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A character list for the Web Serial Novel in the works by Metal Shadow X.

[Contains unmarked spoilers].

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    Major Characters (Star Alliance) 
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: A variation; Roxy has blond hair, Rio has black hair, Tom has brown hair, Claire has auburn hair, and Merle has crimson colored hair.
  • Five-Token Band: The Star Alliance members are all multiracial; the following are merely their most visible lineages. Roxy is Asian, Rio is Hispanic, Claire Caucasian, Merle Indian. note , and Tom Caucasian as well, though he also fulfills the "kid in a wheelchair" role later on.
  • Power Trio: Roxy and Rio with Claire, after she joins them and before forming the Star Alliance. She also occasionally hangs out with Merle and Tom as their tutor and/or Mission Control around the same time.
  • Rainbow Motif: Star Lass is golden-yellow, Willpower is bright red, Cannon Queen is green, Crow is blue, Sonic Servo/Servo Seer is silver-gray.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Rio, Merle, Roxy, Tom, and Claire in order from most to least emotional.
  • Town Girls: Roxy is the cold but sweet femme; Claire is the smart yet cynical neuter; and Merle is the wild and energetic butch.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Two Guys to a Team.

Star Lass (Roxanne Kaizen)

The main character of the series, Roxy (as she's called) starts the series having just graduated from high school. Super-strong, super-sharp, and super-snarky, she's struggled with human interaction for years. That is until Rio came along; but his family soon moved away before he got through to her and she still ended up becoming an antisocial outcast until he returned at the start of her senior year. After admitting her true feelings for Rio and finally coming to terms with her insecurities, she becomes kinder and more willing to make friends.

Despite her Ice Queen-like personality, she is very optimistic and wants to make a difference in society; as Star Lass, she intends to do just that.

Willpower (Macario Valdez)

Roxy's first actual and, for a time, only friend, Rio (as he goes by) has a near parallel personality to her: ostracized due to his scrappy attitude, eccentric quirkiness, and odd habits. Despite this, he and Roxy share a powerful bond as he was the first person she befriended on Earth. After moving away and coming back, Rio promised himself he would do everything he could to stop her from being alone again.

As the superhero Willpower, he differs from other Kinetics by not using visible strength, but what he calls Xi energy. With it he's able to jump at great heights, run incredibly fast, and can perform various other abilities.

Cannon Queen (Esther Claire Morlan)

A girl Rio befriends at school, Claire (she prefers to just go by her middle name) starts out as Roxy's inadvertent enemy for Rio's affection. Her personality being similar to Roxy, it allows her and Rio to get along just as well, with Roxy herself initially feeling threatened by her. It isn't until Roxy warms up that the two become best friends, if sometimes belligerent.

As Cannon Queen, she uses her training under Tom and her self-made, multifarious weapon to become a force of nature without superpowers.

Crow (Merle Dawson)

Merle is the only child of a young family of performing acrobats and a carefree one at that. Raised to be soft spoken and well mannered (although she may often not act as such), she prefers to stay positive in the face of adversity. In addition, she's quite popular with the boys in her school and has a talent in theater acting. After losing both her parents, she was adopted by her former babysitter Leila and, upon having learned her secret identity as Dusk Woman, wanted to follow in her footsteps as a superhero.

As Crow, she is highly agile and takes any opportunity to strike.

  • Ethical Slut: As revealed when she wanted to sleep with Tom before they broke up because she didn't want Claire to feel cheated on.
  • Glass Cannon: Hits hard, but can't take much abuse.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works: Averted; she always pushes her body near its limit to get stronger.
  • Hidden Depths: Finds her talent in acting after participating (albeit against her will at first) in a School Play.
  • Hormone-Addled Teenager: Very much one, with no help from her hedonistic view of life. Including, but not limited to, the following tropes (although she isn't as sexually explicit as most of the examples; ie, most of these are Downplayed)
  • Little Miss Snarker: As time goes on, especially when hanging out with people like Roxy and Claire.
  • Meaningful Name: Her middle name, Sarika, means (myna) bird in Sanskrit.
  • Most Common Superpower: She has quite big breasts for a girl in her early and mid-teens (they developed sometime after she started being Crow)... not that she minds, of course.
  • Technical Virgin: She's perfectly fine with getting to third base after dating a guy for a month or so, but will go no further... until she turns 17 note 
  • True Blue Femininity: Her primary color is blue.

Sonic Servo/Servo Seer (Thomas Richter)

A kid about Merle's age, Tom (as many call him) is a super-intelligent Kinetic with the power of sound/vibration. He led a rather normal life until he saved Merle from an abusive date, which she repaid him for by revealing her superhero identity. Near the end of part 1, he develops a romantic relationship with Claire and helps her become a hero.

As Sonic Servo, he uses his power both as shock absorbers and as a dangerous weapon. After being paralyzed from the waist down, he becomes Servo Seer, playing a new role as the team's Mission Control.


    The Anti-Squad 

Anti Lass (Astra Null, real name Sable Kaizen)

A Celestian who came to Earth to find the Kaizens. Once she meets Roxy, she introduces herself and tells her story of when her cruel family left her behind some years ago. She later takes over OzCo and reinvigorates it into NullCorp. In truth, she is Roxy's believed-to-be-dead younger sister, who was forced to survive by learning how to become a no-nonsense entrepreneur/mogul and resorting to immoral actions.

Biocide (Ashley Ozborn)

A ruthless Corrupt Corporate Executive who, due to a corrupt childhood, has found pleasure in causing pain and suffering while profiting from it. Having been dumped in nuclear waste, she has obtained the power of poison and uses it to bring further misery to others.

Scaremonger (Luther Pen Dragon)

An alien with the ability to shapeshift between human and dragon forms. He's capable of breathing out different elements depending on what he eats and possesses hypnotic eyes that makes his foes experience their greatest fears. He befriended Astra as she made her way to Earth.

Dr. Brain (Brutus)

A rather incompetent villain who relies only on brute force. Although, this is just an act to fool the public as he works with Anti Lass. He's a skilled doctor and an even better scientist.

    Other Characters 

Dusk Woman (Leila Ross)

A young cosmetic prodigy who, in just 5 years, became a millionaire in the fashion industry. However, beneath her desire to help people look as good on the outside as they are on the inside, she felt compelled to search for her parents' murderers and find the motive behind it. However, after taking custody of a newly orphaned Merle, she realized how pointless it would be and gave up her quest to help raise her foster child, who wants to become a superhero as well.

As Dusk Woman, she prowls the night streets and blends with the darkness to stop criminals.

Necromancer (Scott Macbeth)

Leila's friend, whose parents took her in after Leila's were killed, Scott was intrigued by magic ever since he could remember, which was due to his then-dormant Kinetic power of magic. Having left after high school to train, he meets up with Leila 8 years later and takes up her offer on becoming a paranormal detective. Though initially planned to help find the spirits of her parents, she allowed him to help any soul that needed it.

As the Necromancer, he deals with the arcane oddities that lurk within the city.

Killspot (Caitlin Cassidy)

An assassin hired by Ozborn to kill the Dawsons to settle a petty grudge she had against them. Despite her line of work, she comes off as incredibly friendly in her civilian persona due to Caitlin and Killspot actually being different people.

Simone Valdez

Rio's elder sister.


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