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Gratuitous "ê", here, for the Cêpan, still pronounced Se-pan. They're the keepers of the Garde just because. All of these technically count as The Mentor, but some are more competent than others.

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Number One's guardian. Like many others, One was made to watch her die. Her original Loric name was Hessu. As One was the oldest of the Garde, she was the oldest of the Cepan. As One develops a teenage rebellious streak, grabbing the attention of the police and so media, they move out to Malaysia.

    Conrad Hoyle 
Number Two's guardian who set up camp in England.

  • Alternate Landmark History: The 7/7 bombings (Britain's 9/11, if you didn't know) are implied to have been part of his fight with Mogadorians.
  • Britain is Only London: Played with. The extremes of the Highlands and Ireland are lived in, before London seeming to be the only other conceivable place in Britain to move to.
  • Scotireland: Lives with Maggie in Ireland and then Scotland, before killing a Mog scout in the Highlands and having to immediately relocate to London.

    Three's Cêpan

Said to be from near the forest on Lorien, so goes to live in the forest in Kenya and/or 'The Congo'. The only unnamed Cepan.

Played by Reuben Langdon (film).

"I wouldn't have missed a second of it, kiddo. Not for all of Lorien. Not for the whole damn world."

a.k.a. Brandon. But mostly Henri, he is Number Four's keeper.

Played by Timothy Olyphant (film).

  • It Is Pronounced Tropay: In the books, is the French "orn-ree" because the Loric have French accents. In the film, though, the accent is missing and he's called "Henry".

Number Five's guardian. He was the second oldest of the Cepan and so couldn't train Five very well, teaching him to do whatever it takes to survive. This leads to Five's betrayal. He dies of natural causes when Five is still young.


"Torturing me to get to her? It took you two whole days to come up with that plan?"

Number Six's guardian, she taught her all about Lorien and fighting and they stayed on the run in America, but still allowed Six to have a 'normal' life. Responded to Two's internet post and so got killed.

  • Hypocrite: Tells Six she can't take the name 'Starla' because it draws attention, when she's called Katarina.
  • Informed Attribute: In Six's Legacy, Six worries that Katarina's name would attract unwanted attention if she continued to use it in Mexico. Other than the odd spelling, though, Katarina is a perfectly acceptable Spanish name, so there is really no reason to worry about it.

"I can't make up for lost time or for the wrongs that I have done, but I'm certainly going to try, don't let them catch you. Be brave Marina!"

Seven/Marina's guardian, was known as Adel on Lorien but went through many names on Earth before Adelina. She kept Marina entertained travelling through Europe for a short while before pretending that Lorien was just a big fairytale and becoming a nun.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Upon realizing she did so wrong by Marina, Adelina takes on the Mogadorians so Marina can escape.
  • I Have Many Names: Took on a new name in each country. Two in France.
  • Nun Too Holy: Eventually, but only mildly.
  • Refusal of the Call: Crayton visits her to begin gathering the Garde but she turns him away.
    • Justified to an extent by the fact that even if she had maintained her will and was fighting for Earth and Lorien, it would be hard to believe that another ship had managed to leave and arrive at Earth. Also, she would acknowledge, deep down, that pairing up would break the charm and so Marina - Number Seven and so still three away from death - and Ella, claiming to be Number Ten and so seven away, would not have the security they did.
  • Starting a New Life: Her intentions in Spain.

Eight/Naveen's guardian, he fell in love with a human who told the Mogadorians who he really was.

  • Love-Interest Traitor: Lola, like Maddy and Wade, is working with the Mogadorians.
    • It's remarkable that out of the four Lorien who have an Interspecies Romance, three know the Mogs and sell the person they (supposedly) love out.

"You look awfully young to be a Mentor Cêpan."

Nine's guardian, he sets up a safe house in Chicago that Nine can always return to after his "teaching gigs". Very young to be a mentor, and gets on well with Nine. It is implied that his youth and love of when things go wrong made him an inadequate mentor for one of the Garde.

Played by John Reynolds (audio books).

"If Setrákus Ra thinks it's going to be easy, he's got another thing coming."

Unofficially Ella's guardian, as she was just born when the Mogadorians attacked Lorien. Becomes a surrogate father to her and all the others. He is the last Cepan left alive once Henri dies.

  • Dead Man Writing: Has a note for Ella in his pocket for when it happens.
  • Parental Substitute: To Ella who calls him "papa".
    • And tells Six, Seven, and Eight that he will be theirs since all their Cepans are dead.



Played by Cherise Boothe (audio books).

    The Unidentified Two 
Two other Cepan were with Crayton and Ella, but they haven't been seen since.

    Paxton and Teev 
Cepan who stayed on Lorien. Only mentioned in the Expanded Universe stories. Sandor stole Paxton's ID to get into a nightclub and so flirt with Paxton's girlfriend Teev just before the Mogadorian attack. During the battle, Teev is killed at the nightclub as Sandor immediately runs off to get Nine and head for the airstrip.


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