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Played By: Monica Vitti

Vittoria is a a 30-something woman living in Rome and working as a Spanish translator. She had been in a relationship with Riccardo and they separate in the first scene of the movie. Subsequently she gets to know Piero who begins to court her. Vittoria jas two friends, Marta and another one.

  • Broken Bird: A rather mild example. It is stated by Vittoria that she used to be happy with Riccardo but that she is no more. Also she complains that when they started their relation she was about 20 and now she is nearly 10 years older. Also she is not going to marry Piero because she confesses that she was already married and has enough of it. Even though in fact she never legally married Riccardo.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Not the strongest excample too but she might be one at times.



Played By: Alain Delon

A materialistic broker who works in a brokerage firm. Onscreen he talks to several clients who lost money after the stock market crash and harshly convinces them that they are themselves to blame. Piero is more condescendant towards Vittoria's mother because of her daughter He meets Vittoria and starts a romance which leads nowhere.

  • The Cynic: Piero who after the accident leading to the death of the hijacker of his car confesses to Vittoria that he is mostly concerned about the amount of the damage to the vehicle.
  • Determinator: Both in job and in the private life.
  • Jerkass: he behaves rudely with many people. In the sequence showing his office work he harasses his phone interlocutors, subordinates as well as clients.

    Vittoria's Mother 

Vittoria's mother

Played By: Lille Brignone

A middle-aged woman who is a small-time stock investor. Vittoria believes that her mother does not care any more for her long diceased father and she is somewhat annoyed that her mother keeps his photos.



Played by: Francisco Rabal

A man in his mid-thirties who appears madly in love with Vittoria. She is eager to continue with their relationship while Vittoria want to quit. His house is decorated by abstract paintings.

  • Bourgeois Bohemian: His house is full of painting also he reads books of socialist theories.
  • Nice Guy: In his first conversation with Vittoria he is this. Subverted with his second and last scene.


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