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    As A Whole 
  • True Companions: Anybody who's been in the LDP since the very beginning definitely qualifies.


Peter "Tyranee" Grant

The director of the project as a whole. Often plays the Cool Old Guy, like the Judge from Ace Attorney. Also appears in smaller roles.
  • Adorkable: His attempts at making jokes come off as awkward at best, but his commentary is just so adorable.
  • Big Good: The founder of the project, and a longtime director for many of its projects.
  • Catchphrase: "Basically, yeah."
  • I Hate Past Me: Tyranee is not fond of himself from the "original Let's Dub 999" era, citing lackluster commentary, a poor narration voice, and his tendency to make excuses for unprofessionalism.
  • So Proud of You: Frequently expresses this sentiment for the project, in the form of the yearly awards and comments during the commentary of the "Let's Re-watch 999" series.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With LJ.


Chelsie "Pinkshuchan" Williams

One of the original members, Pink is known for voicing Clover from 999 and Monokuma from Dangan Ronpa.


Jess "LJ7117" Oliver

One of the earliest members, LJ is known for voicing Santa from 999.
  • Adorkable: At the Ikkicon 2014 panel, it's pretty clear she's nervous about speaking in front of a crowd. She manages to get through it pretty admirably, though, and even gets in a few jokes and sound advice.
  • Bi the Way
  • Breakout Character: Made the rather-hated Florent L'Belle more memorable for non-ironic reasons. Ironically, LJ still hates the character.
  • Jerkass: A recurring character trait for pretty much everybody she voices (e.g. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc's Byakuya Togami, 999's Santa, etc.). Even the aversions to this trope get some of her attitude in between dialogue.
  • Official Couple: With Pinkshuchan.
  • Transgender: Isn't very open about it, but in the 2014 Let's Dub Awards, Tyranee referred to her by she/her pronouns. She herself confirmed it in the comments of said video.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Tyranee.
    LJ: [when past-Peter says that a name was better than "Santa"] Well, f**k you, Peter!


Arcy "CreedKeeper"

One of the original members, Creedkeeper is best known for voicing Lotus from 999.
  • Contralto of Danger
  • Ms. Fanservice: Plays Lotus from 999.
  • Reality Subtext: Creed was actually working as a programmer when she started playing 999. Coincidentally, she'd later voice a certain character from 999—one who once worked as a programmsr for a living.


Ryan "ActorsAllusion"

This guy voices many people, including Miles Edgeworth and the Prisoner.


Rachael "Rhuze"

  • Punny Name: Also known as "somecleverrhuze".
  • Promoted Fanboy: The original Axe Ending dub episode was the first LDP video Rhuze ever saw. Now, she's part of the creation process.
  • Taught by Experience: Rhuze knew nothing about video editing before joining the project. Now, she has completed a series and is currently directing another. She also produces the majority of the series' opening and credits sequences, as well as music videos and extra things for the channel, such as the monthly highlight reels.


Michael "Pacoslimee"

A latter edition to the team, Paco voices Junpei in the 999 Re-Dub and Franz from An Octave Higher.
  • Adorkable: Almost at Tyranee's level.
  • Casting Gag: One minor role he did was an unnamed policeman dubbed "Officer Jumpy".
  • Reality Subtext: A friend pointed out to Paco that he bears a strong resemblance to 999's Junpei. This led him to eventually audition for the role for the (Re)Dub.

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