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    Matanza Cueto 

Matanza Cueto
A huge, mysterious creature being held prisoner inside a cage underneath the Temple by Dario Cueto; the Crew were the first ones to be told that he is Dario Cueto's brother, and not much else was known about him. The glimpses we had of his nature indicated some kind of mystic connection to the Aztec gods and to the violence Cueto is so fond of. Apparently, he was also the one responsible for the slaughter of Black Lotus's village and possibly other crimes besides, and he was known to El Dragon Azteca, who trained Lotus to be able to take him on. Went on the run with Cueto and Lotus following the death of Dragon Azteca, and became the main competitor in his brother's new Temple fight club. After several months of speculation, Matanza's past was revealed by Rey Mysterio. Years ago, his and Dario's father met with Dragon Azteca and the two planned to find and unite the descendants of the Seven Aztec Tribes, but Cueto Senior became mad and obsessed with them to the point of performing rituals, finally sacrificing Matanza to the gods during one of them, allowing a god to inhabit his son's body and turning him into the beast that he is now. Dario Cueto would later reveal that Matanza saved him from being killed by their abusive mother, killing her in his defense, an act that was further elaborated on in the fourth issue of the comic. After being declared ready, Matanza was brought back to the Temple by Cueto and Lotus.

Matanza's first appearance in the Temple would not soon be forgotten. After all 20 competitors had already entered Aztec Warfare II, Dario Cueto showed up with his brother in tow, announcing that "the Monster Matanza" would be the final entrant. He proceeded to destroy everybody left in the ring with impunity, winning the match and the Lucha Underground title. The next week, he outright destroyed Pentagon Jr. in his first defense, then similarly did the same to Fenix in his second, with the latter only being spared further destruction by the intervention of Mil Muertes and Catrina. The Monster and Death himself were set on a collision course, culminating in a title match the following week. The match itself ended in a no-contest when they fought to the roof of Dario's office and Muertes hit the Flatliner on Matanza, sending both men crashing through the roof into the office below. Later, Dario bargained a rematch between Matanza and Muertes — this time in Graver Consequences, with four caskets involved. After placing Catrina in a casket, Matanza defeated Muertes, slamming him into a casket via the Wrath of the Gods. Was taken to the limit by his next challenger, Cage, but succeeded in defeating him as well. Successfully defended his title against Pentagon.

His status was unknown during Dario's arrest, but he returned to the Temple alongside his brother to make his first successful defense of Season 3 against Son of Havoc. His second successful defense was against the Mack, and his third was against Prince Puma, the latter with a bit of assistance from an interfering Muertes. His fourth came against Killshot, and his fifth against an injured Cortez Castro. He was entered in Aztec Warfare III at #1 to defend his title. The week before, his brother motivated him, and he uttered his first word: "WAR!" Unfortunately, he was attacked by several of his opponents before finally receiving his first loss at Rey Mysterio's hands. This made him go ballistic, destroying anyone he could get his hands on at ringside before shoving his brother to the floor and departing. When next seen, enraged and brooding over his defeat, Matanza made it clear to Dario that his only desire was revenge against Mysterio. Matanza again demanded Mysterio the next week, but seemed to calm after hearing that DA Jr., Mysterio's pupil, would be competing in the Battle of the Bulls. He reached out to stroke his brother's head, only to slam it into the bars of his cell before stealing the key and releasing himself. Midway through the second four-way match of the Battle of the Bulls, he appeared, attacking DA Jr., only to be led away by an intervening (and bloodied) Dario. Competed in a Death match against DA Jr.; after slamming his opponent through the bleachers, he made to leave with his brother, only to notice that his main target, Mysterio, had come out. He shoved through the Believers to get to him, and they brawled, only for Mysterio to send him crashing through the roof of the backstage area.

Locked in his cell since being recovered from the backstage area, he was left to brood. Dario would bring him a tray of raw meat, admonishing him to control his hunger before it destroyed them both. After being attacked by Mysterio, Dario admitted to Matanza that he had been wrong and gave his brother what he wanted all along: a match against Mysterio, which happened during the hundredth episode. In what Dario termed a "warm-up" match, Matanza destroyed the entire Rabbit Tribe all at once. The next week, after being called off from potentially attacking Pentagon Dark, Matanza attacked and destroyed DA Jr., then defeated Mysterio in a brutal match before wrapping a chair around his neck and sending him into the ring post multiple times. He then picked his fallen opponent up and carried him off. Originally lost to DA Jr. in a steel cage match at Ultima Lucha Tres (admittedly by suplexing his opponent through the side wall of the cage, letting him win by escape), but his brother intervened and restarted the match, which he won. Was attacked by Black Lotus after the match, and he attacked her in return after she confronted his brother. After Ultima Lucha Tres, having returned to his cell, he glanced across to a seemingly-empty cell, watching as Mysterio emerged from the shadows.

With the apparent death of his brother, Matanza was taken in by his father Antonio, and once again faced Pentagon Dark for the championship. He was soundly defeated by Pentagon, and was about to have his arm broken when Antonio re-emerged from his office, carrying the key. With the key back in range, Matanza broke out of the armbreaker, and was berated for losing...and cowered away from Antonio's cane. Matanza was later seen chained up as Antonio addressed him, revealing that the key Dario had always carried contained the remains of Matanza's humanity, which he soon commanded him to break. With his humanity gone and Antonio directing him, Matanza began making sacrifices of his opponents to the Aztec Gods, with the first one being Mr. Pec-Tacular, his second being Cortez Castro, his third and fourth being Vinnie Massaro and a pizza delivery guy who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and his fifth and sixth being Mala Suerte and Saltador, both given to him by Paul London. Released from his cell by a scorned Ricky Mundo under Rosa's orders, Matanza proceeded to crash Johnny Mundo and Taya's wedding, destroying most of the wedding party, official Famous B, and the bride, the latter having been attacked multiple times after she fought back and eventually slammed into the cake. Joey Wrestling, Mundo's best friend and best man, bravely challenged Matanza on Mundo and Taya's behalf, but became the seventh sacrifice. He soon sacrificed another friend of Mundo's, as Jack Evans, who had wanted out of the Temple, annoyed Antonio enough to get him declared the eighth. Matanza almost had a ninth sacrifice when Taya challenged him, but Mundo saved his wife at the end. Upon seeing that Jake Strong was about to injure Mundo after a match, Matanza promptly stormed the ring and attacked, bloodying up Mundo, though he would strangely leave Strong alone. He was attacked by Taya, who he destroyed before his father led him away.

Faced Mundo in a Sacrifice match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, and while he had enough presence of mind to try to keep the Gauntlet of the Gods away from Mundo, he was defeated. He was later found lurking in the Temple by a Gauntlet-empowered Black Lotus, who finally ended his existence for good.
  • First Appearance: "Crossing the Border" (Season 1, episode 3)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part 2" (Season 4, episode 22)
  • Former Feuds: Everybody.
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 21 (Aztec Warfare II, winner), 1 (Aztec Warfare III)

  • Abusive Parents: According to his brother Dario at least, Matanza was forced by their father to fight. Dario compared Matanza to a pit bull whose owner beat it until it had no choice but to attack. It's later seen firsthand when Antonio is introduced, as he cowered away from being hit with Antonio's cane.
    • Also according to Dario, Matanza defended him from their abusive killing her.
  • And Show It to You: Had his heart ripped out by a Gauntlet-empowered Black Lotus.
  • Bigger Bad/The Man Behind the Man: While Cueto is the main villain of the show, it seems that Matanza is a bigger threat, and possibly the one motivating Cueto to do the things he does.
  • Demonic Possession: His father apparently summoned a dark Aztec god into Matanza's body.
  • Dragon-in-Chief / The Heavy: To Dario Cueto. Dario may be pulling the strings, but it's clear that Matanza is a FAR greater threat.
  • The Dreaded: Became this to The Crew HARD after Bael got murdered, and everyone that knows about his existence, with the exception of Catrina, has to contain their terror.
  • Establishing Character Moment: After months of being hyped up as a horrific monster, Matanza proved that whatever the audience thought he was, he's worse. How? By straight up eating Bael's face.
  • Fake Nationality: Matanza is a Spaniard played by a Gaumanian-Hawaiian.
  • Fed to the Beast: He's the Beast. Eek.
  • Finishing Move: The Wrath of the Gods.
  • God Is Evil/Mad God: Is literally an Aztec God of slaughter in human form.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Well, it's still not really known if he is human, but he certainly finds human yummy.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Built like a row of brick shithouses? Check. Throws people like they weigh nothing? Check. Can pull of a STANDING Shooting Starr Press? Wait, what?
  • MacGuffin: The key to his cell, as it originally seemed to symbolize his freedom and Dario Cueto used it to lead him to the ring.
    • Soul Jar: In Season 4, Antonio Cueto revealed that the key contained the remnants of Matanza's humanity, just before he had him destroy it.
  • Madwoman in the Attic: Monstrous brother of Dario Cueto locked away in a basement.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: "Matanza" roughly translates as "slaughter", "carnage" or "killing". He's proven more than willing and able of doing exactly that.
    • And Dario Cueto - his own brother - gave him the title of "The Monster".
  • Non-Malicious Monster: Possibly, if Cueto is to be believed. While not completely harmless (as Bael proved), Matanza apparently seems to be more a victim than a monster, being imprisoned against his will and being blamed for killing Black Lotus's family by the "real" killer, Dragon Azteca. It remains to be seen whether this is true or not, but he does seem to be more monstrous than evil so far.
  • Red Baron: "The Monster"
  • Self-Made Orphan: At least partially. According to Dario, he killed their abusive mother.
  • Silent Antagonist: We don't know whether he is physically unable to speak, or able to but chooses not to. All we've heard from him is the sound of heavy breathing.
    • Subverted in the episode before Aztec Warfare III, when Dario was giving his brother a pep talk. When Dario told him to remember what their father trained Matanza for, Matanza roared "WAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!"
    • And after his defeat there, a raging and vengeful Matanza wasted no words in telling Dario what he wanted much more than a shot at getting back his title: "MYSTERRRIOOO!"
  • The Unseen: He was this throughout the first season of the show until the season finale, but he finally made his full-on debut onscreen in Season 2 Episode 8.
  • WRESTLING MONSTER: He's enormous, strong, distressingly fast for his size and showed in Aztec Warfare II that he can power wrestle beautifully. His German Suplex is a thing to behold, and he's so nimble for his size that he, an almost 300 pound man, can do a Standing Shooting Star Press.

    Prince Puma 

Prince Puma
Born and raised on the streets of Boyle Heights, Prince Puma grew up in a rough neighborhood, but that just made him grow tough and smart. Before joining Lucha Underground, he would take part in street fights for money, until he was discovered by Rey Mysterio and introduced to Konnan. The old veteran saw massive potential in the young fighter and offered him the chance to train under his tutelage, while Konnan relived his glory days through his pupil. Since then, Puma rose through the ranks of the Temple, finally earning the Lucha Underground title in Aztec Warfare I, and afterwards defending the title against Cage. He also defended the title against King Cuerno, and then faced him, Cage and Texano in the Trios title tournament alongside Hernandez and Johnny Mundo. Puma was soon betrayed by Konnan's friend Hernandez, who was gunning for Puma's title, and Puma and Konnan became determined to put Hernandez in his place- which they did, with Puma managing to defeat Hernandez and defend his title.

Prince Puma's next title defense came against Johnny Mundo, this time in a Sixty Minute Iron Man match, and the champ once again retained his belt. But there was no rest for him, as his next title defense came against Chavo Guerrero. Despite having the odds stacked against him, he had a plan of his own and retained once again. However, with Mil Muertes as the Number One Contender, Puma's days as champion were numbered. Dario Cueto called both Puma and Mil Muertes to have a staredown before their Ultima Lucha match, but Catrina and her Disciples of Death took the opportunity to beat up Konnan and put him in a casket, taking him away to parts unknown, never to return. Alone without his mentor, Puma was at the most dangerous point in his career, and though he made a valiant effort and gave him his toughest fight yet, Mil Muertes still came on top to take the Lucha Underground Championship from him.

Puma returned at the start of season 2 to save Ivelisse from a post-match beatdown at the hands of Mil Muertes, distracting Muertes' attention away from the attacking Pentagon Jr. at the same time. Afterwards, Puma and Pentagon were forced to team up against Catrina's Disciples of Death, but the tension was evident between them the entire match, and even though they came out with the victory, they came to blows, with Pentagon even attempting his arm-breaker on Puma. However, Puma powered out of the move and managed to make distance between both of them. The next week, Puma was able to outsmart Pentagon, even having him dead to rights in the dreaded arm-breaker...but proved that he was not like his foe by releasing the hold. Two weeks later, Puma and Pentagon did battle once more, only to be interrupted and destroyed by an angry Muertes. Was unable to unseat Muertes for the championship and was felled by Matanza during Aztec Warfare II. Puma later competed in the Trios tournament, teaming with Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. and defeating Mundo, Taya, and Cage in the first round. Puma finally claimed title gold once again when his team won the Lucha Underground Trios Championship in the tournament final, then successfully defended it against the makeshift team of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Johnny Mundo. Unfortunately, they soon lost to Mundo, Jack Evans, and PJ Black. The rematch went badly, as, fed up with the rudo trio's cheating, Puma got his team disqualified. Took part in a 12-person match to win an opportunity at #1 Contendership, but his team lost. Challenged Mysterio to a match at Ultima Lucha Dos, a challenge which was quickly accepted. Just before Ultima Lucha Dos, Puma competed against Mysterio's student DA Jr., and defeated him before telling Mysterio that he would defeat him as well. Was defeated by Mysterio.

While brooding over the loss, he was approached by Vampiro, who encouraged him to go after the man who sent him on his tailspin in the first place: Mil Muertes. He would do so the next week, attacking Muertes from behind after a match. With Muertes and Catrina looking on, Puma would defeat Siniestro de la Muerte with Muertes' own finishing move before diving out onto Muertes himself. Puma won the right to face Matanza via the Dial of Doom, but interference by Muertes caused him to lose. With some more encouragement from Vampiro, Puma faced - and cleanly defeated - Muertes. The next week, though, Vampiro came to him and told him that to truly end things with Mil - and avenge Konnan, who Mil crammed into a casket and buried alive - Puma would have to do the same thing to him. Puma took those words to heart and issued a challenge for Muertes: Grave Consequences. The challenge was accepted, and Puma ran off an attacking Muertes. Unfortunately for Puma, he would not fare well in Grave Consequences, and he was the one placed in the coffin at the end. Several weeks later, he awoke in the open coffin, only to be confronted by Vampiro, who requested that he come with him. Puma would soon call Vampiro his Master. He returned with a vengeance, assaulting Muertes with a kendo stick before kneeling to Vampiro. He came down to the ring as Mil Muertes attacked Vampiro, only for Vampiro to stop him on the apron, and he was forced to witness his newfound Master be felled by the Flatliner. While training, Puma was visited backstage by Catrina, sharing both the voices in his head (which she already knew about) and a vision with her of a broken Muertes, before hearing of her similar vision of Puma broken instead. Puma was approached by a concerned Mysterio backstage and coldly rebuffed him. Competed against Muertes in his signature Boyle Heights Street Fight match, defeating him with the assistance of Vampiro and a brick.

Like DA Jr. above, Puma also expressed his hope that Mysterio defeat Mundo for the title, as he planned to win the Cueto Cup and make his bid for the title in a rematch. Entering the tournament, Puma easily defeated Ricky Mandel in the first round. He sought sanctuary on the Temple roof, where Vampiro joined him and advised him that the only way to quiet the voices in his head would be to win the Cueto Cup and take the title. Later in the night, he defeated PJ Black in the second round. In the quarterfinals, he defeated Dante Fox in a hard-fought contest. Defeated Fenix in the semifinals to win his way into a match with Pentagon Dark in the finals. With a vested interest in how the title match between Mysterio and Mundo would go, Puma confronted the two men during a face-to-face-turned-free-for-all, and was immediately joined by Pentagon as all four fought. During the fight, he hit a 630 into many of the brawlers on the floor. Faced and defeated Pentagon in the finals, claiming the Cup and the title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres. After coming out to announce his Atomicos team for a match at the hundredth episode, he was confronted by Mundo, who challenged him to a mask vs. title match. Dario Cueto appeared, raising the stakes and making it title vs. career, which Puma agreed to. Led an Atomicos team comprised of Cage, Sexy Star, and Fenix in a losing effort against the Worldwide Underground and Marty "The Moth" Martinez. The week before his match with Mundo, Puma met with Vampiro once more to receive his final blessing.

Despite the odds, Puma triumphed over Mundo and the Worldwide Underground, becoming the first two-time Lucha Underground champion while keeping his career intact. However, his night was not over, as Pentagon Dark had chosen to cash in the Gift of the Gods. Dario Cueto carried over the career stipulation, making it apply to Pentagon as well. With his arm broken mid-match, Puma fell prey to the package piledriver. His reign - and career - were over. It was later revealed that Vampiro, at the behest of his own dark master, had arranged the entire thing to get Puma out of the way. After Ultima Lucha Tres, Puma unmasked and departed the Temple.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Tres, Part Four" (Season 3, episode 40)
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Jaguar
  • Former Feuds: Pentagon Dark, Mil Muertes, Catrina, Hernandez, Cage, Texano, Big Ryck, The Crew, Drago, King Cuerno, the Disciples of Death
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 7 (Aztec Warfare I and II, winner of I)

  • Animal Motif: It was all in the name. His mask looked like a jaguar, the sacred big cat of Mexico.
  • Arch-Enemy: With Cage. Cage was practically Puma's polar opposite.
    • He also made another one in Hernandez.
    • Pentagon Jr. soon fit the bill as well.
    • As of Season 3, his ultimate foe seemed to be the man who took his championship and his mojo, Mil Muertes, who was portrayed as Puma's own white whale.
  • Back from the Dead: As LU treats losing Grave Consequences as outright death. Complete with shades of Came Back Wrong, as he began hearing voices in his head, though Catrina (who, being half-dead herself at the time, had some experience with it) soon insinuated that it was a normal thing for those who've been dead.
  • Bash Brothers: For a while he had this kind of partnership with Johnny Mundo, until an accidental chair shot soured that and they ended up feuding. They got back on good terms for the Trios title tournament, but that didn't last long.
  • Cool Mask: The design was reminiscent of a jaguar, the sacred big cat of Mexico.
  • David vs. Goliath: Against both Cage and Big Ryck with him as the David.
  • Determinator: Puma would rather die than give up. It might HAVE killed him in his second match against Cage, if Konnan hadn't literally thrown in the towel to save him.
  • Dream Team: With Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr.
  • Establishing Character Moment: His came in his very first match, which was the very first main event of the show, when he did a backflip headscissors on Johnny Mundo. Anyone watching knew that this kid HAD it.
  • Face: Interestingly, he remained this for almost his entire run, even though at one point he was mentored by Konnan, who through most of his late career was anything but.
    • Face–Heel Turn: Verrrrrry slowly under Vampiro's mentorship. Since returning from the dead, Puma became increasingly violent, cold and dismissive towards his former friends and, perhaps most notably, forewent his usual 630 Senton to finish off Ricky Mandel in the Cueto Cup in favour of a reverse scoop piledriver that somewhat resembled Nail in the Coffinnote . His ring gear also became steadily darker in color.
  • Fake Nationality: Was billed as being descended from one of the Aztec tribes (but with a hometown in California), but was actually played by a light skinned African American man.
  • Finishing Move: The 630 Senton.
  • The Hero: Possibly the closest thing the show had to a protagonist for the first three Seasons, or at least until Pentagon Dark became more popular.
  • Heroic Mute: Not literally mute, but in the first season and a half of LU Puma uttered a mere five words, one in response to the question "Who's our partner?": "Me.", and four more in response to him and his partners taking the Trios titles: "Damn right we do." The first time he WAS about to talk, Konnan interrupted and talked for him; the second time, he was interrupted by Mil Muertes instead. Not until midway through the second season did he speak a full-length sentence. Interestingly enough, on the first three occasions that he spoke, the only people present were Dragon Azteca Jr. and Rey Mysterio.
    • And then we finally learned that not only could the kid talk, he was downright eloquent.
  • Hot-Blooded: He'd fight anyone who got in his face. Without the moderating presence of Konnan, though, his temper was known to boil over, culminating in him getting his trios team disqualified when he kicked Johnny Mundo in the junk for cheating one time too many.
  • I Have the High Ground: If he climbed the ropes and you were on the mat, you were more than likely getting hit with a 630 Senton.
  • In the Blood: Said to be descended from one of the Aztec tribes.
  • Masked Luchador: Well, duh.
  • Meaningful Name: Prince Puma, with Prince referring to his position as the heir apparent (alluding to both his youth and his bloodline as a descendant of a noble Aztec tribe) and Puma as another name for the jaguar, the sacred big cat of Mexico and his Tribe.
  • The Mole: He was Dragon Azteca's contact within the Temple and the one who got him to Black Lotus in the first place.
  • Panthera Awesome: Both his name and his mask.
  • Power Trio: With Hernandez and Johnny Mundo on the Trios title tournament.
    • Formed a much more successful one with Rey Mysterio and El Dragon Azteca Jr. in Season 2, winning the Trios championships.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: His match with Drago was this because Cueto stipulated that Drago would be banished from the Temple if he lost. Puma won because of interference from Hernandez, and was heartbroken and asked forgiveness from Drago for costing him his career this way.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Since the beginning it was basically a fact of life in the Temple that the rudos would cheat like crazy and get away with it as long as the Easily Distracted Referee's back was turned, but during the rematch for the trios title after losing the week before, Puma finally snapped. After Johnny Mundo took one too many cheap shots at Dragon Azteca Jr's privates while Marty Elias was distracted by Taya and looked about to get away with it yet again, Puma lost his temper completely and kicked Johnny square in the Mundos right in front of the ref, then knocked Taya's block off with a superkick after his actions got his team disqualified (admittedly he was aiming for Johnny again, but was completely unrepentant after hitting Taya instead).
  • The Rival: With Johnny Mundo. They didn't like each other, but they didn't disrespect each other, and when they had a match it was always a clean fight. Since episode 22 (Prince Puma vs. King Cuerno), they seemed to have settled on a Friendly Enemy relationship. There could still be only one top dog, but they were professional and sporting about it.
    • Most traces of professionalism vanished after Mundo's heel turn, particularly after the way Mundo acted during their Last Man Standing match for the championship. By the time Puma put the boot to Johnny's privates near the end of season 2, the pair of them just despised each other.
  • Signature Moves: The Running SSP, the Poisoned Frankensteiner, the Spanish Fly, the Fireman's Carry kick... You know what? Just watch this video. The guy had a HELL of an arsenal.
  • Unwanted Assistance: Puma was seriously mortified at being helped out in his title defenses. He was quite resentful of Hernandez and, to a lesser (or at least more hidden) extent, Konnan, feeling he should rightfully defend the title on his own, no matter how much the bad guys cheated. However, this was also a point of contention, since he only defended the title without outside interference a handful of times before his loss.

    Blue Demon Jr. 

Blue Demon Jr.
When one thinks of the word "luchador", one of two names always pops into mind: that of El Santo and that of Blue Demon. Following the steps of his legendary father, Blue Demon Jr. steps into the Temple's ring as the purest representative of the lucha libre tradition, wearing his father's iconic blue and silver mask and fighting in the classic lucha mat wrestling style. Respected and admired by all the tecnicos in the Temple, Blue is equally hated by the rudos, especially Chavo Guerrero Jr., with whom he shared the burden of having the legacy of a wrestling dynasty on his shoulders. Blue was laid out by Chavo during a particularly bloody feud, but Blue eventually came on top, not without first ruining Chavo's chance at the inaugural Lucha Underground Championship by having him eliminated from Aztec Warfare I. During the feud, Chavo became a target of the Mexican wrestlers in the roster, since spitting on Blue Demon's legacy is considered the ultimate insult against lucha libre. Blue returned after Dario Cueto's announcement of Ultima Lucha, Lucha Underground's upcoming grand event, but Cueto told Blue that he didn't want him to participate in Ultima Lucha if he had any ring rust on him, so he brought in Chavo accompanied by The Crew and had them compete in a No-Disqualification match, which basically became a handicap match in which Chavo gleefully got his revenge on Blue. However, Blue visited a battered Chavo after Chavo lost his title shot match to rub salt in Chavo's wounds, and it became obvious that the beef between them was far from over. However, perhaps Chavo had the last laugh, as he got into Blue's head by stating that Texano was a better representative of Mexico than Blue. Destroyed Texano at Ultima Lucha with the help of the Crew and his former archnemesis Chavo. Between seasons, with peace forged between himself and Chavo and having settled his issue with Texano, Blue returned to Miami and retired from competition, according to Officer Reyes...though his image would later appear in a compiled list of missing people.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha, Part 2" (Season 1, episode 39)
  • Former Feuds: Mil Muertes, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Texano

  • Arch-Enemy: Of Chavo Guerrero Jr., to the point that they were almost opposite-aligned counterparts of each other, as both were heirs to storied lucha legacies.
    • Surprisingly joined forces with Chavo and the Crew against Texano.
  • Badass Boast: Directed a big one at Chavo after being antagonized in the locker room. Unfortunately, Chavo used it against him.
    "I AM Mexico!"
  • Face: Came with the territory of having one of Mexico's most legendary wrestlers as your dad.
    • Face–Heel Turn: He didn't take well at all to Texano also representing Mexico against Chavo. It was fitting that he embraced being a rudo, though, as his dad had a legendary heel run as well.
  • I Am the Noun: Loudly and furiously declared that "I am Mexico!" after Chavo needled him about Texano apparently being the new representative of Mexico.
  • Legacy Character/Wrestling Family: He was the original Blue Demon's adopted son, and had inherited his father's mask proudly.
  • Living Legend: He had carved a name for himself that's just as admired as his dad's. In fact, he was considered by the Mexican wrestlers in the roster to be the living representative of Mexico and lucha libre. Spitting on Blue's legacy was incurring the wrath of Mexico, as Chavo Guerrero found out the hard way.
  • Put on a Bus: Into retirement...according to Officer Reyes, anyway.
  • Wrestling Psychology: Like Alberto El Patron, Blue's wrestling style was the more classic Mexican mat wrestling style popularized by his father.

    Alberto "El Patron" 

Alberto El Patron
Heir to a dynasty of lucha libre legends. Roguishly handsome and charismatic. Adored and cheered by fans the world over. Current or former champion on both sides of the border. The man, the legend. Alberto "El Patron".

El Patron came to Lucha Underground to prove he was the best wrestler in the world, and he had his sights set on not only winning the Lucha Underground title, but also beating the best that Lucha Underground has to offer. Alberto was, at the time, the AAA Mega Champion, and he defended his title in Lucha Underground against his worst enemy, Texano. Alberto then began feuding with Johnny Mundo, and won a fight against him for the right to face Hernandez for the #1 contendership to the Lucha Underground championship. However, his plans to become a dual champion were put on hold when Johnny Mundo attacked him during the match and threw him through the window of Dario Cueto's office, leaving him battered and bloody. Alberto disappeared for some time but returned with a vengeance on the June 17th show to get his revenge on Johnny Mundo. He made his in-ring return, wiping out Marty Martinez in under a minute, and informed Mundo that he had awakened something inside Alberto that he really shouldn't have. Mundo had the last laugh, as he defeated Alberto at Ultima Lucha with the help of the debuting Melina, but it was El Patron who left the ring standing, since he made Johnny eat a glass window in revenge. Alberto ended his association with Lucha Underground in October of 2015, as he chose to return to the WWE. His image would later appear in a compiled list of missing people.
  • First Appearance: "Johnny Mundo vs. The Machine" (Season 1, episode 13)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha, Part 2" (Season 1, episode 39)
  • Former Feuds: Hernandez, Texano, Johnny Mundo, Melina

  • The Ace: Alberto had a list of accomplishments that someone like Ric Flair would've approved of.
  • Arch-Enemy: Texano, in what was possibly the bloodiest, most hate-filled feud in the show. Later on, while they certainly weren't allies, an uneasy truce seemed to exist between them as Alberto hit the ring during one episode to help Texano run off The Crew after they interfered in Texano's match.
    • Later on, Johnny Mundo on account of both of them having egos so big that they could've easily consumed entire galaxies.
  • Arrogant Lucha Guy: Though he was technically a face, Alberto made it pretty public that any wrestler in Lucha Underground was fair game to him. In fact, his two most intense promos were on Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo, at the time the Temple's most popular guys.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Though he was a face, Alberto stood out for being more than willing to fight dirty to win, which is a HUGE advantage in the Temple, to be sure.
  • Cross-Promotion: Alberto was fighting for the Lucha Underground title, but also as a representative of AAA, as he was at the time the promotion's Mega Champion.
  • Face: A cocky, mouthy one.
  • Finishing Move: His Cross Armbreaker. As simple as it got, but as EFFECTIVE as it got.
  • Glory Seeker: His main motivation for fighting was to further improve his already legendary career.
  • Jerkass: Surprisingly snarky for a face, even to other faces, but then again, it just wouldn't have been him otherwise. However, this attitude came back to bite him HARD, as he ended up pushing Johnny Mundo in exactly the right way to make him go full heel and completely wreck Alberto. Given that he had no allies in Lucha Underground, Alberto was in a very precarious position as a result.
  • Large Ham: It was impossible to ignore Alberto. He commanded every room he walks into, and his mic skills were second to none.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: If he wasn't in his ring garb, he was impeccably dressed in tailored suits with slicked-back hair.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Okay, Alberto, it was one thing to be competitive with Johnny Mundo 'cause you were both gunning for Prince Puma's title, that was understandable. But harassing and fucking with Johnny Mundo until he went full-blown heel and you ended up eating a glass window? You should have known better.
  • Put on a Bus: Back to WWE.
  • The Smart Guy: Alberto would use any advantage he could find to win, and liked to methodically attack his opponent to weaken them until he had the upper hand.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: The man sure knew how to make an impression.
  • Troll: Oh, was he ever. The guy apparently couldn't have a conversation without somehow making fun of the other guy. He was especially snarky to Dario Cueto himself when negotiating his debut on Lucha Underground.
  • Wink "Ding!": In video packages, his signature wink was accompanied by a ding sound.
  • Wrestling Family: Son of Dos Caras, brother of ex-NXT wrestler Memo Montenegro, cousin of Sicodelico Jr. and Hijo de Sicodelico, nephew of Mil Mascaras and Sicodelico. He was lucha royalty.
  • Wrestling Psychology: Alberto was notable for being a more technical mat wrestler as opposed to the usual high-flying lucha libre style. He was fond of using submission holds, maintaining ring control and using traditional techniques like suplexes, arm drags and slams. He could definitely do high-flying and acrobatic moves when he needed to, but he was much more comfortable mat wrestling.

    Big Ryck 

Big Ryck
Formerly the Temple's resident Scary Black Man, Big Ryck lived up to his name: he was BIG. He was originally an enforcer for Dario Cueto, wrecking any wrestler he was pointed towards, but after a few losses Cueto grew disappointed with his performance and had The Crew make an example of him. That pissed Ryck off, to say the least, and he was very determined to not let it slide. He competed in the Lucha Underground Trios title tournament along with The Mack and Killshot, where they lost in the final round to the team of Angelico, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc. He was later paid handsomely by DelAvar Daivari to assist with beating down Texano, and joined Daivari and Cage in a failed attempt to win the Trios championship. Later, Dario Cueto once again purchased his services with the seventh Aztec Medallion, but this drew the ire of his former employer, who attacked him during the Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha. Unfortunately, he would not return for Season 2, as he was killed between seasons by the Disciples of Death, though his image would appear in a compiled list of missing people.

Several Seasons after his demise, it was finally revealed onscreen and to his cousin by Catrina, who opened a locker containing Ryck's skull, leaving Mack shaken by the revelation.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha, Part 2" (Season 1, episode 39)
  • Former Feuds: Dario Cueto, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Sexy Star, Cage, The Crew, King Cuerno, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico, Texano, DelAvar Daivari
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 13 (Aztec Warfare I)

  • Arch-Enemy: The Crew, SO hard. He also had it in for Dario Cueto, but he decided against beating the crap out of him in favor of making Cueto pay him extra money to wrestle. He basically made Cueto buy the privilege of not getting his ass beat.
  • Cigar Chomper: Was rarely seen without one in his mouth. The Crew used this to their advantage.
  • David vs. Goliath: Even more than Cage.
  • Do Not Go Gentle: Many of those The Disciples attacked were slaughtered easily with no time to defend themselves. Ryck, when confronted by them, was shown fighting back against and holding them off until Mil Muertes himself stepped in to strike him down.
  • Eyepatch of Power: He wore one ever since The Crew stuck a lit cigar in his eye.
  • Eye Scream: The Crew burnt out one of his eyes with a cigar when they turned on him.
  • Finishing Move: He was a giant wrestler. Three guesses about what his finisher was and two don't count... Yeah, it was the chokeslam.
  • The Giant: The biggest guy on the show, bar none. Also, he was sloooooooowwww.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Not completely, since he was too self-centered to be a full-on face, but he definitely softened towards other wrestlers he didn't have an agenda with since his betrayal by The Crew.
  • It's Personal: His vendetta with the Crew.
  • Killed Off for Real: The second comic reveals that he was killed by the Disciples of Death and Mil Muertes between the first and second seasons. It was later revealed onscreen during the fourth.
  • Large and in Charge: First as the leader of The Crew and then as the leader of his trios team with The Mack and Killshot.
  • Mighty Glacier: He wasn't fast. At all. But he just needed to get his hands on you once to make you regret it.
  • Only in It for the Money: His initial motivation to compete. It soon became a little more complicated than that.
    • Eventually returned to this, as he was been paid handsomely by DelAvar Daivari to help beat down Texano.
    • Dario Cueto took full advantage of this to pull him back into his service, along with giving him one of the Aztec Medallions.
  • Put on a Bus/Real Life Writes the Plot: Rycklon Stephens retired from professional wrestling in October 2015, necessitating the Killed Off for Real example above.
  • The Rival: Sexy Star. They didn't have personal beef with each other, but circumstances forced them to battle it out many times. The circumstances in question were named Dario Cueto, who was being an asshole (as usual) and kept booking them head to head.
  • Scary Black Man: The scary black man. Everyone took facing Big Ryck VERY seriously, since he could destroy pretty much anyone on any given night.
  • Take a Third Option: When Dario asked him if it was better to have Money or Power, Big Ryck replied "Why not just have both?" and took both Dario's money and an Aztec Medallion.
  • Terrible Trio: Along with The Mack and Killshot. He was the leader and the the big guy of the outfit.
  • Tweener : Was a full-on heel, but his betrayal by The Crew made him reconsider.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: He wasn't a technical genius on the mat, but he didn't need to be.
  • Wouldn't Hit a Girl: In his match against Sexy Star, he just pinned her under his weight to beat her without causing any damage to her whatsoever. As far as he was concerned, she was just an obstacle in his way to beat the crap out of The Crew, not an enemy.


A veteran of that other big wrestling show, and Johnny Mundo's now-former long-time main squeeze, Melina made her debut at Ultima Lucha to assist him in defeating Alberto El Patron. Thanks to her distraction, Johnny was able to get the win, and the two celebrated passionately in the middle of the ring, only for Alberto to throw Johnny straight through a glass window and punish Melina for her intrusion with a good spanking followed by a wink. Unfortunately, Ultima Lucha would be both her first and last appearance for Lucha Underground, as she would not return for Season 2 and her role was soon filled by Taya.
  • First And Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha, Part 2" (Season 1, episode 39)
  • Former Feuds: Alberto El Patron (by association with Johnny Mundo)

  • Battle Couple: Was as capable of lacing up and kicking ass as her ex-boyfriend.
  • Comedic Spanking: How she was punished by El Patron for her interference in his match against Johnny Mundo.
  • Contortionist: Legendary for her flexibility. She could do the splits!
  • Ms. Fanservice: Remember: she could do the splits!
  • Put on a Bus: Either after what were described as "difficulties" between herself and LU officials (reported by the Wrestling Observer) or that she was asked to do one show in place of the original person meant for the role (Taya, who would debut in Season 2) and plans were changed afterward (told by Melina herself), depending on which version of the story is heard/believed.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Melina and Johnny were a legit couple in real life, so it made sense to milk that for all it was worth in the ring.
    • In season 3 Johnny Mundo talked about having to use some money to make some pictures go away, almost certainly referencing pictures Melina put online about him, thus giving a kayfabe reason for her not being on the show.
  • Spicy Latina: Was she ever.


The legendary veteran, who's wrestled in the biggest promotions on both sides of the border and across the Caribbean. Konnan was the one who discovered Prince Puma, and soon became his mentor and promoter. Years of experience made Konnan a shrewd and cunning strategist, and his mentoring him was a large part of Puma's success. Konnan brought in Hernandez to the Temple as both a friend and as an ally to the reluctant Prince Puma. This turned out to be a HUGE mistake, as Hernandez betrayed them and ended up gunning for Puma's title. However, both Puma and Konnan prevailed over Hernandez, with Puma successfully defending his title. Since then, Konnan tried to stay one step ahead so that his boy retained his title, his latest being to convince Texano to interfere on Puma's behalf in his title defense against Chavo Guerrero Jr. When Catrina sent the Disciples of Death to attack Prince Puma while he was having his staredown with Mil Muertes, Konnan stepped in cane in hand to aid his protege, but was brutally beaten down by Mil Muertes and the Disciples, and he was put into a casket and carried away. Konnan hasn't been seen since (and his image has appeared in a compiled list of missing people, with his death being confirmed later), and Prince Puma soon faced the challenges of the Temple alone...
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Last Appearance: "The Beginning of the End" (Season 1, episode 36)
  • Former Feuds: Hernandez, Cage, King Cuerno, Vampiro (they may not wrestle anymore, but there's long-time bad blood between them), Mil Muertes, Catrina, The Disciples of Death (by association with Muertes and Catrina)

  • Arch-Enemy: While they were both retired from active wrestling, Konnan and Vampiro STILL hated the crap out of each other. During Vampiro's interview of Prince Puma, the bad blood between them couldn't remain in check and they almost came to blows.
  • Call-Back: His confrontation with Vampiro during the Prince Puma interview. Vampiro and Konnan were worst enemies for years, and old habits die hard.
  • Cool Old Guy: 51 years old and still a badass.
  • Handicapped Badass: The years of bumps and bloodshed were not kind to Konnan, and he walked with a cane. Mess with him, however, and he wouldn't hesitate to break that cane on your head.
  • Killed Off for Real: Heavily implied by Catrina, supported by his image appearing in a list of missing people compiled by Captain Vasquez. Later explicitly confirmed.
  • Living Legend: Konnan accomplished more in his tenure as a wrestler than countless other guys, and he used that knowledge to mentor Puma the best he could.
  • Mentor: To Prince Puma.
  • Never Live It Down: While Konnan showed complete sincerity in claiming to have only Puma's best interests in mind, Vampiro insisted at every opportunity on accusing him of wanting to corrupt Puma and only using him for his own gain. Oh, and of being ugly.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Turned out that bringing Hernandez in was a big mistake, cause he was soon gunning for Puma's title, having betrayed them both.
  • Retired Badass: Retired from active wrestling; instead, he mentored a new-generation luchador.
  • The Smart Guy: He served as the voice of reason and strategy for Puma.
  • The Strategist: He even cited Sun Tzu when discussing how to be deceptive.
  • So Proud of You: Konnan showed nothing but pride for his boy both when Puma won the title and when he defended it against Cage.
  • Weapon of Choice: Anyone who messed with him would have that cane of his flying towards their noggin faster than you can say "Orale!"

    Pimpinela Escarlata 

Pimpinela Escarlata
Another wrestler Dario Cueto was mortified by when he came into his temple, Pimpinela Escarlata is part of the proud (no, really) tradition of exoticos, feminine luchadores who dress in drag, defying the usually very macho and Catholic Mexican culture. Exoticos stand out for their flamboyant and comedic performances, and Pimpinela was certainly no exception. Obviously, Dario Cueto was not amused and had him beat the hell up by The Crew, along with his partner Mascarita Sagrada, and he took a leave of absence from the Temple. Months later Pimpinela returned, much to the delight of the announcers and the fans, only to take another beating from the Disciples of Death. Did not appear for Season 2, and wasn't mentioned again until the tail end of Season 3, where he competed in a unique opportunity battle royal at Ultima Lucha Tres. Though he reunited with old partner Mascarita Sagrada, he did not win.

  • First Appearance: "The Key" (Season 1, episode 6)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Tres Part 2" (Season 3, episode 38)
  • Former Feuds: Son of Havoc, The Crew, The Disciples of Death
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 6 (Aztec Warfare I)

  • Agent Peacock: Don't let the effeminacy fool you, Pimpinela could throw down like any of the "real" boys.
  • Badass Gay: Pimpinela's performer is openly gay, a phenomenon that is actually quite recent in exoticos, so his performance was a little more involved than the usual exotico. He also kicked copious amounts of ass in the ring.
  • Camp Gay: Camp GAYEST, to be exact.
  • Drag Queen: Of course!
  • Forceful Kiss: Loved planting these on his opponents.
    • Kiss of Death: Some foes reacted to it like they'd been smashed in the face with a steel chair. Sometimes it would knock them clean out of the ring (which happened to Mala Suerte during the Unique Opportunity Battle Royal at Ultima Lucha Tres, causing him to be eliminated).
  • Gay Best Friend: To Sexy Star and Mascarita Sagrada.
  • Gorgeous George: Subverted, since the usual Gorgeous George wrestler is not usually gay, in- or out-of-character. Pimpinela is OH-SO-VERY GAY in both.
  • He’s Back: After being beaten by the Disciples of Death, Pimpi disappeared for two and a half seasons only to suddenly make a triumphant return at Ultima Lucha Tres to a MASSIVE pop from the Believers. Only time will tell whether he's back on the show for good, or whether it was just a one-time thing.
  • Joke Character: Justified, as it is a big part of the exotico tradition.
  • Meaningful Name: He took his name from The Scarlet Pimpernel, whose main character was a foppish, effeminate man who was secretly a badass hero.
  • Put on a Bus: Was choked into unconsciousness and sent packing by The Crew during the same match as the one where Mascarita Sagrada was beat up.
    • The Bus Came Back: Returned after a lengthy four months, only to get the shit beaten out of him again, this time by the Disciples of Death. Wasn't seen again for two and a half seasons, by far the longest gap between appearances of any performer in LU.

    El Mariachi Loco 

El Mariachi Loco
Probably the weirdest luchador to ever step inside the Temple ring, El Mariachi Loco was exactly that: a mariachi who's crazy. Dario Cueto found him working in his favorite Mexican restaurant up the street, and liked him so much that he decided to give him a shot at wrestling in the Temple. He worked for tips he got from the audience after a match, and he'd play you a song on his trumpet if he wins... maybe.

Oh, and he was crazy. And he did not appear during Season 2. He also hasn't been mentioned since.
  • First Appearance: "Crossing the Border" (Season 1, episode 3)
  • Last Appearance: "Last Luchador Standing" (Season 1, episode 11)
  • Former Feuds: Sexy Star, Mascarita Sagrada
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 19 (Aztec Warfare I)

  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Did we mention that he was crazy?
  • Jobber: This is possibly a justified trope, as he didn't wrestle full time (he STILL worked at the restaurant!). Plus, he was crazy. But anyway, yeah, you could probably expect El Mariachi Loco to never win a match.
  • Joke Character: Obviously.
  • Shoo Out the Clowns: With things taking a darker turn in Lucha Underground with Matanza, El Mariachi Loco's antics and trumpet playing quickly became out of place. He hasn't been seen since Aztec Warfare I, though he reportedly competed in an unaired battle royal at Ultima Lucha.
  • Wrestling Doesn't Pay: He had a day job working at a Mexican restaurant, and he asked for tips from the audience after a match.

    Super Fly 

Super Fly
Since coming to the Temple, Super Fly looked to prove that he lived up to his name and moniker, which, as you might think, meant he wasn't afraid to take to the air and dive down upon his opponents with zero hesitation or caution for his own wellbeing. However, Super Fly was forced to unmask in a devastating loss to Sexy Star, as the two were put in a Mask vs Mask match by Dario Cueto in one of Cueto's most despicable moments. Heartbroken after losing the symbol of his luchador identity, Super Fly was easy pickings for Pentagon Jr. to attack, and like others before him, Pentagon broke his arm with an armbar, putting him on the shelf. Super Fly's injury was the main motivator for the feud between Sexy Star and Pentagon Jr. Super Fly returned to interfere in Sexy Star's submission match against Pentagon Jr., but to everyone's surprise, he actually assisted Pentagon in defeating Sexy Star. Super Fly seemingly made it his goal to take his former friend's mask in perceived revenge for what she did to him. He beat Sexy and roughed her up badly, trying to take her mask the entire time, but Sexy soon had her revenge in record time to claim an Aztec Medallion by using an armbar to submit him. Competed for another Medallion, but was eliminated midway through the match. Did not appear during Season 2, and hasn't been mentioned since.
  • First Appearance: "Top of the Ladder" (Season 1, episode 7)
  • Last Appearance: "PenUltima Lucha" (Season 1, episode 37)
  • Former Feuds: Pentagon Jr., Sexy Star
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 15 (Aztec Warfare I)

  • Cavalry Betrayal: He jumped into the ring during Sexy's submissions match against Pentagon Jr., and Sexy thought he had come in to assist her. She was wrong.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: In a rarity for Lucha Underground, he simply vanished and was never referred to again.
  • Cool Mask: Which he sadly was forced to take off after he lost a Mask vs Mask match to Sexy Star.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Surprised everyone by actually betraying Sexy Star and siding with Pentagon Jr. in the submission match.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Yes, Sexy took Super Fly's mask... but not by choice, and she wasn't the one who came up with the match- that was all Dario. She didn't break his arm, either, that was Pentagon. Despite that, Super Fly seemed to blame Sexy for everything.
  • Jerkass: Ever since he came back from injury, Super Fly was a cocky, abusive jerk.
  • Put on a Bus: After Pentagon Jr. broke his arm, and again just before the first Ultima Lucha.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Super Fly lost his mask in Mexico after debuting with it on in Lucha Undergroud, so him losing it in LU was done to keep continuity with what had already happened.
  • Shout-Out: The name alone bore tribute to the Legendary Jimmy Snuka.

    DelAvar Daivari 

DelAvar Daivari
A veteran of many an indie (and one BIG) wrestling show, DelAvar Daivari came to the Temple for a chance to prove that he was the best. First visiting the Temple as a spectator, it was Daivari's interference that cost the team of Cage, Texano, and King Cuerno the inaugural Trios title, and Texano was PISSED. And so, without even having a proper match in the Temple's ring, Daivari already managed to make a dangerous enemy. Daivari's money came in handy, however, as he was able to acquire the services of Big Ryck to assist him against Texano. They later gained the services of Cage in an attempt to attain the Trios championship, but came up short, and Daivari soon returned to feuding with Texano. He had a match against Bengala for one of Dario Cueto's Aztec Medallions, but came up short even with assists from Big Ryck. Competed again for another Medallion, this time the one vacated by Fenix, but was eliminated midway through. Interfered in the Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha, specifically targeting Big Ryck, who had returned to Dario Cueto's fold. Unfortunately, with Ryck's departure from the promotion following Ultima Lucha, Daivari would not be able to get his revenge against his former subordinate. Though he stated that he would return, he did not appear during Season 2, and he hasn't been mentioned since.
  • First Appearance: "Fire in the Cosmos" (Season 1, episode 23)
  • Last Appearance: "PenUltima Lucha" (Season 1, episode 37)
  • Former Feuds: Texano, Big Ryck, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico


A veteran of both Mexico's venerable Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre ("World Council of Lucha Libre", the oldest still-running wrestling organization in the world) and AAA, Bengala made his debut helping his friends Mascarita Sagrada and Pimpinela Escarlata in their return to Lucha Underground. However, his debut was not exactly successful, as he had the bad luck of debuting the same night as the brutal Disciples of Death. But it took more than that to keep this cat down as he would go on to beat DelAvar Daivari, even while at a disadvantage by Daivari having Big Ryck with him, to win an Aztec Medallion. Failed to secure the Gift of the Gods at Ultima Lucha, and quickly fell prey to Kobra Moon when he reappeared during Season 2, a match that turned out to be his last appearance for Lucha Underground.
  • First Appearance: "The Desolation of Drago" (Season 1, episode 31)
  • Last Appearance: "The Hunt Is On..." (Season 2, episode 3)
  • Former Feud: The Disciples of Death

  • Animal Motif: The white Bengal Tiger.
  • Face: As if his allegiance with Mascarita Sagrada and Pimpinela Escarlata didn't make it clear enough.
  • Far East: He had a mishmash of oriental motifs: his look is that of a white Bengal Tiger (Bengal being a region that includes both India and Bangladesh) but with a Japanese symbol on his chest.
  • I Have the High Ground: He demonstrated some great acrobatic moves, in particular using the mid rope to gain momentum.
  • Panthera Awesome: Looked much more like the animal he represented than any of the other animal-themed luchadores on the show, barring maybe Drago.
  • Put on a Bus: Disappeared shortly into season 2 after being defeated and choked out by Kobra Moon in her debut match. The original Bengala has since given the mask and gimmick to another, and it is currently unknown whether the new Bengala will appear for Lucha Underground.

    Night Claw 

Night Claw

Introduced late in Season 2. Although he had yet to make an in-ring appearance when he was first introduced, Dario clearly had big plans for the luchador, outright handing him an Aztec Medallion during their first meeting as a "signing bonus". Though his debut was impressive, Night Claw failed to win the Gift of the Gods. Unfortunately, his debut was his only appearance, as he would depart between seasons.

  • First Appearance: "Fame & Fortune" (Season 2, episode 22)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Dos; Week Two" (Season 2, episode 25)
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Jaguar

  • Animal Motif: Keeping in with the show's cat-themed luchadores, Night Claw resembled a panther.
  • In the Blood: Was a descendant of the Jaguar Tribe.
  • Put on a Bus: Due to personal issues involving his treatment by AAA, he chose to leave both them and LU. As he's since returned to AAA, it's entirely possible he'll return in some form.

    The Disciples of Death 

The Disciples of Death (Siniestro de La Muerte, Trece, Barrio Negro)
Death comes in threes, and the names of those three are Siniestro de La Muerte, Trece and Barrio Negro, enigmatic and dark luchadores who came to the Temple to serve their dark mistress. When Mil Muertes and Catrina returned, they did not come alone, as these three skull-faced luchadores appeared with them. This trio served as Catrina's henchmen, silently watching from the shadows and doing her bidding. The group made their debut as a team in impressive fashion shortly afterwards, destroying the team of Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata and Bengala. The Disciples then made their intentions known as Catrina summoned them to ambush Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico from behind, laying out the Trios champions. Became the new Trios champions at Ultima Lucha. In the comic set between Seasons 1 and 2, they were tasked with building a throne for Mil Muertes, and the group set out and made him one, out of human bodies and skulls. They eventually lost their titles to Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico, drawing the wrath of Mil Muertes, who destroyed all three disciples in the locker room. They were soon granted a rematch, which they lost. Granted a chance at redemption in the eyes of their masters, they were entered into the Trios tournament. Once again, the Disciples failed to win, which was Catrina's final straw. She threatened to destroy all three men if they didn't give her a good reason to survive, prompting Siniestro de La Muerte to take action. He ripped out the hearts of his two former teammates, absorbing their powers and becoming stronger in the process. The Disciples of Death may be no more, but Siniestro had evolved into a powerful asset for Catrina's war against Dario Cueto. Siniestro, sporting some new attire to reflect his upgrade, went on to face King Cuerno for an Aztec Medallion, which he won after Catrina's interference. Siniestro, with Catrina missing from his corner, failed to win the Gift of the Gods, although he did win his second Aztec Medallion on a trios team alongside Marty "The Moth" Martinez and Killshot. Siniestro once again competed for the Gift of the Gods at Ultima Lucha Dos, and once again failed to win it. Interestingly enough, Catrina had not accompanied him since returning from her disappearance, and upon his next loss to Prince Puma, she dealt with him herself, snapping his neck and giving his power to Muertes.
  • First Appearance: "Ancient Medallions" (Season 1, episode 27)
  • Last Appearances: "Monster Meets Monster" (Trece and Barrio Negro) (Season 2, episode 13), "Brothers In Broken Arms" (Siniestro de la Muerte) (Season 3, episode 4)
  • Former Feuds: Fenix (by their association with Mil Muertes and Catrina), Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Bengala, Prince Puma, Pentagon Jr., Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico, Dario Cueto, Matanza Cueto (by Siniestro's association with Muertes and Catrina)

  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Each wore a different colored skull mask and designs on their tights to tell them apart - Siniestro was metallic purple, Barrio Negro was gold and Trece was silver. Early on when they were still wearing the white skull masks, this was accomplished by designs around the skulls to match their tights.
  • Dark Is Evil: The group wore nothing but black with only a white (later colored) skull on their masks.
  • Demoted to Extra: The Disciples went from a powerful force at the tail end of Season 1 to the resident mook squad in Season 2. Siniestro de La Muerte continued to suffer from this, even after killing and absorbing his partners.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: In their very first appearance, Barrio Negro was treated as the most formiddable of the three rather than Siniestro de la Muerte.
  • Informed Attribute: The commentators often claimed that Trece was The Brute of the team, but he was really the least effective of the three from the get-go.
  • Killed Off for Real: Trece and Barrio Negro, at the hands of Siniestro de La Muerte. Later, Siniestro would be on the receiving end, courtesy of a Neck Snap from Catrina.
  • Meaningful Name: "Disciples of Death" was already meaningful, but their individual names were also significant:
    • Siniestro de La Muerte (the one with the purple mask): "Siniestro" can both mean "sinister" as well as a calamity, like an earthquake or fire.
    • Trece (the one with the silver mask): "Trece" means "thirteen", which is self-explanatory.
    • Barrio Negro (the one in a full body outfit and gold mask): "Barrio" is a Spanish word that means "neighborhood", but is often used to describe slums or the projects, so a black "barrio" would be a crime- and death-infested hellhole. There is also an activist and real-life superhero called Super Barrio, a champion of Mexico's dispossessed, so using the word Barrio in your name as a rudo is SUPREMELY heelish for a Mexican fan.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Yep, both individually and as a group. At least, 'til midway through season 2.
  • Obviously Evil: You don't get a name like The Disciples of Death by being nice. And they sure were not: the comics had them do a killing spree on everyone to build a skull throne for Mil Muertes, from other luchadors to regular people, even killing Big Ryck while they were at it!
  • Summon Magic: Catrina could conjure them from thin air just by using Mil Muertes' stone.
  • Terrible Trio
  • Trios Team: Like the Crew below once were, the Disciples were the only 'true' tag Trio in Lucha Underground. Ironically, this alliance would meet the same fate as the Crew's: betrayal and death.

    The Black Lotus Triad 

The Black Lotus Triad (Doku (formerly), Yurei, and Hitokiri)
Beautiful but deadly!
These three mysterious ladies assisted Black Lotus in attacking Pentagon Dark during Aztec Warfare III. They were later placed in a gauntlet match alongside Lotus against Pentagon. Doku and Yurei did not fare well against Pentagon, each having their arm broken, but Hitokiri thoroughly defeated him before Lotus stepped in to break his arm.

Their mission of revenge accomplished, they would seemingly disappear as quickly as they appeared...or have they? Although Doku split from the Triad not long after their appearance, it has been rumored that Yurei and Hitokiri may be returning to once again do Black Lotus' bidding, though later rumors placed Hitokiri as also splitting from the Triad.
  • First Appearance: "Aztec Warfare III" (Season 3, episode 11)
  • Last Appearance: "Breaker of Bones" (Season 3, episode 13)
  • Former Feud: Pentagon Dark

  • Dark Action Girl: All three, but Hitokiri the most. Black Lotus outright called her the greatest warrior to set foot outside the Far East, as well as the deadliest human being she'd ever known, in this video.
  • Femme Fatale: Black Lotus implied that Doku was one in the above video.
  • Meaningful Name/Names to Run Away from Really Fast: In Japanese, their names roughly translated to "Poison", "Ghost", and "Assassin", respectively.
  • Put on a Bus: One third of the Triad (Doku) was signed by WWE not long after her gauntlet appearance, with another (Hitokiri) eventually confirmed as well.
  • Torture Technician: Black Lotus implied that Yurei is one in the above video.
  • The Triads and the Tongs: Members of the eponymous Black Lotus Triad, brought in by Black Lotus.

    Sexy Star 

Sexy Star
One of Lucha Underground's biggest success stories, Sexy Star is a tough-as-nails girl trying to make it in a man's world... and doing DAMN good for herself. Sexy will take on all comers, and what she lacks in physical might compared to most guys in the roster she makes up for with a positive attitude, bravery and complete unwillingness to ever give up. Unfortunately for her, Dario Cueto seemed to have taken a sadistic interest in putting Sexy in bad situations, such as having her trios team of Pimpinela Escarlata and Mascarita Sagrada be destroyed by The Crew, being made to face Big Ryck for the privilege of seeking revenge on The Crew, making her and her buddy Super Fly team up with the brutal Pentagon Jr. in the Trios title tournament, and finally making her actually face Super Fly in a mask vs. mask match. Still, no matter what obstacles are sent her way or what setbacks she needs to overcome, Sexy never says die and has won the love of the Lucha Underground fans. She managed to score a big victory against the monstrous Pentagon Jr., but ended up being booked in a submission match against him by Dario Cueto, one which she lost when Super Fly returned to attack her. The two faced each other in singles and multi person matches; Super Fly managed to get the best of her, but Star scored revenge on him AND fended off an ambush by Marty "The Moth" Martinez to win one of Dario Cueto's seven Aztec Medallions. The Moth then antagonized Sexy during the Gift of the Gods match, but Sexy once again humiliated him. After Ultima Lucha ended, the now psychotically upset Moth kidnapped Sexy and told her that she would regret having crossed him once she was introduced to his sister.

Sexy was tormented by the two between seasons, and soon managed to escape from them...though Marty's sister was still after her. Returned to the Temple proper to face newcomer Kobra Moon, but lost to her thanks to a distraction by Marty. Cheered on The Mack at his request against Marty, but was reduced to a cowering wreck upon the entrance of Mariposa, and later lost a match to her. Following a pep talk from The Mack, Sexy faced her fears and took the fight to Mariposa, saving Mack from a beatdown. Dario later convinced Sexy to fight Mariposa in a "No Mas" match for an Aztec Medallion. After a brutal, bloody spectacle, Sexy finally overcame her nemesis by forcing Mariposa to yell "No mas!" — "No more!" — winning the Medallion. After The Mack had shown friendship in the past, and helped thwart multiple interference attempts by Marty, the two fully embraced in the ring as best friends, with Mack personally awarding her the Medallion she won. Failed to win the Gift of the Gods. Competed in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership, but her team lost. Was forced to team with Mariposa in an attempt to claim an Aztec Medallion; though they fought amongst themselves during the match, they were ultimately successful. In her third attempt at the Gift of the Gods, she formed a temporary alliance with Killshot then triumphed over her old foes the Moth siblings to finally win it.

Sexy started Season 3 with a successful defense of the Gift of the Gods against Taya, after which she was attacked by Worldwide Underground and assisted by "Fire Space and Fury" (Vampiro's nickname for the team of Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago) in running them off. She returned the favor to the Trios champs by helping them run off Worldwide Underground when they attacked them following a Trios title defense, and teamed with them to lose an Atomicos contest. Successfully defended the Gift of the Gods against Jack Evans, with another assist by Fire Space and Fury to head off the interfering Worldwide Underground. Unfortunately Mundo finally bought his way into a match against her himself and, despite her best efforts and the assistance of The Mack (as Fire Space and Fury were banned from ringside), she fell to a pair of brass knuckles and Mundo stole the belt. Competed in Aztec Warfare III; she was due to come out at #2 but had her number switched to #12 courtesy of Johnny Mundo mouthing off to Dario Cueto. She was targeted by the Worldwide Underground as soon as she came out, but survived their onslaught and felled Mil Muertes at the end to become champion. Unfortunately for her, her first challenger was already decided, as Mundo declared that he would be cashing in the Gift of the Gods in the event that he lost the match. She turned down an offer of assistance from The Mack to help fend off the Worldwide Underground in her match against Mundo, an offer which she should have accepted, as the interference of a disguised Taya cost her the championship. Sexy was granted the chance to earn a rematch against Mundo in a match against PJ Black, with a catch: if she lost, she would never receive another title shot. Thanks to ill-timed interference by Jack Evans, Sexy defeated Black and secured her rematch, which would be in a steel cage. After a workout, Sexy opened her locker and discovered that someone had placed a tarantula in it. Furious, she confronted Mariposa and threatened her, though Mariposa denied doing it. The Mack lent her support backstage before her match with Mundo, and because of that she did not see that another tarantula had been placed in the locker room. Despite a valiant effort that saw her almost win several times, she was defeated by Mundo in the cage, though it took an underhanded trick - removing her mask - to do it. She then cheered on Mack as he delivered a stunner to Mundo. Ricky Mandel delivered a package to her that he claimed had been left in catering, which she opened to reveal another spider. Furious, she stormed into Dario Cueto's office, demanding - and receiving - a match against Mariposa, who she still blamed. Sexy defeated Mariposa, then was congratulated by Mack backstage. She offered to be his second against Mundo, but was politely turned down. Attacked the debuting Veneno after his match, as she falsely believed that he was associated with the tarantulas. During Mack's All Night Long ironman match against Mundo, Sexy got her payback against Mundo by disguising herself as the bandleader of the house band when a gloating Mundo demanded they play a victory song for him, hitting him and PJ Black with a flying crossbody and driving PJ (and later Ricky Mandel) off to let Mack finish Mundo. When Mack failed to get the winning pin by half a second, she comforted him in the ring, but was elated to hear Dario give Mack another chance to finish Mundo the next week. She interfered to run off Ricky Mandel once again.

Sexy Star entered the Cueto Cup, facing longtime rival PJ Black in the first round. While the referee was distracted by an interfering Taya, Sexy knocked the brass knuckles Taya had thrown to Black out of his hand, then chose to pick them up and use them on her opponent. Unfortunately for her, she was promptly disqualified when the referee turned around and witnessed her using them. Frustrated, she knocked the referee out as well. Sexy came out to watch Taya's match against Jeremiah Crane, gaining a measure of revenge against her after the match by knocking her out with those same brass knuckles. Joined Dragon Azteca Jr. and The Mack to help fend off the Worldwide Underground, who had attacked Rey Mysterio during a face-to-face between Mysterio and Mundo. Was tormented by yet another spider, this time inside her water bottle. Faced Veneno in a lucha de apuesta (mask vs. mask) match, which was almost promptly thrown out when Joey Ryan yanked the mask off Veneno. Later faced and was defeated by Ryan after being distracted by Taya. Teamed with Prince Puma, Cage, and Fenix in a losing effort against the Worldwide Underground and Marty. Faced and defeated Taya in a bloody Last Luchadora Standing match at Ultima Lucha Tres. After Ultima Lucha Tres, while posing for photographers, she was approached by a little girl who handed her a box and told her that 'she' hasn't forgotten about her. In that box was another spider. The "She" mentioned was later revealed to be Reklusa, who was sent by Marty "The Moth" Martinez to remove her from the Temple.

As confirmed by Eric Van Wagenen on the Masks Mats & Mayhem podcast, Sexy Star will not be returning following an incident in AAA where she intentionally injured Impact Wrestling star Rosemary.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Tres, Part 3" (Season 3, episode 39)
  • Former Feuds: Big Ryck, The Crew, El Mariachi Loco, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Pentagon Jr., Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Super Fly, Marty "The Moth" Martinez, Mariposa, Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Jack Evans, Taya
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 18 (Aztec Warfare I), 12 (Aztec Warfare III, original number was 2, winner)

  • Aborted Arc: The post-Ultima Lucha Tres video package set up an arc where Sexy Star would finally confront the "She" responsible for sending her spiders, but as Sexy was Put on a Bus following the incident with Rosemary, it was seemingly abandoned until the "She" in question (Reklusa, sent by Martinez) was confirmed to have attacked and taken her out offscreen.
  • Action Girl: You had to have a ridiculous physical advantage (like Big Ryck) to be able to take Sexy lightly. Underestimating her was a HUGE weapon in her favor.
  • Amazonian Beauty: She wasn't huge, but Sexy was very well-toned and athletic.
  • Apologetic Attacker: During the match with Super Fly. After she beat Super Fly, she was in tears, completely unwilling to unmask her friend.
  • Arch-Enemy: It used to be Chavo Guerrero Jr. after his horrible beatdown of Blue Demon Jr., until Chavo left the show after his defeat by Mil Muertes. Then it was The Crew, but Big Ryck took care of that. It became Pentagon Jr. when he first broke Super Fly's arm then tried to break hers, but finally ended up being Super Fly once he started blaming her for the loss of his mask.
    • Marty "The Moth" and Mariposa became her enemies between seasons and for much of Season 2, and for the first time in her time in the Temple, she was shown as being AFRAID of them. It took her a while to overcome her fear and force them to leave her alone.
  • Bash Siblings: With quite a few wrestlers: Blue Demon Jr., Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Super Fly, and The Mack.
  • Berserk Button: Beating on one of her partners enraged her. In fact, her biggest feuds ensued because she wanted to avenge a partner who got severely beat up by a heel.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Depended on her outfit.
  • Can't Get Away with Nuthin': The one time Sexy decided that turnabout would be fair play against the shameless cheating of the Worldwide Underground (when she got her hands on the brass knuckles Taya had thrown to PJ Black) was also the one time the usually incompetent referee actually managed to catch someone at it. It's worth noting that Sexy was DQ'd more times than any rudo on the roster.note 
  • Chairwoman of the Brawl: Sexy showed herself to be quite proficient at wielding the traditional folding steel chair when she got the opportunity (a holdover from her time as a rudo in AAA). The turning point of her face-off against Mil Muertes at the end of Aztec Warfare III came when she first reversed a flatliner onto a chair into a DDT onto it instead, then picked the chair up and used it to damn near bash Mil's brains out of his mask!
  • David vs. Goliath: She was the David against everybody.
  • Designated Girl Fight: As LU is intergender, this was averted. Sexy had only a handful of matches against the other luchadoras on the roster.
  • Determinator: Oh so very much. Unlike Prince Puma, Sexy was almost always at a physical disadvantage, and unlike Fenix, her determination didn't come from a possible supernatural source, but from plain ol' guts. She was easily the bravest character in the entire show.
    • Her "No Mas" match against Mariposa removed all doubts about her toughness. Sexy endured a brutal, stiff match, bumping all over the Temple and bleeding enough buckets to make Mick Foley proud. After nearly 20 minutes of punishment, Sexy got enough strength to trap Mariposa in a submission hold and force her to yell "no mas!"
  • Face: Possibly the biggest in the show. Sexy was characterized not only for her determination against the heels, but also for assisting and avenging other faces in trouble.
  • Fighting Your Friend: Being forced by Dario Cueto to face her friend Super Fly.
  • Genre Blindness: The Mack offered to be in her corner before her Championship title defence against Johnny Mundo to counter the absolutely predictable cheating from the Worldwide Underground, but Sexy insisted that she had to do it herself to prove her win at Aztec Warfare III wasn't a fluke. As absolutely everyone knew would happen, the Worldwide Underground cheated again (albeit a bit more cleverly than their usual "walk into the ring and beat the crap out of her while the ref is distracted" schtick), Taya slugged her with brass knuckles while disguised as a spectator, and she lost her championship to Mundo after only a single week. Yeah, that really showed everyone, Sexy.
  • Girl Next Door: Compared to the other female personalities on the show, Sexy was much more cute than sexual. In fact, contrary to every other female, she was pretty much the only girl on the show whose character arc didn't revolve around a male wrestler, whether as an obsessive rival or a love interest. All her feuds against male wrestlers came naturally as part of the storyline, and her gender had nothing to do with it.
  • Girly Bruiser: She was tough but very feminine. She wasn't a tomboy.
  • Groin Attack: Dished out a couple of nasty ones to Mariposa during their 'No Mas' match. The first one saw her place a folded steel chair between Mariposa's spread legs while Mariposa was sitting with her back against the stands then smash it with another chair, and was savage enough to make everyone in the entire temple wince in sympathy (proving that Share the Male Pain can cross gender boundaries). The second one was "just" a normal crotch kick.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Very much so. She actually contrasted heavily against the other ladies on the show, who all had dark hair and were either femme fatales (Black Lotus, Catrina, Kobra Moon) or a Dark Action Girl (Ivelisse).
  • Honor Before Reason: Sexy had a chance to easily win her cage match against Johnny Mundo to reclaim the LU Championship he'd stolen from her by escaping the cage, but when she was up on top with Mundo prone on the mat below her, her righteous anger for all the crap Mundo had put her through got the better of her and she went for a flying crossbody off the top of the cage instead. She hit, but Mundo kicked out at 2 and would go on to win the match.
    • She knew Mundo's track record of constant interference in matches, and still refused the Mack's help before her first title defense, stating that she had to do it herself. She then predictably fell prey to interference by Taya.
  • How Much More Can She Take: Jesus wept that 'No Mas' match! It's almost on par with Grave Consequences and Cero Miedo!
  • I Have the High Ground: Was as willing to fly as any of the other luchadores on the roster.
  • Killed Offscreen: By Reklusa (the "She" mentioned at the end of Ultima Lucha Tres).
  • Left Hanging: Despite the decision already being made to can her by the time Ultima Lucha Tres was aired, a clip was still left in the ending montage of her being harassed by the person with the Spider motif again. It was later revealed that she had been Killed Offscreen by the "She" in question (Reklusa, sent by Martinez).
  • Masked Luchadora: Yep. It was also a big part of her character, since she said in promos that wearing the mask and wrestling saved her from herself at many dark moments of her life.
  • Meaningful Name: Very much so. She was both sexy AND a star.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Thankfully subdued example. Yes, she was gorgeous, but she wore more realistic combat gear when compared to other females in the show, and her main character trait was being a badass, regardless of her gender.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: She wasn't tiny as far as girls go, but pretty much all the guys in the Temple roster towered over her. It didn't bother her in the least, and she occasionally showed some amazing strength for her size.
  • Plucky Girl: Determined as all hell, and was always there to root for and help the good guys.
  • Precision F-Strike: When she was trapped in a submission hold by Mariposa, the referee held up a microphone to ask Sexy Star if she wanted to quit. Star's response? "FUCK YOUUUU!" "FUCK YOU MARIPOSA!!!" Cue Heroic Second Wind.
  • Rage Breaking Point: When she was DQ'd against PJ Black for using the brass knuckles against him that he'd been trying to use against her (and after countless matches against WWU members filled with similar instances of brazen cheating that they constantly got away with bare-handed) Sexy finally snapped and used the knuckles to punch out the referee.
  • The Rival: During Season 1, Big Ryck. There was no real beef between them, but Cueto kept throwing them at each other again and again.
  • Spicy Latina
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: In many of her encounters with the Worldwide Underground, she insisted on facing them alone when she should have known from experience that that would not work. One match with PJ Black had her pick up and use the brass knuckles that Taya had thrown to him instead of kicking them out of his reach, which promptly got her disqualified when the ref unsurprisingly busted her for it.
  • True Companions: With The Mack.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: Part of what made her so fun is that she seemed to wear a different outfit to each match, while she always wore the same mask.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: She tried to take this approach in her submission match against Pentagon Jr., trying to use raw power to make him submit, though she was way less skilled in technique than him. The interference from Super Fly is what cemented the win for Pentagon, but he probably would have won anyway just because submissions are his thing.
  • Waif-Fu: Averted. Her style was very much a lucha libre style any guy would also possess.


This pretty boy from South Africa came to the Temple to showcase his skills in the ring, but also to wow the ladies. Angelico is cocky and brash, but he can back it up in the ring in case you think he's only a pretty face. The first lady he looked to impress was none other than Ivelisse, which pulled him into a feud with Son of Havoc as well as facing Ivelisse herself in matches. The rivalry between them culminated with Havoc dumping Ivelisse, and when Angelico attempted to come on to her, he got a kick in the face for his troubles. However the three were forced to team together in the Trios Tournament, where they shocked everyone when they not only won their qualifier match, but won the whole tournament and defeated The Crew afterwards, becoming the inaugural champions. After that, they managed to retain after an incredible ladder rematch against The Crew. Unfortunately, they met their match in The Disciples of Death and, despite Angelico pulling off everything he could, lost the Trios championship at Ultima Lucha.

After setting out on the open road with his partners, he returned with Havoc and Ivelisse demanding a match with the Disciples, only to be derailed by Catrina into a triple threat for a shot at Mil Muertes, one that Angelico lost. Later, he and his teammates would show how much they had grown as a proper team by defeating Chavo Guerrero and the Crew, and soon reclaimed their titles. After a successful defense against the Disciples of Death, they were forced to put their titles on the line in the Trios tournament finals. Unfortunately, an injury forced Angelico out of the tournament finals and his short-handed team lost the titles. Returned to the Temple during Ultima Lucha Dos, lending an assist to Fenix, Aerostar, and Drago against Worldwide Underground by attacking Johnny Mundo with his crutches, possibly implicating Mundo as the cause of his injury.

After Ultima Lucha Dos, Worldwide Underground attacked him en masse and injured him further. He returned during Aztec Warfare III, although he did not compete, instead diving from the roof of Cueto's office onto the Worldwide Underground, assisting Sexy Star in eliminating Mundo. Angelico was advised by Dario Cueto to stay well clear of the Temple the week after, as Mundo had taken out a restraining order against him. Angelico returned to the Temple again the next week, demanding Mundo in a match and threatening legal action against Cueto before threatening him personally, after which he was placed in the Battle of the Bulls. Officially returned to the Temple in the Battle of the Bulls, but did not win his four-way. Reunited with Son of Havoc to face Evans and Black, but came out on the losing end, injuring himself once again.

After spending several months away from the Temple injured, Angelico returned during Ultima Lucha Tres, assisting Prince Puma in warding off the Worldwide Underground and reminding Mundo that they still had unfinished business. Unfortunately, their unfinished business wouldn't be finished, as Angelico announced between Seasons Three and Four that he was leaving Lucha Underground. His earmarked spot in Aztec Warfare IV was taken by Ricky Mundo, and Johnny Mundo soon told the Worldwide Underground to look out for him, saying that they still had unfinished business. However, judging from comments made by Ricky's Perverse Puppet companion Rosa (such as suggesting that Ricky do to Jack Evans "what he did to Angelico" and showing Benjamin Cooke that he could be useful "like he showed Angelico"), it is explicitly implied that Ricky murdered him between Seasons.
  • First Appearance: "Law of the Jungle" (Season 1, episode 10)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Tres, Part Four" (Season 3, episode 40)
  • Former Feuds: Cage, Texano, Big Ryck, The Mack, Killshot, The Crew, Sexy Star, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, King Cuerno, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, The Disciples of Death, Johnny Mundo

  • Big Damn Heroes: His dive onto The Crew to save Ivelisse definitely counted as this.
  • Blood from the Mouth: During Ultima Lucha, after his jump off the top of the stands.
  • Casanova Wannabe: There wasn't a lady he had met that he hadn't flirted with, but he was very much unsuccessful.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Towards Ivelisse. Whenever he had to wrestle her, he was reluctant to actually harm her, but entirely willing to take advantage of certain positions in other ways even in full view of Son of Havoc, her boyfriend at the time. Striker seemed to think he was doing this mainly to get into Son of Havoc's head, but he didn't exactly leave room for wonder that he at least found her attractive. Since her and Havoc's breakup and the three being placed in a trio together, the first of his amazing dives off Dario Cueto's balcony was to save an injured Ivelisse from a potential beating at the hands of Bael and Castro, and at one point when he caught them in a compromising position (via Catrina, who left before he saw her) he openly groaned thinking they were getting back together.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He was SO snarky, he could even do it without saying a word! His smirk and shoulder shrug spoke volumes.
  • Death from Above/I Have the High Ground: That guy with the aptitude and the hops to use Dario Cueto's office balcony as a springboard for some of the most incredibly high and daring spots you've ever seen? Yeah, that was him.
  • Determinator: Angelico won this description after all the crap he had to go through in the Trios tournament. The guy would pass out twitching before he came anywhere near giving up.
  • Extremity Extremist: Comes with having the longest legs in the industry: if you were wrestling Angelico, you were getting kicked.
  • Finishing Move: The Fall of the Angels, an elevated turnbuckle powerbomb. Considering how tall Angelico is, when he hoisted someone up above his head before throwing them into the turnbuckle it was devastating.
  • Fragile Speedster: Was quick and could move about, but neutralize his speed and he was in trouble.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Was injured midway through Season 2 and unable to defend the Trios championships as a result.
    • Happened again at the start of Season 3, with a flashback reveal that the Worldwide Underground had ambushed him after his interference in their Trios Championship match at Ultima Lucha Dos and attempted to cripple him by slamming his leg in the door of Johnny's car.
  • How Much More Can He Take?: Took a MASSIVE beating in the Trios Finals in both matches, but despite it, Angelico kept fighting on, refusing to just lay down and quit despite the pounding he took. That won him not only the respect of fans, but of his teammates as well.
  • Killed Offscreen: Like Big Ryck before him, when Angelico left the promotion he appeared to have been killed off in-story by a psychotic (and possibly demonically possessed) Ricky Mundo, although they haven't said so outright yet, possibly on the off chance he returns to the show another time. It's slowly becoming less ambiguous, however!
  • Put on a Bus: Poor Angelico had some pretty crappy luck; the Game-Breaking Injury mentioned above kept him out of the entire second half of Season 2 apart from a surprise return at Ultima Lucha Dos, and at the beginning of Season 3 a flashback to the same night as his return saw the Worldwide Underground subjecting him to a brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown as payback for his interference, including having his leg repeatedly slammed in a car door. He returned mid-Season for Aztec Warfare III, but was only around a short time before being injured again, and had to sit out until Ultima Lucha Tres. The performer just seemed to having the worst timing with his injuries. He pretty much saw the writing on the wall between Seasons 3 and 4 and asked for his release, necessitating the Killed Offscreen situation above.
  • Ricky Morton: Had the "honor" of being the teammate to get the snot beaten out of him the most in the Trios tournament... and yet he KEPT GOING and actually made the tourney-winning move when he did the splash from on top of Dario Cueto's office to the ring.
  • Spot Monkey: Has TWICE done what's still considered to be the craziest stunt pulled yet on Lucha Underground: hitting a flying move into the ring from on top of Dario Cueto's office. The first time, it was a flying crossbody on The Crew, the second time it was a missile dropkick on Cortez Castro while he was on top of a ladder. Both times, it looked like he died performing it. And both times the crowd (and Vampiro) went absolutely apeshit.
    • Pulled off a third dive from the top of the stands at Ultima Lucha, a flying crossbody to the Disciples of Death at ringside.
    • Made his long-anticipated return in Season 3 by doing another dive off the top of the office onto the World Wide Underground during Aztec Warfare III, leading to Johnny Mundo's elimination at the hands of Sexy Star.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: Yes indeed.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With Son of Havoc and Ivelisse during the first Lucha Trios tournament. Havoc was done with Ivelisse's bossy attitude, Ivelisse played the jilted lover wanting revenge, and unless Angelico was somehow flirting with Ivelisse he just asked what the hell he was doing there. However, all three of them were professional enough to keep their differences outside the ring and actually delivered when the time came.

    Mr. Pec-Tacular 

Mr. Pec-Tacular

Infamous for his run and subsequent appearances on Big Brother, as well as for his time in TNA. Made his debut in Aztec Warfare IV, but was eliminated by Pentagon Dark. A few weeks later, he was set to have his first one-on-one match, but unfortunately Antonio Cueto intervened with a new match concept: "Sacrifice to the Gods". After being defeated by Matanza, he became the first of the Monster's sacrifices to the Aztec Gods.
  • First Appearance: "El Jefe" (Season 4, episode 1)
  • Last Appearance: "Pain, Love and Sacrifice to the Gods" (Season 4, episode 4)
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 5 (Aztec Warfare IV)

    The Crew 

The Crew (Cortez Castro/Veneno (AKA Officer Reyes), Mr. Cisco (AKA Francisco Garza), Bael)
Dario Cueto's goon squad, who he uses to beat the shit out of anyone who displeases him. The initial lineup was Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco and Big Ryck as the leader, with Bael joining up later. Eventually, The Crew turned on Big Ryck under Cueto's orders. The Crew were the one true stable in Lucha Underground, rarely fighting on their own and using their coordinated fighting style and numbers to their advantage. The Crew disappeared for a while after Big Ryck took sweet revenge on them, but they returned under Cueto's orders to lay a beating on the winning team of the Trios tournament, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico. The latter had just weathered the storm of beating the two monster teams of Cage, Texano, and King Cuerno, and Big Ryck, The Mack and Killshot, but despite this, the Crew still failed to attain the titles. After getting some motivation by being introduced to Matanza, The Crew had a chance to redeem themselves and win The Trios Championship in a ladder match, but once again the champs proved exactly why they're the champs. Dario, once again not pleased with The Crew, brought them to Matanza and forced them to choose which one of them would be punished for their failure. Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco turned on Bael and forced him near Matanza's cage, resulting in his very gory demise. The remaining members of The Crew served as bodyguards to Chavo Guerrero Jr., who was promised protection by Dario Cueto against the Mexican wrestlers gunning for his head after laying out Blue Demon Jr., and, surprisingly, Blue Demon Jr. himself after Demon attacked Texano.

Season 2 made a major reveal about The Crew that will have huge ramifications into the events transpiring within the Temple: Cortez Castro is actually Officer Reyes, a police undercover agent who infiltrated The Crew in order to investigate the Temple and arrest Dario Cueto. Due to Castro's failure to locate Cueto while Catrina was in control of the Temple, his superior, Captain Vasquez, assigned Joey Ryan as his backup to further move the investigation along. Castro and Cisco continued to assist Chavo, with the three defeating Texano in a gauntlet match, but losing to Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc in a Trios contest. Later, Chavo demanded that Castro and Cisco assist him to defeat Texano in a bullrope match, but the two walked out on him instead. Picked up a win over Johnny Mundo and Taya after Cage scared Mundo away. Were entered in the Trios tournament, alongside Joey Ryan, and won their first round match. Unfortunately for them, they did not win the finals. Unfortunately for Castro, Dario Cueto was informed that there may be police moles within the Temple. Joey Ryan's impromptu investigation of Cueto's office resulted in their cover being blown as Cisco walked in on them, with Castro having to arrest Cisco to cover. With Cisco's rapsheet a mile long, Captain Vasquez attempted to cut a deal with him and recruit him as a mole. Though tension existed between Castro and Cisco as a result, they still teamed together and with Ryan in a losing attempt to claim Aztec Medallions. Cisco, having accepted the deal, entered Cueto's office while wearing a wire while Castro and Ryan listened in, but was quickly found out by Cueto and bludgeoned to death with the bull statue. As Cueto was arrested after Ultima Lucha Dos, Cisco's death was not in vain and Castro and Ryan were able to secure enough evidence via his sacrifice to make the arrest stick. Unfortunately, the arrest was not at their hands, causing a rift to form between Castro and Ryan.

Castro was suspended from the case by Vasquez, until he could choose which side he was on. He would later confirm that he had sided with Vasquez. With his identity being outed to Dario, it was only a matter of time before El Jefe caught up to him. When he did, he subtly indicated that he knew Castro's identity by giving him a match against Pentagon Dark, who destroyed him before breaking his arm. Castro, still injured, later received a shot at Matanza courtesy of "Dario's Choice" on the Dial of Doom. Though he fought back, he was fairly quickly defeated, and Dario not-so-subtly indicated that he knew he was a mole. Castro returned to Vasquez, and was assigned another undercover identity, along with a mask. Castro, as Veneno, returned to the Temple, but his debut under this new identity did not go well, as he ran straight into a Gauntlet-empowered Cage. Post-match, he was attacked by Sexy Star, who tried to associate him with the tarantulas plaguing her. Veneno reappeared during the first round of the Cueto Cup, but was destroyed by Mil Muertes. Undeterred by his failure, Vasquez revealed to him that Cage had murdered Councilman Delgado in City Hall and assigned him a new task: bring her the Gauntlet. He was not pleased to hear this, saying that there wasn't a man alive that could take it from him. As Ryan had suspected him to be Veneno, he was placed in a lucha de apuesta (mask vs. mask) against Sexy Star. The match had barely gotten underway when Ryan ran out to ringside and unmasked Veneno, revealing that he was indeed Castro all along and getting the match thrown out in the process. Castro attacked Ryan after Ryan's match with Sexy Star, then stormed into Cueto's office, admitting that he was indeed a cop and receiving a match with Ryan for an Aztec Medallion. The match, a 5-0 Street Fight, ended with a bloodied Castro triumphing over his former partner and earning the Medallion, to the delight of the Believers. Competed for the Gift of the Gods, but did not win. Also competed in a unique opportunity battle royal at Ultima Lucha Tres, but again did not win.

Castro made one appearance during Season 4, where he became the second of Matanza's sacrifices to the Aztec Gods.
  • First Appearances: "Welcome to the Temple" (Castro and Cisco) (Season 1, episode 1), "Top of the Ladder" (Bael) (Season 1, episode 7), "Gods Among Men" (Castro as Veneno) (Season 3, episode 19)
  • Last Appearances: "Fight to the Death" (Bael) (Season 1, episode 29), "Ultima Lucha Dos; Week Two" (Cisco) (Season 2, episode 25), "Sacrificio" (Castro) (Season 4, episode 5)
  • Former Feuds: Black Lotus, Dragon Azteca, Prince Puma, Johnny Mundo, Sexy Star, Mascarita Sagrada, Pimpinela Escarlata, Big Ryck, Blue Demon Jr., Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico, Texano
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 3, 10, and 11 (Cisco, Bael, and Castro; Aztec Warfare I)

  • Aborted Arc: His role as an undercover cop, after Season 3.
  • Bodyguarding a Badass: They were assigned to be the backup of Chavo Guerrero Jr. before they walked out on him, as well as having backed up Blue Demon Jr. prior to the end of Season 1.
  • Charlie Brown from Outta Town: Castro's second undercover identity, Veneno.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: If El Jefe ordered someone taken down, they complied. Even one of their own. They did so twice, with Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco and Bael turning on Big Ryck, then Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco betraying Bael. Both had technically backstabbed Dario Cueto as well, as Castro was an undercover cop and Cisco accepted Captain Vasquez's deal.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Reyes as Veneno suffered the single worst one of these in the entire series at the hands of Mil Muertes during the first round of the Cueto Cup, not getting even a single move off before he was speared to the ground, beaten into submission, subjected to the Flatliner and pinned with ease. He'd done better facing Matanza with a broken arm!
    • Castro caught a second one against Matanza in Season 4, as he was quickly destroyed then Sacrificed.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Cisco nearly told Dario Cueto that Castro and Joey Ryan were rifling through his desk, not because they were undercover cops looking for evidence or that Ryan was attempting to swipe Dario's money, but because they didn't invite him along to rob El Jefe!
  • The Dividual: The Crew rarely ever fought singles, preferring to do trios matches, in which they excelled. Even after Bael's demise, they continued to do this until Cisco's death, with first Chavo Guerrero Jr. then Joey Ryan filling the empty spot.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Bael was one of the two unnamed wrestlers who ran in at the end of episode 2 and got waffled with a chair by Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • Eye Scream: When Mr. Cisco took a lit cigar to Big Ryck's right eye.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: We didn't see Matanza chomping on Bael's face, but we did see Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco get bathed in blood from it.
    • Similarly, we didn't see Cisco getting beaten to death, but we saw the blood on the bull statue and on Cueto's hand afterward.
  • Heels: No duh.
    • Though not as clear-cut in Cortez Castro's case, and Mr. Cisco started to get positive reactions from the Believers before his death.
  • Insistent Terminology: It was MR. Cisco.
  • Killed Off for Real: Poor, poor Bael. Poor Cisco as well. And finally, poor Castro.
  • The Mole: Cortez Castro was an undercover cop! Cisco was one as well, having been offered a deal after his arrest, and it got him killed.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: The Crew first laid one of these on Big Ryck after the failures he had against Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo. Then they laid a HORRIBLE one on Pimpinela Escarlata and Mascarita Sagrada during a trios match (the third member being Sexy Star). Pimpi and Mascarita were so destroyed that they vanished from the show for months.
    • And they did it again with a bad beating on Blue Demon Jr.
  • Only in It for the Money: The Crew were uncomplicated folk. You paid them and they did the job, simple as that.
    • Except that, in Cortez Castro's case, it was only a ruse. He was an undercover cop investigating Dario Cueto.
  • Professional Butt-Kissers: Of Dario Cueto's butt, to be precise.
  • Put on a Bus: They disappeared from the Temple for a while after the beating they got from Big Ryck.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: They may have been on the heel side, but Bael certainly didn't deserve to be outright killed by Matanza. It was for no other purpose than to establish that the guy meant business.
  • The Scapegoat: Bael was this for Cisco and Castro when it came time to blame someone for not winning the Trios championship.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Castro and Joey Ryan did NOT get along, but they worked together on their undercover mission to apprehend Dario Cueto, at least until Ryan betrayed Castro and sided with Dario.
  • Terrible Trio: Mr. Cisco was the Jack-of-All-Trades, Cortez Castro was the Lightning Bruiser and Bael was The Brute.
  • Trios Team: While all the other tag teams or trios in Lucha Underground are composed of singles wrestlers teaming up, The Crew were the only true tag trio in the Temple 'til Bael's demise. They tried this again by associating with Joey Ryan, but in-fighting and Cisco's demise soon put a stop to it.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: On a few different occasions, Matt Stryker and Vampiro asked 'Whatever happened to that Bael guy?' on commentary, being unaware of his demise.

    Mascarita Sagrada 

Mascarita Sagrada
No wrestler embodies the tenet that size doesn't matter like Mascarita Sagrada. One of Mexico's legendary mini-luchadores, Mascarita came to the Temple to compete, since the Temple's non-exclusive policy allowed him to fight anyone that gets in his way. So far, he has proven more than capable of hanging with the big boys, but unfortunately for him, while Dario Cueto has claimed that his Temple is open to anyone who wants to fight, seeing the reality in action has NOT made him a happy man. Thinking both him and partner Pimpinela Escarlata unworthy of the honor of fighting in his Temple, Dario Cueto had them both destroyed by The Crew. After four months of recovering, Masacarita returned to the Temple ready to fight, allying once again with Pimpinela Escarlata and newcomer Bengala, but once again he received a brutal beating, this time from Catrina's newest imports, the Disciples of Death. Returned once more to compete for an Aztec Medallion, but was eliminated midway through.

After disappearing for the rest of Season 1 and part of Season 2, he returned to compete in Aztec Warfare II, impressing Famous B. enough to receive a personal visit and a business card. Famous B. and Sagrada officially debuted as a manager/wrestler team on the May 4 episode, competing for an Aztec Medallion against... Cage. Not the best booking decision Famous B. ever made. Cage destroyed Sagrada in seconds, but Famous B. consoled him afterwards, saying "you'll get him next time!" Ever the optimist. Later competed in a four-way match against Kobra Moon, Daga, and Argenis, only to once again lose. His third outing, against Joey Ryan, didn't go too well either. Sagrada's next loss, against Daga for an Aztec Medallion, was the final straw for Famous B., and he beat his now-former charge down with his shoe. Sagrada disappeared again after the beatdown, and Famous B. moved on to Dr. Wagner Jr. as his client.

Mascarita returned to face Wagner Jr. early in Season 3 and was quickly destroyed. Sagrada paid a visit to a recuperating Son of Havoc, bonding with him over their mutual hatred of Famous B. Sagrada returned to the Temple in Son of Havoc's sidecar to take on Wagner Jr. and Famous B. in a tag match, but was ultimately pinned by the latter. He and Havoc spoke to Dario Cueto, who not only granted Sagrada a match against Famous B., but would allow the winner of Havoc vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. to select a stipulation for it. Havoc won, and at Sagrada's request, he selected a Believers' Backlash match, with the Believers bringing weapons to use. Sagrada won the Believers' Backlash match, then cut the head off a Famous B cardboard standee before receiving a vest from Havoc. He competed in Aztec Warfare III, but was quickly eliminated by Matanza. While working out backstage, he was confronted by the Rabbit Tribe, who proclaimed him their leader. He responded that they were crazy and walked away. Once again walked away from the Rabbits backstage, as they once again proclaimed him their leader who would send them to Valhalla. Was defeated in the Cueto Cup by Pindar with assistance from Kobra Moon, though he held his own against the General before losing. Sagrada paid a visit to the Rabbit Tribe, bringing in a huge present - which turned out to be a lucky rabbit's foot. Drawn into the Invisible Cult's business via the kutte that he had been given by Son of Havoc, he faced and was defeated by Son of Madness, barely escaping having his kutte taken from him by the intervention of security, Havoc, and Paul London, the latter of whom carried Sagrada away. Competed in a unique opportunity battle royal at Ultima Lucha Tres, re-uniting with old partner Pimpinella Escarlata along the way, but did not win. After Ultima Lucha, he spoke to the Rabbit Tribe, once again stating that he was not the White Rabbit, but that he would take them to him, asking them to follow.

True to his word, Mascarita led them to the White Rabbit, but was murdered by London on the White Rabbit's orders.
  • First Appearance: "Crossing the Border" (Season 1, episode 3)
  • Last Appearance: "Sacrificio" (Season 4, episode 5)
  • Former Feuds: The Crew, El Mariachi Loco, Son of Havoc, The Disciples of Death, Famous B., Dr. Wagner Jr.
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 17 (Aztec Warfare I), 11 (Aztec Warfare II), 14 (Aztec Warfare III)

  • Ambiguous Situation: In "Sacrificio", it wasn't really clear if Mascarita knew ahead of time whether the White Rabbit was going to order the Rabbit Tribe to kill him or not, as he looked fairly relaxed the entire time. It made viewers wonder whether Mascarita was oblivious to it all and believed Paul London wouldn't do it, or if he was also under the influence of the White Rabbit and was okay with being killed. Considering how the screen warped when London hit Mascarita, it could be entirely possible that the event never actually occurred and everyone was just on an incredibly bad trip!
  • Bash Brothers: With Son of Havoc in Season 3. After getting his long-awaited revenge on Famous B, Son of Havoc gave Mascarita a black leather just like his own which Mascarita put on.
  • Captain Obvious: He noted that the Rabbit Tribe were absolutely loco when they first encountered him in Season 3 and proclaim him as the White Rabbit of their tribe. Unfortunately for him, they take it as a compliment.
  • Famous Last Words: "Hey, muchachos [Rabbit Tribe]! The White Rabbit will see you now!"note 
  • Flipping the Bird: Flipped off a Famous B. commercial during Season 3.
  • Fragile Speedster: His smaller size made any move he took that much more devastating, but he was ridiculously fast for his size.
  • Legacy Character: He was originally a mascota (mascot) wrestler, taking the mini identity of luchador Mascara Sagrada.
    • He was also about the 7th person to use the name Mascarita Sagrada, and was not known to have used the mask himself anywhere.
  • Meaningful Name: His name meant "Little Sacred Mask", making allusion to the importance of masks in Mexican lucha libre.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Just wanted to take the Rabbit Tribe to see The White Rabbit (whether as thanks for London rescuing him from Son of Madness or just to get them off his back is unclear)...London pays him back by bludgeoning him to death.
  • Noodle Incident: Mascarita was somehow familiar with the White Rabbit, seeing as he took the Rabbit Tribe to this eponymous figure. How exactly did Mascarita know about him? Better yet, was Mascarita also under the White Rabbit's influence?
  • Odd Trio: Feminine but badass Sexy Star, tiny but manly Mascarita Sagrada and taller yet... feminine Pimpinela Escarlata.
    • He rather unexpectedly teamed up with Son of Havoc in Season 3 so they could avenge their respective beefs with Famous B and his new client, Dr. Wagner Jr. They even hung out together at Havoc's mother's house while planning their revenge.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: It was seriously a thing to behold someone so small pull off moves on guys with so much of a size advantage on him.
    • Could legitimately bench press 300 pounds. Which for a normally sized person would be like benching the Big Show.
  • Put on a Bus: He didn't come back for a while after the horrible beating he received at the hands of The Crew.
    • The Bus Came Back: Until four months had passed for him to recover from the beatdown. He then caught another beatdown at the hands of the Disciples of Death and was back out for a while.
      • Came back sooner than anticipated, as he competed for Fenix's vacated Aztec Medallion.
      • Showed up again for Aztec Warfare II and became Famous B's first client. Separated from Famous B almost half a season later, but stuck around 'til his aforementioned death.
  • Rapid-Fire "No!": Any time Paul London told him that he was the White Rabbit, Mascarita only replied with "No no no no no" alongside a Finger Wag. Turned out Mascarita knew the actual White Rabbit.
  • Shoot the Messenger: Lead The Rabbit Tribe to the White Rabbit and then was killed off when The White Rabbit told London to kill Mascarita as proof that London would do anything for the White Rabbit's guidance.
  • Suicidal Overconfidence: Challenged Big Ryck to a solo fight during Aztec Warfare I. Naturally, Mascarita got creamed and eliminated, but Ryck gave him points for courage.
    • Happened again in a big way during Aztec Warfare III, where he slid into the ring and tried to go 1-on-1 with Matanza. Unsurprisingly, Matanza scooped him up and treated him to a double-spinning Wrath of the Gods. He never had a chance.
  • Taking You with Me: How he eliminated Super Fly from the Aztec Medallion battle royal, as he eliminated himself in the process.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Had this reaction when he found out who he was facing for a Medallion. Upon seeing he had to fight Cage, Mascarita immediately dropped to his knees and began praying.
  • Troll: In possibly a way to get the Rabbit Tribe away from him, he gave a peace offering in the form of a large gift box. After the Rabbit Tribe took the time to open it, what did they find inside? A rabbit's foot. Cut to scene of the Tribe freaking out in horror.
  • Unwanted False Faith: Got annoyed with London calling him The White Rabbit whenever they interacted to the point that he takes London and the other Rabbit Tribe members to the real one.

    Vinnie Massaro 

Vinnie Massaro

Known for not having the easiest time in competition, his proclivity for eating, and his well-timed flatulence, Vinnie Massaro came to the Temple early in Season 1, but unfortunately ran straight into Pentagon Jr., who snapped his arm like a twig. After a few weeks of being out of commission because of Pentagon's attack, he came back for a four-way match, only to get brutalized AGAIN, this time by Texano. This would put him out for longer, until a battle royal for an Aztec Medallion near the end of the Season, where he was eliminated.

Massaro did not appear during Season 2, but would turn up during Season 3. Humorously, Massaro would later claim in a since-deleted tweet that he spent the entirety of Season 2 eating in the men's room. For some reason, he attacked Joey Ryan during a free-for-all involving much of the roster, with his actions going completely unexplained afterward. Massaro appeared again later during Season 3, speaking to Kobra Moon after Moon had spoken to Drago, sarcastically commenting that he thought that it was the men's room. Massaro would show up again during another heated moment between Drago and Kobra Moon, exiting quickly after saying that he'd use the ladies' room. He entered the Cueto Cup, but was unfortunate enough to draw Cage as an opponent, and though he put up a good fight, he was eliminated. He later competed and lost in a unique opportunity battle royal at Ultima Lucha Tres.

Massaro competed in Aztec Warfare IV, but not before stiffing a pizza delivery guy who had requested payment. While attempting to eat his pizza during the match, he was attacked by Pentagon and subsequently eliminated after receiving a Pentagon Driver on the pizza. Later on, he received a pizza from Antonio Cueto and was disgusted to discover that it was pineapple, then horrified to learn that he was to be a Sacrifice to the Gods. Though he fared better against Matanza than any of the previous Sacrifices, he was soon felled by the Monster. Along with the same pizza delivery guy from before who had attempted to rifle through his pockets for payment, he was sacrificed.
  • First Appearance: "Caged Animals" (Season 1, episode 16)
  • Last Appearance: "The Gift That Keeps On Giving" (Season 4, episode 6)
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 9 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Can't Catch Up: Though he did put in admirable effort where it counted, he ultimately came up short every time.
  • The Chew Toy: Pretty much on the show to get squashed brutally.
  • Gasshole: While Kobra Moon was giving Vinnie Massaro a Death Glare for interrupting her moment with Drago, Massaro just shrugs, takes another bite of his lunch and lets rip an audible fart. Farted again while departing from the room after interrupting Moon and Drago again.
  • Hate Sink: For some reason, the Temple crowd REALLY hates Vinnie Massaro. He gets booed as badly as Texano (pre-turn) or The Crew get. In fact, after he got wrecked by Texano, the crowd started to actually CHEER Texano!
    • During a dark match he had a valet who introduced him as "Vincent Kennedy Massaro", which might explain the intense heat with the live crowd.
  • Hope Spot: Massaro's battle against Matanza to keep from being sacrificed, as he fared much better than previous sacrifices Mr. Pec-Tacular and Cortez Castro. Unfortunately, however, he was still added to the list.
  • Jobber: Straight up been a jobber since the beginning.
  • Joke Character: More than just a jobber, Vinnie has been reduced to the level of a comedy act. During his brief appearance in Aztec Warfare 4, his only actions were to order a pepperoni pizza (and refuse to pay for it), bring it into the ring and eat a slice in Pentagon's face, then suffer a Pentagon Driver on the pizza. Even his demise at Matanza's hands involved a Wrath of the Gods and the resulting sacrifice on a pineapple pizza.
  • Put on a Bus: Happened to him after being manhandled by Pentagon Jr.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Massaro's lackadaisical attitude going into the match against the Gauntlet-powered Cage suggested he either pays so little attention to the other wrestlers that he had no idea who Cage even was, or he had a deathwish. He started by trash-talking Cage to his face, then slapping him. And then he made it worse by messing with Cage's Gauntlet, causing Cage to put it on and beat the shit out of him with it once the match was over.

    Pindar and Vibora 

Pindar and Vibora
Pindar (left) & Vibora (right)
The two remaining great generals of the Reptile Tribe. Their queen, Kobra Moon, dispatched them to retrieve Drago (heavily implied to be the third of their number). They both wear scaly reptile masks. Drago expressed surprise that Pindar was still alive. Pindar is responsible for the demise of Daga. Pindar attacked Drago during Drago's match against Kobra Moon; while Aerostar and Fenix were able to fend him off, Moon summoned Vibora, who handily dispatched both interlopers, and both generals carried Drago off on Moon's orders. They would later assist Moon in confronting and once again destroying Aerostar and Fenix, this time in the men's room. Both teamed with Drago (who had been forced into it by Moon) to take on and defeat the Rabbit Tribe, then were attacked and run off by Aerostar and Fenix. Challenged for the Trios titles, winning them after Drago turned on his partners to rejoin them. Pindar entered the Cueto Cup, defeating Mascarita Sagrada in the first round with the help of Kobra Moon. Vibora, on the other hand, lost his first round Cueto Cup match by countout to Paul London (thanks to Saltador and Mala Suerte hiding under the ring and grabbing his ankles), and was berated by Moon afterward. Pindar was scheduled to compete in the second round of the Cueto Cup against Cage, but Cage was disqualified for attacking the referee after refusing to remove his Gauntlet of the Gods. He was defeated in the quarterfinals by Fenix, which displeased Moon. Both appeared to save their queen from receiving a Stunner from The Mack after his match with Drago. Lost the Trios titles to The Mack, Killshot, and Dante Fox at Ultima Lucha Tres.

Having disappointed his Queen for the last time, Pindar was slain at her behest by Daga.

Vibora was sicced on Johnny Mundo by an upset Moon after Daga was eliminated from Aztec Warfare IV, the two destroying their target and leaving him to be eliminated. After Moon and Daga were defeated by Mundo and Taya with the assistance of PJ Black, Vibora attacked all three, destroying them, then helped Moon and Daga torment Taya and Black. Vibora would soon face Mundo directly. Despite absorbing a lot of punishment during the match, he went on to win, then helped the rest of the Reptiles run off the attacking Worldwide Underground. Alongside Drago, Vibora intervened in an attempted beatdown by the Worldwide Underground on Daga after Daga had defeated Black, and was soon attacked by Black, Taya, Mundo, and Ricky. Even though Black introduced kendo sticks into the mix, he handily dispatched all four. Later, he discovered that Mundo and Taya had infiltrated the Reptile Temple, fighting both until Taya attacked him with a baseball bat. She would then decapitate him with the same sword used against Pindar.
  • First Appearances: "The Bulls of Boyle Heights" (Season 3, episode 14)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Tres, Week Four" (Pindar) (Season 3, episode 40), "The Ranks of the Reptiles" (Vibora) (Season 4, episode 8)
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Reptile (both Pindar and Vibora have been acknowledged as two of the three Great Generals)
  • Former Feuds: Fenix, Aerostar, Johnny Mundo, Taya, PJ Black, Jack Evans, Ricky Mundo

  • Animal Motifs: Pindar's mask strongly resembled the head of a Horned Lizard (also known as a Horned Toad).
  • Co-Dragons: To Kobra Moon.
  • Combination Attack: During their tag match with Drago against the Rabbit Tribe, Pindar hoisted Mala Suerte up onto his shoulders. Vibora then used his height to deliver a massive big boot to Mala Suerte's head, causing him to spin around on Pindar's shoulders, straight into a devastating sit-out powerbomb. Later, when Drago betrayed Fenix and Aerostar to rejoin the Reptile Tribe for real, they finished Aerostar with another combination move where Pindar and Vibora held him up off the mat between them by his arms and legs while Drago delivered a dive off the turnbuckle to hit him in mid-air.
  • Fan Nickname: Within moments of his first appearance in the Temple, the Believers dubbed Vibora "Luchasaurus". It later ascended, as the performer himself began to use it on Twitter and outside the Temple. He also acquired the online nickname "Undersnaker" for his height and use of the Chokeslam and Tombstone Piledriver as finishers.
  • The Giant: While his actual performer was not really that big (about 6'5", though commentary billed him at 7'), when Vibora entered the ring after Fenix and Aerostar rushed in to reinforce Drago against Pindar, he looked titanic. He towered over everyone else, crushing Fenix and Aerostar with a double chokeslam then hit the already-stunned Drago with a Tombstone Piledriver before casually tossing him over his shoulder and carrying him off.
  • Killed Off for Real: Pindar was executed by Daga at the behest of Kobra Moon. Vibora was later beheaded by Taya.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In a way, perhaps the reason for Vibora's loss by the loony Rabbit Tribe was mostly to avenge how Pindar defeated Mascarita Sagrada (who the Rabbits thought was the White Rabbit at the time) thanks to Kobra Moon's interference the week before.
  • Lizard Folk: Those sure were amazingly convincing-looking masks they were wearing. Uh, they were masks... weren't they...?
  • Not Quite Dead: Drago apparently believed Pindar to be dead and was shocked to hear from Kobra Moon that he lived.
  • Off with His Head!: Pindar was decapitated by Daga with a broadsword. Vibora was later decapitated by Taya with the same sword.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Over a thousand years old, much like Drago.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Pindar, like several before him, didn't take Mascarita Sagrada seriously at all during their first round match in the Cueto Cup... and copped quite a beating for it.


Trapped between two worlds... or is she?
A mysterious individual, Catrina appeared at Lucha Underground with a purpose unknown to any. First serving as an associate of Mil Muertes and giving background on him in promos and videos detailing his past, she would watch as he battled and destroyed his opponents in the ring. After each victory, she would crawl into the ring, get on the battered opponent and give him the Lick of Death. However, after Muertes failed to win Aztec Warfare I and lost against Fenix, she began to grow dissatisfied with him, believing that he did not have the power to contain a thousand deaths, and turned her eyes onto Fenix. This proved to be the end of her and Muertes' relationship. After Fenix defeated Muertes in Grave Consequences, she disappeared to parts unknown...

...until she reappeared at the end of episode 26, bringing Mil Muertes back to life. It turned out that Catrina was manipulating Fenix from the beginning in order to make Mil Muertes stronger than ever before, and she also brought with her a trio of dark wrestlers called the Disciples of Death. Catrina finally revealed herself for what she really was: the true leader of the diabolical group, calling the shots of four of the most formidable and scary wrestlers in the Temple. She set her sights on obtaining not only the Lucha Underground Championship, but the Trios Titles as well, and succeeded in attaining both for her charges at Ultima Lucha. Catrina would soon usurp Dario Cueto's position of proprietor of the Temple after he left, making her takeover of Lucha Underground complete. Unfortunately for Catrina, her dominion would not stay absolute, as Muertes soon rebelled against her rule and her chosen champions lost their titles. Surprisingly, she would also show regret for betraying Fenix, with the two sharing one last kiss before Fenix defeated Muertes for the Lucha Underground Championship. With all of her titles lost, Catrina's rule over the Temple was quickly slipping away, but she had one last card to play. She decreed that Fenix had to defend his title in Aztec Warfare II and Catrina put him at the No. 1 spot, while letting Muertes go at No. 20. However, this plan blew up in her face when Pentagon Jr. attacked Muertes from behind with a chair, and other luchadors ganged up to quickly eliminate him from Aztec Warfare II. Catrina's grip on the Temple was finally broken when Dario Cueto returned and inserted Matanza into the match, who destroyed everyone left to win the title. Two weeks later, she returned, directing Muertes to attack Matanza, sparing Fenix from a further beating from the Monster in the process. She would soon inform Muertes that he would receive a match for the Championship, officially setting him on a collision course with the Monster. After Muertes sent both himself and Matanza crashing through the roof of Dario's office, El Jefe declared war on Catrina. Catrina bargained for a rematch between Mil and Matanza, and Dario granted one — in Graver Consequences, the one Lucha Underground match that was guaranteed to lead to certain death for the loser. Once again, Muertes did not survive, and Catrina herself was placed into a casket...but when Cueto opened the casket after the match, she had vanished. Returned to once again resurrect Mil Muertes from the glass case he had been placed in, and was present when he attacked King Cuerno. After Muertes was defeated by Cuerno, she relayed to Dario Cueto that Muertes had demanded a Death match against Cuerno for Ultima Lucha Dos, a demand that was granted. She was on hand as Muertes defeated Cuerno. Later teleported to the ring during Ivelisse's match against Taya, attacking her and causing her to lose before proclaiming that death came to everyone, even the baddest bitches, before giving her the Lick of Death.

Catrina appeared during the first episode of Season 3 to accept a challenge from Ivelisse for Ultima Lucha Tres. She has been revealed to be in possession of half of an ancient Aztec amulet, the Piedra Immortal, which is possibly the source of her powers. Held Muertes back from further brawling with Prince Puma after Puma defeated Siniestro de la Muerte, then killed Siniestro herself, giving her minion's power to Muertes. Was on hand as Muertes wrecked Puma's chance to regain the title, and when Puma defeated Muertes. Accepted Puma's Grave Consequences challenge on behalf of Muertes. After threatening to leave Muertes in his grave if he lost again, she was on hand to watch Muertes win. She was also on hand to watch him be narrowly defeated in Aztec Warfare III. Encountering Jeremiah Crane backstage, she revealed that they had a very deep connection (claiming that Crane was in love with her and not Ivelisse) and that he had also stolen a piece of her stone. Was at ringside as Muertes lost another title opportunity, this time as part of the Battle of the Bulls tournament. Catrina appeared before Crane again, only to hear that Crane would be facing Muertes and that once Muertes was out of the way, Crane would have her (and presumably the rest of the stone) all to himself. Crane then walked through her. Was on hand when Muertes faced Crane and when Puma attacked Muertes. Catrina directed Muertes' ire towards Vampiro as the one who had brought Puma back, then was confronted by Crane and very pointedly told him that Muertes was not the person she was in love with, at the same time not even giving a hint towards that person's identity (not even a pronoun!). She was on hand as Muertes attacked Vampiro at ringside. Visited Puma backstage, seemingly empathizing with him over coming back from Grave Consequences before sharing a vision of him broken by Muertes and vanishing. Unfortunately, her vision would not come true, as Puma, with the assistance of Vampiro and a brick, defeated Muertes in a Boyle Heights Street Fight match. Ordered Mil Muertes to bring her the Cueto Cup. Appeared at the top of the Temple steps after Crane's match with Killshot, staring him down while he blew her a kiss. Accompanied Muertes to his match with Paul London, after which she gave London the Lick of Death. Appeared to Pentagon Dark backstage after his second round Cueto Cup match, reminding him that he had unfinished business with Mil Muertes before disappearing. Catrina was on hand as Muertes defeated Crane, but angered Muertes when, instead of the Lick of Death, she kissed Crane deeply.

Meeting with Captain Vasquez, she revealed that she had died once, then had been brought back to semi-life with her half of the Piedra Immortal. She struck a deal with Vasquez: Mil Muertes' assistance with procuring the Gauntlet of the Gods from Cage for the other half of the amulet, which would bring her back to life completely. She then left the office, revealing one final thing along the way: Vasquez is her mother. She went to Cage herself to try to get the Gauntlet from him, but was soundly rebuffed. She looked on as he attacked Muertes from behind with a weight, then seconded Muertes to the ring for his semifinal match against Pentagon Dark. Before winning the match, the pragmatic Pentagon kicked her in the face to prevent her from using the stone to assist Muertes, but afterward she did so to keep Pentagon from breaking his arm. Was threatened by Cage after receiving the Gauntlet that Crane had stolen from him, only to discover that the Gauntlet was powerful enough by itself to nullify her teleportation, forcing her to drop it to get away. As both Mil Muertes and Jeremiah Crane are in the running to receive the Gauntlet at Ultima Lucha Tres, it is currently possible that it will once again end up in her possession. Competed against Ivelisse at Ultima Lucha Tres; though she fought hard and even bloodied her opponent, Ivelisse grabbed the stone and clocked her with it before DDTing her for the win. The post-match interference of Crane allowed her to reclaim the stone and escape. Catrina calmly watched the three-way for the Gauntlet, then celebrated with Muertes, presenting him the Gauntlet before the lights went out and both were attacked by the returning King Cuerno. She was later seen looking on as Fenix and Melissa Santos left the Temple together, then glanced up at Jeremiah Crane, who was also watching.

She accompanied Muertes to Aztec Warfare IV, but left him at ringside after his elimination, seemingly upset at his failure. She attempted to reclaim the Gauntlet herself, but was foiled by King Cuerno, who informed her that the Gauntlet had been hidden away. She later introduced herself to Antonio Cueto, revealing her state to him and asking for a Grave Consequences match between Fenix and Mil Muertes. It was an apparent Plan B, as she counted on Muertes defeating Fenix to claim Fenix's life energy and fix her half-life. However, she did not count on Crane adding himself to the match. She watched closely as Muertes triumphed over both rivals, though she pushed him away to lavish attention on the casket containing Fenix. She later absorbed Fenix's life force, resurrecting herself while leaving him in an unknown state. She then taunted Melissa Santos with the knowledge before leaving her half of the Piedra Immortal with her. With her life restored, she debuted her new look to the Believers by accompanying Muertes to his match with Cage, but refused to give his fallen opponent the Lick of Death and left after symbolically giving one to him instead. Catrina's alliance with Muertes was further strained when she learned that he would be removed from the Gift of the Gods match, and she once again walked out without him. Catrina later appeared to Mack, warning him that Mil was coming for him, then revealing the fate of his cousin Big Ryck by opening a locker containing Ryck's skull. Catrina later went to Antonio offscreen and requested a match: Muertes vs. Mack in a Haunted House match. She accompanied Muertes to the aforementioned Haunted House match, and was incensed when Melissa Santos intentionally failed to announce her, confronting her and then attacking after Melissa again refused to announce her, sending the ring announcer to the hospital after slamming her face-first into a broken vase. She remained at ringside afterward, and once again refused to give the Lick of Death to Muertes' opponent.

Having finally gotten what she wanted out of their alliance, she told Muertes that she'd never loved him and that she wanted nothing to do with him, giving his stone back to him. Turning to walk away, she ran straight into Melissa Santos, and the two brawled all the way from Muertes' altar to the top of the Temple. She had the advantage, choking Melissa with the chain of the half of the Piedra Immortal she had given her, but Melissa turned the tables and left Catrina dangling from a railing. As Melissa hesitated whether to send her hated rival falling to her assumed death, Muertes appeared. She smirked at him, assuming he'd save her, but he remembered her words from moments before. He pulled her sole hand from the railing, returned the stone to her, and let her go, sending her falling, seemingly, to her death. Afterward, the life force she had taken from Fenix was taken back by Aerostar. It was later revealed that she had gotten the last laugh after all, as she had tainted Fenix's life force and helped transform him into what he soon became.

  • First Appearance: "Los Demonios" (Season 1, episode 2)
  • Last Appearance: "The Circle of Life" (Season 4, episode 13)
  • Former Feuds: Blue Demon Jr., Chavo Guerrero Jr., King Cuerno, Prince Puma, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico, Pentagon Jr., Vampiro, Cage, Ivelisse, Jeremiah Crane, Matanza Cueto, The Mack, Melissa Santos, Fenix (her Arch-Enemy...though their relationship is a lot more complicated than that, as she outright stated she loved him the most to his then-girlfriend Melissa Santos)

  • Ambiguously Bi: Was linked to Fenix, Mil Muertes, and Jeremiah Crane in an overtly romantic/sexual way, yet was quoted as saying that Ivelisse tasted the best out of everyone she's given the Lick of Death to, plus she stuck to gender-neutral pronouns when mentioning the unnamed person that she stated herself to be in love with before it was revealed to be Fenix.
  • Back from the Dead: Courtesy of absorbing Fenix's life force.
  • Big Bad: Not THE Big Bad, as that'd be Dario Cueto, but Catrina was the leader of her faction and proved herself to be one dangerous bitch. Having both the monstrous Mil Muertes and the Disciples of Death under her thumb made her a threat to anyone who opposed her.
    • At the start of season 2, she and Mil Muertes took advantage of Dario Cueto's forced absence to remake the temple in their image, making them the new Team Big Bad until Cueto returned and unleashed Matanza.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Jeremiah Crane.
  • Boy Meets Ghoul: She and Mil seemed to be in some kind of twisted relationship. Her relationship with Fenix was equally twisted.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Her resurrection to full life seemed to have caused this, as she wasn't able to teleport while falling to what was seemingly her death.
  • Dead All Along: She dropped plenty of hints towards being this, but who knows what she really was? It was later revealed that she wasn't dead...not entirely, anyway.
  • Evil Is Sexy: She certainly dressed the part. And Vampiro seemed to think so, mentioning he wouldn't mind if she gave him The Lick of Death.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Her animosity with Dario Cueto was very much this.
  • Fanservice Pack: As of Season 4, Catrina started wearing her ridiculously sexy ring gear as her default outfit. Her outfits gradually got skimpier over the Seasons, as well.
  • Femme Fatale: Oh is she ever. See High-Heel–Face Turn below.
  • Finishing Move: Barbie Crusher (double underhook sitout inverted atomic drop, as opposed to the La Rosa Driver used by Nikki Roxx).
  • Foe Romance Subtext: Her and Fenix, dear gods.
  • Foreshadowing: Season 2 had her say to Fenix that he could bring her back to life. Come Season 4, this was quite literally true, as she stole his life force to resurrect herself.
  • High-Heel–Face Turn: Subverted: she apparently did a face turn in Fenix's favor against Mil Muertes, but in episode 26, she herself was the one who brought Mil Muertes back to life, and then she confronted Fenix and revealed that it had been her plan all along for Fenix to beat Mil Muertes in order for him to come back stronger than ever before.
    • Later, however, she would express regret towards Fenix for her actions.
  • Lady in Red: After absorbing Fenix's life force.
  • Lick of Death: Symbolic version of the latter trope, she did it to fallen foes her men just took down, however she also did this on occasion to upcoming enemies backstage to send a message.
  • Love Triangle: Complicated. She commanded the loyalty and love of Mil Muertes, but admitted she didn't really love him. Despite manipulating him for her own ends, she still had residual feelings of genuine affection for Fenix, although he was done with her after she betrayed him and moved on to Melissa Santos. And Jeremiah Crane was a former lover of hers, who was still violently obsessed with getting her back, and Catrina didn't seem entirely disinterested in him.
  • MacGuffin: Possessed half of an ancient Aztec amulet, the Piedra Immortal, which was used to partially resurrect her. She later passed it to Melissa Santos after using Fenix's life force to completely resurrect herself.
  • Manipulative Bitch:
    • Tricked Fenix into aiding her and used him as a way to bring Mil Muertes not only back to life, but stronger than ever.
    • Had Mil Muertes completely snowed over until the very end, using him for her own ends.
    • Had Jeremiah Crane wrapped around her finger, doing her bidding and possibly giving him to Kobra Moon when she was done with him.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name evoked La Calavera Catrina, La Muerte herself; the glamourous, skull-faced female icon of Dia de Los Muertos in Mexican folk art and culture.
  • Neck Snap: How she did away with Siniestro de la Muerte.
  • Non-Action Girl: Did not participate in any matches until Ultima Lucha Tres, but would interfere if she had to. Her willingness to get involved was demonstrated fully at Ultima Lucha when she got into a fight with Ivelisse, securing the win and the Trios championship for the Disciples of Death in the process.
    • Dark Action Girl: She briefly sparred with Pentagon early in Season 2 and held her own. She first appeared in (extremely sexy) ring gear when she ambushed Ivelisse during her match with Taya at Ultima Lucha Dos, hitting her with a Barbie Crusher. Definitively became this at Ultima Lucha Tres, accepting a challenge to an actual match with Ivelisse, which got extremely brutal despite her eventual defeat.
  • No Sense of Personal Space: Dear God.
  • Nothing Personal: Had her eyes on the titles, both the Lucha Underground title and the Trios titles, but it was less about beating the people holding them and more about just getting the belts.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Possessed this ability, as she had a tendency to appear and disappear backstage whenever she felt the need to do so.
  • Oh, Crap!: Nothing more was really needed to get Matanza over as a nightmarish threat than the look of shocked horror on Catrina's face when Dario Cueto showed up at the end of Aztec Warfare II and announced he was entering his brother as the 21st entrant. Especially since she had previously bragged to Cueto that Muertes was more powerful than Matanza!
  • Older Than They Look: At least 197 years old, or so she said. Considering her mother was much older than that, it's entirely possible she was being truthful in that regard.
  • Summon Magic: Demonstrated the ability to summon Mil Muertes and the Disciples of Death (until their demise) by using Muertes' stone.
  • Unreliable Narrator: Pretty much any hint she dropped regarding just what in the heck she was could be taken with an entire salt shaker.
  • Villainous Breakdown: For practically the entire first season and the start of the second she was imperturbable, almost never showing signs of weakness or humanity, even when her plans were foiled. But when Pentagon ambushed Mil from behind during Aztec Warfare II, causing him to be eliminated the instant he was shoved into the ring and foiling her plan to retake the Championship, she completely lost it, blaming Vampiro for Pentagon's actions, hysterically screaming at him to get the hell out of the Temple, and slapping him in the face. It got even worse when Dario Cueto showed up almost immediately afterward, unleashing Matanza and reclaiming ownership of the Temple from her.
  • The Woman Behind The Man: From the way they acted initially, the impression was that Mil Muertes was the leader and Catrina the follower, but in fact, the opposite was true.

    Joey Wrestling 

Joey Wrestling

Johnny Mundo's longtime tag partner and best friend, he attended Mundo's wedding to Taya as Mundo's best man, and was attacked by Matanza as well. Incensed that the Monster had ruined Mundo's wedding (and obviously not catching on that Ricky Mundo and Rosa were responsible for Matanza's attack), he challenged Matanza on the couple's behalf, but became the seventh sacrifice Matanza made to the Aztec Gods.
  • First Appearance: "Til Death Do Us Part" (Season 4, episode 12)
  • Last Appearance: "The Circle of Life" (Season 4, episode 13)

    Rey Mysterio 

Rey Mysterio
Arguably the most famous and popular luchador in history on both sides of the border (sharing that honor with his long-time friend Eddie Guerrero), Rey Mysterio came to the Temple with one purpose: to avenge the legacy of his one-time mentor, Dragon Azteca. Rey was, at one time, chosen to wear the mask of Dragon Azteca as his successor, but Rey decided that he was not destined to wear that mask and instead forged his own legacy. However, he never forgot where he came from and who got him there, and upon learning of Dragon Azteca's demise, he answered Dragon Azteca Jr.'s call and made his way to Boyle Heights. Rey accepted Dragon Azteca Jr. not only as the legitimate successor of Dragon Azteca's legacy, but also as his student and ally, deciding to train DA Jr. and help him avenge their fallen master. After revealing Azteca's history and connection to the Cuetos to his student, Mysterio dissuaded him from the path of vengeance, instead encouraging him onto a new path: to unite the seven Aztec tribes. Mysterio received an invitation to Aztec Warfare II, entered at No. 2 and made it all the way to the end of the match, putting up a valiant fight against Matanza before losing. Despite his longstanding beef with Dario Cueto, the two made an uneasy truce, with Dario inviting Mysterio to compete in the Temple full-time. Mysterio then made plans to enter the Trios tournament, forming a tecnico dream team with Dragon Azteca Jr. and Prince Puma, the latter of whom he was revealed to have discovered on the streets, much like Dragon Azteca discovered DA Jr. The team competed against the unstable team of Cage, Taya, and Johnny Mundo, defeating them and advancing. Mysterio's team found their biggest success yet in the final round, winning the Lucha Underground Trios Championship, then successfully defending them against the makeshift team of Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Johnny Mundo. Unfortunately, Mundo teamed with Jack Evans and PJ Black in a successful effort to take the titles. A rematch went badly, and DA Jr. soon rebelled against Mysterio's teachings. Competed in a 12-person match for a chance at #1 Contendership, but his team lost. Accepted a challenge from Puma for Ultima Lucha Dos, and was on hand to see his student DA Jr. lose to Puma just before the big event, with Puma declaring that he would be next. Mysterio was able to defeat Puma at Ultima Lucha Dos.

A visibly bulked up Mysterio main evented the first episode of Season 3, defeating Pentagon Dark and nearly getting his arm broken before DA Jr. intervened on his behalf. He would soon be made special referee in a match between DA Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr., and inadvertently assist his student in defeating Chavo after Chavo struck him, before hitting his rival with the 619 post-match. Attacked Chavo after discovering that Chavo had attacked DA Jr. and was added to a triple threat with him and Pentagon. Was pinned by Pentagon, fended off a post-match attack by him, and was taken out by Chavo and a chair. Mysterio next spoke to Chavo Guerrero Sr., hinting that either he or Chavo Jr. would eventually be forced to leave the Temple, and the next week he made it official by asking Dario to schedule a "Loser Leaves Lucha" match between Chavo and himself. Almost was forced out of the Temple as Chavo conspired with his father to get a cheap win, but Dario Cueto intervened to get the match restarted and Rey would go on to pin his hated rival, removing him from the Temple for good. Competed in Aztec Warfare III and actually pinned Matanza before being attacked by the Monster and subsequently eliminated from the match by Johnny Mundo. He was removed from ringside on a stretcher. Unfortunately, the Monster wasnot finished with him yet, and demanded him in a match. Mysterio was visited by DA Jr., who had been attacked by Matanza as well. Though he tried to persuade DA Jr. that it was not his fight, DA Jr. insisted on going after Matanza himself. Mysterio returned to the Temple to check on DA Jr.'s condition following a Death Match with Matanza, and was immediately targeted by the Monster. In the ensuing fight, Mysterio sent him crashing through the roof of the backstage area. Concerned by Puma's alliance with Vampiro, he spoke to him backstage and was coldly rebuffed. Vampiro then appeared to him in a mirror, warning him to stay away from Puma. Meanwhile, Dario announced a future match between Mysterio and Mundo, with the winner to take on the winner of the Cueto Cup series for the LU Championship title.

Backstage, Mysterio met DA Jr. who expressed his excitement in competing for the Cueto Cup and his hope that Mysterio defeat Mundo for the title, then Prince Puma entered and expressed that same hope, as he wanted a rematch with Mysterio. He accompanied DA Jr. to ringside for his protege's Cueto Cup match against Dante Fox, but was ambushed during the match by Worldwide Underground. Took on and defeated PJ Black after interference by the Worldwide Underground was thwarted by DA Jr. Mysterio repaid his protege by saving him from a post-match attack by Mundo, but was held back by the Worldwide Underground while Mundo targeted his family instead, attacking his son Dominick with the title. During a face-to-face with Mundo, he beat up several security guards before being attacked by the Worldwide Underground and saved by DA Jr., Sexy Star, and The Mack, which led to a free-for-all involving much of the roster. He was also attacked by Prince Puma and Pentagon Dark. Mysterio came out on top during the brawl, hitting a 619 on Mundo and holding the title high. Though his son Dominick would interfere on his behalf, it was the interference of Dario Cueto that led to Mysterio losing the title match. Delivered a 619 to Cueto for interfering. Cueto called him to the ring and gave him the night off so that he would not interfere in Matanza's match against the Rabbit Tribe, threatening to fire DA Jr. if Mysterio did not agree. Mysterio would agree to save his protege's career, but promised to come after Cueto after he finished with Matanza. After once again bailing his protege out from being completely destroyed by Matanza, he faced and was defeated by the Monster before being further brutalized and carried away. He was later revealed to have been locked away in a cell adjacent to Matanza's.

Mysterio's presence, if any, in Season 4 is currently unknown. In the 4th episode it was implied that he was the shadowy silhouette that a rejuvenated Matanza was using as a punching bag, but not confirmed. He was later confirmed to have left Lucha Underground, officially rejoining WWE in September of 2018.
  • First Appearance: "The Dark and the Mysterious" (Season 2, episode 2), though his introductory scene from this episode was first broadcast in the Season 2 trailer.
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Tres, Part 4" (Season 3, episode 40)
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Eagle
  • Former Feuds: Chavo Guerrero Jr., Matanza Cueto, Johnny Mundo
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 2 (Aztec Warfare II), 8 (Aztec Warfare III)

  • Affectionate Nickname: Vampiro sometimes referred to him as "Little Rey-Rey", particularly when talking about how far back the two of them go together. Johnny Mundo also referred to him as "Rey-Rey", though not so fondly.
  • Badass Boast: To Prince Puma when accepting Puma's invitation to a match at Ultima Lucha Dos.
    Rey: "But you are still a Prince, and I am el rey ('the king')".
  • A Day in the Limelight: The first volume of the interquel comics featured him going to the States seeking the second Dragon Azteca, witnessing the Disciples of Death vaporizing luchadors and Vampiro getting admitted at the psychiatric ward in the process.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: He pinned Matanza!
  • Dream Team: With Dragon Azteca Jr. and Prince Puma.
  • Jumped at the Call: He may have refused the call to wear Dragon Azteca's mask, but he did NOT refuse the call to avenge him. He quickly answered Dragon Azteca Jr.'s call and took him under his wing as his new mentor and ally.
  • Living Legend: Literally NO ONE in the Temple is as big a name as Rey.
  • Legacy Character: Defied. Rey was chosen to wear the mask of Dragon Azteca as his successor, but he instead decided to forge his own legacy out of his mentor's shadow.
  • Mentor: Honored his master's memory by becoming one himself in service of Dragon Azteca Jr. Technically he was also this to Prince Puma, as he discovered him and introduced him to Konnan.
  • Refused the Call: As mentioned above, he refused to wear the mask of Dragon Azteca, instead allowing Dragon Azteca Jr. to carry the honor of their master's legacy.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: At the end of Aztec Warfare II, after Puma was eliminated by Matanza, Rey was left alone in the ring with the monster, who still hadn't even been knocked off his feet yet. As one of the very few men in the know about what Matanza really is, Rey's expression was utterly grim, because he knew he was going to be tested like he'd never been before (and had already been in the match since the start).

    Jack Evans 

Jack Evans
Jack Evans is a wrestler with big talent and an even bigger ego. In his very first match in the Temple against Aerostar, he proved both those facts in abundance, showcasing amazing acrobatic talent and a big mouth that only closes when it's being punched (which isn't often enough). While his first match did not go the way he planned, he bounced back by defeating Argenis and winning one of the Aztec Medallions, only to fail to win the Gift of the Gods at Ultima Lucha.

In Season 2 Episode 3, Jack managed a tainted win over Drago and antagonized him by claiming that his new sobriquet was "The Dragon Slayer". Jack eventually allied with PJ Black, who he had previously beaten thanks to ill-timed interference by Drago, to take on the team of Drago and Aerostar. Competed in Aztec Warfare II, only to be eliminated by Aerostar. Teamed with Black and Fenix for the Trios tournament, but failed to win the Trios titles. Later teamed with Black and Johnny Mundo (who had taken out Fenix backstage) in another chance at the Trios championships, this one successful. A rematch was just as successful, albeit by disqualification. Teamed with Black in a losing effort against Drago and Aerostar in a Nunchuck match. Lost the Trios titles at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Evans participated in the post-Ultima Lucha Dos attack on Angelico. In Season 3 he tagged with Taya and Black to challenge the Trios titles, and was a complete and utter load to his partners throughout the match, constantly tagging out and even refusing to stay on the apron, to the point where Taya had to drag him back to the ring by his topknot. Immediately after she did so, he exited the match again to sulk outside the ring, but eventually returned to help the rest of Worldwide Underground attack the Trios champs before being run off by Sexy Star. Was on the winning side of an Atomicos match along with the rest of Worldwide Underground. As he pinned Sexy Star during the Atomicos match, he received a shot at the Gift of the Gods, but despite the liberal interference of his partners he did not win. He ran in on Sexy's match against Mundo together with PJ to try and turn things in Mundo's favour, and while he was eventually driven off by The Mack, Mundo still managed to steal the win. Competed in Aztec Warfare III; was eliminated by The Mack but returned to assist Mundo in beating down Sexy Star before being attacked by Angelico. He joined the rest of the Worldwide Underground in celebrating Mundo's championship win. Evans interfered in Black's match against Sexy Star, inadvertently costing his partner the match when the interference went awry. Competed in the Battle of the Bulls; tried to convince Black to lay down from him, only to be double-crossed and pinned. Teamed with Black in a successful outing against Son of Havoc and Angelico, though he was injured in the process. Interfered alongside Black in Mundo's match against Mack, helping their leader to win the right to decide a stipulation for the later title match. Appeared with Mundo when his leader was cutting a vicious promo, but was run off by Mack. Suggested to have been injured by Mack, as he did not appear for Mundo's matches with Mack and Mundo showed concern for him after the second match.

Evans, with a bandana supporting his injured jaw, returned as part of the beatdown given to Mysterio by the Worldwide Underground. Along with the rest of the Worldwide Underground, he was introduced to Mundo's agent/lawyer, Benjamin Cooke. Though still injured, he helped PJ Black during Black's match with Mysterio, until they were run off by Dragon Azteca Jr. Evans, with his jaw wired shut, appeared with the rest of the Worldwide Underground as Dario Cueto instructed them not to interfere in Mundo's match with DA Jr. He would appear after the match with the others, holding Mysterio back while Mundo attacked his son Dominick. Evans, sporting a dry erase board, seconded the rest of the Worldwide Underground to the ring, then later watched as Mundo's agent berated them for losing to the Rabbit Tribe. Joined his brethren in attacking Mysterio during a face-to-face between Mysterio and Mundo, kicking off a free-for-all eventually involving much of the roster. After laughing at the newly renamed Ricky Mundo for changing his last name, he accompanied the Worldwide Underground to ringside and supported them as they teamed with Marty "The Moth" Martinez to defeat Prince Puma, Sexy Star, Cage, and Fenix.

Evans, his jaw fully healed, joined his teammates in attacking Prince Puma during Puma's match with Mundo at Ultima Lucha Tres, but was run off by Angelico.

Evans was present at a meeting of the Worldwide Underground and learned that the Reptile Tribe had declared war on them. He was also introduced to Ricky's doll, Rosa. When ordered by Mundo to call out one of the Reptiles, he chickened out. However, he did make a Put Up or Shut Up challenge (an open challenge), which was answered by the debuting (and victorious) XO Lishus. Chose not to join his factionmates in attacking the Reptile Tribe during Mundo's match with Vibora, instead choosing to scout Lishus as the latter worked out. He was then questioned by Ricky Mundo as to why he wasn't out there, then stormed out after insulting Rosa. Evans teamed with Joey Ryan to take on Lishus and Ivelisse, eventually making Lishus pass out in a submission. He wouldn't let go, even at his own tag partner's insistence, and was attacked and ran off by Ivelisse. Attended Taya and Mundo's wedding shower and gave them matching bandanas as a gift. Faced Lishus in a No Mas match, during which he attempted to outright murder Lishus via jumping down on his neck as he was laid out on a steel chair. It was only the intervention of Joey Ryan that put a stop to his plan. He was soon made to scream "No Mas" by Lishus. He was later seen crawling past the rest of his allies backstage, and they yelled at him to go put on his tuxedo. As a result of his match, he didn't actually attend the wedding, and was spared the wrath of Matanza. He hijacked the ring to announce that he would be leaving the Temple if Lishus wasn't immediately removed, which annoyed Antonio Cueto enough to make him announce Evans as the eighth sacrifice. Immediately backpedaling, Evans tried to run, but was caught by Matanza and eventually sacrificed.
  • First Appearance: "Ancient Medallions" (Season 1, episode 27)
  • Last Appearance: "Kill Mil" (Season 4, episode 16)
  • Former Feuds: Fenix, Drago, Aerostar, Angelico, Sexy Star, Rey Mysterio (by association with Johnny Mundo), Kobra Moon, Daga, Vibora (excluded from the WWU's feud with the Reptiles due to a dislike of snakes), XO Lishus, Ivelisse
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 8 (Aztec Warfare II), 11 (Aztec Warfare III)

  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Was he ever. He even made the claim that he is lucha.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Wasn't ashamed in the slightest of being a cheat to win. In his mind, it's just being smarter than his opponent.
  • Dance Battler: Used to be a major wrestling example of this in his younger years, and still showed shades of this with his flips and spins. He was actually quite graceful for such an intense, heelish guy.
  • Evil Former Friend: Nothing much was made of it, but it was brought up by the commentators that Jack had won tag-team championships with Angelico before the two of them came to the Temple.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel: He's American, so he wasn't that foreign, but him claiming that he is lucha set the Mexican fans into a frenzy of "Culero!" chants for the audacity of claiming lucha libre as his thing.
  • Groin Attack: Took to kicking people in the junk while the referee's distracted.
  • Hate Sink: He managed, in 20 seconds, to get the entire crowd chanting "Culero!" at him... before the match even started!
  • I Have the High Ground: Incredibly acrobatic and fast.
  • Red Baron: Self-proclaimed himself as "The Dragon Slayer" after his victory over Drago.
  • Run or Die: Took this approach after learning that he was to be a sacrifice for Matanza, which was something that none of the sacrifices before him had even tried. He was still caught, thanks to Antonio Cueto tripping him.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Tried to quit Lucha Underground in protest of XO Lishus' continued employment.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: He had a huge problem with snakes, and was excluded from the WWU's feud with the Reptile Tribe as a result.


Killshot (AKA Lt. Jermaine "Killshot" Strickland)
The second member of Big Ryck's entourage, the masked Killshot also entered the first Trios tournament. Not much was known about Killshot at the time, as he was a relative newcomer to the Temple and kept to himself, but he was soon gunning for a match with King Cuerno. The two faced one another for a shot at one of Dario Cueto's Aztec Medallions, but Killshot came up short falling to the Hunter of Men, and soon came up short in an attempt to claim another Aztec Medallion as well.

His first match of Season 2 saw him take Johnny Mundo to the limit, but unfortunately fall short. He would soon meet Cuerno once more, with the result unfortunately staying the same. Season 2 would also reveal more about Killshot's past. Enlisted in the military at the age of 18, he was sent overseas as a sniper and made part of an elite unit. His unit was captured by enemy forces, and he was the only one to escape. When he returned from overseas, he learned that he and his unit had been disavowed. Left with the killer instinct that gave him his name, he chose to compete in Lucha Underground, and retained a hope that the rest of his unit would come home. This seemingly marked a resurgence for the former sniper, who soon picked up a win against Argenis. Unfortunately for him, this drew the attention of the crazed Marty "The Moth" Martinez, and though he would defeat Martinez in their first match, Martinez would get the better of him by attacking him after the match and stealing his dog tags. The rematch would be thrown out almost as soon as it began, with Killshot reclaiming his dog tags for a few precious moments before Martinez once again stole them. Reclaimed his dog tags again when Martinez made a "peace offering" of them to convince him to temporarily form a team to compete for Aztec Medallions; however, though he left with one of the Medallions, he did not leave with his dog tags, as Martinez had stolen them yet again. Competed for but did not win the Gift of the Gods at Ultima Lucha Dos.

Killshot was still on the hunt for Martinez and his dog tags early in Season 3, when he was able to reclaim them from Martinez before defeating him in a bloody Weapons of Mass Destruction match. Later, Joey Ryan would deliver to him an envelope containing a message: "You left me for dead". The man who sent the message, Dante Fox, would enter the Temple himself after Killshot lost to Matanza. At first, Killshot was glad to see his comrade, but instead of reuniting peacefully, Fox attacked, dominating Killshot before proclaiming the same thing as the message: "You left me for dead". Competed in a ten person tag for the right to compete in Aztec Warfare III; was pinned by his old foe Martinez after being double-crossed by Fox, locking him and his team out of Aztec Warfare III. Killshot and Fox had their first match against each other the week after, which unfortunately resulted in Killshot getting pinned by his former comrade. Competed in the Battle of the Bulls; did not win his four-way, but did gain a measure of revenge against Fox, who had also been in the match, afterward. Killshot faced Jeremiah Crane in the first round of the Cueto Cup, taking his opponent to the limit and only losing due to a distraction from Dante Fox. After Fox's loss against Prince Puma, Killshot once again gained revenge by attacking Fox, then told him that it wasn't over between them. Jumped Fox from behind during a free-for-all involving much of the roster. Looked on as Fox defeated Texano. Competed against Fox in a brutal Hell of War match (three falls, each a different stipulation) at Ultima Lucha Tres, and ultimately walked away the bloodied victor after putting his rival in the back of a military ambulance. Unfortunately, he would soon be forced to team with Fox, as well as former ally The Mack, as Dario Cueto placed all three in a Trios title match. Despite the odds, the three stayed together and won the Trios titles from the Reptile Tribe.

Killshot entered Aztec Warfare IV alongside the Mack as the first entrant, and as Dante Fox had failed to show, they were assigned entrant #3 as a new partner. This turned out to be Son of Havoc. He eliminated Mack by a sneaky rollup, but was eliminated himself by Havoc. Killshot joined his Trios partners in a successful defense against Famous B's handpicked challengers, Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Strong, despite being forced to tap out by Strong's calf crusher (fortunately the ref didn't see it). He was pinned by Mack in a three-way where two Medallions were on the line, ensuring that he wouldn't receive one. He angrily confronted Mack after the match, slapping the Medallion out of his hand before leaving. Killshot observed the Trios match prior to the Gift of the Gods match, visibly laughing as Son of Havoc lost the match and the right to compete for the Gift of the Gods for his team. He then tried to intervene as Mil Muertes attacked Mack, but accidentally(?) attacked Son of Havoc instead before being hit by Muertes as well. Though tensions still existed between him and Mack, they banded together to successfully defend the Trios titles against the Rabbit Tribe, though Killshot would visibly express his growing dislike for Havoc and would steal the pin. He walked into the locker room as Havoc told Mack that "he doesn't like me", first denying it by saying he didn't respect him instead for having a belt handed to him, then accusing him of trying to turn Mack against him before finally confirming that he didn't like Havoc at all. He challenged Dragon Azteca Jr. for the Gift of the Gods, but was defeated, and seethed with rage before walking away from an offered handshake. As a result of that and the earlier tension, he was late to a defense of the Trios titles against the Reptile Tribe, which went wrong when Havoc accidentally hit him. He retaliated and cost his team the titles as a result. Post-match, he berated Havoc, then attacked him. When Mack entered the ring, he rebuffed him before leaving. Killshot faced and defeated Big Bad Steve, then confronted and attacked Son of Havoc, who had come down to ringside during the match, which resulted in Havoc pulling his mask off. Incensed, he finally faced Havoc one-on-one, and though he was defeated, he gained a measure of revenge as he unmasked Havoc in turn. Killshot addressed unfinished business with Mack in a match, which ended with him being disqualified as Muertes attacked Mack. This brought Son of Havoc down from his balcony perch to help Mack, and Killshot attacked him as well. He faced Havoc in a Mask vs. Mask match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, and though he fought his hardest to keep his mask, he was defeated. Keeping true to the stipulation of the match, he unmasked, revealing his name to be Lt. Jermaine "Killshot" Strickland and that the mask hid his guilt and shame at leaving his unit behind. He then turned the mask over to Havoc and left the Temple.

Backstage, he once again met Dante Fox (in full dress uniform), revealing him to be his commanding officer. After Fox noted that he was on a mission in explanation for his absence within the Temple, Strickland requested to be relieved of duty, a request that Fox granted. Strickland then left, seemingly for good.
  • First Appearance: "Uno! Dos! Tres!" (Season 1, episode 21)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part 1" (Season 4, episode 21)
  • Former Feuds: Cage, Texano, Fenix, Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, Angelico, King Cuerno, Marty "The Moth" Martinez, The Mack
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 1 (Aztec Warfare IV)

  • Cool Mask: Red, white and black with a bullseye on the forehead. Very cool. Switched to a more open black and grey version during Season 3.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Disavowed former Sole Survivor (so he thought) of an elite military unit captured on an overseas mission.
  • Extremity Extremist: As pretty much everyone he's wrestled can attest to, if you're wrestling Killshot, you will be getting kicked hard.
  • Finishing Move: Both the Killstomp and a Storm Cradle Driver sometimes called simply The Killshot.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Has used his own dog tags as impromptu brass knuckles.
  • Masked Luchador: Pretty eye-catching, since African-American wrestlers almost never wrestle with a mask.
  • Meaningful Name: "Killshot" was his military nickname, referring to his status as a deadly sniper.
  • Memento Macguffin: His dog tags.
  • Red Baron: "The Weapon of Mass Destruction"
  • Sole Survivor: Of his military unit. Or so he thought, until the introduction of Dante Fox.
  • Survivor Guilt: Shows a huge case of it, as he's still waiting for the rest of his unit to come home. Come Season 3, he got his wish, at least in regards to Dante Fox. He later revealed that his masked identity was another huge case of it, as he was ashamed of himself for leaving his unit behind.
  • Terrible Trio: Along with Big Ryck and The Mack. He was the high-flying speedster of the team.
  • Tweener: Was thus upon first coming into the Temple, as he had no beef with anyone, but wasn't allied with anyone beyond his teammates. He's also been shown to be respectful of other competitors, though, as evidenced when he shook hands with Fenix before their bout. After the Trios tournament, he quickly targeted King Cuerno, so it might've been a sign that he was going to be a face. Since then, he's mainly targeted rudos.
    • Face–Heel Turn: Pretty much stopped giving a damn in Season 4, turning on perennial favorites Son of Havoc and The Mack as a result.
  • Un-person: According to him, the United States government has said that he and the rest of his unit never existed. Season 4's reveal that Fox was still in the service at that time throws that into doubt.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Obviously you have to if you're facing Sexy Star... but Killshot crossed the line by actually chopping her in the chest. Even a random guy in the crowd exclaimed "That ain't right!" when it happened.

    Son Of Madness 

Son of Madness
The enforcer from the Invisible Cult.

This mysterious luchador bears more than a passing resemblance to Son of Havoc, right down to being from The Open Road. Signed by Dario Cueto to debut in the Cueto Cup, with his first round match unsurprisingly against Havoc. Though he was defeated by Havoc, he had the last laugh, beating Havoc down and stealing his kutte. Madness would also attack Havoc before Havoc's second round Cueto Cup match against Dante Fox. Tracked down Havoc at a biker bar, and after a quick scuffle, he informed him that he would make his life a living hell unless he returned to their motorcycle club: the Invisible Cult. Madness faced and defeated Mascarita Sagrada, but was prevented from taking his kutte by security, Son of Havoc, and Paul London; he would face Havoc again later in the night, losing to him in a Boyle Heights Biker Brawl match. Competed in a unique opportunity battle royal at Ultima Lucha Tres, though he did not win.

He went completely unmentioned in Season 4, and was later revealed to have possibly been Sacrificed to the Aztec Gods offscreen.

  • First Appearance: "Macho Madness" (Season 3, episode 24)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Tres Part 2" (Season 3, episode 38)
  • Former Feuds: Son of Havoc

  • Aborted Arc: Went completely unmentioned in Season 4.
  • Badass Beard: Even bushier than Son of Havoc's, if that's even possible.
  • Chest Insignia: The insignia on the back of his vest is the symbol of the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca, otherwise known as Smoking Mirror. It is also the insignia of the Invisible Cult Motorcycle Club.
  • Doppelgänger: For Son of Havoc. Justified, as they are (or were, in Havoc's case) part of the same motorcycle club.
  • Evil Counterpart: Well we don't know how "evil" he was, but he was basically Havoc's rudo counterpart.
  • Killed Offscreen: According to the tweet linked above, this may have been his fate.
  • Parts Unknown: From The Open Road, again like Son of Havoc.

    Tommy Dreamer 

Tommy Dreamer
A legendary figure in hardcore wrestling, Dreamer made his debut in Aztec Warfare IV, but was eliminated by Pentagon Dark. Despite having a place in the Season 4 trailer, this was his only appearance.
  • First And Last Appearance: "El Jefe" (Season 4, episode 1)
  • Aztec Warfare Entry Numbers: 7 (Aztec Warfare IV)



This mysterious, spider-themed lady, somehow linked to Marty "The Moth" Martinez, debuted to assist her ally in defeating Pentagon Dark for the Lucha Underground Championship. Weeks later, she was properly introduced to the Believers, with Marty revealing that she had been the one to remove Sexy Star from the Temple on his orders. She later helped him defeat Mariposa. She made her in-ring debut against Pentagon, taking him to the limit before being defeated. Post-match, she assisted Marty's attack on Pentagon by pouring gasoline upon her fallen opponent.

After Marty's defeat at Ultima Lucha Cuatro, she appeared to help him backstage.

Signed with WWE in October 2018.
  • First Appearance: "The Hunted" (Season 4, episode 15)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part 2" (Season 4, episode 22)
  • Former Feuds: Pentagon Dark

  • Aborted Arc: In part. She was initially supposed to have onscreen interaction with Sexy Star as the woman who'd tormented her with spiders in Season 3, but with Sexy kicked out of LU even before the Season ended, her role was repurposed slightly and any interactions with Sexy were relegated to happening offscreen.
  • Arachnid Appearance and Attire: Is spider-themed right down to her name, which is a reference to the recluse family of spiders.
  • Femme Fatale: Both sexy and dangerous.
  • Sex Is Violence: Her physical reactions to Marty beating up Mariposa were...interesting, to say the very least.

Former Important Non-Roster Characters

    Dragon Azteca 

Dragon Azteca
An old, enigmatic luchador who has been watching the events on the Temple from afar, Dragon Azteca seemed to know a lot about both Dario Cueto's true motivations behind Lucha Underground and the existence of Matanza. Recognizing a kindred spirit in Black Lotus, Dragon Azteca "kidnapped" her in order to train her to finally be able to face Matanza. In the very first episode of the show, he found a young street fighter whom he took under his wing as a student, and it was his student who tried to stop Dragon Azteca from going into the Temple to rescue Black Lotus, citing a prophecy that, were Dragon Azteca to step into the Temple, it'd be to his death. The student was sadly proven correct, as, convinced by Dario Cueto that he killed her parents, Dragon Azteca was slain by Black Lotus. His student now wears the mask and carries the name of his master.

During Season 2, it was revealed that Azteca partnered with Antonio Cueto to find and unite the descendants of the seven Aztec tribes, so that they could do honorable battle. However, Cueto became obsessed with the tribes, descending into dark rituals and sacrificing his son Matanza to a god, allowing the god to inhabit the boy. Betrayed, Azteca split from Cueto, leading to the fragile truce that existed between him and the Cuetos.
  • First Appearance: "Welcome to the Temple" (Season 1, episode 1, intro)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha, Part 2" (Season 1, episode 39)
  • Aztec Tribe Affiliation: Eagle
  • Former Feuds: Dario Cueto, Chavo Guerrero, The Crew (by association with Chavo Guerrero), Matanza

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Was aiming to make one to save Black Lotus, as a prophecy stated that if he set foot in the Temple that he would die. Did not work.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: All of his training montages with Black Lotus had him telling her that she wasn't yet ready to face Matanza. As we soon saw what Matanza was capable of... yeah, he was right.
  • Kidnapped by an Ally: Pulled this on Black Lotus by way of Prince Puma, but she actually appreciated the save and decided to train under him.
  • Killed Off for Real: By Black Lotus.
  • Legacy Character: At the end of Ultima Lucha, it was shown that the hooded youth he spoke to at the end of the first half of Ultima Lucha had donned his mask, becoming Dragon Azteca Jr. It was later revealed that he had originally offered his mask to another of his proteges, Rey Mysterio, but had been turned down.
  • Mentor Archetype: To Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca Jr. He also was one to Prince Puma, since he was the one that inspired him to follow the path of the luchador before Konnan started mentoring him, and Puma returned the favor by helping him to 'kidnap' Black Lotus. In Season 2, it was revealed that he was also Rey Mysterio's mentor.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: If the look on Dario Cueto's face when Chavo informed him just who had been training Black Lotus was any indication.
  • Old Master: From what we've seen, Dragon Azteca was old. He was also wise and badass.
  • Prophecy Twist: Dragon Azteca was prophesied to die if he entered Dario's temple, but was willing to sacrifice himself it it meant saving Black Lotus. He didn't know that his prophesied death would come at her hands.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: What his attempt at a Heroic Sacrifice resulted in, as he did not count on Black Lotus having been convinced that he murdered her parents and was killed by her. This was made even more senseless with the later reveal that Lotus had been lied to.

    Chavo Guerrero Sr. 

Chavo Guerrero Sr.
Chavo Classic

At the end of the 7th episode of Season 3, after Chavo had maimed his knee the previous week, Rey Mysterio Jr. sought out an audience with Chavo's father, Chavo Guerrero Sr., oldest living member of the Guerrero family. Rey had realized that, with things in the Temple being as serious as they are, he couldn't tolerate Chavo's constant interference in things bigger than himself, so he was going to have to take Chavo Jr. out for good. Due to his respect for the Guerrero family, he wanted to hear from the current patriarch where this would leave things between him and them, so as not to cause unnecessary discord in Mexico. When Chavo Sr. asked if this was the only way, Rey answered in the affirmative. He would later interfere in Loser Leaves Lucha, attempting to force Rey out by giving his son a cheap win. Unfortunately, this prompted the intervention of Dario Cueto to restart the match. Chavo Sr. was taken out of the proceedings after accidentally hitting himself with a chair then being hit with the 619, and would be unable to prevent his son's loss and subsequent banning from the Temple.

Chavo Sr. passed away on February 11th, 2017, during the Season 3 hiatus.
  • First Appearance: "Payback Time" (Season 3, episode 7)
  • Last Appearance: "Loser Leaves Lucha" (Season 3, episode 9)

  • Cool Old Guy: Rey Mysterio Jr. himself had "mad respect" for Chavo Sr., a legend of the lucha generation before him.
    • Not so "cool" (and Rey's respect is probably a great deal less mad) after his sneaky attempt to get Rey disqualified by bashing his own son over the head with a steel chair.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: After Dario came out and restarted the match between Chavo Jr. and Rey, Chavo Sr. got a double dose of this. Not only was his son forced to continue fighting Rey with his ears still ringing from the chair shot his father had given him, but when Chavo Sr. tried to take a shot at Rey to even things up (since Dario had also made the match no disqualifications), he ended up copping his own chair in the face, setting him up for the 619.
  • Idiot Ball: Nearly knocked Junior completely unconscious with a chairshot to get Rey Disqualified, when a slap in the face would have gotten the same result. This left him with basically no chance when Dario decided he was having none of that.
  • In the Blood: He was a Guerrero alright. Which meant he was just as treacherous and sneaky as the rest of the family.
  • Retired Badass: A very long and storied career. He wasn't a man to take lightly, even at 67 years of age.
  • Thicker Than Water: Did you really believe Chavo Sr. would just sit by and watch Rey defeat his son, banishing Chavo Jr. permanently from the Temple?
  • Unsportsmanlike Gloating: When it initially appeared that his treacherous ploy to get Rey disqualified against Chavo Jr. had been successful, he stood with his son in the ring, mockingly waving goodbye to Rey while smirking smugly.
  • Wrestling Family: Eldest son of Gory Guerrero, big brother of Mando, Hector, and the late Eddie Guerrero and, obviously, the father of Chavo Guerrero Jr..

    Councilman Delgado 

Councilman Lawrence Delgado

Played by: Lorenzo Lamas
Councilman of the city of Los Angeles, Delgado answered to a mysterious benefactor he addresses as "My Lord". All-around scumbag. Told Captain Vasquez to back off investigating Dario Cueto, as his benefactor was protecting him. Tipped off Cueto as to the possible presence of police moles within the Temple (which turned out to be true), and may be the unknown party who Cueto called after killing Mr. Cisco. Helped get the charges against Cueto dropped before Season 3 began. He delivered an ornate Aztec casket to Dario in Season 3, telling him that "his ascension is complete" and warning him to have a new "host body" ready soon. Delgado came to the Temple to speak to Dario regarding Cage and the Gauntlet, which was interrupted by DA Jr., who he was introduced to and was quite impressed by. Asked to meet with Cage in private, then attempted to recruit him for what grand plans he and the Benefactor had. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of upsetting the Gauntlet-empowered Cage (though it was heavily implied that the Gauntlet itself had taken offense), first resulting in him being slammed against a wall (and leaving a large hole in said wall), then in Cage's Gauntleted fist punching right through his head, effectively making it explode. It's later revealed that he was murdered in City Hall, which attracted the attention of Captain Vasquez.

It was posthumously revealed that he had belonged to an organization called The Order, which is dedicated to the revival of the ancient Aztec gods.
  • First Appearance: "Monster meets Monster" (Season 2, episode 13)
  • Last Appearance: "The Cup Begins" (Season 3, episode 22)

  • Corrupt Politician: Went hand-in-hand with him being a Slimeball.
  • The Dragon: To the Unknown Benefactor.
    • The Starscream: As he said that Cage would soon be "working for him", it's entirely possible he intended to take advantage of the Benefactor seemingly no longer being in human form to make plans of his own.
  • Eye Scream: Ick. After Cage destroyed Delgado's head, one of his eyes was left lying on the floor, which Cage crushed underfoot on his way out.
  • Ludicrous Gibs: His head was reduced to mince by Cage's Gauntlet-empowered punch.
  • Slimeball: Holy heck yes. This guy was as scummy as they came.
  • Thanatos Gambit/Too Dumb to Live: As Delgado was one of only a tiny handful of people who knew about the true power of the Gauntlet, his provocation of Cage had to be one of these or the other - either he intended to die at Cage's hands to advance his Benefactor's agenda, or he was suicidally stupid.
  • Your Head Asplode: Courtesy of Cage and the Gauntlet.

    Benjamin Cooke 

Benjamin Cooke

Johnny Mundo's agent/lawyer. Mundo introduced him to the rest of the Worldwide Underground, and he proceeded to pester Dario Cueto into giving PJ Black a match against Rey Mysterio. Cooke and Mundo would later threaten to take the title elsewhere if Mundo wasn't treated better.

After disappearing for a while, he was invited to Mundo and Taya's wedding shower midway through Season 4, but was stopped by Ricky Mundo just outside. He proceeded to mouth off to Ricky, treating him rudely. Unfortunately, this would be the last mistake he ever made, as, prompted by Rosa (who said that Ricky should show him how useful he could be "like he showed Angelico"), Ricky murdered him with a pen.
  • First Appearance: "Fade to Black" (Season 3, episode 27)
  • Last Appearance: "Last Man or Machine Standing" (Season 4, episode 11)

  • Back for the Dead: Cooke went unmentioned in Worldwide Underground business for a good portion of Season 3 and part of Season 4 before making his return...only to be murdered by Ricky Mundo.
  • Expy: Of Paul Heyman.
  • Motor Mouth: Incredibly talkative.

    Captain Vasquez 

Captain Vasquez

Played by: Carmen Perez
Superior to Officer Reyes and Officer Meehan on the police force, who oversaw the investigation into Dario Cueto. Assembled a list of deceased and missing persons in connection to Cueto, and seemed hellbent on bringing him to justice. However, she was told by Councilman Delgado to back off, as someone even more powerful than the mayor of Los Angeles was protecting Cueto. Attempted to cut Mr. Cisco a deal regarding his various crimes and recruit him as a mole within the Temple, citing his closeness to Cueto and her belief that Cueto is the lynchpin for the end of days, a deal which Cisco seemed to have accepted. Despite the death of her mole, she was able to see Cueto arrested, although at the hands of a task force instead of her own.

She was later revealed to be in possession of half of an ancient Aztec amulet, the Piedra Immortal, and heavily implied to have grown up in Aztec times and to be over a thousand years old. Castro later returned to her with news that his cover had been blown, so she calmly assigned him the masked identity of Veneno, saying that she needed him in the Temple. Undeterred by Reyes' failures in his undercover role, she revealed to him that Cage had murdered Councilman Delgado in City Hall, and assigned him a new task: bring her the Gauntlet of the Gods. Their subsequent conversation on the subject implied that she knew a lot more about the Gauntlet than she was saying, and after he left the room, she pulled out her half of the Piedra Immortal.

Desperate and knowing that Reyes would more than likely fail, she contacted Catrina, meeting with her and striking a deal: her half of the Piedra Immortal (and the mortality that would ensue) in return for Mil Muertes' assistance in procuring the Gauntlet. During the meeting, it would be revealed that she had revived Catrina with one half of the Piedra Immortal (though Catrina would be stuck in a semi-life as a result) and that she was Catrina's mother.

Seemingly did not know of Joey Ryan's betrayal or Cortez Castro's sacrifice. At the tail end of Season 4, Aerostar visited her, confirming her as the little Aztec girl he had known in the past, then he received her half of the Piedra Immortal. As the amulet finally became whole once more, she disintegrated, joining her family in the afterlife.
  • First Appearance: "The Hunt Is On..." (Season 2, episode 3)
  • Last Appearance: "Ultima Lucha Cuatro Part 1" (Season 4, episode 21)

  • Aborted Arc: As Carmen Perez moved to Norway after Season 3, Cortez Castro was Sacrificed, and Fenix was used to facilitate Catrina's revival (with Catrina herself written off shortly afterward), it's fairly safe to say that the police-related storyline ended up as this. It was quickly wrapped up at the tail end of Season 4 with Vasquez voluntarily giving up her half of the Piedra Immortal to her old friend Aerostar and disintegrating.
  • Face Death with Dignity: With her daughter having already passed on, she chose to voluntarily give up her half of the Piedra Immortal to Aerostar, disintegrating and joining her family in the afterlife.
  • Fair Cop: She was a rather attractive police captain. How much of that is due to the Piedra Immortal was up for debate.
  • MacGuffin: Possessed half of an ancient Aztec amulet, the Piedra Immortal. Possibly also a Memento Macguffin, as she was heavily implied (and later directly confirmed) to have been the little girl who was given the amulet in flashbacks.
  • Older Than She Looks: Due to the power of the Piedra Immortal, she was heavily implied (and later confirmed) to have been over a thousand years old.

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