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A character sheet for the Web Original series KateModern.

Major unmarked spoilers follow.
From left to right: Gavin, Tariq, Charlie and Kate.

Genevieve "Kate" Strathcarron

Kate, screen name AbstractHeart, is a 23-year-old art student living in London. She begins video blogging to display her artwork, but her blogs start to take a turn for the dramatic as events in her life become increasingly bizarre. Kate's past is something of a mystery, and even her real name is a secret.

Kate provides examples of:


Charlie, who goes by the screen name ChazOnToast, is Kate's roommate and closest friend. An Australian art student from Melbourne, Charlie is considerably more outgoing than Kate, and likes to party.

Charlie provides examples of:

Tariq Bhartti

Tariq, who uses the screen name Tariq287, is Kate's boyfriend, although he becomes increasingly exasperated and distrustful of Kate due to her eccentric behaviour. Although well meaning, he has a violent temper. Tariq works at G&T IT, a software company he set up with his friend Gavin.


Tariq provides examples of:

Gavin Taylore

Gavin, also sometimes known by his screen name, DeepGoat, is Tariq's best friend and business partner. An assertive and self-assured businessman, he is the visionary behind G&T IT, but is disorganised and often leaves Tariq to do the bulk of the work. Despite his confident and relaxed persona, Gavin doesn't cope well with stress, and becomes increasingly mentally unstable when under pressure.

Gavin provides examples of:

Steven Roberts
"Creepy" Steve.

Steve, screen name SteveBelieves, is a member of a religious cult called the Hymn of One. Steve is a slightly mysterious friend of Kate, and is nicknamed "Creepy Steve" by Charlie due to his suspicious behaviour. Steve is good natured and kind, but is often manipulated by the Hymn, which he follows blindly and unquestioningly.


Steve provides examples of:

Sophie S.

Sophie, screen name MyKateModern, is a fan of Kate's artwork on Bebo. Sophie serves as the connection between the fictional world of KateModern and the fans in the real world, and often communicated with fans and hosted live events during the series' run.

Sophie provides examples of:

Dudley Griffin
Dudley Griffin

Dudley is a man who poses as a policeman after the apparent death of his father. Hot tempered and aggressive, he believes that Kate is in danger from an Ancient Conspiracy called the Order.

Dudley provides examples of:

The Watcher
The Watcher

The Watcher is a devoted servant of the Hymn of One assigned to observe Kate. He is often aggressive, and appears to serve Michelle Clore, but little is known about him.

The Watcher provides examples of:

Dr. William Griffin
Dr. Griffin

Dr. Griffin, known by the other characters as Dr. Specialist and disparagingly as Dr. Weirdo, is blood specialist who Kate visits about an abnormality in her blood. He is Dudley's father.

Dr. Griffin provides examples of:

Michelle Clore
Michelle Clore

Michelle Clore, known by Charlie and Gavin as "The Claw", is a reclusive artist famous for her circle pictures. She is a high-ranking member the Hymn of One.

Michelle provides examples of:

Julia Cowan

Julia, who uses the screen name PrincessJools and is often called simply "Jools", is a shop assistant at Orange Mobile. Both Gavin and Tariq flirt with her, and she is also friends with Charlie. Julia often gets dragged into her friends' bizarre schemes and conflicts.

Julia provides examples of:

Leopold Phillips

Lee, screen name MrSphinx, is a Liverpudlian student who has just completed his A-levels, and travels to London to do unpaid work experience at G&T IT. He suffers frequent humiliation at the hands of Gavin and Tariq. He often wears very strange clothes and provides much of the show's humour in later episodes.

Lee provides examples of:


Terrence is a shady businessman (strongly implied to be a gangster of sorts) who loans Gavin £15,000 to start G&T IT. Terrence is bad tempered and violent, and enjoys inflicting pain on other people.

Terrence provides examples of:

Terrence vanishes during the first Season Finale, and is last seen fighting Michelle Clore and her Shadow. He was presumed dead. However, he returns in series 2 as a mild-mannered bespectacled nerd named Terry, and is believed to have been brainwashed. Now a member of the Hymn of One, he befriends Steve.

Terry provides examples of:
Tez On Toast

After being kicked out of the Hymn and following an attempted assassination by the Watcher and the Shadow, Terry vanishes once again, but later resurfaces on Bebo, under the screen name of Tez On Toast. In this persona, he is a homicidal, power crazy sociopath who exhibits sadistic tendancies.

Tez On Toast provides examples of:

Patricia Nielson

Patricia is a reporter who is investigating Dr. Griffin and the Hymn of One. Although her intentions are good, the K-Team find her persistant attempts to interview them extremely annoying.

Patricia provides examples of:

The Shadow
the Shadow

The Shadow is Michelle Clore's personal bodyguard and a big fan of Finding the One.

The Shadow provides examples of:

Justin Credible

Justin is the head of an online TV station called where Julia goes to work in season 2. Justin is eccentric, incompetent and shifty, and seems to take a strange interest in Lee.

Justin provides examples of:

Rupert van Helden
Rupert van Helden

Rupert van Helden is the author of a Hymn of One self-help book called Finding the One, and as such is Steve's hero. He is an American, but visits England on a fairly regular basis for book signings and interviews.

Rupert provides examples of:

Lauren P.

Lauren is a London teenager with the screen name laurenp1989. Unbeknownst to her, she is one of 15 girls who were injected with a serum by Dr. Griffin in order to make them artificially "trait positive", a condition which gives the blood regenerative properties, but drastically shortens the lifespans of the girls in question. Lauren's sister was recently kidnapped, which makes her extremely distrustful of strangers.

Lauren provides examples of:

Anthony "Toe" Phillips

Toe is Lee's older twin brother who lives in Liverpool. He is loud-mouthed and arrogant, but is also loyal and streetwise, and always looks out for his brother.

Toe provides examples of:


Joseph is an inmate at St. Grinstead Psychiatric Research Institution. He only appears in "The Last Work".

Joseph provides examples of:


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