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Students from Class 1A

Shared tropes


The Inko Kids

     Deku Midoriya 

Deku Midoriya / HELPer

Quirk: Helping Hand


  • Animal Motifs: Hares
  • Arch-Enemy: Deku normally reserves his snark for those of the school he dislikes. Kendou however, earns his pure unbridled hate. This is due to Kendou's ableism, racism, transphobia and fatphobia which makes the Inko Kids a huge target for her. One of her most despicable acts was instituting school lunches, seriously inhibiting Deku who require special dietary restrictions.
  • Bi the Way: Does not have an issue with gender at all when it comes to his tomcatting.
  • Deadpan Snarker: In sharp contrast to his canon counterpart, Deku consistently quips about the situations and issues him and the group face. Almost similar to another hero.
  • Disabled in the Adaptation: Possesses a cheap but lovingly made prosthetic for his missing hand, lost in a fire as a child.
  • Ethical Slut: A self-admitted "Tomcat", Deku makes rounds through dating many of his classmates, with 1B being his own personal "Field".
    • This is later deconstructed as that Deku is terrified that he would not be able to handle or sustain a full time relationship due to his tics and Aspergers traits. So he leaves before the other can. This is later overcome and he settles into a happy poly relationship with Setsuna and Juzo
  • Hollywood Autism: Deku has Aspergers, but is written as being very social and charismatic. His special interests are Quirks. One of the more serious parts of his traits is that touching his face can send him into episodes. Along with this, he suffers from night terrors.
    • Deku is repeatedly contrasted with Tamaki, who has Atypical Autism. Where Deku was forced to "coach" himself due to a long history of being bullied and harassed for his tics. Tamaki meanwhile had a father who did all he could to shield him from the world, leaving Tamaki very unequipped to deal with social situations.
  • Parental Substitute: Has this relationship with the TA, Kurogiri, who is the only teacher who made an effort to understand and accommodate Deku's ticks and traits. It is Eventually revealed that Kurogiri is in fact Deku's biological father.

     Katsuki Bakugou 

Katsuki Bakugou / Bakusatsuou

Quirk: Explosion


  • Adaptational Badass: Hard to believe, but yes. Bakugou's raw power is more or less that of Canon. But Bakugou Augments this with far superior tactics. Bakugou is noted to be a much more defensive fighter. She uses her powers to generate explosive shockwaves as a sort of makeshift-forcefield, generates Explosions downwards to ride the resulting shockwave as Not Quite Flight. Very rarely does she resort to Canon!Bakugou's Attack! Attack! Attack! tactics.
  • Animal Motif: Red Wolves
  • Brawn Hilda: Part of Bakugou's angst. Her atheltic build, square jaw and broad shoulders, although attractive, make her feel as if she is not beautiful in the conventionally feminine sense.
  • Foil: To her Sister, Momo. Momo is noted to be exceptionally beautiful and feminine, qualities that spark Bakugou's jealousy. But Momo, in turn, envies Bakugou's power and strength.
  • Having a Blast: As in Canon, this is her power. It's still as exceptional as ever, and this Bakugou puts it to even greater use.
  • Lady of War
  • Trans Tribulations: Originally, Bakugou was very similar to her canon counterpart (Full of pride and arrogance) this changed when she came out as a trans woman, which resulted in the tables being turned on her. Now, she finds herself more at home with fellow "outcasts"
     Momo Yaoyorozu 

Momo Yaoyorozu / Madame Massive

Quirk: Creation


  • Aquired Sitational Narcissism: One of her more negative traits, and very clearly a defense mechanism. Momo tends to get a swelled head and act haughty whenever she feels she has the high-ground.
  • Adaptational Curves: Taken to the extreme. A Statuesque Stunner in Canon. A Big Beautiful Woman here.
  • Animal Motif: Pigs
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Post-Confidence, she's this and sees herself as such.
  • Big Eater: She's banned from NINE buffets all around Tokyo
  • Fat Girl: The crux of her angst in the first arc. Momo was encumbered by a very viscious Weight Woe caused by her being so large, and it made her very fragile and easily discouraged, as well as a target for bullies. Now, however, shes's...
  • Fat and Proud: Momo loves her big belly and curves, often to the point of considering thin women to be unattractive.



Attack: Bunny Blast


Other Teen Heroes

     Mirio Toogata 

Mirio Toogata / Horror Man / High-End

Quirk(s): Permeation, Dead Air, Muscular Augmentation, Super Regeneration, Transforming Arms, Shoulder-Mounted Jets, Power, Storage, Rupture Magic, Sloshed, The Legion of Mirios


  • The Ace: Initially concieved as a parody of such.
    • Broken Ace: After the initial parody, Mirio began to come into his own as a much more three-dimensional character, and while he has several Ace-like traits, he is encumbered by a LOT of baggage that prevents him from truely being one.
  • Adaptational Badass: While Canon!Mirio is no slouch, this Mirio is a nigh-unstoppable powerhouse to the point of parody.
  • Adaptational Nationality: A White American Immigrant.
  • All-American Face: How he styles his Superhero persona, in spite of his Nickname.
  • All Your Powers Combined: A Parody of such. One of Mirio's running gags is that he tends to collect, absorb, or otherwise pick up additional superpowers. As a sneaky gag to the Canon!Mirio's fate, Mirio is also the only character who has never lost his powers or otherwise had them disabled. However, what stops him from being a straight example is Mirio tends to forget which powers he has other than Permeation. He does use his many powers from time to time, but relying on ONLY Permeation, and occasionally Dead Air, is more of a personal style.
  • Animal Motif: Bumblebees
  • Berserk Button: Mirio is normally VERY hard to piss off. But if one thing sets him off, it's hurting Momo, Shouji, Backdraft, and later, Spinner, Satou, Etamon and Zatanna.
    • Another one, although he tries to keep it under wraps, is his own Superhero Name, Horror-Man.
  • Breakout Character: Originally just a side character for Momo's arc. Now the story tends to divert from the Inko Kids more than a few times and becomes "The Mirio Show"
  • Butter Face: A downplayed example. He is known to be utterly attractive with plenty of fans and admirers, but apparently his eyes are completely Uncanny Valley that it's just so off-putting. One of the reasons Shouji and Mirio became friends was at first, only Shouji could look people in the eye.
  • Chubby Chaser: A defining character trait and what he defines as his "Kryptonite". He just CAN'T resist "Big Blubbery Beauties with Bountiful Bouncy Bellies"
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Eventually revealled to utterly despise his nickname Horror Man.
  • Family of Choice: With Shouji and Backdraft.
  • Instant Expert: Averted, HARD. Mirio's biggest weakness is that he has NO talent for instinctively grasping how most Quirks work. While some Quirks like Super-Regeneration and Dead Air are either automatic or easy to grasp, Mirio often aschews using his collected Quirks because he just can't juggle that much in a fight.
  • Pie-Eyed: Played for Drama: Mirio's eyes aren't particularly large or small, but they are solid black, which most people find VERY unsettling, and causes Mirio no small ammount of angst.
  • Race Lift: Japanese in Canon, White here.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: Another one of Mirio's weaknesses, and not for the usual reasons. Mirio would love to be social and have fun with the other kids, but it's been repeatedly shown that being a Superhero has been repeatedly shown to be Mirio's ONLY talent, and Mirio basically lives like a bum when he's not on the clock.
  • Those Two Guys: With Shouji, although lately, occasionally with Spinner.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Mezou Shouji. The duo have nothing in common, and often bicker Like an Old Married Couple. Shouji is tactiturn, stoic, calm and wise. Mirio is NONE of these things. They're utterly inseperable.

Dad Squad

Members:Aizawa. Backdraft. Edgeshot. Inko. Kurogiri. Lock Rock. Magne. Rappa

Shared Tropes

  • 100% Adoration Rating: Not a single one of the Dad Squad has anything bad to say about the "Honorary Dad", Inko. This is 90% complete and utter respect for Inko's skill and achievements as a parent. And about 10% unrequited crush from all of them, barring Lock Rock.

  • Arch-Enemy: While all of the Dad Squad stands against the Inner Circle of Endeavor, one who earns their hate above all is Hawks. This is due to Hawks sheer joy in targeting the adopted children of the Dad Squad and being considered the worst example of the Pro Heroes.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: Oh boy, where do we begin?

    • Edgeshot was a failure of a father, neglecting his adopted son, Seto and refusing to even acknowledge his daughter, Keiko, once she came out as a trans woman. This would eventually culminate in Keiko running away and being killed due to the actions of transphobic pro heroes, Water Hose. This was then followed by Seto taking the name Muscular and avenging his sister's death on Water Hose, resulting in him being arrested. Edgeshot turned to the bottle after this out of guilt, with his wife leaving him when it got out of control. While his position as 'Drugs and Substance Councellor" is partially due to his personal experience with the matter, Nezu also hopes it will help Edgeshot recover.

    • Similar to Edgeshot, Kurogiri had severe substance abuse issues. Unlike Edge, Kurogiri had no family or anything to hold onto or to balance himself, resulting in hitting rock bottom in an alley. Eventually, All For One would find him, deeming him useful and helping him become clean. Kurogiri became the League of Villain's most valued assassin and warrior, taking pride in his new found cause. However, his conscience eventually got the better of him and he left the League. He is now the TA of UA, hoping to atone for his past misdeeds.

    • Backdraft was a rising star hero in the community, until Endeavor deemed him to be a threat to his own rise and orchestrated for him to be the Fall Guy to a house burning down, killing the family within. This destroyed Backdraft's hero career and is now stuck in a paltry office where the most he can do is try to clean up the streets from rubbish.

    • While not as delved into, it's implied that Lock Rock has experienced no small amount of discrimination due to being a black man in a mixed race marriage.

  • Papa Wolf: Don’t. Mess. With. Their. Kids. Hawks learned this the hard way.

  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Kurogiri and Edgeshot have this relationship. While Kurogiri is out and out disgusted by Edge's failings as a father. Edgeshot himself finds the fact that a former villain is allowed to teach at UA to be a travesty. Despite this, both have a great deal of respect for the other as parents and work like a dream in tandem.

    • Aizawa may grumble and complain about how annoying the antics of the rest (Barring Lock Rock), but still believes they're the best hope for a hero world.
    • Ironically averted with Lock Rock, who treats them nearly much like his own students, teaching them from his years of experience of being a father.

Individual Members of the Dad Squad


Edgeshot/Shinya Kamihara

""I lost my daughter because of who I was. But-But now. Now I've gained one from who I've become."

Quirk Foldabody


  • The Alcoholic: Edgeshot resorts to the bottle to deal with his own failings and grief from the destruction of his family. A major point of Kurogiri and Edge's relationship was when the two became each others sponsor.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Edgeshot loves doting on Bakugou, calling her his "Sunflower" and acting the stereotypical overprotective father. Like most things with Edgeshot, this is deconstructed in that it's him overcompensating for his past failings.
  • The Atoner: Easily the biggest part of Edgeshot's personality. Edgeshot is man who's dedicated to "Rebuilding the world he helped break". This would often lead to him being comically overcompensating in dealing with trans students.
    • On the flipside, it is deconstrcuted at times, with many accusing Edge of seeking absolution rather than atonement. Inko herself once claimed, in a protective rage over Bakugou and knowing Edgeshot's history as a parent, that Edge only saw Bakugou as a "Redo"
  • Berserk Button: Never lay a hand on his "sunflower" Or you'll be forced to face off against one of the most deadliest heroes in Japan.
  • Broken Ace: In his past, the Knight Of Tokoyo's achievements hid a deeply bad father. Present day, he is a recovering alcoholic who is consumed by the sins of his aforementioned failings.

League Of Villains

Members: Dabi. Shigaraki. Magne. Spinner. Muscular.


  • Adaptational Heroism: Wheres their outsider nature isn't somewhat emphasized in the canon, it becomes increasingly apparent here that none of them desired to be a villain and simply felt that the world was truly broken by heroes and they were the only way to fix it.
  • Affably Evil: As exemplified by their quote:
    Magne: "Respecting people costs nuthin! Even if you're about to break their skull."
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: What they come down to in the end.
    • Magne forms the Team Mom role, filling in a motherly role that society denied her.
    • Dabi shows Cloudcuckoolander tendencies, but in reality it's a defense mechanism (along with their drug use) against the sheer abuse and disfigurement his father had put them through.
    • Shigaraki, while being apparently full of spite and very little is different than his canon counterpart, is shown to be a deeply broken man who's worldview was warped by all to believe that what he believes is exactly true.
    • Muscular often tries to put up his front of Dumb Muscle. Beneath this, he has a far kinder soul than his canon counterpart, having suffered far too much at the hands of heroes.
    • Spinner, the youngest of the crew, often tries to prove himself worthy of being a "top-tier villain" like his fellows. This is to overcompensate for being thrown out and made a pariah for his physical mutations.
  • Tragic Villain: All of them to some extent:
    • Magne was thrown out by her family when she came out as a trans woman and grew up on the streets. She believes that heroes don't give a damn about the "grime beneath their capes" and sees the League as her chance to help those who need it.
    • Dabi was Endeavor's "First Attempt" and was abused to the point of being permanently disfigured and suffering from severe trauma. They eventually ran away, holding severe guilt over abandoning their siblings to Endeavor's wraith. Now, they seek to become strong enough to kill Endeavor and save their family from his abuse.
    • Muscular was a loving older brother to his younger trans sister until she ran away from home due to his father's transphobia. While searching for her, Muscular discovered that his sister had been murdered by -Water Hose. This led to him murdering them in vengeance and being imprisoned with no one believing him. Muscular now believes that only your own strength is what can protect the people you love.
    • Spinner was thrown and outcast from his home and town when his lizard-like appearance emerged. . The League was the first place to treat him as a person and not a monster, earning his undying loyalty.
    • While seemingly the most overtly evil of the League, Shigaraki lost his family as a child and was abducted by ALL FOR ONE, being indoctrinated to become a Nietzsche Wannabe. Whenever confronted by his anything contrary to his worldviews, Shigaraki is prone to breaking down.

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