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Active Player Characters


A young man who is coming to terms with being thrown into something he can't quite understand. Played by nomuru2d.



Vigil (formerly Ignis)

A giant of a man, turned into a Nobody as a last ditch effort by his sword to prevent him from dying. Played by Legionnaire.

  • Nice Job Breaking It, Herod!: Erin is indirectly responsible for turning him into a Nobody, thus giving him a power boost and making him even harder to kill.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Not so much evil as it is "I think I'd do a better job running things."
  • Unstoppable Rage: Before his first Dive to the Heart, seeing any Heartless would send him into a fury and he would just charge every Heartless around without caring for his own or anyone else's safety. Following getting stabbed in the Heart by a Heartless and a trip to his Station of Awakening, he mellowed out a bit.


A teenage girl with separation issues. Played by fourteenwings.

Maka Albarn and Soul Eater


Soul's Meister. Played by Deadbeatloser22.

Soul Eater (Evans)

Maka's Weapon partner. Also played by Deadbeatloser22.


The Shadow RepliNavi. Played by Stephan Reiken.

  • Alternate Universe: In his background, Zeron now is the combined form of two alternate versions of himself.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Zeron uses dark, shadow abilities to get the job done as a good guy. His digital self throws around highly illegal Darkchips which would normally corrupt his soul if it weren't for he was programmed specifically to be immune to those effects.

  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Zeron's weakness to Solar. Likewise, his Shadow abilities are super-effective on Solar.
  • Enemy Within: Zeron's body contains an Eldritch Abomination that threatens to take his soul if he taps into its power.
  • Nerfed: Zeron's variety of abilities forced the story to take action, removing his digital counterpart and severely weakening him.
  • Super Weight: Type 2 in Normal form, Type 3 in BeastOut Form. Now straight Type 2, post-nerf

Altairen Draconis

A reformed hitman hiding from his original home, sent to aid others by Her Highness Queen Sephis. Played by Altairen Draconis

Kurtis Stryker

NYPD's Special Riot Control Department member who somehow got dragged into battle that will decide about mankind's future. Played by Fergard Stratoavis.

  • Anti-Hero: Type I.
  • Badass Normal: He did beat the everlasting crap out Reptile, Mileena, Kintaro and Ermac, one after another. Mind you, he doesn't have any superpowers.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Averted, he has limited supply of rounds.
  • Combat Pragmatist
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: When he twirls his baseball cap forward, watch out.
  • No Tropers Were Harmed: The fact that both Kurtis and Elijah have same surname is purely coincidental.
  • Police Brutality: He claims he's the one to invent said slogan.
  • Punch-Clock Hero: Well, it's his job to protect peace and order. By his own will? Not so much.
  • Simple Staff: Two police batons are at his disposal and he's more than eager to use them in combat.
  • Super Cop
  • The Team Normal: His two allies are metal creature armed with absurdly big mace and magical girl with infinite muskets in pocket dimension. And that's just characters from the alleyway...

Rex Hunter

A Pokémon Trainer with a sarcastic streak, but prone to acts of kindness. He usually carries only four of his team members on hand at a time in order to bond with his members better.

Owns a Flareon (Rascal), Flaaffy (Ohm), Feebas (Naga), Mienfoo (Lian), Graveler (Gaea), Oddish (Dahlia), Scyther (Anya), and a Lapras (Laplace). Played by Hobgoblin

Kurama Kitsune

A 16-year old (bordering on 17) with a knack for turning anything he can get his hands on into a weapon and a strong Heart. A hyperactive friend to all living things, he's in a permanently happy mood and carries a wooden sword on his back made by his father, who he promised that he would grow into a good man. Played by Zidane Flame Mouse.

Toa Tahu

Tahu, the Toa Mata of Fire, off to fight the darkness that ravaged his home. Power over heat and a head to match. Played by Lizard Of Aus.


-Exerpt from the files of the Atlas Research Group's superhero database:-\\
Name: Stacy Lynn Winterborne
Call Sign: Sunburst
Powerset: The ability to create blinding, white flashes originating from her skin's surface at will. Expert martial artist.
Supplimentary Information: Stacy/Sunburst is a bright, energetic young woman who is not above using her looks to distract enemies (her revealing suit is enough of an example). Has been known to "flirt" with her teammate, Super Nova (she has given him the nickname, "Sparky"). It is unknown if her feelings for him are more than platonic. Must research further.
Played by Karl Kadaver

Florian Krause

A veteran landsknecht and dopplesoldner, torn from early sixteenth century Germany. He was in the middle of training (or more accurately, chewing out) a few new recruits of his mercenary band, whose ideas of proper swordplay had likely been born of some flea-bitten bard's poorly written romance novel. In the middle his rant, he was spirited away into the Halberd's lower decks. Played by goodisgood214.

     Drop-outs/dead characters 

Aenigmata Morderen

A mysterious person who died and wound up, and begins her journey in, the underworld. Wields dual lazer swords that can transform into a whip and a spear. Can switch genders at will. Played by tvtropesnoob, until she died in the Underworld and tvtropesnoob took control of another character.

  • Killed Off for Real: Courtesy of the River Styx.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Doesn't know how to swim, and died by drowning. Subverted in that she is fine with being wet; its only when she begins to get submerged at roughly waist height in water or is next to a big body of water that this trope kicks.


An alcoholic Italian from Florence in the Assassin's Creed continuity. Played by downpourguy, until he dropped out.

  • Accidental Murder: When drunkenly attacking Yen Sid he was knocked back and fell out of a window. This happened not long after entering the story.
  • The Alcoholic: Introduced asking Collette for the nearest bar, after arriving at Yen Sid's tower.
  • Barrier Warrior: He can produce force fields from static energy, using them to deflect damage or to force back enemies.
  • Disney Villain Death: Although not a villain, Marcus died when he attacked Yen Sid and was knocked out of a window at the top of the tower.


The only member of the party with a Keyblade. Was played by Apprentice Lawful Good, until he dropped out.

Vincent Valentine

The enigmatic, transforming gunman from Final Fantasy VII. Played by Grey Star.

Dantae Barca

Arrogant warrior looking to save his homeland and have fun doing it. Played by Vanitas.

King Dedede

An obese penguin king. Played by Belial.

Waddle Dee

King Dedede's servant and a Waddling Head. Played by Belial.

Kazuma Tachibana

Young Japanese female demon hunter. Played by Kaze Koichi.

Elijah Solomon Stryker

As his attire suggests, Eli likes to remain faceless. Completely hellbent on slaughtering an equal number of villians, as there were lives taken from his world. If the heroes get in his way, or deny him a kill, his wrath shall be incurred.

    Character Stats 

Please refrain from editing other people's information. Leave that to the GMs and players. Love, Legionnaire.


  • Abilities:
    • Dual Beast II
    • Light & Dark Darts
    • Aura Buff
    • Aura Channel
    • Aura Manifestation (physical appearance alteration)
    • Dual Sonic Boom
    • Fusion Katana.

  • DEF: base 15 - Total 55, with Slight to Moderate growth
  • Fighting style: Lightning Bruiser

  • HP: base 20 - Total 128, with Moderate to Great growth
  • Level 16

  • MAG: base 15 - Total 65, with Moderate growth

  • STR: base 15 - Total 61, with Moderate growth.


  • Abilities:
    • Fire
    • Blizzard
    • Thunder
    • Dark Darts
    • Corridors of Darkness.

  • DEF: base 15 – Total 70, with Moderate Growth
  • Fighting Style: Mighty Glacier with shades of Magic Knight.

  • HP: base 32 – Total 164, with Moderate Growth
  • Level: 17

  • MAG: base 4 – Total 30, with Slight Growth

  • STR: base 14 – Total 70, with Moderate Growth

Maka Albarn / Soul Eater

  • Abilities:
    • Soul Resonance: Witch Hunter, Scythe Form (Soul)

  • Fighting Style: Lightning Bruiser

  • Level 13

Altairen Draconis

  • Abilities:
    • In all:
      • Extreme information retention.
    • In Powered State
      • Invisible Shield Projection that allows Elemental Encased Bullets
    • De-powered state
      • Able to create and control made objects: Current objects include; A.L.I.C.E. creatures (Fighing style type: 1-11-5 (Read:AKE) Crucifixion), Velant Turrets.
      • Able to heal others with Nanomachines or simple medical supplies
    • Powered State
      • Expert Marksmanship (Improbable Aiming Skills)
      • Expert Swordsmanship (Master Swordsman)
      • Agility and dexterity (Speed boost to running and nimble to perform things out of the ordinary.)
      • Expert piloting/driving skills
      • Fire, Blizzard, Cure magics (Realmian type, Higher levels gained with time)
    • In Draconic Form
      • Flight
      • Controls mana (Shown by blue marks on his arms.)
      • Advanced versions of Realmian Magic
      • Can wield gauntlets to deal extra damage

  • DEF: base 18- Total 77.5, with a growth of 4.25 per level
  • Fighting Style: De-powered state, Mechanic/Summoner and Medic; Powered state, Gunner/Swordsman; Draconic Form, Brawler.

  • HP: base 25- Total 125.75, with a growth of 7.75 per level
  • Level: 14

  • MAG: base 18- Total 77.5, with a growth of 4.25 per level

  • STR: base 18 - Total 77.5, with a growth of 4.25 per level



  • Abilities:
    • Slight telekinesis (ie. Only over metals),
    • Guns Akimbo
    • Fire Ice And Lightning shots.
    • Dark and Light shots (courtesy of J).
    • Protect and Shell shots.
    • Cure spell.

  • Fighting Style: Fragile Speedster, Gunner.

  • Level 12


  • Abilities:
    • Star: Shoots out an orb of magic that causes non-elemental damage that ignores armor. Can control with mind up to a certain amount of feet. After that, control is somewhat limited.
    • Expert with any weapon except firearms; especially proficient in swords, staffs, bows, and spears.
    • Heal: If I have to explain this, I'm gonna chase after you with an axe while laughing like Kefka. It heals people
    • Flight: Read the above explanation, minus the spoiler.

  • DEF: base 8 – Total 36, with Slight to Moderate Growth
  • Fighting style: Magic Knight.

  • HP: base 20 – Total 88, with Slight to Moderate Growth
  • Level 14

  • MAG: base 14 –Total 68, with Moderate to Great Growth

  • STR: base 10 – Total 40, with Slight to Moderate Growth

Kurtis Stryker

  • Abilities:
    • Firearms's usage
    • CQC
    • Analytical mind

  • Fighting Style: Combat Pragmatist: Will use anything to achieve victory though his armament is usually more than enough. Other than that, the Jack-of-All-Stats with no particular strenghts or weaknesses. Utilizes various martial arts in CQC, most notably Combat Sambo and Krav Maga.

  • Level: 14


  • Abilities:
    • Health Drain [All of Mordekaiser's spells drain a small amount of health when activated. This is typically given back in the form of damage absorption by his shields, but constant use of his spells prevents him from regaining life naturally. At least at low levels, when his life-regen is terrible. Throws him in a negative curve, when sometimes usings his spells constantly on weak Mooks and stuff will slowly but surely drain his life.
    • Iron Man - All of Mordekaiser's magical abilities, when they do magic damage, imbue on Morde an amount of shielding proportional to that damage. More damage, more shields, etc. He has a limit to the amount of shielding he can get, which is fairly easy to hit with multiple opponents. This limit grows as he levels, and typically it is very unimpressive at low levels. His shields also fade away at about 8% per second regardless of whatever he is doing so they do not last for long.
    • Mace of Spades - Enchants his Mace, Fists, or any weapon made of metal by giving it metal shards flowing around it. When the weapon strikes an enemy alone, the magical metal shards add bonus magical damage to the strike. If there are enemies within about 10, 15 feet, the metal shards will split the bonus magic damage, doing some to whoever is struck by the weapon, then flying out to strike the others for the same amount of magic damage.
    • Creeping Death - Morde activates this ability at will to create a swirling ring of metal shards around himself or an ally. These serve two purposes. First, they deal mild amounts of constant magic damage to anyone right next to the effect (that damage going, however small, into his Iron Man ability). Second, they serve as a magical buff, reducing the damage that person takes from both magical and physical sources by being there to help soften the blow so to speak.
    • Siphon of Destruction - Morde brings his hand/fist up and sends out this magic, striking all targets in a cone area reaching about 20 feet at the end of the cone and spreading to about a 45 degree angle or so. This is a powerful ability as its effect is near instant (After he raises his hand up to cast the spell), causing metal shards to appear and tear at all targets in the area. There is also a synergy with this as the more targets he strikes he gets a flat bonus to the amount of Iron Man shields he obtains.
    • Children of the Grave (Ultimate Ability. Currently LOCKED) - Morde calls forth his magic and curses his target for about 10 seconds, dealing a light amount of magical damage based upon the targets max health and a double of that damage spread over the duration of the curse. If the target dies while under this curse, their soul is forced to fight for Morde for 30 seconds during which time it will have any intrinsic abilities of its target but only able to use basic attacks. (When Morde uses this and gets a hold of a Cryo Phoenix, the Soul can also resurrect itself once if killed before the time limit. It has the same physical power, physical defense, magical resistance, and anything passive like if the creature normally had poisoned claws its claws would be poisoned so long as it doesn't need to be 'turned on'. Results will vary.). This is a very powerful ability and of course, that is why he doesn't have it yet.

  • Fighting Style: Mage, Tank.

  • Level: 13

Kurama Kitsune

  • Abilities:
    • Great speed, with the ability to Flash Step under proper circumstances.
    • Proficient weapon improvisation. Always carries a wooden sword shaped like The Power of Understanding from Scott Pilgrim, made by his dad, he cherishs it deeply, the body is mainly wood. No magic, yet.

  • Fighting Style: Fragile Speedster, eventually Lightning Bruiser.

  • Level: 14


  • Abilities: TBD

  • Fighting Style: Item-Fu (Rex uses any items he has in his bag to defend himself; he also has some basic self-defense skills that he learned from his mother)

  • In the PC: Gaea/Graveler, Anya/Scyther, Alfonse/Natu, Naga/Feebas

  • Levels: TBD

  • Pokemon Team: Rascal/Flareon, Krystal/Zoura, Ohm/Flaaffy, Lian/Mienfoo (traded Farfetch'd for it)


Men and Women In White







The Challengers

An enigmatic set of entities. Very little is known about them, and what is known doesn't bode well; originally incredibly strong, physically and mentally, Guardians of the Keyholes on each world, the Men and Women in White are attempting to awaken Challengers on each world in order to corrupt them, turning them into a Heartless and Nobody similar to what Organisation XIII was attempting during the events of Kingdom Hearts II. Currently known Challengers are as follows:

The Tatters

The last living remnants of Organisation XIII, their souls living on after death, similar to the methods employed by the Keyblade Wielders in the Graveyard. Powerful enough to briefly take corporeal form, Sora and Co have been hunting them on the side, attempting to slay them to help Terra escape his imprisonment at the Keyblade Graveyard. Currently way, way, way out of the league of the player character's skill levels.

Revelations of Inner Menace

An monstrous Heartless, currently responsible for the disappearance of Cid and the heavy injuring of Roxas when it caught him in the middle of a fight. A combination of a Heartless and a Revenant (a rotting, decayed corpse sustained by Alchemy), almost nothing is known about the creature so far.

  • Body Horror: As you watch it, you can see its' body literally rotting and falling to pieces as you watch. Its' skin is literally charcoal, and can be peeled away to let you see the flesh underneath it.

     Original NP Cs 

The Sentiment

One of the spirits of past Keyblade Wielders inhabiting the Keyblade Graveyard, little more than a disembodied voice. Nothing is known about it, but it seems willing to offer advice to those who need it.


A young man with command over the darkness. Formerly played by Vanitas, before he was turned into an NPC and Vanitas took control of other characer.


A Posthumous Character from the wizarding world; the campaign there centers around the players investigating his death, as well as the rumors of his research into interdimensional magic.

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