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Matoro TBS

A Toa of Ice and probably the most traditional hero in Bio-Clan, along with Sugan. He also has a harpoon.

Toa Kepe

Kepe is a Toa of Ice hailing from Artakha, but was separated after numerous adventures and wind up as a member and technical support for Bio-Clan.



Snowman is a very peculiar member of the Clan. He resembles an actual snowman, also a Toa at the same time. Nobody knows what he is or where he even came from, to the point where it seems even he himself has no idea. Though due to his soft and peaceful personality, nobody seems to mind(mostly).

Toa Domek

Domek the Light One is Toa of Light from Degoh Nui. He is rather artistic and bohemian persona, but can sometimes be a little awkward and have communication problems with others. However, he is kind in nature, even if not fully understood. Not only blessed with the strong powers of light, Domek is also an expert in martial arts.

Toa Kapura

Kapura is a Toa of fire and blacksmith by profession. He is a quiet and peculiar warrior with a shade of a conspiracy theorist.


Keetongu or Tongu is one of the last Saffron Giants, a cycloptic Rahi race driven to the brink of extinction by the Visorak. He is the main engineer and commander of Bio-Clan's steampunk Fleet. Tongu is a jolly good strange gorilla person with a deep love for Humppa music, but mess with his machines and you'll get a face full of fist. Giant gorilla fist.

  • Bad "Bad Acting": Tries to camouflage himself as a tree on Nynrah. A huge saffron tree carrying an anti-air cannon.
  • Big Dam Plot: Destroys hyrdopower dam to flood Zorak's factory on Nynrah.
  • Genius Bruiser: He is skilled with machines and a logical thinker. He also once threw a Feterra at Zorak von Maxitrillian Arstein VIII.


"Killjoy" is a dodgy character with an equally dodgy backstory. Originally built as a Vahki prototype meant to invoke the image of a Toa, but due to a Toa stone lodged inside him grew into a self-aware and partially organic creature, until many unfortunate incidents left him as a bitter and vengeful cybernetic note  soldier and one of the most important members of Bio-Clan.

Makuta Nui

A scientifically talented but possibly insane Makuta who helped Abzumo in the creation of the Nazorak. Though seemingfully mainly a comical character, it is hinted that he is driven by his resentment of his responsibility for the Nazorak, as well as his hatred of Abzumo.

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