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Characters / Lost Among The Stars

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    The Typhon and its crew, played by Reven Vrake 

Commander Alexander Vrake

Executive Officer Cornelia Aries

    The Iliad and its crew, played by Dead Beat Loser 22 

SG-18 (Royal Marine Commando unit)


     The Saint's Cradle and its crew, played by Raineh Daze 

Nanoha Takamachi

Fate T. Harlaown

Hayate Yagami

The Wolkenritter

The Forwards

Dr. Jail Scaglietti

The Numbers

     The Devastator and its crew, played by Flanker 66 

Darth Vader

Nahdonnis Praji

     The SISS Independence and its crew, played by Sparty Mc Fly 

Captain Josephine Taylor

The captain of the Independence. Previously commanded an Avatar-class Heavy Cruiser. Partly cybernetic.

Weapons Officer CAROLINE

Artificial intelligence, and the multi-purpose servant of the crew. Controls several things, most notable among them fire control computers, shielding, and other vital functions.

     The Normandy SR-2 and its crew, played by Masked And Dangerous 

Commanding Officer: Jane Shepard

Executive Officer: Miranda Lawson

Helmsman: Jeff "Joker" Moreau

Gunnery Officer: Garrus Vakarian

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Carolyn Chakwas

Chief Engineer: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy

Science Officer: Mordin Solus

Urdnot Grunt


Artificial Intelligence: EDI

     The Liberty and its crew, played by desdendelle 

Admiral Yamaraus

Commander Zaletta

Sargent Akran and his team


     The Halberd and its crew, played by Stephan Reikan 

Meta Knight


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