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A page for all of the notable individuals, whether they be gods, mortals, or objects of great power.


Adelin Sol, Benevolent Queen of Heaven (Elemental)

Sun (Light), Agriculture (Civilisation)

Andoras, Protector of Life and Nature (Umbranarl)

Plant (Nurturing), Protection (Life)

Cera, Matchmaker, Maintainer of Heaven, Angel of Passion (Epinephrine_Syn)

Space (Stars), Charm (Love)

D'Hakos, Destroyer God, of Inevitability and Past Glories (Kinslayer)

Abyss (Annihilation), Eternal (Entropy)

Eld, The Gatekeeper, Upholder of Natural Order (Grim ranger)

Death (Mortality), Growth (Innovation)

Elspeth, Mother of the Fey, Goddess of the Harvest, Keeper of Seasons(Techn Okami)

Nature (Fey), Moon (Harvest)

For'sok, Faithful destroyer, King of the forsaken, Saviour of the Fallen (War Gruntw)

Earth (Metal) Darkness (Corruption)

Inferndyim, Lord of Dragons with a focus on the fire element (Shadow Fire Lance)

Dragons(Power) Flame(Destruction)

Kacios, The Illusionary Duelist (Orbiter)

Combat (Duels), Illusions(Deception
  • Blood Knight: duelling is what he lives for, but what is a duel but an over glorified fight.

Khorghul, Primitive God of Beasts (Frozen Messiah)

Nature (Beasts), Combat (Hunting)

Lenia Aura, Mellow and Willing to Listen (Moonwolf)

Time (Patience), Emotion (Calmness), Sound (Music), Change (Malleable), Wind (Speed)
  • Ambiguous Gender: Lenia is a silhouette constantly shrouded in fog, as such s/he doesn't even have a gender.
  • Berserk Button: Messing around with the order of events, though it never really entered play.
  • Blow You Away: As god/dess of wind, Lenia can whip up tornado and the like for free.
  • Magic Music: Created the Panpipes of wind and wields them in battle. Also literally created the concept of music, later became the god/dess of music.
  • Mysterious Mist: Is constantly shrouded in it, it is also the reason no-one has seen his/her face.
  • Neutral Good: His/her character alignment.
  • Shapeshifting: All gods can shape-shift but Lenia can spontaneously reassign his/her combat stats mid-fight due to this ability.
  • The Quiet One: Doesn't talk much and pauses mid-sentence when s/he does.
  • Time Travel: Avoids this at all opportunities. S/he just wants things to happen in the right order at the right time, although there is a small error margin.

Morthos, Devilish Embodiment of Mortal Sins (Darklady)

Fire (Wrath), Charm (Lust)

Muirkai, Benevolent and Wrathful Arbiter of The Sea (Fimbul)

Water (Oceans), Weather (Storms)

Muria zu Latonesh, Guardian of Life and Magic (Snowfire)

Creation (Sacrifice),Magic (Dreams)

Orin zu Latonesh, Candy Goddess of the Hearth (Danakir)

Creation (Cooking), Good (Joy)

Pasc, Patron of Inspiration (Bryn0528)

Knowledge (Beauty), Good (Protection)

Periplanus, The ever-traveling sage, always on the way to a new destination (Venetian Mask)

Travel (Wandering), Fate (Prophecy)
  • Sacred Hospitality is very much Periplanus' thing as protector of travelers.
  • Angel Unaware how Periplanus makes sure people abide by the previous law, that beggar that just arrived on your doorstep may very well be the god himself.

Rand, Keeper of the past, the Guide of Mortals, and he who endures (Durmatagno)

History (Records), Wealth (Crystal)

Savorla, Power Behind The Throne/Succubus (C'nor)

Politics (Influence), Seduction (Entanglement)

The Unknown Word, Dragon of Language, Blood of Communication, The Expression of Expression (Half Tangible)

Communication (Language), Blood (Intrinsic Nature)

Virilan, Master of the Misunderstood, Lord of the Night (Add Zable)

Night (Darkness), Secrets (Conspiracy), Cold (Ice)

    Mortal Races 

The First People

Created by Muria and Orin they are two diferent races held together by the goddesses they are known as the Herons and Leonals.

The Herons are calm, serene humanoids, their only difference to humanity being their wings.While the Leonals are the lion folk so to speak. With claws in the place of wings, they are protectors of the the manifest dreams of the Dream Sisters.

The First People operate under a direct Theocracy. Each of the races take soemthing from the two sisters in this case the Heron take more after Orin's precepts whereas the Leonals are more prone to favor Muria's precepts. In either case, both are equally revered and central to their society.

Mind Ravels

They are semi sentient creatures made from ice, they have no arms, or any real means of causing damage. However, the Ice Ravels who are the main species are around of them always.The Mind Ravels are becoming slowly more complex as time passes.

The Niaka

Bat people with great stamina and ability to fly.

Star Angels

These legendary beings were created as the spokespersons of Cera.


    Mortal Heroes, Legends and Demigods 

The Ghost Hound

A demigod made from Ghul Hounds he was the first to be made and has white fur. He is the sole companion of the god of hunt for now.

The Archons

Savorla's player was planning on making a whole series of Demigods, but, while there was not, at the time, any rule specifically prohibiting it, one of the other mods bogged the whole thing in a discussion of whether or not there should be, which wasn't resolved at the time the game died. Had they been made, they would have embodied various concepts - Winds, Flame Water (and, separately, Ice, Night, and Toxins were all discussed -, and one would have been assigned to each city her people controlled, so as to provide protection form most things until she and Cera, or mortal armies, depending on the nature of the threat, could get there.

    Artifacts, Relics and Monuments 


The Abyssal Halberd, Created by D’Hakos

Created by D'Hakos as his chosen weapon mostly against other gods, it can imprison any mortal slain by it inside it.

The Crystal Shard, created by

Panpipes of the Wind, Created by Lenia

This relic was created as a gift from Lenia to one of the sisters, it creates music and can help control the winds.

The Starcloak, Created by Savorla

Created by Savorla to help hide herself against anyone who might try and find her.

The cutlass of duels, Created by Kacios

Created by Kacios as his chosen weapon to fight others.


The Gates of Eternity Created by Muria zu Latonesh

The Gates of Eternity are woven into the very walls of reality, one for each cardinal direction - both celestial and material - and reach beyond Creation's universe to the dreams of the Creator. Through them, the memories of all that has come before flows, into the minds of mortal and deity alike, so that all may know what has been and what may be.

The Eternal Motion Engine, Created by D’Hakos

The Motion Engine as its known was created by D'Hakos created as a sanctum of sort with a mysterious purpose in mind.

The Forge of Souls, Created by Eld

The forge was created by Eld the god of death to help with the purification and reincarnation of souls.

Pyramid of the Scaled Lords, Created by Inferndyim

The pyramid was created by the god of dragons.

Tower of Rhythmic Gears, Created by Lenia

A giant tower of grinding gears that stretches from the top of its plane all the way down to the bottom. The sound it makes can and will drive any mortal who hears it mad, hence why its music is drowned out by the eternal maelstrom of winds that surrounds it. It orders events and makes sure that everything happens at the right time, with a small error margin, of course. Damaging or destroying it would be very bad for everyone involved.


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