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This is the characters page for La Caravana.

     Regular Characters 

Los Reos (The Prisoners)
The gay prisoner (left) and the straight prisoner (right)
A couple of two prisoners jailed in a cell who talk between them random stuff. One of them is implied to be gay for the other one, but his ''romantic' advances always fails. Both are played by Victor Trujillo (the gay one) and Ausencio Cruz (the straight one)
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine
  • Catchphrase: Each time the gay prisoner tries to score with the straight one, the latter yells ¡YA TE DIJE QUE NO ME MIRES CON ESOS OJOS!note 
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The whole point of this sketch is how much gay jokes and subtext is possible to include, without the censors can figure out so easily.
  • No Name Given: Both of them
  • Prison Rape: It's not very hard to see what the gay prisoner pretends to do with the straight prisoner. (Un)luckily for him, he is too nice (or stupid) for doing that.
  • Straight Gay: The gay prisoner. We only know he's gay when he tries to score with the straight prisoner, but other than that, he doesn't look effeminate or stereotypically gay in any way.
  • Straight Man: Guess who.

Brozo El Payaso Tenebroso (Brozo The Creepy Clown)
Brozo (from the show in the 90s)
Brozo (circa 2019)
A foul-mouthed, butt-ugly and grouchy clown who love to tell Mexican versions of Classic tales or animated series and later, when Victor Trujiilo switched to Televisa becomes a news anchor with a very acid twist about the actual news. Played by Victor Trujillo.
  • Ascended Extra: After the end of his original show, Trujillo revived the character in El Mañanero and El Notifiero, the later one is practically La Caravana broadcasted in Televisa and without Ausencio Cruz.
  • Catchphrase: At the beginning of his sketch he always says: ¡CHAMACOS (insert insulting Spanish adjetive)!note  and gives a briefing about what the tale is going to be about. Also, when he's going to tell the story:
    Brozo: Chamacos, ¿Quieren que les cuente un cuento?note 
    (And Brozo repeats the same lines two times more)
    Brozo: Pues se amuelan porque de todas maneras se los voy a contar.note 
    • And when he ends his sketch:
    Brozo: Si tienen tele, ahi se ven. note 
  • Depraved Kids' Show Host: A parody of this trope, through we rarely see doing anything nasty onscreen, outside insulting the audience, but his background heavily implies he did some terrible things in-universe when he is not working in his show.
  • Expy: Of Bozo The Clown. It's later revealed he's Bozo's unlucky cousin when Bozo appears in his sketch.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Not evil per se, but his voice is really deep.
  • Jerkass: To the core.
  • Kavorka Man: He's fat, ugly and dirty, but the ladies loves to hang around with him, at least in El Mañanero and El Notifiero.
  • Monster Clown: While he's not evil, he's very grouchy, ugly-as-hell, and foul-mouthed to the core.
  • News Parody: His schtick in El Mañanero and El Notifiero
  • Punny Name: His name is pun from his cousin Bozo and the Mexican slang word Broza, whose meanining is Vulgar people.
  • Satire/Parody/Pastiche: The whole point of the Brozo's Tales is telling classic tales or cartoons, with a very cruel Mexican twist.

Johnny Latino
The host and showman from La Pirinola sketch, a man who it's implied to make sure Margarito never wins a single game. Played by Victor Trujillo

Margarito Perez
The human persofication of Epic Fail.
A low-class, poor and boorish stereotypical dude, who seems to be the only contestant in La Pirinola, and always being condemned to lose, no matter how he tries to win. Played by Ausencio Cruz

El Charro Amarillo (The Yellow Charro)
A Mexican ranchero singer who loves to sing extremly scathing songs about any kind of controversial topic, and he always changes the last offensive stanza with a clean one at the last second. Played by Victor Trujillo

Valente Campillo
An over-the-top, stereotypical charro, who loves to presume his manliness towards everybody... except towards his mommy, who is sacred for him. Played by Ausencio Cruz.
  • Momma's Boy: He doesn't have any qualms to berate women, but his mom is off-limits. His excuse?
    Valente: ¡NO ES MUJER, ES MI MADRE!note 
  • Rated M for Manly
  • Stay in the Kitchen: His mindset towards women... except for his mom.


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