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The characters present in the Kamen Rider World of Legacy of Power. Main index is here.

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Arata Kagami/Kamen Rider TheBee (formerly)/Kamen Rider Gattack (formerly)

One of the top executives of URSA and the ZECT representative.


Kousei Kogami

One of the top executives of URSA and the Kougami Foundation representative.

Ichiro Tachibana

One of the top executives of URSA and the Takeshi representative.

Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu (formerly)/Kamen Rider Zangetsu-Shin (formerly)

One of the top exectutives of URSA and the Yggdrasill representive. Father to Natsumi Kureshima.

Keisuke Nago/Kamen Rider IXA (formerly)

One of the top executives of URSA and the Aozora representative.

Kiriha Kyuuseishu/ZECTrooper (formerly)/ Kamen Rider the Avenger

Kiriha Kyuuseishu is a good man who is sick of seeing the world in turmoil. He knows the harsh truths of the world, and that it'll be like this, and that he can do nothing about it. He's willing to live with that despair and not try to see the world as something that it's not. But it does get to him. He tries to fight the depression and just move forward.


Akane Himura

Akane Himura is not a pacifist. She understands that humans are violent creatures and sadly for the greater good violence can be necessary. She however doesn't think she'd capable of physically hurting another person. At least she wants to believe that. All she wants to do is heal and work on cures to prevent sickness.

Natsumi Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu/Kamen Rider Zangetsu-Shin

Natsumi Kureshima is a woman of confident, serious personality that won't let herself be pushed around by anyone, but once one gets to know her, she relaxes a bit and shows a kinder side. Having been broken of her naivete after receiving the gear, she's more of a realist, and some of the light in her heart is gone. Having the wealth and position, along with being involved in this war, makes her a bit jaded. Natsumi is also very technical minded, but pursues that in private at her father's mansion, which is where she lives.


Ken Motai/Kamen Rider G4

Ken Motai is a talented and dedicated former police officer who isn’t above fighting for justice or what he believes in. He has a slight tendency to be arrogant towards those who can’t figure out simple problems and those who fall for scams. However he is an alcoholic that stems from his time as a detective when his partner was killed, he works to solve that one mystery that has eluded him and he spends time going over the case in the vain attempt at finding a solution.

Andrea Tachibana/Kurokage Trooper/Kamen Rider Gaim

Andrea Tachibana is a fiery woman who, while she can appear sweet and gentle at times, can scare the daylights of her fellow URSA members. Though she tries her best to stay positive, she feels that she can't do as well as her brothers because of where she ended up compared to them.

Miko Sawada/Kurokage Trooper/Kamen Rider Venus

Miko Sawada is, by all accounts, a walking contradiction. She's very sarcastic, filling the trope of Deadpan Snarker to a T. It helps with her tactics, because she can see the flaws in her own plan and the plans of others. However, it also tends to make her some enemies, because she can be kind of a jerk pointing out these flaws, especially when it's someone else's plan. However, she also has her happy, excited moments. Whenever something good happens to her, she gets very happy and giggly, and it confuses the hell out of everyone around her.

Paul Herbert/Kamen Rider Duke

Paul Herbert has all the makings of the next Albert Einstein…if Einstein was from Toronto and had a borderline obsession with pulp fiction stories. His first loyalty is to URSA, as thanks for giving him an incredible opportunity. He seems to be aware of the dark side of URSA, but is happy to look the other way if it means he gets to continue with his research.

Adam Jonas/Kamen Rider New Den-O

Adam Jonas appears to have a calm and easygoing demeanour. He always looks calm, as if he just accepts what goes on around him. He speaks slowly and calmly, only raising his voice if he has to. He seems to be fairly intelligent, which shows when he games. Generally, he prefers to keep his head down and get on with his job.

Arata Nakagawa/Kamen Rider Sigurd

Arata Nakagawa is a very focused man. He finds a goal, and he does everything in his rather considerable power until he achieves it. He also doesn't tolerate disobedience of any kind. If he gives an order or command and someone disobeys it, that someone will most likely be subject to a beating.

Harper ZEC Trooper/Kamen Rider G Den-O

Harper is a cop at heart, even though she never got to be one in her beloved hometown. She refuses to let injustice stand, but she knows how to follow rules well enough to not get fired as a ZEC Trooper. She has enough social graces to know what to say and what not to say - she can pump an enemy for information as well as she can comfort a crime victim. She is obsessed with trying to liberate Detroit and return it to it's old glory.

Reika Minato/Riotrooper

Reika Minato, enigmatic and dangerous, like her mother and aunt. She remains a mystery, but is a skilled fighter.

Hideyasu Jonouchi/Armored (Kamen) Rider Guridon (formerly)/Armored (Kamen) Rider Bravo

Hideyasu Jonouchi was once a dandy obsessed with fame and being the very best. He's still like that, but now he has the skills and the physique to back it up. Oren started him on his journey to being a real man, but war hardened him and made him what he is today. Sometimes he lies awake at night, afraid that when he closes his eyes he'll be right back there - in that never-ending Hell.


  • The Atoner - Feels response for the deaths of Hase and Oren and tries to prevent other people from succumbing to the same fate.
  • Cultured Badass - Is known as the Battle Hardened Dandy.
  • Berserk Button - Being called Guridon (or Ornac). Disrespecting Oren.
  • Crazy-Prepared - Shows signs of this.
  • Insistent Terminology - Insists on being called "Armored Rider" instead of "Kamen Rider."
  • Legacy Character - Took on the name of Bravo to honor his fallen master along with the Durian Lockseed.
  • The Mentor - Considers himself one towards the newest generation of "Armored Riders".
  • Red Baron - Was once known as the "Battle Hardened Dandy", only we don't know if other people actually called him that or if it was just him.
  • The Rival - Considers himself one to the original Baron and Gaim.
  • Took a Level in Badass - Went from a straight up joke character to one of URSA's top fighters.
  • Took a Level in Kindness - While in Gaim, he was considerably selfish and self-serving, here he genuinely tries to protect people from Helheim.


    Last Raven 

Kate Johnson/Kamen Rider Duke

Kate Johnson is a strange character, no one's quite sure what makes her tick. It's totally nothing to do with the fact that her father was also a crazy scientist that at one point invented combustible lemons that burned down a Shocker base or two, nope. She acts strange by normal standards, has great reaction faces, and is somewhat amoral. If people volunteer to be her test subjects, she'll accept that. But she can be very persuasive. After hearing about the GAIA incident, she actually spoke out against that because she was upset that their scientists were more crazy than her and went too damn far.

Sophia Wagner/Kamen Rider Titan Agito

Sophia Wagner acts big and boisterous on the outside, on the inside she's a lonely little girl who desperately wants her loneliness to cease and to have people that care for her. She wasn't content with simply being a background character and jumped at the chance when she obtained her Agito Seed. Now she has reunited with the man she believes to be her brother and has come to hope that his crew Tyr will become the family she never had.


"Simon"/Kamen Rider Sigmund

"Simon" is the self-proclaimed Great Leader of Shocker. He shows amazing abilities far beyond a human, and will gladly lead the forces of Shocker that have assembled. He is unpredictable, yet holds a curious honorable side to him, just to make things more interesting.


Ravinn Wolf/Kamen Rider Kick Hopper

Ravinn Wolf, a charming, charismatic, loyal soldier and bodyguard for Iris who served the French President. In reality he's a Shocker agent who helped orchestrate the Kuuga experiment and then abandoned Iris and URSA after trying to destroy their working relationship.

Dominick "Nick" Colt/Kamen Rider Kabuto

Nick Colt is a womanizer who does most things for women and affection, whether it be real or just bodily. He fights for whoever pays him, working less as a mercenary and more as someone who will gladly take whatever jobs he can. It is later revealed that he is one of the fragments of the Great Leader.


  • Red Eyes, Take Warning - his eyes can go black as Kabuto, and when that happens, things get bad for whoever he's fighting.

Cristina Blanco/Kamen Rider Lady

Cristina Blanco is often seen as a rather withdrawn woman, since she focuses more on her work than anything, even her own assistants and others who work in the lab. The lab is her home, it's her life, it's everything to her. She lost all interest in people when ZEC Troopers tried to kill her. Now she's interested in her science and in the biology of the monsters, specifically the Worms. She is later revealed to be one of the Great Leader's embodiments.

Kingsley Adewale/Kamen Rider Ra

Kingsley Adewale, a tall muscled black man that serves as Last Raven's engineer and enforcer, Adewale is a very intimidating man that would carry out his own interest over everything else. Foreboding and malevolent to say the least, Adewale's cruelty knew little to no limits, and even though he speaks in a well-mannered tone, he has absolutely no qualms of committing heinous actions without remorse. Adewale is also a very shady individual, as his supposed allegiance with either Last Raven and SHOCKER are often brought into question, yet the answer is shrouded in a thick mystery only he himself knows.


Anna Grace/Kamen Rider Wizard

Anna Grace is a mage like no other. After she recovered the Wizar Driver, she took it upon herself to make sure that no one she meets will ever fall into despair like she nearly did. She fights with flair and style, having specifically chosen her coat because it flowed like a cape. She’s jokey, yet sensitive to people’s problems and will go out of her way to solve them. In spite of this, she still feels unsure of herself – there were better people at SAINT more worthy of using the Wizar Driver, and yet it’s now bonded to her.


Tristan Gallant

Tristan Gallant, a womaniser by nature, Tristan enjoys leading the fine life he lives, even if he didn't always obtain it through honest means. He's an incredibly optimistic individual, keeping a positive outlook when all hope has faded. He is constantly full of energy.

    The Order of the Emperor 

Silas Tiranul/Kamen Rider Kiva

Silas Tiranulis a very stoic young man. He keeps a very strong grip of his emotions, because he knows if he lets his emotions run rampant, he'll lose control of his Fangire blood. He's not necessarily afraid of himself and what he can do. Far from it. He's quite proud of his abilities, but worries he could hurt someone else. He's very loyal to the Order and to his friends, knowing they're really all he has in this desperate, destroyed world.


Alistair Warden

Alistair Warden is loyal to the end, to the Order and his half-brother. The familial tie to the current leader and generations of servitude in his family have made it this way. He would die for Silas in a heartbeat.

Rene Tiranul/Spider Fangire

Rene Tiranul is very much a free spirit who believes that no-one should define his future for him. The future is what HE makes it. He takes a childlike glee in everything he does, be it leaving Torchkeep to attend parties or feeding on the life energy of his unsuspecting prey. Of course, he’s perfectly happy to lay around Torchkeep doing nothing, much to the disapproving attitudes of his peers. He cares little what they think.


Neil Wotan/Kamen Rider Scissiors (temporary)/Kamen Rider Gattack

Neil Wotan may seem like your typical drunken, high all the time, skirt chasing (though he'll really he'll have sex with practically living thing), asshole party boy, but he's more than that. He's the captain of a nefarious group of pirates that will do just about anything for money. When the situation calls for it, though, he can be downright ruthless and cunning. So don't let that party-boy billionaire image fool you, he's a man to watch out for. Though that doesn't mean that deep down he doesn't have his hidden heart of gold...


James Harper/Kamen Rider Knuckle

James Harper lives every moment like it’s his last. If there is a beautiful woman he will try to bed her. If there is liquor to be drank it shall be drank. If there’s a battle to fight he’ll fight it. He has said time and time again that he will possess one of every Lockseed.


A highly advanced AI that serves as the navigational computer and operating system for the Tyrfing. Considered by Neil to be their third member. Has a one-sided rivalry with James.

Joel Florian/Sphere

Joel Florian is a unique specimen. He acts like a complete gentleman, minding his Ps and Qs and maintaining a somewhat civilised manner. However, he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty when the time comes to kick major ass. He’ll often spout one-liners and wisecracks when he works, if only to cheer himself up.

    The Third Street Saints 

DA BAWS (real name unknown)

DA BAWS goes to great lengths to hide her identity from the public now that the Saints have changed so fundamentally. She disguises herself and has her Saints destroy any photos. But behind closed doors, she's still very secretive. She tries not to reveal any personal details to anyone except her friends. Despite all this, she has quite the penchant for showmanship. When the Saints act on anything, cameras follow, because DA BAWS firmly follows the philosophy of "Go big or go home". When the Saints mobilize, helicopters darken the skies and DA BAWS and her lieutenants destroy any and all opposition in their path. Enemies of the Saints don't last very long.

Kinzie Kensington

Kinzie Kensignton is a creature of darkness. She prefers staying in her dark little basement-headquarters, but she's not averse to coming upstairs. She just has a crippling fear of the outdoors, so she never goes outside unless she has her ASPA suit on. She prefers the company of technology to the company of people in most cases, but she does tolerate certain people, such as her coworkers and a couple of the people who work upstairs.

Johnny F*ckin Gat/Kamen Rider Accel

Johnny Gat is generally brash, hot-headed, and extremely trigger happy, showing no remorse for the people he kills. While still has traits of his former gangster life, and even once called out the Boss on the Saints becoming a merchandising brand, he is loyal to them until the very end, and anyone who dares betray them had better watch out.

    Iris's Army 

Iris Trochu/Kamen Rider Kuuga (temporarily)/Kamen Rider Marika (formerly)

Iris Trochu, a cultured woman with good heart who only wants to help the people of France. She doesn't want to be powerless, and hates that she was forced to become a bio-weapon in the form of Kuuga. She will do anything to help her country, and make any alliances she needs to. Her people mean everything to her, everything else be damned.


  • Badass Boast - Not in the normal context, of going into ass kicking. It starts off her quest to become an ass kicker.
    "It is not war, not yet. Those are my people dying in their homes. While URSA chases after ghosts of GAIA here, in Japan, France is burning. The war isn't being fought, so it's not war. It's slaughter. I intend to make it a war."
  • Killed Off for Real - Slain by the Great Leader when she goes back on her word and tries to kill him.

"Shinji Yakamura"/The Overlord of Darkness/Dark Agito

Shinji Yakamura, cunning, manipulative, he does everything to try to protect humanity and destroy any monsters that may threaten them. He runs a bank, and meets with URSA for the sake of perhaps furthering the common goals, but starts to wonder if they're worth allying with.

Mayu Inamori/Kamen Rider Mage

Mayu Inamori, a wizard who helped fight alongside Haruto Souma, she is haunted by the past and is apparently unsure of what to do with her future, and where to side.

Seto Arai/Kurokage Trooper/Kamen Rider Gaim-Shin

Seto Arai is a man of both justice and power. His kindness and altruism stems from what his mother taught him as well as Kota's very reason in helping others. Seto has no real reason in helping others, yet he feels the urge to do so and that being adult means taking responsibility and a level in maturity for the sake of the greater good. Although he is naive and oblivious to much of the world he lives in, similar to his uncle, he makes up for his idealistic view with good morales and a sense of justice to protect others, despite his impatience and lust for power.


  • I Just Want to Be Badass - Wishes to be like his uncle.
  • Curbstomp Battle - Doesn't fare well against a berserk Kiva and is further humiliated by Natsumi.
    • Though, he later delivers one to an Undead using the Suika Lockseed.
  • Elite Mook - Is a Kurokage Trooper, but he still gets his ass kicked half the time he shows up.

Suzuki Riho

Suzuki Riho is a young girl with some medical training who spent her life as a singer and dancer to try to help make people happy.

    BEACON and AGHS 

Hikaru Corday/Kamen Rider Meteor

Hikaru Corday spent much of his childhood in an underground bunker where pretty much everything was given to him on a silver platter so understandably his view of the world has become quite askew. He aims to be elegant and masterful at whatever it is he sets out to accomplish, be it teaching, fighting, or even interpretive dance. He's quite the attention whore and Casanova, always hitting on the ladies, but rarely succeeding in his conquests.

Michelle Liao/Kamen Rider Bluto

Michelle Liao is a strange individual. She is incredibly strong-willed, able to power through almost anything with sheer determination and willpower alone. However, she isn't very sociable with others, and tries to keep to herself.

Mirai Suenaga/Mirai Millennium

Mirai Suenaga, if it weren't for her bright personality, the future would seem dark for the Vanir refugees. Even in the face of adversity, she remains honest, kind, gentle and diligent, and maybe a bit overprotective about her sister. She likes to try out new things, but usually messes up, breaks something, and gets all flustered. She does have a serious side, and it shows when she fights.

Haruka Suenaga/Haruka Millennium

Haruka Suenaga, of all the refugees, she has the hardest time fitting in with the humans. She attempts to blend in by pulling very cleverly devised pranks on her human peers (and sometimes her Vanir peers). She has just as much energy as her sister, maybe even a bit more. Like her sister, her more serious side shows when she has to fight.

Kanata Hoshikawa/Kanata Millennium

Kanata Hoshikawa appears to be perpetually grumpy, often finding something to complain about, even if there's nothing to complain about. She is often viewed by the other refugees as a bit of a downer. She does, however, have a gentler side. Those who see it count themselves among a unique few.

Eiji Seiun/Eiji Millennium

Eiji Seiun has found it the easiest to blend in with the humans, as he finds himself fascinated by their culture. He, like Mirai, has a bright personality, with a positive outlook even in the bleakest of situations. Music, even on Vanaheim, is his favourite thing. He too has a serious side, and it shows when he fights evil aliens and other threats.

Kanon Sasaki

Kanon Sasaki is not entirely human, she is a mighty dragon that has taken human form, or that's at least what the rumors say. In truth, she's just your (semi) ordinary girl that's trying to graduate high school and being useful to the family that took her in when she was all alone. When you mess with Hikaru, you mess with her, unless he did something to deserve it of course.

     Sentinels of Liberty 

Adriana Washington/Kamen Rider Psyga

Adriana Washington, loyal to America, a soldier who fights for her country and its people. Became an Orphnoch in the past and is now able to use the power of Psyga for her country.

James Anderson/Kamen Rider Leangle

James Anderson, forever strong, that is probably James’ motto about his way of life, he is always seeking ways to improve himself and his strength and it comes to no surprise to anyone that he is always seen training in whatever that he deems necessary in order to become better than his opponents. In order to test the result of his training and to see if he has improved at all he is seeking powerful opponents in order to destroy them as proof of his strength. He's also very careless in battle.

Nina Steele/Kamen Rider Raia

Nina Steele, a bright and patriotic woman, she always strives to do her best despite the fact that she’s quite poor in fighting and can only support her other team mates. She looks up to Adriana because of the woman’s seemingly calm manner, aware of her true past and nature but nonetheless looks up to her, she is always trying to do her best whenever the spotlight turns on her though she gets nervous easily. However her analytical and tactical mind is a valuable asset to the Sentinels and she is the one that makes up the tactics and plans that are utilized by the Sentinel Division.

Adam Phillips/Kamen Rider Birth

Adam Phillips, an enigma, not many people know Adam’s true personality and that’s the way he likes it. He prefers to keep to himself and interacts only with his fellow Sentinels, he loves peace and quiet and hates noisy people. He is often seen playing chess against Nina who he is fond of along with the others and wishes to protect them from harm if possible. However the one thing that he truly despises is his inability to remember what happened during the time he went missing, whenever he tries to remember something or if something triggers a memory he suffers from excruciating headaches that lasts for exactly ten minutes each time.

     Line Ark 

Johnathan Walker/Kamen Rider Alteris

Johnathan Walker is a fairly quiet and reserved with an inability to talk to most people for more than a few seconds. He is distrusting of most, however will treat his friends in a much greater manner than those he does not know. He has been shown to become very irritated during combat which can lead to rash choices at some points, otherwise he uses his analytically mind to find eliminate his enemy in the most efficient manner possible. It should also be noted he is easily irritated by stupidity and can become very “impolite” if provoked.

Jack Savage/Alteris Lancer

Jack Savage has a semi Hyper-active individual, capable of making rash and unplanned decisions that can lead to failures at a very high level. At frequent points he has shown his tendency for pyromania and resulting in damages estimated in the hundreds of thousands. Finally it should be noted that a constant supply of sugar is required in order to prevent severe irritability.

Alexander Mc Guire/Kamen Rider Shotgun

Alexander McGuire, a calm and collected individual who has enjoyed the free flights provided by Line Ark to enjoy the various site. As a Data worker of Line Ark he normally wishes to work alone –due to desire not to be left with one of the science teams. He is shown to be very irritable at times, this normally shown when left with Richard Mc Kay without the supervision of others.

Richard Mc Kay/Alteris Zero

Richard McKay, an arrogant individual that only believes in his own methods and research. He thinks himself as the most competent individual in Line Ark –wither this is true is debatable. It should be noted he works best under pressure to come up with ingenious solutions. Not acquainted with combat he is known to have suffered panic attacks and uses the Alteris Zero armor to flee in most cases.

Alfred Marks/Kamen Rider Spitfire

Alfred Marks, a very loyal individual with the patients of a saint. Alfred is dedicated to his work with Line Ark. During his time as an assassin he took multiple trophies – including the helmet of a german rider. He has collected a number of other items –much to the dismay of Jack. However when provoked or attacked Alfred has shown to be very threatening and exceedingly irritable.


Ian Grimaldi/Kamen Rider Wiseman

Ian Grimaldi Ian is kind and caring but not at all trusting. Although he'd like to believe in the best of people he's encountered a great deal of manipulative, horrible human beings in his time, some mages and some simply ambitious businessmen. His innocence lost long ago, he's not quite jaded. Although he doesn't think the world will ever be at peace as human nature seems to be relatively destructive even when monsters and phantoms aren't thrown into the mix, he believes it can be more peaceful and prosperous than it currently is. He's fixated on doing all he can to build a better world for the next generation.


Dominic Geiszler/Kamen Rider Virtus

Dominic Geiszler is good, but practical. At one point in his youth, Dominic had far less scruples, but since being mentored by Dr. Kline he is a good man, or at least he tries to be. Naturally, he doesn't enjoy using such underhanded tactics to meet the client's mission brief, but will if he must. It's clear to him that he can't pick and choose who he works for in this game, but if he plays his cards he thinks he can do some real good. Outside of his dogged obsession with proving that he's a changed man, he still enjoys a spot of baseball every now and then... when being a gear privateer doesn't get in the way.


Kiyojro Bando/Kamen Rider Zolda (as Goro Yura)/Kamen Rider TheBee (as Masato Mishima)/Gryllus Worm

Kiyojro Bando is a man of many talents. Household chores, massages, photography, cooking, fighting - he does it all! He's done some not so good things in his past and is been through some major shit, but hopes to be a positive influence in the lives of the younger members of URSA. He's been many different people, but right now he's just Bando and just Bando is all he wants to be.


Tomoko Tamashiro/Spider-Girl

Tomoko Yamashiro is the youngest granddaughter of Takuya Yamashiro, also known as Spider-Man. While she's insecure about her social skills, mostly because of the big secret she has to keep, she tries to keep her spirits up by being lighthearted at all times, usually by cracking jokes. She's fiercely loyal to her friends and family, and will do anything she can to protect the innocent.


Priestess Of Fate/Kamen Rider Bujin Gaim

The Priestess of Fate, an unknown, cryptic individual who seems to be tied to the events that occurred in Helheim years ago.


Jane Doe/Kamen Rider Diend

Jane Doe, a woman from another world who came to this one due to Shocker technology, wielding the powers of the deceased Daiki Kaito. A thief without a happy past, she tries to find a powerful object in order to save people she's met in the past.

Kyle Cross/Kamen Rider G1

Kyle Cross, fundamentally idealistic and a police officer. He believes that there is innate good in all people, however he's been known to lapse when faced with really bad people. He doesn't believe in giving up and even when the odds are stacked against him he'll keep going until he completes the task or until he can't keep going.

Akira Maeda/Kamen Rider Skull

[[ Akira Maeda]] is very distant and closed individual. She keeps to herself a lot of the time, but the one thing that she makes sure everyone knows is that she is determined to find the truth. She acts as a private investigator.

Her Imperial Highness Naoko, Crown Princess of Japan/Kamen Rider IXA

Naoko was the princess of Japan who has since fled.


  • Lady of War - Even if she doesn't consider herself as a princess anymore, she's still this.

Prince Seihachi

Prince Seihachi is the acting Emperor of Japan. He wishes to rule Japan and hand it over to Shocker.

Saori Yokota/Kamen Rider Rey

Saori Yokota is rather shy person. Interacting with very few people outside of those she works with, she prefers to leave herself closed off and not get involved with anything.

Yuto Sakurai/Kamen Rider Zeronos

Yuto Sakurai, originally having a spoiled personality like that of a child Yuto has mellowed out during the time gap and is now different depending on who says it. He has a cool headed personality and thinks before he acts though he still believes that he is the strongest of them all and takes great length in proving that and hates losing.

Hideki Sato/Kamen Rider Kaixa

Hideki Sato is very much a man looking out for himself and only himself. He doesn't care about anyone else and doesn't like to take sides, preferring to keep his loyalities hidden. He serves as a bike messenger to earn money for his simple life, while using the Kaixa Gear to eliminate stray Orphanochs, never going for any larger groups. It would be stupid to face them head on.

Zack Halton/Kamen Rider Hzo

Zack Halton has a simple view on the world. The innocent need protecting, the evil need to be vanquished and he thinks he is one to stand up to the task, regardless of how much gets thrown in his way to stop him.

Henrik "Henry" Pretorian/Kamen Rider Stranger

Henrik Pretorian is a kind enough soul who lives in a world that is very much unlike his own. His intentions are pure, but his execution is far from perfect. This is thanks in part to the constant feeling of being the "odd man out" among the humans, as well as the realization that he must make his own path, not the Hive Mind. Not to mention another lingering question—is he truly Henrik Pretorian? Or will he always be the Entomian Soldier G'zhur? If Stranger were an actual Kamen Rider show, its main themes would be identity, alienation, isolation, and becoming who you want to be.

Daniel Kadam/Kamen Rider Helios

Daniel Kadam was once your still lives in his parent's basement geek until a cataclysmic event occurred fusing two worlds together. Now he's got magical powers and an awesome suit of armor. He has began to travel around the world and see what adventures lay before him. He may no longer by the Game Master of his own fantasy world, but that doesn't mean he isn't going to follow any path but his own and have an awesome time doing it.

Matsui "Nobunaga" Jurina/Kamen Rider Gaoh

Matsui "Nobunaga" Jurina, she's a yankee with something of a code of honor, but at the same time, she's not a big hero type. The young girl wants to be left alone, but has a maturity beyond her years, and leaves quite a few gasping for air later.

Hiyori Kusakabe/Kamen Rider TheBee

Hiyori Kusakabe is a quiet girl who doesn’t like to speak too much preferring to do things quietly and without any fuss. She likes to cook and draw as she aims to be open, and own, a world-class café and be its chef though she also draws as a hobby and is remarkably good at it. She can easily make friends even with her shyness as she is easy to get along with and tries her best to make sure that they know that she is there for them.

Joseph Reigns/Kamen Rider Faiz

Joseph Reigns likes money, has a soft spot for underdog causes, and can throw down in a fight. He combines brute strength and technology into a formidable fighting mix, and uses his Tuff Book to DJ sometimes on the side. Also knows a variant of the Samoan war dance. He experimented a bit, but found he likes women more.

Rinshiro/Kamen Rider Mars

Rinshiro is as young as one can be among the Femushinmu. He carries the memories of what happened before in his mind, and he feels bitter at the way things have gone for his race. He is the strongest Femushinmu left, but is not among the most foolish...not anymore. He has his father's sageness and wisdom, his mother's kindness and gentleness, and the determination of both. He is also quick to use force, or anger, while his sister is his conscience.

Sakura/Kamen Rider Lapis

Sakura is a gentle soul, like her mother. But the grim reality has made her sad. While her empathetic nature remains, she's started to focus more on her family, rather than helping others. Her first instinct is to talk things out, but she will use force to defend herself or those she loves.

Takumi Inui/Kamen Rider Orga/Orphnoch King

Takumi Inui is at constant war with himself. One side there is the hero of the past who wants nothing more than to protect humanity and on the other is the ruthless Orphnoch King who wants nothing more than for his race to rain supreme. Takumi resolves to keep himself out of conflict and away from others as much as possible, always keeping on the road and never staying in one place for too long. He is running from both his past.. and his future.

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