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Characters from the anime and manga "Tegami Bachi," (Letter Bee.)

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    The Bee Hive 

The Bee Hive

The headquarters of the delivery service where all the "Bees" work. Located in Yuusari, the middle-class area of AmberGround.

Current Letter Bees and their Dingoes

Lag Seeing

The main protagonist. A very focused and unfailingly polite young boy. He is a former letter delivered by Gauche Suede to his aunt. His encounter with Gauche inspired him to become a Letter Bee. His Spirit Amber attack is called "Red Needle" and is able to visualize the memories held within whatever it is shot at. He can also somehow control the direction it goes. He has Spirit Amber implanted in his left eye socket.

Tropes associated with Lag:

  • Ambiguously Human: He's essentially a shard of the Sun given form by the Spirit Amber. Inside him is the souls of many people that the Sun stole to be its light, among them the part that Gauche lost in the Day of Flicker.
  • Chaste Hero: He's only 12, so he never considers his intimate relationship with Niche as anything romantic. Subverted later when he proclaims his Love Confession to Sylvette, showing that he's not completely Oblivious to Love.
  • Determinator: Sees everything he starts to the end, no matter what.
  • Eyepatch of Power: The patch of hair covering his left eye. Seems to make him more cute than intimidating.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Like everyone else, but he can also shoot them from his hands.
  • Glass Cannon: Like most Bees, but he seems to take the cake.
  • Goal in Life: Three. To become Head Bee, to find his mother again (which ties into the first, since she's most likely in the capital) and to see Gauche again.
  • Meaningful Name: "Lagrima" means tears.
  • Missing Mom: His mother was taken away by the government at the start of the series, and one of the reasons he wanted to become Head Bee is so that he can go to the capital to find her.
  • Naked First Impression: When he arrives at the Bee-Hive, he introduces himself right away. While still in his boxers.
  • Orphan's Plot Trinket: His Spirit Amber eye.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His bangs cover his Spirit Amber eye.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His eyes are naturally red and the Spirit Amber in his left socket is also red. Subverted because he's very benevolent.
  • Serious Business: Letters and memories, of course.
  • To Be a Master: He wants to be Head Bee.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer...: Red Needle typically can destroy Gaichu and convey memories to people that resolve their problems, sometimes in the same shot.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: In contrast to people like Mock, wants to see all deliveries through to the end and do so in a way that is good for the sender and recipient.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: He makes an adorable girl.


She is Lag's personal bodyguard, AKA Dingo. Niche was a letter Lag encountered on his way to the Bee-Hive and he delivered to her destination, a side-show circus called Love Someone Down. She is actually the "Child of Maka" (lit. the Child of Greatness) and as a result, has golden, 'sword-like' hair, blue eyes and arms resembling that of a bear.

Tropes associated with Niche:

  • A-Cup Angst: She normally does not dwell on it, but she will look upon her own chest unfavorably when she's comparing herself to other girls, especially if she perceives a girl as a "threat" (in the sense of her "stealing" Lag away from her). Her excitement of being temporarily aged up is even soured when she realizes she lacks an ample bosom and body (in comparison to Sylvette and her sister).
  • Action Girl: She's the primary fighter in Lag's team, and is one of the best dingoes in the series.
  • Bodyguard Crush: Very attached to Lag and takes her job to protect him very seriously.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Since Lag is her world, she's generally not pleased when she's not the center of his.
  • The Comically Serious: She's a grumpy little girl who doesn't understand jokes, but her rather odd habits, and the way people (especially Lag) reacts to it is frequently used as a source of comedy.
  • Please Put Some Clothes On: Every time Niche walks around naked, Lag would frantically run after her, trying to get her wear something.
  • Prehensile Hair: Her hair can morph into virtually anything, including weapons.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Despite her childlike appearance, she's been around for at least two hundred years.
  • Serious Business: Being a Dingo.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Despite being sad to say goodbye to her, Lag initially thinks it's too dangerous for Niche to be his dingo as a young girl. He gets over it fairly quickly.
  • 10-Minute Retirement: Tries to quit being Lag's dingo after drinking poisoned water and subsequenly losing to Roda. She gets better.
  • Third-Person Person: Refers to herself as "Niche".
  • Took a Level in Badass: She can now make some pretty intricate things with her hair, after training with her sister.


Niche's live bait and emergency food rations. He followed her from Love Someone Down and usually is a Head Pet. Steak seems to have accepted that one day Niche may make good on her desire to eat him. He also appears to be a Kapellmeister and the Last of His Kind.

Tropes associated with Steak:

Connor Kluff

The Bee who escorted Lag to his interview. Connor made regular deliveries to Campbell Litus as Lag was growing up, and seems to be popular with the townspeople. He has a hearty appetite and a stocky build, and tires easily. His Dingo is a hound dog named Gus whose skilled at tunneling. His Spirit Amber attack is "Yellow Bomb" and uses pieces of his hunger via landmines.

Tropes associated with Connor:

Zazie Winters

A Bee who specializes in killing Gaichuu and actually has very little interest in deliveries. For the record, he IS good at those too. His parents were killed by Gaichuu when he was a child, leading him to become a Bee in order to exact vengeance. He likes cats; in fact his Dingo is a panther named "Wasiolka." His Spirit Amber attack is "Blue Thorn" and shoots pieces of his hate.

Also, in the anime, he's very apparently a boy. In the manga, however...

Tropes associated with Zazie:

  • Hero-Worshipper: To Jiggy Pepper. Subverted by the fact that he's just as capable.
  • I Can Still Fight!: In Episode 20, despite his broken arm, he returns via Big Damn Heroes to help Lag.
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: It's revealed in a flashback why he lost
  • Meaningful Name: In-Universe, his name means, "One who lives honestly."
  • Only One Name: For the most part, until his past is revealed.
  • Panthera Awesome: Wasiolka.
  • Parental Abandonment: His parents had their hearts eaten by a Gaichuu. They also had left him behind for 10 years, and he, as a result of his trust issues, couldn't recognize them as his parents.
  • Parting Words Regret: The last thing he said to his parents before they got killed by a Gaichuu was that he didn't believe that they were his parents.
  • Revenge: His reason for joining the Letter Bees and the source of his power.
  • Trigger Happy
  • Wham Line: He tells Lag in passing that Gauche is no longer a Bee, and as such, Lag's the current record-holder on the entry exam.
  • You Killed My Father: He eventually comes into a confrontation with the Gaichuu that ate his parents' hearts.

Jiggy Pepper

The resident Express Delivery specialist, a young adult Bee who occasionally shows up when the manga decides to be extra cool. Has two adopted siblings, Nelli and Nello, though Nello, the boy, eventually dies of an illness. He left their hometown to become stronger to protect them. He also had a bell tower built there. His Spirit Amber, Sea Blue Ultramarine, is in his motorcycle. His Dingo is a hawk named Harry.

Tropes associated with Jiggy:

Lily Confort

Lag's partner during the Cabernet interception mission. She lacks confidence in her abilities and hates the fact that as a Bee she is often rejected by society. She holds Lag in very high esteem, having heard of his reputation, and admires his dedication, abilities and confidence.

Tropes associated with Lily:

Other Personnel

Largo Lloyd Largo Vallore

The Master of the Bee Hive. Seem to have a more invested interest in Lag and his deliveries for reasons unknown.

Tropes associated with Largo:

Aria Link

The Sub Master of the Bee Hive and Largo's right hand, taking care of the minor things for him. She was see earlier in Gauche's memories as a letter bee and his love interest. Aria's Spirit Amber ability is the Heart Restoration Bullet, which she executes by playing music on her violin. The music has a healing effect on everyone who hears it. The closer one stands to her while she is playing, the stronger the healing effects. Her Spirit Amber attack is "Crimson Melody" and is executed by playing her violin. Her Dingo is Bolt, a large dog.

Tropes associated with Aria:

Dr. Thunderland Jr.

A biologist who belongs to the Third Bioscience advisory panel of Amberground divisions specializing in pathology. He collects corpses for dissection and study, earning him the nickname "The Corpse Doctor." He has a morbid interest in dissection. Not as evil as he looks.

Tropes associated with Dr. Thunderland:

Dr. Thunderland

Thunderland Junior's father, who makes appearances in the bonus sections of the manga volumes to talk about Amberground, and the various people and places Lag finds in his travels

Mock Sullivan

A Letter Bee whose approach to his work is starkly different from Lag and Gauche's; he simply believes in getting letters to their destinations and is willing to write off letters as "cold letters" without tracking down the sender or recipient.

Tropes associated with Mock:

  • Accidental Misnaming: Gets Lag's name wrong despite having just been told it.
  • Jerkass: Says in no uncertain terms that he doesn't think much of Lag as a Bee and dislikes his approach to delivering letters.
  • Knife Nut


Mock Sullivan's Dingo, a cobra.

Calibus Garrard

A government official and former Bee come to retrieve Gauche's unconscious body. Lloyd at one point idolized him.

Tropes associated with Garrard:

Hazel Valentine

"Being a dingo is my life!! I don't know how to do nothin' but protect!! I'll protect you! And I'll protect my old hometown! What could be simpler than that?"

The Dingo of Calibus Garrard. Would be suffering from Small Name, Big Ego if he wasn't as tough as people say he is. A bit childish.

Tropes associated with Hazel:


     Amberground Government 

Amberground Government

Enforces a very strict class separation & bars travel between the 3 districts for all except those given proper clearance.

Tropes about the government in general

Empress of Amberground/(currently) Anne Seeing

Tropes associated with her:

  • Express Delivery: She was spontaneously impregnated with Lag on the Day of Flicker and gave birth to him on the same day.
  • Family Business: Her family has been in charge of the task of "Empress" - which is to protect the light of the Sun - for generations, and Anne is the newest Empress.
  • Lag I Am Your Mother: The current Empress is, anyway.
  • Shout-Out: Her statues resemble the Virgin Mary.

Jikku Vallore

Commander of the Imperial Guard. He abducted Lag's mother and was present on the Inspection Airship during the Day of Flicker.

Tropes associated with Jikku Vallore:



A revolutionary group trying to cause a "Reverse" in Amberground. May not or may not be much better than the government they're trying to topple over.


The Man Unable To Become A Spirit/Lawrence

The leader of Reverse.

Tropes associated with The Man Unable To Become A Spirit:

Roda/The Girl in White

Noir's Dingo.

Tropes associated with her:

Noir/Gauche Suede

A Marauder for Reverse who steals letters from Bees. He's a bit of a jerk. His Spirit Amber attack is named "Jet Black"

Tropes associated with Noir:


Agent of Reverse. Fought Zazie.
Tropes associated with Zeal:


Agent of Reverse.

Tropes associated with Mie:


A young nun at the Veritably Abbey in Lamento Town. She is a good baker, and has a crush on Connor.

Tropes associated with Sunny:


Semi-recurring characters, family of main characters and people who aren't specifically affiliated with anything.

The Suede Family

Gauche Suede

Lag's mentor and hero, who delivered him to his aunt in Chapter 1. He's a lively and pleasant young man, something remarked upon by those who've met him. He also wants to become the Head Bee so that he can make life easier for his younger sister. He likes weird soup. It's revealed he has no memories of his mother, as a result of the Day Of Flicker. Aria believes he focuses all of his attention on his sister as a result. His Spirit Amber attack is "Black Needle" and his Dingo is Roda.

It is revealed that he is no longer a Bee and worst, a Marauder of Reverse called Noir. He has no memories of Lag or Sylvette, possibly due to losing that part of his heart. Recently, he's awoken and seems to recognize Sylvette again... though this proves to be him simply using the memories within Lag's Letter Bullet as a guide to feign remembrance. During and after the battle with Cabernet, he has returned to working with the Bee Hive, after deciding that his actions with Reverse was hurting too many people.

Tropes associated with Gauche:

Sylvette Suede

Gauche's younger, handicapped sister. Like Lag, she was also born of the Day of Flicker. After Gauche leaves for Akatsuki, he disappears, leaving her to assume he's dead. Some years later she encounter Lag, who promises to find her brother. She covers the rent and expenses on her house by making and selling dolls and renting a room to Lag.

Lag eventually does find and return Gauche to her. While Gauche feigns having regained his memories (using the memories carried in Lag's Letter Bullet to build the cover), she eventually learns the truth after the battle with Cabernet. She's taking it surprisingly well.

Tropes associated with Sylvette:

Lag's Relatives

Sabrina Mary

Lag's aunt who lives in Campbell Litus. Gauche delivers Lag to her in the first chapter. Lag stays with her for five years before leaving to become a Bee himself.

Tropes associated with Sabrina:

  • Apron Matron
  • Cool Old Lady
  • Tsundere: Yells at Gauche for not thanking Lag for dragging his ass into town but gives him food and water for the return trip back to Yuusari.

Anne Seeing

Lag's mother. She was taken to Akatsuki at the beginning of the story and no one has seen her since. She is the one who implanted the Spirit Amber in Lag's eye. Or, to be more accurate, she instructed Sabrina Mary to do so.

Tropes associated with her:

     Blue Notes Blues 

Niche's Older Twin Sister

Antagonist of the Blue Notes Blues Arc, she was separated from Niche sometime ago. Unlike Niche, she managed to grow up and find her way back to Maka. Also unlike Niche, she knows just how and why she came into the world.

Tropes associated with her:


The resident God of Blue Notes Blues. People make sacrifices to her and while she does protect the land, she does it for no one's sake but her own. Somehow she managed to raise Niche's sister.

Tropes associated with Maka:


The mother of Niche and her sister.

Tropes associated with Celica:

  • Mama Bear: She was perfectly fine with Maka eating her (she doesn't) so long as she saved her daughters' lives.

Alternative Title(s): Tegami Bachi


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