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    The Paré Family 

Aimé "Ti-Mé / Popa" Paré

Portrayed by: Claude Meunier

The patriarch of the family. Now retired from an unspecified job, Aimé has no more passion in his marriage to his wife, both barely enduring one another. Part of him wishes to re-ignite the love of their youth, but he feels they are both too old to do this. He's never shown much care or attention to his kids when they are growing up, and this is biting him in the ass now as all four of his kids are dysfunctional in some way. Nowadays he obsesses over the state of his garbage bags, and on the cleanliness of the workshop he has in the basement but never uses. His best friend is Pogo.

Popa shows examples of:

  • Abusive Parent: To Rénald.
  • Bumbling Dad: Downplayed version. Popa is not nearly as stupid as the usual example, and is a bit more of a Jerkass, but he does tend to follow the outline of the trope.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He's actually rather snarky, something he shares with his wife.
  • Hands-Off Parenting: He didn't really care about his children and how they'll be raised.
  • Ho Yay: In-Universe, there is an undertone of homosexuality in the relationship between Popa and his idol, Mr Bricole (Mr. Fix-It), who is gay. This scares Popa greatly.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: To Rénald and Caro.

Jacqueline "Moman" Paré

Portrayed by: Serge Thériault

The matriarch of the family. Moman is stuck in a now loveless marriage. She obsesses over cooking turkeys on which she dotes like if they were children. She has a slightly better relationship with her children than Popa, and they often come to her for advice or comfort. Always seen in a nightgown and sleeping cap.

Moman shows examples of:

  • Crosscast Role: She is played by a male actor.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Like her husband, though she tends to be less insulting (unless it's directed to him).
  • Doting Parent: How she dotes on Rod in particular.
  • The Heart: She's loved by all her children and is generally the most liked member of the family.

Rénald "Pinson" Paré

Portrayed by: Marc Labrèche

The youngest of the Paré children, Rénald was an accident. After three children, Moman and Popa both did not want another kid, but luck would have it otherwise. As such, they barely paid any attention to Rénald as he grew up. This has left Rénald rather dysfunctional. Now in his 40s, Rénald is a bank manager with a trophy wife (Lison, whom he calls Cretonnote ), but he still craves the acceptance of his parents. Every sunday, like clockwork, he goes to have supper with them (something they despise, but Rénald becomes very aggressive and distraught if they refuse to host him.) Such suppers always are followed by a game of monopoly. Rénald is very obsessive compulsive, growing upset if anything breaks his routine or if he is confronted with his parents' lack of care for him. Furthering Rénald's anxieties are his relations to his three siblings, all of them who have better relationships with his parents and who all are less successful than he is, which drives his jealousy.

  • Berserk Button: Being called "cheap" (That is, a cheapskate. Which he is. Exceedingly.)
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Not abusive per say, but neglectful. His parents have only one picture of him in his childhood... and he's hiding behind a tree.
  • Freudian Excuse: Most of Rénald's issues are blamed on his neglected childhood.
    • Part of his hostility with his siblings has to do with Rénald being fully aware he's done more with his life than any of them, and yet gets looked down upon by both them and his parents.
  • Happily Married: Lison may be his trophy wife, but he genuinely loves her, and she's madly in love with him (almost obsessively so). Compare with Thérèse and her cheating husband.
  • The Un-Favourite: Rénald's easily his parents' least liked child. While Mom or Pops will show affection towards their other kids (usually Mom more than Pops), neither of them do this for Rénald. Almost any display of affection from them is because they don't want him to act out. And he barely gets any more respect from his siblings. Rénald of course thus craves the affection and approval of his parents.
    • It can be argued that his wife has a better relationship with his parents than he does.
  • Shadow Archetype: To Rod. Rod is the eldest son, dotted upon by his mother, who is a Manchild and almost always jobless and still relies on his mother for having his meals cooked for the month and his laundry done. Unlike Rénald who has a far more healthy and successful adult life
    • Rénald is a bit of this to all the children: Despite his obsessive nature, and his obvious emotional issues towards his parents, he's arguably the most normal of the children as far as his life and accomplishments go: He holds a steady job, unlike any of them (and in fact has a fairly prestigious and well paying one), is married unlike Caro and Rod, and in fact in a happy marriage unlike Thérèse. He also lives separately from his parents in a nice home, but sees them regularly (even if they hate that).
  • Super OCD: Rénald is known for his routine, and freaks out when said routine is disturbed.

Thérèse Paré

Portrayed by: Diane Lavallée

Thérèse is the third child of the couple. Now married to Réjean, who cheats on her. They both live on the second floor of the Paré's duplex, and are both unemployed. This makes her and her husband frequent visitors of the Parés. Thérèse is an insecure woman, in no part due to her husband's cheating. She is dependent on her mother, easily influenced or confused. Probably the most simple minded of the 4 sibblings. She strives to make "Paté Chinois" (A French-Canadian dish which is simple to make, her failure to do so outlining her stupidity) but simply cannot get the layers straight, her inability to do so forms a running gag in the series.

  • Running Gag: Attempting to make paté chinois and failing spectacularly.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Quite possibly the most surreal character in a cast consisting entirely of surreal characters.

Caroline "Caro" Paré

Portrayed by: Guylaine Tremblay

The second child and the "troubled child" of the family. Caro attempts to make up for her various anxieties and issues growing up by latching on to whatever fad or idea she can find. She's done drugs, joined cults, attempted to be an artist, gotten involved in politics etc... She is constantly looking for her path in life but never seems to find one that she can settle with. With each new appearance comes a new dedication to something. Caro is most critical of her father, through she gets along well with her mother (whom she often advises to divorce her dad). It is implied she craves her father's acceptance and therefore acts out as a result. She is also fairly critical of her siblings (though most sympathetic of Thérèse though she despises her choice of husband). Despite all this, Caro is arguably the smartest, and most well adjusted, in terms of appearing sane, of the four children (and you know you're in trouble as a family when she's the "normal" one).

Rodrigue "Rod" Paré

Portrayed by: Bernard Fortin

The eldest, and least seen, child of the family. Rod is a Manchild. He still lives like he's just moved out, with his mother preparing meals for him to bring home, and doing his laundry. He is Moman's favorite kid, and she's blind to his childishness or any flaw he might have. Since Popa doesn't care about his kids too much, it also makes Rod the kid who gets along the best with his parents (and the rest of the family in general).

  • Manchild: His defining trait, Rod acts like he's an 18 year old who just moved out.
  • My Beloved Smother: Though he gets along fine with his mother.
  • Spoiled Brat: An adult version. Rod's used to his mother granting his every wish.

    In-Laws of the Paré family 

Lison "Creton" Paré

Portrayed by: Josée Deschênes

Rénald's trophy wife. Amazingly stupid but deeply in love with her husband.

  • Trophy Wife: Everyone is pretty clear that Creton's greatest quality is her looks, not her smarts. But in a subversion, she and Rénald really are devoted to each other.

Réjean Pinard

Portrayed by: Marc Messier

Thérèse's husband. Cheats on her, and is unemployed. Despite all this, he's friendly with Popa (who is also his landlord), and often his partner in crime, though Popa is critical of him. Have a blind hatred of Toyota Tercel ever since his wife cheated on him in one as revenge. Known for shouting his wife's name when she does get fed up with him and locks him out of the duplex.

  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Popa is really acerbic towards him (rightfully so), but Réjean still treats and acts like he's Popa's best friend.


    Family Friends 

Paul "Pogo" Gauthier

Portrayed by: Rémi Girard

Popa's best friend, and a former usher at the Montreal Forum. Originally an alcoholic afraid of being intimate with someone due to his ex-wife cheating on him then dumping him. Prone to monologing about his past as usher, which he is very proud of.

  • Noodle Incident: A story he repeatedly tries to tell, but never finishes. Its beginning is his catchphrase: "Un soir que j'tais au Forum, les Maple Leafs jouaient contre ch'ais pus trop qui..." note 

Linda Gaudette

Portrayed by: Silvie Potvin

Anglophone and old schoolmate of Moman, and later wife of Pogo. All in all, she is relatively the most normal character in the series, despite finding Pogo incredibly sexy

Linda: Have you seen his knees? They're Zeus' knees!
Moman: It's a shame he has Bacchus' face.

Jean-Louis "Jean-Lou" Pichette

Portrayed by: Michel Côté

Originally Caro's one time boyfriend, it rapidly became apparent that Jean-Lou was an homosexual, which greatly squicked the homophobic Popa, though the rest of the family accepted him well, and he became a frequent friend of the family, eventually marrying in their home and getting Popa past his prejudice when he revealed his husband was Popa's hero, "Mr. Bricole".

Bobby "Mr. Bricole"

Portrayed by: Gilles Renaud

Initially introduced as the host of Popa's favorite show, the eponymous "Mr. Bricole" (Mr. Fixit). He was later revealed to be Jean-Lou's soon to be husband which got Popa over his prejudice towards homosexuals. Ever since his coming out, there exists an Unresolved Sexual Tension between him and Popa, which confuses and scares Popa greatly.

Momo and Bobonne

Portayed by: Benoît Brière (Momo) & Véronique Le Flaguais (Bobonne)

A french couple the Paré were corresponding with. Eventually traveled to meet them. It turns out they are living stereotypes of how Quebeckers see the French: Loud, always talking, unsanitary and unfunny. They annoyed Popa and Moman greatly, but the two couple became friends despite this. They have two sons, one of whom would marry Caro, the other who is identical to Rénald.


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