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    Male Students 

Akihiko Mitsukage

SHSL Translator

Played by: DestinyShiva

Not much about Akihiko’s past is public information, and whatever public information does leak out, it’s usually contested by several other contradicting rumours. If asked directly, Akihiko would tell whoever asked him to mind their own damn business, and nothing much would be done. However, a few things could be pieced together:

Firstly, Akihiko does profess that he has no family. No Mother, no Father, no Siblings. No Aunts, no Uncles, nothing. Despite this, Akihiko insists that he’s not an orphan.

Secondly, Akihiko has visited many countries around the world, hopping from one place to another. The exact countries and the order in which he lived in them are unknown, and it’s also unknown why this was.

Thirdly, Akihiko’s rise to acknowledgement by Hope’s Peak Academy was relatively recent. A year and a half ago, Akihiko started a travel-writing blog that gained some traction and following, and it was particularly popular since Akihiko hosted translations of his writing in over twenty different languages. In addition, Akihiko started to use the online platform to host translations of popular books into various languages for a small purchase fee.

On his blog, Akihiko thanked the people who supported his translations, explaining that without the money he gained from the translations, he wasn’t likely to have survived the year. No other information was ever disclosed, and Akihiko refuses to comment any further.

Rumours of a boy that travelled from country to country, using his linguistic skills and nothing more to get by, began to surface. Due to his impressive skills and mastery over a surprising amount of languages, Akihiko was sought out by a talent scout of Hope’s Peak Academy, and his acceptance was announced on his blog not long later.

  • The Cynic: Always expects the worst from his classmates and is one of the few students who isn't surprised over the first death.
  • Deadpan Snarker: A given, considering his cynical mannerisms.
  • Figure It Out Yourself: Smugly tells people in the first trial that he already held a huge part to the puzzle in his hands, but instead of telling them what he knows, he simply states that they should look over the evidence themselves.
  • Hot-Blooded: Prone to get angry at people, and usually one of the instigators of arguments around the mansion.
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends: Consistently shoots most friendly approaches down and usually exclaims that he doesn't trust anyone in the mansion, usually accompanied by an insult.
  • Jerkass
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Say what you want, Akihiko has proven more often than not that he is one of the most intelligent people in the manor.
  • Lack of Empathy: Downplayed. Rather than being taken aback by the BDA, he shows brief signs of shock, but quickly lapses back into his snarky demeanour.
  • Sir Swearsalot: Uses swears probably more often than anything else in his vocabulary.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Apart from very few examples, Akihiko doesn't mince his words when speaking his mind about the usefulness and intelligence of others surrounding him.
  • Verbal Tic: Has a habit of slipping into other languages when frustrated to grumble and swear in a way nobody understands him.

Hiroshige Shinkansen

SHSL Train Driver

Played by: Mono

Hiroshige Shinkansen is the son of Kenshin Shinkansen and thus next in line in a family of train drivers - he takes great pride in his work, coming right after his father who has already left an impressive mark in the train driver business.

The prodigy Hiroshige became known through a news article detailing how he saved a bullet train from an accident by taking over for his father, the original train driver, who had passed out. After such a heroic act, Hope’s Peak noticed Hiroshige and his passion for his aspiring dream, sending him an invitation so he can flourish and come out as one of the grandest train drivers Japan has ever known, befitting of his name.

  • Berserk Button: Do. Not. Touch. The Hat.
  • Gentleman and a Scholar: A well behaved and well dressed man from a good house with extensive knowledge and education.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Always seen in his pride and joy, the train conductor uniform, Hiroshige outclasses most others in the mansion in terms of fine clothing.

Jack Loansworth

SHSL Crime Scene Investigator

Played by: ScaredOne

In a world in which crime never sleeps, there are few who go above and beyond to ensure the safety of people all around the glob, while trying to meticulously recreate the steps a criminal had to take to commit their deeds, most of the time using only what little clues the perpetrators have left at the crime scene in question.

Coming straight from the United Kingdom, the eighteen year old Jack Loansworth is one of the investigators that devoted their lives to keeping the streets of her majesty clean and free of criminals with their work at the forensics department of the police force.

With an astonishing number of convictions made possible through him, Jack managed to rack up enough acclaim for Hope’s Peak Academy’s talent scouts to investigate the strange case of Mr. Loansworth – who was then promptly approved for the following semester at their prestigious school.

  • Accent Relapse: Frequently falls back into English in many occasions, especially in cases of shock.
  • Badass Longcoat: His go-to choice in attire.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Even with his British roots, Jack has no problems to understand and talk English.
  • Delinquent Hair: Dyed hair? Check. Uncombed, wild hairstyle? Also check.
  • Foreign Exchange Student: Like previously stated, Jack transfered from England to a Japanese school to become eligible for Hope's Peak Academy.
  • Hair Decoration: His sunglasses usually crown his hair, if he is not wearing them.
    • Not that he would have much opportunity to do so in a gloomy mansion...
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: With crimson red eyes, his glares seem even more fierce than they would with any conventional colour.
  • Sir Swearsalot: Along with Akihiko, Jack is the most prone to use swears and curses for any given situation.
  • Verbal Tic: Frequently uses British slang.
  • You Gotta Have Green Hair

Kagura Yamauchi

SHSL Firefighter

Played by: Shiranui

Kagura Yamauchi is the youngest captain of the firefighter team and brings courage and dedication when it comes to fighting against even the most aggressive of fires. This courage has managed to brave many fires ranging from the smallest even to the largest of fires.

Tales of being able to curtail even the toughest fires while keeping death and injuries to a minimum. His most striking ability is how he is able to sense and find people in places that most of his fellow firefighters wouldn’t have thought of before. His charismatic and determined side is often what people find so admirable about him.

  • Adorkable
  • Butt-Monkey: Is one to Akihiko and Kiyoshi, especially due to his naive mannerisms.

Kiyoshi Sugimoto

SHSL Medical Student

Played by: Bungo

Kiyoshi Sugimoto is a medical prodigy. His father was the world famous surgeon/doctor Goro Sugimoto. After his father’s tragic death, Kiyoshi stepped up and at the young age of 15, became the youngest individual to pass the medical school entrance exam.

Due to his father’s connections and status, Kiyoshi was able to bypass the normal age restrictions and take the exam. He graduated junior high at the top of his class and accepted an offer to study at Hope’s Peak Academy as the SHSL Medical Student.

  • The Coroner: As a medical student, he usually investigates the corpse for possible clues.
  • Delinquents: His nickname is literally "The Delinquent Doctor".
  • Nice Guy: Despite being nicknamed the "Delinquent Doctor", he exhibits a genuinely nice attitude to everyone around.

Samuel Jacob Hunter

SHSL Judge

Played by: Oz

Samuel Hunter is a prodigy in his field… at least amongst those who know him. Quiet, modest, and consistently performing far above his expected levels, Sam was only even allowed to become a judge at his young age due to his brilliance and quick grasp of new subjects and terms.

He only recently found his way into the limelight after standing in for another judge who had fallen ill, at which point he managed to get a murder trial that was predicted to last several weeks cut down to three hours, after figuring out that not only was some of the evidence tampered with, but one of the witnesses was being blackmailed by the defendant.

The case, much to his dismay, drove the media into a frenzy, partially because he was so young at the time, and partially because the defendant was a moderately famous singer at the time. A few months after this, his brother was scouted for a place at hope's peak, and Samuel was scouted along with him, at which point they both moved to Japan.

Samuel, although rather camera-shy, has regularly expressed a strong desire to root out and destroy corruption in the legal system, and will do anything it takes to make sure justice is fair and absolute. He is a kind but usually serious person, who can be timid at times but is unflinching and tireless in his devotion to the truth in court. He is as close to the ideal of justice as one can get; merciful and kind, with a warm heart and soft voice, yet stalwart and absolute​, with no patience for the corrupt or the violent.

As a general rule he does not talk much about his past, especially his family, but he's a generally approachable person, if a little shy and somewhat panicky sometimes. He doesn't like people using his last name or calling him by any titles, and isn't the best at dealing with people, but if you talk to him in french, or about something he likes, he’ll happily talk with you until the sun comes up.

  • But Not Too Foreign: Just like Jack, he is able to understand and speak Japanese just fine, even if he is originally from Canada.
  • Foreign Exchange Student: Like previously stated, Sam came to Hope's Peak Academy from Canada.

    Female Students 


SHSL ????

Odd. There doesn't appear to be a public biography on her... Who is she supposed to be?

Died a premature death in front of the fireplace in the study by multiple stabwounds as she tried to lure someone there to kill them in Chapter 1

  • Asshole Victim: Even if she is the unfortunate first victim of the game, it is revealed that she had intentions to murder Yukiko, before someone ended her life instead.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Although she gave exaggerated hope speeches and pleaded for people not to give in to the game, she eventually snapped and tried to kill someone.
  • Identity Amnesia: Has no recollection about who she is, and what her talent is.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: A special case of this trope. Since nobody (including herself) knows her real name, people have taken a habit to calling her "Sachio", after the Japanese word for "Question Mark".
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Found her untimely demise in the study of Lotus Manor as the first victim of the game, limiting the possible interactions people were able to have with her.

Akemi Hirayama

SHSL Hoarder

Played by: Kawakuya

Akemi is a wealthy girl, who was noticed by Hope Peak’s due to her large collection of valuable items. Notably, her home is littered with said items. Hope’s Peak dubbed her the SHSL Hoarder, impressed by her collection. Little information is known about Akemi, and how she obtained such wealth, although it is commonly believed that she inherited it. However, nobody had heard of her until shortly before she was recruited by Hope’s Peak. Thus, many believe she was a sheltered child.

  • Like Is, Like, a Comma: A very frequent verbal tic with her.
  • Rich Bitch: Be it her speech patterns, her generally condescending attitude or anything else: Akemi instantly makes clear that she has more money than you, and acts like you would expect from someone who likes to remind you of the fact.
  • Verbal Tic: Exhibits a fondness of calling everyone around her "peasant" in an insulting manner.

Atsuko Miyahara

SHSL Embalmer

Played by: SoulCake

A girl from a family that works in a funeral parlor who rose to international, albeit niche, acclaim.

There was a photographer who worked on a project; a magazine where the dead were the stars who made a visit to Atsuko’s dad’s parlor. It was part of a month-long initiative from a combination of different media companies to provide insight into the funeral world, and the photographer was tasked with, well, taking the pictures. It was supposed to be sourced from multiple different parlors, but the photographer’s explanation for her fascination in just one was that: “There was something… sublime that drew me in. I couldn’t bear to leave that place when I knew there were more [pictures] to be taken.

“A funeral was going on, and the family gave me permission. The moment my lens focused on the body in the casket, bless that old man, there was something that captivated me. I knew that this was the place to be. Immediately after, I approached the director and expressed my fascination.

“With a sly smile, he brought me to the person last in charge of the old man. Imagine my surprise when they ended up being a little girl, one who was right by the corner frame in the first picture I took.”

All of a sudden, Atsuko found herself credited on the cover of a famous magazine. Reviews flooded in with words like mystifying, captivating, alluring and beautiful. Hell, there was even an interview that took place. Apparently, there was something in the finer details of her work that tugged at people’s heartstrings - a siren’s call for respectful, yet morbid fascination.

Even now she’s unsure of exactly how to feel in regard to all this. Being able to shine bright in spotlight wasn’t something that she’s ever had a chance to do, and though her time in fame passed shortly thereafter that month, her following invitation into Hope’s Peak sparked things back up.

Though on the plus side of things, her dad’s parlor how sees a lot more traffic. Also, there happened to be enough people who were interested in her life and/or personality to sustain a small but healthy viewership for her newly made YouTube-blog/podcast-about-work-and-stuff channel, and finally having some fans is a pretty sweet deal.

It really, really is.

  • Conditioned to Accept Horror: Having lived her whole life with a family running a funeral parlor, she is desensitized to corpses.
  • The Coroner: A given, seeing that she is already used to corpses.
  • Family Business: Her talent originated from being interested in the work of her fathers.
  • Genki Girl: Even if you wouldn't expect it from someone like her at first glance, she is one of the more cheerful inhabitants of the mansion.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: With a talent this... special, she could be ruled this easily.
  • Sweet Tooth: Often seen with sweets or chewing bubblegum.
  • #1 Dime: The aforementioned bubblegum comes from a packet that she keeps safe in her room. Other from already being somewhat crumpled, if anything else were to happen to it...

Erize Miyazu

SHSL Duelist

Played by: Akane

Erize Miyazu is the heir to the Miyazu fortune, but despite her position as a Miyazu lady, she has been proactive in securing her own luxuries. Under the cover of nightfall, she fights for those who are unable to fight for themselves as a duelist, though she was not without a price. After her acts as a duelist became popular online, she gained a following of people who were inspired by her heroism, eventually giving way to it becoming a sport of sorts in her local area.

Kasota Umeko

SHSL Speedrunner

Played by: Smatt

There is relatively nothing known about Kasota, at least, nothing that isn’t out there for everyone to see. This has led to Kasota being an elusive person in the speedrunning community, appearing just at major events to do a run, before leaving the event quietly.

What hasn’t been quiet though, are the ends of her speedruns, which are almost always close to a world record, in a few cases, breaking a world record. In fact, it was her consistently good times that led to Hope’s Peak taking an interest in her, and eventually, inviting her to the school.

  • Most Gamers Are Male: Averted. Kasota managed to be titled the "SHSL Speedrunner", even if her competition is most likely predominantly male.

Lumiya Elamisca

SHSL Fantasy Novelist

Played by: Yunaneko

Lumiya Elamisca gained fame via a novel series she started called “Beyond Dragons.” The novel is about a series of misfit heroes who set about on a magical journey to slay a dragon, only to find out the dragons are not bad and find themselves instead trying to rescue a dragon and her babies. There are many more fantasy characters and twists and turns, and the readability of it all made it easy and fun to follow for a wide audience. This gained it fame and, even as the story ended, people wanted more. She continued writing for that reason, until she found herself writing three more continuations of the hero’s journeys. Her quick shot to fame got the attention of Hope’s Peak Academy and she was invited to go to school there for that reason.

Mariko Hirose

SHSL Fencer

Played by: TinaTheGiratina

“I am no one but Japan's mightiest sabreuse, the knight that fought various battles, Mariko Hirose!" Is how Mariko would introduce herself.

Though it’s not technically a lie, you could call it a modified truth. Mariko Hirose is a competitive fencer from a small town in Nagano. She specializes in fighting with a sabre, though she is experienced in fighting with an épée and a foil too. Competing since the young age of 10 years old, eyes from fencers all over the world have been set on her since she participated in the Olympics at the age of 15, winning a silver medal for Japan.

  • Brawn Hilda: Considering her talent, she is most likely one of the strongest fighters in the mansion.

Nana Homura

SHSL Fairy Tale Writer

Played by: Syn

Nana Homura is known by young and old for her fantastical fairy tale stories and her public re-tellings of very famous classics including Alice in wonderland. Fans world-wide enjoy her stories of new century fairy tales, from more original based too disney-like, there will always be a story that fits her readers taste. The young writer started with the age of 12 to write stories with the literature vocabulary of an adult, having managed to make Fairy Tales fun and interesting again.

The famous writer ,however, disappeared for a year before returning as a 14 year, sadly enough the girl wasn’t able to hold any public retelling anymore duo to her very sudden muteness but continued to realize her stories with the written voice until the wonder author was casted by Hope’s Peak as the Ultimate Fairy Tale writer.

Rei Ikeda

SHSL Seamstress

Played by: Koma

Rei hadn’t been known much until her knew ability had been popping up almost everywhere. She was taught by her mother at a young age, giving her daily sewing lessons. It wasn’t too long of this until she surpassed her mother, winning multiple competitions as the years passed by, and even making clothes for foster homes or orphanages, seeing as she’s tried her very best to keep a good heart, even with her talent. When she was scouted for Hopes Peak, during one of the competitions, she considered it, then gladly accepted it, knowing it’d be as it promised.

Tamika Yanagi

SHSL Fundraiser

Played by: Lion of the East

Tamika Yanagi is the face behind a number of successful charity fundraisers. From a young age Tamika has worked for various organizations, starting small with food and clothes drives, with her desire to take on more responsibilities growing as she did. Her first great feat was organizing an event, by herself, to save her local library when she was only fourteen years of age.

Seen by many as a kindhearted girl with an enormous sense of community and compassion. News of her efforts began to spread and other charities and businesses sought out her help with organizing fundraisers and, never one turn away someone in need, Tamika Yanagi took on every job she could and did it with a smile.

  • Nice Girl: Expresses an unusually friendly attitude wherever she goes, going as far as to offer help and cookies to others first thing after waking up in the prologue.

Xiu Li

SHSL Calligrapher

Played by: HeartlessPhantom

A rising champion in the Chinese calligraphy world. She is a young woman always striving to improve herself, even when she’s representing her country in their most renowned art form and writing form. Xiu Li is an upcoming calligrapher with famous works such as “Because I’m Here” and “A World Painted in Gray, Yet Vibrant in Color”. Now with the growing intention to expand her love of calligraphy over in the Japanese language, what will be her next masterpiece?!

  • Foreign Exchange Student: In order to expand her horizons in calligraphy, she came from China to Japan.
  • Nervous Wreck: Usually rendered unable to do virtually anything, if she is paralyzed by her crippling fear of crowds.
  • The Quiet One: She doesn't talk much, especially if she is surrounded by multiple people.
  • Reclusive Artist: Prefers to spend time on her own, rather than in public or with others.
  • Shrinking Violet: Xiu Li has a big problem with crowds, prompting her to avoid rooms with multiple people gathered in them.

Yukiko Yoshida

SHSL Lucky Student

Played by: Jiggles

Every year, Hope’s Peak Academy holds a lottery to select one lucky student out of all the ordinary high school students in Japan. Internet boards and chatrooms would be abuzz with anticipation, wondering which lucky student would be granted entrance to Hope’s Peak and graduate with a successful life ahead of them.

This year however, there was no lottery held. There was no news, no announcements, no nothing. The lottery just didn’t happen on the day it was supposed to. Confusion flooded the chatrooms and boards, had Hope’s Peak decided to do away with the whole Lucky Student thing? Then, without any warning and out of the blue, ‘YuShi’ tweeted out “OMG! Just been invited to join HPA as SHSL Lucky! SOOO happy rn! :D”

Most of the public were confused. Who in the world was YuShi and why did she get in without the lottery? Well, if you even had the slightest knowledge of Mobage, chances are you knew why instantly. Yukiko ‘YuShi' Yoshida was famously known as the “Gacha Goddess” among the community and for good reason, YuShi has near inhumane luck when it comes to mobile games.

Premium Draws, Summonings, card pack openings, every single Mobage YuShi streamed, she would amaze her viewers with her ability to open multiple legendaries, SSRs, 5 Star units, sometimes even in a row. The Mobage community honors one particular stream where she opened seven SSRs in a row by calling any multiple rare Summons a ‘YuShi’ pull. When it came to Mobage Gacha, YuShi was undeniable lucky.

Hope's Peak decided to then invite this uniquely lucky girl to their prestigious school, forgoing the lottery since it's quite clear from all her stream VODs that YuShi’s luck had been proven time and time again. Of course, the public wasn't pleased, they demanded for Hope’s Peak to continue with the lottery and for Yukiko to turn down the offer. If she was truly lucky, she would win the lottery anyway right?

All YuShi had to say for herself was pinned on her Twitter. “Mayb u losers can get in when u can open as many SSRs as me? 🤔 Yea, thot so.”

  • Born Lucky: A given for her talent. Yukiko frequently experiences luck, be it in her gacha games or elsewhere.


    Non-Binary Students 

Sir Dominique XII

SHSL Knight

Played by: Koko
An honorable knight from the kingdom of Silvermere, Dominique XII is the most well-rounded and competent sentinel of their area. They are rumored to have fought against monsters and dragons, in which they won, and even brought home three heads of the hydra. Regardless of their achievements, Dom remains as a humble warrior and defender of Silvermere. However, their identity remains an enigma. Only the King knows about what is behind the ivory white layers of invincible armour, but Silvermerians must not worry, as this brave individual has vowed to put their life on the line for the sake of their beloved kingdom.

Executed as the first blackened of the game after killing Sachio in the study with her own kitchen knife.

  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Interaction were cut short due to them being the first killer executed in the game.
  • Gentle Giant: Despite their threatening looks considering their impressive height and the armour, they are one of the friendlier and polite people in the cast.

Roma Yoshiyama

SHSL Origami Maker

Played by: Hiften
Ever since Roma was a child, they’ve had a fascination with the water, stemming from their first trip to the beach when they were 3. Roma didn’t believe in bad luck, and repeatedly walked under ladders to prove a point of bad luck not existing. However, upon reaching 7, Roma’s bad luck began making itself evident, starting with simple things like falling into puddles and growing exponentially to the point of having a sack of sand fall onto their foot.

Despite that, Roma refused to wear socks and shoes ever since the first trip to the beach. During middle school is when Roma’s talent became evident, as there was an origami club in the school and Roma joined. This was also when the first signs of being androgynous appeared and when Roma fell in love for the first time. Also where Roma went to the pool so often that the chlorine started to affect their physical appearance.

Every summer, Roma went to the north of Japan to their uncle’s house out in the mountains, and Roma always tripped over the same tree stump.

In their uncle’s house, Roma always made 1000 paper cranes for them in a day as a thank you to them, and one day when Roma returned to school, the news that Roma was that talented spread like wild-fire, and they quickly became a center of attention for a while until the fire died down.

During middle-school, Roma has fallen in love countless times, and has been loved only once. The constant failure in romance eventually led Roma to be fed up with it and deciding they simply do not care anymore.

Then, once the letter from Hope’s Peak arrived, Roma was extremely reluctant to go, insisting that origami wasn’t even a real talent, but their mother and father managed to begrudgingly convince Roma to go.


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