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This is for the various characters that show up in the original canon King's Quest games and Expanded Universe. For 2015 game, see King's Quest (2015), and for fan material see Kings Quest Fan Games.

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    The Royal House of Daventry 
The rulers of Daventry, and the main protagonists for (most of) the games.
  • Badass Family: All of them have undergone adventures at least once.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Averted. If their many possible deaths are an indication, their limitations are very much human. In KQ5 for example, Graham can't cross a desert without water, climb a mountain without the proper equipment, or travel across an ocean without a boat.
  • Guile Heroes: Their adventures require them to be as keen as they are willful.
  • Modest Royalty
    • Graham grew up as the son of a nobleman knight, and ascended the throne with no more intention than to serve his country. KQ5 would send him off to an unfamiliar land with nothing more than his new-found strength and the clothes on his back.
    • Alexander spent his entire childhood as a slave to Manannan, and continues to see himself as such even after discovering his true identity.
    • Rosella goes about Tamir disguised as a peasant girl, and is even dismissed as "a ragged commoner" by a bratty prince.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: That "something" being undergoing journeys of epic proportions.
  • Ruling Couple: Graham and Valanice, Alexander and Cassima.
  • Spin-Offspring: Alexander and Rosella.
  • Unto Us a Son and Daughter Are Born: Again, Alexander and Rosella.

The patriarch of the family. Originally started out as Sir Graham, the son of one of Daventry's knights, but a Succession Crisis caused King Edward to offer him the crown after he proved his loyalty and cleverness in a quest. As a result, while Graham is wise and just in terms of actual ruling, when it comes to courtly manners he's a bit of a bumpkin who's still more at home acting like a humble squire than a blue-blooded aristocrat. Protagonist of KQ1, KQ2, and KQ5'. He is reimagined with a fairly different character and personality in the alternate canon King's Quest (2015) (see King's Quest (2015)).

Voiced by: Josh Mandel (V, VI), Denny Delk (VII (cut line)), Daran Norris (VIII)
  • Academic Athlete: Graham is this according to the Tie-In Novels, Companion, and hinted at in KQ 1 remake, and Hoyle I. He went to the Daventry High School, Palace School, Royal University, Knight School in Daventry. It also reveals his studies growing up in Daventry made him kind of a 'square'... some might say personality deficient, and stoic, a man of few words.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: In King's Quest I: Quest For The Crown.
  • Badass Beard: Sports an impressive one in Tie-In Novels Kingdom of Sorrow. Ok its really not all that impressive... Its just described as a 'short beard', but he does have a beard in the book. In an Easter Egg in The Dagger of Amon Ra, a painting shows him with a rather long and impressive beard.
  • Benevolent Boss: By way of Nice to the Entire Castle Staff and his Subjects. Aside from his being genuinely nice and caring, he also reasons pragmatically that remembering birthdays and anniversaries and giving presents and good treatment and other niceties is a small price to pay for staff who are thus more motivated to do their jobs well and make his life easier.
  • Badass Bookworm: Graham's childhood as portrayed in the Tie-In Novels, Hoyle I, and KQ 1 SCI. This is where his son gets his intelligence and curiosity.
  • Butt-Monkey: In King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder! and one of the Tie-In Novels.
  • Blue Blood: Primarily in the Companion, but also alluded to in some manuals. Graham is said to be the son of a nobleman, and also as a 'knight' he is of a privileged class, able to eat daily, and be secure and sound in his own bed. He generally got to hobnob with the other Lords and Ladies, Dukes and Earls of the ream. He also got to go to the apparently exclusive "Royal University".
    • This is subverted in the novel trilogy in which he is portrayed as apparently grown up as a peasant and a nobody, before he traveled to, and became a knight in, Daventry.
    • Somewhat subverted by KQ4 manual which suggests that knights rise from lowly peasants (albeit the context is not directly about Graham, or any specific knights).
  • Cool Hat: His iconic feathered adventurer's cap, which he prefers to his crown.
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Deadpan Snarker: Some view Josh Mandel's version of the character as he appears as having snarky or sassy attributes. Others just view him of being stoic and lacking any emotion at all, see below. Graham only really talks in two games KQ5 and KQ6, with the bulk of it occurring in KQ5 (where he stuck mostly to the game's original script, with very little actual adlibbing). In earlier games, his thoughts are described by the narrator, but he rarely ever comments at all (usually with little emotion at all). There is some comments from him in KQ1SCI remake during the intro and ending (which Josh Mandel was involved with writing), but very far and between, and generally generic and serious. He only has a few lines in KQ6, and again extremely serious.
  • Despair Event Horizon: In Kings Quest III when Rosella was chosen as a Human Sacrifice. He went so far into Heroic BSoD that it was was entirely on Alexander to fight the dragon.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": He was the son of a mid-level nobleman knight and hadn't any higher ambitions than serving the country. He's really a soldier at heart.
  • Flat Character: A bit of this in the original series, fairly emotionless, except for 'calm and friendly, and other than some snarkasm in KQ5, and the tie-in novels. His character evolution is somewhat minimal other than descent into a Mad King during KQ3 (sacrificing maidens and his own daughter to a dragon). Totally Averted in the new series canon, in which Graham is the polar opposite in personality and emotion.
  • Flowery Elizabethan English / Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: Off and on (see Hoyle I, Hoyle 4, KQ1SCI and KQ8MOE), though he knows the more contemporary dialects (North American accent) too. In KQ1SCI it's in there too, but you primarily only see it when you quit the game (a closeup of Graham pops up and states; "Dost thou truly wish to cease our adventuring?". In addition Graham says a lot of "shalls" (somewhat archaic term in contemporary North-American English, but more common in British English). In KQ8 his words aren't so much archaic (he doesn't actually say much at all), but that he speaks in a more faux British accent.
  • Genius Bruiser: Though not really a stereotypical genius, per se, he does combine being "built like a linebacker" (as he's often described) with a clever, well-educated mind and preferring to think his way through problems. In the Tie-In Novelized "hint guides" he is described to be more of a fencer than a hack-and-slash swordsman who triumphs through brute strength.
  • Genius Sweet Tooth: See above for the "genius" part, and the Extended Universe paints him as loving sweets perhaps more than his waistline would approve.
  • The Good King
  • Good Parents: He loves those kids of his.
  • Happily Married
  • Heroes Want Redheads Okay, Valanice is really more of a brunette, but her hair does appear red in at least one game.
  • Heroic BSoD: Graham went through this when his son Alexander was kidnapped as a baby, then again when Rosella was to be sacrificed to a dragon.
  • Ideal Hero
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Somewhat subverted by the fact that he doesn't really wear any armor (other than a certain Covers Always Lie), but has all the idealistic 'honorable' and 'virtuous' traits of a chivalrous knight.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In light of "Royally Screwed Up" below, it's hard to think of the heart attack he suffers after his children return home as anything other than this.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Graham is suggested to be related to the extended 'royal family', cousins, nephews, and nieces in Kingdom of Sorrow novel. However in general Graham is treated as being a peasant (Rags to Royalty) and originally a non-citizen to the kingdom in the novels (in both Kingdom of Sorrow and See No Weevil). The books are never clear on why Graham came to the kingdom, but Graham mentions he came to the kingdom only a little over ten years before Kingdom of Sorrow, and that he became king not long after. So if Graham is related to the royal family its only via some distant heritage (and as a non-royal cousin/nephew bastard of some sort).
    • This is however subverted in the main series (or rather the novel's information is a subversion of the original idea), and even the original PCJR manual which specifically states Edward had no 'relatives'.
    • The idea that he is 'peasant' also subverts the idea that he is actually the son of a nobleman as mentioned in other sources (and other sources including manuals describe Graham as a 'noble' or 'princely').
  • Love at First Sight / Love Before First Sight: How he met Valanice. He fell in love with her from the first moment when he saw her in the magic mirror. Again he fell in love at first physical sight of her when they met for the first time, see The Stories So Far.
  • Nice Hat: Graham's iconic adventurer's hat.
  • No Hero to His Valet: His Prime Minister is less likely to overlook Graham's quirks and occasional lapses in judgment, and calls him out on them now and again. Graham doesn't mind, as he feels "A king needs 'nay' sayers more than he needs 'yea' sayers."
  • Reluctant Ruler: Perhaps a smidgen in the novels. He sees himself as a nobody, someone without any royal/noble blood. This subverts the idea from the games and other material that not only tie him into the nobility, but also portray him as a strong, confident type.
  • Royally Screwed Up: Agreeing to sacrifice maidens during a mid-life crisis (ya a literal crisis of a three-headed dragon attacking the kingdom). He may have attempted sacrificed up to seventeen maidens altogether (counting his own daughter). The series claims either the dragon demanded the sacrifices, it was the idea of his Prime Minister (akin to Grima Wormtongue), or it was his idea... Whatever the case his emotional state/morality/sanity is questioned after the fact (in The King's Quest Companion). Of course the full descent of his melancholy and madness is averted at the 11th hour (similar to Theoden) when his wizard prince son returns and saves the kingdom, and he avoids being destroyed by the evil dragon, or replaced in a coup... However, its one of those things that reader is told, continued to cause Graham nightmares and guilt for long after the fact. Even if his daughter and family accepted his apologies.
  • Static Character
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Especially in King's Quest V, where his snark occasionally reaches rather vicious levels.
  • The Stoic: In general this is Graham throughout the original canon, and even the Tie-In Novels to a lesser degree. In KQ5 Graham is unusually calm for someone whose family has been kidnapped... Despite all the narrator claiming he is not happy inside, and 'heavy of heart'. Apparently the Word of God told the actor not to show show a wide range of emotions apparently since Graham is strong, calm and collected personality type. See also Fantastically Indifferent, and Men Don't Cry, and Nerves of Steel. Perhaps a little Emotion Suppression, as it was apparently too many emotions, in too short a time that nearly killed him (Heart attack in KQ4)... KQ3 suggests that Graham locked up his heart tighter, almost an Empty Shell, much in the same way he locked up the castle in grief after losing his son, and his daughter, and waited for the kingdom's ruin (perhaps cold-heartedness and madness that allowed him to sacrifice maidens and his own daughter). Most of his emotions are each an Informed Attribute...
    • "I was not very happy with my performance in King's Quest V. It was the first time Roberta had directed (although she had Mark Seibert to help her) and she wanted King Graham to always be "buff" and brave. There were many times in the recording where I would try to do some real acting, and give Graham moods and emotions, but Roberta kept saying, "He's never tired, he's King Graham!" or "He's never worried, he's King Graham!". So I felt the performance did not have enough emotion in it, but people seemed to like it anyway, so maybe Roberta was on to something."-Josh Mandel Interview
      • The character was interesting; one of the voices I'd used in the audition was this exaggeratedly buff hero, someone you could envision with a puffed-out chest and a lantern jaw, and that was the voice they wanted. During recording, there were times that, knowing what was happening in the game at various points, I'd try playing it with different emotions and shades — fear, exhaustion, anger, and so on, emotions that I thought would make Graham more layered and more human. But they'd say, "No, no, no, Graham is ALWAYS buff," so that's the way I played it, and I tried to carry that over to the Tierra remakes as well, although I think I allowed a shade more emotion to creep into those scripts."Another Interview
      • "King Graham was the most bizarre. I'd had a lot of theater training, such as at Carnegie-Mellon and the American Conservatory Theater, and a lot of onstage experience. But when doing King Graham, he was envisioned as very two-dimensional, so I was directed: "Graham is never tired, never frightened, never defeated. He is ALWAYS buff." So while I had lines and situations that strongly suggested various moods and emotions, I was always reined in: "Be buff, be strong, be confident, no matter what." That was odd. But hey, I got to work with Cedric, and how many people can say that?"[ Again]
    • Subverted in the alternate new series canon, as Graham is portrayed as pretty much the polar opposite, easily bothered, surprised, naïve, shocked, a bit neurotic, excitable, socially awkward, and willing to shed a tear/reminisce, etc.
    • To be fair its actually somewhat subverted in KQ5 by Josh's own acting itself (as he actually did inject emotions in the way he inflects his voices in various lines). At various points during the story Graham shows empathetic sadness and sometimes anger over the plight of others, he shows fear in a few instances, he shows his worry when Cedric is injured, and when he thinks he might have died (ending), and in general kindly and compassionate demeanor to those around him, and he shows anger at Mordack in several places. He also shows his snarky sense of humor at times especially in some of the comments he replies to Cedric. The only emotion he doesn't clearly show but is describe by the narrator as having is sadness for the loss of his family. Increased levels of distress while trying to explain his situation to the deaf hermit. He never shows this outwardly other than shock and worry throughout the games. "What a wonderful bluebird. It could almost make Graham happy again if it wasn't for his family.", "King Graham, heavy of heart, searches far and wide for his beloved family who've been stolen by an evil wizard."
  • Thinking Out Loud: The Companion suggests he does this a lot, if his Sarcastic Devotee Prime Minster is to be believed.
  • Utility Magic: The only type of magic he's been shown to be able to cast so far, though it does include things like storms via Iconomancy. Still extremely dangerous with it anyway. While Graham never got anywhere to the level his son Alex learned magic, Graham has been known to cast spells with help of artifacts, wands, and staffs since KQ1 (magic bowl), KQ2 (amulet), KQ5 (Break Enchantment, Improve Aim, Strength, Sleep, Open Sesame, and Iconomancy). He can even attempt to use Open Sesame and Abracadabra spells in KQ2 to open a clam (Easter Egg). While he is only a mere magic sensitive adept/amateur, his son would become a magician prodigy.
    • In the new series universe Graham goes as far to jury rig the magic mirror to show his past as an aid to story telling, and make the magic bowl of stew produce Chico-chip cookies. He even successfully pulls of a teleportation spell, and some alchemy. He geeks out over spells and magic in general.
  • What's Up, King Dude?: He actively encourages this.

The daughter of a prince and a miller, who was imprisoned in a tower by an evil witch and eventually rescued by Graham. As a result of her noble background, she tends to be more poised and cultured than her husband, and helps him run the castle and navigate around royal customs. Somewhat more sedate and homebody than the rest of the family, though when Rosella is lost at one point she proves to be a competent adventurer regardless while searching for her. Shares the role of protagonist of KQ7 with her daughter Rosella.

Voiced by: Sheryl Bernstein (VI), Carol Bach y Rita (VII)

The female half of the Royal Twins. Tends to take after her father in personality and and her mother in looks (at least according to the fans, not so much by the Word of God and tie-in material). While she generally is well-meaning and accepts her role as potential queen, she does have her moments of being rebellious and a bit bratty. Protagonist of KQ4 and KQ7, but shares the latter role with her mother Valanice.
  • This is subverted in the games and spinoff material in which Alexander is generally said to be much like his father in personality, and Rosella is said to take more after her mother. In KQ4, Rosella is the soft-spoken protagonist, but is the reverse in KQVII. As for 'bookishness', Rosella leans towards 'Shakespeare' and music ability (but Alexander is not without his musical ability as well). Rosella is also the one who has been taught all the royal graces, and had a well-rounded and proper education (subverted in The Official Book of King's Quest which has Alexander having attended "Llewdor University").
Voiced by: Diana Wilson (V), Sheryl Bernstein (VI), Maureen McVerry (VII)

  • Damsel in Distress: In King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human and King's Quest VI (along with the whole family), though usually she's an Action Girl.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Very much so in King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride
  • Genki Girl: Perhaps a little bit in KQ7, and the Expanded universe. However, she comes off a bit more of a Spoiled Brat or a Rebellious Princess. Subverted in KQ4 where she is more introverted, and reluctant to leave her father. We are told she only went on the adventure to save her dad.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: A bit more spirited than the usual type, perhaps, but she means well and overall is sweet and wholesome enough.
  • Human Sacrifice: Almost became one in the third game.
  • Informed Attribute: A large portion of personality in KQ4 and manuals is largely described not shown.
  • Rebellious Princess: She doesn't necessarily mind all of being a princess, but she still chafes sometimes at not getting to have adventures and at the prospect of having to get married and be a mother.
  • Red Oni: With Alexander as Blue Oni. Not quite in canon materials, see above.
  • Royal Brat: Sometimes, especially in one of the Tie-In Novels.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Is pretty tall at 5'10" or something.
  • Tomboy Princess: She'd rather be romping around having adventures (not always see KQ4) than being a prim princess, and in her youth she often liked playing with sporting equipment and other boyish activities. However, this is often subverted by the fact due to some spoiled tendencies she is slightly narcissistic in the expanded universe, wanting to wear the nicest woman's clothes (her mothers), is thinks about how her developing breasts having a controlling effect over guys. Guys she would rather have serving her, than her serving them.
  • Will They or Won't They?: Her ongoing relationship with Edgar is... unusual, to say the least.

The male half of the Royal Twins. Tends to take after his father in looks and his mother in personality (at least according to the fans, not so much by the Word of God and tie-in material). Outwardly calm and well-mannered, but with a core of craftiness, passion, and self-doubt. Also, give him a Spell Book to work from, and he's a dangerously competent sorcerer. Protagonist of KQ3 and KQ6.
  • This is subverted in the games and spinoff material in which Alexander is generally said to be much like his father in personality, and Rosella is said to take more after her mom in personality. In KQ6, Alexander is far from soft-spoken (but certainly shows manners), and he is more 'self-taught', only having learned how to read from Manannan. He self-taught himself magic, but shares a propensity for magic like his father (Graham has had no practice or training, but shown ability to cast a number of spells in his time). Alexander is not without his musical ability as well (like his sister). He is smart though he has had no formal education. Subverted in The Official Book of King's Quest in which Alexander was said to have been taught at the Llewdor University. Other sources vary between him being self-taught or taught by the Wizard (who could now allow any 'ignorance' around himself).
Voiced by: Barry T. Smith (V), Robby Benson (VI)

  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: In King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow.
  • Badass Bookworm: He may be a calm, quiet, pretty-boy scholar, but that doesn't stop him from being able to kill a dragon, challenge Death, and hold his own for a time with a giant-ass sword almost too heavy to lift.
  • Beneath the Mask: Despite returning home to a loving family and the rank of prince, he still thinks of himself as the slave Gwydion, and the "Alexander" identity as a cloak or a mask. He makes concessions to both identities by signing his papers "Alexander-Gwydion"
  • Blue Oni: With Rosella as Red Oni. Not quite in the canon materials, see above.
  • Brainy Brunet: The Extended Universe paints him as being almost a straight-up medieval Geek, if more good-looking and well-mannered than average. He spends a fair bit of time teaching at the Royal University and studying magic, pens several textbooks himself, and the Companion comments that he holds for Cassima a "passion previously reserved only for books".
    • Subverted in the novels (a little) in which he is treated as more of a sword fighter/martial mind (training soldiers) and fighting dark knights, than a magic user, and he consults other wizards than doing his own research or his own spells (compared to how the Companion treats him as not a sword fighter, and more of the genius wizard type). The novels underplay any thing he researched about magic in the past as just a 'smattering of magical lore' (doesn't even mention if he used it to escape Manannan). In fact he is even told he needs to bring another magic user along... One that is a prodigy but not even allowed to cast spells technically. Alexander is surprised about his abilities, and seems to act as if he himself has not magical skill, and is in awe of the apprentice wizard.
  • Changeling Fantasy: The Daventry family is more caring of him than Manannan could ever be.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Attracts a number of admirers in the series, including a spider in King's Quest VI, one of the castle scribes (Bryanne Eridiphal), and a princess in one of the Tie-In Novels, but still worries Cassima won't find him attractive.
  • The Comically Serious: Though he does have a sense of humor, just an extremely dry and subtle one.
  • Drama Queen: Or shall we say "Drama Prince"? Alex sure acts like one in King's Quest VI while feigning suicide in front of Shamir Shamazel and the Pawn Shop Owner.
  • Genius Bruiser: Though not really a stereotypical genius, per se, he does combine being "built like a linebacker" in particular in KQ5 artwork... In Companion he is even described as being taller than his father, and having his father's facial build (again see his appearance in KQ5). In the novels he is slightly less 'genius' and a bit more bruiser as he is explain to be a bit of a sword fighter, and even helps train the recruits. Any magical skill he had in KQ3, is downplayed as a 'smattering of magical lore". He plays more of the brawn, while an apprentice wizard that joins him plays the brains.
  • Gentleman Snarker: Less overtly snarky than his father, and more subtle and polite with his zingers.
  • Happily Married: Again, in King's Quest VI.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: The tie-in materials expand that he has problems with low self-esteem, justifiably from being raised as a slave by a cruel master.
  • Informed Attribute: A good portion of his character and personality is described by the narrator, rather than shown.
  • Made a Slave: Most of his life was spent this way.
  • Pretty Boy: Described as handsome and even beautiful regularly, and has plenty of fangirls (and the occasional fanboy) both in-universe and in Real Life.
  • Prince Charming/The Wise Prince: Zigzagged, as while he does act this way sincerely and has a genuinely kind and gentlemanly personality, underneath it all he still sees himself as a lowly slave.
  • Scarf Of Asskicking: Sports a nice yellow and blue one in King's Quest VI.
  • Separated at Birth: He is Rosella's long-lost fraternal twin. At the end of King's Quest III, they meet each others for the first time after 17 years of separation.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: His essays and interviews in the Companion have this feel to them.
  • Tall, Dark, and Handsome: A rare unironic example. Emphasis on the tall especially, since he's described as being taller than his father who's already six feet tall to begin with.
  • Troubled, but Cute: Some of the Expanded Universe stuff, though not present in the official games.
  • Utility Magic: The only type of magic he's been shown to be able to cast so far, though it does include things like inducing storms. Still extremely dangerous with it anyway.
  • Walking Spoiler: His history as a slave named Gwydion makes him this within the context KQ3, as it isn't clear he has any kind of connection to the Daventry family until The Reveal when he actually meets them.


    Love Interests 

A fairy prince who's the son of King Oberon and Queen Titania, but was kidnapped and raised for a long time by the evil witch Lolotte. It was when Rosella came to defeat Lolotte that he met her, and was subsequently rescued and returned to his family. He later met up with Rosella again in KQ7 where the two (eventually) marry.

Features in KQ4 and KQ7.

Voiced by: Jesse Moises (VII)

  • And Now You Must Marry Me: Does this to Rosella twice, though once it was Lolotte who invoked it on his behalf and he felt guilty and eventually helped Rosella escape it, and the second time it was while he was Brainwashed and Crazy disguised as the Troll King.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Poor guy seems to keep suffering these. First into an ugly green hunchback as Lolotte's "son", then as a duplicate of the Troll King.
  • Boy Next Door: While not literally the boy next door, he nonetheless fits this personality type rather well, coming off as more of an Average Nice Guy than a blueblood even after he gets to go home.
  • Changeling Fantasy
  • Distressed Dude: He just can't seem to stop being kidnapped, poor fellow.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: He may be more of a Non-Action Guy than the rest of the protagonists tend to be, but he'll stand up and be brave when the time calls for it.
  • Love at First Sight: He has this for Rosella when they first meet... though it takes her a second (and third, and fourth...) sight to finally consider reciprocating.
  • Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal: What causes him to turn against Lolotte and help Rosella the first time they meet.
  • Our Fairies Are Different: No wings, and more human-looking than the average fairy in general, even compared to his parents.
  • Prince Charmless: At first, when he's Lolotte's weird son helping her imprison Rosella. But he has a change of heart and turns out to be Good All Along, then Genesta further shows he's Beautiful All Along, becoming more of a Prince Charming (albeit a more dorky one than average).
  • Shrinking Violet: Very quiet and shy to almost adorkable levels. Particularly when around Rosella, who frequently gives him a bad case of Crush Blush.
  • Standard Hero Reward: Actually offers himself as this to Rosella after she helps him escape Lolotte, but she turns him down because she has more pressing concerns at the time. Later on when they meet again he asks her to let him court her instead, and she accepts.
  • Will They or Won't They?: Never resolved before the original series ends. Subverted in the new series canon, with their son Gart in King's Quest (2015).

Princess of the Land of the Green Isles, Cassima is first met as a servant girl in Mordack's Castle in King's Quest V, where she meets the Royal Family of Daventry. Alexander is smitten and King's Quest VI involves him journeying to the Land of the Green Isles to see her.

Voiced by: Dianah Pressley (V), Stevie Vallance (VI)

  • All-Loving Hero: Both the ferryman and Jollo describe her this way.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Will get Graham out of jail if he returns her golden locket.
  • Damsel in Distress: In KQV, she's trapped by a powerful wizard. In KQVI, she's trapped in her palace.
  • Friend to All Living Things: She even befriends Mordack's monsters.
  • The High Queen: Becomes this at the end of the KQVI.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!/Silk Hiding Steel: Seemingly a normal Princess Classic, but is unafraid to use violence in her plans, and will commit such violence herself if need be.
  • Love at First Sight: It's implied she was as taken with Alexander from their first meeting as he was with her.
  • Ms. Fanservice: In her scullery maid outfit. In KQVI, she's much more covered up.
  • Neutral Female: Cassima brilliantly subverts this in KQVI if you slip her Lady Celeste's dagger.
  • Politically Active Princess: Along with her parents, Cassima often undertook diplomatic relations.
  • Pretty Princess Powerhouse: While not as action-y as Alexander, this all-loving princess is certainly not afraid to wade into the fray with a dagger.
  • The Smart Girl: Jollo and the ferryman both mention that Cassima has a good head on her shoulders, and she does think of a few clever plans.
  • Unkempt Beauty: To an extent, in that Alexander falls for her even while she's trapped in Mordack's castle dressed in slave rags and her hair a mess (though she's still wearing makeup for some reason). Of course, the slave attire wouldn't put Alex off seeing as the poor kid still thinks of himself as a lucky slave.

    Big Bads 

An old Evil Sorceror who's the Sorcerous Overlord of Llewdor, and lives in a mansion overlooking the country. His nastier habits besides terrorizing Llewdor's citizens involve enslaving young boys to do his chores until they come of age and he disposes of them, and dispatching his adversaries via turning them into housecats. Brother of Mordack, an equally Evil Sorceror. He shows up in KQ3 and KQ5.

Brother of Manannan and main antagonist of KQ5. He steals Castle Daventry and shrinks the Royal Family, threatening to feed them to Cat!Manannan if they don't restore him to normal. He has his own Island Base and plenty of strange-looking Mooks.

Voiced by: Andy Hoyos

Abdul Alhazred

The ex-grand vizier of The Isle Of The Crown and The Land Of The Green Isles and the main antagonist of the 1992 video game, King's Quest VI.
  • Bad Boss: Alhazred is shown to be very verbally abusive toward his genie Shamir Shamazel. He also called Saladin "a worthless mutt".
  • Beard of Evil: Seems all male villains have beards and Alhazred is no exception.
  • Evil Chancellor: Alhazred is king Caliphim's first adviser. The king appointed him because of his competence and his desire to have a son. This turn out to be a very bad idea for the king.
  • Long Game: His plan take over the throne took make years to completion. He was already present when Cassima was born and patiently plotted for her to come to age and make his move.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Alhazred's portrait has him always frowning.
  • Shout-Out: His name is a reference to the writer of the Necronomicon in the Cthulhu Mythos.


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