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    Player Characters 

Sheng Bai

SHSL Contortionist
Step right on up, folks! Don’t be shy! Come, marvel at the abilities of the SHLS contortionist, Sheng Bai! Born and raised within the popular traveling circus caravan CIRCUIT DE CIRQUE, Sheng Bai’s act has been the highlight of the scheduled entertainment for over 4 years in a row. His first performance at age 8 captures audience’s attention with his fluid movements and flexible body, but boy has he grown since those days! Sheng’s fiery display of body contortion and combined choices of artistic movement attracts people from thousands of miles like moths to the light of a passionate fire! Sheng Bai entered Hope’s Peak Academy shortly after the head of the traveling circus announced that the group was setting their roots in Tokyo, Japan.

Yuuma Chou

SHSL Oneirologist
Many deny the importance of dreams, not even bothering to remember them after waking up and passing them off as meaningless and nonsensical. Yuuma Chou has set out to prove these people incorrect! Although if one were to meet her in person it would seem she’s quite unassuming, with her head always in the clouds, online Yuuma has quite a fan following. Her blog has become immensely popular in recent years for the girl’s recollections of her odd, vivid dreams, and even more prevalently, her weirdly accurate interpretations of others’ dreams. Essentially, Yuuma is an expert on the subconscious- as proven by the publication that ultimately earned her her talent. Many scientists were awed by a recent study published that covered in immense depth the effects of narcolepsy on lucid and non-lucid dreams, and lauded the incredibly personal approach that the writer took with it. However, they were even more surprised to hear that it was published by a 15-year-old girl with no real scientific background! This advancement in the field of oneirology earned Yuuma an invitation to Hope’s Peak Academy in the following months.

Villany Glacia

SHSL Figure Skater
Are the rumors true? But isn’t it thought that Antarctica is uninhabited? Ah, that was the common thought of the world for many years. But recently discovered is a people who operate under thick sheets of ice in tunnels, those covered in the thickest of furs and have unbelievable cold tolerance. Antarcticans. And they operate under some form of a monarchy… they even have a princess. Yes, that is Villany. Given the surname Glacia by Chinese government officials- the ones that discovered her people, she has since been coaxed out of her home to explore the ‘upworlders’. Villany began by learning the Chinese culture, language, etc, learning about them and how to communicate. Until she saw figure skating, on TV. Fascinated people were pretty much dancing on the stuff she was born on, she simply had to learn and join those figure skaters. Soon enough, she grasped the art easily and became a wondrous figure skater herself, winning gold at the following Winter Olympics. It was hard for her not to get noticed by HPA- she was pretty much the talk of the political world, at the moment. And so her invitation was sent, and she joined the prestigious ranks of the school.

Hisaya Hisakawa

SHSL Arson Investigator
While most arsons remain unsolved, a string of serial arsons in Kushiro Subprefecture was blown open (so to speak) by an unlikely source. The police department brought in a husband-wife pair of “expert witnesses” with a history of working in insurance claims adjustment of all things, saying their work exposing fire insurance-related fraud qualified them for the job. But just when it seemed the arsonist they’d tracked down was going to be convicted, the defense attorney uncovered a peculiar fact— when challenged on details of arson investigation not directly related to the case, they lacked even fairly basic knowledge. And while this almost deep-sixed the prosecution’s case, the two “expert witnesses” decided to come clean with the truth— that they had nothing to do with the case itself, but instead the work had been done for them by their eighteen-year-old child, Hisaya. As if there weren’t enough twists to this tale, a qualified arson investigator looked over Hisaya’s work...and found it competent enough to have been done by someone twice their age. While Hisaya wanted nothing more than to hide away until the scandal blew over, the moment a letter from Hope’s Peak arrived they jumped on the chance— surely the backing of Japan’s most prestigious school would wipe away the shame of their deception, after all!

Machi Ihara

SHSL Chiptune Artist
Some people never lost their love for the music of old school video games and computers. Machi Ihara, also known online as Amami-P or Ami Usa, is one of those people. This girl appeared out of nowhere on Nico Nico Douga with an 8-bit (also known as chiptune) cover of a popular J-pop song. The cover hit the top of the charts within days and people demanded more from this unknown artist. Although she started out with making covers, Machi eventually started composing her own music alongside of taking requests. Rather than see her videos be republished to other sites without her permission, she set up accounts on other video sharing sites such as Youtube and in turn established quite a large international fanbase. Not much was known about Machi other than her username and the appearance of her hands, which appeared in quite a few videos showing how she creates her music, until she appeared in a video announcing that she was going to be attending Hope’s Peak Academy the next school year and gave the people of the world a face to a username.

  • Instant Web Hit: After posting her first song, she became popular within a few days.
  • Mismatched Eyes: She has sectoral heterochromia in one of her eyes.

Ataru Kagome

SHSL Puppeteer
Most of the time when you hear someone mention a puppet show, the first thing that comes to mind is "that's just kid stuff!" Anyone who has seen Ataru Kagome's original piece "True Utopia" could beg to differ. Written and performed by only one person, this hour and a half long show made the news for many different reasons. The very mysterious teen's puppet show received many mixed reviews, mainly because of its controversial message, but most agree that the show itself is breathtaking. The performer brought an array of wooden puppets to life in ways no other could ever imagine to, some would swear to you that it's magic. Ataru certainly is worthy of the esteemed title of SHSL Puppeteer.

Miyako Katayama

SHSL Traditional Lyricist
When most people hear the name “Miyako Katayama”, the image of a rather disgruntled-looking individual holding a guitar comes to mind, along with the various songs and poems she’s written. Appearing from nowhere onto the Niconico and Youtube scene, she’s more or less started a trend with her songs, which, to quote, “bring back ballads for the 21st century and make them cool”. Miyako herself has penned over fifty ballads of various lengths and has done instrumentation and covers for about half of them, along with translated versions of traditional foreign songs, not to mention the amount of short poems she’s written. She’s also a person of mystery, and Miyako only rarely makes public appearances or gives concerts, though one might catch her performing in some karaoke venue or another. With a graceful, elegant voice, enthralling melodies and stories, and an air of mystery about her, Miyako went on to take the alternative music scene by storm, and her popularity has been growing ever since.

Jesper Khansari

SHSL Curio Purveyor
In the business of oddities and obscure collections, Jesper Khansari has become a rather big name. Head of a large shop in Osaka dubbed The Gilded Lion, Jesper can locate and obtain any rarity your heart desires… For a price, of course! He selects a high percentage of the peculiar goods and beautiful antiques filling the shop’s ample floor space himself, and he is known for offering only the best.

Minaru Miyamura

SHSL Watercolor Artist
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Hanae Moto

SHSL Body Painter
Artists are not rare. There are many different types of artists, after all - canvas painters, mangakas, computer artists, and even those that follow the traditional arts of watercolors, oils, or charcoal. Who is Hanae Moto then - and why is she so famous in a world of so many like her? The answer is her unique choice in what she deems her canvas - she doesn't paint on ordinary paper, or use her computer, instead, the very human body is what she uses to make her art - making her noticeable for what can be viewed as a controversial canvas. Blending beautiful colors with the colors of skin, Hanae is capable of creating feats of back-breaking, time-spending art, that when is shown to the world at large, is viewed as a masterpiece. Aside from her art, however, Hanae seems to be a very quiet and withdrawn person, perhaps due to concentration on her work - but she is always friendly, no matter what.

Machiko Narukami

SHSL Ballet Dancer
Many people say that Machiko Narukami possesses a grace unprecedented from someone her age. Coming from a wealthy family and younger sister to another, well known person, maybe it was destiny that she blossomed the way she did. At a young age, she clearly excelled at her dancing lessons more than anything, and decided to put all of her focus into practicing. It wasn’t long until she was recognized prefectural for her talent. Winning competitions, being invited to many different agencies — it’s no wonder she was recognized by Hope’s Peak.

Nanase Noguchi

SHSL Party Planner
Most partygoers would thank the hostess for putting together an amazing shindig, but who is it that's really doing all of the work? Many a time, that someone is Nanase Noguchi, the SHSL Party Planner! From wedding receptions to first birthdays, she's been the brains behind many a celebration. She popped up out of almost nowhere at the ripe young age of thirteen and has since made quite a name for herself, offering her services for surprisingly cheap. With such an amazing reputation and customer communication, it’s no surprise Nanase is attending Hope’s Peak!


SHSL Antique Restorer
Have no fear, the gentle giant is here! A man who was set back a few years due to living a bit too freely, Non gained his talent for being able to fix most anything. An old TV? You got it. A broken vintage necklace? Yyyyup. An entire room? All in a day’s work. Non’s large physique yet gentle, stable hands have given him the advantage to fix most anything with extreme precision, and his eye for detail has never betrayed him to date. As a person, Non may come across as some fool who’s only joys in life are binge-eating and sleeping too much, but he does have a soft heart and tries his best to keep people around him in high spirits. His jokes and clumsiness can be either endearing or annoying, but at least he tries to entertain. Don’t worry about making him angry— he’s too lazy to bother with strong emotions most of the time.

Hiroshi Ooshima

SHSL One Hit Wonder
Despite having started out as a member of a group as an idol, Hiroshi Ooshima’s best known for his one big international hit, “I Wish,” which was released when he was fifteen as a solo artist in an attempt to escape the idol world and be seen as a serious musician. The song not only had an innocent charm, but it also invoked a nostalgic feel amongst adults, making the song a massive success. Not only did it become #1 in Japan, but also in various other countries such as the US and the UK. Hiroshi seemed to be a rising force in music, his career promising and successful— but this soon all came to a halt. As he was still seen as something of an idol, when Hiroshi was caught having a girlfriend and unable to deny it, it was almost definite that his career was soon going to end. Having a girlfriend meant Hiroshi’s “pure image” was now ruined, as he was no longer able to present himself as romantically inexperienced and innocent. With the media and the public both disappointed in him, his music career came to an abrupt halt, much to his dismay. Since his fall, Hiroshi Ooshima had taken an extremely brief hiatus before showing up in media once more. He pursued an acting career, was depicted in advertisements, and even guest-starred on others’ songs and occasionally performed his one hit. He is seen now as a benevolent being as he helps with charity events. One might even say that after his decline the boy has regained a positive image and may rise to be a big star once more!

Maemi Oshiro

SHSL Pet Groomer
Many love to be indulged with care, love, and attention. Setting off days to be pampered and look like the superstar they are! Something that young Maemi has set off to do. Not for the people exactly, but for their furry friends. Within their little work space they have made numerous pets gorgeous in a gentle, non stressful way. For some, even finding some concerning signs and getting it treated right away. All for the sake of the animals since their health is in Maemi’s care. That responsibility and talent soon gained the eyes of the hardcore animal lovers and Hope’s Peak.

  • Hot-Blooded: Maemi is full of energy and determination.

Tae-Hyun Park

SHSL Speed Texter
Speed texting – clearly the most intense of sports. Every year, New York holds the Mobile World Cup, a competition for those with speedy reflexes and fast fingers to see just whom of which is the most adept. And, as shown by their presence in Hope’s Peak, none are faster than the likes of one Tae-Hyun Park. Appearing out of almost nowhere to take first place in the LG Mobile World Cup, Tae-Hyun Park is an individual from Seoul, South Korea with quite a knack for technology. With a small stature and unbeatable poker face, they’ve left their mark on the world of the “sport,” gaining an interesting reputation among the… incredibly few that have ever heard of them.

Neil Polish

SHSL Nail Artist
With no weight to his name, Neil is an arrogant nobody; however, that’s far from the truth as soon as the blog, ♥ Neru-Chan ♥, comes into play. With a substantial follower count worldwide and even heartier view count that is ever growing, they are a mysterious blogger with a penchant for daily blogs and posts of original nail designs. With a focus strictly on artificial nails, ♥ Neru-Chan ♥ caters to international commissions by sending nail sets with a speedy delivery. The blog is always riddled with requests for its famed quality up to the point where reservations up to five years have been set in for commissions. Not only that, magazines, such as Nail Venus, Nail Up, and Nail Max, have featured selections by ♥ Neru-Chan ♥. The blog’s mass popularity can also be contributed to their elusive identity. Not a clue has been found behind ♥ Neru-Chan ♥’s face, but they remain a well-known nail artist due to talent and cutesy persona. It was only until someone hacked into the blog that it was revealed that Neil Polish ran it, and the followup garnered Hope’s Peak’s attention towards him.

Lani Pukahi

SHSL Ukulele Player
Many underestimate the Ukulele, but if its in the hands of someone capable, these opinions change quickly enough. Lani is among those who can make it happen, strolling in with her bright smile and rocking the stage with the insconspicuous instrument. The hawaiian girl is known to not only use the strings, but also the wooden surface to create beautiful music. With her unique style of playing, she has done various covers of popular and exotic songs, one of them getting viral on Youtube and Nico Nico Douga alike. Thanks to that, Hope’s Peak decided to invite her shortly afterwards, acknowledging her continuous success.

Ryan Roe

SHSL Fabricator
“The person that toyed with the world on the tip of their finger.”

That’s what one media source stated in their report on the fabricator, after it was announced that they’d be attending the prestigious school. Ryan Baskerville, who is also known as “Roe”, is one out of the many notorious fabricators that have been identified in the world, their fabrication ranging from forging propaganda and slander within the newspapers, as well as ranging to more serious matters, such as altering information that would be sent to foreign nations, or even locations of wanted criminals! Their most well known fabrications was relating to black propaganda in the Asian continent- and even over in the United States, with government conspiracy theories surrounding to these criminal actions they’ve made. To think that a criminal like them would be able to gain access to the school — could this be the downfall of the academy? Or will the school educate them for using their ability for the nation?

Matsuda Takanori

SHSL Confectioner
Sweet Decor, despite its name more reminiscent to a shop that sells fancy furniture and appliances, is a small family run shop in an equally small shopping district in a small town in Northern Yokohama that has caught the world’s attention with its mouth watering sweets that is said to “bring heaven upon your tastebuds”. With a variety of assorted flavors, types, and colors all pleasing to the eye and the tastebuds, one could only imagine the creative genius behind it being some sort of culinary grandmaster. But it was all done by a normal high school student. A natural gift or the effort of hard work? You decide.

Sora Tanaka

SHSL Astral Photographer
Born and raised in Nara Japan, Sora Tanaka has become a quite well known astrophotographer, or amateur astronomer, if you want to simplify it. At first glance you might not see anything special about the kid, but once you look a bit closer, you might get a bit of surprise at what you find out. Knowing their few major accomplishments, you would be star struck at the fact a kid at the age of sixteen had been able to achieve such success throughout their years of life. With an almost record breaking photo, over more than ten well known first place wins, and over a million subscribers on their YouTube channel, it’s no wonder why so many are amazed at their achievement. Heck, they were even invited to Hope’s Peak Academy for such performance! So prepare, for Hope’s Peak Academy attending Sora Tanaka might be your greatest challenge yet!

Umeko Yamauchi

SHSL Fashion Stylist
Umeko Yamauchi is a known name in many, many circles, most reknowned for his unique sense of style and his outstanding social skills, which have granted him connections in the idol industry and in subculture assemblies all across Japan. Ume has worked as a stylist for several well known J-pop stars and has experience with modeling as well; however, his main interest is studies on cultural behavior throughout his native country, and he has a wealth of knowledge on the topic. Even though school is the last thing he’s interested in, he’d be more than willing to attend if only to meet all the people...and... girls….

  • The Charmer: Umeko has fantastic social skills.
  • Proud Beauty: Probably. He seems like he would like how he looks. I don't know.

Taiki Yukimura

SHSL Tutor
Need help in school? Struggling in a subject, two, or all? There’s no better person to go to for help than Taiki Yukimura! Students come from all around Japan to Taiki’s doorstep to get help in every school subject, from English to Maths, Science to History. Ever since junior high school Taiki has been assisting students from Elementary all the way up to University students. Taiki has even held several conferences to teach others how to teach themselves and help them excel in school. It’s no surprise that Taiki Yukimura has been selected to attend Hope’s Peak Academy under the title of SHSL Tutor.

Eisuke Yuuchi

SHSL Nature Photographer
Perhaps you don’t think much of someone who pursues such a niche job, but even those who have little interest can’t help but thinking that Eisuke truly has an ability with the camera. Having quite the eye for catching the right angles, and a pretty in depth understanding of all things in the mechanics of photography related- Eisuke’s photos have been featured in everything from brochures to magazines to even just selling them as pictures themselves. One would be hard pressed to find someone who’s a fan of the photography who’s not heard of the young up-and-coming talent.


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