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The X-Men

    Professor X 

Professor X / Charles Xavier

Charles Xavier is a professor of genetics and also one of the most prominent mutants in the world. At a young age, he was friends with Magneto, only for their ideologies to clash and them to become enemies. After losing the use of his legs, Charles founded the X-Men and converted the Xavier Mansion into a school and sanctuary for all mutants.

  • Arch-Enemy: Magneto views him as the biggest obstacle to his Well-Intentioned Extremist goals, even if the two have a Friendly Enemy perspective over their conflict.
  • Big Good: He's the biggest and most supporting force for good among the X-Men, but he delegates most of the major heroic work to his more physically capable and versatile X-Men.
  • Demoted to Extra: Despite having some impact on the main story as the leader of the X-Men, he doesn't actually appear as a playable character in any story mode chapter, and is instead unlocked through a three-part side quest on the map like many of the more minor heroes.
  • Friendly Enemy: All things said, he and Mageto are pretty cordial in spite of their antagonism to each other.
  • Genius Cripple: He's an expert on mutants and also confined to a wheelchair.
  • Nice Guy: Professor X is a wise, friendly and protective person.
  • Papa Wolf: He sees his students like they're his children.
  • Verbal Tic: He has an X-tremely obvious preference for words beginning with "ex-".


Cyclops / Scott Summers

Voiced by: Nolan North

Scott Summers is one of Charles Xavier's first mutant students, and the leader of the X-Men in the field. Scott is an accomplished combatant, and also the love interest of Jean Grey.

    Jean Grey 

Jean Grey / The Phoenix

Voiced by: Laura Bailey

Jean Grey was one of the original students at the Xavier Institute, and one of the original members of the X-Men. She is best known as an Omega-level mutant and telepath who may or may not have gone insane and turned into the Dark Phoenix, as well as the love interest of Scott Summers.

  • Action Girl: Jean is an Omega-level mutant, and therefore very powerful. For perspective, this makes her theoretically stronger than foes such as Magneto and Apocalypse.
  • Barrier Warrior: Jean is capable of creating force fields. It comes in handy when Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor are trapped underwater and almost drown.
  • Battle Couple: She fights alongside her husband Scott for most of "Juggernauts and Crosses". He eventually disappears to evacuate the students during that time.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Saves Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor from drowning.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: After taking control of Juggernaut, several Brotherhood mooks get utterly destroyed.
  • Evil Is Hammy: As Dark Phoenix she really lets loose with the bombastic speeches about how powerful she is due to being Drunk with Power.
  • Flying Firepower: As Phoenix and Dark Phoenix, Jean not only graduates from Not Quite Flight to genuine Flight, but she gains fiery Hand Blasts befitting her epithet.
  • A God Am I: The Dark Phoenic DLC variant really lives up to her Drunk On Power status from the comics, having new lines involving proclaiming herself the greatest entity in the universe, particularly how she claims to be "fire and life incarnate". Unfortunately for those facing her, in this form she's a Smug Super that can back up those boasts by being practically a Physical God.
  • Healing Factor: Embracing the power of the Phoenix heavily boosts her natural healing to the point she gains Regenerating Health.
  • I Am the Noun: Whenever left idle as Dark Phoenix, Jean will occasionally say that she is "fire and life incarnate".
  • The Lancer: She acts as the main combat support for Scott and provides complementary commentary and skill.
  • Load-Bearing Hero: When saving Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor from drowning, she needs to keep all her focus on maintaining the barrier, and therefore must be protected from oncoming Doombots.
  • Mind Control: Taking command over the minds of the Weak-Willed and making them do her will is a regular aspect of her powers.
  • Mind over Matter: A regular part of her powers is being able to manipulate objects from a distance with her mind.
  • Not Quite Flight: Jean can use her powers for levitation, but cannot fly very high.
  • Official Couple: Is quite Happily Married to Scott in this game.
  • Playing with Fire: As Phoenix and Dark Phoenix, her ranged attack changes from Psi Blasts to fireballs.
  • Psi Blast: Regular Jean can emit concentrations of psychic energy to blasts distant foes and objects.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Dark Phoenix from the DLC is Jean when she's gone Drunk On Power, and even compared to regular Phoenix she's quite a bit more powerful, such as gaining a proper heat beam while regular Phoenix can only shoot fireballs.


Iceman / Bobby Drake

Voiced by: Yuri Lowenthal

Robert "Bobby" Drake, aka Iceman, is one of the original students of the Xavier Institute and an original member of the X-Men. He's known for being something of a class clown, but also for potentially being one of the most powerful mutants in history. His powers are mostly ice-based.

  • An Ice Person: His powers are ice-based.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Bobby is rather chilled and laid-back, but when pushed he'll knock you out with little effort and even help take down beings like Juggernaut.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Iceman may be very goofy, but he's a powerful warrior. Outside sources for most adaptations indicate he's an Omega-level mutant, meaning he's very easily one of the most powerful mutants in the world but hasn't tapped into his potential fully.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Iceman has a cool wit to match his personality.
    Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the—
    Iceman: We get it!
  • Fun Personified: The joker of the X-Men, and boy does he get some good lines.
  • Harmless Freezing: He has the ability to harmlessly freeze solid anything hit with his ice beams, though getting frozen solid sets enemies up for becoming Literally Shattered Lives.
  • Literally Shattered Lives: A potential follow-up for his frozen foes is performing a One-Hit Kill by punching them to pieces.
  • Moment Killer: Him accompanying Hawkeye and Black Widow to the circus ruins the duo's attempt at spending time together, even if it coincedentally was a good thing when Nightmare shows up.
  • Posthuman Nudism: When he activates his powers his entire body becomes covered in ice making him both bald and appearing completely nude.
  • Physical God: It's been revealed in the comics that he has the potential to be this, as his powers have over the years been redefined from "shoots ice" to "ability to do literally anything so long as it involves water". He lacks the ambition at the moment, though.
  • You Fight Like a Cow: Taunts Juggernaut a lot through his boss battle.


Beast / Hank McCoy

Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore

Henry McCoy is one of the original members of the X-Men, and one of the oldest teachers at the institute. Originally, Beast looked more human, but he gradually mutated from human-looking to animal-like as he began to grow fur and more prominent claws. As well as being a teacher, Beast is a world-renowned biochemist.

  • Absent-Minded Professor: He doesn't seem to fully notice what's going on, scolding Jean and Iceman for running in the halls when the Brotherhood is currently present.
  • Catchphrase: "Oh my stars and garters!"
  • Genius Bruiser: Looking at him for the first time with no prior knowledge about him, you'd think he was just a straightforward brute fighter, but he's actually a brilliant professor who has brains to match his brawn.
  • Super Senses: His animalistic mutation heavily enhances his senses to detect hidden entities.
  • Skewed Priorities: He knows the Brotherhood is attacking the mansion, but seems to somehow forget after a while, and starts scolding Jean and Iceman for running in the halls.
    Beast: (after Iceman knocks him over) What did I just say about running in the hallways?!
    (Suddeenly remembers that the Brotherhood is currently attacking)
    Beast: ...Oh.
  • Wolverine Claws: His game model has them to represent his sharp bestial nails, although they're not as prominent as the Trope Namer.


Storm / Ororo Munroe

Voiced by: Danielle Nicolet

Originally a street thief in Cairo, Ororo Munroe was recruited by Charles Xavier into the X-Men after he saved her from the Shadow King. Since then, she has joined as a teacher but has since taken the reins of command from Cyclops when necessary.

  • Action Girl: Being a woman doesn't stop her kicking butt.
  • Berserk Button: Her having utterly massive hair requires constant maintenance, and as such somebody like Gambit taking her hairbrush without her permission will infuriate her into using her powers against them, such as using wind to blow away Gambit's cards.
  • Blow You Away: Can summon wind, for combat and to put out fires.
  • Large Ham: Storm likes telling you how she is one with the elements in a rather dramatic fashion.
  • Not Quite Flight: She can use her powers to hover, but not for total flight.
  • Shock and Awe: One of her powers is summoning lightning.


Wolverine / James "Logan" Howlett

Voiced by: Steve Blum

Wolverine is one of the better-known members of the X-Men. Initially a soldier and mutant, Wolverine was involuntarily taken in by Weapon X and experimented on repeatedly, with the process costing him some of his memories but granting him adamantium bones and claws, which made him the killing machine they desired. Eventually, he escaped and joined Department H before Charles Xavier recruited him into the X-Men.

  • Anime Hair: He has the wild animal style from the 80s and 90s, and the required minifig hairpiece is likely the reason why he doesn't wear his mask here.
  • Arch-Enemy: Sabretooth has a particularly strong enmity towardss him, clearly blaming Wolverine for a lot of the tragedy that was Weapon X.
  • Badass Baritone: Has the usual low register to provide the usual badass image for Wolverine.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: He decides to swipe the Tesseract because he believes it will help him find Magneto. It indeed does... because that action results in the Brotherhood tracking him down and destroying the X-Mansion, putting the students in danger.
  • The Big Guy: He's not stupid, but he does most of the fighting for the X-Men, at least out of the ones you control in the main campaign.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He has a very strong wit to him, which the Hulk with his Manchild attitude and Sitcom Archnemesis perspective do well to really bring it out of him.
  • Good Is Not Nice: While also prone to Adaptational Comic Relief, Wolverine is still rather bad tempered.
  • Guttural Growler: His voice has a gritty rumble to it, representing Wolverine's classic rough and aggressive attitude
  • Healing Factor: One of his main powers is continuous health recovery, and he can even regenerate from an adamantium skeleton, provided he avoids further danger while he does so.
  • Hot Blooded Sideburns: His prominent muttonchops are as signifying of his aggressiveness as ever, and Hulk takes particular offense to them, vowing to smash them at one point.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Wolverine is a hero at heart, in spite of his grumpy tendencies. One of his responses when Mastermind is busy giving him a nasty dose of Mind Rape, and consequently making him imagine Weapon X are experimenting on him, is to scream that he is not a monster.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: He steals the Tesseract from under the noses of Thor, Captain America and the Human Torch. This comes back to bite him in the arse hard.
  • Knight in Sour Armour: Wolverine is one of the most cynical heroes in the game, but is still on the side of good.
  • Made of Iron: If Wolverine suffers a killing blow, he will be reduced to an adamantium skeleton and still function, and maybe regenerate if not harmed further.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero:
    • Wolverine shows up to help defeat Red Skull, knocking him out before he can escape via the Vortex. In doing so, however, he accidentally breaks said device and forces the heroes to take the Bifrost to chase after Loki, only to arrive in a partially-conquered Asgard.
    • Had Wolverine not taken the Tesseract away from Thor, the Human Torch and Captain America, things would have been easier to manage. The result at the end of the next level is a badly damaged Xavier Institute, with Magneto having taken the Tesseract.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: The Hulk irrationally wants to smash him to pieces for no reason, though it isn't helped by how confrontational Wolverine is even on a good day.
  • Tempting Fate: Believes that taking the Tesseract will help the X-Men locate Magneto. It did, but not in that way.
  • The Friends Who Never Hang: Wolverine never talks to the X-Men once in the main story. The closest is with Jean Grey in a Deadpool mission.
  • Traitor Shot: Wolverine sinisterly grins before stealing the Tesseract from Thor in level 7.
  • Wolverine Claws: Of course has his signature wrist-mounted claws, which are used for climbing, digging, claw switches, and combat.
  • Wolverine Publicity: He gets more screen time than most of the other X-Men, though during "Juggernauts and Crosses" he's out of the spotlight whereas the others are in it.


Colossus / Piotr Rasputin

Voiced by: John DiMaggio

Piotr Rasputin is a Russian member of the X-Men that left his homeland to join the X-Men. He has the power to turn his skin into solid metal, as well as super strength.

  • The Big Guy: Not for the main campaign as he doesn't appear as a playable character at that point, but Colossus is a very physical fighter, and is actually one of the tallest X-Men, if not the tallest, in the game.
  • Extra-ore-dinary: His overall main power involves turning his skin into solid iron.
  • Super Strength: His iron skin takes his well-built physique and boosts it into being able to match The Juggernaut in a Pummel Duel.
  • Super Toughness: His iron skin makes him near-impervious to most damage, represented by his big-fig status making him only hurtable by other big-figs.


Gambit / Remy LeBeau

Voiced by: Phil LaMarr

A former thief, Remy LeBeau joined the X-Men after eventually turning away from his life of crime. He has the power of exploiting kinetic energy, and has advanced physical abilities.

  • Badass Longcoat: Part of his model is a stylish trenchcoat, although it's not as prominent owing to the way LEGO figures appear.
  • Death Dealer: His signature items for charging with explosive energy are stacks of cards. One of his sidequests has him ask the player to find one that Storm blew away out of anger at him using her hairbrush.
  • Loveable Rogue: A thief, but a heroic one and member of the X-Men.
  • Ragin' Cajun: As he is commonly depicted, Gambit has a thick Cajun accent, uses common Cajun mannerisms like calling his friends and allies "mon ami", and has a bit of a reckless attitude, such as using Storm's hairbrush without asking despite knowing how much effort it takes to maintain her massive hair.
  • Weak, but Skilled: While he's nowhere near as strong as Juggernaut, he manages to distract him effortlessly, buying the main party time to deal with other problems along the way.

    Emma Frost 

Emma Frost

Voiced by: Kari Wahlgren

A former supervillain, Emma Frost eventually joined the X-Men as one of its teachers.

  • Action Girl: Emma may not take an active role in the story, but she's tough once unlocked.
  • Nigh-Invulnerable: Her diamond form is completely impervious to almost all damage, with the sole exception of Bottomless Pits.


Archangel / Warren Worthington III

Voiced by: Will Friedle

The playboy son of a billionaire that hated mutants, Warren Worthington III joined the X-Men as Angel. After his original set of wings were lost, he gained a set of metallic wings by making a Deal with the Devil with Apocalypse, although he eventually was freed from the tyrant's servitude and returned as Archangel. Along with the ability of flight, Archangel has the ability to fire metallic blades from his wings.

  • Dark Is Not Evil: He has the darkest colour scheme of most of the X-Men, but he is a good guy.
  • Extra-ore-dinary: His wings are metallic.
  • Feather Flechettes: His ranged attack involves shooting out some of his sharp metallic feathers.
  • Flight: His wings grant him limitless flight.

The Fantastic Four

    Invisible Woman 

Invisible Woman / Susan Richards (née Storm)

Voiced by: Kari Wahlgren

The sweetheart and later wife of Reed Richards, Susan Storm worked with Reed on his scientific project, joining him on his mission into space. The resulting exposure to cosmic rays gave her the ability to generate forcefields and turn invisible. She is the sister of Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch.

  • Action Girl: Can easily keep up with Reed and the others.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: She and her brother don't interact that much, and Invisible Woman does consider Human Torch more annoying than the enemies, but she's worried when he gets knocked out by a pumpkin bomb courtesy of Green Goblin and in a Deadpool level, they spend time together watching a movie.
  • Barrier Warrior: One of her main powers is creating forcefields, or actively using them in an offensive capacity.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Sue's a good person, and has blonde hair.
  • Happily Married: She and Mr Fantastic are in a very stable and loving marriage.
  • Invisibility: Her namesake power is the ability to become imperceptible to all visual spectrums, allowing her to sneak up on enemies and past cameras. Unfortunately, due to her invisibility coming from an application of her forcefield generation, she cannot jump without becoming visible again.
  • The Lancer: Acts as an emotionally contrasting supporter to her husband Reed.
  • Mind over Matter: By enveloping objects in remote forcefields, she can telekinetically move things at a distance.
  • Nice Girl: She's the sweetest out of the girls, being generally bubbly and kind-natured. She doesn't even get mad at Magneto when he crashes onto their lab as it was unintentional.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The Thing calls her out for using his catchphrase at one point.
    Invisible Woman: Ben, I believe some clobbering is in order.
    The Thing: Aw, Sue. You ruined my line.
  • Only Sane Man: The least quirky member of the Fantastic Four, and as such she often notes when situations get odd.

    Mr. Fantastic 

Mr Fantastic / Reed Richards

The leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards is the husband of Susan Richards. He led an expedition into space along with his team, consisting of himself, Sue, Johnny Storm and Benjamin Grimm. The resulting cosmic radiation mutated them into something not quite human, giving Reed the power to stretch his body into unnatural shapes. With his powers, he decided to become a superhero.

  • Absent-Minded Professor: Reed forgets that he's locked H.E.R.B.I.E. away since the seventies, doesn't always make the most logical calculations and creates unnecessarily complex devices for the most mundane of tasks.
  • Adaptational Comic Relief: Reed is an Absent-Minded Professor in the comics already, but it's taken to the extreme here.
  • And Then What?: Discussed In-Universe regarding the reasoning for a potential Enemy Mine.
    Reed: Ironic, I mean, if Earth is gone, who do they have to menace with evil plots? Each other?
  • Badass Bookworm: One of the smartest men of the planet, capable of kicking your butt. One thing people tend to forget is that in the comics, he was basically like Indiana Jones before he got his powers.
  • Ditzy Genius: He's the smartest man in the world, but his Adaptational Comic Relief status means he's nearly devoid of any common sense.
  • Happily Married: He and Invisible Woman are in a very stable and loving marriage.
  • The Leader: He's the overall directing force and commander of the Fantastic Four.
  • Nice Guy: The nicest of the males in the story. He's a well-meaning and polite guy.
  • Pungeon Master: As part of being Adaptational Comic Relief, the man makes so many puns he puts Spider-Man to shame.
  • Rubber Man: His powerset involves having an extremely elastic body, being able to extend his arms to latch onto grapple points and acting as a Voluntary Shapeshifter, and his idle animations involve him being Perpetually Protean.
  • Science Hero: Reed solves problems with science and odd solutions, making him a contrast to Cap's Action Hero.
  • Shapeshifter Baggage: Whenever using his Voluntary Shapeshifter powers, he often adds on several tons worth of extra mass to form something, then when returning to normal all that mass vanishes back into nothing. This despite mass-shifting not being part of his canon powerset.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter: His Rubber Man powers allow him to manipulate every part of his body to warp and morph into whatever he wants, especially when using "transformation pads".

    Human Torch 

Human Torch / Johnny Storm

The younger brother of Susan Richards, Johnny Storm joined his sister, future brother-in-law and Ben Grimm on their adventure to outer space. The subsequent exposure to cosmic rays left him with the power of flight, as well as the ability to turn himself into a man Wreathed in Flames, as well as shoot fire. He has a very fiery friendship with Ben Grimm.

  • Annoying Younger Sibling: He's a very energetic and chaotic guy, which often exasperates his more level-headed older sister Susan.
    Sue: Bad guys. Though they're not as annoying as Johnny.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: He and his sister don't interact that much, but in a Deadpool level, they spend time together watching a movie.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Like Iceman, he's very goofy, but he's hardly stupid or harmless.
  • Flying Firepower: His fire powers let him jet through the air and shoot fiery Hand Blasts both grounded and airborne.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Despite being a bit goofy, Johnny's still a decent person with hair as blonde as his sister.
  • The Heart: Among the Fantastic Four, his Fun Personified attitude and caring personality helps maintain the spirits of his team.
  • No-Sell: As a guy who becomes Wreathed in Flames when using his powers, he's completely immune to heat in every form, not just LEGO flames but also things like the Destroyer's molten lava based Breath Weapon.
  • Only Sane Man: Ironically, when everyone else is having a brawl in the Helicarrier, Johnny is the one that looks unamused.
  • Out of Focus: Doesn't get to shine as much as some characters. He is introduced halfway in level 6, only works as part of a group in level 7 and 15, and is mostly unplayable in level 9.
  • Playing with Fire: His overall power is generating intense flames from his body.
  • The Quiet One: One of the least vocal characters in the story.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: He has a habit of doing things that annoy The Thing, but the two work very well together and can count on each having the other's backs.
  • Wreathed in Flames: Using his powers causes his whole body to be engulfed in flames.

    The Thing 

The Thing / Benjamin Grimm

Voiced by: Dave Boat

The college friend of Reed Richards and one of his best friends, Ben Grimm was also an accomplished pilot and college graduate before he joined Reed's ill-fated expedition. The resulting exposure to cosmic rays left him with a very durable body and superhuman strength, but also with a hideous appearance that he was stuck in forever. He has a very rocky friendship with Johnny Storm.

  • Badass Baritone: Dave Boat provides his usual deep and booming vocals for the Thing that emphasize well his strength and drive.
  • The Big Guy: His powers providing Super Strength means he acts as the main fighting muscle of the Fantastic Four.
  • Catchphrase Interruptus: He has a Running Gag where everything and everyone seemingly conspires to prevent him from saying "It's Clobberin' Time!".
  • The Chew Toy: He often falls over, he almost never gets to finish his catch phrase and he takes a lot of physical punishment.
  • Gentle Giant: A decent guy in spite of his size.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He has an appearance that gives the idea of somebody strong and tough but slow, except the Thing can move fast.
  • Nice Guy: Has a big heart of gold and deep care for his team.
  • No-Sell: Regular attacks have no effect on him.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Delivers an epic one to Doctor Doom, punching him off Asteroid M and letting him fall back down to Earth (anyone can breathe in space, so it's not fatal).
  • Super Strength: A side-effect of his rock transformation is gaining massively boosted physical strength that lets him smash and rip apart both weakened walls and enemies.
  • Super Toughness: Thing goes through a lot of punishment, even for a rocky-bodied guy, and takes it all in stride.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: He often expresses annoyance at the Human Torch's antics, but in a fight the two make it clear they can count on one another.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Thing doesn't wear a shirt. This has some basis from the comics, as his shirts and coats invariably tended to be shredded, meaning they were rather useless compared to the costumes the others wore.



Voiced by: Tara Strong

The Robot Buddy of the Fantastic Four.

  • The Chew Toy: It's possible to release "him" from a walled-off part of the Baxter Building in the free play part of "Times Square Off", where he complains he's been trapped since the seventies. He will show up in the main campaign anyway, even if you don't.
  • Joke Character: He moves slower than almost every other character, and doesn't have much ability in the way of fighting. He can't drive vehicles or even talk to NPCs, and his only real special ability is the ability to use computer panels, something that several more capable characters can also do.
  • Remember the New Guy?: He just sort of abruptly shows up in the middle of ''Times Square Off", telling you that Doctor Octopus is getting away. Even releasing him in Free Play Mode, where he admits he's been trapped there since the seventies, doesn't quite explain his presence.
  • Robot Buddy: He's a supportive robotic companion for the Fantastic Four.

The Avengers


Hulk / Bruce Banner
Voiced in both forms by: Fred Tatasciore

Doctor Bruce Banner was turned into The Incredible Hulk after being exposed to gamma radiation in a freak accident. Initially, Banner found himself unable to fight his anger, causing him to transform into the beast and go on rampages, bringing him into conflict with other superheroes and the military, who believed him to be property. After life on the run from the military, Hulk has decided to go legit as a superhero and joined the Avengers. Since then, he has gained the ability to shift back and forth between Hulk and Bruce Banner at will.

  • Action Hero: Hulk does not think things through, he smashes things instead.
  • Arch-Enemy: Abomination and the Leader both have a strong hatred towards Hulk for how he frequently foils their plans.
  • Badass Bookworm: Regular Bruce Banner lacks the sheer power of Hulk, but he's a capable Science Hero who can still punch baddies well enough.
  • Badass Normal: As Bruce Banner, he can still fight. He may not be as tough as Hulk, but his wits might be all he needs.
  • Berserk Button: While Hulk is easy to anger, it would appear that knocking away his burger would be the most prominent.
  • Big Eater: Owing to his size, he constantly eats large amounts of food, and gets angry when Green Goblin knocks away his burger.
  • Demoted to Extra: The Hulk is at the forefront while Bruce Banner is barely acknowledged in the game (as he is in the three shows that emulate the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of which this game is also somewhat based upon). Banner at least gets certain context-specific lines in case the Hulk isn't in a situation, which is more than what the shows have done for him.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: He punches Green Goblin for the rather minor act of knocking away his burger.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Smashes several keyboards at Tony's place, and in a bonus level breaks a lot of speakers.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Hulk never wears shoes, since alongside losing them when transforming, he doesn't need them in the first place due to being so tough.
  • Dumb Muscle: Hulk has major Super Strength, but in exchange he loses Banner's genius and goes below even average intelligence, though he at least is still smart enough to engage in Hulk Speak compared to some versions becoming The Unintelligible.
  • Gentle Giant: While Hulk is easily annoyed, he's nice towards his friends, making tea for Tony in between missions.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Hulk will start smashing things whenever anything even slightly annoys him, as a large number of broken keyboards can attest to.
  • Hulking Out: Being Trope Namer, he can shifts between Hulk and Banner by either getting incredibly angry or calming himself down.
  • Hulk Speak: He's the Trope Namer, and he embraces it in this game, having stunted and simple language to get his points across.
  • Jekyll & Hyde: Both personalities are decent people, but Hulk is definitely more violent and anger-prone than calm and composed Banner.
  • The Juggernaut: Once he starts running at full speed, there is nothing that can stop the Hulk. He'll just either flatten or destroy anything that gets in his way (hitting vehicles won't even slow him down).
  • The Klutz: Hulk cannot build things and sure as heck isn't good at not breaking them. He trashes dozens of keyboards at Tony's place by accident.
  • Large Ham: Everything Hulk does is filled with aggressive attitude and No Indoor Voice.
  • Magic Pants: Changes back and forth between forms without his pants going missing. At one point, however, he rips them and needs to replace them.
  • Manchild: Hulk is not the most mature of people, getting easily frustrated with keyboards and loudly complaining about the rain.
  • No-Sell: The normal attacks of most mooks, including punches, cannot hurt him while he is Hulk. He's also immune to toxic waste and can walk through it with no ill effects.
  • One-Man Army: Hulk is physically the strongest Avenger, and as such can plow through literal armies of Mooks with ease.
  • Power Makes Your Voice Deep: When Banner becomes Hulk he gets a much deeper and more booming voice, and as the Hulk he's definitely very powerful.
  • Radiation-Immune Mutants: Hulk is immune to toxic waste.
  • Science Hero: Bruce Banner falls into this as a gamma radiation expert and very intelligent guy. Hulk, not so much.
  • Shockwave Clap: One of his crowd control moves is the classic slapping his palms together, with the added plus of extinguishing flames when, oddly enough, aimed away from the blaze.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: He clashes with Wolverine at times due to his Anti-Hero aura, and butts heads with him despite being on the same side.
  • Split Personality: Banner and Hulk are two vastly different personalities in one body.
  • Super Strength: Hulk is the self proclaimed "strongest one there is", and he shows it well through being the only major playable character that can both break down cracked walls and rip off green handles.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Bruce Banner can change into the Hulk at will, and vice versa.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Hulk wears no shirt at all, as he tears any of Bruce Banner's.

    Captain America 

Captain America / Steve Rogers

Steven Rogers was formerly a sickly man that Jumped at the Call to fight for America in the Second World War, although he was rejected as unfit for duty. He was enrolled in a Super Soldier programme and raised to levels of peak endurance via a Super Serum that was since lost for good, since the scientist that devised it was assassinated. Captain America was then frozen in ice for several years, re-emerging in modern times as a superhero.

  • Action Hero: Him being a man of direct action and drive contrasts with Reed Richards and Tony Stark both being Science Heroes.
  • Arch-Enemy: He and the Red Skull were on opposite sides of the war, and their grudge hasn't exactly been settled.
  • Badass Baritone: Has a low commanding voice that emphasizes his heart and determination about fighting evil.
  • Captain Patriotic: This version exaggerates his love for America to the extreme, proudly boasting that he got an A in American History, probably as he lived through it, proclaiming that he'll spangle Doom until he sees stars and crying when the Statue of Liberty is uprooted by Magneto.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Cap doesn't fully understand the modern world, due to his having missed most of the world pass him by years ago. As a result, his mannerisms are a bit old-fashioned.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Cap is a decent person, but if you do wrong and refuse to back down, he'll sock you in the jaw.
  • Human Popsicle: Cap was frozen towards the end of World War II and only recently revived.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Cap can not only use his shield for blocking hits and using as a throwing weapon, he can exploit energy attacks and bullets, redirecting them back at the enemies firing at him.
  • Manly Tears: After Magneto uses the Statue of Liberty as a weapon, damaging it severely, he weeps deeply yet sternly.
  • Nice Guy: Captain America is friendly, kind and helpful.
  • Oh, Crap!: When he realizes that Mandarin has the Hulkbuster armor, he freaks out.
  • Older Than They Look: Cap is at least eighty years old, but spent a lot of his life as a Human Popsicle.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: He responds to Doctor Octopus' efforts at the end of "Times Square Off" to give a villainous speech by throwing his shield at his face.
  • Super Soldier: His whole reason for taking the Super Serum was to make a "better soldier".
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Due to being the only character who uses a shield for ranged combat, he's also the only character that can use shield switches. There are a plethora of characters with fire-blocking, agility, and Attack Reflector skills while also being more versatile, including fire-extinguishers, flyers, and Barrier Warriors, so that shield switch ability is his only real use in Free Play.



Thor Odinson is the prince of Asgard and son of Odin, the Allfather. Initially banished from Asgard to learn humility, Thor has since become a guardian of both Earth and Asgard, making him a member of the Avengers. Among the rogues gallery of the Avengers is his stepbrother Loki.

  • Badass Baritone: His deep and booming voice combines with his dramatic language to highlught how this guy here is a Boisterous Bruiser.
  • Badass Cape: His billowing cape helps add a regal badassery to his image in both variants as heoically-active royalty.
  • Big Brother Bully: Used to be a rather... bad brother to Loki, back in the day, although not to an extreme degree. This exchange before their final battle gives an example.
    Thor: Were we only children again, I would resolve this by giving Loki what you mortals call a 'wedgie'... But I fear the forceful elevation of undergarments will not save us now.
  • Cain and Abel: The heroic Abel to Loki's murderous Cain, although Thor's not the most mature of brothers.
  • Drop the Hammer: His hammer, Mjolnir, can be swung around or thrown to smash both baddies and cracked walls..
  • Enemy Mine: Loki and Thor ally against Malekith the Accursed in the side mission "Bro-tunheim".
  • Large Ham: Thor's never exactly been known for subtlety, especially with how he boasts about his mightiness whenever given the opportunity.
  • One-Man Army: As an Asgardian he's one of the toughest heroes in the game.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Prince of Asgard and superhero.
  • Shock and Awe: His hammer can channel electricity by redirecting lightning.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Delivers a gloat-breaker to Doom when the heroes corners him in a submarine, although Spider-Man and Iron-Man are the ones to set up his shutting.
    Spider-Man: Hey Doc, what you gonna do with those Cosmic Bricks?
    Doom: I don't share my plans with puny insects.
    Iron-Man: How about a god?

    Iron Man 

Iron Man / Tony Stark

Voiced by: Adrian Pasdar

Tony Stark is the head of Stark Industries, as well as the superhero Iron Man, who fights crime in a suit of Powered Armor. His initial reasons for doing so were in order to stop his heart from giving out after he was injured in a war by shrapnel, although which war is unclear for this incarnation. He's supposedly one of the richest men in the world, and certainly one of the most arrogant, but he's a good man at the end of the day.

  • Adaptational Badass: Gets a badassery boost compared to the movie version he's based on in two respects:
    • The Mark 42 armor was, in the films, extremely weak and not very durable. Here, it's able to deal with gold obstacles, is just as strong as the other ones and can't be damaged by Magneto.
    • Tony himself is able to fight Extremis soldiers with only the out-dated and under-powered Mark 1, making him borderline normal in a fight. It's obvious that he needs Captain America's help for this, but it's a far cry from the films, where just one caused major problems without a proper high-powered suit.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Lampshaded after the Mandarin and Killian attack Stark Tower, doing a fair bit of damage to the helipad in particular.
    Tony: Why is it my tower can never stay in one piece?
  • Anti-Hero: Downplayed, but he's rather snarky and occasionally grumpy about the job.
  • Arch-Enemy: Mandarin sees him as the greatest obstacle to his vision of a "new world", while Killian also hates him deeply for some reason.
  • Attention Whore: Tony constantly waves to civilians if idle, and let's not forget that he built Stark Tower as a giant monument to himself.
  • Badass Normal: No superpowers, just a suit of power armor and his brains. A decent part of "Rebooted, Resuited" forces him to fight against Extremis soldiers using only his super-outdated and marginally-enhancing Mark 1 suit, and he actually does pretty well, even though he needs Cap's support for it.
  • Brought Down to Badass: Tony loses his initial armor towards the end of "Rock Up at the Lock Up", and his systems being hacked for most of "Rebooted, Resuited" means he initially can only wear the slightly-enhanced but analogue-controlled Mark 1. He's still able to fight Extremis soldiers (with Cap's help, admittedly) despite being outclassed in sheer power, using his wits and skilled application of his limited suit abilities.
  • Comedic Underwear Exposure: When Magneto gets a surprise attack on him and leaves his armor in pieces, it's revealed that not only does Tony go Pants-Free under his armor, he apparently also favors a romantic heart-print style.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Tony has a suit of armor for pretty much every situation, be it dealing with Magneto or fighting the Hulk. He even has "House Party Protocol" as a countermeasure.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Tony hasn't lost his dry wit from other adaptations.
  • Flight: A large majority of his suits have high-powered repulsors built into them that can propel himself through the air freely.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: In "Rebooted, Resuited", Mandarin turns Stark Tower's defenses against him and steals the Hulkbuster armor from him. Mandarin explicitly lampshades this by shouting about how he's turning his own weapons against him.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: Tony Stark is a superhero and a legitimate businessman.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Snarky and arrogant as he may be, Tony is a decent person and upstanding businessman.
  • Large Ham: Downplayed, but Tony does enjoy occasionally hamming it up, certainly with some of his idle animations.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Tony moves fast when he's in Powered Armor. This still applies when he's in the Hulkbuster armour, although he loses the ability to properly fly with it.
  • Look Behind You: In a cutscene in Marvel Super Heroes, Iron Man successfully pulls the "What's that over there?" trick on a flock of homing missiles.
  • Non-Idle Rich: He's probably one of the richest superheroes in the world.
  • No-Sell: Ordinary attacks cannot hurt him while he's in the Hulkbuster armour (a separate character for gameplay purposes).
  • Not Quite Flight: The Hulkbuster suit can glide and has limited propulsion, so as to not make things too easy.
  • Powered Armor: His "superpower", aside from being extraordinarily rich, is an assortment of highly-advanced mechanized armors that grant him powers he doesn't normally possess.
  • Science Hero: Iron Man specializes mainly in technology, and makes some awesome Powered Armor as a result.
  • Superpower Lottery: His Mark 42 suit grants him the ability to overcome both gold and silver bricks, can melt ice and can fly. Plus, Tony himself is classified as a Smart character who can operate control panels, so when Iron Man is on your team, you'll be able to overcome a lot of obstacles.
  • Super Strength: The Hulkbuster armour grants Hulk-like strength.

    Spider Man 

Spider-Man / Peter Parker

Spider-Man, a.k.a. Peter Parker, is a former high-school student that was bitten by a radioactive or genetically-modified spider on a high school field trip. This gave him enhanced strength and agility, as well as the ability to perceive danger and detect incoming threats. Shortly afterwards, his uncle and father figure, Benjamin Parker, was killed by a robber that Peter could have stopped had he bothered to. This taught Peter the lesson that with great power comes great responsibility, causing him to fashion a pair of web-shooters and become a superhero, eventually joining the Avengers.

  • Arch-Enemy: Spider-Man has the dubious honour of having three potential candidates or separate arch-enemies in this game; Doctor Octopus, Venom and Green Goblin are all in the game, and all have at one point held the position of Big Bad in the comics. In this incarnation, Green Goblin is ultimately his biggest rival.
    Green Goblin: What? No Spider-Man? Shame. I do so enjoy winding him up.
    Later, during some Boss Banter from Goblin.
    Green Goblin: This is getting dull without the Spider to keep me entertained.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: His puzzle-solving ability can be used to take down some bosses such as Kingpin and Venom.
  • Badass Bookworm: A science student (it's not made clear which level he's at), and a superhero.
  • The Chew Toy: His endless angst is played for laughs in this universe.
    Spider-Man: (in response to Nick Fury saying the world has a place for heroes like him) Like I have time for that. I have a trigonometry exam tomorrow, my aunt needs me to pick-up a dozen eggs and I'm drowning in angst.
  • Composite Character: This version takes a mix of inspiration from Earth-616 (endless angst) and Ultimate Spider-Man (younger than the mainstream Peter Parker).
  • Deadpan Snarker: Snarks that the Avengers are great at messing stuff up, after Sandman escapes them initially and forces him to get involved.
  • Evil Costume Switch: His symbiote suit is available as DLC, though being DLC means he's never shown acting evil while wearing it.
  • Forgot About His Powers: When the Green Goblin tricks Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Hawkeye into standing over a trapdoor so he can get the trio to fall through it, Spidey's Spider-Sense oddly never alerts him to the fact that they're being led into a trap.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Spidey cannot web-sling when at the SHIELD helicarrier, as there's nothing he could use to do so.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: Despite Spider-Man being one of the smarter heroes in the Marvel universe, he cannot use the terminals like Tony Stark and Black Widow can. Possibly justified by this version of Spidey being a little younger.
  • Hypocritical Humour: He has a go at the other Avengers, saying that the team in general is good at screwing things up. He's an Avenger too.
  • Nice Guy: Snark aside, he's a decent guy.
  • Science Hero: Spidey is a scientist, although he doesn't seem to have graduated just yet.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Regular Peter Parker is the only playable character with the camera needed for J. Jonah Jameson's photo-snapping recurring sidequest, not even being able to take them as Spider-Man, and his web-slinging is rather poor for reaching the necessary spots, meaning you not only need to swap between a flyer and Spidey, you also need to spend a few seconds transforming into Peter to get the photo. This is also the only use for Peter, as he's a borderline Joke Character outside his suit.
  • Vague Age: It's not explicitly stated just how old this version of Spider-Man is, though his offhand remarks about having exams and his own apartment would imply he's in college.
  • You Fight Like a Cow: Half of Spidey's banter is him insulting his opponents.


    Nick Fury 

Nick Fury

The director of SHIELD, Nick Fury is responsible for keeping the world's superheroes and supervillains in check.

  • Actor Allusion: There are a plethora of references to his movie version being played by Samuel L. Jackson.
    SHIELD Agent: "Commander Fury said to get these goshdarn snakes off this goshdarn Helicarrier!"
    • At one point Fury is shown eating a cheeseburger during a meeting with his superiors. No doubt it's a tasty Royale with cheese...
    • Upon building the DJ table in “House Part Protocol” , Fury also says an altered version of the Ezekiel 25:17 speech from Pulp Fiction.
    Fury: And you will know I am the DJ, when I lay my beats upon you!
  • Badass Baritone: His voice actor channels a decent Samuel L. Jackson impersonation through intense baritone that highlights his tough image.
  • Big Good: Counts as the head of SHIELD and the one coordinating the heroes.
  • Deadpan Snarker: In spite of bumbling a bit, Fury has a good sense of humour.
  • Eyepatch of Power: As usual, wears an eyepatch that covers up his missing eye, and enhances his tough image.
  • Gosh Darn It to Heck!: He really suffers in this regard, for obvious reasons. A Shout-Out to Snakes on a Plane has every swearword from the iconic "I've had enough" line replaced with "Gosh-Darn". A SHIELD agent telling the story relays and lampshades it by saying that he actually swore quite a bit and that he toned it down.
  • Handicapped Badass: Blind in one eye and still keeps up with the other heroes.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: According to a few SHIELD agents, who water down his requests to kid-friendly swearing.

    Maria Hill 

Maria Hill

Voiced by: Danielle Nicolet

  • Adaptational Comic Relief: Hill is downright silly compared to the stern grimness of both her comic and film incarnations.
  • Captain Obvious: "All we know is that Doctor Doom is planning... something. That's bad, right?"
  • Genius Ditz: Able to recalibrate force field projectors... to make go-kart tracks.
  • Mission Control: Serves as this for the loading screens, briefing the heroes on the location they're going to be visiting.
  • Mr. Exposition: As Mission Control, she informs you about the places you're going to visit.
  • Noodle Incident: Her force field race tracks have allegedly shorted out in the past, causing go-karts to apparently fall from the sky. Doubles as relatively minor foreshadowing since that's what happens if you lose the race and the force-field gives out.


Hawkeye / Clint Barton
Voiced by: Troy Baker

A SHIELD agent that specialises in archery, Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is a powerful fighter and works alongside Natasha Romanov.

  • Archer Archetype: Snarky, cool under pressure and an amazing shot.
  • Badass Normal: No powers, yet he can take on several symbiote-possessed humans and win.
  • Cool Shades: His default costume based on the films has red shades that really boost his coolness.
  • Deadpan Snarker: One of the most quippiest characters in the game. If you trash much in the overworld after the second level, and he'll question if damage control minds.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: The closest thing to a superpower he has is ridiculously good skill at getting his arrows to hit his targets no matter what.
  • Out of Focus: Of the six main Avengers. He's the only one who is not in the marketing or on the cover. He also has the least screentime, losing relevance after the sixth level.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His DLC costume is his comics version, which is mostly purple.
  • Ship Tease: He's found carrying some flowers in his equipment kit, causing Black Widow to snark that he shouldn't have. Later, he takes her to the circus in an apparent attempt to impress her, although Iceman and Nightmare both ruin that plan.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: In both his regular costume and his DLC one.

    Black Widow 

Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff
Voiced by: Laura Bailey

A former assassin, Natasha Romanoff AKA the Black Widow eventually had a Heel–Face Turn and joined SHIELD as one of its top agents. She is frequently paired with Clint Barton for missions.

  • Action Girl: One of the toughest SHIELD agents, and a woman to boot.
  • Badass Normal: No powers, yet with CQC training and two pistols, she can take on several symbiote-possessed humans and win.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Her general form of response to situations is to be sarcastic, such as when she humorously notes how Hawkeye packed flowers in his Trick Arrow kit.
  • Genius Bruiser: One of the few campaign characters that can use the terminals, which require really intelligent characters.
  • Guns Akimbo: Her default ranged weaponry consists of two pistols.
  • Ship Tease: While most of the romantic teasing is from Hawkeye's side, her responses to those actions imply she does at least enjoy his company and attention.

    Agent Coulson 

Agent Phil Coulson

Voiced by: Clark Gregg

A SHIELD agent that ranks relatively high up, Coulson is one of the few normal individuals in the Marvel Universe.

  • Almighty Janitor: This guy is responsible for cleanup after the heroes and villains have had a fight, but can easily hold his own.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: His suave business suit fits well for his professional image and ability to kick butt.
  • Badass Normal: Can be unlocked and played with, and does pretty well in a fight despite having no inherent powers.
  • BFG: Wields a pretty good one similar to his weapon of choice against Loki in the films. It affects metallic and gold objects.
  • Canon Immigrant: This is the second non-MCU Marvel project to have Agent Coulson, and the first to be playable. At the time, he wasn't in the mainline Marvel comic series (not at the time), being wholly a creation for the MCU. But, due to his Breakout Character status in that continuity, the character started to appear in more projects, such as his own series; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Ultimate Spider-Man (2012). Clark Gregg is still present to voice him, as ever.
  • The Chew Toy: Always made to do cleanup, Nick Fury constantly makes him catch his finished drinks, and apparently he has to buy Nick Fury's eyepatches.
  • Deadpan Snarker: His best way of coping with supers is clearly with his wit.
  • Mission Control: Acts as this, giving you hints and helping you out in gameplay.
  • Nice Guy: Snark aside, Coulson is polite, loyal and heroic.
  • Servile Snarker: Coulson is a nice and decent person, and politely snarks against people that get on his nerves, or simply to cope with weird situations.
  • Team Dad: Acts as a stern yet caring figure towards the SHIELD agents, particularly Hawkeye and Black Widow. He's very concerned for their well-being and is supportive of them after Red Skull injures both of them.
    Coulson: They may not be super, but they are heroes.

Other Plot-Relevant Heroes

    Silver Surfer 

Silver Surfer / Norrin Radd

Initially a being known as Norrin Radd, Radd became the Silver Surfer after Galactus threatened to destroy his world, but offered to spare it if Rad became his herald. Now, as Galactus' servant, Silver Surfer initially searches for new worlds for his master to devour. However, he later stumbles across Earth and after an initial pursuit from Iron Man, he has a rapid change of heart.

  • Anti-Villain: Can only be considered a villain in the sense that he works for Galactus, and even then he's eager to stop his master from eating the earth.
  • The Dragon: Is the right-hand guy for Galactus, although we don't get to see him do much work in this role.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Starts as a villain but tries to stop Earth being devoured pretty early on.
  • Non-Action Guy: Not by choice, though- his board's out of commission and he's therefore unable to do much.
  • Sky Surfing: He's the Silver Surfer, so as usual he flies through air and space atop his cosmic surfboard.



Voiced by: JB Blanc

The keeper of the Bifrost, and one of the most powerful Asgardians, Heimdall is loyal to Asgard and Odin.

  • Badass Baritone: His voice actor is clearly emulating the low, rumbling register of Idris Elba.
  • Composite Character: Largely based off the film version of Heimdall (black, deep voice similar to Idris Elba's), with traits of his comic counterpart kept in.
  • Cool Sword: His magical Bifrost-controlling sword is both impressively designed and well-honed for combat.
  • Fish out of Water: As somebody that makes his home in the Medieval Stasis of Asgard, he winds up confusing a pizza parlor for a tailor shop, putting a damper on his attempt to join a fellow Asgardian in checking out Manhattan until the player reunites them.

    Stan Lee 

Stan Lee

Voiced by: Stan Lee

The co-creator of Marvel Comics, responsible for a large amount of the original Marvel heroes known and loved today. He appears throughout the game, often in perilous situations that the heroes have to bust him out of.

  • Adam Westing: Stan Lee exaggerates a lot of his personality for the game. In fact, he serves the exact same function as the Trope Namer himself does in LEGO Batman 3
  • All Your Powers Combined: He has the abilities of several main characters, including Spider-Man's webs, Wolverine's healing, and the Hulk's transformation.
  • As Himself: Stan Lee voices himself for this.
  • Badass in Distress: When played as he displays a very versatile Combo Platter Powers set, but unlocking him requires you to save him from numerous perilous scenarios.
  • Butt-Monkey: As the designated "In Peril" character, he frequently gets into undignified situations that he needs help with.
  • Cassandra Truth: Gets locked out of the Marvel HQ by a security guard.
    Stan Lee: "But I'm Stan Lee!"
  • Catchphrase: "HELP!" will be constantly shouted as a Notice This noise until saved, and once saved he'll most frequently say "Excelsior!"
  • The Chew Toy: Most of the situations he winds up in are so hilarious that you can't help but laugh at him.
  • Combo Platter Powers: As a playable character, he has the biggest variety of abilities.
  • Creator Cameo: Wouldn't be a proper Marvel medium without Stan Lee having some sort of role in it.
  • Exaggerated Trope: His cameos in the Marvel movies are upped to him being the citizen in peril in every stage.
  • Eye Beams: He can shoot heated concussive blasts from his eyes like Cyclops.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Constantly comments about how he's everywhere in the game.
    Stan: I'm all over this game! When do I stop being a cameo and start being a star?
  • Genius Bruiser: In addition to his various combat powers, he has tech-use capable brains on par with Iron Man and Mister Fantastic.
  • Healing Factor: He has a Wolverine-tier regenerative ability that lets him regain health constantly whenever not being hit, and even if killed he'll just turn into an Adamantium skeleton like Wolvy.
  • Hulking Out: One of his superpowers, believe it or not, is turning into a Stan-faced version of Hulk. Probably because he drank gamma-soda (a reference to the Hulk movie where he drank gamma-tainted tequilla, straight from Bruce Banner), which he is later found doing.
  • Magnetism Manipulation: He's capable of bending and moving metal to his will like Magneto.
  • Noodle Incident: He ended up in the Raft for some bizarre reason, and Magneto ends up releasing him during "Rock Up at the Lock Up". He quickly runs away, being ignored in favour of Loki.
  • Projectile Webbing: He can generate webbing for either shooting at enemies or performing a Building Swing like Spider-Man.
  • Psychic Powers: He has the mental powers of Mind Control and Mind over Matter like Jean Grey and Loki.
  • Rubber Man: He can stretch his arms to extend and latch onto grapple points like Mister Fantastic.
  • Super Senses: He has the ability to use sense-spots for revealing hidden objects like Spider-Man's Spider-Sense
  • Too Dumb to Live: One honestly questions how he got in those situations. In at least one case, he's caught in a burning building and is too busy screaming for help to turn on the sprinklers and put the fire out. The lever for the sprinklers is right next to him, so Jean Grey has to control his body and turn them on for him.
  • Wolverine Claws: He has the ability to sprout Wolverine-like wrist-clwas for digging, Wall Crawling, and using claw switches.
  • Wolverine Publicity: In-Universe. Deadpool gets rather ticked off that Stan appears more than he does.


Deadpool / Wade Wilson

Voiced by: Nolan North

Known as the "Merc with a Mouth", Deadpool is a mercenary with a healing factor and a rather unstable state of mind. He narrates most of the bonus mission briefings.

  • Beware the Silly Ones: Deadpool is not a sensible guy, but he is still a master swordsman and an expert shot.
  • Butt-Monkey: Every Funny Background Event involving him has him experience comedic torment of some kind.
  • The Cameo: He makes a cameo in every main story level. Keep your eyes peeled for him!
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Deadpool is very silly, but still tough.
  • Dual Wielding: His choice of melee weaponry is dual katanas.
  • Fetch Quest: Parodied: He sends you to go look for his 'flamingo blade' out of pure laziness.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: As per tradition with Deadpool, he repeatedly references his status as being not just in a video game but a LEGO game.
  • Guns Akimbo: He carries around two pistols for rapid-fire shooting.
  • Healing Factor: As usual, his one real power is the ability to rapidly heal from any injury, and thus he possesses Regenerating Health.
  • Hypocritical Humour:
    • Gets mad at being in the game less than Stan Lee does.
      Deadpool: He's in this game more than I am!
    • He mocks the whininess of Fetch Quest givers that could easily find their own items if they weren't lazy, before immediately sending the player on one because he is lazy.
  • Large Ham: Most of his impersonations have him deliberately applying Flanderization to the characters, with exaggerated voices and attitudes.
  • Manchild: "Hi, I'm Deadpool and I want a pony!" That is all.
  • Motor Mouth: Deadpool is called the "merc with a mouth" for a reason.
  • Ninja Prop: Part and parcel of being a Fourth-Wall Observer is that he's quite capable of taking the game interface itself and weaponizing it, specifically for his finishing move where he takes the interaction symbol, forces it around his foes waist, then takes his targetting icon and bashes the enemy over the head.
  • Self-Deprecation: It's part of his character to point out all the flaws and laziness from whatever medium he's being depicted in, in this case stuff like how Sidequests have a Strictly Formula set-up, that the Fetch Quests are annoying and show the quester as too lazy to find it themself (something Deadpool makes no effort to defy), and suggesting extra points to his baddie-beating quest for seeing them spawn in out of thin air.invoked.
  • Wolverine Publicity: Surprisingly downplayed and averted at different points. While he's in all the side missions, he doesn't play an active role in them. However, he makes no direct appearance in the main campaign whatsoever apart from cameos and thus cannot steal the spotlight, not even appearing on the front of the game's box for consoles.



Voiced by: Troy Baker

The AI that helps Tony Stark in his affairs and heroics.

  • Apologetic Attacker: After Loki, Mandarin and Aldrich hack into his systems, he still has the will to apologise to Tony when he and Captain America arrive to debug him.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Helps defeat Mandarin by sending the Iron Man suits to distract and weaken him.
    J.A.R.V.I.S: House Party Protocol activated.
  • Composite Character: Largely takes influence from the film version, being an AI.
  • Servile Snarker: J.A.R.V.I.S. is loyal to Tony but still takes time to snark at him.

Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians in General 
The Guardians of the Galaxy. This group of heroes does not show up until after the main campaign is finished.
  • Badass Crew: There's a reason they're called the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: All quirky and weird, but they're good fighters and superheroes.
  • Early Adaptation Weirdness: This game was the first proper adaptation of the Guardian's outside comics, though Rocket Raccoon was featured earlier in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, specifically appearing one year before the first MCU movie as an advertisement. As such, all of their designs and personalities were drawn directly from the comics, or where lacking comically they get some game-original attitudes, meaning compared to the MCU-inspired future adaptations, these guys can seem rather unusual, such as how Drax is a fun-loving and goofy jazz-player instead of a Literal-Minded guy with a Blood Knight attitude.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Their Sequel Hook providing status was somewhat spoilery when this game first came out, but with the release of the sequel, their involvement in this game has been made known even to people who haven't played it yet.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: While badass, the Guardians are an odd bunch of people.
  • Sequel Hook: They're back on Earth because something other than Galactus threatens the Earth and cosmos.
  • Superman Stays Out of Gotham: Seriously, where were they during the main game? Justified when it turns out that they were dealing with some other cosmic threat, and are now back on Earth for something else which threatens the cosmos- and no, it isn't Galactus.


Star-Lord / Peter Quill

  • Flight: One of his powers is self-sustained aerial propulsion.
  • Guns Akimbo: He wields two pistols as his default ranged weapon.
  • The Leader: He's the overall commanding force of the Guardians.

    Drax the Destroyer 

Drax the Destroyer / Arthur Douglas

Voiced by: David Sobolov

  • Adaptational Comic Relief: In the comics, after being killed by Thanos and coming Back from the Dead, he was a serious guy with a mission to permanently kill the Mad Titan no matter what. This game has it where he wants to find some meaning to life besides that by becoming a jazz musician, something comics Drax would be too dedicated to his mission to bother with.
  • Badass Baritone: David Sobolov provides his usual loud and booming voice for Drax, giving him a strong image as a Boisterous Bruiser with a side-gig as a skilled rock star.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: He's a jazz musician and obsessed with it, yet he's a competent enough fighter and member of the team.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: His ranged attack involves throwing his sais at enemies with pinpoint accuracy before pulling more out of Hammerspace.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: No shirt whatsoever.



Voiced by: Danielle Nicolet

  • Action Girl: A tough cookie and a girl to boot.
  • Cool Sword: Her iconic Godslayer sword is a pretty impressively shiny one that is sharp enough to slice apart both enemies and cracked walls.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: She mostly looks like an attractive human woman, with the only oddity being her green skin.

    Rocket Raccoon 

Rocket Raccoon

Voiced by: John DiMaggio



Voiced by: Troy Baker

  • Badass Baritone: He may only have three words to show it off, but Groot has a deep, deep voice.
  • Pokémon Speak: "I AM GROOT!" is the only thing he can say. Mercifully, his quest briefings aren't very long, although it does leave you wondering what you have to do for a few seconds.
  • Quest Giver: Groot gives out several quests that involve attacking purple mole creatures, for some reason.

Other heroes

    The Punisher 

The Punisher / Frank Castle

  • Adaptational Comic Relief: Punisher is downright silly in the games.
  • Adaptational Heroism: To make him more family friendly for this game, he's more of an environmentalist. All his missions involve taking on polluters.
  • Badass Normal: He may lack powers, but he manages to get by through being a major Determinator against crime with well-trained skill using guns.
  • The Comically Serious: He's as grim and aggressive about protecting the environment from pollution as his comics version is about killing criminals, which provides some major comedic contrast between his serious attitude and his rather lighthearted methods.
  • Large Ham: He is loud and very aggressive about his belief that polluters deserve getting their cars demolished.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: While fighting pollution is a noble goal, his method involves destroying all sources of it, resulting in a lot of collateral damage to the city. He outright admits in his second quest that most would see his methods as extreme, but to him it teaches polluters a lesson while also lessening both gas emissions and traffic congestion.

    Howard the Duck 

Howard the Duck / Howard Duckson

    Black Panther 

Black Panther / T'Challa

  • Adaptational Dumbass: In canon, he's the leader of the most technologically advanced nation in the world, but here he can't use the computer panels other tech-savvy characters like Iron Man and Doctor Doom can use.
  • Bait-and-Switch: His initial appearance has him hidden in shadows, making it look like he's Batman.
  • The Comically Serious: His quests determine to get all the mileage they can out of King T'Challa looking for his cat, Mr. Tiddles.
  • Quest Giver: Finding and protecting his cat.
  • Wolverine Claws: How his costume's claws are represented in game.

    Captain Britain 

Captain Britain / Brian Braddock

  • Fish out of Water: When he loses his race against you, he claims that he still has to adjust to driving on the right, as opposed to the left.
  • Grammar Nazi: He insists on British spelling, as opposed to American spelling, most notably that favour is spelt "F-A-V-O-U-R" during a side mission.
  • Knight In Shining Armour: As both a hero and an upstanding gentleman, he qualifies.
  • Nice Guy: Captain Britain is a heroic and friendly individual that seems to enjoy interacting with you, and will happily aid a fellow hero in need whenever they need support.
  • Thememobile: His Cool Car is called the "Britmobile".

    Ghost Rider 

Ghost Rider / Johnny Blaze

  • Badass Biker: Shows up on his bike to fight Nightmare, and later challenges you to a race.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Shows up to aid Hawkeye, Black Widow and Iceman against Nightmare.
  • Breath Weapon: He can exhale Hellfire from his mouth to melt gold objects.
  • Chain Pain: His Hellfire-imbued chain of varying length can be both lashed at enemies and used to pull grapple points.
  • Deadly Gaze: One of his finishing moves is tying a foe up with his chain to force them to look into his eyes, so that his Penance Stare will render them lifeless from their reflected sins.
  • Flaming Skulls: He not only has his classic fiery Skull for a Head, he also can toss disembodied blazing skulls for his regular ranged attack.

    Pepper Potts 

Pepper Potts / Rescue

Voiced by: Laura Bailey

  • Composite Character: While her appearance out of armour and her relationship with Tony is based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her extended use of the Rescue armour goes far beyond what's briefly seen in Iron Man 3 and is based more on the comics.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Averted in the design of Rescue's armour itself, which is very similar to the Iron Man armour except that it's silver and red rather than gold and red, and has a longer and more tapered face-plate. But her repulsor beams are bright pink and have cartoon flowers sparkling in them...


Nova / Sam Alexander


She-Hulk / Jennifer Walters

  • Cute Bruiser: She's got the same Super Strength and general toughness as her cousin Bruce, but her being a mini-fig that maintains her good looks means she looks quite endearing as she demolishes foes and destroys vulnerable walls.
  • Glacier Waif: She's got the general body-type of a muscular but still regular-sized woman, but despite being much smaller than Hulk, she's comparable in strength to him.
  • Healing Factor: Part of the package for getting powers from Bruce is that she also possesses impressively powerful regenerative abilities, meaning no matter how many times she's hit she'll just shrug it off and keep fighting.
  • Implacable Man: She combines Super Strength with a potent Healing Factor and the ability to No-Sell fire and toxins, meaning she can trudge through hazards and pummel her way through countless enemies unimpeded, but her lack of bulk as a mini-fig means she can't plow through enemies and objects as The Juggernaut and can be staggered by regular attacks, requiring her to maintain the offensive in a fight.
  • No-Sell: Her gamma powers and tough Hulky body make her impervious to both toxins and fire, and being a mini-fig means she can get into tight spaces with the stuff where big-figs can't
  • Super Strength: She gained her powers by way of a Superhuman Transfusion from Bruce, which granted her immense strength comparable to the guy, only its even more prominent with her because she maintains a Glacier Waif build.


Primary Villains

    Doctor Doom 

Doctor Doom / Victor Von Doom

Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore


Voiced by: Troy Baker

  • Ambition Is Evil: Loki will go to almost any lengths to see his goals completed, be it backstabbing allies or manipulating heroes.
    Wolverine: What the heck's he after?
    Thor: He's only ever after one thing: power. ...And, helmets with big horns. He's really into those.
  • Badass Bookworm: Said "bookworm" nearly destroyed Asgard and Earth.
  • Big Bad: For the Asgardian part of things, although he holds equal footing with Doctor Doom and Magneto. It turns out he's manipulated both of them so he's the last one standing from the triumvirate.
  • Big Bad Triumvirate: He, Doom, and Magneto collaborate as a trio to achieve their individual goals.
  • Cain and Abel: The murderous Cain to Thor's heroic Abel.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Loki definitely plays in an underhand manner, and even the other villains aren't safe. He abandons Aldrich Killian and the Mandarin so as to cover his own escape from Stark Tower, and later mind-controls Doctor Doom a couple of times to ensure the heroes don't stop him. All this pales to him deciding to outright betray Magneto and Doom in order to destroy Earth and Asgard with all the heroes and villains still there.
  • The Comically Serious: More of Loki's humour comes from his amused reaction to other things, and his deadpan wit. This sharply contrasts with most other LEGO villains, who are outright hammy.
  • Deadpan Snarker: His main comedic trait is insulting both heroes and fellow villains with smarmy wit.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: One of Loki's attack animations is to surround the enemy with copies of himself and have them all hit him. He also uses copies of himself to fight you in the storyline.
  • The Dreaded: When he breaks out of prison, everyone starts panicking and the other superheroes such as Carnage and the Red Skull, while dangerous, are not treated with the same priority.
  • Enemy Mine: He allies with Thor against Malekith in the side mission "Bro-tunheim".
  • Evil Is Petty: Loki stands as one of the pettiest villains in the game, willing to annihilate Earth and Asgard by leading Galactus to them. His reasons for doing so? He's spiteful about not being direct heir to the throne.
  • Faux Affably Evil: His politeness is rather insincere.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His plan eventually bites him in the butt when Galactus breaks free of the mind-control and decides to try eating him as a "palate cleanser".
  • An Ice Person: He possesses the Casket of Ancient Winters from when he used it in the first Thor movie, and can still utilize his Frost Giant heritage to safely activate it for shooting freezing blasts that can induce Harmless Freezing on enemies or solidify water puddles.
  • I Shall Taunt You: He constantly taunts the heroes during "A Bifrosty Reception".
  • Knight of Cerebus: Unlike most of the other villains in the game, Loki is taken more seriously as the details of his plan unfold. His humour is also considerably more down-to-earth, and finally he stops being funny altogether.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Loki is a fan of making people think that they're getting what they want, when they're really playing into his hands.
  • Might as Well Not Be in Prison at All: He's initially imprisoned in The Raft, but is coordinating assaults alongside Doom and communicating with him without anyone else knowing. He eventually breaks out rather effortlessly.
  • Popularity Power: Fans of the comics know that his popularity is the only way that he could one-up Doctor Doom so easily and brainwash Galactus.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: While generally mature, if not exactly sane, Loki has his moments of childishness and immaturity towards his brother. It's one of the few amusing traits he has.
    Thor: What are you planning, Loki?
    Loki: [singsong] You can't make me tell. [speaking] You are not the god of me.
    Thor: Ohhh! Thou dost vex me with that taunt. You have used it since we were children!
  • Smug Snake: In the Bifrosty Reception level, he's constantly taunting the heroes even as they for together to defeat him. Subverted eventually, since he comes dangerously close to winning in spite of his massive ego.
  • Smug Super: Loki constantly taunts the other heroes, but he can back up his boasts, mostly with his mind.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Compared to other Asgardians, Loki is rather weak, and this is reflected by his low health in his first boss fight against Wolverine, Captain America, Human Torch and Thor. However, his mind is sharp enough for this not to matter, and he's still an Asgardian.


Magneto / Erik Lensherr / Max Eisenhart

Voiced by: Nolan North

  • Affably Evil: Magneto is rather gentlemanly and courteous given his evil plans and allegiance.
  • Badass Baritone: Nolan channels Ian McKellen and Tom Kane for a low and soft yet rumbling tone that underscores his affably pragmatic attitude and ruthless skill with his powers.
  • Badass Cape: Part of his outfit is a billowing cape that emphasizes his majestic image.
  • Big Bad: He's the leading villain for the Brotherhood, although he's part of a Big Bad Triumvirate with Doctor Doom and Loki.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He takes inspiration from the film version in the possession of a sharp and decently condescending wit.
    Magneto: I suppose assisting you is preferable to the entire planet being destroyed... if only marginally.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Works with the heroes in order to stop Galactus and Loki from eating the Earth, and keeps his disliking of them much more in check in contrast to Abomination.
  • Evil Brit: Taking cues from Tom, Nolan affects a condescendingly posh yet gentle and commanding British accent that fits well for his Affably Evil attitude.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Downplayed. Nolan North's voice for him is less deep than other incarnations, but it's still quite deep.
  • Fantastic Racism: He hates humanity for their crimes against mutantkind.
  • Forgot About His Powers: He averts this for the most part (unlike most other adaptations), in particular against Iron Man, but never once does he think to use his powers on Wolverine during "Rock Up At the Lock-Up".
  • Frying Pan of Doom: One of his finishers has him pull out a frying pan to magnetically double-bonk an enemy into unconsiousness.
  • Gentleman Snarker: He prefers his witty banter to be done with class, such as telling the heroes to "mind their manners around a lady"... which is said in regards to him suddenly showing up with the Statue of Liberty being controlled by him.
  • Magnetism Manipulation: Power over magnetism is his "thing", and he's capable of doing a lot when it comes to bending metal to his will, especially once he launches the 90% metal Asteroid M that turns him into a lesser Domain Holder.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Nolan channels both Ian McKellen and Tom Kane for his role as Magneto, leaning a bit more to Tom with the stronger old-man tone.
  • Non Sequitur, *Thud*: Following getting a Megaton Punch from Mjolnir that launches him from outer orbit on Asteroid M to the Baxter Building, he deliriously spouts "mother, can I get a rabbit?" and responds to a currently cleaning Reed and Sue "can I get a broom also, and some cheese, please?" before finally passing out.
  • Off with His Head!: When faced with a setback involving the heroes climbing on top of the Statue of Liberty in their efforts to stop him, he decides that the head of what he's controlling isn't necessary and rips it off to throw the heroes on top into the distance where they can't interfere.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Charles Xavier notes that if Magneto is attacking the Mansion, something must be serious.
  • Pet the Dog: While attacking the Mansion, he chooses not to hurt Charles Xavier even though it would be an ideal opportunity, because the two are old friends.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: He cares only about his goal to make Mutants the reigning supreme species. To that end, he will work with any other villain that provides decent aid to that cause, and when faced with an Evil Versus Oblivion scenarios, he holds no problems accepting an Enemy Mine with the heroes, albeit begrudgingly
  • Ship Tease: Pulls Mystique very close while leaving the X-Mansion.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Clearly, he does not enjoy working with the heroes, but is aware they don't have much choice.
    Magneto: Your (Abomination's) memory is as abominable as the rest of you... it's either this or become Galactus-food, remember? So let's just find Doom and get this over with!
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: He's the only readily accessible character that can affect magnetic objects, with no DLC characters possessing the power and the only other character with the power, his daughter Polaris, being unlocked by completing the bonus level that requires Magneto to access in the first place, meaning to affect metal objects you need to buy him once he's unlocked.
  • Unwitting Pawn: It later turns out he's being manipulated by Loki into gathering the Cosmic Bricks so he can annihilate the Earth.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: His vision is to make mutants the superior species instead of a hunted and isolated one. To that end, he'll team up with Doom and Loki to see his goal become reality.


Galactus / Galan

Voiced by: John Dimaggio

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Galactus is the hugest boss in the game, being so big that during his boss fight you only see his upper torso.
  • Badass Baritone: John gives his most bass-filled booming baritone out of all the characters to Galactus, and boy does this guy exemplify power and badassery, being so strong and dangerous that it takes an Enemy Mine of almost the entire hero/villain roster to fight him, and even then they can only manage to make him a Sealed Evil in a Can.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Loki mind-controls him at the end of "A Doom With a View", leading him to try and annihilate the heroes.
  • The Dog Bites Back: He turns on Loki once the mind control is broken and Loki has no way of escaping.
  • The Dreaded: When he finally shows up, the heroes are terrified.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He's got one of the deepest, most rumbling tones to his voice, added to by a case of Power Echoes, and while he's generally an Above Good and Evil guy who's a Planet Eater out of Necessary Evil, he's still a major threat to any inhabited planets he comes across.
  • Eye Beams: His main method of continuous damage is shooting beams of Power Cosmic from his eyes.
  • Final Boss: While technically Loki is the last Big Bad of the game, Galactus while Brainwashed and Crazy by him is the last boss fought.
  • Flight: One of his powers is unassisted flight through air and space. This is one of the few that is unaltered after you unlock him.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Galactus doesn't directly appear until the final act, but it's clear that he's the real powerhouse when he marches in- literally. His impending arrival also causes the bad guys to try and steal his power via the cosmic bricks.
  • Hand Blasts: His main ranged attack involves shooting balls of concentrated Power Cosmic, which is quite destructive as both a giant boss and a mini-fig playable character
  • Humanoid Abomination: Galactus looks humanoid and indeed he seems to be hittable the way most humanoids would be, but this is partly owing to A Form You Are Comfortable With.
  • Invincible Villain: The fact he has strength and powers that outstrip even literal gods means the heroes waste no time believing they can genuinely beat him in a fight, deciding the better option is using a wormhole generator to send him as far away from Earth as possible.
  • Large Ham: Galactus will declare very dramatically if he hungers.
  • Not Quite Flight: For large portions of the campaign, he's shown comically walking through space.
  • Planet Eater: He mainly feeds on worlds.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Most of his costume and the Power Cosmic energy he generates are represented by various hues of purple, and boy is he powerful, being such a threatening god-like entity that it takes practically the entire hero and villain community to fight him, and even then they at best can only trap him in another dimension.
  • Redemption Demotion: The version of him you unlock is still powerful, but also considerably shorter for obvious reasons and much easier to wound.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Galactus is eventually sent to another dimension with Loki. He doesn't seem to mind, as long as he finds something to eat.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Loki awaited his arrival and brainwashed him to follow his orders, namely destroying Earth and Asgard.
  • Vacuum Mouth: Befitting a Planet Eater who takes Big Eater to the extreme, one of his boss attacks is trying to suck the player into his mouth, and if you fail the Quick Time Event, it'll cause a guaranteed One-Hit Kill.

Brotherhood of Mutants

    The Brotherhood in General 

  • Badass Army: The Acolytes may not be that tough, but they're determined and cover each others' weaknesses. Some of their members are even strong enough to hurt the Hulk.
  • Elite Mooks: The Acolytes, which can actually take a hit or two from the player and have Elemental Powers that allow them to attack at a distance. They're still Cannon Fodder Mooks, but unlike their fellow mook brethren, they're actually a modest challenge if you don't take them seriously.
  • Fantastic Racism: Humanity annoys them greatly.
  • Shock and Awe: Some of the grunts are able to shoot electric blasts, and are the one to really look out for to smash, because their electricity is capable of hurting big-figs like the Thing and Hulk that would normally No-Sell most attacks.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Their vision is to make mutants the superior species instead of a hunted and isolated one.


Mystique / Raven Darkholme

Voiced by: Laura Bailey

  • Dark Action Girl: Mystique is second to Magneto both in combat and in rank. That doesn't mean she's weak at all.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has a very dry wit.
    Magneto: (After Cyclops outs her as pretending to be Professor X) Well that's no way to treat a lady, Summers!
  • The Dragon: Is the right-hand woman to Magneto.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Even she thinks that Loki and Galactus devouring the world is overkill. She even joins forces with the heroes.
  • Evil Redhead: Her strikingly bright red hair contrasts her blue skin, and the prominence of it gives her a decently sinister image befitting a villain.
  • Humanshifting: Her mutant power as usual is the ability to transform into any human she's seen, but she can only turn into humans, or at least humanoids
  • Manipulative Bitch: With her ability to shift into any human, she uses it to her advantage. She impersonates Professor X in order to guide and trick the X-Men into letting Magneto take the Tesseract, and impersonates Magneto in order to let the real one let Asteriod M come to life.
  • Noodle Incident: For some reason, she was at a super hero party in level 6 despite being a villain.
  • Ship Tease: Gets pulled very close by Magneto while leaving the X-Mansion and has no problem with it.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Does not enjoy working with the heroes, but is aware they don't have much choice.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only female villain involved with the story.
  • We Need a Distraction: At one point Magneto has her user her Humanshifting for the purpose of pretending to be him in order to delay the heroes and allow Asteroid M to safely launch into space.


Sabretooth / Victor Creed

  • Arch-Enemy: Wolverine outright despises him and associates him with Weapon X, not to mention his torturous backstory.
  • Axe-Crazy: Sabretooth with his blood-thirsty attitude is not a guy you'd want to hang around with, let's just put it that way.
  • Blood Knight: Sabretooth is in the Brotherhood because he enjoys fighting, not because he believes in the cause.
  • The Brute: Acts as the primary combat muscle for the Brotherhood, which he's a very enthusiastic Blood Knight about.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He has a very deep voice.
  • Moveset Clone: Due to going through most of the same Weapon X experiments as Wolverine, Sabretooth has almost exactly the same abilities as him, such as Wolverine Claws, a Healing Factor, and Super Senses, only lacking the adamantium skeleton that makes him not truly killable. That said, he is quite different in animation and audio, with his constant Running on All Fours and frequent Slasher Smile doing well to highlight how despite having similar abilities, they are very different characters.
  • Running on All Fours: His walking and running animations have him always moving about on all fours, to highlight how he embraces his animalistic instincts unlike Wolverine.
  • Wolverine Claws: His incredibly sharp talons are represented by a stylized pair of mounted claws comparable to Wolverine's own.


Juggernaut / Cain Marko

Voiced by: Andrew Kishino

  • The Brute: Does most of the fighting, although he shares duty with Sabretooth in this regard.
  • Composite Character: Seems to combine the film version with the comics version, in that he's a mutant (he isn't in the comics) but keeps his appearance and nationality from the comics.
  • Curse Cut Short: He tries delivering the infamous line without success.
    Juggernaut: Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut-
    Iceman: Yeah, yeah, we get it!
  • Dumb Muscle: His Super Strength makes him a powerful fighter, but his brains are rather lacking, being quite easily tricked into doing things that work against him.
  • "Get Back Here!" Boss: Averted. Juggernaut is just running around and causing chaos in the mansion. He doesn't leave when fighting the mutants.
  • The Juggernaut: His codename is based on the original term, and whether through his boss fight or gameplay, he can plow through enemies and objects easily once he gets a running start.
  • Super Strength: His immense physical power that lets him easily plow through anything is a big part of his identity.


Mastermind / Jason Wyngarde

  • Evil Genius: He's the main brains for Magneto, being the one planning the diversions and keeping the stronger heroes away.
  • Kick the Dog: There are plenty of ways he could have used his Master of Illusion powers to incapacitate Mister Fantastic, Wolverine, and Hulk. His decision to Mind Rape them to reach that end is purely because he just loves making people suffer.
  • Master of Illusion: His mutant power is to generate illusions like Mysterio, but the fact it's through Psychic Powers means he can affect people's minds much more strongly than the washed-out actor and his tech.
  • Mind Rape: Engages in using his Master of Illusion powers to torment Mister Fantastic (by forcing him to imagine Skrulls are annoying him), Wolverine (by convincing him that Weapon X is using him for an experiment) and Hulk (by making him relive the circumstances of his birth).
  • Weak, but Skilled: Physically Mastermind is not very strong, having only three hearts of health, and psychically he's far below Jean and Professor X. But despite his lesser overall abilities, he's such a skilled Master of Illusion that he can seriously threaten Wolverine, the Hulk, and Mister Fantastic.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: The projections that the heroes see as a result of his Master of Illusion powers will eventually attack the player characters if they don't snap the heroes out of it.


Pyro / St John Allerdyce

Voiced by: Nolan North


Toad / Mortimer Toynbee

Voiced by: Greg Cipes

  • The Chew Toy: His attempted kidnapping of Storm goes horribly wrong.
  • Epic Fail: How about trying to kidnap Storm, only to fail to bear in mind that she can easily electrocute his tongue.
  • Multipurpose Tongue: That Overly-Long Tongue of his is capable of both ensnaring people and latching onto grapple points.
  • Serious Business: As a toad-like man, he treats bouncing skills with immense respect, viewing it as a way of life.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: His "boss fight" simply involves Storm using her basic lightning-charge move to fry him unconscious.


Blob / Fred Dukes

Voiced by: Stephen Stanton

  • Anti-Villain: Doesn't do that much wrong, and in his side mission he's basically just doing some exercise and trying to lose weight. Of course, being a villain in a side mission which runs on Comedic Sociopathy, he doesn't get to do this.
  • Fat Bastard: He's a rather rude obese guy who likes getting into meaningless fights, but story-wise he's just trying to get in shape, so his "bastard" qualities aren't really on display.
  • Kevlard: As the Blob himself states: "nothing hurts the Blob!" As such, Wolverine's attempt to recruit him for something can't be done through regular fighting, since any blows dealt to him will be kinetically absorbed by his fat, requiring helping him with his diet routine to get him to agree to Wolverine and Jean's terms.
  • Stout Strength: He's called "The Blob" for how utterly bloated he is, but a secondary part of his mutant power is muscle so densely built it provides Super Strength.

Doctor Doom's Legion of Doom

    Green Goblin 

Green Goblin / Norman Osborn

Voiced by: Nolan North

  • Alternate Self: His version from Ultimate Spider-Man (2012) is also playable.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Spider-Man (who technically has three in this game), although his rivalry is the one most focused upon. Lampshaded when he finds that it's not him attacking Latveria, but the Fantastic Four and Nick Fury.
    Green Goblin: What? No Spider-Man? Shame. I do so enjoy winding him up.
    Later, during some Boss Banter...
    Green Goblin: This is getting dull without the Spider to keep me entertained.
  • Bad Boss: He unleashes Venom on the heroes in Oscorp, which is shown to result in multiple scientists and workers being infected by symbiotes. It's left ambiguous as to whether or not they were infected beforehand, but it's clear that none of them volunteered.
  • Bullying a Dragon: He somehow gets the brilliant idea of knocking Hulk's burger to the ground and gets a punch to the stomach for it.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Even he wouldn't want the entire world to get devoured. He helps everyone in preventing that from happening.
  • Les Collaborateurs: Willingly working with Doom to sell out his country.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: His civilian life is Norman Osborn, head of Oscorp. The blatant corruption of that company gets sarcastically lampshaded by Hawkeye and Spider-Man a few times.
  • The Dragon: He acts as the biggest secondary villain aiding Doom's plans.
  • Flight: Thanks to his glider, the Green Goblin can fly.
  • Laughably Evil: The Goblin's sense of humour may be lighter than most continuities, but he's still wisecracking even when he's trying to kill the heroes.
  • Laughing Mad: Regularly indulges in a good Evil Laugh.
  • Mad Bomber: He throws a lot of Pumpkin bombs during his boss fights, which makes him incredibly dangerous.
  • Most Definitely Not a Villain: Inverted into a kind of Phrase Catcher, where any and every mention of Norman and Oscorp being potentially connected to villainy has the heroes sarcastically ask how a company that is most definitely not run by a Corrupt Corporate Executive could in any way be suspectable as being a cover for villainous antics.
  • Secret Identity: The heroes are totally clueless as to who he is, though Hawkeye muses about it more than the others.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: His trademark Pumpkin Bombs are good for blowing up both silver objects and pesky heroes.


Abomination / Emil Blonsky

Voiced by: Steve Blum

  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Anyone capable of going toe-to-toe with Hulk, regardless of results, is not someone to mess with. He later proves invaluable during the Enemy Mine.
  • Cursed with Awesome: His gamma mutation caused him to permanently turn into a hulking monstrosity like Hulk, but he's not complaining since he retains all of his intellect while gaining Super Strength and Super Toughness, so experiencing Evil Makes You Ugly by turning into an "abomination" is a price he accepts.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Hates the heroes, but works with them in order to stop Galactus and Loki from eating the Earth.
  • Evil Smells Bad: His breath stinks, and he actually weaponises it against Hulk and Wolverine.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He's got a villainous scratchy grumble, which he can make even deeper by applying a subtle Voice of the Legion effect.
  • Genius Bruiser: A lowkey example, as while he's not Dumb Muscle like Hulk, it's more that he retains his original decently smart and combat-skilled mind while also possessing gamma-radiation-gained Super Strength and Super Toughness.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: He sleeps with a teddy bear in prison. Yes, really.
  • Recurring Boss: You fight him twice in the campaign; the first time is during "Sand Central Station", the next is during "Rock up at the Lock Up".
  • Surrounded by Idiots: His reaction to working with Sandman. As far as he's concerned, the latter has sand for brains, literally and figuratively.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: He clearly does not enjoy the idea of an Enemy Mine and protests repeatedly. Magneto agrees, but tells him to keep his pride in check.


Sandman / William Baker

  • Arc Villain: He's the over-arching antagonist for "Sand Central Station", since Abomination gets taken out early in the level.
  • Dumb Muscle: A massive pain to fight, but not very bright.
  • Drop the Hammer: When he wants to really bring the devastating pain, he morphs his hand into a large hammer then smashes it down.
  • Elemental Shapeshifter: Being a man literally made of sand, a good part of his combat strategy is morphing his body into weapons, such as Giant Hands of Doom or turning his fists into large hammers. An added bonus is that he's Nigh-Invulnerable due to the non-solid nature of his sandy body.
  • Logical Weakness: Normally he's Nigh-Invulnerable due to how his sandy body is non-solid, meaning punches just pass right through harmlessly, but sand is very susceptible to solidifying if any liquid is added to the mix, which is how he is defeated in his boss fight courtesy of some Hulk punches to his hardened body giving him a concussion.
  • Mook Maker: Creates several mooks made out of sand.
  • One-Winged Angel: After you get through his gauntlet and beat his first phase, he decides to stop playing around and absorb more sand to become a giant for the second phase.
  • Power Makes Your Voice Deep: In his normal form his voice is gravelly like sand but not very deep, but when he goes One-Winged Angel his voice drops several octaves to represent how he's taking things more seriously and decided to fight the heroes directly.
  • Pungeon Master: While heroes and villains alike love their puns, almost every line of Boss Banter from this guy is some form of punny reference to the current situation, usually a Literal Metaphor.
  • Sand Blaster: Like his name states, his powers involve manipulating sand, whether as an Elemental Shapeshifter, being a Mook Maker, or just shooting the stuff from his hands.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Throughout the levels there are sandbox pads that are only usable by him or one of his sand minions, meaning to complete every level you have to buy one of them.

    Doctor Octopus 

Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius


Venom / Eddie Brock

Voiced by: Steve Blum

Venom is the combined entity resulting from the merging of a symbiotic alien called a klyntar and a human host (although Eddie Brock is the most famous host, his current host is not known). "Exploratory, Laboratory" reveals that Oscorp has been holding him hostage, at which point he is released by Green Goblin as a distraction.

  • Adaptational Villainy: Unlike his comic book counterpart who is an antihero, this Venom is a full on villain.
  • Adorable Evil Minions: He, along with the symbiote mooks, provide one of the most notable subversions throughout all the LEGO games.
  • Arc Villain: While "Exploratory, Laboratory" starts out with the heroes going to face Green Goblin, after he catches the group with a Trap Door that sends them to his underground symbiote lab, Venom takes center stage as the level's main villain and end-boss.
  • Body Horror: When he ends up Hulking Out, he rips himself in half. Granted, it's only for a second and he recovers, but still.
  • Combat Tentacles: He has multiple tentacles extending from his back.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He's very vicious and dangerous, but that doesn't stop him from helping everyone else in stopping Loki and Galactus from eating the world.
  • Evil Sounds Raspy: Steve Blum goes about using his deep voice much more differently for Venom, providing a scratchy rasp that better emphasizes how creepy this guy is compared to everybody else.
  • Hulking Out: He can transform into the massive Ultimate Venom. This involves him literally ripping himself in half.
  • Jump Scare: Does a legitimately creepy one when the heroes arrive on the final floor of Oscorp.
  • Legacy Character: When Venom first attacks, Spider-Man asks who's wearing the symbiote this time.
  • Mundane Utility: Uses his tentacles to juggle skulls.
  • Primal Stance: Walks and runs on all fours.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Venom contrasts strongly against the otherwise Laughably Evil nature of villains in this game, having his area played like a horror movie, including making his home in a dark and foreboding abandoned lab, spending most of the level sneaking about leading up to his fight, having the whole place coated in sticky and ensnaring symbiote goo, performing a genuinely startling Jump Scare, and having an Evil Sounds Raspy voice that emphasizes his unnerving Yandere attitude towards Spider-Man.
  • Voice of the Legion: Speaks with a deep reverberating undertone to his voice.


Whiplash / Ivan Vanko

Voiced by: John DiMaggio

    The Leader 

The Leader / Samuel Sterns

Voiced by: Jeffrey Combs

  • Arch-Enemy: One of Hulk's most recurring foes, although Abomination takes this role more prominently in the game than the Leader does.
  • Barrier Warrior: His boss fight mainly consists of him blocking your way, and not very well at that.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He's voiced by Jeffrey Combs, who has a less deep voice than most examples of this trope, though he still counts.
  • Insufferable Genius: Leader's smart, but just keeps bragging about it.
  • Tempting Fate: Leader claims you'll never make it past him. Give the heroes about thirty seconds and they will.
  • Squishy Wizard: His Psychic Powers are quite formidable... when he can keep a distance from his enemies, as in a direct fight he goes down quite easily.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: All the player needs to do to stop him is blow up the metallic objects, which throws him off and leaves him open to attack.



Voiced by: John DiMaggio

  • Adaptational Badass: The handheld version only uses the movie design, but gives him the abilities of the comics version.
  • Alternate Self: His version from Iron Man 3 is also playable. He has no abilities whatsoever.
  • Arch-Enemy: He's the biggest and most recurring villain for Iron Man in the comics.
  • Arc Villain: He's the primary villain for "Rebooted, Resuited", with Killian acting as The Dragon for him.
  • Badass Cape: His film version wears an impressive cloak, but that's just to provide the image of badassery, as he's in truth a Joke Character.
  • Badass Normal: His film version may be a Joke Character, but he at the very least can punch enemies.
  • Beard of Evil: He has a more subdued beard than his comics version, but stil enough to give a villainous Fu Manchu-style image.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Merely says "never trust a demigod", after Loki betrays him.
  • Decomposite Character: In addition to him and Aldrich Killian existing in the same world, Trevor Slattery is available as a Joke Character alt for him, meaning there are three versions of the Mandarin that exist in this world.
  • Dual Boss: Fights against the player alongside Killian.
  • Joke Character: The version of him from the films is almost completely useless. H.E.R.B.I.E. of all characters is more useful than him.
  • Powered Armour: Goes on to hijack the Hulkbuster armour for his own personal use.
  • Playing with Fire: One of the abilities that his rings grant him is to shoot fire, which he can use to destroy golden objects.
  • Race Lift: This version appears more westernised than in the comics.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Loki abandons him and Aldrich Killian to hold off Cap and Iron Man.
  • Villainous Valour: Even after Loki betrays him and Killian and it becomes apparent that he will not be able to escape, he hijacks the Hulkbuster armour, goes on to fight both Cap and Iron Man and destroys an entire wave of automated Iron Man suits that are sent to attack him.
  • Visionary Villain: He mentions that Iron Man could never fully understand why he did what he did, implying he had grander reasons for allying with Doom.
  • What Is Evil?: During the fight against him, he argues that "there is still no such thing as heroes".
  • Yellow Peril: Distinctly averted. He has a hint of an accent and the obvious name, but you'd have little indication otherwise as to his villainous Asian origin.

    Aldrich Killian 

Aldrich Killian

  • Adaptational Badass: The film version was killed by an Extremis-powered Pepper, albeit after a prolonged fight with Iron Man in which he took many serious injuries. This version held his own against Iron Man and Captain America.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Like the film version, he's much nastier than his comics counterpart.
  • Arch-Enemy: He's a lesser-than-Mandarin but still notable major antagonist to Iron Man, whom he really hates for some reason.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Sharply dressed and kicking ass.
  • Decomposite Character: In the films he was the "true" Mandarin, with the guy that represents the image being an actor. Here, him and the Mandarin are two separate characters.
  • The Dragon: He's the right-hand man for the Mandarin.
  • Dual Boss: Fights against the player alongside the Mandarin.
  • Killed Off for Real: Seems to be the case, as he breaks into pieces after his defeat, and doesn't appear in the sequel.
  • Playing with Fire: His Extremis powers let him shoot fire and phase through the ground.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Loki abandons him and his master to Iron Man and Captain American's mercy.
  • Villainous Valour: Even after Loki betrays him and his boss and it becomes apparent that they will not be able to escape, he goes on to fight both Cap and Iron Man, though he gets knocked out considerably earlier.
  • The Voiceless: Despite being just as prominent a villain as the Mandarin, he never utters anything besides Voice Grunting and the occasional Evil Laugh, to the point that all the Boss Banter in "Rebooted, Resuited" is done by the Mandarin.
  • Walking Spoiler: Not so much for the game, but he spoils quite a bit about Iron Man 3.

    Red Skull 

Red Skull / Johann Shmidt

Voiced by: Steve Blum

  • Arc Villain: He's the primary antagonist for "Red Head Detention".
  • Dark Is Evil: He wears a dark suit, which adds to the fact that he's a sadastic bastard.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He has a deep yet suave voice that highlights his sinister yet charismatic image.
  • No Swastikas: No reference is made to Skull or HYDRA having been Nazis.
  • Red Is Violent: He's very hostile and brutal to match his red colored skin.
  • Skewed Priorities: Regarding him, although he doesn't have this personally. When Loki escapes from the Raft, Skull, a convicted Nazi (although that part isn't mentioned) and probable war criminal, also escapes. People understandably freak out upon learning Loki has escaped, but nobody cares that Skull has escaped.
  • Smug Snake: He's definitely a dangerous threat, but his arrogance means he overestimates his abilities and planning skills, which result in his defeat.

    Arnim Zola 

Arnim Zola

  • The Dragon: He's the right-hand man of the Red Skull, acting as the supportive intellect behind his schemes.
  • Evil Genius: He's the highly intelligent plan-maker and tech-provider for HYDRA.
  • If My Calculations Are Correct: Tells Captain America that he has a 95% chance of failing to stop HYDRA, so he should just give up. Of course, a 5% chance is all Cap (with some help from the Human Torch) needs to overturn the odds and win.
  • Karma Houdini: Is glanced over by the heroes during the Red Skull boss fight.
  • Non-Action Guy: His robotic body was built for Brain Uploading, not fighting, so he stays out of combat as much as possible.


MODOK / George Tarleton

Voiced by:Dave Boat

  • Barrier Warrior: He has a powerful force field that he uses in combat. Deconstructed in that his shields drain too much power.
  • The Chew Toy: His performance in combat is ...subpar.
  • Epic Fail: His efforts to use his full strength backfire and leave him vulnerable.
  • Glass Cannon: He can dish out lots of damage but can't take it, and his energy levels drain too quickly.
  • Insufferable Genius: MODOK loves bragging about his intelligence.
  • Psi Blast: His sole regular form of attacking involves a forehead-based Head Blast of psychic energy. Unfortunately for him, prolonged use of this ability drains energy from his Barrier Warrior move, leaving him vulnerable to a ranged attack.
  • Smug Snake: He claims to be all-powerful, but constantly shorts out his own circuits and is easily bested by anyone quick.
  • Weaponized Exhaust: He can concentrate the rocket-power of his chair to shoot intensely heated plasma, but doing so temporarily renders him unable to fly, and thus a sitting duck for getting punched.


Rhino / Aleksei Sytevich



The mechanical servants of Doctor Doom, programmed to do his bidding.

  • Giant Mook: The V-Series Doombot, which is taller than most of the heroes and has Super Strength.
  • Mecha-Mooks: Rather than employ fallible humans for his forces, Doom personally designs his own mechanized soldiers.
  • Mooks: Act as the main cannon fodder enemies in areas menaced by Doom.

Other Villains


The Kingpin / Wilson Fisk

Wilson Fisk is the head of a crime syndicate, who poses as a legitimate businessman. He's known as an Arch-Enemy to Daredevil, and Spider-Man on occasion.

  • Arch-Enemy: Of all the villains Daredevil has faced, Kingpin is the most recurring and most personal.
  • Arc Villain: He's the overall antagonist of the side-mission "Feeling Fisky".
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Kingpin is a literal criminal kingpin, and he easily hands the heroes their butts on a platter in hand-to-hand.
  • Badass Normal: No superpowers, yet he can pose a threat to Captain America, Spider-Man and Daredevil, all of whom are superhuman in some way.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: As a crime boss, he dresses impeccably.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Kingpin needs a SHIELD agent bumped off, that's fair enough. What's stupid is his way of choosing to bump him off- rather than crush him with his bare hands or have Elektra and Bullseye destroy him, he leaves him to be cut in half with a laser. This allows Captain America to easily save the agent.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: It's not possible to be that ripped in real life, needless to say.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Fisk's disguise as a legitimate businessman helps fuel his criminal activities.
  • The Don: Despite not being in a mafia-based group, he fits the bill as the ruthless leader of a crime ring.
  • Fat Bastard: In image he's a stocky guy with a less-than-pleasant personality, but it's {{subverted|Trope} in that his bulk is all well-built muscle hidden under a suit that makes him look fat.
  • Flunky Boss: Has no trouble letting his goons distract you.
  • Kick the Dog: When we start his level, he's trying to kill a SHIELD agent by cutting him in half with a laser, not because he or SHIELD did anything to mess with his business, but because he just felt like killing somebody that day and used "free dental work" to trick the agent into getting captured.
  • Made of Iron: He can shrug off Captain America's shield throws, Spidey's webbing and Daredevil's batons, not to mention Spidey and Cap's above-average strength. What takes him down eventually? Not one, not two, but three chandeliers. Dropped on his head.
  • Not so Above It All: Typically seems to be rather smug and stoic, but if you leave him to idle, he'll start dancing with his cane.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: Kingpin's muscle is mostly around his chest and arms.


Elektra / Elektra Natchios

Kingpin's right-hand woman and assassin.

  • Adaptational Villainy: Played with. Elektra in the comics is mostly known as an Anti-Hero, but a hero nevertheless. This one takes inspiration from her origins as Kingpin's muscle and leaves it there, choosing not to have her Heel–Face Turn that follows in most adaptations.
  • Badass Normal: Able to pose a threat to Captain America, Spider-Man and Daredevil with just some highly acrobatic skills, though her boss is ultimately more powerful.
  • Co-Dragons: She acts as a lieutenant of Kingpin alongside Bullseye.
  • Dark Action Girl: She's as strong as Bullseye, and a woman.
  • Precision-Guided Boomerang: Her ranged attack involves throwing her sais as spiky boomerangs, which return to her hands afterwards despite not being designed for such a thing.
  • Professional Killer: Her job is killing people for money.
  • Weapon-Based Characterization: Wields her iconic sais in combat, which in practice act like Devious Daggers to represent her stealthy and pragmatic ninja-like image.


Bullseye / Lester

An assassin and Kingpin's right-hand man, alongside Elektra.

  • Adaptational Comic Relief: Bullseye in the comics is a disgusting man and unrepentant murderer. This version is goofy and downright hilarious.
  • Arch-Enemy: He's one of the more recurring villains for Daredevil, although it's not brought up much.
  • Badass Normal: Able to pose a threat to Captain America, Spider-Man, and Daredevil with only some Improbable Aiming Skills, though his boss is ultimately stronger.
  • Co-Dragons: He acts as a lieutenant of Kingpin alongside Elektra.
  • Dark Is Evil: His costume is noticeably darker than Elektra's.
  • Death Dealer: While he's a master of Improvised Weapon, his default choice of throwable object is sharpened cards.
  • Professional Killer: His job is killing people for money.

    The Vulture 

The Vulture / Adrian Toomes

  • Adaptational Comic Relief: This version of The Vulture takes the Evil Old Folks trait of his comics self and elevaates it into him being a comical Scatterbrained Senior.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Attempts to wreck the Marvel Comics headquarters.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: He and Howard the Duck, of all people, act as the collective Arc Villain for "Nuff Said", though Howard knocking himself out means Vulture acts as the main villain there.
  • Dumb Muscle: Vulture is a capable fighter but falls for the same trick three times.
  • Evil Old Folks: He's among the oldest characters in the game, but despite being a bit senile, he still hates heroes and people in general with a passion, alongside threatening Marvel Comics HQ just because he isn't getting much comics page-time.
  • Too Dumb to Live: He falls for the same trick three times. He's first convinced to fly onto an electrified bird-house and gets shocked. Then he rushes at a cardboard cut-out of Iron Man and crashes. After that, he runs into a balloon version of Thor, and then flies through a hologram of Captain America. You think he'd wise up, but then Mister Fantastic fools him into landing in a giant bird-bath.


Electro / Maxwell Dillon

  • Alternate Self: His version from Ultimate Spider-Man (2012) is also playable.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: He and Shocker are the Arc Villain duo of "A Shock Withdrawal", with Electro providing the main muscle by electrifying the ground.
  • Glass Cannon: During "A Shock Withdrawal", he's clearly very powerful, but one direct hit is enough to down him.
  • Shock and Awe: His powers involve generating and manipulating electricity at will.
  • Smug Snake: After the hostages are freed, he vows that there will be no holding back. He then goes down in one direct hit.


Shocker / Herman Schultz

  • Big Bad Duumvirate: He and Electro are the Arc Villain duo of "A Shock Withdrawal", with Shocker being the support that loads the cash in their truck.
  • Having a Blast: The concussive force of his Shocker Gauntlets let him explosively demolish silver objects.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: While he does try to stay and fight against Cap, Iron Man and Spider-Man, he eventually decides to run when he realises he is hopelessly outmatched.
  • Vibroweapon: Despite what his name implies at first glance, he doesn't cause Shock and Awe but instead produces shockwaves through his special gauntlets, which generate concussive Hand Blasts.
  • Villainous Valor: Unlike Electro, he at least tries to put up a decent fight against Cap, Iron Man and Spider-Man. While he may be hopelessly outmatched, he gets points for effort.



  • Arc Villain: He's the designated villain of "Stunt Show Surprise"
  • Dimension Lord: He is the Lord of the Dream Dimension, from which he draws power based on the nightmares of the living, which he can also summon into the waking world for his purposes.
  • Nightmare Weaver: He draws upon the night-terrors of his enemies to fight against them.
  • Squishy Wizard: He may be an incredibly powerful Dimension Lord, but in the mortal realm he can only draw upon a limited amount of his power, so while magic-wise he's still incredibly powerful, physically he can be beaten and banished back to the Dream Dimension by some Badass Normal folk like Hawkeye and Black Widow, albeit with some help from Iceman and Ghost Rider.

    The Lizard 

The Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors

  • Abnormal Ammo: His ranged attack as Dr. Connors is to throw living regular lizards at things.
  • Adaptational Villainy: He's a little less caring about civilians or the consequences of his actions than in most other continuities, judging by the comments in his level, in that he only wants to perfect the formula to fix his arm.
  • Arc Villain: Acts as the antagonist for "Reptilian Ruckus".
  • Handicapped Badass: Even in his one-armed human form, Dr. Connors is a decently capable fighter with a highly intelligent mind.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: One of his moves as the Lizard is to pick up people with his tail and dropping them into his gaping maws, probably the only character to be able to eat other characters.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: Dr. Connors is a Mad Scientist of the genetics area, and not only does he wear a labcoat at all times to highlight that, his outfit acts as Magic Pants in that the coat, shirt, and pants remain intact, with the only bit of Clothing Damage being turning into a Barefoot Cartoon Animal, just to emphasize his scientist aspect even in Lizard form.
  • Mad Scientist: Dr. Connors is a geneticist who performs experiments with the purpose of permanently re-growing his lost hand, and due to Adaptational Villainy he cares nothing for the consequences to other people in that pursuit.
  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: Doctor Curt Connors averts this, having earned his doctorate fair and square and being a decent guy. When he transforms, though...
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: While getting a slight case of Adaptational Villainy that gives Doctor Connors a Lack of Empathy, transforming into the Lizard still causes him to lose any remaining morals and be quite willing to eat other humans out of his animalistic aggression.



  • Arch-Enemy: He's the sworn enemy of Doctor Strange.
  • Arc Villain: Acts as the antagonist for "Stranger Danger".
  • Breath Weapon: He can shoot green spectral energy from his mouth that melts gold objects.
  • Flaming Skulls: His regular ranged attack involves throwing blazing disembodied skulls.


Mysterio / Quentin Beck


Malekith the Accursed

  • Arc Villain: Acts as the antagonist for "Bro-tunheim".
  • Badass Cape: Malekith's DLC costume has a billowing black cape.
  • Composite Character: He keeps the looks and abilities of his comic counterpart, but the Enemy Mine that Thor and Loki pull against him is from the films. He can gain a costume based on the film as DLC.
  • Dark Is Evil: As a Dark Elf, he not only has half of his Two-Faced appearance pure black, his DLC version is drenched in dark colors, all of which to quite blatantly signify his very evil tendencies.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Anyone calling themselves "Malekith the Accursed" probably isn't a nice person.



  • Adaptational Comic Relief: Normally, when Sentinels show up, they're played very seriously regardless of how hard they are to take down. Meanwhile, the boss fights against them here are utterly hilarious.
  • Affably Evil: Surprisingly, Sentinels are rather polite and pathetic in their efforts to destroy mutantkind.
    Sentinel: Mutant? Anyone here a Mutant? We'd very much like to destroy you.
  • Fantastic Racism: They consider mutants blights against humanity and life in general.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: Borderline ineffectual, but yes. They politely ask for mutants to turn themselves over for extermination, and then beg for help if they struggle.
  • Killer Robot: Giant robots whose entire purpose for being is "destroying" mutants.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: While hardly lethal, the Sentinel can be surprisingly difficult to deal damage to if you don't have the right party.
  • Optional Boss: None of the fights against these things are necessary for the story, but since beating them provides collectibles, destroying these Pinata Enemies is necessary for 100% Completion, with the added bonus of extra studs.
  • Piñata Enemy: When defeated, these things drop hundreds of gold studs. It's not quite as much as a thorough level cleaning, but it's still quite a bit of money.
  • Redemption Demotion: Once unlocked, the Sentinel is shrunk down a bit and can take regular damage.

    Red Hulk 

Red Hulk / General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross

  • Badass in a Nice Suit: In human form wears his usual military duds befitting a general.
  • Dark Is Evil: Wears a pair of black trousers, and is a bad person.
  • Evil Counterpart: He's a villainous reflection of the Hulk, both being tough, angry, and determined fighters, but where Hulk fuels his anger through pain and a desire to be left alone, Red Hulk fuels his anger with hatred and a desire to make Hulk miserable.
  • Four-Star Badass: He's a general in the army, and whether as Red Hulk or Ross, he's a very capable fighter
  • Super Toughness: He's as durable and tough as regular Hulk, not only being able to No-Sell regular attacks but requiring multiple punches from another big-fig, followed by a Pummel Duel, before he's finally beaten.


Carnage / Cletus Kasady

    Superior Spider-Man 

Superior Spider-Man / Otto Octavius


Super-Skrull / Kl'rt

A Skrull with the combined powers of the Fantastic Four

  • All Your Powers Combined: Normally Skrulls can only copy a single super-person's powers, but Kl'rt was genetically empowered to possess all the powers of the Fantastic Four at once.
  • Flying Firepower: The power of the Human Torch lets him jet through the sky by shooting fire from his feet alongside shooting scorching Hand Blasts both grounded and airborne.
  • Genius Bruiser: He combines the strength of Thing and firepower of Human Torch with the scientific brilliance of Mister Fantastic, meaning if brute-force doesn't work, he has the enhanced intellect to figure out how to deal with a situation.
  • Glass Cannon: His skillset combines Flying Firepower and Implacable Man to make him a formidable fighter and tracker, but neither his powers nor his Skrull biology do anything to enhance his durability or provide a Healing Factor, meaning he needs to either maintain the offensive or abuse his Invisibility to avoid getting hit.
  • Implacable Man: A secondary power gotten from the Thing's skillset is that he will never be knocked down and stunned by vehicles and enemies, meaning he can just walk along unimpeded as he goes where he wants, and his Flight power from the Human Torch means vertical distance isn't an obstacle either for chasing after something. Unfortunately, his lack of the Thing's bulk means he can't just charge through vehicles and objects as The Juggernaut, so he still needs to either directly smash or get around things in his way.
  • Invisibility: He was spliced with the Invisible Woman's powers from a time when she was much weaker and still called Invisible Girl, so he can only use it to turn invisible. But unlike her, he can make himself invisible at all times, so he can run, jump, fly around, punch, and shoot fire while completely imperceptible to his enemies and security cameras, which lets him act like an assassin by attacking while his enemies can't fight back, alongside being able to easily complete puzzles that require both stealth and platforming by engaging in a Dungeon Bypass through invisible flying.
  • Master of None: He may have the combined powers of the Fantastic Four, but the trade-off is that he lacks the sheer power and skill of theirs, such as Reed's full-on Voluntary Shapeshifting, Sue's Barrier Warrior abilities, and Ben's sheer bulk that makes him The Juggernaut. But what he lacks in skill and brute-power, he makes up for by combining those abilities in ways the four could never achieve separately.
  • Mind Control: Separate from the FF-based powers, he also has the ability to influence the minds of others to do his bidding.
  • Rubber Man: The power of Mr. Fantastic lets him stretch and contort his body in various ways, such as latching onto grapple points and squeezing through vents, though his Master of None status means he lacks Reed's proper Voluntary Shapeshifting.
  • Secret A.I. Moves: In combining the powersets of the Fantastic Four, the developers literally combined the movesets of the Thing and Human Torch. One coding quirk of this is that Super-Skrull has both Torch's fire beam special and Thing's boulder-creating special, but only the beam can be used normally by holding the special button, while the boulder-creation can only be randomly triggered to activate from an A.I.-controlled partner.
  • Super Strength: The power of the Thing grants him immense strength that lets him smash enemies and cracked walls alongside ripping off green handles, and also provides enough sturdiness to No-Sell speeding enemies and vehicles from running over him.



    J. Jonah Jameson 

J. Jonah Jameson

Voiced by: John DiMaggio

  • Abnormal Ammo: Befitting a newsman, his ranged attack involves throwing rolled-up newspapers at things.
  • Badass Normal: He may not be super-powered or a trained fighter, but he can punch out baddies at least.
  • Jerkass: This version exaggerates his character to the point that all his nice tropes are missing.
  • Mean Boss: Not an outright bad one, but he's constantly shouting at and demeaning his employees.
  • Technologically Blind Elders: The Bugle has recently gone into using the internet for newswork, and Jameson is a bit slow on "updating" to the new system, not only needing Parker's help dealing with the "web" but having a hard time figuring out how to turn on his cell-phone, let alone wrapping his head around stuff like photography apps.

    Joe Quesada & Axel Alonso 

Joe Quesada & Axel Alonso

  • Creator Cameo: They only appear because Howard and Vulture are angry that Marvel Comics isn't giving them titles.
  • Distressed Dude: The duo get kidnapped by Howard and Vulture in an effort to get more comic coverage, requiring Mr. Fantastic and Spider-Man to save them]]

    Aunt May 

Aunt May

  • Badass Normal: She may be a Joke Character in regards to being the final "reward" from Deadpool, and thus the final collectible, but she can at least punch out baddies.
  • Joke Character: She's the last "prize" Deadpool has to offer and the last collectible available to get in the game, and she is utterly useless, mostly existing as a Bragging Rights Reward.