proclaimed his hatred of her.
    • The Order will more than likely be this to him in the future.
  • Author Appeal: Violence. He likes it. A lot. He'd remind you of it constantly. He'd even drink to it.
  • Bad Boss: He was really good at hiding it, too, but both Johnny Mundo and Big Ryck were VERY MUCH aware of it.
    • Reasonable Authority Figure: Whatever you might say about him, Cueto was actually a shrewd businessman and a great motivator. Not only would he give "unique opportunities" to any wrestler that showed promise, but he'd even pep talk or shame losing wrestlers into giving it their all. The biggest example of this was urging Sexy Star to overcome her fear of Mariposa, comparing her situation to that of how his mother had treated him and his brother.
  • Benevolent Boss: Averted as all hell. Cueto was plainly a Bad Boss, period. However, he wasn't above using the appearance of being a good boss for his own ends. In fact, this kind of attitude was what led to possibly his biggest triumph: turning Johnny Mundo fully rudo and making him more than glad to be working for Dario.
  • Big Bad: In secret, he had sinister plans for the entire roster, and he had The Crew as his personal goon squad for when he needed to get a point across the hard way.
  • Catchphrase: "RING THE BELL!!!"
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Played with. He was usually pretty straight in terms of what he asked and expected from his wrestlers, but he REALLY had it in for Johnny Mundo and Big Ryck during Season 1. The only one he hadn't backstabbed or played in some way was Matanza, see Even Evil Has Loved Ones below as to why.
  • Consummate Professional: Averted. He LOOKED the part, but underneath the professionalism he was petty and vindictive.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Mostly averted. Though he engaged in shady business once in a while, Cueto more often was completely open about the way he did business- the better to not show his hand.
  • The Corrupter: He always tried to lure the tecnicos into being more cruel and underhanded, and loved it when they turn on each other. He couldn't abide genuine friendships and loyalties between the luchadores and would split them up any way he can. He organized the Drago vs. Aerostar best-3-out-of-5 series just to get them to develop beef against each other, for example, and he also booked the various matches between Sexy Star and Big Ryck as well as the Lucha de Apuesta (mask vs mask) between Sexy Star and Super Fly.
    • His biggest coup by far in this manner was turning Johnny Mundo full heel by manipulating his hatred of Alberto El Patron, and even buried the hatchet with him in order to employ him full time. Yes, Cueto actually managed to turn his worst enemy into a pawn in his game.
    • Caused Dragon Azteca's death and gained an ally in Black Lotus by convincing her that Azteca slew her parents, though this was later proved to be a complete and utter lie.
  • Curse Cut Short: After Aerostar revived him.
    Dario Cueto: Aerostar? What the f- (To Be Continued)
  • Deal with the Devil: Any wrestler who decided to work directly for him was in for a rude awakening when he was displeased with them.
  • Dirty Coward: When he had his goons by his side and he was in control, you could feel the smugness and arrogance radiating off him. But when he was all by himself, being confronted by a ticked off wrestler like, say, Big Ryck, he quickly became this.
  • Establishing Character Moment: In the very first episode of the show, he became the little devil on Chavo Guerrero's shoulder, showing his predilection for the rudos and his agenda of corrupting those under his employ.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Though Antonio said that Dario had told him he was planning to exploit Matanza, with the revelation that Matanza's key contained what was left of the Monster's humanity, it became very clear that Dario cared very much for his brother. While Antonio abandoned his son mid-match and outright had him destroy the key, Dario kept the key close and was always at ringside for Matanza's matches.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: This was his reaction to Cage destroying the original Lucha Underground title. While Cueto liked Cage from both a business standpoint and a love for the heels, he was not pleased with his actions (and apparently neither were the Aztec gods, or so he said). Cueto did have a new, much more awesome-looking one made afterwards, though.
    • Much more so in the conversation with Sexy Star which set up her epic "No Mas" match with The Mariposa. He was remarkably, and apparently genuinely, in sympathy with the battered and terrorized luchadora, telling her that the fear in her eyes reminded him of himself in his abused childhood, and that she would never destroy that fear in herself without destroying her abuser - as he and Matanza did. It stood as the only occasion to date in which Dario arranged a match not only for its violence and chaos potential but also for a fighter's psychological benefit.
    • When Chavo Guerrero Sr. tried to spoil the main event "Loser Leaves Lucha" match between his son Chavo Jr. and Rey Mysterio by hitting his son with a chair to get Rey disqualified, Dario stormed out of his office in a fury and verbally bit referee Marty Elias' head off, restarting the match and making it Anything Goes to boot. Dario may have favoured the rudos, but he wouldn't have trickery making an open mockery of violence in his Temple!
  • Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor: He and Joey Ryan shared a belly laugh over the suffering they'd put Cortez through at Matanza's hands as if it was the funniest thing in the world. When Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada came into his office immediately afterwards, he wouldn't stop making cheap short jokes at Mascarita's expense, trying to get Havoc and Mascarita to laugh with him.
  • Evil Is Hammy: HELL. YES. He chewed so much scenery it was amazing the doorway to his office wasn't covered in bite marks.
  • Evil vs. Evil: His feud with Catrina was very much this.
  • Facepalm: Was known to sport meme-worthy expressions of utter exasperation at the antics of some of the roster. Particularly when Son Of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico started bickering, or Cage intoned for the milteenth time that HE'S A MACHINE.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel: One of his notable features is that he wasn't Mexican, but Spanish. Mexicans by nature are VERY distrustful of Spaniards because of their bloody colonial past, so his Iberian origins were meant to evoke this trope on a Mexican audience. The equivalent of this for an American audience would be a pro-colonial Evil Brit.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Out-of-universe. From the first episode, fans had the impression that Cueto would be cut from the typical evil-wrestling-GM cloth. However, as the series went along, fans realized he has more in common with characters like Walter White or Lex Luthor than Vince McMahon. For one thing, Mr. McMahon never murdered someone.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: His true intentions were known to no one, except maybe Dragon Azteca, but they involved the Aztec gods somehow.
  • Hypocrite: Cueto claimed that his Temple was open to anyone who was willing to fight, but he showed obvious favoritism for the heels, and he considered wrestlers like Mascarita Sagrada and Pimpinela Escarlata to be unworthy of the honor.
  • Incoming Ham: Every time his trumpet-heavy leifmotif played, you knew crazy shit was going down.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: With the antics some of the roster gets up to, it's no wonder that Cueto hit the bottle as much as he did.
  • Insistent Terminology: He referred to any and every special agreement or idea for a gimmick match as a "unique opportunity".
  • Ironic Name: Dario is the Italian form of "Darius", a name whose origins go all the way back to the Persian "Dārayavahush", meaning "to possess good". Yeah, the wrong parents gave the wrong name to the wrong guy.
  • Kick the Dog: When Cortez Castro/Officer Reyes returned to the Temple for the first time in Season 3, Dario welcomed him back with a fatherly hug and promised they'd find whoever was responsible for murdering Mr Cisco. Dario knew Cortez was an undercover cop and also knew that he knew that it was Dario who murdered Cisco; he effectively taunted Cortez into blowing his cover. Then to add injury to insult, he revealed he'd booked him directly into a match right now... against Pentagon Dark. Then to add further insult to injury, he told Cortez on his way out to "Win it for Cisco". What a bastard!
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: When Johnny Mundo got in his face at the start of Aztec Warfare III to gloat about how he was going to win the championship, waving his #12 slip around while talking about how when he came in he was going to "take everyone to slamtown", Dario took the slip off him and tore it in half, giving back just the number 2. Normally we hated Dario when he dicked the wrestlers around, but nobody deserved to be dicked more than Johnny.
  • Killed Off for Real: By Agent Winter. Or is he?
  • Large Ham: When he did a big announcement, duck for cover. Same for when he did any kind of ring announcing, as he hammed it up like crazy.
  • MacGuffin: The key around his neck, which was later revealed to contain the last remnants of Matanza's humanity.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Cueto was ridiculously clever, making plans within plans so that his goals were achieved no matter where the dice fell.
  • Manipulative Bastard: OH SO MUCH. Cueto was an expert on knowing what buttons to push to get the results he wanted. Probably the greatest example of this is the match he set up between Sexy Star and Super Fly. Sexy and Supes were friends, so they refused to fight, but then Cueto forced their hand with just one simple statement: that the fight would be a lucha de apuestas, MASK VS. MASK. Suffice to say, their friendship went out the window when both wrestlers' honor was at stake, and stayed out the window afterward.
    • He then did this to Drago and Aerostar by putting them in a Best of 5 series, with the winner getting a Unique Opportunity. At first the two started fighting clean and with respect, but as the series went on, the two got more brutal, hitting hard moves on one another with Dario smiling in the background. He then revealed to Drago, who won the series, that by winning the series he'd earned a title shot, but if he failed to win the Lucha Underground Championship, he would be BANNED from the Temple.
    • For a while, it remained to be seen whether Cueto convincing Black Lotus that Dragon Azteca killed her parents was this or if he was being genuine, but then it was finally resolved during Ultima Lucha Tres, as Black Lotus returned and Dario admitted - with malicious glee - that he had lied to her.
    • Pulled this on Son of Havoc by first creating a four-man tournament for a Unique Opportunity, revealing the Opportunity as a choice between a guaranteed title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres or money, then forcing Havoc to wrestle a third match to keep the title shot.
    • His Ultimate Opportunity guaranteed this for Cage, as the Gauntlet that was rewarded to him was at least in part possessed by a god-like being.
  • Mean Boss: To wrestlers who weren't making the grade. He was especially critical of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico, and even made them team up to compete for the Trios title to drive the point home. However, his punishment of The Crew for failing him drove this point home HARD.
  • Memento MacGuffin: His red bull statue. Later revealed to be the thing that Matanza used to defend Dario from their abusive mother. During Ultima Lucha Dos, he used it to kill Mr. Cisco.
  • Moral Event Horizon: He was a rotten prick since the beginning, but Cueto went from bad to diabolical with his punishment of The Crew.
  • New Era Speech: He basically started the entirety of Lucha Underground on the very first episode with one of these.
  • Non-Action Guy: Obviously, since he was a businessman, not a wrestler.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Catrina told him of Mil Muertes' imminent return, his face went white as a sheet and he clutched his key like both a security blanket and the only thing that could save him from a horrible death.
    • And then Catrina made him have this reaction AGAIN when she told Cueto that in his current form, Mil Muertes is more powerful than Matanza.
    • Sported this look again after Black Lotus killed Dragon Azteca and while they cleared out of the Temple.
    • And again when Matanza and Muertes struggled on top of his office just before they plunged through the roof.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: Did this when doing big announcements.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: He handed out money like it was gonna rot to wrestlers under his thumb.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: He wasn't adverse to creating stipulations or restarting matches if he thought it was for the benefit of the crowd... or to screw a wrestler he disliked over. His last example was making Son of Havoc fight a third time after winning two matches in the above-mentioned Unique Opportunity tournament.
  • Smug Snake: Not all the time, but he'd really lay the venom on people he disliked.
  • This Cannot Be!: His reaction when Matanza was pinned by Rey Mysterio Jr. at Aztec Warfare III. He even tried to order the ref to undo the decision, but not even the boss himself can reverse a 3-count.
  • Villainous Demotivator: Did this to The Crew after they failed to win the Trios championship. He introduced them to his locked up brother, Matanza, and told them they'd have to apologize to him the next time they fail. And he was not as forgiving as Dario was.
  • Villain Protagonist: He was pretty much the guy the show's main plot revolved around for the first three Seasons, and he was pretty rotten.
  • Wink "Ding!": More like a wink bang when he winked at Sexy Star after setting up her match against Big Ryck.
  • You Have Failed Me: Pulled this on Big Ryck by having The Crew jump him, and he then did the same with The Crew themselves for failing to beat Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico in the Trios championship match. Cueto forced them to come face to face with Matanza to "motivate" them (read: scare the everloving shit out of them) and warned them that he'd be forced to do something nasty if they failed him again. And then The Crew failed Cueto again and Cueto made good on his promise: he made them choose which one to take the punishment for failure, with Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco turning on Bael, then proceeded to order them to FEED BAEL TO MATANZA.
    • Ultimately pulled on him at the end of Ultima Lucha Tres: after the all-important Gauntlet of the Gods was stolen by King Cuerno, Agent Winter shot him in his own office and left him for dead.

    Marty "The Moth" Martinez 

Marty "The Moth" Martinez
A massive fan of the Temple, Marty waited for weeks just to get a chance to meet Dario Cueto and ask to join the Lucha Underground roster, which Dario refused. Distraught, Marty interfered in a match involving Cage, King Cuerno and Hernandez, and got a beating for his efforts. Since then, he appeared to have been finally inducted into the Temple, starring in a match against the champion himself, Prince Puma. Marty claimed to be of Aztec descent himself, citing that the moth is his 'spirit totem'. Whether or not his claims have any truth behind them are unknown, but he sure as hell believes it. The Moth soon demanded a match with Sexy Star after she won an Aztec Medallion by beating Super Fly, claiming that the Medallion's moth design was an obvious sign that it was meant for him, but Sexy embarrassed Marty by armbarring him into submission, exactly how she won the match against Super Fly minutes before. Competed again for a Medallion, this time the one Fenix was vacated from, but despite making it to the last part of the match against Fenix, he came up short. He interfered in the Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha to antagonize Sexy Star, but Sexy dispatched him handily. However, Marty abducted Sexy after the show, telling her that she wouldn't think he was a joke once he introduced her to his sister.

Marty spent the time between seasons tormenting Sexy, then distracted her during her first match back in the Temple, causing her to lose to Kobra Moon. During a match against The Mack, he finally introduced the world to his half-sister: the enigmatic Mariposa. Competed in Aztec Warfare II, only to be eliminated and stunned by The Mack afterward. Was subsequently forced to team with The Mack, along with his sister in the Trios tournament, but they were eliminated in the first round. Marty later lost an Aztec Medallion match to The Mack. During Mariposa's "No Mas" match with Sexy Star, Marty tried interfering multiple times, only for Mack to take him out every time. His sister ultimately lost the match. Later, he stated that he was moving on from Sexy Star, and had found a new target: Killshot. After an encounter backstage that did not go his way, he was defeated by Killshot in a match, only to attack him afterward and steal his dog tags. Soon had a rematch with Killshot that was thrown out mere minutes after it began, and he escaped with the dog tags. Used the dog tags as a "peace offering" to convince Killshot to team with him and Siniestro de la Muerte, but as soon as the match was over and he had earned an Aztec Medallion, he took them back and once again escaped. Did not win the Gift of the Gods, but entered Season 3 still in possession of Killshot's dog tags.

He sent gifts to Dario while he was in prison and was repaid by being placed in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match against Killshot. Despite the interference of Mariposa, Martinez was ultimately unsuccessful, losing both the match and the dog tags. Martinez accompanied his sister and interfered in her match against Ivelisse. Though Mariposa lost, he joined her in beating Ivelisse down. A few weeks later, Ivelisse demanded a revenge match against Marty. Marty beat her mostly clean (Mariposa took advantage of ref distraction to bite Ivelisse in the face at one point) but Ivelisse's new boyfriend Jeremiah hit the ring in the middle of their celebrations, driving the siblings off again. Competed in a ten person tag to decide who competed in Aztec Warfare III; as his team won, he competed and was eliminated by Rey Mysterio, then he was stunned by The Mack again. Competed in the Battle of the Bulls, but ran into The Mack yet again and was pinned by him. Evidently fed up with Mariposa's less than stellar win/loss record in the Temple, he attacked his sister after her second one-on-one loss to Sexy Star. While creeping on Melissa Santos outside the Temple, he was abducted by his sister and left tied up backstage, much like he had left Sexy Star at the end of Season 1. Somehow escaped from being tied up and was seen spying on Melissa Santos as she met with Fenix, who he would later attack after his Cueto Cup match with Mariposa. Also entered the Cueto Cup, defeating Saltador in the first round. Collided hard with Fenix in the second round of the Cueto Cup; though he lost, he left Fenix a bloodied mess after carving his head up with a fork while Melissa was forced to watch by Mariposa. Looked on as Fenix escorted Melissa to her car, and vowed to take his mask as revenge. Distracted Fenix during his semifinal match with Prince Puma by creeping on Melissa, which ultimately caused his loss as Fenix chose chivalry over the Cup. Came down during the free-for-all, but was attacked by Fenix. Defeated Argenis, in the process bloodying him up while ripping his mask, then eventually taking it off, then issued a challenge to Fenix for a match at Ultima Lucha Tres, which was accepted as Fenix attacked from behind. The match was quickly made a Lucha de Apuesta (mask vs. hair).

Marty guested with the Worldwide Underground in an Atomicos contest, replacing Ricky Mandel/Mundo in a winning effort against Sexy Star, Prince Puma, Cage, and his rival Fenix. Teamed with Mariposa against Fenix and Melissa Santos, brutalizing and pinning Melissa after Fenix had been tied to the ring. He brought out a pair of scissors from his lunchbox, but before he could cut Melissa's hair, he had to flee as Fenix had gotten free. After a gory Apuesta in which Mariposa abandoned him following being used as a human shield, Melissa distracted him before dealing out a Groin Attack, and he was pinned. He tried to escape, but Mariposa prevented that by attacking him with a chair and using handcuffs to keep him in the Temple. Fenix and Melissa then took his hair.

Marty, hair fully grown back during the intervening months, entered Aztec Warfare IV last of all and lasted until the final two, warring with Pentagon until he was hit with a package piledriver and pinned to end the match. He then had his arm snapped. Later, injured and asleep while dreaming of taking Pentagon's teeth, he was roughly awakened by Mariposa, who motivated him into planning a proper revenge on Pentagon and aiming for the Lucha Underground championship instead. After Mariposa failed to procure the Gift of the Gods, he went to Antonio Cueto and paid to receive a shot, then put down more money for an additional, then-unknown something, which turned out to be the abolishment of the rule stating that the Gift of the Gods champion must declare their challenge a week beforehand. He took advantage of Fenix's brutal attack on Dragon Azteca Jr., winning the Gift of the Gods after DA Jr. refused to forfeit, then challenged Pentagon that same evening to take advantage of Pentagon's prior defense against Mil Muertes and King Cuerno. With the assistance of an unnamed female associate (tentatively dubbed the Black Widow by Matt Striker but later revealed to be named Reklusa), Marty defeated Pentagon and took the Lucha Underground Championship for the Moth Tribe. He would later properly introduce Reklusa to the Believers and reveal that he had ordered her to remove Sexy Star permanently from the Temple. He then credited Mariposa with leading him to the title and gave her a title match to reward her, making it a no-disqualification match as well. The half-siblings beat each other all around the Temple area until, with the help of Reklusa, Marty triumphed over Mariposa. Before breaking her arm, he challenged Pentagon to a Cero Miedo match for Ultima Lucha Cuatro. He was then run off by Pentagon, who accepted his challenge. After Reklusa's loss to Pentagon, he attacked Pentagon with a barbed wire bat, then had his associate pour gasoline all over Pentagon while he stood over him with a lit lighter, threatening to set him on fire, though he blew it out.

A gory Cero Miedo match saw him lose the championship back to Pentagon, and he was helped backstage from ringside by Reklusa post-match.
  • First Appearance: "The Way of the Drago" (Season 1, episode 25)
  • Alignment: Rudo
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Moth
  • Allies: Mariposa (half-siblings, weird love-hate relationship)
  • Current Feuds: Pentagon Dark
  • Former Feuds: Sexy Star, The Mack, Ivelisse, Jeremiah Crane, Melissa Santos, Fenix
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 12 (Aztec Warfare II), 10 (Aztec Warfare III), 20 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Alliterative Name
  • Acrofatic: Marty is one of the beefier wrestlers on the roster, but he can fly over the top rope with the best of them.
  • Animal Motif: The moth. Nobody finds it the least bit intimidating.
  • Ascended Fan: Began as a huge fan of the Temple. Early on, he wore his fandom on his sleeve, such as posing for a photo op with Prince Puma during the start of their match. Completely dropped at the close of Season 1.
  • Ax-Crazy: If his kidnapping of Sexy Star and unhinged antics are any indication, Marty's got a few screws loose. It got worse over time, to the point where he was too crazy to even fear Matanza, outright slugging it out with the Monster during Aztec Warfare III.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: Implied with his half-sister Mariposa, particularly in her promo video.
  • Call-Back: Attacking Pentagon with a barbed wire bat and having Reklusa pour gasoline all over him were callbacks to the build-up to the first Cero Miedo match, where Pentagon had done the same to Vampiro.
  • Combat Sadomasochist: Marty definitely qualifies as this by Season 3; during his qualifying match in The Battle of the Bulls tournament he got right up in Mil Muertes' face and demanded Mil hit him. When Mil generously obliged, Marty took that big right hand right in the mush and it only made him smile.
  • Expy: Arguably to Dandy Mott (severely unhinged manchild rudo). Late in Season 2, Vampiro and Matt Striker actually mentioned Dandy Mott by name when describing Martinez, along with several other similar characters. Also bears resemblance to Alberto Del Rio (rich bastard rudo), though it's up for debate whether he really is an Expy of him.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Not as likable as he seems at first glance. He proved this when he asked for pictures with Prince Puma, only to hit him when he let his guard down, and reinforced it with his patronizing dismissal of Sexy Star.
  • Feel No Pain: Part of Marty's gimmick as a balls-out lunatic is taking a big hit like a kick to the face and just grinning maniacally as if he enjoys it.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Started off as an overenthusiastic fan, soon became one half of Sexy Star's nightmare, then kept going until he became Lucha Underground Champion.
  • Giggling Villain: Part of his Ax-Crazy gimmick is his absolutely creepy cackling laugh.
  • Hate Sink: Started kicking in not too long after his introduction, as fans started greeting him with "Culero!" chants. Then they switched over to "Creepy Bastard!"
  • Heroic Lineage: He claims to have Aztec lineage, although it's not known for certain.
  • Jobber: During Season 1. He got in a few hits and good offense, but other than that, he was mostly squashed in his matches, kinda like one would a squash a moth.
  • Joke Character: Seen as this by pretty much everyone. Konnan even tells Prince Puma to "treat him like a joke" during their match. He also has loads of mannerisms that make him hilarious to see in action.
    • Lethal Joke Character: Of course, the fact that everyone considers him such a clown just means they're taken even more by surprise when he shows that he can actually wrestle. He's actually quite a reasonable high-flier. Too bad he's crazy.
    • Absolutely any lingering consideration of Marty as a Joke Character went out the window after his savage Weapons of Mass Destruction match against Killshot in Season 3.
  • Level Grinding: Perhaps the biggest case of this in Lucha Underground history. He started from the absolute bottom of the totem pole, and over the course of four seasons, he slowly worked his way up until he could beat Pentagón Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship and main-event Ultima Lucha Cuatro for the title.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Surprisingly agile despite his appearance, as he performed a bicycle kick and even went to the top rope and pulled off a moonsault. Unfortunately for him, he missed.
  • Mixed Ancestry: According to Mariposa, Marty is a "half-blood", which means presumably his mother wasn't from the Moth Tribe.
  • Non-Idle Rich: Arguably. Dude comes from money (so he claims, see Unreliable Narrator below), yet competes in the Temple.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: When he starts in the ring he has a tendency to stand right up close behind Melissa while she introduces him, practically sticking his nose into her hair. She's obviously (and unsurprisingly) incredibly creeped-out by this behavior.
    • If he's knocked out of the ring anywhere near her, he will end up in her lap. It creeps her out even more.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: While he was still unable to actually win a match, Marty wasn't so funny once he kidnapped Sexy Star at the end of Season 1.
  • Psycho for Hire: Oddly, despite his personality (and supposed wealth) Marty seems to be willing to act in a surprisingly mercenary fashion. Johnny Mundo brought him in to join the Worldwide Underground for an atomicos match in place of the newly-renamed Ricky Mundo, and during the Lucha Underground vs IMPACT Wrestling crossover event at WrestleCon 2018 he was hired by Famous B to represent Infamous Inc. on a one-off basis in a match against Trevor Lee.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: First showed when he demanded Sexy Star's medallion in Season 1 just because it had a moth on it, but turned full-blown when he kidnapped her after the Season ended, and it's only gotten worse from there. Matt Striker outright called him a manchild during his match against Saltador, although Vampiro challenged this idea, implying that he's simply insane.
  • Quizzical Tilt: Gave a number of these when facing off against one of the few wrestlers weirder than himself, Saltador.
  • Red Baron: "The Moth", though the Believers prefer to call him "Creepy Bastard".
  • Running Gag: Eating a stunner from The Mack after being eliminated from Aztec Warfare. So far, it's happened after his elimination from Aztec Warfares II and III.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Enough to get Antonio Cueto to abolish the "Gift of the Gods titleholder must declare his challenge the week before" rule, plus buy title shots.
  • Sibling Rivalry: He and Mariposa have a particularly violent version of this.
  • Sibling Team: Occasionally he and Mariposa, though they're only half-siblings.
  • Slasher Smile: He sported a few of these in his match against Prince Puma.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He acts like he owns the place, but so far he's got his ass handed to him just about every time he gets in the ring. In fact, his huge ego is probably his biggest weakness, he might actually WIN a match if he reeled it in.
  • Squash Match: Ends up in one at the hands of Alberto El Patron, as well as several more over the course of Season 1.
  • Stalker with a Crush: For Melissa Santos. Even has a Stalker Shrine, complete with a lock of her hair. And he keeps an extra picture of her down the front of his trunks.
  • Stout Strength: Marty is actually a surprisingly intimidating power wrestler. During the Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha Dos, Daga put him in the armbar, but Marty rolled over, lifted Daga completely off the mat without breaking the armbar and smashed him into the turnbuckle.
    • He one-upped that during Aztec Warfare III where he went head-to-head with Matanza in a full-blown Hoss fight! Sure he came off worse, but still, this is Marty the Moth trading blows with the Monster Matanza we're talking about here!
  • Surprise Creepy: At first glance he was a comedy jobber, a goofy fanboy who thinks he's a wrestler. Even after he proved he could actually wrestle, he still came across as more amusing than anything else. Then the end of Season 1 hit, you find out he kidnapped Sexy Star and you realise he's actually completely insane!
  • Took a Level in Badass: Has taken more levels than anyone else in the promotion. On his debut he was a complete Joke Character; by the start of Season 4 he's going head-to-head against Pentagon Dark for the championship as the last two men standing in Aztec Warfare (even if Marty did have the advantage of coming in last). He's also incredibly over with the Believers, in a Love to Hate way.
  • Unreliable Narrator: Especially since he is pretty much completely insane. In one episode he told a story about the Moth Tribe and the warrior Mariposa while reading from a book, only for the camera to show that all the pages in the book were blank.
    • Was said to have sent presents to Dario Cueto between Seasons 2 and 3, so it is entirely possible that at least some of his tale was true.
    • Season 4 confirms more as true, as he and Mariposa were both shown to flash some serious cash in buying shots at the Gift of the Gods.
  • What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway?: The other luchadores who are themed after creatures include the puma, the Bengal tiger, the dragon, the stag and the phoenix. Marty... is a moth.

    Pentagon Dark 

Pentagon Dark (formerly Pentagon Jr.)
One of, if not THE most sadistic luchadores in Lucha Underground's young history, Pentagon Dark (the former Pentagon Jr.) is possibly the best representative of Dario Cueto's obsession with violence in the ring. Convinced by Cueto to come to the Temple, Pentagon Jr. claimed that Cueto showed him the respect he never had from the Mexican fans, and he gleefully does not care about victories, nor does he care about winning championships. The only thing that concerns him is breaking the bodies of his fellow wrestlers. Pentagon traveled to the Orient in search of the best mentor he could find, obsessed with becoming the best fighter in the world, but he found every teacher lacking. In Season 1, he began dedicating every chopped chest and broken bone as a sacrifice to a mysterious, unseen master who had given him the skills and guidance he was searching for. Pentagon became feared for his methods and ruthlessness, and his frenzy of sacrifices to his master put a lot of luchadores on the shelf, including Argenis and Super Fly. He even crossed the line for good by attacking Melissa Santos, the ring announcer. Pentagon Jr. then decided that Sexy Star would be the next person whose arm he destroyed, but his sacrifice was averted when Sexy stopped him from breaking Santos' arm and then managed to win their first encounter. Pentagon finally managed to get revenge on Sexy by beating her in a submission match (with an assist from Super Fly), but Sexy was saved from a broken arm by the intervention of Vampiro, of all people. Pentagon would later forfeit his involvement in a match for an Aztec Medallion simply so he could get in Vampiro's face, and became intent on facing him at Ultima Lucha. Under orders from his master, Pentagon tried to attack Vampiro's ego to incite him into a match, but Vampiro was able to take the high ground. However, Vampiro was NOT able to take the high ground after Pentagon attacked him by surprise, doused him in gasoline and threatened to set Vampiro on fire. Vampiro finally accepted Pentagon's challenge, and the two faced off in a gory Cero Miedo hardcore match at Ultima Lucha. After a bloody and torturous match, Pentagon finally emerged victorious, only for Vampiro to demand that Pentagon finish the job and break his arm, which Pentagon happily obliged. Pentagon then shouted out to his master to finally reveal himself, since Pentagon achieved his sacrifice of Vampiro to him, only for Vampiro to reveal that Pentagon's master was... Vampiro himself! Pentagon and Vampiro were soon seen heading, according to Vampiro, to a "much darker place".

Shortly after Ultima Lucha, Vampiro was committed to a psychiatric facility, which left Pentagon to his own devices. He returned at the beginning of season 2, using a timely distraction from impromptu ally Prince Puma to attack Mil Muertes and break his arm. After managing the impossible in benching Mil Muertes, Pentagon was forced to ally with Prince Puma to face the Disciples of Death, but Pentagon told Puma in no uncertain terms that it was merely an alliance of convenience, and that afterwards Puma was fair game. Pentagon made good on his promise by attacking Puma after the match, and made a powerful enemy in the young former champ. Pentagon didn't much care, though: as long as his thirst for violence is sated and his Master pleased, he has nothing to fear. Unfortunately, Pentagon would fall short in challenging Puma, as the former champion outsmarted him then had him dead to rights in the dreaded arm-breaker...but showed Pentagon that he was not like him by releasing him from the hold. Later, he would demand another match with Puma, even squaring off against Catrina when she refused him and locking her in the arm-breaker, only for her to teleport out of the move and grant him the match. At the same time, she warned him that putting his hands on her may have been the biggest mistake he had ever made, a warning that was proven right the next week when an angry Mil Muertes attacked both him and Puma during their match. After failing to win the championship in the three-way match between him, Mil Muertes and Prince Puma, Catrina punished Pentagon for laying his hands on her by denying him entrance into Aztec Warfare II. However, Pentagon got the last laugh, as he assaulted Mil Muertes as he made his entrance into the match and threw him into the ring to get eliminated, thus bringing Catrina's plans crumbling down.

Not to be discouraged, Pentagon soon threatened Dario Cueto, nearly breaking his arm until he received a championship match against Matanza, who subsequently destroyed him. After being taken away by ambulance with Vampiro by his side, his Master began his painful rehabilitation, and he soon made his return to the Temple in grand fashion by destroying Chavo Guerrero Jr. and taking his place in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership. As his team won, he took part in a six-person match for the honor. He won the match, and thus the right to face Matanza for the title at Ultima Lucha Dos. To train him to face the Monster, Vampiro took him to a cave in the desert and encouraged him to destroy the man he had been, leading to his rebirth as Pentagon Dark. Attacked Dragon Azteca Jr. and Black Lotus during their match at Ultima Lucha Dos, breaking their arms before demanding his title match against Matanza right then and there. Despite taking the Monster to the limit, the interference of Dario Cueto and the introduction of a barbed wire bat by Vampiro worked against Pentagon, causing him to lose. He proceeded to blame Vampiro for the loss, attacking him at the end of the event when he was at his weakest and leaving him a bloodied mess.

Pentagon main evented the first episode of Season 3, but was defeated by Rey Mysterio. Incensed, Pentagon attempted to break Mysterio's arm, only to be run off by DA Jr. A match with Pentagon was placed as the stakes of the upcoming match between Chavo and DA Jr., which DA Jr. won. He would also destroy Cortez Castro, snapping Castro's arm at the end of the match. Was originally scheduled to face DA Jr., but Chavo attacked DA Jr. backstage, resulting in a triple threat with Chavo and Mysterio instead. After winning the match by pinning Mysterio, he'd attempt to break his arm again, only to be run off. Pentagon competed in Aztec Warfare III, but was attacked by the Black Lotus Triad before being eliminated by Johnny Mundo. Black Lotus demanded a match against him, which Dario Cueto granted, making it a gauntlet match and including the Triad as well. Backstage, he was confronted by Vampiro, who warned him that everybody has to pay for their sins and that he had not forgotten what had happened at the close of Ultima Lucha Dos. Predictably, Pentagon responded with his Cero Miedo handsign. During the gauntlet, he was able to eliminate Doku and Yurei of the Triad, breaking both their arms, but was felled by Hitokiri of the Triad before Black Lotus entered the ring and broke his arm. Unfortunately for Pentagon, this prompted the appearance of DA Jr., who proceeded to break his other arm. Returned, with both arms healed, to threaten Dario Cueto into giving him a spot in the Cueto Cup, then defeated Argenis and once again broke his arm. Pentagon advanced to the Cueto Cup quarterfinals by defeating Drago, then attempted to break his arm. When prevented from doing so by Aerostar, he waited until Drago had attacked his former friend then broke Aerostar's arm instead. Backstage after the match, Catrina appeared to him, reminding him that he had unfinished business with Mil Muertes before disappearing. Pentagon advanced to the semifinals, defeating Texano, and was about to break his arm when Famous B jumped in. As Texano escaped, Pentagon broke B's arm, then targeted and broke Brenda's as well when she tried to console B. In a match more than a Season in the making, he defeated Muertes to win his way into the Cueto Cup finals, and almost broke Muertes' arm again. With a vested interest in their title match, he joined Prince Puma in confronting Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo, then quickly began to brawl with them. Faced Puma in the Cueto Cup finals, and was defeated by him. Faced and defeated DA Jr. to claim the last of the Aztec Medallions, then stared down an interfering Matanza before leaving, purposefully bumping into the Monster on his way out. Stared down Son of Havoc on his way to placing his Medallion into the Gift of the Gods, then stated to Dario that he would break the arms of every opponent. As the Gift of the Gods match ended in a draw between himself and Havoc (as they had pinned their opponents at the same time), Dario placed them into a ladder match for the vacant title at Ultima Lucha Tres, which Pentagon would come out on the winning end of.

After Puma successfully won the title from Johnny Mundo at Ultima Lucha Tres, Dario announced that Pentagon had come to him the week before and cashed in the Gift of the Gods, then put both Puma and Pentagon's careers on the line. Pentagon would eventually triumph, ending the career of one of his biggest rivals and claiming the biggest prize in Lucha Underground. He embraced Vampiro afterward, revealing that it had all been planned.

At the Season 4 premiere, Pentagon successfully retained his title in Aztec Warfare IV, becoming the first champion to ever do so in Aztec Warfare, but his reign is just getting started. Antonio Cueto, the new owner of the Temple following his son Dario's death, announced that Pentagon would have to defend the belt against his other son: the monster, Matanza Cueto. Pentagon handily dispatched Matanza to retain his title, but was prevented from breaking his arm by the re-emergence of Antonio and the key. The next week, Pentagon addressed the Believers, only to be attacked by Cage. In response, Pentagon waited until Cage's match with Mil Muertes, then disguised himself as a Believer and attacked, costing Cage the match and an Aztec Medallion. He then challenged him to a match for the championship. After a brutal match which Pentagon won, he attempted to break Cage's arm, only for Cage to power out of the armbreaker and lay him out instead. Both Cage and Pentagon were instructed by Antonio to find partners for a tag match, but while Cage chose King Cuerno as his partner, Pentagon decided to go it alone and make it a handicap match. This was his downfall, as Cage and Cuerno worked together to handily defeat him, and after the match Cage attacked him, smashing his head twice with a chair. While Cage was addressing him and their second title match, Pentagon dashed out from backstage and attacked him with a chair, kicking off a huge brawl that involved many chairshots, a guitar swiped from a member of guest band Metalachi, and Pentagon saving a priest from being attacked by Cage then breaking the priest's arm when he tried to bless him. Faced Cage once again for the championship, this time in a Last Man Standing match, and emerged bloodied but victorious after snapping both of Cage's arms and driving him head-first into a cinderblock. As Johnny Mundo was still out from being attacked by Matanza, Pentagon declared an open challenge for the title instead, and the challenge was accepted by Hernandez, who had had his arm snapped by Pentagon back in Aztec Warfare IV. While Pentagon defeated Hernandez, he was prevented from snapping his arm again by King Cuerno, who chose that moment to attack him.

After the announcement that he would defend the title against both Cuerno and Muertes, Pentagon arrived in the Temple to watch the two of them fight, reminding them of what they would have to face. Pentagon survived a brutal three-way with Cuerno and Muertes, only to be attacked from behind by Marty "The Moth" Martinez, who had won the Gift of the Gods earlier in the night. As Antonio Cueto had abolished the rule requiring the Gift of the Gods titleholder to declare their challenge one week in advance, Pentagon was forced into another match. A female assailant aligned with Martinez, later revealed to be named Reklusa, attacked him at the tail end of the match, causing him to lose the match and the title. He quickly bounced back, winning #1 contendership in a four-way match against Muertes, Cuerno, and DA Jr. After being challenged to a Cero Miedo match by Marty, he rushed the ring to run him off before accepting the challenge. While Pentagon was able to defeat Reklusa in her in-ring debut, he was attacked afterward by Marty with a baseball bat, then had gasoline poured all over him by Reklusa while Marty stood over him with a lit lighter.

He triumphed in a gory Cero Miedo match over Marty to regain the championship, but brawled with Vampiro after the match, with both his former Master and Vampiro's own Master destroying him. Jake Strong then cashed in the Gift of the Gods on him, taking the championship away once more.
  • First Appearance: "Crossing the Border" (Season 1, episode 3)
  • Alignment: Anti-Hero. He's supposed to be a rudo (and a pretty despicable one at that), but over time he became one of the most popular and beloved luchadors in the Temple. Eventually, the writers gave up on opposing it and made him the literal poster boy of Season 3 instead.
  • Ally: Complicated alliance with his Master, Vampiro. Everyone else either hates him or fears having their arm broken.
  • Current Feuds: None
  • Former Feuds: Sexy Star, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Drago, Super Fly, Fenix, Vampiro, Prince Puma, Mil Muertes, Catrina, Matanza, Dragon Azteca Jr., Black Lotus, Cage, King Cuerno
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 14 (Aztec Warfare I), 5 (Aztec Warfare III), 6 (Aztec Warfare IV, winner)

    Black Lotus 

Black Lotus
A mysterious woman on a quest for vengeance against someone (or something) who murdered her entire village, Black Lotus came to Lucha Underground in search of the perpetrator and confronted Cueto about it. Predictably, he claimed ignorance of the whole thing. She found the man she was looking for behind closed doors in Cueto's Temple, but she was "kidnapped" by a mysterious masked luchador, Dragon Azteca, who offered to teach her the lucha style as proper preparation for her to take her vengeance. After months of training, she left Dragon Azteca's tutelage - against his advice - and arrived at the temple, only to be betrayed to Dario Cueto by Chavo Guerrero and imprisoned in the same room as Matanza. Convinced by Cueto that Dragon Azteca was responsible for the death of her parents, she slew him, and went on the run with Cueto and Matanza, their destination unknown.

At the beginning of Season 2, it was revealed that she was working as Dario Cueto's enforcer, searching for new challengers for Dario's second Temple. Returned to the Temple with the Cuetos, and continued to serve as Dario's enforcer...though she had also been seen speaking to Dragon Azteca Jr. as well. Lotus confronted DA Jr. in Matanza's room, protecting the Monster and informing DA Jr. what she had been told about DA killing her parents, which he refused to believe. Then Cueto set up a match between her and DA Jr. for Ultima Lucha Dos, telling her she could finally avenge her parents by defeating their murderer's disciple and delivering his mask to the Black Lotus Triad. Unfortunately, she was unable to, as Pentagon Dark attacked during their match, breaking both her and DA Jr.'s arms.

She would return to the Temple in Season 3 with the Black Lotus Triad in tow, as she and her associates interfered in Aztec Warfare III to get Pentagon eliminated. The week after, she demanded a match against Pentagon, a demand which was granted in the form of a gauntlet match between Pentagon, her, and her Triad. After Hitokiri of the Triad defeated Pentagon, she entered the ring and broke his arm, then stared down DA Jr. before leaving. She returned to Hong Kong for a time, then came back to the Temple during Ultima Lucha Tres, attacking both DA Jr. and Matanza before confronting Dario regarding the truth about her parents. Matanza then attacked her, while Dario gleefully confirmed that he had indeed lied to her.

Lotus made a surprise return at the end of Season 4, killing Matanza once and for all with the borrowed power of the Gauntlet of the Gods. She and DA Jr. were then attacked by Jake Strong, who stole the Gauntlet from her.
  • First appearance: "Boyle Heights Street Fight" (Season 1, episode 5)
  • Alignment: Ruda
  • Allies: None
  • Current Feuds: None
  • Former Feuds: Dario Cueto, Matanza Cueto, Chavo Guerrero Jr., The Crew, Dragon Azteca Jr.

  • Action Girl: For almost two whole seasons we never got to see her do anything outside of some faux-kung fu in the backstage vignettes, but at Ultima Lucha Dos she went head-to-head with Dragon Azteca Jr. and proved that she can really go! Just a pity about Pentagon Dark, really...
  • Damsel in Distress: She spent a fair bit of the first season imprisoned in the same room as Matanza's cage, though both were placed out of each other's reach.
  • Declaration of Protection: Chavo Guerrero made one to protect her while she takes revenge against Matanza. Too bad he didn't intend to follow through.
  • Doomed Hometown: Her village was destroyed by Matanza.
  • Dragon Lady: Her ethnicity, look and attitude all are meant to invoke this trope.
  • Kidnapped by an Ally: Before she could face Matanza, she was "kidnapped" by a luchador named Dragon Azteca, who explained to her that she was not ready to face him and offered to teach her lucha libre to be able to fight him properly. Lotus herself acknowledges that Dragon Azteca probably saved her life. It turns out it was actually Prince Puma who kidnapped her and delivered her to Azteca.
  • Mysterious Watcher: She would sit in the crowd and watch the matches silently before finally confronting Cueto about Matanza's whereabouts.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: She stated to Matanza that she will be the one to kill him.
  • Playing Both Sides: Was seemingly a faithful ally to Dario Cueto after Cueto took her under his protection, butwas seen manipulating Dragon Azteca Jr. into believing that she's his ally as well.
  • Prepare to Die: When she was standing next to Matanza's cage, she recounted how he killed everyone in her village and that from childhood her only desire has been to kill him.
  • Rage Against the Mentor: She killed her mentor Dragon Azteca.
  • The Triads and the Tongs: According to Dario, her parents were the leaders of the Black Lotus Triad before they were killed.
  • You Are Not Ready: After a few months of training, she believed herself ready to face Matanza, Dragon Azteca disagreed and floored her, proving she still had a long way to go before she could face Matanza and hope to win. She should've listened to him.
  • You Killed My Parents: Along with the rest of her village, though Dario Cueto said otherwise. It was later found out that he had been lying.

    Dragon Azteca Jr. 

Dragon Azteca Jr.
The student of the late Dragon Azteca, Dragon Azteca Jr. was, at one time, a rowdy youth making a living fighting in the streets. This was until Dragon Azteca found him and revealed to him his destiny: that he was a descendant of the Seven Aztec tribes and of the same bloodline as Dragon Azteca himself. Training under Dragon Azteca, DA Jr. learned of a prophecy that stated that, were Dragon Azteca to step within the Temple's walls, that it'd be to his demise. The prophecy was, sadly, all too true, as Dragon Azteca was killed by Black Lotus when he attempted a rescue of his lost protege. To honor his fallen master, DA Jr. took his mask for himself, and summoned help from one of DA's former students: the legendary Rey Mysterio.

While training his student, Mysterio revealed the connection their master had with the Cuetos, in the process dissuading him from the path of vengeance and onto a new path: to unite the seven Aztec tribes. He made his in-ring debut at Aztec Warfare II, along with Mysterio. They fought valiantly in the match, but eventually both men succumbed to Matanza's brute force. Azteca Jr. competed in the upcoming Trios tournament, teaming with Mysterio and Prince Puma, defeating Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Cage in the first round. Azteca Jr.'s team went on to win the Lucha Underground Trios titles in the final round, then successfully defended them against the makeshift team of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Johnny Mundo. Unfortunately, they soon lost them to Mundo, Jack Evans, and PJ Black. The rematch went badly, and DA Jr., fed up with being cautioned by Mysterio, tried to confront Matanza in the Monster's room, only to be repelled by Black Lotus. Refuses to believe that his late mentor killed her parents. Was put in a match against Lotus for Ultima Lucha Dos; Dario, typically playing them against each other, strongly hinted to him that Lotus killed their master. Just before Ultima Lucha Dos, he competed against Prince Puma in a match, but despite taking the more experienced competitor to the limit, he was defeated. His match with Black Lotus ended in a No Contest, as Pentagon Dark attacked, breaking both their arms.

In his first S3 appearance, DA Jr. returned to the Temple just in time to fend off Pentagon Dark, who was attempting to break Rey Mysterio Jr.'s arm. DA Jr. would soon demand a match against Pentagon, one that he would only get if he defeated Chavo, the latter match with Mysterio as special referee. With Mysterio's inadvertent assistance, he defeated Chavo and earned the right to face Pentagon. He would not get the match, as Chavo attacked him backstage prior to it. He was not seen again until the night of Pentagon Dark's epic defeat by the Black Lotus Triad, when he finally avenged the broken arm Pentagon had given him, staring down Black Lotus in the process. Competed in the first round of the Battle of the Bulls tournament, but was attacked by Matanza midway through. Still ailing from the attack, he went to visit Mysterio, stating that he knew just why Mysterio was training him now and that he was going after Matanza, even after Mysterio tried to persuade him not to. DA Jr. went to Dario Cueto, demanding a Death match against Matanza, and was introduced to Councilman Delgado at the same time. Later in the night during the Death match, Matanza slammed him through the bleachers.

After expressing his hope that his mentor defeat Johnny Mundo so that he could challenge him for the title, DA Jr. made his return to competition during the Cueto Cup, taking on Dante Fox in the first round. Unfortunately, he was eliminated by Fox when he was distracted by the Worldwide Underground attacking Mysterio. During Mysterio's match against PJ Black, he came out to assist his mentor in clearing out the interfering Worldwide Underground. Took on and was defeated by Mundo, and was saved by his mentor before Mundo could brutalize him further with a chair. DA Jr. led Sexy Star and The Mack to the aid of Mysterio, who had been attacked by the Worldwide Underground during the arranged face-to-face between him and Mundo. Competed against and was defeated by Pentagon Dark for the last of the Aztec Medallions, then was attacked by Matanza before his mentor intervened and officials and medics helped him away from the ring. Took on and actually defeated Matanza in a cage match at Ultima Lucha Tres, only to have his win invalidated by Dario Cueto. He was then attacked by Black Lotus during the restarted match and finished off by Matanza.

DA Jr. returned to the Temple for Aztec Warfare IV, but was eliminated by King Cuerno. He bounced back from the loss the next week, defeating Drago to claim an Aztec Medallion. After placing his Medallion into the Gift of the Gods, he had to compete in a battle royal against his fellow Medallion holders, in which he was simultaneously eliminated with Mil Muertes by The Mack and Son of Havoc. As he was not selected to be removed from the Gift of the Gods match by Mack and as his team won the Trios match organized by Antonio Cueto prior to the Gift of the Gods match, he was allowed to compete in the Gift of the Gods match. With the Gift of the Gods match narrowed from a seven-way to a three-way between himself, King Cuerno, and Dezmond X, he pinned Dezmond to win the Gift of the Gods. The week after winning, he announced that he would only cash in the Gift of the Gods for the main event of Ultima Lucha Cuatro, and that he would defend the Gift of the Gods from all comers until them. His first defense came weeks later, against Mariposa, and he was successful. His second defense came against Killshot, and he was once again successful. He offered Killshot a handshake, but was rejected. He later comforted Melissa Santos regarding Fenix's loss. Another successful defense of the Gift of the Gods came against Ivelisse, and he was on hand to comfort Melissa after Fenix shoved her away.

Unfortunately for DA Jr., chivalry was not his friend. He once again came to Melissa's defense against Fenix, resulting in him being brutally attacked by the changed luchador. Though DA Jr. was initially supposed to forfeit the Gift of the Gods to Marty "The Moth" Martinez as per Antonio Cueto's ruling, he insisted on fighting, and though he fought his hardest, he would lose the Gift of the Gods and his dream of cashing in at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. He was entered in a four-way for #1 contendership which would have allowed him to realize his dream of receiving a title shot in the main event anyway, but once again, he let chivalry get in the way of his goal, as he defended Melissa against Fenix for the third time (seemingly senselessly, as she had gotten away from Fenix before he intervened), and eliminated himself from the match by leaving to continue brawling with Fenix. He teamed with The Mack to face Mil Muertes and Fenix, and his team unfortunately lost. Faced and was defeated by Fenix in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, with Melissa accidentally costing him the victory. Post-Ultima Lucha, he met with Aerostar and King Cuerno regarding the Gauntlet of the Gods, requesting the temporary loan of it to Black Lotus to finish off Matanza. He was with her after Matanza's death, and both were attacked by Jake Strong, who stole the Gauntlet and broke his ankle.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1, intro)
  • Alignment: Tecnico
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Eagle
  • Allies: Melissa Santos (good friends), Aerostar, King Cuerno
  • Current Feuds: Fenix
  • Former Feuds: Chavo Guerrero Jr., Matanza Cueto, Pentagon Dark, Black Lotus
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 18 (Aztec Warfare II), 19 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Determinator: Took this up to eleven in Season 4, when he won the Gift of the Gods and declared his intent to defend it against all-comers all the way to Ultima Lucha Cuatro, where he would cash it in for a shot at the championship. He even refused to forfeit the Gift of the Gods after being attacked by Fenix, which partially resulted in him losing it.
  • Dream Team: With Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma.
  • Epic Hail: The last shot of him in Season 1 is him spray-painting a large question mark on the Temple's billboard, signaling for help against the murderers of his master. His call was answered.
  • Fragile Speedster: Sort of. He's on the smaller side when compared to the other luchadores, and big guys can throw him around pretty easily, but he's insanely fast and acrobatic. His variation of the Tornado DDT (nicknamed the "Pizza DDT" by fans and called the "DDTJ" by Matt Striker) is a thing of beauty, especially when it's an ASSISTED one, like when Prince Puma threw him at Jack Evans during the Trios tournament.
  • Hot-Blooded: Fresh, young, has a tendency to go off half-cocked, and not afraid of anyone, even if maybe he should be.
  • In the Blood: Descended from the Seven Aztec Tribes.
  • Jumped at the Call: He did not hesitate to take the mantle of his former master in order to avenge him. Further cemented by Rey Mysterio himself accepting him as the rightful successor of the mask.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: When he entered the ring after Black Lotus had broken Pentagon Dark's arm, Black Lotus and her Triad vacated the ring, leaving Dragon alone with the crippled Pentagon. Dragon proceeded to step on Pentagon's broken arm before breaking his other one! You don't want to piss him off.
  • Legacy Character: The second Dragon Azteca and student of the first.
  • Secret Legacy: Dragon Azteca was the one who revealed to him his heritage before taking him under his wing.
  • Wrestling Family: It's never mentioned on screen, but he's actually Rey Mysterio's cousin, with both being the nephews of Rey Misterio Sr.

    Mil Muertes 

Mil Muertes
Years ago, a devastating earthquake rocked Mexico City, affecting thousands with the destruction it wrought. One of them was a young boy who, having somehow survived to crawl out of the rubble (it was later revealed that he was guided out by Catrina), discovered that he was the only one left alive of his entire family. Scarred deep within his soul by the dead bodies around him and the screaming of the wounded, that boy grew up to became known to those in the Temple as Mil Muertes, the Man of a Thousand Deaths, who decided the world will feel the same pain and loss he felt when his family was taken from him. Ruthless and destructive, Mil Muertes laid out a path of destruction over all who stood in his path, even laying out the legendary Blue Demon Jr. in his first match. However, Mil's path of destruction seemed to have come to an end after his feud with Fenix. His associate, Catrina, turned on him, believing he did not have the power to fulfill his mission. He and Fenix waged war in Grave Consequences, but in the end, Mil Muertes was thrown into the coffin, perhaps finally granting his soul peace at last.

Or so it seemed... Mil Muertes soon returned, and if Catrina was to be believed, he was stronger and more ruthless than ever before. With Catrina once again by his side, as well as three skull faced luchadores called the Disciples of Death, Mil Muertes' first action was to absolutely destroy Fenix to prove that he was the biggest monster to ever set foot inside the Temple. By Catrina's manipulations, Mil Muertes ended up in a #1 Contendership match against Drago, which he handily won, and then proceeded to destroy Prince Puma at Ultima Lucha to claim the Lucha Underground championship. Death was Lucha Underground's champion, and woe unto him who dared to challenge him. With Catrina in power, Muertes oversaw the beginning of season 2 from his throne, and made a successful defense of the championship against Ivelisse. After the match, Catrina ordered that he beat her down, but Prince Puma saved her from another Flatliner, and a new challenger stepped up: Pentagon Jr., who proceeded to break his arm. As that Death himself had been proven vulnerable, challengers started to declare themselves left and right, and Catrina's machinations to protect him soon failed. The Man of a Thousand Lives reclaimed the Gift of the Gods, and made his challenge. Fenix finally unseated Mil Muertes as the champion the next week, but Muertes wasn't done — Catrina made Fenix defend his title at Aztec Warfare II, putting him at No. 1 and Mil Muertes at No. 20. Those two seemed set for another collision course, but Pentagon Jr. had other ideas, attacking Muertes with a chair before he could enter Aztec Warfare II. With Muertes already weakened by the damage, the rest of the luchadores ganged up to quickly eliminate him from the match. Two weeks later, he returned to attack Matanza, saving his Arch-Enemy Fenix in the process. The Monster and Death himself were set on a collision course. Neither man escaped the match unscathed — after a brutal brawl, Muertes hit Matanza with the Flatliner on the roof of Dario's office, sending both men crashing below and forcing the referee to declare a no-contest. Muertes was granted another shot at Matanza, but this time in a Graver Consequences match, with four caskets involved. Muertes lost, and was again spirited away by the funeral procession...among them King Cuerno. It was later revealed that Cuerno had taken Muertes and placed him under glass as a trophy. Uncovering his location, Catrina once again brought him back to life, and Muertes shattered his glass case with a headbutt. Muertes made his return to the Temple on the June 15 episode, attacking King Cuerno and causing him to get eliminated during a six-person match for the No. 1 Contendership spot. Suffered a defeat at the hands of Cuerno before Ultima Lucha Dos and subsequently demanded a Death match against him for the big event, a demand that was granted, and he would go on to defeat Cuerno.

Muertes defeated Argenis in his first Season 3 appearance, then was attacked from behind by Puma. Angered, Muertes proceeded to destroy the backstage area, demanding Puma in a match. Muertes interfered in Puma's match against Siniestro de la Muerte, though his interference backfired when Puma won the match anyway, utilizing Muertes' own finishing move in the process before diving out to attack his foe. Later in the evening, he watched as Catrina dealt with Siniestro, then absorbed his deceased minion's power as his own. Muertes would go on to interfere in Puma's match against Matanza, causing Puma to lose. Muertes faced - and was defeated by - Puma in a match. Attacked Puma after being challenged to Grave Consequences, and was run off by him. The third time was the charm for Muertes, as, after Catrina threatened to leave him in his grave if he lost again, he won the match and placed Puma in the casket. Muertes competed in Aztec Warfare III, making the final two before being eliminated by Sexy Star. Competed in the Battle of the Bulls, but did not win his four-way. Soon faced Jeremiah Crane, and was beaten after being attacked by a returning Prince Puma. After being informed just who brought Puma back by Catrina, Muertes turned his ire towards Vampiro, attacking him at ringside before dragging him into the ring and felling him with a Flatliner. Vampiro would get his revenge, as he handed Puma a brick to use against Muertes, assisting his disciple in defeating him in a Boyle Heights Street Fight. Under orders from Catrina to bring her the Cueto Cup, he competed in the tournament, defeating Veneno in the first round. Afterward, he was attacked backstage by a chair wielding Jeremiah Crane, who told him "She is MINE!". Seemingly unaffected by the attack, Muertes defeated Paul London in the second round of the Cueto Cup. In the quarterfinals, Muertes defeated Crane, then was angered when, instead of the Lick of Death, Catrina kissed Crane deeply. Attacked backstage by Cage, who had previously been threatened by Catrina, with a weight, then had the weight dropped on him. As a result, he went into his semifinal match with Pentagon Dark injured, but was only narrowly defeated by him. With Catrina raising the stone high, he was able to escape from having his arm broken again. Muertes joined the free-for-all at the end of the show and was once again attacked by Cage.

Upon discovering that Crane was once again trying to curry favor with Catrina, he viciously attacked his rival, then turned his attentions on Cage, who had threatened Catrina. The three would then engage in a brawl. Muertes appeared at the beginning of Catrina's match with Ivelisse, leaving a box containing the stone at ringside before departing. Though he defeated Crane and Cage at Ultima Lucha Tres to claim the Gauntlet, he was attacked by the returning King Cuerno, who stole it from him.

Muertes, with Catrina by his side, returned to the Temple for Aztec Warfare IV, where he immediately attacked Crane. Unfortunately, he was then ganged up on by several other competitors before being eliminated by his old enemy Fenix. Catrina, upset by Muertes' failure, left him at ringside. Faced and defeated Jeremiah Crane and Fenix in 3-Way to the Grave, a three-way Grave Consequences match, and was noticeably upset by Catrina pushing him away to lavish attention on the casket containing Fenix. With the inadvertent assistance of Pentagon Dark, who had attacked Cage in revenge for a previous attack, Muertes secured an Aztec Medallion. However, when asking her to deliver the Lick of Death to Cage, Catrina rebuffed him, walking away after symbolically delivering one to him. After placing his Medallion into the Gift of the Gods, he had to compete in a battle royal against his fellow Medallion holders, in which he dominated but was simultaneously eliminated with Dragon Azteca Jr. by The Mack and Son of Havoc. As the battle royal had a stipulation that the winner would be allowed to select one competitor to be removed from the Gift of the Gods match, he soon learned that he would be forced to sit the match out, which caused him to attack everyone at ringside while an annoyed Catrina left him behind. Angered at being excluded from the Gift of the Gods match, Mil attacked Mack after Mack and his team lost a Trios match prior to the Gift of the Gods match, with an intervening Killshot also getting attacked. Catrina would later state to Mack that Mil was coming for him. Faced and defeated Mack in a Haunted House match, but was again rebuffed by Catrina after asking her to deliver the Lick of Death.

A fed-up Catrina, finally having gotten what she wanted, told Muertes flat-out that she didn't love him and that she wanted nothing to do with him, leaving him with his stone. As she dangled from the railing above the Temple, he appeared, telling Melissa Santos to leave. She thought he would save her, but instead, he pried her hand from the railing, giving her back the stone, then let go, leaving her to fall to, seemingly, her death. Freed of Catrina's hold, he competed against Cuerno for a title shot, but after a double disqualification came for him and Cuerno both shoving the referee, Antonio Cueto awarded them both with the shot anyway, making it a triple threat. Competed for the title, but lost. He was entered into a four-way for #1 contendership, but lost again thanks to Mack's interference. Post-match, he was informed by Mack that they would be having a Death match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Teamed with Fenix to face Mack and Dragon Azteca Jr. and surprisingly gelled with his former rival, enough to win the match. During a match between Mack and Killshot, he stormed the ring to attack Mack, causing Killshot to be disqualified. This brought down Son of Havoc, who had been watching from a balcony, and the four fought each other.

Despite the Death match arguably being his specialty match, Mack had his number, ending his Ultima Lucha win streak and placing him in a casket that he himself had brought to ringside.
  • First Appearance: "Los Demonios" (Season 1, episode 2)
  • Alignment: Rudo
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Owl
  • Allies: None
  • Current Feuds: The Mack
  • Former Feuds: Blue Demon Jr., Chavo Guerrero Jr., King Cuerno, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Cage, Pentagon Jr., Matanza Cueto, Dario Cueto (by his association with Matanza), Vampiro, Jeremiah Crane, Fenix, The Mack
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 20 (Aztec Warfare I and II), 18 (Aztec Warfare III), 15 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Alternate Company Equivalent: As an undead Wrestling Monster, Mil is essentially a lucha interpretation of The Undertaker.
  • Arch-Enemy: Fenix has become this to him.
  • Back from the Dead: Brought back to life by Catrina in a much more powerful form after his defeat by Fenix, then again after his defeat by Matanza.
  • Came Back Strong/Came Back Wrong: After being brought back by Catrina the first time, he is much stronger and much more brutal. He also has white eyes and much less of a personality, acting like a classic voodoo zombie. His second resurrection resulted in red eyes and even more brutality.
  • Camera Abuse: Mil will roughly shove away any camera that gets too close to him as he enters the ring, or sometimes violently grab it with both hands and roar into it.
  • Cool Chair: The Season 2 premiere showed him seated on a throne studded with humans skulls watching on as matches happen, giving him a Shao Kahn esque feel.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Has a definite earth motif to him, being heavy and slow in the ring and his Start of Darkness being brought about by an earthquake. He's also seemingly controlled by a magical stone. His finisher is even him attaching himself to you and dragging you into the earth.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the championship match at Ultima Lucha: he finished Prince Puma by executing his finisher, the Flatliner, from the top rope, making THE EARTH QUAKE.
  • The Dreaded: Everyone in the roster (minus Fenix, Pentagon Dark, and possibly King Cuerno) would break in a cold sweat at knowing their next opponent is Mil Muertes. It doesn't matter who you are, if you're facing Mil Muertes, you are NOT coming out unscathed.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: While the exact nature of their relationship is ambiguous and confusing, if Mil has a weakness it's Catrina. Attacking her will drive him into a vengeful fury and during the time where she left him to side with Fenix he seemed almost lost. He was even the one to seemingly end her regained life, dropping her from the top of a building.
  • Fake Nationality: Played by Puerto Rican wrestler Ricky Banderas.
  • Finishing Move: Flatliner.
  • He's Back: In episode 26, Catrina brought Mil Muertes back to life after his "death" at the hands of Fenix (and herself!) in the Grave Consequences match.
  • Macguffin: A mysterious stone that he took with him as a child after the earthquake. It appears to have some power over him.
  • Mighty Glacier: In comparison to the other, more high-flying luchadores, Mil is almost glued to the ground, favoring brutal strikes to beat his opponents senseless. It's especially noticeable in his feud with Fenix, and fits into the idea that he's as inevitable as death itself.
  • Meaningful Name: His name before being Mil Muertes was Pascual Mendoza. Pascual roughly translates to "of Easter", Easter of course being the day in which Jesus rose from the grave.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: His name means "1000 deaths".
  • Neck Lift: Did this to Catrina when she appeared skeptical of his abilities after his first loss to Fenix. This was (seemingly) the beginning of the end of their association.
  • No-Sell: Chavo Guerrero, realizing he could not beat him in a fair bout, decided to say screw it and grabbed a chair and bashed him in the head with it. This didn't even hurt Muertes as he retaliated by performing the Flatliner on Chavo onto the chair.
    • And after coming back from the dead, in the Death match against Fenix, he no-sold a Tope Suicida. Ho-ly shit.
  • Obviously Evil: Ya think?!
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Has adopted this as part of his association with Catrina.
  • Red Baron: "The Man of a Thousand Deaths"
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: After his second resurrection, his eyes became bright red.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: When Mil isn't wearing his ring gear he dresses in a business suit so sharp it could cut you. It makes him look kind of like a masked version of The Kingpin.
  • Signature Move: Reaper's Trident/Dagger in the Heart (Spear), one-handed turning chokeslam, and the most brutal counter spinning scoop slam in the world!
  • Squash Match: Mil Muertes's matches consisted of him basically destroying all in his path in little time, not bothering to play or toy around with them. Most are lucky if they get in one or two moves.
  • Summon Magic: Catrina is able to summon him by using his stone.
  • That Man Is Dead: As a child he was known as Pascual Mendoza, but after the earthquake and death of his family, Pascual is no more, there is only Mil Muertes.
  • The Undead: He's a literal dead man after being brought back twice by Catrina.
  • Throne Made of X: That throne he was seen seated on at the beginning of Season 2? It was comprised of human bodies and skulls gathered by the Disciples.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: When compared to the other wrestlers in the roster, Mil is nowhere near as fast or technically proficient. He doesn't need to be, though, since he'll DESTROY you the moment he gets his hands on you.
    • Utterly defied during his Gauntlet of the Gods match against Cage and Jeremiah Crane at Ultima Lucha Tres where he shocked everybody by throwing the Machine to the floor with a hurricanrana!
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: The death of his family has lead him to basically destroy all life in front of him.
  • Wrestling Monster: OH YES. Mil Muertes is TEXTBOOK wrestling monster. We're talking Big Van Vader levels of dread induced. Each time he comes back from the dead, he gets even worse. In fact, if Catrina's mid-strangulation speech on Dario Cueto was to be believed, Mil Muertes in his second form was worse than Matanza.

    Chavo Guerrero Jr. 

Chavo Guerrero Jr.
A proud representative of Mexico's notorious Guerrero family (whose most famous member was his legendary uncle, Eddie Guerrero), Chavo Guerrero Jr. carries a huge weight on his shoulders. He also carries a huge CHIP on his shoulders, being the most unlikeable jerk on the entire Lucha Underground roster. While Chavo debuted in the Temple as a tecnico on the very first episode of the show, that went out the window after his initial loss against Blue Demon Jr. Dario Cueto quickly convinced Chavo that if he wanted to win, he had to follow the mantra that's guided his family for generations: Lie. Cheat. Steal. Chavo became the arch-enemy of Blue Demon Jr., and the two were fighting on and off for most of season 1. Chavo's actions, however, angered the Mexican wrestlers in the Temple roster, who consider Blue to be Mexican wrestling incarnate, and a bounty was put on Chavo's head. Chavo formed an uneasy alliance with Dragon Azteca to become Black Lotus' bodyguard in exchange for Dragon Azteca using his connections to rescind the bounty, but unfortunately for Black Lotus, he was secretly working for Dario Cueto and sold her out at the first opportunity. In this way, Chavo earned himself the protection of The Crew from any Mexican wrestler seeking his head, and he used The Crew as extra muscle to lay a savage beating on Blue Demon Jr. Chavo's actions earned him a reward from Cueto in the form of a title shot against Prince Puma, but he unfortunately underestimated Mexico's hatred of him, with Texano of all people helping avenge Mexico's honor. After the title match, Blue Demon Jr. went to Chavo to make it crystal clear that their feud is far from over, though Chavo soon got into his head regarding Texano, causing Demon to switch sides and ally with him instead.

With Demon exiting Lucha Underground after they destroyed Texano at Ultima Lucha, Chavo thought he was safe. Unfortunately, Texano returned during Season 2 to make it very clear that he was still coming for him. Utilized his allies in The Crew to defeat Texano in a gauntlet match, but lost to Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc in a Trios contest. Was later defeated by Texano in a bullrope match, after being left by Castro and Cisco. Competed in Aztec Warfare II but was felled by Matanza after falsely assuming his alliance with Dario Cueto was still valid. After yet another failed attempt to get into Dario's good graces, Chavo resorted to trickery, stealing Cage's Aztec Medallion during his match with Mascarita Sagrada. Held onto the Medallion long enough to place it into the Gift of the Gods, taking Cage's place in the match, and subsequently won the title thanks to Cage's interference...only to find out that Cage had struck a deal with Dario Cueto to receive the first shot, ensuring that he would get his revenge for the theft. Cage would indeed get revenge the week after, as he soundly defeated Chavo to take the Gift of the Gods. Was scheduled to compete in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership, but was removed from the proceedings courtesy of a returning Pentagon Jr. Chavo reappeared during Season 3 to speak with Rey Mysterio and DA Jr., then requested to speak with Dario. It was later revealed that Chavo would be facing DA Jr. in a match refereed by Mysterio, with the winner receiving a match with Pentagon. Chavo's attitude got the best of him during the match, leading him to strike Mysterio and subsequently lose. Chavo attacked DA Jr. backstage, injuring him, and was subsequently added (along with Mysterio) to a triple threat with Pentagon. He would not be involved in the decision, and would attack Mysterio afterward with the same chair he used to attack DA Jr. The two are headed for a collision course that might very well see one leave the Temple for good, as Rey has officially requested a "Loser Leaves Lucha" match against Chavo. Chavo and his father attempted to orchestrate a cheap win to banish Rey from the Temple for good, but the intervention of Dario Cueto led to Chavo losing and having to leave for good. Despite his being banned from the Temple, he was somehow able to appear in a video hyping the then-upcoming match between Rey Mysterio and Johnny Mundo.

With Dario dead and the Temple moving to a new venue, Chavo was reinstated by Antonio Cueto. He made his return at Aztec Warfare IV, employing his old tricks as usual to make it to the final four, but was pinned by Pentagon. He would later compete for an Aztec Medallion, but was defeated by King Cuerno. Chavo returned at Ultima Lucha Cuatro as backup for his cousin Shaul, who was being harassed by Famous B.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Alignment: Rudo
  • Ally: Shaul Guerrero
  • Former Feuds: Sexy Star, Pentagon Jr., Mil Muertes, Black Lotus, Dragon Azteca, Blue Demon Jr., Texano
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 16 (Aztec Warfare I), 15 (Aztec Warfare II), 17 (Aztec Warfare IV)


    Johnny Mundo 

Johnny Mundo
Johnny Mundo is arrogant to the point of cardinal sin. He also has the skills to back up all that bluster. He's the handsome rogue who's in it for the glory and the money, and he doesn't care who stands in his way. This attitude has earned him few friends and many enemies, but as long as he's the one standing at the end of the match, Johnny doesn't mind much. He DID mind when Dario Cueto meddled in his business, though, and there was no love lost between him and the Boss. Johnny teamed up with longtime rival Prince Puma and newcomer Hernandez to compete in the Trios title tournament, but they were defeated by the team of King Cuerno, Cage and Texano. Johnny then feuded with the equally egotistic Alberto El Patron; they agreed that both of them are much more worthy of the Lucha Underground title than Hernandez, so they approached Dario Cueto about it and he put both of them in a match for the right to face Hernandez for his #1 contendership spot. Bravely fought though their match was, Alberto was just a tiny bit better (or luckier) than Johnny and won the fight. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for Johnny, and he savagely attacked Alberto during the match against Hernandez, costing him the #1 contendership by throwing El Patron through Dario Cueto's office window, much to Cueto's amusement. Johnny had embraced the dark side and would not let anyone get in his way to the top. His embrace of the dark side was so complete, in fact, that he even buried the hatchet with Dario Cueto, who gave him a shot at Prince Puma's title in an Ironman match. The unexpected return of El Patron dashed his chances to win the Lucha Underground Championship, but Johnny soon had his revenge upon El Patron by defeating him at Ultima Lucha with the help of his long-time girlfriend Melina - only to have himself thrown face-first through a glass window by El Patron in revenge.

Johnny made his return to the Temple in Episode 2 of season 2, defeating Killshot by shenanigans, and as Johnny is wont to do, grabbed the mike and started strutting and challenging Mil Muertes for the title, only to be interrupted by Cage, who, in no uncertain terms, challenged both Johnny AND Mil Muertes. He would later attempt to attack Cage after Cage's match against Joey Ryan, only to be dispatched via Weapon X. The next week, Mundo was able to defeat Cage, though it was only through the assistance of his new main squeeze, Taya (Melina having been Put on a Bus after Ultima Lucha). Unfortunately for Taya, Mundo fled their next confrontation with Cage, leaving her to Cage's wrath. Mundo soon antagonized Prince Puma once more, and the two met as part of Aztec Warfare II. The next week, he fled from Cage again, abandoning Taya to be pinned during an intergender tag match. He and Taya were forced to team with Cage for the Trios tournament, but infighting caused them to lose to the team of Puma, Rey Mysterio, and Dragon Azteca Jr. Although he was out of the Trio tournament, Johnny received a shot at an Aztec Medallion. The catch? He had to defeat Cage in a steel cage match — or as he dubbed it, "Cage in a cage." Despite tons of help from Taya, Mundo's cheap tricks finally backfired when he accidentally nailed his lady friend (who got herself handcuffed to the ropes) with a chair, taking her out of commission. Cage quickly defeated him afterwards to win the Medallion. Mundo later teamed with Son of Havoc and Ivelisse in a losing effort against the Trios champions, as discord quickly grew between himself and his impromptu partners. Mundo and Taya later took out Fenix, taking his place teaming with Jack Evans and PJ Black. The three proved to be a formidable unit, winning the Trios championships in their first outing together, then successfully defending them in a rematch, albeit by disqualification. Mundo scored the winning pin for his team in a 12-person match, securing his entrance into a six-person match for #1 Contendership, which he lost. Just before Ultima Lucha Dos, he relied on Taya's help to defeat Fenix. Lost the Trios titles at Ultima Lucha Dos and was attacked by Angelico during the match, possibly indicating that he had a role in causing his injury.

In Season 3 it was revealed that Mundo had orchestrated the post-Ultima Lucha Dos attack on Angelico, which he boasted about to Dario Cueto while demanding first a shot at Matanza, then one at Sexy Star. He was denied both, by virtue of his loss at Ultima Lucha Dos. Mundo would demand another title shot, which he was again denied, and would refuse the offered Trios title shot, storming out of Dario's office. He later reappeared at the end of the Trios title match, attacking the Trios champs with the rest of Worldwide Underground before being driven off by an intervening Sexy Star. Was on the winning side of an Atomicos match along with the rest of Worldwide Underground. Mundo once again demanded a title shot, but was once again turned down by Dario. Mundo, along with Black, would attack Sexy Star during her match with Evans, only to be again headed off by the Trios champs. Desperate for a title shot, Mundo returned to Cueto with what remained of the $100,000 he'd stolen from him back in Season 1, trading it in for a shot at the Gift of the Gods. He got his shot, eventually beating Sexy with the aid of multiple ref bumps, interference by Evans and Black (eventually foiled by The Mack), a chair, and a pair of brass knuckles, to take the belt from her at last. He mouthed off to Dario prior to Aztec Warfare III, and had his number switched from #12 to #2 as a result, but declared that he was cashing in the Gift of the Gods if he did not win. He was attacked by a returning Angelico near the end of the match before being eliminated by Sexy Star, who he and his partners had targeted throughout the latter half of the match. The next week, he cashed in the Gift of the Gods and won the title from Sexy Star, but not without a little help from his friends, in this case a disguised Taya. Mundo soon threatened Black and Evans with removal from Worldwide Underground if one did not win their way into the Battle of the Bulls finals. Successfully defended against Sexy Star in a steel cage, though it took an underhanded trick - removing Sexy Star's mask - to do it. He was then attacked and stunned by The Mack, who had won the right to be his next challenger. Originally the title match was to take place the week afterward, but Dario Cueto postponed the actual title match, making the match instead to decide on a stipulation. Mundo won via his usual shenanigans, deciding on All Night Long (AKA an iron man match) as the stipulation. Mundo appeared the next week to talk further about the stipulation, but was attacked by Mack, who ran him, Evans, and Black off. Once the match finally arrived, Mundo cheated with all his might and almost beat Mack with aid from PJ Black, but Son of Havoc and Sexy Star showed up to more than even the score and Mundo nearly lost his title when Mack had him pinned for the winning point at the last second. However, last-minute interference from his Fan Boy Ricky Mandel delayed Mack's finishing move, causing the time to expire before the ref could count to three, meaning the match was a tie and he retained by default. Dario didn't like this and booked him against Mack again the next week to provide a clear winner, and Mack stunnered Mundo again as he held up the title. Assisted by Mandel, Black, and Taya, Mundo defeated Mack in a Falls Count Anywhere match, but was then blindsided by the announcement that his next opponent would be Rey Mysterio Jr., which prompted him to hurry to his dojo to train after sharing his apprehension with Taya.

While Mysterio was at ringside cheering on DA Jr. during the Cueto Cup, he saw his chance to strike, leading the entire Worldwide Underground to attack Mysterio en masse. Mundo would later introduce the Worldwide Underground to his agent/lawyer, Benjamin Cooke. Mundo, along with the rest of the Worldwide Underground, ran in to assist PJ Black in his match against Mysterio, but they were run off by DA Jr. Mundo took on and defeated DA Jr. by himself, as the rest of the Worldwide Underground had been asked not to interfere. Wielding a chair, he tried to brutalize DA Jr. with a chair, only for his efforts to be stopped by Mysterio. Unfortunately, Mysterio's family at ringside was next to draw his attention, and after verbally abusing Mysterio's family, he hit Mysterio's son Dominick with the title as Mysterio was forced to watch. Mundo watched as his agent berated Black, Taya, and Mandel for losing against the Rabbit Tribe, then departed with Cooke for photo-ops. Came to an arranged face-to-face with Mysterio accompanied by security, then had the Worldwide Underground attack, leading to a free-for-all involving much of the roster. Was himself soon attacked during it, first by DA Jr., Sexy Star, and The Mack who had arrived to bail out Mysterio, then by Puma and Pentagon Dark. Was soon kicked into the ropes and hit with a 619. Feeling that Mundo hadn't been treated right by Cueto, Mundo and Cooke threatened to take the title elsewhere, and Mundo was unhappy to hear that the Worldwide Underground had been banned from his match with Mysterio like everyone else on the roster. With Cueto's assistance, Mundo retained the title, and faced Prince Puma at Ultima Lucha Tres, which he tried to make a mask vs. title match. Cueto upped the stakes immediately after to make it title vs. career. Was not pleased that Ricky Mandel had changed his last name to Mundo, taking him off his Atomicos team and replacing him with Marty "The Moth" Martinez. The impromptu quartet was victorious over Prince Puma, Sexy Star, Cage, and Fenix. Despite the interference of the Worldwide Underground, Mundo lost the Lucha Underground title to Puma.

Mundo returned to the Temple for Aztec Warfare IV. After some tension with factionmate Ricky Mundo, who had seemingly come under the spell of a strange doll, he made the mistake of eliminating Daga. This prompted an upset Kobra Moon to unleash Vibora on him, after which he was pinned by Marty "The Moth" Martinez. In revenge, Mundo and Taya first antagonized then attacked Moon and Drago after Drago's loss to DA Jr. Mundo gathered all of the Worldwide Underground together to announce that the Reptile Tribe had declared war on them, and was creeped out after being introduced to Ricky's doll, Rosa. He then ordered Jack Evans to challenge one of the Reptiles to a match, and was annoyed when Evans chickened out. He and Taya later competed against Moon and Daga, defeating their rivals with the assistance of Black, but were then attacked by Vibora, who wiped out all three. Mundo was able to get away at the expense of his allies, and looked on helplessly as Taya and Black were tormented by the Reptiles and Moon declared that she would make him kneel and call her his queen. Mundo soon took the fight to Vibora, though even with the Worldwide Underground's help he lost to the Reptile Tribe's enforcer. Post-match, he and his cronies were run off by the Reptiles. Along with Taya and Ricky, Mundo attacked Daga after a match with PJ Black then they all fought with Vibora after he and Drago intervened, and they were dispatched from the ring. Addressed by Moon, Mundo made a deal for a match where, if the Worldwide Underground lost, Mundo would join the Reptiles, and if they won, she would grant one wish for him. Later, Mundo and Taya infiltrated the Reptile Temple, where they were found by Vibora. After a rough battle where they were able to overcome the Reptile Enforcer, they fled the scene after Taya decapitated Vibora, with Mundo retrieving his Nice Hat before telling Drago, who had seen everything, that they were never there.

He thought that, with Vibora gone, the Worldwide Underground would have the advantage against the Reptiles, as the resulting match would be an Atomicos contest. He thought wrong, as Kobra Moon revived Jeremiah Crane and recruited him for her tribe, evening the numbers. Knowing that Ricky Mundo was a liability, he chose to bench him for the match and introduced Aerostar as their fourth. In a close-fought contest, the WWU and Aerostar pulled out the win. In an uncharacteristic show of kindness (and to the shock and fury of Taya), Mundo gave his wish to Aerostar and made Kobra Moon release Drago. When confronted by Taya afterward, he clarified that his wish actually could not be granted by Moon, because only Taya could grant it. He then asked her to marry him, to which she said yes. During their wedding shower, he learned that Taya had gone to Antonio Cueto and requested a title match on his behalf, as a gift. Before his wedding, he was surprised to hear that his old friend Joey Wrestling would be attending, and booted Ricky Mundo out of the wedding party to make room for him as his best man. He continued to verbally abuse Ricky, even taking away his air guitar to give to Joey. As a result, his wedding was crashed by Matanza, who Ricky had let out of his cell as revenge, and he was destroyed by the Monster. Mundo was prevented from facing Pentagon Dark for the championship as a result of the attack, with talk that he may never compete in the Temple again. Nevertheless, Mundo returned to the Temple to save Taya from being sacrificed. He later squared off against Jake Strong, giving "The Savage" his toughest fight in Lucha Underground, but was forced to tap out. He only escaped having his ankle broken through the intervention of Matanza, though Matanza would attack him and force him to watch as Taya was destroyed in front of him. While training atop the Temple, Mundo was approached by Aerostar and Drago, who gave the Gauntlet of the Gods to him as a weapon to use against Matanza. He was initially not impressed with the gift (recognizing it as having once belonged to Cage) and had to be coerced into donning it, but quickly came around to it once he'd sampled the power it held.

With the help of the Gauntlet, Mundo was able to fell Matanza in the Sacrifice match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. He initially intended to keep it, but Aerostar appealed to his vanity, and he voluntarily relinquished it. Returning to his locker room, he intended to celebrate the victory with Taya as they had promised before the match, only to find that Taya had been possessed by Rosa. With Rosa firmly in control of his wife, he was attacked by her.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Alignment: Rudo
  • Allies: PJ Black, Ricky Mundo(?)
  • Current Feuds: Taya (wife, possessed by Rosa), Rosa
  • Former Feuds: Dario Cueto, Prince Puma, Big Ryck, The Crew, Cage, Texano, King Cuerno, Alberto El Patron, Mil Muertes, Cage, Fenix, Aerostar, Drago, Rey Mysterio, Angelico, Kobra Moon, Drago, Vibora, Daga, Matanza
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 2 (Aztec Warfare I and III, original number for the latter was 12), 5 (Aztec Warfare II), 11 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • The Atoner: In a very minor way, part of the reason Mundo seems to be attracted to the Temple is that it's a place where the best will face the best, a place where Mundo can establish himself as an honorable competitor, and a place free of the political nonsense of mainstream wrestling. Abandoned after he turned rudo.
  • Arch-Enemy: Dario Cueto. Their relationship was very similar to the one between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. Cueto took any chance he had to screw Johnny over, and Johnny found no greater pleasure than messing with Cueto's plans or smacking him upside the head.
    • Averted. Johnny soon allied himself with Dario Cueto.
    • Had some very personal beef with Alberto El Patron, which came to a head in their match for the right to face Hernandez for the #1 contendership. Alberto winning the match was a slap in Johnny's face, and Johnny retaliated, costing Alberto the fight against Hernandez.
    • Extended this view towards those with singles gold during Season 3, as Dario Cueto kept him from getting title shots.
  • Arrogant Wrestling Guy: While Johnny can get along well with other people, he still thinks he's better than them, and he's usually right. His attitude understandably rubs people the wrong way, though.
  • Badass Beard: Grew one as the show progressed.
  • Badass Longcoat: Walks into the ring with a feathered longcoat. Think of it as a mix between Jesse Ventura's feathered boas and Ric Flair's sequined robes.
  • Bash Brothers: For a while he had this kind of partnership with Prince Puma, until an accidental chairshot soured that and they ended up feuding. They put their differences aside for the first Trios title tournament, though.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Johnny is a walking inversion of this trope; he's the second Triple Crown Champion in Lucha Underground (after Fenix), and everything he's won is the result of his shameless cheating. He led the Worldwide Underground to the Trios Championships on a wave of crotch kicks, he stole the Gift of the Gods belt from Sexy Star with run-ins, distractions and a pair of brass knuckles, and he cashed that in to steal the Lucha Underground Championship from Sexy as well by planting Taya in the crowd disguised as a Sexy Star fan with, again, a pair of brass knuckles. Ironically, the one and only prize he ever did win cleanly (the suitcase containing $100,000 he won in the Temple's first ladder match) he returned to Dario as a bribe to get his shot at the Gift, so he's basically only ever prospered in the Temple as a dirty cheat.
  • Combat Parkour: What distinguishes him from the rest of the roster: Johnny knows the ring inside and out and how to move within and without it. He'll flip over the ropes to avoid strikes, use the ropes to give leverage to strikes of his own, run up the turnbuckle to set up high-flying moves, etc. Basically, if you're fighting him, watch where you're standing.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Ever since he went heel, it's pretty hard to find a single match that Johnny's won clean.
  • Crowd Chant: Since he turned heel, the Believers have started chanting "Johnny Puto!" at him. Given how severe a profanity that is in Spanish, the TV broadcasts usually dub in "Johnny Zero!" over it.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Whenever he's talking with someone else, there's barbs aplenty, especially evident in his backstage conversation with Alberto El Patron.
  • Determinator: Right up there with Prince Puma as one of the guys who'll never say die.
  • Dirty Coward: Ever since Johnny went rudo, there has barely been a single match where he hasn't cheated to win, whether it's with low blows, concealed weapons or, most commonly, getting his friends to run in and beat up his opponent (and sometimes the ref) for him. There's not a single drop of honour left in him any more.
  • Enemy Mine: Though they'd had problems in the past, he recruited Aerostar for his Atomicos team against the Reptile Tribe.
  • Expy: He has more than a bit in common with a certain other fighting Johnny with pretty boy looks, a penchant for Cool Shades and not wearing a shirt, and an initial interest in fighting for the fame and the cash (when he was a face at least).
  • Extremity Extremist: His main offensive asset is his long legs. He has as many variations of roundhouse kicks as he does changes of underwear.
  • Face–Heel Turn: After costing him a shot at the Lucha Underground title, Johnny decided he had enough of Alberto El Patron (who had already been harassing and riling Johnny backstage for a while) and busted him through Dario Cueto's office window during the #1 contendership match against Hernandez, leaving him a bloody and neatly packaged mess for Hernandez to pin easily.
  • Finishing Move: The Starship Pain, now called the End of The World (El Fin del Mundo).
  • Groin Attack: Has taken to kicking opponents in the junk while the referee's distracted.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After almost 3 entire seasons since his initial heel turn, Johnny seemed to turn back at the end of his feud with the Reptile Tribe- he fired up to a level not seen since Season 1 to win the match entirely clean, then passed up the opportunity to gain a wish from Kobra Moon in favour of forcing her to free Drago on behalf of his impromptu partner Aerostar. It's currently unknown whether the turn will stick, or whether it was just a temporary thing so he could propose to Taya as a face.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Johnny tends to get himself in trouble a lot, but his worst moment was in the lead-up to Aztec Warfare III, where he bailed up Dario before the match to gloat about how he intended to become the champion, and even if he didn't then he was cashing in his Gift of the Gods belt the next week anyway. He rubbed Dario the wrong way so much that Dario promptly swapped his entry from #12 to #2. Who was #2? Sexy Star, the woman Johnny had been antagonising for most of the season before finally stealing the Gift from in the first place. Who eventually eliminated Johnny? Sexy Star. Who won Aztec Warfare III? Yep, that's right, Sexy Star. If Johnny had only been able to keep his big fat mouth shut he could well have been the one who came out with the championship, just as he'd planned.
  • Homage: His proposal to Taya was one for Randy Savage's proposal to Elizabeth.
  • I Have the High Ground: Interesting in that he's an American wrestler who has adapted beautifully to the high-flying Mexican lucha style. No Mexican luchador in the roster has been able to make Johnny look bad.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Johnny can take it, dish it out and fly around the ring while doing it.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Oh yeah, the ladies love him.
  • No Shirt, Long Jacket: His ring entrance attire, topped off with some Cool Shades and Dramatic Wind courtesy of an industrial fan.
  • Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught: Despite the fact that Mundo cheats literally all the time since he went rudo, he's never, ever been punished for it by the inept refs of the Temple. Ironically, his two arguable main rivals Prince Puma and Sexy Star, the two biggest Faces in the Temple, have each been disqualified more times than he has!note 
  • Pet the Dog: In an uncharacteristic show of kindness, Mundo gave the wish he won from Kobra Moon to Aerostar as a reward for helping them against the Reptile Tribe, using it to free Drago from her thrall.
  • Rebellious Spirit: Seems to have more of an issue with authority than the other wrestlers. Justified, as he's the most experienced American wrestler on the roster, and thus has much more experience when it comes to dealing with crooked promoters. His motivation for leaving other promotions was him being tired of the politics, so that's why Mundo was extra motivated in stopping Dario Cueto from trying to build another corrupt dynasty... At least, 'til Cueto corrupted him as well.
  • The Resenter: Towards Alberto El Patron, and for the most part, it was quite justified. Johnny has been part of the Temple since day one and has been in some of its most legendary feuds and matches, yet El Patron came in and was treated like royalty just because he was already a champ on another show. In addition, Alberto took particular delight in pushing Johnny's buttons and costing him a shot at the LU title (which Johnny had NEVER had a shot for since Puma won it at Aztec Warfare I).
  • The Rival: To Prince Puma. They were friendly with each other, but ever since he turned heel, Johnny was thirsting for Puma's blood and his chance at the title.
  • Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll: Implied to be a substantial part of Mundo's motivation for competing. During a vignette about why he's in Lucha Underground, after talking about the politics that drove him away from other promotions, he discussed how he spent the time between said promotions and Lucha Underground, and the phrase "other passions" was mentioned, along with a wink from Mundo while the screen flashed a street sign for Hollywood Boulevard, champagne being popped, and him doing flips, all while he was sitting on a throne surrounded by three attractive women.
  • Shout-Out: When he proposed to Taya, he made his voice deep and growly as he gritted out "Will.. you... marry... me?", and when Taya accepted he shouted "Ooooooh YEAH!" and Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance started playing as he lifted Taya up and sat her on his left shoulder, all call backs to "Macho Man" Randy Savage's famous on-air proposal to Miss Elizabeth in the lead up to SummerSlam 1991.
  • Signature Moves: The Avalanche Moonlight Drive and his many, MANY knee and kick variations.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: He's got the looks and he's got the attitude.
  • Tweener: He mostly used to lean more towards the Face side, but he still looked out for number one, when all was said and done. Soon he was plain ol' heel.


A mountain of a man with a bad attitude to boot, Cage cares for no one but himself and takes sadistic glee in completely destroying his opponents in the ring. His disrespect for others is legendary, to the point that he even ripped Prince Puma's Lucha Underground title belt in half just to piss him off. Nothing angers him as much as his opponent not staying down for the 3-count, and he will beat the everloving shit out of the offender when it happens, sometimes to the point of distraction. Cage was allied with Texano and King Cuerno, and they scored a major victory in the Trios title tournament over Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo and Hernandez. However, his team was finally eliminated in the Trios tournament final by the team of Big Ryck, The Mack and Killshot. Cage soon allied with DelAvar Daivari and Big Ryck in a losing attempt at the Trios championship, having earned the spot by beating up The Mack backstage to take his place. This grew into a bloody feud between them, which Cage ended by curbstomping Mack's head into a cinderblock before pinning him at Ultima Lucha.

Cage made a splash with his return in Episode 2 of Season 2, interrupting Johnny Mundo while he was doing a promo to not only challenge Mil Muertes for the title, but to also remind Johnny that to get to Mil, he has to get through him. After handily defeating newcomer Joey Ryan, Cage was attacked by Johnny, only to dispatch him via Weapon X. Mundo was able to get the better of Cage thanks to the debuting Taya, but Taya herself didn't fare as well against the Machine. Competed in Aztec Warfare II, only to be eliminated by Taya thanks to Mundo smashing a cinderblock over his head. Continued to stalk Mundo, though he was soon forced to team with him and Taya for the Trios tournament. Cage soon got another shot at Mundo, this time in a steel cage match for an Aztec Medallion. Despite copious amounts of interference from Taya on the outside, Cage got the better of Mundo in the cage and claimed the Medallion. With Mundo finally out of the way, Cage set his sights on defending his Aztec Medallion, defeating Mascarita Sagrada with little effort. However, Chavo Guerrero Jr. stole his medallion during the match, leaving Cage with yet another thorn in his side. Cage was unable to reclaim his Medallion and thus was not allowed to compete for the Gift of the Gods, but later struck a deal with Dario Cueto to receive the first shot at the newly-reformed title. He then proceeded to interfere, destroying all the competitors then ensuring his revenge by making Chavo win the match. Cage went on to win the Gift of the Gods title from Chavo and immediately cashed it in, challenging Matanza for the Lucha Underground Championship the following week. Though he took the Monster to the limit, he was unable to defeat him. Was defeated by The Mack in the Unique Opportunity mini-tournament, in a Falls Count Anywhere rematch of their classic match with the same stipulation from Ultima Lucha the previous season.

Cage's first match of Season 3 was a victory against Texano, the first in what was soon revealed to be a best of five series, with what was termed an "ultimate opportunity" at stake. Cage would take the second match as well. In the third match, however, he got cocky and Texano was able to roll him up to take one back. Competed in a ten person tag for the right to compete in Aztec Warfare III and argued with Texano the entire time; as his team lost, he did not compete in Aztec Warfare III. Won his way into the second round of the Battle of the Bulls, pinning Joey Ryan. Was eliminated from the second round first, as Texano showed up to remind him that they have unfinished business. Cage lost to Texano in the fourth match of the Best of Five Series, but triumphed in a long and bloody anything goes match to finish the Series and claim the "Ultimate Opportunity": the Gauntlet of the Gods, which he initially turned down before being persuaded by Dario Cueto to try it on. He soon decided to keep it. Handily defeated the debuting Veneno, then shoved and nearly attacked the referee afterward, but relented with a puzzled look on his face...almost as if the Gauntlet he wore had been controlling his actions. While working out backstage, Cage was approached by Dario, who informed him that Councilman Delgado had asked to meet with him. After arriving at the meeting place, he was not too pleased to hear that Delgado had plans involving him and the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet itself seemingly had other plans, influencing Cage into slamming Delgado against a wall, then to drive his fist clean through Delgado's head before repeating his Catchphrase in a deeper, sinister tone and leaving his headless corpse behind. Cage entered the Cueto Cup and quickly advanced to the second round by defeating Vinnie Massaro. Cage next stepped into the ring against Pindar in the second round of the Cueto Cup, but his steadfast refusal to remove the Gauntlet (at that point, he actually could not remove it) and subsequent attack of referee Justin Borden caused him to be disqualified from the tournament.

Cage was approached by Catrina, who attempted to get him to hand over the Gauntlet. She was soundly rebuffed, and he later attacked Muertes with a weight in retribution. He once again jumped Muertes during a free-for-all involving much of the roster. Cage teamed with Sexy Star, Prince Puma, and Fenix in a losing effort against the Worldwide Underground and Marty "The Moth" Martinez, during which his Gauntlet was stolen by Jeremiah Crane. He confronted Catrina backstage, revealing that the Gauntlet was powerful enough to nullify her teleportation before being attacked by Crane and Muertes, leading to a three-way brawl and the Gauntlet being stolen again, this time by Dario Cueto. Was unable to recover the Gauntlet at Ultima Lucha Tres, as he was pinned by Muertes.

Seemingly unbothered by the loss of the Gauntlet, Cage returned early in Season 4 to attack Pentagon Dark. While Antonio Cueto was meeting with King Cuerno, Cage barged in to demand a match against Pentagon, but was placated by Cueto, who gave him an Aztec Medallion match against Mil Muertes instead. Cage took Muertes to the limit, but Pentagon, desiring revenge for the attack, disguised himself as a Believer and attacked him during the match, costing him the Medallion. Pentagon then challenged him to a match for the championship. Though he lost the championship match, he had the last laugh by powering out of Pentagon's armbreaker and laying him out before taunting him that he couldn't break his arm. Cage and Pentagon were instructed by Antonio Cueto to choose partners for a tag match, with Cage selecting King Cuerno for what turned out to be a handicap match when Pentagon chose to go it alone. Cage and Cuerno worked well together to defeat Pentagon, with Cage even telling Cuerno he could leave at the end. After winning, Cage retrieved a pair of chairs and destroyed Pentagon with them. Cage would later come out to talk about once again facing Pentagon for the championship, when Pentagon dashed out and attacked him with a chair. This kicked off a huge brawl that involved many chairshots, a guitar swiped from a member of guest band Metalachi, and Pentagon saving a priest from being attacked by Cage then breaking the priest's arm when he tried to bless him. Faced Pentagon for the championship again, this time in Last Man Standing, and was defeated after having both arms broken and his head driven into a cinderblock.
  • First Appearance: "Top of the Ladder" (Season 1, episode 7)
  • Alignment: Tweener
  • Allies: None
  • Current Feuds: None
  • Former Feuds: Prince Puma, Hernandez, Big Ryck, The Mack, Killshot, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico, Mil Muertes, Johnny Mundo, Taya, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Texano, Pentagon Dark
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 10 (Aztec Warfare II)

  • Apologetic Attacker: Bully that he is, even Cage seemed a bit nonplussed when Famous B arranged for his client Mascarita Sagrada to challenge him for his Aztec Medallion, telling Mascarita "I'm sorry, it's his [B's] fault" before destroying him.
  • Arch-Enemy: For a time, Prince Puma's existence was a slap in the face of Cage. That position was soon held by Johnny Mundo, then by Chavo Guerrero.
  • Badass Normal: And he's proud of it too. Instead of being a luchador with a legacy and fancy masks and capes, he's a guy who's just worked his ass off every day to get the freakish abilities he has. He's got nothing but scorn for the mystical/spiritual nature of lucha libre, to the point of dissing the Aztec design of the title belt.
  • Berserk Button: His opponent not staying down INFURIATES him. When it happens, he won't even care about winning the match and will instead lay a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on the offender. He almost killed Prince Puma this way.
  • Blood Knight: Cage really, REALLY enjoys fighting.
  • The Brute: Huge, angry and loves to hurt people.
  • The Bully: He probably was one as a kid, cause he sure as hell is one now. It's cringe-inducing to see him manhandle the smaller luchadores.
  • Catchphrase: "I'm not a man... I'm a MACHINE!"
  • Combat Pragmatist: Cage will fight as dirty as he needs to win... and might even just forfeit winning and plain fight dirty for the sake of it. He RELISHED facing Prince Puma in a street fight.
  • Crowd Chant: Since he became a tweener, the Believers have taken to chanting "Cage is gonna kill you! Cage is gonna kill you!" at Cage's opponents, as well as clapping the Terminator theme.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Mostly averted, since his matches are usually quite competitive until he gets angry enough to let the beatdown commence. There HAVE been a few matches involving him in which he plain buried the other guy, though.
  • David vs. Goliath: EVERY FIGHT against Cage is this, with him playing the Goliath. He towers over pretty much everyone else in Lucha Underground's roster with the exception of Big Ryck.
    • In actual fact, Brian Cage isn't all that tall (he's billed at a flat 6 feet tall, 1 inch shorter than Johnny Mundo), which highlights how much shorter the LU promotion is on average compared to WWE, who set a great store by size. He's massively muscle-bound for his height, though, which goes a long way to make up for it.
  • Demonic Possession: Via the Gauntlet.
  • Determinator: Say what you want about the guy, Cage is tough, and he proved it with the match against The Mack and Son of Havoc immediately after their Trios match. Wrestling a pay-per-view-level match against the top faces of the company, winning and then destroying representatives of the two other teams in the finals? Bad. Ass.
  • Finishing Move: His Discus Clothesline, a spinning clothesline which breaks the opponent in half, and a Gory Special transitioned into a reverse STO called Weapon X. Has also introduced a vertical suplex piledriver, also known as the Steiner Screwdriver, as a finisher, which he calls the Drill Claw.
  • Glory Seeker: He's obsessed with gaining the Lucha Underground title, but more because of the reputation than because of the title's value. He actually tore the first title in half and Dario Cueto had to get a new one made. Cueto, who adores the heels, was mortified by Cage's actions.
  • Heel: Surprisingly enough, he seems to have softened up a little attitude-wise and become a...
    • Tweener: In Season 2, Cage made it VERY clear that Mil Muertes was on his radar, and he soon initiated an ugly feud with Johnny Mundo, and the public LOVED HIM for it. He may be as bad as ever, but he's equal-opportunity bad.
  • Lightning Bruiser: SCARILY fast for a guy his size, being able to cross the ring in a flash and use whip-fast holds and slams. He's even capable of doing moves from the top rope!!
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Cage, or, They Call Him Cage.
  • Pet the Dog: Actually apologized to Mascarita Sagrada before defeating him in a defense of his Aztec Medallion during Season 2, rightfully pointing out that it was Famous B's fault that the match was happening in the first place.
  • Power Stable: Formed one for the Trios Title Tournament with Texano and King Cuerno, making them the scariest team of heels on the show.
  • Signature Moves: Pick a variation of the powerbomb and he'll have used it by the end of the match.
  • Spell My Name with a "The": Variant; Melissa Santos ALWAYS announces his entrance to and victories in the ring by saying "they call him Cage".
  • Terrible Trio: Emphasis on terrible: he, Texano, and King Cuerno were the scariest team in the first Trios title tournament, hands down.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: He's never satisfied with just beating his opponent, he needs to BREAK them.
  • Worthy Opponent: When Dario puts him and his former Trios partner Texano in a best-of-five series against each other, Cage and Texano surprisingly exchanged a relatively friendly fist-bump.
  • Would Hit a Girl: His no-disqualification match against Taya is especially notable in Lucha Underground's intergender environment. Cage simply does not care if his opponent is male or female.
  • Wrestling Monster: It takes a LOT to get this guy down for the count, and he'll be actively trying to destroy you while you make the attempt.


The son of one of the most hated heels in Mexican wrestling history, and (formerly) just as hated as his dad was. Texano was the longest-reigning AAA Mega Champion until he was defeated by Alberto El Patron, and he didn't take the loss very well. He was out for Alberto's blood, and fought to reclaim "his" AAA title on Lucha Underground. Texano allied himself with Cage and King Cuerno to participate in the Trios title tournament, and they had their first major win against the team of Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo and Hernandez. However, during the Trios tournament finals, Texano was smacked against DelAvar Daivari, who was in the crowd at the time, and Daivari laid a beating on Texano which gave Killshot the chance to pin him, thus eliminating Texano's team from the tournament. Texano soon had a burning hatred for Daivari and attacked him at every opportunity, even interfering against Daivari's team during a Trios title match. Texano finally managed to score a win against Daivari, and then, in a surprising turn of events, honored a request by Konnan to assist Prince Puma in defending his title against Chavo Guerrero Jr. as part of the Mexicans who were gunning for Chavo's head, making him a full-fledged tecnico. Unfortunately, Blue Demon Jr. soon took offense to him representing Mexico, and along with Chavo and The Crew, destroyed him in a no disqualification match at Ultima Lucha.

Unfortunately for Chavo, this did not take Texano out, and he made his return during Season 2 to make it quite clear that he was still targeting him. Later defeated Cisco and Castro as part of a gauntlet match, but fell prey to Chavo via chicanery, a loss which he soon avenged by defeating Chavo in a bullrope match. Competed in Aztec Warfare II, but failed to win. Later picked up a victory against his former tag team partner Daga, securing the first of Season 2's Aztec Medallions. Failed to win the Gift of the Gods. Was part of a 12-person match for a chance at #1 contendership, but his team lost. Was defeated by Son of Havoc in a Boyle Heights Bar Fight as part of the Unique Opportunity mini-tournament.

Texano's first match in Season 3 was a defeat at the hands of Cage, in what was soon revealed to be the first in a best of five series, with what was termed an "ultimate opportunity" at stake. Was defeated in the second match as well, but won the third one by rollup when Cage got cocky. Competed in a ten person tag for the right to compete in Aztec Warfare III and argued with Cage the entire time; as his team lost, he did not compete in Aztec Warfare III. Competed in the Battle of the Bulls, but did not win his four-way. Texano interfered in the second round of the Battle of the Bulls, helping to get Cage eliminated. Texano won the fourth match in the Best of Five Series, but was unable to defeat Cage in the fifth. Was possibly courted by Famous B as well, as B and Brenda spoke to him backstage regarding Cage. Texano's first post-Series match was against Joey Ryan; Famous B and Brenda appeared during the match and aided him with a distraction and a lucky horseshoe, respectively. Post-match, Texano wanted nothing to do with Famous B, but seemed quite taken with Brenda. Texano faced Famous B in the first round of the Cueto Cup, but refused to let B lay down for him, pulling him up and hitting a sitout powerbomb instead. Seemed to enjoy Brenda smacking him on the behind on the way out, as well. While out drinking, Texano was approached by Brenda, who unashamedly hit on him while Famous B lurked in the background. With B's unwanted assistance in distracting The Mack, Texano was able to pick up the victory in the second round of the Cueto Cup. Texano bowed out of the Cueto Cup in the quarterfinals, as he was defeated by Pentagon Dark. Texano was defeated by Dante Fox after being distracted by Famous B, who he had menaced before the match. Before he could attack B after the match, Dario Cueto appeared and placed them both in a match, at the same time agreeing to a stipulation: if B won, Texano would be forced into his employ.

Unfortunately, he did not get his hands on B alone, as, offscreen, Dario had made the match a handicap match, with the returning Dr. Wagner Jr. as B's partner. Brenda's well-timed distraction and liplock worked against Texano as well, as B was able to roll him up with some leverage via his feet on the ropes, forcing him to join Infamous Incorporated.

Texano was supposed to take part in a Trios title match alongside B and Dr. Wagner Jr., but was removed from the match by B, who claimed that both were making money elsewhere at that time. He was later mentioned again as part of Infamous Incorporated's wedding services, and yet again as a possible partner for Sammy Guevara. Despite this, he did not physically appear in Season 4.
  • First Appearance: "A Shot of El Patron" (Season 1, episode 14)
  • Alignment: Tecnico-leaning Tweener, see Hate Sink and Heel–Face Turn below.
  • Allies: Famous B, The Beautiful Brenda, Dr. Wagner Jr., Big Bad Steve (all four forced alliances)
  • Current Feuds: None
  • Former Feuds: Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, Alberto El Patron, Killshot, The Mack, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico, Big Ryck, DelAvar Daivari, Blue Demon Jr., Cage
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 19 (Aztec Warfare II)

  • Arch-Enemy: Of El Patron, obviously, though an uneasy truce seemed to exist between them after a while.
    • Recently made a new one in DelAvar Daivari, who may be even more of one than Alberto was.
    • Soon made a third in Blue Demon Jr., who took offense to him also representing Mexico. When Demon left, Chavo took his place.
  • Combat Pragmatist: There is no dirty move, weapon or methods of cheating that this guy won't use to get ahead. However, say what you want about him, Texano has never so far had outside help in the Temple. He's all he needs.
  • Cowboy: Mostly in vignettes, but is also never without his Nice Hat and bullrope.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel: To Mexicans he is, since he associates with Texas instead of Mexico.
    • And now, averted: Texano became one of the wrestlers gunning for Chavo Guerrero Jr. to avenge the dishonor against Mexico that Chavo inflicted by betraying Blue Demon Jr.
  • Garbage Wrestler: While he can do mat wrestling with the best of them, there is no weapon on Earth that Texano won't grab to use to his advantage.
  • Hate Sink: The Lucha Underground audience is actually quite supportive of heels who put on a good show, like Son of Havoc and Pentagon Jr. They HATED Texano. But, surprisingly enough it was fairly quickly averted as the fans took his side in his feud against DelAvar Daivari. In fact, during the Trios match between Daivari's team of Cage and Big Ryck and the champs, Texano interfered in favor of the champs to a HUGE face pop from the crowd. The crowd was also completely in his corner in his feud against Blue Demon Jr. and Chavo Guerrero.
  • Hazy Feel Turn: It's pretty ambiguous if Texano has actually switched sides, since we haven't seen if he's actually acting any different to other heels or the faces, but his hatred towards DelAvar Daivari has made him assist faces, which is unheard of for him.
  • Heel: USED to be one of the most rotten guys on the roster. However, he just pulled a...
    • Heel–Face Turn: Texano's hatred for Daivari and his desire to avenge Mexico's honor against Chavo has made him go... well, not face, since he himself acknowledged that he's a piece of work, but certainly pretty far from a heel.
  • Legacy Character/Wrestling Family: Son of one of Mexico's most legendary heels. Lives up to the family name as an equally hated heel.
  • Power Stable: His allegiance with Cage and King Cuerno has basically formed the baddest heel group on the show.
  • Red Baron: "The Blue-Collar Brawler," which the commentators started calling him during his feud with DelAvar Daivari.
  • Sore Loser: He insists that the AAA title is still his and that Alberto cheated to win it. Never mind the fact that Texano is possibly the dirtiest wrestler in both AAA and Lucha Underground.
  • Terrible Trio: Has teamed up with Cage and King Cuerno to compete for the Trios title.
  • Tweener: His current alignment. He's not a full face by any means, but his feud with Daivari and his hatred of Chavo for disrespecting Mexico have made him soften his disposition.
  • Weapon of Choice: His bullrope, made from a big-ass length of rope that's taped on the ends. It also has a cowbell, which he's QUITE fond of making go clang! on people's skulls.
  • Wrestling Family: Son of the original Texano. His brother, one of several to use the name Super Nova, is AAA's current (and second) Bengala.


Hernandez was one of Konnan's long-time allies, having wrestled with him for another promotion. Konnan brought him in to serve as an ally for Prince Puma, and apparently it was just in time, with circumstances (read: Dario Cueto's machinations) landing Puma in a match against possibly the three baddest rudos in the entire roster: King Cuerno, Cage and Texano. However, it wasn't enough, with the rudos advancing to the final of the tournament. Hernandez was soon walking on eggshells with Prince Puma and Konnan on account of interfering in his matches three times in a row, with the last one being the most reprehensible yet, since it cost #1 contender Drago his career. (Funnily enough, by interference is how Hernandez won the #1 contendership, since Marty "The Moth" Martinez ran into the ring claiming he could wrestle, distracting Cage and King Cuerno enough for Hernandez to capitalize and get the pin.) Dario Cueto soon forced Hernandez and Prince Puma to team up against Cage and King Cuerno, but Hernandez finally betrayed Prince Puma for good and was soon gunning for Puma's title with nothing but bad intentions. Hernandez was then put in a match to defend his claim for the title against Alberto El Patron... which he won again by interference when Johnny Mundo ran in and brutalized Alberto. However, all his dirty tactics and strutting were for naught, as Hernandez was ultimately defeated. Hernandez begun a feud with Drago, bitter at Drago's win of the 4-way #1 Contendership match to face Puma in Ultima Lucha, and mocking Drago and his fans by saying that dragons were not real. Unfortunately for him, both Drago and the fans disagreed with him, and Hernandez was defeated at the Believer's Backlash match, a lumberjack match in which the ring was surrounded by belt-wielding fans who punished Hernandez for his cheekiness. Parted ways with Lucha Underground after Season 1 concluded, though his image would later appear in a compiled list of missing people.

Hernandez later made a surprising return at the start of Season 4 when he unexpectedly showed up to enter into Aztec Warfare IV. Unfortunately, it proved to be a short return as he foolishly provoked Pentagon Dark and got his arm snapped for it before being eliminated. He later appeared to take Johnny Mundo's place as Pentagon's challenger for the title, losing the match and nearly having his arm snapped again before Pentagon was attacked by King Cuerno. He returned yet again as a handpicked competitor for the Gift of the Gods, first competing in a battle royal before being eliminated by PJ Black and King Cuerno. He competed for the Gift of the Gods and was eliminated first by Aerostar.
  • First Appearance: "The Art of War" (Season 1, episode 20)
  • Alignment: Rudo
  • Former Feuds: Texano, Prince Puma, Konnan, Drago
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 10 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Arrogant Lucha Guy: Hernandez couldn't help but smirk every time he got ahead in a match.
  • The Big Guy: Of his Trios team with Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo, and he was by default pretty damn big too, being able to look Cage in the eye at equal height.
  • Bullying a Dragon: On his return to the Temple in Aztec Warfare 4, he slapped champion Pentagon Dark in the face, hard. Pentagon promptly broke his arm for it.
  • Face–Heel Turn: He went full-on heel after betraying Prince Puma and Konnan.
  • Gang Banger: Certainly had the look and the attitude.
  • Hate Sink: He slowly developed into one with his insufferable swagger and cocky attitude, but it EXPLODED after he betrayed Prince Puma and Konnan. He was soon the most hated guy in the entire roster.
  • Jerkass: He was a cocky, insufferable prick since joining the Temple roster, but he took it to another level by betraying Prince Puma and Konnan and going full heel.
  • Power Trio: He formed this with Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo, the two top faces on the show.
  • Put on a Bus: Was released by the company after Season 1 concluded.
    • Commuting on a Bus: Appears to be his status in Season 4, as he appeared first in Aztec Warfare IV then later again in the Season.
  • Unwanted Assistance: Interfered thrice in Prince Puma's title defenses, and the champ was not happy, especially since one cost Drago his career.

    The Mack 

The Mack
Big Ryck's "cousin", brought in by him as extra muscle to intimidate Dario Cueto and beat on The Crew some more. He joined Big Ryck and Killshot as a trios team once Dario Cueto announced the tournament for the Trios title. While they put on a great show, they ultimately lost the tournament, and Big Ryck soon became resentful of Mack for not "doing his part" in winning them the titles. The Mack had another opportunity to capture the Trios Championship when DelAvar Daivari approached him and Big Ryck to serve as his enforcers against the champs, but he was ambushed in the locker room and laid out by Cage, who took his spot on the team. Big Ryck did not lift a finger to help him, so apparently there was bad blood brewing between the cousins, though this would not come to fruition. What is not apparent but outright certain is that he and Cage definitely have bad blood between them. Mack would win the first singles encounter between him and Cage, gaining a measure of revenge, but was defeated by Cage in a Falls Count Anywhere match at Ultima Lucha after having his head curbstomped through a cinderblock.

He returned for Season 2, in which he defeated PJ Black, spoiling his Lucha Underground debut. Encountered a terrified Sexy Star on the run from Marty Martinez and his sister, only to get a good look at what had been chasing Sexy, and later would support Sexy during her first match back at the Temple. Lost to Martinez after the mysterious Mariposa made her entrance. Competed in Aztec Warfare II, but was felled by Matanza. Forced to team with the Moth siblings in the Trios tournament, but they were eliminated in the first round. Mack had another match with Marty, this time for an Aztec Medallion, which he won in decisive fashion. During Sexy Star's "No Mas" match against Mariposa, Mack thwarted numerous interference attempts by Marty, and he embraced Sexy in the ring after her hard-fought victory. Failed to win the Gift of the Gods. Took part in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership, but his team lost. Defeated Cage in the Unique Opportunity mini-tournament in a rematch of their classic Falls Count Anywhere match, stipulation included, but was defeated by Son of Havoc.

Dario's Dial of Doom granted him the second title match of Season 3, but he was defeated by Matanza. During Sexy Star's Gift of the Gods defence against Johnny Mundo he ran in to save her from PJ Black and Jack Evans (since her more recent allies, Fire Space and Fury, were banned from ringside), giving stunners to Mundo as well as Evans and Black, but it ultimately wasn't enough to save her from Mundo's shenanigans. Competed in a ten person tag for the right to compete in Aztec Warfare III; as his team won, he competed in Aztec Warfare III, immediately targeting the Worldwide Underground as well as handing Marty a Stunner for old time's sake. He lasted until the final three before being eliminated by Mil Muertes. The week after, he congratulated Sexy Star on her win before offering to accompany her to the ring to fend off the Worldwide Underground, an offer which was turned down. Won his way into the second round of the Battle of the Bulls, pinning Martinez. Won the second round, pinning Black, to earn #1 contendership; he lent Sexy Star support before her match against Mundo, then showed up afterward to deliver a stunner to Mundo. Congratulated Sexy Star backstage after her defeat of Mariposa, then respectfully declined her offer to second him against Mundo. Prior to what was supposed to be his title shot, Dario Cueto informed him that the title match had been postponed, and they would be having a match to decide on the stipulation. Mundo's usual shenanigans ensured Mack's loss, and Mundo selected All Night Long (AKA an iron man match). Ran in on Mundo the next week and ran off him and the WWU, then beat up several members of security before declaring that he would whoop Mundo's ass All Night Long. After the season 3 hiatus ended, he went toe-to-toe with Mundo for the entire episode, proving Mundo's belief that he didn't have the physique to last all night long completely wrong. Despite Mundo's best effort's to cheat and interference from PJ Black and Ricky Mandel, Mack had Mundo tied up at three pinfalls apiece and was literally in the middle of the pin for the winning point when time ran out, meaning Mundo retained by default. However, Dario came out and declared that ties don't happen in his Temple, booking the two men to finish the match next week in a continuation match for the deciding fall. As a battered but relieved Mundo celebrated, Mack gave him one more stunner for good measure. Though Cueto made the rematch Falls Count Anywhere and Sexy Star once again interfered on his behalf, Mack fell prey to the Worldwide Underground's numbers and lost the rematch. Competed against and defeated Mala Suerte in the first round of the Cueto Cup. Unfortunately, his Cueto Cup run ended in the second round, as he was defeated by Texano after interference by Famous B. Joined Dragon Azteca Jr. and Sexy Star in helping Rey Mysterio to fend off the Worldwide Underground, who had attacked during a face-to-face between Mysterio and Mundo. Competed against Drago for an Aztec Medallion, unfortunately coming up short thanks to Kobra Moon's interference. Post-match, he stunned Drago and was about to do the same to Moon when Pindar and Vibora attacked. Mack would win a battle royal for a unique opportunity at Ultima Lucha Tres, and was awarded a Trios title shot. The catch was that Dario Cueto selected Killshot and Dante Fox as his partners, who had not only blown off one of the most savage feuds that the Temple had ever seen against each other only a week before, but had almost destroyed each other in the process. Despite the odds, the three managed to stay together and win the Trios titles from the Reptile Tribe.

The Mack entered Aztec Warfare IV alongside Killshot as the second entrant, and, as Dante Fox failed to appear, they were assigned entrant #3 as a new partner. That turned out to be Son of Havoc. Not long after, Killshot rolled him up for the pin. Mack joined his Trios partners in a successful defense against Famous B's handpicked challengers, Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Strong. Mack competed against Havoc and Killshot in a match where two Aztec Medallions were on the line. At the end of the match, he had to decide who to pin (deciding who to give the second Aztec Medallion to in the process, as the competitor not pinned/submitted would receive one as well). He pinned Killshot. He then helped Havoc to his feet, then was confronted by Killshot, who slapped the Medallion out of his hand before leaving. After placing his Medallion into the Gift of the Gods, he had to compete in a battle royal against his fellow Medallion holders, which he won after Son of Havoc voluntarily eliminated himself. After admitting that Mil Muertes scared him, he used the battle royal's stipulation (that the winner could remove anyone from the Gift of the Gods match) to avoid having to face Muertes in the match. In a Trios match organized by Antonio Cueto prior to the actual Gift of the Gods match, Mack was selected by Ivelisse and Havoc to be their partner. Unfortunately, as his team lost the match, he was prevented from competing for the Gift of the Gods, and was attacked by Muertes after the match. Though tensions still existed between him and Killshot, they banded together to successfully defend the Trios titles against the Rabbit Tribe. Later, Catrina appeared to Mack, warning him that Mil was coming for him before revealing the fate of Mack's cousin Big Ryck by opening a locker containing Ryck's skull, leaving Mack shaken. He spoke to Havoc backstage, trying to calm him down and saying that Killshot would make their Trios title defense before trying to mediate between the two and deny that Havoc tried to turn him against Killshot. Said defense of the Trios titles against the Reptile Tribe went wrong when Son of Havoc accidentally hit Killshot, causing Killshot to retaliate and cost them the titles as a result. Mack attempted to mediate between his partners, but was rebuffed by Killshot, who walked away. He later went to Antonio Cueto to demand a match against Killshot, but was told that Catrina had already requested a match: him vs. Muertes in a Haunted House match. He was not angered by it, seeing it as a way to get Muertes and Catrina off his back, and quickly agreed to it. Unfortunately, he would be soundly defeated. After a month away from the Temple as a result, Mack appeared during the four-way for #1 contendership, attacking Muertes and causing him to lose the match. Post-match, he informed Muertes that he was no longer afraid of him, and that they would be fighting at Ultima Lucha a Death match. Mack teamed with Dragon Azteca Jr. to face Muertes and Fenix, though his team lost. He addressed unfinished business with Killshot in a match, but was attacked by Muertes, causing Killshot to be disqualified. This brought Son of Havoc down from his balcony perch to help, and the four proceeded to fight.

Proving that he had indeed overcome his fear of death, Mack defeated Muertes in the Death match, then rolled Muertes into a casket that Muertes had brought down to ringside.
  • First Appearance: "Uno! Dos! Tres!" (Season 1, episode 21)
  • Alignment: Tecnico
  • Allies: Son of Havoc
  • Current Feud: Mil Muertes
  • Former Feuds: Cage, Texano, King Cuerno, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico, Marty "The Moth" Martinez, Mariposa, Mil Muertes, Catrina, Killshot
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 14 (Aztec Warfare II), 16 (Aztec Warfare III), 2 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Acrofatic: HOLY CRAP, is he ever! We're talking about a guy with the looks and physique of the Junkyard Dog and the skills and speed of Shawn Michaels! The guy can use the ropes as well as any luchador and yet can still hit hard as well. Pentagon Jr. learned during his trios match that this isn't a guy to trifle with.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Ran in to save Sexy Star from the Worldwide Underground when they were looking to break her neck by putting it in a chair and holding her down to receive Johnny's El Fin del Mundo.
  • Determinator: When Johnny Mundo won the opportunity to pick the stipulation for his match against Mack, he selected an All Night Long (Ironman) match, thinking Mack was too fat to have the endurance to last against him. He thought wrong!
  • Honor Before Reason: Much like his friend Sexy Star, he insisted on facing Johnny Mundo by himself. Also like his friend Sexy Star, interference by the Worldwide Underground caused him to lose.
  • In the Blood: Looks like loving money runs in the family, as seen when Mack asked Big Ryck to share some of his. However, this quickly turned into a sore point between them.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Ridiculously fast and agile for his weight, but he STILL has that weight to throw around. Even Striker and Vampiro pointed it out on commentary.
  • Scary Black Man: Not as scary as Big Ryck, but still intimidating. Cueto was cold-sweating having Mack towering over him.
  • Shout-Out: Throws up middle fingers right before hitting a Stunner.
  • Tactical Withdrawal: He quickly tagged in Killshot in the first match of the trios fight when Pentagon Jr. proved too overwhelming. Smart man.
  • Terrible Trio: Along with Big Ryck and Killshot. He was the Jack-of-All-Trades of the team, being both strong and fast.
  • Tweener: Not long after his introduction, as he wasn't involved in any feuds. However, his feud with Cage indicated that he was headed to the tecnico side of the fence.
    • Face: Solidified during Season 2, as he formed a strong bond with Sexy Star and aided her against the Martinez siblings.
  • True Companions: With Sexy Star.
  • Wrestling Psychology: He was initially underestimated as someone who'd probably be more of a brawling wrestler because of his physique and weight. Then he started flying off the ropes and tackling people and people realised that they should NOT judge him so quickly.


One of Lucha Underground's most eye-catching luchadores, Drago is one of the show's top tecnicos and most exciting high-flyers. While initially a main-stay of the show's midcard, Drago was eventually put by Dario Cueto in a best-of-5 series against fellow high-flying tecnico Aerostar in order to fight for one of Cueto's "unique opportunities." This made bad blood develop between the two tecnicos, enough to actually cost them a shot at the Trios title when they were teamed up with Fenix in the Trios tournament. Drago won the series and earned Cueto's prize: a shot at Prince Puma's Lucha Underground Championship. However, Cueto also put a little catch in the fine print: if Drago failed to win the title, he would be banned from competing in the Temple permanently. Unfortunately, the referee was knocked out during the match and Drago managed to get the long pin with no one there to count, only for Hernandez to interfere and cost Drago the match. Afterwards, Drago met with Dario Cueto and swore he'd come back for him. A man... or dragon... of his word, Drago made a triumphant return when Dario Cueto set up a match for the #1 Contendership, the winner of which would receive their shot at Ultima Lucha. The match would be composed of wrestlers who have challenged Prince Puma for the title before, and Drago demanded to be included, as he himself had faced Puma for the title in the very match that got him banished. Cueto agreed to let Drago compete on the condition that if Drago lost the match, not only would he once again be banished from the Temple, but he'd also be forced to unmask. However, Drago managed to win the match, but unfortunately lost his title shot to Mil Muertes not long after. He then set his sights upon Hernandez, the man who caused him to be banished from the Temple, and defeated him in a Believer's Backlash (fans wielding leather straps) match at Ultima Lucha. After Ultima Lucha, Drago bid farewell to his friend Aerostar, and flew away into the sky to parts unknown.

Drago made his return in Season 2 Episode 3, in which he faced Jack Evans. Jack managed to get a tainted win over Drago, and self-proclaimed himself "The Dragon Slayer" to antagonize him. It seemed that the Dragon from The Underworld and the arrogant "King" of Lucha were headed on a collision course. He would later interfere in a match pitting Evans against PJ Black, accidentally costing Black the match via an ill-timed mist spray. After cornering Evans in a Temple bathroom, he was attacked by both Evans and Black, only to be saved by the reappearance of his friend Aerostar. Competed in Aztec Warfare II, but was eliminated by Black. Once again, Dario Cueto pitted Drago against Aerostar, hoping to break their friendship by putting an Aztec Medallion up for grabs. Of course, they still remained good friends even after Drago lost the match. Teamed with Aerostar to defeat Evans and Black in a Nunchuck match. Teamed with Fenix and Aerostar to win the Trios titles at Ultima Lucha Dos.

In Season 3 he appeared with his partners to aid Sexy Star in fending off Worldwide Underground, who attacked her after her successful Gift of the Gods defense against Taya. Successfully defended the Trios titles against Worldwide Underground, and was assisted in turn by Sexy Star in running them off. Teamed with his partners and Sexy Star on the losing end of an Atomicos contest, and later assisted Sexy Star in fending off Worldwide Underground once more. Drago won his way into Aztec Warfare III at #20, though his win came at the expense of his partners. It was later revealed that he and Kobra Moon had a history together, as he had belonged to her tribe before leaving over a thousand years a slave. Later, Drago was visited again by Kobra Moon, who swore to use an entity named Pindar (Drago expressed surprise that this entity was still alive) to make him kneel to her as his queen. He entered Aztec Warfare III at #20, immediately targeting Kobra Moon and eliminating her before being eliminated by Matanza. Successfully defended the Trios titles with his partners against the debuting Rabbit Tribe, but was once again threatened by Kobra Moon post-match. It is heavily implied that he was the third great general of the Reptile Tribe, and Moon dispatched the aforementioned Pindar and another general, Vibora, to bring him back into the fold by force. Faced Moon in a one-on-one contest; won by disqualification when Pindar interfered. Aero Star and Fenix attempted to aid him against the interloper, only to be dispatched by Vibora. Moon then had her generals carry Drago off. While chained within the Reptile Temple, Kobra Moon spoke to him, stating that he would soon need to feed. She gave him that opportunity after leading him to the ring on a chain, ordering him to take her place in a Trios match alongside Pindar and Vibora against the Rabbit Tribe. The reunited Reptile Generals were able to handily defeat their opponents, and Drago showed signs of brainwashing, allowing Kobra Moon to put the collar and chain back on before Fenix and Aero Star interfered, running the Reptiles off. He did not recognize his longtime partners at first, but soon clasped their hands, grateful for the rescue. Unfortunately, Kobra Moon's hold over him did not wear off, as he would betray them, siding with his fellow Generals and assisting them in taking the Trios titles for themselves. Drago, firmly under Kobra Moon's influence, faced and defeated his ex-ally Aerostar in the first round of the Cueto Cup. Drago faced, and was defeated by, Pentagon Dark in the second round of the Cueto Cup, then nearly had his arm broken, with Moon taken out before she could attempt to fend off Pentagon. Aerostar once again tried to save him from Kobra Moon's influence, but Drago attacked him and left him to Pentagon. Drago benefitted from Kobra Moon's interference to defeat The Mack and earn an Aztec Medallion, but he would receive a Stunner from Mack after the match. Competed for the Gift of the Gods, but did not win. Lost the Trios titles to Mack, Killshot, and Dante Fox at Ultima Lucha Tres. Drago, once again chained in Kobra Moon's temple, looked on in anger as his fellow general Pindar was slain by the not-quite-dead Daga.

Drago was in contention for the first released Aztec Medallion of Season 4, but was defeated by Dragon Azteca Jr. Post-match, he and Moon were antagonized and attacked by Johnny Mundo and Taya. Alongside Daga, Drago ran out during Vibora's match with Mundo to help run off the interfering Worldwide Underground, then did so again afterward to force them to leave. Alongside Vibora, he intervened to defend Daga and Kobra Moon from the Worldwide Underground after Daga defeated PJ Black. Later, he was sole witness to Mundo and Taya infiltrating the Reptile Temple and decapitating Vibora. The week afterward, Aerostar (who had not forgotten about him) returned to the Temple, joining the Worldwide Underground to defeat the Reptile Tribe. As Kobra Moon had offered Johnny Mundo a wish if the WWU defeated the Reptiles, Mundo gave the wish to Aerostar as a reward for his help, and he used it to finally free Drago from Moon's hold. A dazed Drago, free for the first time in ages, renewed his friendship with Aerostar and followed him out. He soon sequestered himself away, and when confronted about it by Aerostar, told him that he felt he didn't deserve a second chance after everything he had done under Kobra Moon's sway and that he was no longer worthy of Aerostar's friendship. He asked Aerostar to forgive him, saying that he had to go and that he was not so sure they'd meet again before transforming and flying away. His sojourn was short-lived, as he returned to the Temple the next week to help his friend, this time saving him from having his ankle broken at the hands of Jake Strong. On behalf of Aerostar, he took on Jake Strong, but was defeated. Strong took his nunchucks and nearly broke his ankle, but Aerostar saved him and helped him escape. Drago joined Aerostar and the revived Fenix in challenging the Reptile Tribe for the Trios titles, but was defeated after Fenix seemingly turned on him and Aerostar. He and Aerostar were also threatened by Jake Strong before the match. Teamed with Aerostar to face Jake Strong in a 2-on-1 handicap Nunchucks match, taking Strong to the limit before Aerostar was forced to tap out. He then sacrificed himself to save his friend, attacking Strong to break the ankle lock before being locked into it himself, with Strong snapping his ankle. Having healed up in the interval, Drago appeared again during the Gift of the Gods match, bringing in a forklift to help Aerostar get an advantage on his opponents. He later accompanied Aerostar when his friend gave Mundo the Gauntlet and questioned his decision afterward.
  • First Appearance: "Crossing the Border" (Season 1, episode 3)
  • Alignment: Tecnico
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: None
  • Former Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Reptile (enslaved, acknowledged as one of the three Great Generals)
  • Allies: Aerostar
  • Current Feuds: Jake Strong, possibly Fenix
  • Former Feuds: Dario Cueto, Aerostar, Pentagon Jr., Fenix, King Cuerno, Prince Puma, Hernandez, Jack Evans, PJ Black, Johnny Mundo, Taya, Kobra Moon, Pindar, Vibora, Aerostar, Fenix, Johnny Mundo, Taya, Jack Evans, PJ Black
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 9 (Aztec Warfare I), 13 (Aztec Warfare II), 20 (Aztec Warfare III)

  • Animal Motif: A dragon, obviously.
  • Brainwashed: While held captive by the Reptile Tribe, Drago began showing signs of this. It eventually led to him betraying Aerostar and Fenix, and was only undone by Aerostar using Johnny Mundo's wish earned from Kobra Moon to free him.
  • Breath Weapon: While he only breathes fire in story vignettes, in the ring he's the only wrestler to make use of the famous 'Poison Mist' to blind his opponents.
  • Cool Mask: You can say this about a lot of the wrestlers on LU, but Drago in particular has quite possibly the coolest mask in all of wrestling.
  • Draconic Humanoid: Drago's backstory implies that he is either a reincarnated dragon or a dragon who has taken human form. Either way, AWESOME.
    • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: After his loss to Prince Puma (and after Ultima Lucha), while he's leaving through the Temple door, Drago, off camera, actually morphed into a 30 foot-tall dragon and breathed fire before flying away. Again, AWESOME.
  • Determinator: In Drago's own words: "Si quiero, puedo", "If I want it, I can do it", basically the Spanish phrase for "Where there's a will, there's a way."
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Bears mentioning here, as he was originally introduced as a lower-card luchador who the Believers very quickly took to and made one of the most notable tecnicos on the roster. Drago was SUCH a fan favorite that, in the Believer's Backlash match against Hernandez, NOT A SINGLE FAN belted him. Basically, that match was Hernandez vs. Drago and the entire Temple.
  • Exact Words: How King Cuerno beat Drago during the final match of their feud, which was a Last Man Standing match: Cuerno tied Drago down against the ringpost with his shoulders on the mat until the referee did the 10-count.
    • How Drago was able to return to the Temple after being banned: Dario Cueto specifically stated that only those who had previously competed for the championship would be allowed to compete in a #1 contendership match. Thanks to the Unique Opportunity that saw him banned in the first place, Drago qualified.
  • Fighting with Chucks: Has been shown on video packages practicing with them, and he's actually damn handy with them... and then he actually used a pair to beat Hernandez with in the Believer's Backlash match!
  • Finishing Move: The Dragon's Lair, a nasty-looking pin in which Drago stretches his opponent over him in a Mexican Surfboard while his shoulders are on the mat and hooking the leg.
  • Headbutting Heroes: He turned into this with Aerostar during the best of 5 series. It also cost them the match against Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico in the Trios tournament match.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Saved Aerostar from having his ankle snapped by Jake Strong, getting his own snapped in his friend's place.
  • I Have the High Ground: Surprisingly played with. Drago is one of Lucha Underground's high-flyers, but he also knows when to do mat wrestling and to avoid doing high-flying moves when it's too risky.
  • In the Blood: Formerly part of the Seven Aztec Tribes, specifically the same Reptile tribe as Kobra Moon, though as a slave. He has been heavily implied to have been the third Great General of the Reptiles, alongside Pindar and Vibora.
  • Loser Leaves Town: Drago was between a rock and a hard place because of Dario Cueto's "little" catch as part of his "unique opportunity": if he didn't win the title from Prince Puma, he'd be out of the Temple forever...
    • Put on a Bus: ...And unfortunately, he did lose because of interference from Hernandez.
      • The Bus Came Back: Not long after, he was able to make use of a loophole to enter into a #1 contendership match and successfully win his way back into the Temple.
  • Made a Slave: He claims he was never part of Kobra Moon's tribe a millennia ago, but rather that they enslaved him.
  • Overly Long Tongue: Part of Drago's entrance is that he sticks out a looooong, serpentine tongue.
  • Parts Unknown: Billed as being from the Netherworld ("El Inframundo", literally "the underworld").
  • Pyrrhic Victory: While he won the best of 5 series against Aerostar and earned himself a title shot, Dario Cueto put Drago's career on the line, which put Drago between a rock and a hard place.
  • Really 700 Years Old: In Season 3, he is revealed to be over a thousand years old - and he and Aerostar have been friends at least that long.
  • Screaming Warrior: Drago will belt out an "AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGH!!!" to psych himself up after hitting a combination on an opponent.
  • Signature Move: The Running Blockbuster DDT, a nasty DDT Drago executes by making his opponent flip BACKWARDS INSTEAD OF FORWARDS.
  • The Strategist: While a capable high-flier, Drago is notable in that he has an elaborate arsenal of flash pins that he's equally capable of winning a match with. He portrays a good deal of technical acumen in his matches, often more than many other Lucha regulars, especially for a guy cast with the other lightweight, death-defying wrestlers.
  • True Companions: With Aerostar, to the point where Aerostar even willingly teamed with the Worldwide Underground to free him from Kobra Moon's hold.
  • Worthy Opponent: Both him and Aerostar consider themselves this to one another. The best of 5 series had them becoming more and more antagonistic as it went along, but the final match ended with both of them raising their hands to each other in complete respect. Aero Star is explicitly Drago's ally since.
  • Wrestling Psychology: Though it's unfair and untrue to call most of LU's roster spot monkeys, Drago has exceptional psychology, especially his feud with Aerostar. From the grounded, patient performance he used when he was one loss from defeat in his series, to his aggressive, borderline Rudo tags in their trios match.


If you see Aerostar in the ring, you WILL believe a man can fly. Aerostar is, hands down, Lucha Underground's top flyer, with every match he's in making you swear it'd be his last with the ridiculous amount of crazy stunts he pulls. This showmanship has made him immensely popular with the Lucha Underground crowd... and also gained him the notice of Dario Cueto. Seeing Aerostar and Drago have two brilliant matches in a row, Cueto decided to offer one of his "unique opportunities" to whoever won a best of 5 series between them. Ultimately, it was Drago who won the hard-fought series, but Aerostar might've been the ultimate winner, since unlike Drago, his career was NOT on the line afterwards. Aerostar would then go on to win one of the seven Aztec Medallions, though he failed to win the Gift of the Gods at Ultima Lucha. After Ultima Lucha, after being bid farewell by his friend Drago, he rocketed off into space.

After receiving a prophecy that "Gods in the form of man" would appear and that the seven Aztec tribes had to be united, Aerostar returned to the Temple from a thousand years in the past, arriving just in time to assist Drago in running off Jack Evans and PJ Black. Competed in Aztec Warfare II, eliminating Evans, but was felled by Matanza. Despite being True Companions with Drago, Dario Cueto just couldn't resist pitting them against each other again, booking them into a match for an Aztec Medallion, which Aerostar ultimately won. Once again failed to win the Gift of the Gods. Teamed with Drago to defeat Evans and Black in a Nunchuck match. Teamed with Drago and Fenix to win the Trios titles at Ultima Lucha Dos.

In Season 3 Aerostar first appeared with his partners to aid Sexy Star in fending off Worldwide Underground, who attacked her after her successful Gift of the Gods defense against Taya. Successfully defended the Trios titles against Worldwide Underground, and was assisted in turn by Sexy Star in running them off. Teamed with his partners and Sexy Star on the losing end of an Atomicos contest, and later assisted Sexy Star in running off Worldwide Underground once more. As he lost the three-way for the #20 spot in Aztec Warfare III, he did not compete in it. Successfully defended the Trios titles with his partners against the debuting Rabbit Tribe. Attempted to assist Drago against Kobra Moon and her generals, but was dispatched by Vibora. He and Fenix went on the hunt for Drago, only to be confronted - and destroyed - by Moon and her generals once more. The third strike was the charm, as he and Fenix were able to run off the Reptiles and free Drago from their hold. Was shocked by the betrayal of Drago, which led their team to lose the Trios titles. Once again faced his ex-ally in the first round of the Cueto Cup, but was defeated by him. Aerostar was consoled by Fenix before the latter's match with Marty "The Moth" Martinez, but refused to tell him the outcome of his match in advance. He hit the ring to prevent Drago from getting his arm broken by Pentagon Dark, but was rebuffed by his ex-friend and left to Pentagon, who broke his arm instead.

While speaking to Catrina regarding the Gauntlet of the Gods, it was heavily implied by King Cuerno that he had given it to Aerostar to hide away. Later, Aerostar returned to the Temple, temporarily joining forces with the Worldwide Underground to defeat the Reptile Tribe. As Johnny Mundo had earned a wish from Kobra Moon for winning the match, Aerostar received it as a reward for his help, and he used it to free Drago from Moon's hold. Unchaining his friend, they renewed their friendship and left together. Later, Aerostar confronted Drago, who had sequestered himself away, and tried to convince him that nothing he had done under Kobra Moon's sway was his fault. While Drago wasn't so sure they'd meet again as he left, Aerostar was very much convinced that they would. Aerostar next faced Jake Strong, and though he held his own against his much larger opponent, Strong defeated him. He was at Strong's mercy, about to have his ankle snapped, when Drago returned to the Temple to rescue him. Aerostar returned the favor a week later, saving a defeated Drago from the same fate. After Catrina's seeming demise, Aerostar appeared, offering Melissa Santos a deal: her half of the Piedra Immortal for the return of Fenix. She gladly accepted, and he took back the life force Catrina had stolen, traveling back in time and returning it before pulling a revived Fenix forward with him. A grateful Melissa then handed him her half of the amulet, and he disappeared. The next week, Aerostar's kind gesture blew up in his face, as Fenix, heavily altered in demeanor by his experiences, attacked both him and Drago during a Trios title match (costing them the match as Aerostar was soon pinned by Jeremiah Snake), then shoved Melissa Santos to the floor before leaving. Aerostar and Drago were also threatened by Jake Strong before the match, a reminder that there was another opponent waiting in the wings for them.

Aerostar, determined to fix the problem he caused, took on Fenix in singles action, but was defeated by his former ally. Teamed with Drago to take on Jake Strong in a 2-on-1 handicap Nunchucks match, and though the two took Strong to the limit, Aerostar was forced to tap out to the ankle lock. Before he could have his ankle snapped, Drago attacked Strong to break the hold, but Aerostar could not intervene as his friend received the fate that had been originally intended for him. Standing atop the Temple, he was joined by Melissa Santos, and the two spoke about Fenix. Aerostar admitted that he had made a mistake reviving Fenix, that Fenix was tainted by Catrina, and that his actions may lead to the end of everything. Donning new, all-black gear, he was named as a competitor for the Gift of the Gods and competed in a battle royal the week before, eliminating Big Bad Steve before being eliminated by Jake Strong. He competed for the Gift of the Gods, eliminating Big Bad Steve again and benefitting from Drago bringing in a forklift to help him get an advantage, but was eliminated again by Jake Strong. For the second time, Strong would nearly snap his ankle, but he was saved by Cuerno, who helped him to the back. Later, he and Drago approached Mundo on the Temple roof. Aerostar, reasoning that it was the only way to save Mundo's life, gave his ex-rival the Gauntlet of the Gods, a decision that even Drago questioned. He next paid a visit to his old friend Captain Vasquez, reminiscing with her and directly confirming her as the little Aztec girl he had known. Receiving her half of the Piedra Immortal, he watched as she disintegrated and the amulet finally became whole once more.

Appealing to Mundo's vanity, Aerostar was able to voluntarily get him to relinquish the Gauntlet to him. He then met with Cuerno and Dragon Azteca Jr., with the three planning to hide the Gauntlet before DA Jr. requested the temporary loan of it to Black Lotus. He then traveled back in time to Dario Cueto's funeral, reviving him with the Piedra Immortal.
  • First Appearance: "Law of the Jungle" (Season 1, episode 10)
  • Alignment: Tecnico, possibly the purest example after Fenix's turn
  • Allies: Drago, King Cuerno, Dragon Azteca Jr.
  • Current Feuds: Jake Strong, possibly Fenix
  • Former Feuds: Drago, Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, PJ Black, Taya, Pindar, Vibora, Kobra Moon
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 17 (Aztec Warfare II)

  • Big Good: The closest we have so far, seeing as he's the one who is trying to ensure that the Aztec Tribes are reunited and that he revived Dario Cueto at the Season 4 finale.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Wore all black after Fenix's botched revival in late Season 4, though in no way did he turn Rudo in the process.
  • Did Not Think This Through: Reviving Fenix without realizing that Catrina's evil may have infected him will bite everyone hard. He even admits that he let his emotions get the best of his reason as he wanted his friend back.
  • Enemy Mine: Though he'd had problems with them in the past, he willingly joined forces with the Worldwide Underground to free Drago from Kobra Moon's influence.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Introduced as a lower-card luchador, quickly embraced for his flashy costumes and high-flying.
  • Face: Possibly the purest example the Temple has to offer. He opposes any rudos sent his way and will be a gentleman to other tecnicos he has a match with. He's also the (former) ally of fellow tecnico and fan-favorite Fenix.
  • Fragile Speedster: He's on the smaller side of the roster, and giants like Cage or Big Ryck can wreck him pretty badly, but he's whip fast and acrobatic.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: Aerostar's preferred form of fighting. He wants to hit fast and hard and not give the opponent time to breathe.
  • Hot-Blooded: Kinda stands out for how full of energy his fighting style is. Even the most manic luchador will take a breather from time to time. That breather is when Aerostar will do something like this to you.
  • I Have the High Ground: Biggest mistake you can make in a Lucha Underground match: be outside the ring while Aerostar is in it and not look up.
  • Irony: He's supposed to be the one to unite the seven Aztec Tribes...but now he's gonna be the guy who fucked up everyone else.
    • For someone who's a time-traveler, he's made some very bad short-sighted decisions. See below.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: See the trope below this one? Turns out that act of kindness is gonna cause the end of everything.
    • The ending of Season 4: by asking Mundo to give him back the Gauntlet, it made Mundo defenseless against his now possessed wife. Plus, allowing Dragon Azteca, Jr. to take the Gauntlet (so Black Lotus can kill Matanza) made it easy pickings for Jake Strong to steal it for the Order.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: His deal with Melissa Santos, where he'd revive Fenix in exchange for her half of the Piedra Immortal, went completely wrong a week later and released a seemingly near-mindless and feral Fenix into the Temple. It was later revealed that he had not realized that Fenix's life force would be tainted by Catrina when he took it back from her. See Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! above for the probable consequences of his mistake.
  • FROM SPAAAAACE: Hailed as being from the Cosmos... which is technically true, in the sense that we all are, but in his case it's literal, as he rocketed off into the sky after Ultima Lucha!!
  • Really 700 Years Old: At least a thousand years old! And he can travel through time!
  • SPOT MONKEY: In the best way possible. Aerostar may be a formidable mat wrestler, but the reason you see this guy compete is to see him fly. It's like he was raised on a planet with three times Earth's gravity and he just sproings here. Just watch this.
  • Time Travel: Revealed in Season 2 to be a time traveler, coming back from the past.
  • True Companions: With Drago, until Kobra Moon's influence came between them. He did not forget about his friend, and, with the help of the Worldwide Underground, freed him from her influence in Season 4.

    King Cuerno 

King Cuerno
Deciding that mere animals are not enough sport for him, King Cuerno came to the Temple seeking to add more trophies to his mantle... HUMAN trophies. With his trademark deer head headdress that he wears to the ring, King Cuerno's only thrill and desire is that of the Hunt, spending his time stalking and watching his prey from above, scouting the luchadores' moves and abilities and, most importantly, the weaknesses that he could use against them. Cuerno teamed up with Cage and Texano in the Lucha Trios Tournament, but he also set his sights on Prince Puma and the Lucha Underground Championship. However, his team was eliminated from the Trios tournament, and Cuerno found his next target: Killshot. The two battled for one of Dario Cueto's Aztec medallions, and it was Cuerno who came on top and won a chance at immortality, though he failed to achieve it at Ultima Lucha.

Cuerno hunted Fenix for several months afterward, with the intent of being the first challenger for the Gift of the Gods. His hunting finally paid off, as he successfully defeated Fenix to win the Gift Of The Gods title. After the match, Catrina approached Cuerno, reminding him of some agreement he made with Catrina which benefitted him, Catrina and Mil Muertes. The agreement was revealed to be that Cuerno would not cash in the Gift Of The Gods while defending the title from any challengers, thus allowing Catrina to hand-pick who actually got to face Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Title. Cuerno seemed to be having second thoughts about the arrangement, however, as the greatest prey within Lucha Underground was beyond his grasp...

...or so was thought. Cuerno, having grown sick of being Catrina's buffer against challengers, stormed into her office to cash in the Gift of the Gods, only for Catrina to derail him into a defense against Fenix, one which he ultimately would lose. He competed in Aztec Warfare II, but was eliminated by Rey Mysterio, and then fought for an Aztec Medallion against Siniestro de la Muerte, but lost the match due to Catrina's interference. Evidently this broke the last thread of allegiance between him and Catrina; Cuerno was seen eavesdropping on Mil Muertes and Catrina as they plotted the demise of Matanza, and was among the death parade bearing Mil away after Graver Consequences. It was soon revealed that he had taken Muertes' body, placing it under glass as a trophy. Competed in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership; as his team won, he took part in a six-person match for the honor. Little did he know, however, that his greatest trophy had been reawakened. Sure enough, Muertes made his return during the six-person match, attacking Cuerno and causing him to get eliminated. Stole a win against Muertes the week before Ultima Lucha Dos was set to begin, leading to him being placed in a Death match against Muertes at the big event. Unfortunately for him, he was defeated by Muertes.

Having been absent during Season 3, Cuerno made his return during Ultima Lucha Tres, attacking Muertes and stealing away the Gauntlet of the Gods, which he made into a trophy. Looking leaner, hungrier, and with longer hair, he entered Aztec Warfare IV and made it to the final four, but was eliminated by the returning Chavo Guerrero. When Catrina teleported into his lodge to reclaim the Gauntlet of the Gods, Cuerno met her there, revealing that he knew more about the Gauntlet than was initially thought and that he had given it to someone (heavily implied to have been Aerostar) to hide away. When confronted by Antonio Cueto, he claimed that the Gauntlet had been stolen from him, and was given an Aztec Medallion match against Chavo, who he defeated to earn the Medallion. After placing his Medallion into the Gift of the Gods, he had to compete in a battle royal against his fellow Medallion holders, in which he was eliminated early on by Muertes. As he was not selected to be removed from the Gift of the Gods match by The Mack and as his team won the Trios match organized by Antonio Cueto before the actual Gift of the Gods match with himself pinning Son of Havoc, he was still allowed to compete for the title. Unfortunately, he would not win. Cuerno was later selected by Cage to team with him against Pentagon Dark and a partner, which turned into a handicap match as Pentagon chose to go it alone. The two worked well together, to the point where Cage dismissed him before the end of the match, saying that he had it won, at which Cuerno left the match. Seeing that Cage had failed to win the title, Cuerno chose to make Pentagon his next target, attacking him after a defense against Hernandez and delivering a Thrill of the Hunt onto the title. He competed against Muertes for a title shot, but after a double disqualification caused by both shoving a referee to the floor, both were rewarded the title shot anyway. Cuerno competed for the title, but was pinned by Pentagon. He was entered in the four-way for #1 contendership, but lost. Later, he was named as a competitor for the Gift of the Gods and competed in a battle royal, where he helped eliminate Hernandez but was eliminated by Dante Fox. Cuerno competed for the Gift of the Gods, saving Aerostar from having his ankle snapped by Jake Strong before being eliminated again by Dante Fox.

He met with Aerostar and Dragon Azteca Jr. after Ultima Lucha Cuatro, and the three planned on hiding the Gauntlet again before DA Jr. requested the temporary loan of it to Black Lotus.
  • First Appearance: "Thrill of the Hunt" (Season 1, episode 4)
  • Alignment: Tweener, see Above Good and Evil below. In Season 4, the Believers began to treat him as a Tecnico.
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Deer
  • Allies: Aerostar, Dragon Azteca Jr.
  • Current Feud: Mil Muertes, Catrina
  • Former Feuds: Prince Puma, Hernandez, Johnny Mundo, Drago, Killshot, Fenix
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 4 (Aztec Warfare I), 3 (Aztec Warfare II), 18 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Above Good and Evil: Specifically said that he doesn't pay much attention when people talk about "good" or "evil", all he cares about is the hunt.
    "What you call savage, I call survival. What you call evil, I call a way of life."
  • Animal Motif: He wears a deer head headdress when he walks into the ring, and when he attacks someone, he slides out of the ring like a snake.
  • Badass Cape: One of these and a leather stomach wrap are part of his entrance attire.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Just as a hunter does not limit his arsenal, there is no method or weapon that Cuerno is above using to win.
  • Cool Mask
  • Does Not Like Guns: Gives this vibe considering he strings and "shoots" an arrow at an opponent.
  • Egomaniac Hunter: He was introduced as a person who spent his past hunting big game for the thrill of it, and he certainly doesn't seem to be hunting to feed his family... at least, we hope not...
  • Finishing Move: Thrill of the Hunt, a Samoan Driver.
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: After "normal" game grew too boring, he turned to the ring to hunt something a little more challenging.
  • Meaningful Name: Cuerno means "horn", a reference to both how dangerous he is and to the deer horns that he wears on his head during his entrance.
  • Mighty Glacier: Cuerno's signature fighting style is to be very slow and deliberate, never losing his cool and looking for openings in which to inflict the most damage to his opponent. Other wrestlers run across the ring to get an offense, Cuerno prowls and watches, and waits for the opponent to make a mistake.
    • On the other hand, during Aztec Warfare IV, Matt Striker described him as a high-flier. He's certainly capable of being very fast when he wants to be.
  • Nice Hat: His deer head headdress, which he wears to the ring and places in the corner turnbuckle before the fight.
    • Also in a meeting with Dario over his upcoming cage match with Mundo, he sported a nice white hat.
  • No-Sell: One of his spots is no selling a headscissors takedown, just standing upright as the other guy flies off into space.
  • Power Creep, Power Seep: Started off as one of the most menacing heels who had a clean win over Puma (something even Cage couldn't manage) and a title match against him. As the locker room got bigger and bigger he went further and further down the card and ended firmly in the lower mid-card. Possibly reversed in Season 4 (after missing almost all of Season 3) as he seems to be moving up the card again through his involvement in the greater story of the war of the gods.
  • Precision F-Strike: To Catrina: "I don't give a shit about your life."
  • Signature Move: La Flecha Del Infierno (The Arrow From Hell), a Suicide Dive in which Cuerno FLIES through the mid and top ropes and spears his opponent.
  • The Stoic: Cuerno is incredibly patient and cool-headed, letting his opponents expend their energy before going in for the kill. As such, you see him move slowly and deliberately but exploding into motion when he sees an opening. Outside the ring, he's also cold and aloof.
  • Tweener: All he cares about is the hunt, and he has hunted both tecnicos and rudos, with his greatest "trophy" being Mil Muertes. Season 4 saw him become more of a force for balance within the Temple, as he had taken the Gauntlet from Mil Muertes and hid it away to prevent it from being used to destroy the descendants of the Tribes, entering into an alliance with Aerostar in the process.
  • Underwear of Power: Swapped from his tights to these when he returned in Season 4.
  • Would Hit a Girl: When facing Ivelisse in Aztec Warfare I, Cuerno proved that gender is no issue to him when it comes to prey and eliminated her.


Like the mythical bird who is his namesake, Fenix soars above all and brings fiery pain to those who he faces. He was brought in by Konnan, who sung his praises as a luchador who would impress if given the chance, and he lived up to the hype a thousandfold, quickly becoming a fan favorite in the Temple. Like the Phoenix itself, no matter how many times you take this Luchador down, he will rise from the ashes to fly again. Although he was originally vying for the Lucha Underground Championship, Fenix found himself fighting for his life against a dangerous foe in the form of Mil Muertes, and ended up catching the eye of his associate, Catrina. The two battled one another many times, with neither of them having a decisive victory over the other, until their feud came to a head in the legendary Grave Consequences match, a brutal casket match that Fenix won. Fenix's next major accomplishment was to win the first of Dario Cueto's Aztec Medallions, which led to a "unique opportunity" further down the line, but he soon had bigger things to worry about, as Catrina confronted Fenix backstage and let him know in no uncertain terms that Mil Muertes was back, stronger than ever and out for his blood. They met in a Death Match, and although Fenix fought bravely, he was overpowered by Mil Muertes and his body was left broken and devoid of life. It would be a while before he would return, during which his Aztec Medallion was taken away by Cueto, but he made his triumphant return to reclaim it and won the Gift of the Gods at Ultima Lucha to boot, giving him the right to challenge Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Championship. It seemed that Fenix and Mil Muertes' rivalry would once again re-ignite... but Fenix was in the sights of the hunter King Cuerno, who wanted to take away the Gift of the Gods from him.

Hunted for months by Cuerno, Fenix was officially challenged by the hunter at the beginning of season 2, and lost the Gift of the Gods to him. Soon sought revenge on Cuerno - and stated his intent to bring Muertes and Catrina down once he regained the Gift of the Gods from the hunter. Fenix was put by Catrina in a Last Luchador Standing match against Cuerno, but Catrina made it non-title in order to give Fenix no benefit in battling him, but Fenix managed to beat Cuerno in spectacular fashion while getting under the skin of his worst enemy, Mil Muertes. The stars seemed to be aligning for a reckoning, in which Life and Death would face off in glorious, bloody combat. This was proven right when Fenix took back the Gift of the Gods from Cuerno, and he soon went on to declare his challenge. On the March 16 episode, Fenix finally triumphed over Mil Muertes, becoming the new Lucha Underground champion, but his trials weren't over yet. Catrina inserted him into the No. 1 spot in Aztec Warfare II, while putting Mil Muertes at No. 20, and declared that Fenix had to defend his title in the match. Unfortunately, Fenix's title reign lasted just one week, as he became one of Matanza's many victims in Aztec Warfare II, and soon fell prey to the Monster in a match for the title. Dario Cueto later put Fenix in a team with Jack Evans and PJ Black for the Trios tournament, and while there was much bickering, the team eventually worked together to defeat the Disciples of Death in the first round, but failed to win the Trios titles during the finals. Fenix was due to team with Evans and Black again, but Johnny Mundo and Taya attacked him backstage so that Mundo could take his place in the match. Competed in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership; as his team won, he competed in a six-person match for the honor, but narrowly lost to Pentagon Jr. Just before Ultima Lucha Dos, he lost a match against Mundo that saw copious interference from Taya. Got his revenge upon Mundo for taking him out by teaming with Drago and Aerostar to take the Trios titles.

Fenix next appeared with his partners to aid Sexy Star in fending off Worldwide Underground, who attacked her after her successful Gift of the Gods defense against Taya. Successfully defended the Trios titles against Worldwide Underground, and was assisted in turn by Sexy Star in running them off. Teamed with his partners and Sexy Star on the losing end of an Atomicos contest, and later assisted Sexy Star in fending off Worldwide Underground once more. As he lost the three-way for #20 in Aztec Warfare III, he did not compete in it. Successfully defended the Trios titles with his partners against the debuting Rabbit Tribe. Attempted to aid Drago against Kobra Moon and her generals, but was dispatched by Vibora. Hunted for Drago alongside Aerostar, but was confronted - and destroyed - once again by Moon and her generals. The third strike was the charm, as he and Aerostar were able to run off the Reptiles and free Drago from their hold. Was shocked by the betrayal of Drago, which led their team to lose the Trios titles. Fenix had quietly begun courting Melissa Santos, one which her psychotic stalker Marty "The Moth" Martinez took offense to, and he was attacked by the Moth after winning his first round Cueto Cup match against Mariposa. He consoled Aerostar regarding Drago's betrayal, then asked how his Cueto Cup match with Martinez would go, only to have Aerostar refuse to tell him. Though he would win the match, Martinez would leave him a bloodied mess, ripping his mask and carving up his forehead with a fork while Melissa was forced to watch. With Melissa cheering him on, he defeated Pindar in the quarterfinals. After the show, he escorted Melissa to her car, even giving her a piggyback ride, unaware that Martinez was watching.

During his semifinal match with Puma, he saw Martinez creeping on Melissa, and chose chivalry over winning the match, moonsaulting out onto Martinez. He was quickly defeated by Puma afterward, but was able to comfort Melissa. Attacked Martinez later on during a free-for-all involving much of the roster. After Martinez defeated Argenis and issued a challenge to him for Ultima Lucha Tres, Fenix attacked and accepted the challenge, making it a Lucha de Apuesta (mask vs. hair) match. Teamed with Prince Puma, Sexy Star, and Cage in a losing effort against the Worldwide Underground and Martinez. Trained with Melissa for their tag match against Marty and Mariposa, who asked him to remove his mask. Even though he refused, she still kissed him. During the match, he was tied to the ring and forced to watch as Marty and Mariposa brutalized Melissa before pinning her, but was able to get free and chase them off before they cut her hair. A gory Apuesta saw him bloodied and his mask torn before Melissa's interference allowed him to defeat Marty. With Mariposa's assistance (as she had turned on Marty mid-match and prevented his escape), he and Melissa took Marty's hair. After Ultima Lucha Tres, Fenix departed the Temple with Melissa, unaware that they were being watched by Catrina and Jeremiah Crane.

Fenix entered Aztec Warfare IV at #13, his first Aztec Warfare not entering at #1, but was pinned by the returning Chavo Guerrero. Shared a very romantic moment with Melissa before competing in 3-Way to the Grave, a three-way Grave Consequences match. Unfortunately, Melissa's fears that she would lose him were proven true, as he was put in a casket by Mil Muertes and led away by Catrina, who lavished attention upon the casket, seeing Fenix's life energy as a way out of her half-life state. Catrina soon claimed his life force, restoring her to life and leaving him in an unknown state. As he had made a deal with Melissa Santos, Aerostar traveled back in time to revive him with the life force that had been taken back from Catrina, then brought him forward in time and back to Melissa. As he embraced her, his blank expression did not change, which Aerostar explained as an effect of being brought forward, and something strange happened in his eyes...

Unfortunately for Aerostar, his kind gesture and deal with Melissa quickly went awry. Fenix, changed by his experiences into something seemingly feral and near-mindless (later revealed to be at least in part the effect of Catrina tainting his life force), made his return to the Temple the week after being revived, and soon cost his partners the Trios titles. He attacked both Aerostar and Drago during the match, leaving Aerostar to be pinned by Jeremiah Snake, then shoved Melissa to the floor as she attempted to speak to him before leaving the Temple. The next week, he competed against and defeated his former ally Aerostar, then as Melissa pleaded with him to seek help, he struggled with himself before lunging out of the ring and grabbing her. When Dragon Azteca Jr. came to her aid, Fenix brutally attacked him before leaving. Fenix once again stalked Melissa during the four-way for #1 contendership, grabbing her, but seemed conflicted as she spoke to him, which allowed her to break free and run. DA Jr. once again came to her defense, and the two brawled out of the Temple. Teamed with his former rival Muertes to face DA Jr. and The Mack, with the two gelling surprisingly well and winning the match.

Fenix faced and defeated DA Jr. in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, taking advantage of Melissa appealing to DA Jr. in the process and causing her to run out of the Temple in distress.
  • First Appearance: "Crossing the Border" (Season 1, episode 3)
  • Alignment: Rudo...?
  • Allies: None...?
  • Current Feuds: Dragon Azteca Jr.
  • Former Feuds: Prince Puma, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Drago, King Cuerno, Pentagon Jr., the Disciples of Death, Mil Muertes, Catrina, Jack Evans, PJ Black, Johnny Mundo, Taya, Pindar, Vibora, Kobra Moon, Marty "The Moth" Martinez, Aerostar, Drago
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 1 (Aztec Warfare I and II), 13 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Animal Motifs: The legendary Phoenix. Living up to his namesake, Fenix flies above everyone else and always gets back up no matter how many times he's beat down.
  • Arch-Enemy: No hatred is as deep and intense within the Temple walls as the one between Fenix and Mil Muertes. It has been the driving force of both wrestlers' lives for both seasons of LU so far.
    • Shades of this exist between him and Catrina as well, though their relationship is a lot more complicated.
  • Came Back Wrong: The double whammy of coming back from the dead and being pulled forward through time (plus whatever else may have happened during the life force transition) had this effect on Fenix, turning him into a drooling, near-mindless, feral creature who didn't seem to know friend from foe. It was later revealed that this was Catrina's doing, as her possessing his life force had tainted it.
  • Cool Car: Drives a Trans Am bedecked in phoenix iconography, of course the car is also known as a Pontiac Firebird.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: Gave Mil Muertes his first decisive loss in LU, but it only brought Muertes' wrath down upon him. Fenix was more than ready to rise up and face him again.
  • Determinator: Fenix's determination borders on the superhuman, and he will never give up no matter who he is facing. Even if he is defeated, he will rise again, like his namesake. In fact, it was probably his willpower alone that allowed him to finally defeat Mil Muertes in the Grave Consequences match.
  • Evil Costume Switch: Began dressing all in black after he Came Back Wrong.
  • Face: One of Lucha Underground's most popular ones, at that...until Season 4, that is.
  • Finishing Move: Fire Driver, later dubbed the Black Fire Driver after he Came Back Wrong.
  • I Have the High Ground: One of the show's top flyers, along with Drago and Aerostar.
  • Light Is Good: Dresses up in bright colors (most of the time) and outfits and is a face.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: He was on the receiving one of these in the Grave Consequences match. Mil Muertes even ripped off his mask and bit his forehead bloody. It didn't work.
  • Oh, Crap!: Going into Aztec Warfare II, Fenix had to start at #1 again, but he'd almost made it to the end from the same position in Aztec Warfare Inote  and this time he was the reigning champion, giving him even more to fight for. Then the #2 was announced... Rey Mysterio Jr. Fenix's face just fell and he looked down at his championship belt like it was a child that was about to be taken away from him by social services.
  • Real-Life Relative: He's Pentagon Dark's brother.
  • Red Baron: "The Man of a Thousand Lives" (directly contrasting Mil Muertes' "Man of a Thousand Deaths"), has also been tagged the "Bird of War".
  • Thememobile: Drives a Pontiac Firebird fully decked out with phoenix decals.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Catrina used him in her schemes, telling him to his face that she used him as a pawn in her scheme to make Mil Muertes more powerful. Later, however, Catrina would express regret for manipulating him, though it certainly would not stop her from using him again to attain full life.
  • Worthy Opponent: May be receiving this from Mil Muertes; the latter pulled a Villainous Rescue of Fenix from the monster Matanza Cueto after the monster started pounding on an already defeated Fenix. The biggest reason for the attack was as part of Muertes and Matanza's escalating feud, but after driving Matanza off, Muertes gave Fenix a look...then walked off.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: To his disadvantage, as Ivelisse had no problem hitting him. Took it to practically patronising levels during his match against Mariposa, dancing around her for over a minute at the start of the match without attacking and even going to deliver a superkick only to pull it back at the last second when she flinched.

    Son of Havoc 

Son of Havoc
The Biker from the Open Road, Son of Havoc has been a mainstay in Lucha Underground since the first episode. He formed a relationship with Ivelisse, but despite winning his first match in his debut, he suffered a losing streak that lasted for months. Ivelisse also got tired of him losing and began trying to 'help' him (aka yelling at him) during his matches, which more often than not backfired. Eventually, Ivelisse humiliated Havoc by saying she had to fight his battles for him, specifically against his then-rival Angelico. Havoc finally had enough and dumped her during his final match against Angelico, and subsequently scored his first win in a long while. However, the two broken lovebirds were made a Trios team with Angelico against their will, and surprisingly won their first match. Afterwards, in the Trios tournament final, Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico managed to work together as a team to weather not only the onslaught of the other two teams, but the last-minute addition of The Crew as well, and won the inaugural Trios championship. His team faced The Crew a second time and lost, but then they had their spectacular third match, a ladder match to defend their title, and they retained in amazing fashion. Havoc and his team defended the title time and again against all odds, but their luck eventually ran out; they were targeted by Catrina, and her charges The Disciples of Death defeated them at Ultima Lucha for the Trios championship.

After setting out on the open road with his partners, he returned with Angelico and Ivelisse demanding a match with the Disciples, only to be derailed by Catrina into a triple threat for a shot at Mil Muertes, one that Havoc lost. Later, he and his teammates would show how much they had grown as a proper team by defeating Chavo Guerrero and the Crew, and were soon able to reclaim their titles. After a successful defense against the Disciples of Death, they were forced to put their titles on the line yet again in the Trios tournament finals. They went on to lose the titles in the final round when an injury to Angelico forced them to fight short-handed. They were given a partner, Johnny Mundo, for the rematch, but once again lost. Returned to singles action soon after, successfully defeating Daga even after interference by Kobra Moon. Competed in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership, but his team lost. Won the Unique Opportunity mini-tournament at Ultima Lucha Dos, with his Unique Opportunity being a choice between $250,000 and a guaranteed title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres. Havoc took the latter, but fell victim to the catch. He had to defeat the debuting Dr. Wagner Jr. to keep the shot, and unfortunately, he failed to do so, losing the shot. He has sworn revenge towards Famous B. and Wagner Jr. for depriving him of his Opportunity.

Ironically enough, Havoc did receive his title shot in the first episode of Season 3 via "Dario's Dial of Doom"; though he put up an admirable effort, he was defeated by Matanza. Recuperating in his mother's basement, Havoc was visited by Mascarita Sagrada, and the two bonded over their mutual hatred of Famous B. Returned to the Temple with Sagrada in tow to face Wagner Jr. and Famous B., but ended up on the losing end. Havoc and Sagrada would speak to Dario Cueto, who not only granted Sagrada a match against Famous B., but would allow the winner of Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. to pick the stipulation. Havoc triumphed, and at Sagrada's request, he made the match a Believers' Backlash match, with the Believers bringing their own weapons to use. During the Believers' Backlash match, he drove off an interfering Wagner Jr. before returning to celebrate Sagrada's win, presenting Sagrada with his own vest. Competed in Aztec Warfare III; met Ivelisse's current boyfriend Jeremiah Crane during the match, a meeting which did not go well. He was eventually eliminated by the Worldwide Underground. Competed in the Battle of the Bulls, but did not win his four-way. Reunited with Angelico to face Jack Evans and PJ Black, but came out on the losing end. During The Mack's All Night Long championship match against Johnny Mundo, Havoc showed up dual-wielding kendo sticks to even the score when PJ Black interfered on Mundo's side, and later assisted Sexy Star in running off Ricky Mandel. Faced the debuting Son of Madness in the first round of the Cueto Cup. As he did not know who his opponent was prior to the match, he was shocked and angered at the discovery. Though he defeated Madness, his fellow motorcycle club member would get the last laugh, beating Havoc down and stealing his kutte. Prior to his second round match with Dante Fox, Madness struck again. Dario Cueto offered Havoc the chance to withdraw from the tournament, but Havoc turned him down. Gutting it out, he went to war with Fox, only barely losing. While drinking, Havoc was approached by Madness, and after a quick scuffle Madness stated that he would make Havoc's life a living hell until he returned to their motorcycle club: the Invisible Cult. Havoc saved Sagrada from a post-match beatdown by Madness, then fought and defeated Madness in a Boyle Heights Biker Brawl, claiming an Aztec Medallion in the process. Stared down Pentagon Dark after putting his Medallion into the Gift of the Gods. As the Gift of the Gods match ended in a draw between himself and Pentagon (as they had pinned their opponents at the same time), Dario placed them into a ladder match for the vacant title at Ultima Lucha Tres, which Havoc would unfortunately not win.

As Havoc entered Aztec Warfare IV at #3, he became an impromptu Trios champion alongside Killshot and The Mack, replacing Dante Fox, who had failed to appear. He pinned Killshot, but was ultimately pinned by Pentagon. Havoc joined his Trios partners in successfully defending the Trios titles against Famous B's handpicked challengers, Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Strong. Was technically defeated in a three-way also featuring Mack and Killshot, but as he was not pinned, he received an Aztec Medallion as per the stipulation attached to the match by Antonio Cueto. After placing his Medallion into the Gift of the Gods, he had to compete in a battle royal against his fellow Medallion holders, in which he voluntarily eliminated himself to give his partner The Mack the win. As he was not selected to be removed from the Gift of the Gods match by Mack, he was still allowed to compete for the title. Havoc and Ivelisse selected Mack to join their team in the Trios match organized by Antonio Cueto prior to the actual Gift of the Gods match, but he was pinned by King Cuerno, eliminating his team from the Gift of the Gods match itself. He was then accidentally(?) attacked by Killshot, who had attempted to intervene against Mil Muertes, who had attacked Mack. Despite his partners still being at odds, the three of them banded together to successfully defend the Trios titles against the Rabbit Tribe, though Killshot visibly expressed his growing dislike for Havoc at the same time. Havoc spoke to Mack backstage, sharing apprehension about Killshot making their Trios title defense before stating that Killshot just didn't like him, something Killshot quickly confirmed after accusing him of trying to turn Mack against him. Said defense against the Reptile Tribe went downhill when Havoc accidentally hit Killshot, causing Killshot to retaliate and costing them the titles. He was then berated and attacked by Killshot, but saved by Mack, who attempted to mediate between the two only to be rebuffed as Killshot walked out.

During Killshot's match with Big Bad Steve, Havoc appeared with soda and popcorn, settling into the front row to watch the match. Afterward, Killshot confronted and attacked him, and the two fought, with Havoc unmasking Killshot. He would soon face Killshot one-on-one, and though he would win, Killshot would gain a measure of revenge by unmasking him. He watched his friend Mack face Killshot from a balcony, then climbed down to help Mack after Mil Muertes attacked, brawling with Killshot in the process. Faced Killshot in a Mask vs. Mask match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, one that he narrowly won even with Killshot taking him to the limit. After the match, he received Killshot's mask directly from him, then watched as he departed the Temple.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Alignment: Tecnico
  • Allies: Ivelisse, The Mack
  • Current Feuds: Killshot
  • Former Feuds: Dario Cueto, Cage, Texano, Big Ryck, The Mack, Killshot, The Crew, Sexy Star, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, King Cuerno, Ivelisse, Angelico, The Disciples of Death, Famous B., Dr. Wagner Jr., Son of Madness
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 5 (Aztec Warfare I), 3 (Aztec Warfare III and IV)

  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: In one night, he and his teammates won the first Trios tournament match even though they were the MASSIVE underdogs, and then beat The Crew afterwards to gain the titles. The crowd started chanting "You deserve it!" in response.
  • Badass Beard: Which looks pretty cool coming out of his mask.
  • Badass Biker: His entire gimmick.
  • Bash Brothers: With Mascarita Sagrada in Season 3. After Mascarita got his long-awaited revenge on Famous B in the Believer's Backlash match (with some help from Havoc who ran in to drive off Dr. Wagner Jr.), Havoc gave Mascarita a mini-version of Havoc's own open black biker vest.
  • Berserk Button: When he heard that his first opponent in the Cueto Cup would be Son of Madness (a figure from his past) Havoc flipped out and rushed up the steps to attack Madness before he'd even finished his entrance, hurling him from the steps to the floor.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Came to The Mack's aid after PJ Black had interfered in his ironman match against Johnny Mundo.
  • Chest Insignia: The symbol on the back of Havoc's vest (and also on the vest he gave Mascarita) is that of the god Tezcatlipoca, also known as Smoking Mirror. It is later revealed to be the insignia of the Invisible Cult Motorcycle Club.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: There was a (currently unknown) incident in his past that caused him to leave the Invisible Cult.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: To say that Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico were underdogs going into the Trios tournament is a MASSIVE understatement. To get to the title, they had to defeat the three biggest high-flyers on the show (Drago, Aerostar and Fenix), two monster teams in the final (Cage/Texano/King Cuerno and Big Ryck/The Mack/Killshot) and then the last-minute addition of The Crew. "You deserve it!" indeed.
  • Dual Wielding: Came down the Temple steps dual-wielding kendo sticks to even the odds against The Mack when he was being double teamed by Johnny Mundo and PJ Black.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: The main driving force for him. He first had no respect from the Temple's roster, but when he also lost Ivelisse's respect, that's when he decided he'd had enough and dumped her. Best decision he ever made.
  • Evil Counterpart: Possibly Son of Madness, although we don't know what circumstances are between them yet. Regardless, Madness looks almost identical to Havoc (only bigger and with more hair) but is the clear rudo in their feud.
  • Heel–Face Turn: As the losses kept piling up in his record and Ivelisse became more abusive and willing to humiliate him, Havoc eventually became a Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain, and the crowd couldn't help but start to root for him. His realizing that he had the crowd actually rooting for him and that Ivelisse was holding him back led to him going face when he dumped her.
  • Henpecked Boyfriend: He was very much this while still with Ivelisse.
  • Jerkass: He started out as this, but he softened up after his Heel–Face Turn, most notably befriending Mascarita Sagrada who he'd had harsh words for before then.
  • Jobber: Was this for a while, until dumping Ivelisse made him become a little bit more formidable.
  • Lightning Bruiser: How many guys that big can pull off a perfect Shooting Star Press and land on their feet when they do it?
  • Meaningful Name: Kinda, once you associate his biker gimmick and the fact that the word "havoc" can be synonymous with "anarchy".
    • According to the writers, it was originally going to be a slow-build reveal to explain how he became "son of" and even who "Havoc" was supposed to be. However, he got popular enough with the fans that they gradually turned him face and dropped the mystery, making his name an artifact in the process.
      • The debut of Son of Madness, a former compatriot of Havoc's from the Invisible Cult, potentially reimagines the Artifact by implying that all members of their gang have similarly themed names with a potentially greater significance behind them.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: Him dumping Ivelisse was this, as he got fed up with the constant humiliation and emotional abuse he endured under Ivelisse. They have since, however, settled on a professional relationship as equals.
  • Parts Unknown: Billed as hailing from "the Open Road".
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Angelico and Ivelisse during the Lucha Trios tournament. Havoc was done with Ivelisse's bossy attitude, Ivelisse played the jilted lover wanting revenge, and unless Angelico was somehow flirting with Ivelisse he just asked what the hell he was doing there. However, all three of them were professional enough to keep their differences outside the ring and actually delivered when the time came.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Dumping Ivelisse lit a fire under Havoc's ass, and he's been either winning or at least losing by a very slim margin in every match since.
    • The moment he dumped Ivelisse was perhaps best described by a reddit commenter as thus: "You might be cool, but you'll never be 'bearded Luchador dumping his girlfriend while hitting a Shooting Star Press' cool."
    • When Dario Cueto decided to be an anarchist and put him in a trio with Ivelisse and Angelico after everything they'd endured from each other, Havoc more or less became the strongest link in their cobbled-together team, with them essentially turning babyface after  as opposed to tweener after  or heel after , his music being used to represent the team, and some fans (as well as the occasional Matt Striker slip-up) calling them Team Havoc. After having a run with the Trios Championship titles, fighting valiantly together against dynamic athletes, monster competitors, and vicious marauders all over the place, it's safe to say both Ivelisse and Angelico have more genuine respect for Havoc now than they did back when Ivelisse was his girlfriend!
  • Trademark Favorite Food: As of Season 3, Bagel Bites. His mother even outright says they're his favorite.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: As the losses piled on for Son of Havoc, he became more accepted by the crowds, who cheered for him, and the Believers couldn't help but feel bad for him and hope he wins. After finally dumping Ivelisse and defeating Angelico, the entire crowd exploded and celebrated with him.


The mercurial ex(?)-girlfriend of Son of Havoc and self-proclaimed baddest bitch in the building, Ivelisse is a hot momma with a hotter temper. As Havoc's girlfriend, Ivelisse became increasingly irritated with her BF's inability to actually win his fights, and proceeded to humiliate him by trying to "fight his fights for him" against then-rival Angelico. This came to a head when, tired of the abuse and humiliation, Havoc dumped Ivelisse and scored his first victory in months by pinning Angelico. Ivelisse became a woman scorned, and balked at Dario Cueto's sadistic decision to make her, Havoc and Angelico a team to wrestle for the inaugural Trios title. However, they managed to hold it together enough that they actually managed to beat the odds and win the championship. Ivelisse's current personal relationship with Havoc is heavily strained right now, but in their professional relationship, they've become formidable partners and champs. Unfortunately, this was not enough to keep them from defeat at the hands of The Disciples of Death at Ultima Lucha, losing the Trios championship in the process.

After setting out on the open road with her partners, she returned with Havoc and Angelico demanding a match with the Disciples, only to be derailed by Catrina into a triple threat for a shot at Mil Muertes, which she won, but was defeated by Muertes shortly afterward. With her partners removed from the equation by the Disciples, she was saved from a further beatdown by Prince Puma. Confronted Catrina to demand a rematch against the Disciples, only to be informed that there were no automatic rematches and that they would have to prove themselves, something which they did by handily defeating Chavo Guerrero and the Crew, showing how much she and her teammates had grown as a proper team in the process. Ivelisse was soon able to make a deal with Catrina: a shot at regaining the Trios championships, with the consequences of losing being that she and her teammates would leave the Temple. They made good on that shot and reclaimed their titles. After a successful defense against the Disciples of Death, they were forced to put their titles on the line in the Trios tournament finals. They had to fight short-handed when Angelico got injured and couldn't make the match, and their team lost the titles after Ivelisse got pinned by Jack Evans. They were given a partner, Johnny Mundo, for the rematch, but lost. Discord had quickly grown within the makeshift team, particularly between Ivelisse and Taya, leading to the latter attacking her after the match. Competed in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership; as her team won, she competed in a six-person match for the honor. During the match, Ivelisse got her hands on Taya on more than one occasion, but eventually got eliminated by Taya, with the help of Johnny Mundo. Was forced to team with Taya for an opportunity to earn an Aztec Medallion, but an ill-timed spear from her partner soon got her pinned. Was defeated by Taya at Ultima Lucha Dos after Catrina attacked her mid-match, then was given the Lick of Death.

In the first episode of Season 3, she challenged Catrina for a match at Ultima Lucha Tres, a challenge that was accepted. She soon faced and defeated Mariposa, but was beaten down by both Moth siblings. Backstage, she was consoled by her new boyfriend, Jeremiah Crane, but was unhappy at the idea of him entering the Temple as well, citing her failed relationship with Havoc. A few weeks later she challenged Marty for a revenge match, but lost. She blew up at Jeremiah when he ran in after the match to attack the Martinez siblings, but eventually grudgingly accepted that he'd be working in the Temple as well. She did, however, warn him that Dario is a "piece of crap" and when she and Jeremiah did inevitably get pitted against each other, she'd kick his ass. Competed in a ten person tag for the right to compete in Aztec Warfare III; though her team won, she was unable to compete due to re-injuring her leg, and her spot was taken by Ricky Mandel. Returned at Ultima Lucha Tres to face Catrina, winning a bloody match by hitting Catrina with the stone before pinning her after a DDT. Unfortunately, before the match, she messily broke up with Jeremiah, leading him to attack her after the match, brutalizing her ankle with a hammer.

Unfortunately, Jeremiah hadn't learned that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Ivelisse returned during his three-way Grave Consequences match with Muertes and Fenix, attacking him with a hammer and putting him into a casket herself, getting him eliminated from the match. Weeks later, she squared off with Joey Ryan, defeating him to obtain an Aztec Medallion. After placing her Medallion into the Gift of the Gods, she had to compete in a battle royal against her fellow Medallion holders, in which she was eliminated by Mil Muertes. As she was not selected to be removed from the Gift of the Gods match by The Mack, she was still allowed to compete for the title. She and Havoc selected The Mack as their partner in the Trios match organized by Antonio Cueto prior to the actual Gift of the Gods match, but as her team lost, she was not allowed to compete for the Gift of the Gods. Ivelisse soon joined forces with newcomer XO Lishus, taking on Joey Ryan and Jack Evans in a losing effort. Post-match, she attacked Evans when he wouldn't release a passed-out Lishus from a submission hold and almost attacked Ryan before he clarified that he'd tried to get Evans to let go as well before cradling her tag partner. Ivelisse would later intervene in Lishus' No Mas match with Evans, helping her newfound ally against his tormentor. She was once again wary of Ryan, who had also intervened in the match to help Lishus, but reluctantly accepted him at the end. Ivelisse challenged Dragon Azteca Jr. for the Gift of the Gods, but lost. Initially despondent at the loss, she was soon invited by Lishus and Ryan to team with them in an attempt to win the Trios titles, an invitation she quickly accepted. Alongside her new partners, she challenged for the Trios titles, even appearing concerned at the undead state of her ex-boyfriend Jeremiah. Unfortunately, her team lost, and they were soon attacked by Paul London and El Bunny on the orders of the White Rabbit. She teamed with XO and Ryan to face the Rabbits, but they were defeated. She and XO would later announce their participation in a three-way Trios match for the Trios titles against the Rabbits and the Reptiles at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, but as Ryan had been injured by the White Rabbit and would not be able to take part, they had decided on a new partner and introduced Sammy Guevara as Ryan's replacement. She looked on as Guevara officially split from Famous B in the process. During the three-way Trios match, she looked on helplessly as Guevara was disabled in the same way Ryan was, then was cut off from saving XO and forced to watch him tap out.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Alignment: Tecnico
  • Allies: Son of Havoc, XO Lishus, Joey Ryan, Sammy Guevara
  • Current Feuds: The Rabbit Tribe, El Bunny, The White Rabbit
  • Former Feuds: Dario Cueto, Cage, Texano, Big Ryck, The Mack, Killshot, The Crew, Sexy Star, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, King Cuerno, Son of Havoc, Angelico, The Disciples of Death, Marty "The Moth" Martinez, Mariposa, Catrina, Jeremiah Crane, Jack Evans
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 8 (Aztec Warfare I)

  • Aborted Arc: Her and Jeremiah Crane's feud with Marty "The Moth" Martinez and Mariposa, as she was injured early on in Season Three.
  • Action Girl: She doesn't call herself "the baddest bitch in the building" for nothing.
    • Determinator: But she continued to fight on despite her limitations and actually led her team to WIN! How determined is she? She climbed a ladder using one foot and her KNEE and fended off Mr. Cisco by biting his hand to grab the Trios Champion belts for her team.
  • Cool Mask: Often enters the Temple with a red bandanna tied over her mouth, gangster-style (no, not like that).
  • Fiery Redhead: Dyed her hair red before Season 3 and later began coordinating her gear to match.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Injured her leg (for real) early on in the Trios Finals match and spent half of Season 1 on crutches. Injured her leg again during a ten person tag in Season 3.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: With extensive MMA training, Ivelisse uses a myriad of kicks from a variety of angles as well as a strong submission game, defying the "striker vs. grappler" stereotype common in mainstream wrestling and in particular women's wrestling by showing she's good at both. In addition to that, she's pulled off some pretty impressive traditional Lucha stuff, and she's got at least the attitude for street fighting.
  • Kick the Dog: Angelico tried to flirt with her and comfort her after Son of Havoc dumped her, she responded by punting him in the face.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Her nickname, "La Sicaria". "Sicaria", the feminine version of "Sicario", roughly translates to "assassin" in Spanish.
  • Red Baron: "The Baddest Bitch in the Building", later "La Sicaria".
  • Spicy Latina: Puerto Rican, to be exact, and you KNOW what they say about Puerto Ricans...
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Son of Havoc and Angelico during the first Lucha Trios tournament. Havoc was done with Ivelisse's bossy attitude, Ivelisse played the jilted lover wanting revenge, and unless Angelico was somehow flirting with Ivelisse he just asked what the hell he was doing there. However, all three of them were professional enough to keep their differences outside the ring and actually delivered when the time came, although during their first match Ivelisse did walk out on her teammates, and was actually affronted when Havoc went on to win anyway.
  • Tsundere: She could switch from sweet and supportive to prime bitch-beast on Havoc on a dime. He eventually got fed up with it. She displayed the same behavior towards Jeremiah Crane, but it only turned him on.

    Matt Striker, Vampiro, Michael Schiavello and Hugo Savinovich 

Matt Striker, Vampiro, Michael Schiavello and Hugo Savinovich
Announcing pros.
Veterans of the ring and encyclopedias of wrestling knowledge, Matt Striker and Vampiro are the play-by-play men for Lucha Underground. Both veterans of the industry in their own right, they call the spots and comment on the stories that go on inside the Temple walls. Vampiro also does commentary on Lucha Underground's Spanish broadcast on UniMas, since he's actually quite well-versed in the language, but Matt Striker is replaced with the most legendary Spanish commentator of them all, "el Hijo de Doña Melida", Hugo Savinovich. "The Voice" Michael Schiavello subbed in for Vampiro during the second half of Ultima Lucha, due to Vampiro being indisposed for it, and later would provide voiceovers for video packages hyping a championship match between Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio. French commentary is reportedly handled by Nadir Mohammedi and Stéphane Thirioni.

In Season 1 Vampiro intervened to save Sexy Star from having her arm broken by Pentagon Jr., and the experience affected Vampiro deeply, apparently awakening some of the dormant demons from his wrestling past. Pentagon sensed this, and he kept harassing Vampiro for a match, slowly escalating in violence and psychological torture, until Vampiro finally accepted Pentagon's challenge. After a brutal match, Pentagon was eventually able to win, but Vampiro demanded that Pentagon break his arm as with his previous victims. Pentagon did so, and Vampiro made his big reveal: that he was Pentagon's enigmatic master all along, and was grooming him to be the most violent and merciless fighter of all. From there, Vampiro told Pentagon they'd go to a "dark place", and were not seen again...

...Until the Season 2 opening segment, in which it was shown that shortly after Ultima Lucha Vampiro was committed to a psychiatric facility, from which, after six months of treatment, he was released after being advised to avoid the people and places that triggered his psychotic break. Instead of heeding the doctor's advice, he chose to return to the Temple alongside his bro Matt Striker... and soon caught sight of Pentagon once more, when Pentagon attacked Mil Muertes and broke his arm. What exactly happened between Vampiro and Pentagon in the months between seasons and what all this meant for Vampiro's already-fragile mental state (as he has already taken issue with how Pentagon seems to be deviating from his teachings) was unknown, though the former was somewhat elaborated on in the third issue of the Lucha Underground comic. After Pentagon attacked Muertes during Aztec Warfare II, Catrina angrily blamed Vampiro and ordered him out of the Temple. Vampiro accompanied Pentagon - who had just been destroyed by Matanza - to the hospital, gazing out of the ambulance rear window with a decidedly eerie look on his face. He later had words with Cueto regarding what had happened, and was ordered to stand down. He would later begin Pentagon's painful rehabilitation, and was on hand to see his disciple make his triumphant return. At the end of the second week of Ultima Lucha Dos, upon being asked by Striker about his relationship with Pentagon, he threw his medication in the trash before leaving commentary in order to prepare his student to face Matanza. Led Pentagon to a cave in the desert and encouraged him to destroy the man he once was, leading to Pentagon's rebirth as Pentagon Dark. Was on hand during Pentagon's match with Matanza, and handed over the barbed wire bat which played a role in Pentagon's defeat. Incensed, Pentagon blamed Vampiro for the loss, then attacked him at the end of the event and left him a bloody mess.

During Pentagon's main event match against Rey Mysterio in the first episode of Season 3, Vampiro would depart from the announce table, later paying a visit to Prince Puma and encouraging him to go after Mil Muertes. He would visit him again just before the match, correctly predicting Muertes' defeat at his hands. The next week, he approached Puma again while he was training, congratulating him on his win over Mil, but calling it only a "good first step", telling Puma that he had to avenge Konnan by burying Mil the same way Mil had buried Puma's mentor. Vampiro confronted Pentagon prior to the gauntlet match with the Black Lotus Triad, warning him that everyone had to pay for their sins and that he had not forgotten what had happened at the close of Ultima Lucha Dos. Later, he was present as Prince Puma awoke from his coffin, confronting him and requesting that he come with him. Soon, Puma called him Master, and Vampiro proudly looked on as his new disciple assaulted Muertes with a kendo stick before kneeling to him. Unfortunately, Catrina pointed Muertes straight at him, and he was attacked at the announce table. He stayed Puma's hand as his disciple attempted to bail him out, and was felled by a Flatliner as a result. The next week, Vampiro declared that Muertes' time would come. Appeared backstage to Mysterio, warning him to stay away from Puma, and later assisted his disciple in defeating Muertes in a Boyle Heights Street Fight by handing him a brick. Vampiro would later join his disciple on the roof of the Temple, advising him that the only way to silence the voices was to win the Cueto Cup and take the title. He would watch his former and current disciples in the finals with interest, and entered the ring after the match to congratulate Puma on winning the Cup. Though he tried to keep Puma from agreeing to put his career on the line against Mundo, his disciple agreed to the stipulation.

After meeting with Puma to give him his final blessing before Ultima Lucha Tres, Vampiro knelt within the circle of candles and was addressed by a strange, raspy voice, saying that he had done well. His answer? "Thank you, Master." It was later revealed that he had orchestrated everything regarding Puma and Pentagon at the behest of his Master, as his Master regarded Puma (and eventually Pentagon himself) as an obstacle. Vampiro and his Master disappeared after Ultima Lucha Tres.

Vampiro returned alongside Matt Striker for Season 4, biding his time until the proper moment to strike. This came after Pentagon regained the championship from Marty "The Moth" Martinez at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. He feigned a renewed alliance at first, handing the title to Pentagon, then attacked. His Master then arrived, and the two destroyed Pentagon, directly causing him to lose the championship to Jake Strong.
  • First Appearances: "Welcome to the Temple" (Striker, Vampiro, Savinovich) (Season 1, episode 1), "Ultima Lucha, Part 2" (Schiavello, Last Appearance as well, as he has yet to physically return to the Temple though he contributed voiceovers during Season 3) (Season 1, episode 39)
  • Ally: Vampiro has a very complicated relationship with Pentagon Dark. He also has a currently unknown Master of his own...
  • Current Feud: None
  • Former Feud: For Vampiro, Konnan (they may not wrestle anymore, but there's long-time bad blood between them), Pentagon Dark (foes, then allies, and possibly foes or allies or both again. It's complicated...), and Mil Muertes (supporting Prince Puma)

Tropes applying to all announcers:

  • All Men Are Perverts: The guys won't waste an opportunity to mention when one of the girls is attractive.
    • Vampiro averts this in regards to the Beautiful Brenda, choosing instead to point out her horrible voice. (He used to gripe about Ivelisse's voice as well, but has toned that down considerably since season 2.)
  • Catchphrase: Hugo has quite a few, including his legendary ATANGANA!
  • Cool Old Guy: At 40 years-old, Striker doesn't properly count yet, but at 47 and 56 respectively, Vampiro and Hugo certainly do. Both Vampiro and Matt also have a a running gag of joking about how old they are, especially when commenting about their experience in the ring. Matt in particular says Vampiro's over 600 years-old, since he's a vampire.
  • Combat Commentator: Matt, Schiavello and Hugo are play-by-play, while Vampiro is color. Also, Matt and Hugo fulfill the JR-style face-rooting, while Vampiro does the Jerry "The King"-style rooting for the heels.
    • On the other hand, the dynamic isn't as simple as "Matt=good, Vampiro=bad" and it sometimes gets played with and mixed up a bit. Matt is usually the one to insist that you have to give credit to a heel for fighting smart and getting the job done at any cost, while Vampiro will call them out for being cocky and overconfident, paying more attention to the crowd than their opponent, or fighting like wimps. Being more than a bit Ax-Crazy, Vampiro is more interested in brutal, glorious violence than victory at any cost.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Hugo and Schiavello are much more straight-up guys, but both Matt and especially Vampiro are very snarky.
  • Living Legend: Vampiro's wrestled everywhere, and Hugo Savinovich is immortal amongst Latin fans as both a legendary wrestler and the best Spanish commentator on the planet. Michael Schiavello is one of the most respected commentators in MMA today.
  • Non-Action Guy: Despite being former wrestlers themselves, Matt and Hugo can't ever get involved in the in-ring storylines, unlike Vampiro, largely because Hugo replaces Matt in the Spanish broadcast, meaning any story they get involved in would have to be written for both of them simultaneously, and they're simply not enough alike to make that practical. Matt did catch a brutal superkick to the face when Pentagon Dark turned on Vampiro at the end of Season 2, giving him a reason to not help his broadcast partner while Pentagon brutalised him in the ring.
  • Retired Badass: Matt, Vampiro and Hugo are all legendary retired wrestlers (although "legendary" is definitely stretching it more than a bit in Matt's case), but especially Vampiro, who has been in some of the most legendary matches around the world.
  • Shout-Out: In the English broadcast of the show, Vampiro used Hugo's "Brutal! Brutal! Brutal!" catchphrase. Both Striker and Vampiro also make loads of references to famous wrestlers and events in wrestling history.
Tropes applying specifically to Vampiro:

  • Ax-Crazy: Vampiro loves, loves, loves violence!
  • Big Damn Hero: Sexy Star would have one less working arm if Vampiro had not intervened to save her from Pentagon Jr.
  • The Corrupter: He seems to be trying to work this on Prince Puma, since Puma has lost the guidance of Konnan and Vampiro's student Pentagon has turned on him. His first step was encouraging Puma to go after Mil Muertes to get back his mojo from the man who originally took his championship.
  • Dented Iron: At the start of the Cero Miedo match against Pentagon the commentators went out of their way to remind the audience of the fact that Vampiro has had his back surgically repaired six times, and he was noticeably very slow in the ring, saving up his energy for short, explosive bursts of violence.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Vampiro is the commentator that normally roots for the heels, but he CANNOT tolerate abuse towards women. Beating a luchadora in a wrestling match is one thing, but victimizing her beyond professional competition does not sit well with him at all, and it was the basis for his hatred towards Pentagon Jr.
    • Averted following the Cero Miedo match at Ultima Lucha. Vampiro had another reason to antagonize Pentagon. See Stealth Mentor below.
    • Played straight once again, as Vampiro wished to hit PJ Black with a chair for Black's misogynistic behavior towards Sexy Star during a match.
  • Foreshadowing: When Pentagon Jr. was first introduced as a lackey to Chavo Guerrero Jr., Vampiro commented on his potential and that he needed someone to guide him. Not long after that, Pentagon split from Chavo and began making sacrifices to his then-unknown Master.
  • Garbage Wrestler: Vampiro was never a technical wrestler even in his youth, but his one match on the show (the Cero Miedo match) was a gory display of hardcore brutality worthy of CZW.
  • He's Back: Pentagon Jr.'s harassment eventually managed to incite Vampiro back for one more match. Turned out, this was Vampiro's plan all along.
  • Impossibly Cool Clothes: Showed up to the Cero Miedo match at Ultima Lucha dressed as a dark pope!
  • Jekyll & Hyde: Played up late in Season 1, where it was heavily implied that he had two sides: "Ian Hodgkinson," the affable announcer and loving father whose daughter adores Sexy Star, and "Vampiro," the sadistic evil mind who was Pentagon's master all along. In Season 2, he seemed to have suppressed his dark side, but not well enough, as Vampiro still guides Pentagon's hand...
  • Man Behind the Man: Vampiro has functioned as this for Pentagon Jr./Dark (Seasons 1 and 2) and Prince Puma (Season 3), but there is someone behind him as well.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Vampiro and Konnan have been at it against each other for decades and across promotions, so Vampiro will NEVER trust him or let him forget how much he hates him.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Vampiro, as the color commentator, is the one that most roots for the heels, but even he was appalled by Pentagon Jr.'s attack on Melissa Santos, and he actually stood up to intervene before Sexy Star ran to the ring to make the save. However, this was apparently all a ruse, as Vampiro himself was Pentagon's master.
  • Running Gag: "Didn't hook the leg!"
  • Sanity Slippage: Slowly over the course of Season 1, culminating in a full-on psychotic break which got him forcefully admitted to the psych ward between Seasons.
  • Sex Is Violence: Particularly violent matches audibly turn him on. One prominent example was Pentagon Dark vs. Hitokiri, where his commentary eventually became heavy breathing, sighing, and at least one teeth-clenched groan promptly lampshaded by Matt Striker.
  • Single-Issue Wonk: Vampiro simply couldn't let Konnan even be so much as mentioned without badmouthing him and going on about how evil and sleazy Konnan is and how much he hates him. He just couldn't let it go for even a single one of Puma's matches during Season 1, even when Konnan wasn't present.
  • Split-Personality Takeover: It's heavily implied by the third issue of the Lucha Underground comic that Vampiro may have taken complete control long before he was released from the psych ward.
  • Stealth Mentor: A villainous example, to Pentagon Jr. Everything from saving Sexy Star up to and including the Cero Miedo match had actually been orchestrated to make Pentagon his successor, and he declared him ready after revealing himself.
  • Still Got It: While Vampiro was never a technical wizard even in his prime, he was not in good shape going into the Cero Miedo match against Pentagon, and the match was not considered to be technically "good" compared to the usual athletic displays Lucha Underground had made its name from. However Vampiro's mastery of Wrestling Psychology was just as sharp as ever and he told such a great story in the ring (and out of it) with Pentagon that the match would go on to be one of the most memorable of the entire series, with the appreciative crowd chanting "You've Still Got It!" as the old master brutalised his young opponent.

    Melissa Santos 

Melissa Santos
"Introducing first..."
The lovely ring announcer for Lucha Underground, Melissa Santos is the voice that summons the wrestlers of Lucha Underground into the Temple's ring. Melissa is a professional who rarely shows any favoritism to the wrestlers she announces, with the only exception being Pentagon Jr., who mercilessly attacked her to sacrifice her to his Master. Thankfully, Sexy Star made the save, and Melissa cheerfully ended up announcing Sexy the winner in her match against Pentagon. She continues to be the voice of the Temple ring, refusing to let the attack daunt her. Was almost abducted by Marty "The Moth" Martinez midway through Season 3, but was inadvertently saved by Mariposa abducting her would-be abductor. Later revealed to be smitten with Fenix. Stood up for herself against the Moth siblings during Martinez's match with Fenix, refusing to allow them to use a lunch box against her love interest, distracting Martinez long enough for Fenix to win the match. Afterward, she was forced by Mariposa to watch as Martinez carved up Fenix's head with a fork, leaving him a bloodied mess, then was left to console him afterward. Some time later, Fenix escorted to her car after the show, leading to playful flirting and him giving her a piggyback ride, with the would-be couple unaware that Martinez was watching. Martinez once again creeped on her during Fenix's semifinal match with Prince Puma, leading to Fenix choosing chivalry over the match by moonsaulting out onto him. She was comforted by him after the match. Melissa stood by Fenix against the Martinez siblings, stating that she did not believe that Martinez could take Fenix's mask. Trained with Fenix for their tag match against the Martinez siblings, then asked him to remove his mask, assuring him that he would not lose her. As she went to walk away, he grabbed her wrist, causing her to spin into him before dipping him and kissing him. Despite a valiant effort against their opponents, Fenix was tied to the ring while she was brutalized and pinned. After the match, she almost had her hair cut, but Fenix was able to get free and chase the Martinez siblings away. Melissa looked on as Fenix and Marty fought at Ultima Lucha Tres, and she would plead with Marty midway through to stop, telling him that she loved him and that they'd run away together. She was hauled into the ring by Marty, then slapped him before dealing out a Groin Attack, allowing Fenix to win the match. With the assistance of Mariposa (who had turned on Marty during the match and prevented his escape), she and Fenix cut Marty's hair. After Ultima Lucha Tres, Melissa departed the Temple with Fenix, unaware that Catrina and Jeremiah Crane were watching them.

She returned to the new Temple at the start of Season 4 and tried to call for a 10 bell salute for the late Dario Cueto before it was canceled by the new proprietor, Antonio. Melissa had a very romantic moment with Fenix before his 3-Way to the Grave match, but her worries that she would lose him were sadly proven correct as he was defeated by Mil Muertes and his casket was led away by Catrina. While backstage mourning the loss of Fenix, Melissa was taunted by Catrina with the knowledge that Fenix's life had been used to restore Catrina, and she was left with Catrina's half of the Piedra Immortal. Melissa was later comforted in her loss by Dragon Azteca Jr., acknowledging him as a good friend. She refused to announce Catrina's entrance with Mil Muertes for Muertes' Haunted House match. When confronted, she again refused, and was attacked. She was taken to the hospital after being slammed face-first into a broken vase. After Catrina finally split with Mil Muertes, Melissa confronted her, and the two fought from Muertes' altar all the way to the top of the Temple. Catrina choked her with the chain from the half of the Piedra Immortal she had previously given her, but Melissa turned the tables, leaving Catrina dangling from a railing. As she hesitated to end her rival's life, Mil Muertes appeared, telling her to leave.

She found Catrina's body afterward. Aerostar appeared, and she denied having killed her, something Aerostar already knew. He then offered her a deal: her half of the Piedra Immortal for Fenix's return. She gladly accepted, and Aerostar honored their deal, returning with a revived Fenix. Grateful, she handed over the amulet, and he warned her of the effects that being brought forward in time had, and that Fenix needed time to return to how he was. "We have all the time in the world," she replied, hugging her paramour close. Unfortunately, not even that was enough, as the changed Fenix reacted badly at her attempts to speak to him after he turned on and cost his partners Aerostar and Drago the Trios titles, shoving her to the floor. DA Jr. quickly arrived to protect and comfort her from her possibly-former boyfriend, and she could only look on in shock as Fenix walked away. She looked on in horror as Fenix defeated his former ally Aerostar, pleading with him to seek help and that she wanted "her" Fenix back. After a moment of struggling with himself, he lunged out of the ring towards her and grabbed her by the arms. DA Jr. came to her aid once more, resulting in her former boyfriend attacking her friend. Fenix stalked her once more during the four-way for #1 contendership, and she spoke to him, convinced that the Fenix before her wasn't him. With him in a conflicted state, she was able to run, and DA Jr. once again defended her, though it cost him #1 contendership in the process. Melissa met with Aerostar atop the Temple, and Aerostar explained everything to her: how he had made a mistake reviving Fenix, how Fenix was tainted by Catrina and could not be saved, and how Aerostar's actions may have brought about the end of everything. Melissa was the direct cause of DA Jr. losing a 2 out of 3 falls match to Fenix at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, as she appealed to his better nature and kept him from ending the match, causing him to fall prey to Fenix. Afterward, she ran out of the Temple in obvious distress, and her role as ring announcer was taken over by guest announcer Shaul Guerrero.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Allies: Dragon Azteca Jr. (good friends)
  • Current Feuds: Fenix...?
  • Former Feuds: Marty "The Moth" Martinez, Mariposa, Catrina

  • Break the Cutie: Averted, but not for lack of trying on Pentagon Jr.'s part. While she still does her job with dedication, Melissa can't help being slightly less enthusiastic every time she announces Pentagon into the ring.
    • Broke hard when Fenix lost the Three Way to the Grave match in Season 4 and it got even worse when he Came Back Wrong.
  • Damsel in Distress: When attacked by Pentagon Jr. However...
    • Damsel out of Distress: Before the save by Sexy Star, Melissa was fighting Pentagon with all her might.
    • Happened again in the Weapons of Mass Destruction match between Marty the Moth and Killshot when Marty briefly took her hostage before shoving her into Killshot as a distraction.
    • Finally stood up against the Moth siblings during Fenix's Cueto Cup match against Marty, refusing to let them use a lunch box as a weapon and pleading with them to stop.
  • Consummate Professional: Even after being attacked by Pentagon Jr., Melissa still announced his name as a pro when he walked in for his match against Sexy Star. However, she MORE than cheerily announced Sexy as the winner later.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Over the course of Season 1 and beyond, she began announcing certain rudos, particularly Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, and Cage (until the second half of Season 2), with a noticeably deeper tone.
  • Flipping the Bird: When Marty appears in the ring in "The Moth and the Butterfly", Melissa gives him Pentagon's "Cero Miedo" hand sign as a way of saying "F you."
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Attempted one on Fenix's behalf, promising Marty "The Moth" Martinez that they would run away together if he stopped brutalizing Fenix.
  • Large Ham Announcer: Has shades of this, especially when she announces Catrina or Cage.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Trying to do an "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with Fenix at Ultima Lucha Cuatro ended badly for her. So badly that she runs out of the Temple.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Seriously Melissa, your intentions are good, but trying to convince the undead Fenix that he's not a monster just ends up backfiring on you and Dragon Azteca Jr.
  • Non-Action Girl: Since she's the ring announcer.
  • Oh, Crap!: Happened to her when she was announcing Texano in his match against DelAvar Daivari, with her exclaiming "Oh shit!" and diving out of the way when Texano came rushing in like a freight train to get it on with Daivari.
  • Squick: Her reaction every time Marty "The Moth" Martinez invokes No Sense of Personal Space on her.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Over the course of several Seasons, she's gone from the non-wrestling ring announcer to standing up against the Moth siblings and getting in the ring with them, then to outright tracking down Catrina and engaging in an epic brawl with her.
    • Upon seeing Marty enter the ring in "The Moth and the Butterfly" she frowns and gives him the "Cero Miedo" hand gesture.

    Famous B 

Famous B
"That's 4-2-3 GET FAME!"
The leader of Infamous Incorporated, Famous B originally came to the Temple as a Jobber. He ended up on the losing end of all his matches in Season 1, got his arm broken by Pentagon Jr., and was brutalized by Texano after coming back from Pentagon's attack, but showed signs of turning his fortunes around by reaching the final four of a Battle Royal for an Aztec Medallion. Sadly, he did not win.

Having retired after Season 1, Famous B began to appear in vignettes during Season 2, claiming that he could make anyone who called an associated phone number famous. He soon showed up in the Temple once more alongside his first 'find', the Beautiful Brenda, getting a ringside seat for Aztec Warfare II and was seen handing out business cards to prospective clients, including Mascarita Sagrada, who later became his first client. After becoming Sagrada's manager, he booked him against Cage for an Aztec Medallion. That...probably wasn't the best idea for getting his brand out there. Cage destroyed Sagrada in seconds, but Famous B kept his spirits up, ensuring Sagrada, "you'll get him next time!" Was still in Sagrada's corner when he lost a four-way involving Daga, Kobra Moon, and Argenis, and when Sagrada lost against Joey Ryan. However, he soon started getting tired of his charge's failures, and Sagrada's next loss (this time to Daga, for an Aztec Medallion) was the final straw. Famous B turned on his now-former client, beating down Sagrada with his own shoe. Near the end of the first week of Ultima Lucha Dos, he introduced his new client: the legendary Dr. Wagner Jr., who defeated Son of Havoc and netted them $250,000 in the process. Was on hand as Wagner Jr. defeated his former client Sagrada. Attained his first win in Lucha Underground as he pinned Mascarita Sagrada in a tag match also involving Son of Havoc and Wagner Jr. Unfortunately for him, after Havoc defeated Wagner a few weeks later, he found himself booked into a Believer's Backlash match for the next week against the furious Mascarita, and, despite the interference of Brenda and Wagner Jr. (the latter run off by Havoc), he came up on the losing end of the match and was forced to watch his cardboard standee get its head cut off. He competed in Aztec Warfare III and attempted to give Rey Mysterio his card, only to eat a 619 before being eliminated.

B was on hand during Wagner Jr.'s Battle of the Bulls match, and at one point was pulled into the ring and slammed by Cage along with his client. Famous B soon spoke to Texano backstage, attempting to court him as a client. He continued to court Texano later on, even assisting him against Joey Ryan, but Texano wanted nothing to do with him afterward, much preferring the company of Brenda instead. B, still attempting to court Texano despite the earlier rebuffing, offered to lay down for Texano during the first round of the Cueto Cup. Texano wouldn't have any of it, instead pinning him after a sitout powerbomb. B lurked in the background as Brenda hit on Texano, mouthing the words "Hook line and sinker" and pantomiming reeling him in. B would hit the ring during Texano's match with The Mack to give him some unwanted assistance. Later, he would save Texano from having his arm broken by Pentagon Dark, at the cost of his own arm and Brenda's. Famous B served as a replacement ring announcer while Melissa Santos got ready for her match, during which he cost Texano a match against Dante Fox by announcing Texano the winner before the match had even ended. Despite his broken arm, he was then placed in a match against Texano, with the stipulation that if B won, Texano would have to enter his employ. Between the match being made and Ultima Lucha Tres, he called Dario, who made the match a handicap match, and the returning Dr. Wagner Jr. became B's partner. A well-timed liplock by Brenda on Texano plus a rollup with B's feet on the ropes secured Texano's services for what then had been termed Infamous Incorporated.

Originally scheduled to team with Texano and Wagner Jr. for a Trios title match, B revealed that Texano and Wagner Jr. were away making him money, and introduced three handpicked opponents for the Trios champions: Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Strong. Midway through the match, his interference backfired and actually prevented the referee from noticing that Strong had gotten a submission win, which led to his team losing the match. Incensed, Strong attacked both his partners before locking B in an ankle lock and audibly snapping his ankle. It was later mentioned that B received several surgeries on his leg, with talk of a possible amputation. Later, it was mentioned that doctors had been able to save his leg, and that he would recover. B soon made his return to the Temple, albeit in a wheelchair and cast, and took over for Melissa Santos after her attack at the hands of Catrina. The first match he announced was Jake Strong vs. Aerostar, and he audibly expressed his displeasure with an "Oh shit". Fortunately for him, Strong didn't target him again, and he remained as ring announcer for the rest of the evening. He returned the next week as ring announcer, and also officiated Johnny Mundo and Taya's wedding. Unfortunately, this brought the wrath of Matanza, who had crashed the wedding, down on his head, and he was bodily lifted in his wheelchair and slammed. A month and a half later, B returned to the Temple, announcing that he was out of retirement and returning to action. Unfortunately, his first opponent back was Ricky Mundo, and he was defeated. Seeing that Sammy Guevara, who he had brought in, was about to join Ivelisse and XO Lishus, he appeared to remind Guevara that he had a contract with Infamous Incorporated and attempted to enforce it. This led to him being attacked by Guevara, who dumped his contract in a trash can, put the trash can on top of B, and superkicked it to send B on his way. B accompanied Big Bad Steve to the Gift of the Gods match, interfering at one point and getting beaten up again as a distraction to give Steve a wrench to use as a weapon.

B objected to the debuting Shaul Guerrero replacing Melissa Santos (who had left the Temple in distress after causing her friend Dragon Azteca Jr. to lose to Fenix) as ring announcer for Ultima Lucha Cuatro, but was beaten by both Shaul and her cousin Chavo Jr.
  • First Appearance: "The Key" (Season 1, episode 6)
  • Alignment: Rudo
  • Allies: The Beautiful Brenda, Dr. Wagner Jr., Texano (forced), Big Bad Steve
  • Current Feuds: None
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Number: 15 (Aztec Warfare III)

  • Butt-Monkey: B mainly exists to be humiliated and beaten up by the rest of the roster.
    • Iron Butt Monkey: Despite the beatings he takes, he never lets them keep him down for long.
  • Catchphrase: "That's 4-2-3 GET FAME!"
  • The Chew Toy: His entire Season 1 run was spent getting completely brutalized by various heels. He broke out of this in a big way during Season 2, though still lapses into it from time to time, most notably in the Believer's Backlash match against Mascarita Sagrada and pretty much the entirety of Season 4.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Famous B was one of the two unnamed wrestlers who ran in at the end of episode 2 and got waffled with a chair by Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • Groin Attack: Famous B. Mascarita Sagrada. Believer's Backlash. Bowling Ball. Ouch.
  • Hate Sink: After aligning with Dr. Wagner Jr. (who remains surprisingly popular himself), Famous B took to deliberately antagonising the crowds until they began chanting "423! You suck! 423! You suck!" during Wagner's rematch with Havoc. This became incredibly bad for him as he soon found himself in a Believer's Backlash match!
    • His most common way of generating Cheap Heat with the Believers is by talking down to and patronising Melissa Santos.
  • Humiliation Conga: Oh god the Believer's Backlash match between Famous B and Mascarita Sagrada! It was basically 10 minutes of Famous B being put through the wringer, including Mascarita bowling a bowling ball right between his spread legs, having his own self-portrait (that his vanity had actually made him stop Dr. Wagner Jr. from smashing it over Mascarita's head himself) smashed over his own head, and having Brenda cut off his tie with a comically long pair of shears to save Mascarita from choking him with it. At the end when Mascarita used the shears to cut off the head of B's cardboard standee, B reacted as if the standee was a voodoo doll and he'd just lost his own head!
  • Jobber: Started as one before retiring to become a manager in Season 2.
  • Obfuscating Disability: When Dario put Famous B into a match against Texano at Ultima Lucha Tres, B pointed out that his right arm still in a cast from when Pentagon broke it, prompting Dario to allow B to have his client Dr. Wagner Jr. assist him. During the match Texano ripped the cast off, which seemed to hurt B, but when Brenda distracted Texano with a kiss, B rolled Texano up from behind to win, notably using his supposedly busted right arm to do so.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Son of Havoc won his match against Dr. Wagner Jr. and announced that match next week between Famous B and his former client Mascarita Sagrada would be a Believer's Backlash where the Believers were encouraged to bring their own weapons, Famous B damn near crapped his pants.
  • Put on a Bus: For a while after Pentagon's attack.
    • The Bus Came Back: For a four-way, in which he and the other participants ran straight into Texano, which led to him being bussed out again. He came back to compete in a Battle Royal for an Aztec Medallion, then came back for good during Season 2.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: In the ten-man battle royale for the last Aztec Medallion, Famous B put on easily his best performance in Season 1, being one of the last four wrestlers left in the ring (although he was, of course, the first of those 4 to go out when Marty the Moth and DelAvar Daivari double-teamed him) and even getting quite over with the crowd.
    • Despite being the Temple Butt-Monkey, B has found a bit of success, such as when his new client Dr. Wagner Jr. scored him a huge payday by defeating Son of Havoc at Ultima Lucha Dos, or when he was able to roll up Texano to win control of his contract.

    Ricky Mundo 

Ricky Mundo (formerly Ricky Mandel)
Originally a pure Jobber, the "highlights" of Ricky's Season 1 run included getting his arm snapped by Pentagon Jr., being brutalized by Texano, and losing every match he was involved in. He competed in a Battle Royal for an Aztec Medallion, but came up short. Did not appear during Season 2note , but returned during Season 3.

Early in Season 3, Ricky turned up in Dario Cueto's office to ask when he would next have a match. Though he did not receive an answer, he would leave with a set of conspicuous photos that had been anonymously sent to Dario. He later took the spot in Aztec Warfare III that had been vacated by Ivelisse, but nearly had his arm broken again by Pentagon before being eliminated by PJ Black. He would soon deliver a package that had been left in catering to Sexy Star, gushing about Johnny Mundo the entire time.

During the All Night Long match between Johnny Mundo and The Mack, Ricky Mandel ran in at the last second, grabbing The Mack by the foot to keep him from climbing a ladder to finish Mundo. Although he got beaten up and driven off by Son of Havoc and Sexy Star for his trouble, his interference prevented Mack from beating Mundo just long enough for time to expire. Mandel would interfere again in Mundo's rematch with Mack, and again would be beaten up and driven off by Sexy Star. Later announced as an intern for the Worldwide Underground, Mandel was quickly defeated in the Cueto Cup by Prince Puma. He was soon introduced to Mundo's agent/lawyer, Benjamin Cooke, along with the rest of the Worldwide Underground. Was also promised an opportunity at an Aztec Medallion if he did not interfere in Mundo's match with Dragon Azteca Jr., but would help hold Mysterio back post-match as Mundo attacked his son Dominick. Teamed with Taya and Black against the Rabbit Tribe for three Aztec Medallions, but was defeated and later berated by Cooke backstage. Joined his brethren in attacking Mysterio during a face-to-face between Mysterio and Mundo, kicking off a free-for-all eventually involving much of the roster. After legally changing his last name to Mundo, Ricky faced the ridicule of the rest of the Worldwide Underground before being booted off their Atomicos team and replaced with Marty "The Moth" Martinez.

Competed in a unique opportunity battle royal at Ultima Lucha Tres, losing and even distracting his ally PJ Black near the end. He joined the rest of the Worldwide Underground in attacking Puma during Puma's match with Mundo at Ultima Lucha Tres, only to be run off by Angelico.

Ricky entered Aztec Warfare IV at #12, replacing the departed Angelico. Strangely, he carried a broken doll (which had appeared on one of the strange photographs he was given by Dario Cueto the previous Season) with him, which he seemed to be influenced by. Several times, he was seen looking at it and tilting his head, as if he could hear it talking to him, and at one point he attempted to pin factionmate Johnny Mundo before claiming that the doll had made him do it. He was subsequently eliminated by Mundo. Later, he introduced his doll, Rosa, to the rest of the Worldwide Underground, all while confirming that he had been to the infamous Isla de las Munecas between Seasons. After the rest of his group had left, Rosa, speaking without the aid of the pull string that had been used when he had her speak to them, said that his unrevealed secret was safe with her. Attempted to help Mundo alongside Taya and Black against Vibora, but was run off. He then found Evans backstage, asking why he had not helped, but was insulted by Evans. As he watched Evans leave, he commented that he didn't like him, only for Rosa to suggest that he do to Evans what he did to Angelico, heavily implying that he'd murdered him between Seasons. Ricky was late to the ring to help his fellow Worldwide Underground partners against the Reptile Tribe and stumbled to get into the ring, sending him right into Vibora, who handily dispatched him.

Ricky was once again kicked out of an Atomicos match, this time the Worldwide Underground versus the Reptile Tribe. He was replaced with Aerostar. Backstage, he was seen speaking to Rosa about Mundo and Taya getting engaged, implying that something would happen to one or both at his hands. He was made bouncer for Mundo and Taya's wedding shower, and stopped Benjamin Cooke on his way in. When Cooke mouthed off to him regarding his role in the Worldwide Underground, Ricky, prompted by Rosa (again mentioning what Ricky did to Angelico), murdered him with a pen. Was originally supposed to be a groomsman in Johnny and Taya's wedding, but was downgraded to ringbearer after Joey Wrestling arrived. After being further verbally abused by Johnny and the rest of the male side of the Worldwide Underground, even to the point of having his air guitar taken away, Rosa further influenced Ricky to get his revenge. Armed with bolt cutters, he stole away to Matanza's cell and released the Monster to crash the wedding. Once he had fulfilled his role of ringbearer in the wedding, he took a seat with Rosa in the audience to watch the carnage unfold and was even seen laughing and celebrating the chaos. Ricky was Famous B's first opponent out of retirement, and under the guidance of Rosa (who received a kiss after the match), Ricky soundly defeated B. He then revealed that he had released Matanza to crash the wedding, challenging Taya to a match for Ultima Lucha Cuatro before choking out Brenda on top of B. Ricky would soon come to regret his challenge, as Taya soundly defeated him before taking Rosa away.

For tropes relating to Rosa, please see the Season Four page.
  • First Appearance: "Crossing the Border" (Season 1, episode 3)
  • Alignment: Rudo
  • Allies: Johnny Mundo(?), PJ Black(?), Rosa, Taya(?)
  • Current Feuds: None
  • Former Feuds: Rey Mysterio (by association with Johnny Mundo)
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Number: 13 (Aztec Warfare III), 12 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • The Chew Toy: During his Season 1 run, he was pretty much only around to get brutally squashed, and he hasn't been treated much better by the Worldwide Underground since.
  • Fan Boy: Mandel is one of Johnny Mundo. He openly allied with the Worldwide Underground when he interfered in the Mundo/Mack All Night Long match to delay Mack from climbing the ladder to finish Mundo, and has even gone so far as to change his last name to Mundo.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: It's not-very-subtly implied that he murdered Angelico between Seasons 3 and 4. He later murdered Benjamin Cooke onscreen.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Murdered Benjamin Cooke with a pen.
  • Jobber: His entire Season 1 run directly had him as one, and he's been treated as one for the Worldwide Underground since aligning with them.
  • Laughing Mad: Laughed with twisted glee the entire time he watched Matanza crash Johnny Mundo and Taya's wedding.
  • Put on a Bus: After getting his arm snapped by Pentagon Jr.
    • The Bus Came Back: For a four-way with Famous B, Vinnie Massaro, and Argenis, only to be brutalized by Texano. Was back on the bus for a while, returning to compete in and lose a battle royal for an Aztec Medallion. He then disappeared for an entire Season (as he was playing a different character in the meantime), only to return and stick around for Season 3.
  • Sanity Slippage: Something weird seems to have happened to him between Seasons 3 and 4, something related to the photos sent to Dario in Season 3 which Dario passed off to him. It's later confirmed that he visited the aforementioned Isla de las Munecas between Seasons, returning with Rosa.



This luchador has unfortunately not had the easiest time inside the Temple ring. In fact, his career "highlight" has so far been being brutally sacrificed to the Master by Pentagon Jr. via snapping his arm like a twig. After a few weeks of being out of commission because of Pentagon's attack, he came back for a four-way match, only to get brutalized AGAIN, this time by Texano. Argenis soon had another shot at making an impression in his match against Jack Evans for one of Dario Cueto's Aztec Medallions, but he sadly came up short. He then competed in a Battle Royal for an Aztec Medallion, but both came up short.

Argenis was entered in Aztec Warfare II, but didn't last long, and was also quickly felled by Killshot shortly after. He later competed in a four-way involving Mascarita Sagrada, Kobra Moon, and Daga.

Argenis returned early in Season 3, but was destroyed by Mil Muertes. He'd later compete in a ten person tag for the right to compete in Aztec Warfare III, but his team lost. He turned up again during the Cueto Cup, but was defeated by Pentagon Dark and once again had his arm broken. Coming back from that, he fought Marty "The Moth" Martinez and was soundly defeated after being bloodied and having his mask ripped before having it completely taken off. He later competed and lost in a unique opportunity battle royal at Ultima Lucha Tres.

Did not appear in Season 4.
  • First Appearance: "Law of the Jungle" (Season 1, episode 10),
  • Alignment: tecnico
  • Allies: None, though he has been shown to be friendly with his fellow tecnicos.
  • Current Feuds: None
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 4 (Aztec Warfare II)

  • The Chew Toy: Pretty much on the show to be fed to anyone who's in line for a push - not necessarily even the heels, as one of his losses was to Killshot.
  • Demoted to Extra: Was a fairly prominent if unsuccessful character during the first half of Season 1.
  • Flat Character: He debuted at the same time as Fenix, Drago, and Aerostar, and initially was treated as on the same level as them. However, he wasn't posessed by the spirit of the flaming avian avatar of resurrection, nor was he a do-gooding space traveller from beyond time or a literal dragon from the underworld, he was just a talented but generic tecnico.
  • Hope Spot: Most of his 'competitive' matches follow a formula. Heel dominates with Argenis getting enough token offense to keep it going. About 10 minutes in, Argenis gets fired up and goes on an offensive flurry where it looks like this might be the time. Then the heel cheats, wins, and usually does something horrible to Argenis post-match.
  • Mauve Shirt: Argenis is more of a jobber-to-the-stars than a straight jobber. He's never really been booked as someone out of his depth like Ricky Mandel and Vinnie Massaro, and he usually puts forward a decent to good showing before losing.
  • Light Is Good: Hailing from The Heavens, his name a reference to the shiny metal silver, and a tecnico.
  • Put on a Bus: Since he isn't really involved in the storylines, it's common for Argenis to go missing for extended periods of time - so much that it's unknown if he was simply not being used during Season 4, or if he had left the promotion all together.
  • Wrestling Family: Referenced on commentary. Argenis has several brothers who are also luchadors, among them Argos and Caristico (the former Sin Cara).

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