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Warning! This page may contain open spoilers! Read at your own discretion.

Shouko Shimura

An office lady, who wanted to commit suicide, after her two-timing boyfriend broke up with her and get married to another woman.

  • Bungled Suicide: When Shouko asks for more sleeping pills from the hotel, the doctor gives her some, but mentions that attempting to overdose on them will not work, as they will always let the taker only sleep until the next morning.
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  • Expository Hairstyle Change: Part of the Special Service of the hotel included a hair treatment, which altered her dark hair into a blonde mane of curls. The hair returns to normal, after she talks things over with Kouki and leaves.
  • Interrupted Suicide: She was about to slit her wrists, but then one of the hotel's cats steals her will from her bag and Shouko stops and runs after her.
  • Woman Scorned: Her boyfriend dumped her for another and she first considered suicide, before playing with the idea of killing her ex.


Kouki Asakura

Shouko's ex-boyfriend, who is indecisive and implied to have been two-timing several of his previous girlfriends.

  • Asshole Victim: Given his two-timing, it's not considered a tragedy when he collapses after drinking spiked tea. It was merely spiked with very light sleeping pills, so he survives.
  • Your Cheating Heart: It's implied that he was two-timing his fiancée Maya with Shouko, or vice-versa, for the entire duration of the relationship. Also to have done this with previous girlfriends.


Yui Aizawa

An indecisive woman, who has been seeing two guys. When she has to make up her mind on whom she really loves, she loses her way and finds herself at the hotel, lacking her memory.

  • Dead All Along: She was killed, the night she had decided to choose between her two lovers. It was Makio.
  • Easy Amnesia: Gets amnesia upon entering the hotel, but immediately regains it, after seeing Makio and Akira.

Akira Shyoji

One of Yui's lovers. He's an artist and met Yui in a bar, asking her to model for him. His paintings of her have sold well and gotten him enough fame to get an exhibition. He was going to move to New York and asked Yui to come with him.

  • If I Can't Have You...: Tells Yui that he'll kill her, if she chooses someone else.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Beautiful, blond waves past his shoulders. Cuts them shorter, at the end of the chapter.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: A more literal example, with Akira appearing, slapping Yui and then giving her a kiss.

Makio Shidara

One of Yui's lovers. An orphan, who began to work part-time in the company Yui is employed in. He's had to work his whole life, to pay his own living expenses, all while studying to become a lawyer.

  • Self-Made Man: Studying to become a lawyer, all while working part-time to finance his life.

Mariko Hidaka

A fourth-grader who searches for her mother and finds her in the Kiri no Mori hotel. She's often left alone by her mother, but wants to know why she was never fully abandoned by her, if she hated her so much.

  • Abusive Parent: Her mother used to slap her and even went so far, as to press cigarettes against her skin.
  • In the Blood: When the adult Mariko learned that she was pregnant herself, she was scared, horrified that she might turn out as abusive as her own mother was to her.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her mother ignores and tries to get away from her, leaving her alone very often.
  • Scars Are Forever: Has a burn scar from a cigarette on her chest well into adulthood.

Riyako Hidaka

A young mother who found herself at the Kiri no Mori hotel. She tends to ignore her daughter and prefers to spend her time at the bar, getting drunk. She complains about frequent headaches.

  • Anything That Moves: Being young and beautiful, she was attractive to a lot of men and always found new lovers, before leaving them again and looking for the next.
  • Dead All Along: Riyako died on Mariko's 10th birthday, due to an anyeurism in her brain.
  • The First Cut Is the Deepest: She fell in love with Mariko's father, but he dumped her when he learned that she was pregnant with his child and has refused to fall in love again.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Riyako says that Mariko takes very much after her father, which is why she cannot stand being close to her, as she reminds Riyako too much of how he dumped her.

Kazumi Yano

A worried young man, searching for Miss Hidaka and finds himself in the Kiri no Mori hotel. He proposed to her, but was rejected and they got into a fight. He wants to make up with her.

  • Nice Guy: What little is seen of him, he comes across as a very compassionate man, who worries more about his beloved's condition than his own.

Mayasa Kido

Owner of a very big and successful sea fright company. He purposefully heads to the Kiri no Mori hotel, so that he can have his final wish fulfilled and hand over an old heirloom to its rightful owner.

  • Older Than They Look: In the hotel, he appears to be a young man. In reality, he's an 81 year old man, hooked up to I Vs.

Akane Nishiboujou (Akane Saijou)

A young actress and rising star in the art performing industry, going by the stage name of Akane Saijou. She's brought to the Kiri no Mori hotel, so that Kido can return the blackamoor to her.

  • The Reveal: She is not actually the actress Akane Saijou, but Youko Nishibojou, brought to the hotel and learns of Kido's true feelings.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: She looks and acts a lot like her great-aunt Youko.

Minoru Morisaki

An energetic woman, working for the publishing company that serializes Misono's works. She wants to contact him and tries to find the Kiri no Mori, to get to know him and pick up his latest work.

  • Gender-Blender Name: Minoru is a typically male name, with the female form being Minori.
  • Incest Is Relative: Yuichiro almost slept with Minoru, but she revealed that they are half-siblings before anything could happen.

Yuichiro Noda (Isamu Sonoda)

A young man who wishes to become a novelist himself and is searching for Misono, to get him to evaluate his writing.

  • In the Blood: He's an amazing writer, with a writing style similar to Misono's, who is his father. Misono himself is not his father, but did take on the feelings of his deceased father Shintaro, to write the Morning novel.
  • Pen Name: Yuichiro Noda is his penname, his real name being Isamu Sonoda.
  • The Unfavorite: What he believes to be the reason why his father chose to abandon him and his mother, choosing his lover instead.

Kaoru Misono

A very talented and famous author, capable of writing amazing novels for all sorts of genres. He's staying in the Kiri no Mori hotel whenever he wants to write.

  • The Faceless: His face, and he himself, is never actually seen.
  • The Reveal: Misono is not one person, but a cleaner for the hotel. He enters rooms where guests have stayed and remains in there, taking in their left behind feelings and writing them down as novels. After finishing writing and leaving, the room is 'purged' and can be used again by new guests.

Kalen Hasumi

A well-known, independent woman who has switched professions from model to actress and more, always relying on herself to get where she wants to.

Taku Hatano

He works for a weekly magazine and got the scoop on Kalen's affair with Ryuji Ogasawara. Follows her when she leaves Tokyo.

  • Victorious Childhood Friend: He was the one who confessed to her in Junior High and confessed later. It's implied that he and Kalen got together.

Masaya Suguri

A fan of Kalen's who says he knows everything about her and met her at the train station, when she left Tokyo.

  • False Friend: Pretends to be the one from Junior High who confessed to her.
  • If I Can't Have You...: He wants Kalen for himself, but refuses to let anyone else have her or for her to have another man's child.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Has been 'watching her' since. He was also the one who tipped off the magazines about her affair with Ryuji Ogasawara.

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