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Character sheet for Kobato . Please help out! Be careful for spoilers, under WIP

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  • Amnesiac Hero: She's completing a mission to make people happy to accomplish a wish, but doesn't remember how and why she ended up in those circumstances. Her original wish was to go to the place she wanted to go to is where her loved ones are, no matter where they are, but she ends up changing it to allow Sayaka to be happy by resolving her problems instead, at the cost of dying herself.
  • Dead All Along: Kobato is really an Ill Girl who died as an indirect consequence of a war Ioryogi began, and God chose to grant her a wish and temporarily revived her to work toward it.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Kobato chooses to give up her original wish for Sayaka, at the cost of disappearing from the memories of everyone she knew on Earth.
  • Identical Stranger: She's the "other world" counterpart of the angel that Ioryogi fell in love with.
  • Ill Girl: Kobato before her time was stopped was hospitalized constantly to the point she spent most of her time sleeping. It's only due to the intervention of the angel Ioryogi loved she's healthy to walk around on her own.
  • Reincarnation: Although she sacrifices her bottle (and thus her original wish to go to where the people she loved are) for Sayaka and vanishes, she's reincarnated and returns sixteen years later.




  • The Atoner: He was assigned to monitor Kobato because the circumstances behind why she died were due to the war he started.
  • Brought Downto Badass: Was one of the most powerful demons of hell and he led a war against heaven that was devastating. He lost in the end and was turned into a stuff dog doll. But he is still capable at battle, able to breath fire and use a combination of trickery and unarmed combat.


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