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Characters / Kingdom Hearts: Link to Life

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With three main characters, three large Badass Crews, main antagonists, secondary antagonists, the original game characters and various worlds with dozens of characters, we're gonna be here for a while.

Currently a work in progress. This page is always open to friendly editing for new Tropes, and you can find the story here.

Warning: This page is full of spoilers for the fic.

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Main Characters

     Rika's Group 

Rika Itonami

The main hero of Kingdom Hearts: Link to Life. The daughter of Sora that wishes nothing more than to be normal, but is dragged into things involving linking the worlds. What can you do?

Stardom Key

Rika's Keyblade that can communicate with with her mentally. Rather bossy.

Daffy Duck

The greedy and manic duck from Looney Tune Land. Daffy and Porky were sent by Bugs Bunny to search for Rika and help her reunite the worlds. Daffy found this as a good way to boost his popularity....

Porky Pig

The calm and straight man of the three, Porky tries to keep the others focused on their goals. Needless to say, he's constantly ignored.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner

Dot is cute and Yakko yaks. Wakko packs away the snacks while Bill Clinton plays the sax. They're Animaniacs!

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     Kuro's Group 

Kuro Higure

The son of Riku, Kuro is Rika's life-long friend. He also receives a Keyblade, but is actually more skilled in magic. He has a crush on Rika, but it will forever be ignored.

Path to Life

Kuro's Keyblade.... Not much else to say for now.


The famous Mario's taller, younger, and not-quite-as-famous twin brother. Luigi is more of a reluctant (read: cowardly) hero who would rather stay at home than save the world, but he still always pulls through in the end. Luigi, Toad and Yoshi hope to locate Mario and the once-again kidnapped Princess Peach.


One of Peach's many loyal servants and long-time friend of Mario and Luigi. "Toad" is also the name of his race of people. Toad in this story is a bit more similar to the old cartoon verion of him being a Deadpan Snarker, but still a loyal friend.


A reptile-like creature who hails from Yoshi's Island. Like Toad above, there is "Yoshi" (singular), and the race of Yoshis (plural). Yoshi has always served as a loyal mount for Mario and how works with Kuro to locate him.

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Supporting Characters

     Team Limit 

No Limit

A young hero who is the one who reveals Rika's destiny to her on Traverse Town. What role he'll play in the future of the story remains to be seen. Seems to share the same name as the author. I wonder why.


A Cat Girl that is No Limit's (distant) cousin. Mystery is very Genre Savvy and often gets frustrated with her cousin.


Wolf is a deadly serious swordsman who claims to know people's needs, but is rather smug about it.

Time Zone

Time Zone is a fame-seeking time-traveling hero. He only joined Team Limit due to hearing that it will be pretty famous in the future. Though, is he really a good guy?

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The Worlds

    Radiant Garden 


You may know him as Squall Leonhart. He renounced that name when the Radiant Garden was destroyed and now serves as one of Radiant Garden's generals.


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