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The tropes on this page come into play in the roleplay, for more detailed character tropes be sure to check out their respective pages.

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    Syndicate of Justice 
A team against Ultron Sigma and for inter-dimensional peace. The members have all joined to directly counter Machina Imperium, in addition to any other threats that would rise to commit any wrongdoing.


Current Roleplayer: Kamon

Leader of the fight.

Dr. Light’s greatest creation, X is the machine that inspired the design of all Reploids. His strong sense of purpose and justice, coupled with his capability for limitless potential, made him a stand out among the Maverick Hunters. Now in the leadership of the Syndicate of Justice, he leads to stop the Maverick threat once again. (For a full list of his tropes view his character page here).



    Machina Imperium 
An army primarily composed of machines and other villains led by Ultron Sigma. They seek to build their perfect world of metal, and are fully willing to eliminate all of humanity throughout the multiverse in order to do so.

Ultron Sigma

Current Roleplayer: Clash

The fusion of Ultron and Sigma and creator of the Machina Imperium. They seek to build a perfect world, free of all humanity, and plan to kill every trace of the human race they can find to do so.


Turbo Mecha Sonic/Metallix

Current Roleplayer: Mecha

The fusion of Mecha Sonic, Metal Sonic, Silver Sonic, and Silver Sonic II. Seeking power in a world with new foes he was betrayed twice by Lord Vyce and Doctor Eggman before going completely rogue. After being reduced to an A.I. by Bec Noir he was eventually given a new body by Ultron Sigma and offered a place at his side. (For a full list of his tropes view his character page here.)



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